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Customer Review
Very DissatisfiedReviewed in the United States on July 10, 2020
I am a verified purchaser on Amazon of the Van True T2 dash am. I am VERY DISSATISFIED with my purchase. No issues with video quality....BUT, the sound recording cuts out every 1/2 second (in/out/in/out...). So that’s a failure. Another item not listed is how files are stored. My device failed to record critical incidents that I could not find when checking the files. There are 2 folders. One for NORMAL and another for EVENT. It will randomly put clips in the EVENT folder and completely lose file clips completely! I am pissed off and will never buy another one of these again. I’m looking at Amazon’s choice which is Apeman. Sounds weird, but I’ll give it a try after this fiasco with Van True. It sucks!!