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Customer Review
Mark Choate
Make sure you use the correct memory card!Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2020
I like this product. I work in law enforcement and I rely on my cameras.My only grip about this camera is when I got it, I had already had a few microSD cards (so dang small I was surprised I hadn't lost them). Once the card was full, It wouldn't record anymore. Loop recording was on, but it still, would not record. Long story short, after intense trouble shooting and other methods, I broke out the user manual and found a nice little line in there; "some cards may not (be) compatible with our dash cam, such as sandisk." I'll give you a guess at which kind of card I was using. I think its ridiculous you have to use a specific manufacturer of memory card, but at the same time i'm not surprised. Tech giants have required you to use certain accessories for years. Apple and Samsung are no different. Oh well.I'm currently waiting on my suggested Samsung microSD card to arrive.Other than that, Its a great camera; good video quality. I would definitely recommend.