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Mr. What
I would avoid - very buggy and weak customer serviceReviewed in the United States on July 3, 2020
First, I bought this because of the glowing reviews. And the machine worked great the first few months. So I wanted to write a very positive review. But Amazon halted the ability to leave reviews because it detected that there were too many positive reviews in a very short period of time. I don't know what this means, but it is potentially infers that people connected to the manufacturer were posting fakes.Today, the camera does not do the following:1) the recording never loops. it stops recording after it reaches the end of the card. i did reset the machine many times, and i tried multiple memory cards. therefore, you can miss events. the solution to this is to reformat the card every time you get in the car, but you need to keep doing this if you are on a long road trip and the card memory will not suffice for the length of the ride.2) as reported by some other users, there are random gaps in recording.3) the interface and menu system is extremely buggy.4) the device never holds a charge. so parking mode never works (the question of who hit my car while i was shopping will not be answered). in addition, the time and date stamps are never accurate. you have to keep resetting and like i said above, the confusing menu does not do you any favors here.5) the customer service is in China. they really tried hard, but they gave me the same solution many times that i should reset the device, or try another card. there was not enough understanding on their part to figure out how to escalate my case, or give me any other feedback.The video was great when it worked. I caught a road rage event on camera and was able to bring it to the police. Unfortunately, I learned that the police must see something with their own eyes (unless it is criminal) in order to use video evidence. so while this would work in an accident where your property is damaged, it does not work for road careful.