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Customer Review
Bob F.
It's pretty good, but could be better. Battery didn't last for 2 years.Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2020
There a few issues minor I have with the unit:The battery starting going bad after a year, before 2 years the date and time kept resetting because of the failed battery. It's not easily replaceable and soldered to the board, I did change it but for many people it will be a disposable camera with under a 2 year life. The suction cup mount did fall off unexpectly, then you have a dash cam hanging in your face when your driving. Then the mount is really large, even bigger with the gps add-on, so you can't get the camera up high on the windshield, it's always kind of in the way. The gps should be built in the camera body, that would give more mounting options like a mirror mount so you don't need the suction base. You can get an aftermarket adhisive mount with build in gps that's much smaller and better then using the suction mount.It only records in 1080 if using front and rear cameras, and you can't set it lower then 1080 to save filespace. I don't really need 1080 on the rear facing camera 720 would have been fine. The parking mode is overly sensitive, it will record rain falling all night, a bee landing on the windshield or a bird flying by 50 ft away. Video quality is just average, I have another camera that was half the price with a better image and uses a much lower bitrate (more hours of video per card).