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Customer Review
Parking mode is a jokeMarch 19, 2023
I am disappointed with this cam. Many can now record and 4K. It is quite solid. Ansich good technology, but what is this parking mode? Why do I have a parking surveillance mode? Of course, to detect parking bumps. So I want the camera to detect a collision in parking mode and record the event just before and after the collision and then put it in an extra folder so I can easily review it. Just isn't possible with this dashcam. It only goes on motion record, which is on a parking lot times more than nonsensical and additionally still ends up in the same folder as the continuous loop. Or the collision mode (That's exactly what I want to have), but this takes only 5-7 seconds after the collision, so then when the cam is awake by the vibration and goes off. Then everything is already done. In addition, again, that the made videos are saved in the continuous loop folder. Yes, I should look through tens of videos every day, whether someone has jostled me??? With motion alarm I understand that still. It probably happens more often, but with collision??? So I don't know what they thought, but it should be possible to record a continuous loop at low bitrate or low framerate and to move the videos to the event folder in case of a collision and maybe restart the recording with a better resolution. At the end I thought, okay, take halt low frame mode, is better than nothing, but then despite selected screensaver the screen remains on in park mode? Honestly, what's the point??? So parking control is a disaster. I hope that it will be improved as soon as possible. In any case, I'm looking around for another.