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Customer Review
Bryan G
4 starsSeptember 11, 2022
I bought this new S2 model to upgrade an N4 I bought a few months ago and needed to install it in another car. Very nice WIFI and phone connectivity, as well as the new features available. The way it attaches to the windshield is not the best, it is rustic and you can not move the camera once you stick it, the screen is at a very steep downward angle. The electrostatic film does not adhere to the glass, even if you clean it well, in less than 20 minutes the camera was hanging like a handle in the bush. Another factor against despite being a newer model is not recording at 4K, also not being able to select the front and rear camera without the need for the interior, since sometimes it is not interested in recording what happens in the cockpit of the car. I really chose this one just for the benefit of the WIFI and GPS. If the N4 had these features I would not hesitate to buy it, and it is a better camera than the S2.