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Customer Review
Ruben Diaz Rubio
Great dashcamDecember 6, 2022
Functions: *WLAN/App The Vantrue E1 can also be connected with the Vantrue app on the smartphone. For this, WLAN must be activated on the dashcam and the smartphone must be connected to the corresponding WLAN. After that, you can view the live image, the settings as well as the recordings. *GPS The GPS is not built into the dashcam but into the mount. The Vantrue dashcam is simply pushed into the holder and is held magnetically. You can set which data from the GPS should be displayed in the video. Speed and position, for example. Also, you can track in the smartphone app which way you drove in a video. The data from the GPS can also be displayed in the video. The coordinates and the speed driven are displayed at the bottom of the video. Of course, this can also be deactivated individually. *Remote control The small remote control can either be put somewhere in the car or attached with an adhesive pad. There are only two buttons on the remote. Once to mute the microphone and then another button to save the current video clip. This is signaled by the dashcam with a beep and/or with a green LED on the remote control itself. *Picture quality The picture quality is very good. I have not set the dashcam to the full resolution but to HDR. In this resolution, you can see everything clearly in daylight. I also hardly noticed any drops in the bit rate. If the reflections from the dashboard are too strong, you can also screw a CPL filter in front of the lens. This absorbs additional reflections and the image becomes clearer. The license plates of vehicles can usually be seen well as long as they are close enough to the camera. However, in case of an incident, I recommend reading the license plate out loud so that it is also recorded on the audio track. The maximum resolution is 2592x1944 pixels. Conclusion: For the price, a pretty solid overall package. The dashcam has a decent build quality and many other things seem well thought out. The image quality is okay and the small remote control is a nice detail that not many dashcams have.