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Vantrue N2S Dual 1440P Dash Cam

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Shawn L.
All around a quality product. Takes the heat from the Sun as well.
I’ve only used the camera for about a week or so in the daytime. The wide angle of the camera and daytime colors a excellent. I drive Uber just in the daytime but on my own I’ll be checking out the night vision. All in all I’d recommend this VANTRUE N2S Dual Camera not only for Uber/Lyft Drivers but for all around Safety for anyone. Awesome! Thank You VANTRUE.
Camera seems like a good one but in a hot environment like Arizona the suction cup will not hold to the windshield. It is very annoying to come out of a building and see the camera dangling from the cable, then you have the fun of reattaching the camera to the glass and rerunning the cable. They really need to improve the suction cup.
Camera picture quality is great, but not of much use when the camera won’t turn on. The original camera I received had a G Sensor issues after two days of use to where the camera would not turn on unless done manually. I had this product set up to do the parking record mode, using a hardwired power supply not the plug in. Main goal for my use of this product was monitoring of the vehicle when away from it and didn’t want a continuous loop camera where you would have to sift through hours of parked footage to find the incident. Got a second camera after the first broke and about a week later same g sensor issue where the parking mode wouldn’t work. This camera would probably suffice for someone wanting to just use the plug in charger and only while driving, but for the advertised parking/motion detection doesn’t work. With the G sensor issue, if you were in an accident it would not automatically save under events, however it would be under the standard loop recording folder.
My dash cam battery stop working after more than 1 month of use
Jeff Harris II
EDIT: Turns out my issue with the suction cup was where I was placing it. I'm not sure what the dots on a windshield are for, but apparently, it's not a mounting area. The dots are ever so slightly textured which is allowing for a micro air gap to slowly leak air. Which explains why the suction cup was falling off after a few hours. I have since moved it to a spot where those dots are not located and the camera has managed to hold on for a solid week without issues.ORIGINAL: The Suction cup on this thing seems like it's got a vice grip on the windshield. When I twist and lock it in place I can practically flip the car over just by shaking the suction cup around. That bad boy isn't moving. However, if I come back 2+ hours later, the suction cup has somehow released. I've verified this 5 times now. The suction cup appears to not be holding it's force for some reason and after a few hours, it just falls.
Zoe Alatorre
Was simple to install with the OBD II cable to make it powered all the time. Cable was easy to hide in my trim. Camera operation works well. Only thing that worries me is how hot the camera when it's running. The other thing is that the inside camera is really not adjustable horizontally because I moved mine to the passenger side of my mirror due to my vehicle having a camera/sensor behind my review mirror (Mazda CX-5). The picture quality is good. I would highly recommend to download VLC player to view the files as MS requires me to buy an addon to view the video. VLC player works great.
Rachel Stepp
The camera is a basic camera and works well for the most part. I've had some issues with it but not too many. My biggest regret about this product is the GPS mount. It wont stay in the window at all and it falls constantly. Regardless of the temperature outside, the mount never stays affixed to the glass.
J.S. Malone
We were very pleased when we purchased this product. It was easy to follow directions, easy to set up. We did like the fact that there was enough cord of the power supply to rout the cord to be completely hidden. It has worked very well since we purchased it. At one point when we tried to attach the suction cup to the windshield it would not stay, we found there was a small tear in the suction cup. We don't know if we caused it or if it was a defect in this one suction cup during its molding. We reached out to Customer service, who was very helpful, and they were able to solve the issue with no problem. I will surely buy another one for our other vehicle. My wife feels much safer with this installed in the car. Thank you for putting out a Great product and stand behind it.J MaloneVa. Beach, Va.
The picture quality is great both front and back. Functionality is easy to learn and use. Playback on a pc is easy peasy. The problem is the suction cup mount. It won't stay up in the slightest of temperature changes. Even when its tightened all the way down it has movement. So you get a shaking picture every time you hit a little bump in the road. For the cost it should have a much better mounting system. Unfortunately I'm going to have to return this and get one with a better mount.
Alex Fu
I can not recommend buyng this brand,this is my second Vantrue camera,the first a x1 Pro was broken in less than year,only sometimes recording,getting hot and crap behavior,now this is the same crap,first this drains my car's battery,my car 12 v plug is hot at all times so that 24 hr parking mode is bs,now who comes with the idea of using a connector with a Big blue led light probably thats the reason,Im not sure I bought a hardware dash cam kit and it was the same while it was working for like a week and probably the fuse got burn cause there is power no more,anywho,about the quality I have a Vava 1080p that looks better than this so called 4K,even at night,now if you check my video youll see that crappy behavior,camera is not responding I dont know how long is been like this, but is like frozen, motion doesnt work camera does not record, buttons dont respond,unplug it and plug it back works like for some seconds then got frozen again,so I got no trust for this brand ever again,is not cheap to behave like this,I just bough it in Apr 9 2021
The picture is great, but the sound is very, very poor!Update! On 23 Sept I got a message from Allen at Vantrue. He wanted to see if he could help with the poor audio. He suggested a firmware update, but I have already done that, and the audio is still garbled! Thanks for your concern, Vantrue, but the sound is barely audible, and distorted.
So I bought this towards the middle of this year, and I got it for my semi truck. I set up the setting and everything and I was upset because I spent so much money on a product that only recorded 5 minutes and 10 minutes and shut off. Everything was good picture etc. But all this money to record 5 and 10 minutes, after looking for a camera that's supposed to be 24 hr recording.
Amazon Customer
Technically It can do 4K if you only use the front camera and you are ok with 15FPS. I don't know why anyone would want the camera inside the car anyway. I have mine set to 2592x1520p 30 FPS. I felt that the extra 15FPS is more important than getting 4k stop motion video. I witnessed an accident and the video was soo clear the officer asked what it was so he could buy one. GPS gives you lat/lon as well as speed of the vehicle. USB-C is a big win. The Camera is tough to disconnect from the mount unless you remove the mount off the windshield. Fixing to buy another one for the wife's car.
Actually DOWNGRADED from the Vantrue 3 channel model to this. I would have preferred the rear camera as well but the rear camera was buggy so I got this as the next best thing and returned the 3 Channel. This thing worked right out of the box. I updated to the latest firmware and everything seems to work fine.Make sure you actually READ the "get started" manual. Really everything is pretty straight forward but everything you need to know is on that first page. Mostly this thing is just plug and play - So far I'm happy with it.
Camera works good front and rear even in night it’s clear video saved, but mount is not strong. Mostly this summer days very hot and it drops from windshield frequently. While driving it’s drops makes me worried and if you parked in street you have to mount everyday if it’s sunny day. For camera 5star but for mount 0star.
Vitor Resende-Lopes
Finally have a great dash camera !!! Thanks
R. Leonard
Aside from needing specialized (expensive) sd card, it keeps falling off the windshield once a month.
I purchased this item and installed it on my windshield. After about 3 months I noticed that it would not stay in place. It kept drifting. The ball that connects the camera to the frame was not strong enough to hold the camera in place. I started using super glue to keep it in place. Then after about 1 year, I pulled the USB cord from the side panel and the entire side panel mechanism came out and couldn't be fixed. I think that it has to do with the Texas heat. The glue and ball joint used on the device can't stand temps in the Texas summer heat. They should use screws to hold the plastic frame parts in place.
Richard Gibbs
Like this product. Worked well until it did not as car charger failed. Email support was very responsive and diagnosed despite some dumbness on my part – I tried a wall charger but failed to use the Vantrue cord etc.. They are sending a new charger.4 stars not 5 is only because getting camera on-and-off the windshield adapter is a bit clumsy.I already purchased a second one for another vehicle.
Henry McDill
I've been using this about 2 weeks now with no complaints. The display is sharp and the downloaded files to my computer are sharp as well. I appreciate the camera recording my speed so I can confirm that I was under the speed limit.
The suction cup was not holding on the windshield
José Luis M A
la mejor camara ,me salvo de ser supuestamente responsable de un pequeño accidente ,este video demostro que no era ,me salvo de una injusticia ,es una herramienta en defenza de la verdad ,les pongo el video ,esta camara la amo excelente producto graciasThe best camera, saved me from being supposedly responsible for a small accident, this video showed that it was not, it saved me from an injustice, it is a tool in defense of the truth, I put the video, this camera I love it, excellent product thanks
Ramble On
Easy to install, includes plastic tool to tuck wire behind vehicle trim. Outstanding picture quality and completely set it and forget it. Highly recommend.
Larry Vienneau
It works well, easy to install and use
roger davis
It appears to be well made, video is better than expected, it does what I wanted it to do. fairly easy to operate considering you have 4 buttons that control so much.
Ron Jon
Great camera. Parking mode activated and caught video of the thug who stole my catalytic converter. Only regret is not buying the one with 3 cameras because I could have gotten his vehicle license plate, probably paper tags like most thieves.
Update 7/27/2021 - Vantrue customer support responded to every email and resolved the mount issue. The blades of the mount must be vertical and slid in horizontally to get it to work. I'm slightly annoyed by how many buttons I have to push to get through the menus in the cam though. For instance, the camera will supposedly run too hot if you use Motion detection in the daytime sun, so it's not recommended. Therefore, every day I have to switch to only collision detection in the morning and then motion detection at night, but to get to the parking mode options I have to press buttons about 10 times to switch between modes. It seems to me that the parking mode feature, since probably one of the most frequently used, should be near the top of the options on the first screen of the recording menu options.I was excited to install this camera today, but when I went to install the camera to the mount it was very obvious that the mount they provided was not for the N2S. I contacted Vantrue customer support and will update the rating based on their response.
So far so good, the software they have u use seems a bit dated and it’s. It from a trusted Mac developer which is a bit sus. My IT department checked it out and gave it the ok but would be nice if they could have bought a security developer test to have some trust in the software. But hopefully I won’t ever have to use it as it’s more a security than anything
After using this dashcam for a week, here are my findings:The video quality is very good especially at night. If a dashcam cannot record a clear video during night time,that dashcam is not worth buying.However, there are several design flaws:1. When there is no memory card inserted, a message will remind the user to insert a card. But, there is no audio reminder, furthermore, after inserting a card, that massage does NOT go away.2. There is IR for the internal camera. The IR will be turned on when the lighting is dark. There is a loud clicking sound when IR is switching. That is VERY annoying. This type of clicking sound would ONLY happen on those cheap home security cameras. For dashcams, even $40 range dashcams would not make this type of clicking sound.3. The recording volume is extremely low4. Which I think it is a rip-off. This dashcam has GPS module built into its suction mount. When time goes on, the suction cup could lose its grip. I contacted support, I was told they will do a free replacement during the warranty period. After that,I need to buy a new mount from them because GPS is built-in.Overall, this is an excellent dashcam, in terms of video quality.
joaquin r.
Worked well for a few days then the screen split in 2 side was clear and the other side ( right) had colored lines on it as if the screen was broken but it was not..did return ..I had the vantru n2pro when I was an Uber driver issues with that one ..maybe just a flaw in this one
I really hoped this new camera is better then n2 pro. But performance is not meet my expectations. Sound was not working. Video is recorded in fast mode. Menu is complicated. I really liked n2 pro and I recommended to quiet few of my friends. And they happy too. This one is disappointing.
I honesly like Vantrue. I had the N2 Pro for almost 2 years but lost the date and time. Warranty didn't cover it so I tried this upgrade. It has multiple code errors that popped up that I was not able to work out with Customer Service. I was not able to get video view either on playback. Customer Service was helpful but they are not available via voice. Only thru social media mechanism or email. Another negative is the mount. The buttons are on the top of the camera, unlike the Pro, and once you mount the camera it is very hard to remove from the mount. Eventhough, this one unit was a lemon, I am choosing to buy another N2Pro simply because I like to review my playback on my laptop. Old school but hey. It works for me. :)
David M
This dashcam is really good in my opinion. Most stuff is covered in other reviews so I'm not going to repeat it here. One thing not well covered is the parking mode. If you want the dashcam to detect someone bumping your car in the parking lot you must enable parking mode and have some sort of always on power going to the camera. This means you must either hardwire it to the car or use a battery pack.For people worried about the battery running down:The hardwire kits from Vantrue have cutoff switches which trigger at 11.x volts. This should still enable most cars to start but not in all cases. It depends. What is more important is that you set up the parking mode properly! To make it far less likely that you will ever need a jump set the parking mode to "collision" and "medium". Otherwise if you use "high" or the motion detection it could make it so the parking mode is constantly getting triggered and running down your battery! I suspect 90% of the people complaining have this problem. By default for Collision detection it seems to use "High" sensitivity. In my experience this was too sensitive and set it off all the time in parking lots. So make sure to adjust this setting and you likely will not have this problem.Update 7/22/2021I'm in Florida and I notice if I leave it out it gets way too hot and shuts down for a bit. Because of this I'm not always sure if it is recording. I also wonder how long it is going to last like this. Normally I would just remove it each day when done but the parking mode is much of the reason for my buying this. Also the mount is a little difficult to remove just the camera portion. I'm docking this one star for this. It really should have been made a little bulkier and perhaps with a bigger heat sink and protective cover to protect against direct sunlight more. Note after weeks in the Florida July summer sun the camera is still technically working overall - it's just that it shuts down when hot.Update 2/3/2022Camera is still going great! With the aforementioned overheating issue I noticed that it only has a problem in the heat when first driving on a hot day when it has been sitting in the sun all day. If I turn on the AC it will automatically start recording again within a minute or two so it is not really a big deal. As such due to this and that it still works great I am going to restore a star and make the review 5 stars again. I do still think that some sort of extra heat sink on this would have been good though.
Florida construction
I have purchased 20 of these for my fleet. Out of those 20, 8 have had the suction cups break within 4 months . I have been in contact with the customer service department for over 6 months now and keep getting the run around. No resolution here.
I love the wider screen and the picture and video quality. I live in an extremely hot region of the States and it's ultra capacitor is PERFECT so far
Absolutely great! Easy to install too! I have a 2021 Toyota 4Runner and the back camera does a good job if you have rear view camera aimed towards the middle of the back seats. Clear video day and night.
Amazon Customer
One of the best products I ever ordered and buy in my entire life. This is my first dash cam and as I believe I will never regretted. Really Happy with my purchase.
its a nice camera. seems to be a necessary evil in this day of people paying more attention to there cell phones than driving as per usual, made in the ccp
Overheats in the 80° weather (the range supposed to go up to 120 or even above I can’t remember). Freezes all the time. Its only been 2 months so it’s pretty clear it’s a damaged product. I have tried multiple times to reach out to the manufacturer - SILENCE. Too expensive, trash customer service and horrible quality. I want my money back.
Amazon Customer
Very good cam .. it worth every dollar I spent on it
Picture quality is really good, the 4k is split between front and rear facing camera, but still good, the video in the rear facing camera captures more than you think, including both door windows and rear window with great clarity, the front facing camera is awesome. The auto note mode is very sensitive even by going under a bridge will trigger it, GPS and measured speed is spot on.CONS: Have to remove the SD card to view the videos, no wifi direct, that would have been nice to load to you mobile device. Power cord is a bit clumsy and can get in the way, had to buy some taped cable separators to help. But all in all a great device.
Jason H.
Ok, so this has been a disaster. I wanted this camera because it had all the bells and whistles and was supposedly top of the line, but I have had nothing but problems. I have bought three of these in a row and all three didn't work in various ways. Here is the history:1.) First unit I ordered was DEAD. It never turned on. Unit was wrapped in plastic but the little 'Vantrue' sticker was broken as if it was already opened. So I sent it back and ordered another one. If I could give 0 stars I would.2.) Second one I ordered was wrapped, but again, the Vantrue seal was broken as if it was opened previously. So this one 'kind of' worked, but it had a problem with 'Parking Mode' When you set parking mode, it would just go into parking mode even when you are driving. I had to call Vantrue support and they confirmed that it wasn't supposed to work like that. Parking mode should only turn on when you park, not when you are driving. So right in the middle of my drive it kept turning off and going into parking mode. Support thought that it had a bad g sensor. So now I had to send this one back and order a thrid one.3.) Ordered the third one, didn't get to use it, because it wouldn't read an SD card! I used a brand new card (worked in the other two cameras) and tried several other SD cards that I had, and didn't work. And yes of course I tried formatting the cards in the camera, but I got a message that said 'format failed'. Again, this camera had the Vantrue sticker broken as if it was already opened.So that's three cameras with three different issues, where all the cameras appeared to be previous returns that Amazon repackaged and sold to me apparently. I went all in by buying a hardwire kit ($15) and having Best Buy install it ($50) only to NOT have a camera. Also, it's been over a week since I returned the camera, and I still don't have my refund.I am really starting to think that Vantrue is cheap junk, and that Amazon is dishonest for sending me what I believe are previously returned units. Lousy experience all around. Very Unhappy.
JoAnne Patricia Rey - Quinn
I CANNOT TOLERATE THE WEAK SUCTIONING.. I HATE IT when it unexpectedly fall off. I had to tie it over my rear view mirror: otherwise so far so good
Defective product, no customer servicesOriginally I left a good review but then shortly after that I started having troubles with my dashcam so I contacted customer service before I wrote this review, it's been more than a week and I still haven't gotten a response back from them.
Cheap construction and not phone interface
T. D. Taylor
I ordered this dash cam after a fair amount of research . . . looking for an easy to install unit, reliable, with a resolution and good audio AND with a suction cup, not a glued mount. This unit qualified, was cheaper than the other favorites and was a recommended unit in a number of professional reviews.So far, So Good!1) Installation was nearly fool-proof. Looked over the Quick Start Guide and the User Manual the night before and watched an installation video. Installation from taking it from the box, placement on the windshield, working through the settings and formatting the 256mg SD card took 6-7 minutes. Video started once plugged in . . .2) Tested it for over two hours today on a short trip around the area. Once home I found the microphone worked fine and that the video was broken into 3 minute chunks. Fine for a test; I will see if I can adjust that or plan on 3 minute bites of video.
The night vision is very clear and it's a good quality picture
I am a professional truck driver and I spent a great deal of time looking at the dashcams on the market. The clarity of the picture that comes through on the Vantrue is far superior to the other cameras. The N2S has the GPS built in which is awesome! The benefits of this camera far outweigh the drawbacks which, in my opinion, are limited to not being linked with an app and requiring a power source to operate. I value the picture and the detail in the day and night versions more than a slight inconvenience. If I need law enforcement to view the video I don't want any question as to what they are viewing. Vantrue has put out a great product at a reasonable price and it is definitely worth the money. Don't go cheap on your dashcam! Invest in your safety and spend a few extra bucks to get the better camera.
Brian Murray
Camera was easy to set up but the window/dash mount for the camera started to come unglued in the heat just a week after using it. Will end up trying super glue.
It's a decent little camera. The interior image quality is fantastic, exterior is a little iffy. Can't easily see plates farther than one car length. The audio on my camera doesn't seem to work either which is a little frustrating. I like it, I'd probably buy another one if I had to. Price is nice and the features make it worth while. Just wish the exterior camera was a little clearer.
The suction cup lasted two weeks. Definitely buying the adhesive GPS for $21 is a must. The cam itself is top notch and I don’t mind using the SD card in lieu of cloud. The videos both front and cab are high quality and worth the price.
I bought this dash cam to replace an older Vantrue dash cam and I’m very happy with my purchase. This dash cam came with gps enabled. The previous camera the gps unit was a separate purchase. It does not come with a memory card (I knew this) so I bought a 64 gig card and it works perfect. I also bought the hardwire kit so I could fully utilize the parking mode. The main upgrade I noticed was the dash cam’s resolution was much better than my old cam. The video quality is very clear. I’m glad I upgraded and am seriously thinking about getting another one for my wife’s car.
Great dash camera, does the job perfectly well.Only thing to make it perfect would be to add Bluetooth to upload to a phone app.But if you don’t mind that issue, the unit works with no problems and a very sharp video.
night recording is very poor quality
Clumsy old tech attempt. Very difficult to set when mounted. Very poor customer service. I returned it post haste. The mount was well done the only thing to like about this cheap setup.
Jerome Clemente
I've been using the Vantrue N2s for 4 months now and I must say it is pretty awesome. Opening the package was like opening an "Apple" product- the presentation and quality of the unit is top notch! The images reproduced by the Sony Starvis Sensor is amazing during day time and pretty good at night time (low light) as well. Dash cams are still a long ways off when it comes to (perfect) low light video reproduction. I am using the 2K front and 2K cabin record settings with a 256 GB Samsung Evo Select Micro SD card (holds about 2-3 weeks of recording with the 3 min intervals) .The new Sony Starvis sensor with 2K resolution and built in GPS are the upgraded features/parts from the Vantrue N2 Pro. The unit is equipped with super capacitor battery so end users in very high and low temps do not have to worry about the battery exploding. My M3 has constant power through the cigarette light port when the car is off --> so the N2S parking mode is enabled when there is no movement after 5 minutes. I must say it works very well; records events whenever an individual, cats or another object gets too close or someone physically bumps my car.One feature missing is the built in wifi - a must have feature now a days so you can review your footage after an accident or see any unusual/fun events on your smart phone instead of having to download the footage to your computer. I was hoping this feature would be a standard feature for Vantrue dash cams at least on their high end models. Another feature or option I would like to see offered is a cell module - so end users can receive cloud notifications for events during parking mode. Overall a high quality dash cam for the price and I would highly recommend the N2S or the Vantrue N4 for complete 3 channel protection!
Mark dr
WHY IS THE TIME CLOCK RUNING LATE?After seting up the time clock and more than 10 hrs of use the clock its about 4 seconds behind(it was 1 second ahead at the time of the setup)
Shaun M Mcbride
I purchased this camera for my semi and I love it easy to use,easy setup. Very fast shipping and I lreally like the suction of the mount,, great grip and stabilityof the video I'm looking to purchase 2 more
After reading lots of reviews for different dashcams, I decided to go with this one and I've not been disappointed. Now that I've mastered the interface, it's quite easy to make changes as needed. I do struggle a little to swap out the MicroSD card but that's mostly because of the location I've chosen to place the camera.I like that this version comes with GPS included and the mount seems to be very strong. I also got the hardwire kit to a full time power source and that is working out well. My teenage kids love to try to leave me visual messages either while we're driving or at other times. Kids...
Bill Verzal
Very impressive. Definitely the right choice for me. The pictures were taken just prior to midnight. One shows the picture from the screen and one snows the screen and through the windshield. The nighttime performance of this camera is amazing. The setup was simple. Placement was easy. Adhesion is good. I spent hours looking at dash cameras and chose this one. I am not disappointed.Update 3/9: I attempted to follow their firmware update procedure and it bricked my camera.Update 3/12: I still say the camera is good but if you buy it, I hope you never have to use their support team. My camera is still bricked and their support program is terrible. One email every 24-hours, even if you respond to their email within 5 minutes of receiving it. They refuse to accept that the camera is bricked. Edit: I filed for a replacement through Amazon and received it a while ago. I’m happy now
S Shed
I like the picture quality it's very clear, also the .night vision as well, I bought the hard wire kit and was easy to install
Chris Taylor
Great small form factor and Dual Cam AIO.handles large memory cards without issue. not one single crash so far. gently blinking red led that is NOT distracting even at night so you can verify camera is functioning. Standard USB C on both the unit and the Mount with the GPS built into the mount. This means you can pop the cam off the mount without messing with your mount or power! very nice. and because the unit has a C port you can power it directly for playback and it even has a micro (I assume) HDMI out to pipe the video to a screen.nice long cable with an old school verizon style 12v plug with second built in USB port pass through.Great video quality within the limitations of wide angle video of course. nice clean night time video and does a good job in high contrast situations (see snow wet video clip)truly a good unit! its too bad they are so pricey I would put them in all my cars! this is my "go bag" dash cam. ie I keep it in a case to take with me. if a cam fails I whip it out if I drive a friends car I install it if I get a rental car I install it. I don't like driving without a dash cam for self protection.Being aio but still dual cam is really nice and the super cap means its ok to store it away without use for a long time and also won't melt down in hot climates like where I live new mexico.Just all around a fantastic unit for which I have no complaints. I wonder IS a remote available for this? I notice a little spot on the bottom that says IR. gonna have to look into that!
Nicholas Harvey
Easy to set up and use. Image quality is outstanding. Once I realized how the suction cup gets mounted (it is a twist-to-tighten design), it was very easy to install and remove as needed. I like that it has a USB-C connector. lots of options for configuration, though the menus and buttons on top could be a little more intuitive but once you have used them a couple times, it's no problem. I also wish there wasn't a bright blue light on the charger but a bit of electrical tape, or rotating it if possible, resolves that. The design is sturdy and seems like it will hold up.
Sharon Trobaugh
Excellent dash cam. Easy to set up and easy to hard wire. Highly recommend for any gig worker.
This is a great dashcam camera. It's not big and bulky. It's small and attaches to your windshield and has the option to record video. It comes in handy anytime someone hits your car while parked or in any accident. The night vision is pretty awesome and it records all night long for you which the picture quality is high def. it’s so simple to install and doesn’t take a mechanic.
John Z. Liang
The N2s is the bigger and better brother of the N2 Pro. I was quite pleased with how neatly the N2S was packaged. Opening up the package and you have a box on top with the documentation and three boxes neatly tucked underneath, one for the mount, one for the power plug, and one for the camera itself. Opening everything up, the N2S is physically bigger than the N2 Pro. it is a tad longer with a much bigger LCD screen. While the LCD screen makes setting up the camera much better than the small screen of the N2 Pro, it does make the N2S a bit bulkier than I liked and a bit more noticeable when mounted. Also, because the N2S is bigger gone is the flap that covers the electrical connectors on the N2 Pro. Everything thing is now exposed The power cable is a bit also thinker which makes it more noticeable. However, these are all cosmetic issues.As to the actual performance of the camera, that is where it really shines vs its little brother. The bigger LCD screen makes navigating the camera options a lot easier. Also, the N2S now wisely moved the buttons to the top of the unit instead of the awkward bottom of the N2 Pro where you can't really see what you are pushing. The button itself is bigger and more importantly, the button by the side of the LCD that flashes when the camera is recording is now much bigger and is flashing red instead of blue. This makes it much easier to see, especially during the day, that the camera is recording as that is the only indicator with the screen off. The N2S provides the same options as the N2S but with better resolution and you can definitely notice the difference. It also starts and shuts down much quicker than the N2 Pro. The N2S is now upgraded to use USB-C, which is nice. The other thing I like is that the mount that came with the N2S already has GPS built in, unlike the N2 Pro. The actual design of the mount is different too. I really didn't notice it until I tried to mount the N2 Pro in my wife's van. The Van's rear view mirror has a rather large foot print and the N2 Pro has the power plug protrude from the top of the mount which made me mount the camera lower than i liked. The N2S, on other other hand, has the power plug protrude from the side of the mount and wouldn't have been a problem.After a month of using the camera, I must say I am very satisficed with it and like it much better than the N2 Pro.
Lucky books
This is my first dash cam and I got it just in case I get in an accident. The daytime video quality is excellent. I haven’t tried nighttime yet. I found the camera menu easy to use and fairly straightforward. I had to download a special (but free) media player, VLC, to be able to view the MP4 videos. The only thing I was not thrilled by was the windshield mount which allowed the camera to jiggle quite a bit due to road surface and stiff suspension. I am overall very pleased with the camera. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 due to the windshield mount.
The N2S is very easy to install and I didn't have any issues with going through the menu with its clean format. I enjoy how the save button is separate and red at night so you won't miss it if you need to lock a video clip. The footage is crisp and even the infrared does its job well. I saw no trouble with seeing other license plates on the cars during the day or night. This N2S comes with a built in gps in the mount which shows your exact coordinates and your speed which can be helpful. I turned on all of the information but you can always turn it off in the settings.Definitely a keeper and will be used to its full potential. If you're going to go for a dashcam, go for a right one that'll last you forever.
Andrew H
I've been using this dash cam for about a week, so keep that in mind. This is my second 4k dash cam for my wife so quality wise, I kind of know what I was getting. The sensors are different, IMX335 in N2S compare to IMX317. There's no noticeable difference but night time in N2S comes out ahead. I feel like Vantrue really spent time on features and maybe the processing power, and the interface is very easy to navigate. Other than normal features you'd find in a dash cam, N2S comes with a GPS mount so you no longer have to buy an add on. The G-sensor is a bit sensitive, I suggest turning it down to 1 or 2 or you'll fill up your card in no time (they don't get overwritten). I suggest changing the resolution to 3840x2160p@25fps. The smaller frame rate isn't a big deal, and you can clearly see license plates and road signs, which I assume if most important for people using a dash cam.I've uploaded a video showing the quality in an overcast day. The quality may not reflect original quality. Note the interior camera isn't turned on. The resolution is 2592x1520p @30fps. There's no 60fps for some reason, but it doesn't bother me for what I use it for.The interior camera I believe use different sensor and it's wide angle. I wanted a dual camera one not because I drive for uber or anything, just wanted to be able to see inside. The added point is that I can see out of both side windows and back. You can also move the camera up and down a little. There's also night vision that will automatically turn on, which is just black and white, but it's better than nothing at night time.For me personally, I'm glad I choice to buy another 4k camera instead of the same one that I have, especially for its low profile. Their prices are about the same so that wasn't a factor. If I had to choose though, I'd keep N2S due to the benefits above. If your budget is ~$200, I don't think you'll be disappointed with N2S.
Onur Ozyilmaz
I have been doing Uber for while and wanted to get a dashcam which also records inside the car. Upon my friend suggestion, I gave this dashcam a try. So far I have no regrets. It is professionally packaged and has a sleek look. It has decent quality and user friendly. I haven’t used the GPS feature yet but once I do I will try to update my review. It has a lighter connector as well as a usb cable for powering the device.
edgar martirosyan
The suction cup was not holding on the windshield
Amazon Customer
I got this dash cam to replace an older, different brand dash cam I had. My main concern was with the sensitivity when driving, but I’m pleased that this Vantrue dashcam doesn’t have any of the problems that I had before! It arrived in good condition and packaging is nice. The suction is really strong so I don’t have to worry about it falling off too. There are a few settings to play around with and overall the camera quality is very clear and it works well.
Natalie Russell
It’s easy to use, menu options and layout are intuitive. Picture quality for both cameras is better than expected at night.
I have the older version Vantrue N2 Pro and this on provides 4K resolution upgrade. Definitely great for Uber and Lyft drivers to keep the cabin monitoring. Have it in hand for a month and so far so good
I drive for a living and wanted a small inconspicuous design that would not distract me from the road. The dash camera has great suction to the windshield. Small enough to be mounted anywhere on the windshield with minimal impact to your field of view. Length of wires is great. Video and audio quality on my computer of recorded items is amazing. I would highly recommend this product to a friend
Amazon Customer
Great quality video at 1440p. It was easy to set up and and use. The video quality for the forward facing camera and the rear facing camera is HD. I would recommend this camera to anyone who is looking for peace of mind in a dash cam while driving on the road or in a parking lot. Installation was easy, all I had to do was to set up the date and time and put on the windshield. The interior camera is very good even in the dark, the infrared night vision lets me see the cabin clearly like the day. I'm very impressed.
Theodore F.
This Dash Cam is awesome fairly easy to install. I also bought an add a fuse to power this thing so everytime my truck powers on the camera turns on. Video quality is great both front and cab facing microphone is good a little quiet but I’m sure I can adjust that in the settings.
Love it! I originally bought the dash cam Incase I got into an accident or something, and for when I park outside of work. Install was easy, I recommend hardwiring it so it’s recording all the time! I go on a lot of offroad trips and it captures all of my trips and I get really good footage from it. Quality is amazing.. just as good as my GoPro if not better, at night it’s clear, visibility is great! Definitely recommend!!
As soon as we get another good snow here in Ohio, I'm going to upload some video from this. This is a top quality cam. I got it to replace an aging Uniden dash cam which didn't have in-car cam capabilities. I like that this one does.Like all dash cams I've owned, bass activates the collision detection. So I always have to turn that off. But this was easy to install (I did not hard wire it) and works amazingly well. Razor sharp video.Everyone should have a dash cam. The accident is always the other guy's fault. With this, you can prove it.
Easy to setup and install, very good quality video. The audio could be a little better but not a big deal to me. Wish the usb-c cable was longer like the cigarette to usb-c cable. Overall good purchase.
I was watching a couple YouTube videos on driving fails and how people can easily record their driving for it to be helpful in case of an accident ( assuming the other person is at fault).After researching a lot of dash cams, Vantrue dash cams came on the top of my list. I wanted a dash cam which could record in 4K resolution and wouldn’t give me hard time seeing license plates at night time. The N2S dual dash cam felt the right choice- and I’m glad I purchased that.This dash cam uses a super capacitor instead of a lithium battery, so it will have a long life and be more safe in extreme climate conditions. The build quality is great and better than its competitors.Overall, I think this will stand the test of time and will serve my needs well. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a great 4K dash cam.
D. Ereno
I bought this dash cam to replace an older Vantrue dash cam and I’m very happy with my purchase. This dash cam came with gps enabled. The previous camera the gps unit was a separate purchase. It does not come with a memory card (I knew this) so I bought a 256 gig card and it works perfect. I also bought the hardwire kit so I could fully utilize the parking mode. The main upgrade I noticed was the dash cam’s resolution was much better than my old cam. The video quality is very clear. I’m glad I upgraded and am seriously thinking about getting another one for my wife’s car.
Darian Wong
Overall I am happy with the quality of this dashcam. The packing it came in was very nice and organized. It is easy to install and use. The quality of the picture is great with really good detail. Also, the front and back camera really puts me at ease especially since I drive Lyft on my free time. Definitely worth the purchase. Just make sure to get a micro sd card class 10 with it since it doesnt come with one.
Amazon Customer
This dash cam is an upgrade to the Vantrue N2 PRO. It has all the same great features as the N2 PRO except now you have 4k quality (front camera only) or dual 1440 P filming. You also get a GPS mount included which is really nice and a built-in super capacitor that allows the dash cam to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. The mount seems to be built slightly different and feels slightly stronger. The suction cup also works super good and hasn't fallen off. After testing it for a few days, I was really impressed by the quality of the dual 2K footage and the infrared night vision worked very well in a pitch-black area. I believe the price is worth the quality.
Let me start this review by saying how much I love the packaging and design of the dash cam. Whoever did the design - hats off to you! The packaging seems on par with those of Apple products. The contents of the box are so thoughtfully organized with symbols for each item (see pictures).The dash cam build quality is solid and doesn’t feel cheap. Since the USB & 12V charging cables are USB-C type, it is much better than the regular dash cams. The suction mount comes with built-in GPS, which is a plus point.The video and audio quality of the recordings is excellent - amazing 4K resolution, which can be played back on a Smart TV without loss in recording quality. You won’t have a hard time reading the license plates or seeing other details.Thank you Vantrue for making an excellent premium dash cam.
Steven H Shalaan
I’ve been using this dash cam for two weeks now. I read the Amazon reviews on this Product and I was like let me get this see if I like it, and I am happy I made this choice. It’s my first dash cam I owned and I actually love it. It’s really easy to install, very clear picture and voice recording as well. Also, I feel really safe now driving on the street. For the price I it’s really worth to get!
overall this would be a great gift to give to people. the packaging is very nice.
I received the Vantrue N2S product yesterday afternoon and proceeded to test right away. Attractive packaging and easy to unpack and install. This is my second Vantrue camera. My first Vantrue dash cam has been in operation for 18 months through hot summers and relatively cold winters. I know their product is high quality.Based on about 5 hours of use so far, this new camera is EXCEPTIONAL. The clarity of the video is unmatched and the form factor is such that you can position in front of the rearview mirror and not be too much of a distraction. I installed my newly-purchased microSD card off I went... OK, there is the menu set-up process you have to go through and select the various options but the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I drove around in my Lexus sedan for a couple of hours using the front only mode (4K quality). I downloaded the video clips using my laptop. EASY and the videos were amazingly clear, even at dusk. The switch to night mode is automatic and the videos maintain its high clarity.This morning, I decided to put in my wife's van (where it will stay) and the installation was straightforward. I switched to the dual cam mode and was thrilled to see that the cabin facing cam results in the needed high clarity and resolution. I will look into the hardware set-up that allos a direct hook up to the car battery but for now, the cables can be wrapped around the sun visor and to the plug-in.I bought this for the same thing reason that most folks buy a dash cam, piece of mind in case of a mishap. My family members are worth it. There are some crazy drivers all around us these days. The Vantrue N2S is an exceptional camera with useful features (dual cam, 4K clarity with front only, built-in GPS, and sleek form factor) that will provide that piece of mind.
Two cameras are better than one, which is exactly what makes the Vantrue N2S 4K Dash Cam unique. I like the dual recording feature, especially when both feeds are capped at 1440p resolution. That's plenty enough and produces crisp looking video footage when there's ample lighting around. WDR also helps out tremendously for high contrast scenes. It manages to tone down the highlights to better produce a neutral exposure throughout the scene -- you can see how WDR works best when the sun is in front of the cam.The rear camera has a wide viewing angle, which easily captures both front and rear passengers. It's also useful that the black and white night vision kicks in when it gets dark out. The video quality from the "selfie" camera is also surprisingly good too.Parking mode is a great tool to have to keep an eye out on your car. However, I wish it had its own built-in battery because in order to use Parking Mode, you will need to supply external power to the Vantrue N2S 4K Dash Cam when you turn off your car. If you don't, it will simply lose power and not function.One area of weakness is its performance under low light conditions. The footage becomes super soft and grainy, so making out the license plates of cars in front of me is nearly impossible with the camera. It's no problem when there's light out. At least the frame rate seems to maintain a steady rate.Lastly, I wish that it had some sort of Wi-Fi functionality with an app because in order to view the footage (other than through the dash cam itself), you'll need to remove the microSD card and view it on a computer. For the price, I was hoping for it to have some sort of app integration.
The best dash cam on the market! @soupedV6
Dovran Allayev
I work on a company car, and I cannot connect to the battery for the 24 parking function to work. And the site doesn't say anything about it, I ran into this after the purchase. Dash cameras are good but the site is not full description and there is no warning.
First of all, the video quality is amazing. You can clearly read the license plate of the cars in front (blacked out to protect privacy in the attached photo). The interior camera is very clear even in the dark. The GPS information worked right out of box. Just had to adjust the date and the time (which is very important as videos are named based on the date and time). The videos are saved by 10 minute intervals. So you don't have to search a long video for relevant footage.The packaging was surprising nice. The camera came in fully recyclable and secure cardboard boxes. Which was a nice touch. The installation was as easy as installing a window GPS navigator. I didn't make an attempt to hide the cables, but you can if you want to as the included cable was long enough to be routed around the windshield.What was also nice was that the power cable went into the detachable base. Which means you can keep the cables connected with the camera detached for safekeeping at the same time.We replaced our old 720p camera. Which was a bit smaller but the quality was much worse and did not have a interior camera. I poped in our old Samsung SD card which the camera had to reformat to use. Not a big deal, but be sure to have a fresh SD card.
Benjamin Ginther
Amazing product. Better than any can I've had in the past so far. I love that you can record cabin, and front both in 1440p if you want. Set up and install are a breeze. Also, another thing I love is that they have a type-c connection. The suction cup/ lock design is super strong too.
I bought this for my wife's new car and love the simple design for install. I also purchased the OBD connector for this for simple ease of use and install.
Ryan K.
For anyone considering to buy this camera, avoid at all costs. Most comments you see are just people lured by marketing to receive a free camera. I was one and I regret participating. Especially when I was disillusioned in thinking that this was a great product, purchased/installed it onto 2 other vehicles, and now face 3 recent incidents (2 side swept, 1 collision) where none were recorded.From a quick glance, this camera is great. Video quality is clear, audio is decent, and installation was fairly simple, but that is all you know when you only have a surface understanding of this device. I honestly think that is all you need to know though, as a dash cam should just record as you drive and you only have to access the data when an event occurs. Questionably, that is not the case. At default, the camera only records the first and last 3 or 5 mins of your drive, which means nothing is recorded in between. They advertise their “shake/collision detection” for efficient data use, but the whole purpose of a dash cam is voided if the device begins to record AFTER an accident occurs. My family has faced this issue recently with a collision and are now facing a large repair fee as we are unable to provide sufficient proof to our insurance company. A continuing issue with the shake/collision detection is that it will record most “shakes”, such as potholes and speedbumps, and that useless content will be quietly filed into the memory card. Eventually the memory card will be full of junk and annoyingly the device will neither notify you of the issue nor delete the content due to the “Emergency Lock” feature. Unfortunately, the issue with the shake/collision detection still continues. I have 2 cars that were side swept, where one was left with a large dent that required repair. Both Dash Cams had the “shake/collision detection” at max sensitivity and both had the “24hrs parking mode” turned ON. Neither incidents were recorded. Both dash cams were supplied with constant power, so those features should have been working. For some reason though, only random incidents of people walking or cars passing were recorded. This device truly fails to record anything of meaning. Some, especially Vantrue, can argue that the settings were not correct; however, all of my incidents did not occur in one day. After every incident, I had reread the poorly written manual and adjusted the settings accordingly, but I have yet to find a setting that will provide me a standard operating Dash Cam. I should also not have to continue experimenting with the device after every incident.The only positive I can speak about this company though is their customer service. As other comments had written, these device cannot withstand heat and will burnout. One of my units had completely died with this issue, but the support team had promptly sent a replacement. I do not plan to continue using this product; however, I appreciate the appropriate response.