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Customer Review
From Thinkware to VantrueMarch 28, 2023
after using the Thinkware F750 and the Q800pro, I switched to Vantrue.... the F750 died TWICE on me for no reason and the Q800 pro was also replaced TWICE within a year. BOTH dash cams worked flawlessly but died with no warning from one day to the other....the last Q800 replacement model did not eve live for 3 months...I was done with Thinkware "Quality"'s the thing...and I am sure, YOU ( Vantrue) can make this work because these features are just unbeatable for a Dashcam...FIRST of all...why don't you have a verbal warning as soon as you get into the car that tells you, there was an event?!?! Secondly, the Lane departure warning feature. Thirdly, the speed camera warnings! I am sure, you could implement these features even after you launched a new model-as a firmware update! ( Speedcams, Lane departure warning, Trigger warning) and last, but not least......the parking feature lacks power! it could include 2 different modes ...not only collision OR low bitrate/timelapse.....also important for this feature: if there WAS an incident, why not let the camera tell you about it? when it comes to form factor.....Thinkware has a clear advantage....the E3 is very bulky and not as stealthy...... over all, I am satisfied with my new E3! even though I am missing some of the Thinkware features...