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Customer Review
Evan Satterlee
Great quality, quick set up, eaay-to-use dash camReviewed in the United States on July 20, 2020
Love the 1080p quality when running both cameras simultaneously. I like that I can change the exposure on each camera separately as well. IR cabin camera night mood works great, and i like that i can set it to Auto mode so i never have to worry about getting the best picture quality every night. Audio quality also exceeded expectations.I bought the hardwiring kit as well to utilize "parking mode". The motion detector is almost TOO sensitive though, as I park in front of trees at my house and it picks the trees blowing in the wind a lot. Still, I'd rather have too much than too little here.Although this does not have WiFi capabilities, which I thought would be its biggest downfall, it can easily be plugged into my Galaxy S10e and I can view the videos / pictures right from my car that way. NOTE: To do this, you must first detach the camera from the mount. Otherwise the phone will just be used as an external battery.Highly recommend this product. I looking forward to capturing the roads ahead with this amazing piece of mind.