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Customer Review
Sharp and high contrast imagesNovember 24, 2022
I bought the dashcam for the rear window of a large SUV primarily to be able to identify possible causers of parking damage. The images are razor sharp and even in the dark you can still see everything. Of course, you have to make sure that the rear window is clean, so turn on the wipers now and then. If you forget to do that, the camera won't take good pictures. The software is also great, the camera is installed quickly and easily with the quick guide. You can also download the pictures directly to your phone from the dashcam. I would have liked that an SD card is included and a set for direct connection to the car battery with deep discharge protection must also be purchased separately. For parking monitoring, however, you need that, because the USB ports (at least with Mercedes) are switched off when the key is not inserted. I helped myself with a large powerbank, which supplies the dashcam with power in parking mode and is charged by the car while driving. For the routing of the cable Vantrue has even included a small plastic part with which the panel can be levered up on the car, so that you can fumble the cable pure.