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Vantrue Element 3 Triple WiFi Dash Cam

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after using the Thinkware F750 and the Q800pro, I switched to Vantrue.... the F750 died TWICE on me for no reason and the Q800 pro was also replaced TWICE within a year. BOTH dash cams worked flawlessly but died with no warning from one day to the other....the last Q800 replacement model did not eve live for 3 months...I was done with Thinkware "Quality"'s the thing...and I am sure, YOU ( Vantrue) can make this work because these features are just unbeatable for a Dashcam...FIRST of all...why don't you have a verbal warning as soon as you get into the car that tells you, there was an event?!?! Secondly, the Lane departure warning feature. Thirdly, the speed camera warnings! I am sure, you could implement these features even after you launched a new model-as a firmware update! ( Speedcams, Lane departure warning, Trigger warning) and last, but not least......the parking feature lacks power! it could include 2 different modes ...not only collision OR low bitrate/timelapse.....also important for this feature: if there WAS an incident, why not let the camera tell you about it? when it comes to form factor.....Thinkware has a clear advantage....the E3 is very bulky and not as stealthy...... over all, I am satisfied with my new E3! even though I am missing some of the Thinkware features...
Positive points : -Camera quality really good (front + cabin) although a little disappointed with the rear camera I expected better but remains in the top 5 of the best dashcam in view of its quality. -The packaging is of good quality and everything is presented with care. -The cable length is largely satisfactory to hide in the trim, especially for a long vehicle like mine (Ford S max 4.84m long) -The optional CPL filter is a real plus, I do not regret you can set it so that you do not have any reflection or almost. - The remote control provided for taking pictures or mute is very practical once stuck on the steering wheel to wear thumb.Sound: Very good Cabin night vision : Top notch GPS: The GPS function on the application is fantastic when you watch the video of your trip you have a map (google maps) that is displayed below and as you move forward the arrow representing the car also moves forward so you know where you have had an accident besides the GPS coordinates available on the video) The GPS km/h is reliable with a latency however of 2 seconds maximum.
Tickets for Life
Wonderful dashcam, very beautiful and functional. Very good quality footage from all three cameras. Elegant and design packaging, I installed it in minutes and once I turned it on it was up and running. Tested day and night, detects critical crashes and stops. Great for vehicle safety, I can no longer do without it. Plus the shipping arrived super fast.
Mustafa Doagany
The dashcam is convincing. Sound and picture quality leave nothing to be desired as far as tested. Could be installed without problems. With a little effort and skill can also lay the cables invisible. Recording quality is more than good. For parking monitoring, however, an additional power connection is necessary.
I am disappointed with this cam. Many can now record and 4K. It is quite solid. Ansich good technology, but what is this parking mode? Why do I have a parking surveillance mode? Of course, to detect parking bumps. So I want the camera to detect a collision in parking mode and record the event just before and after the collision and then put it in an extra folder so I can easily review it. Just isn't possible with this dashcam. It only goes on motion record, which is on a parking lot times more than nonsensical and additionally still ends up in the same folder as the continuous loop. Or the collision mode (That's exactly what I want to have), but this takes only 5-7 seconds after the collision, so then when the cam is awake by the vibration and goes off. Then everything is already done. In addition, again, that the made videos are saved in the continuous loop folder. Yes, I should look through tens of videos every day, whether someone has jostled me??? With motion alarm I understand that still. It probably happens more often, but with collision??? So I don't know what they thought, but it should be possible to record a continuous loop at low bitrate or low framerate and to move the videos to the event folder in case of a collision and maybe restart the recording with a better resolution. At the end I thought, okay, take halt low frame mode, is better than nothing, but then despite selected screensaver the screen remains on in park mode? Honestly, what's the point??? So parking control is a disaster. I hope that it will be improved as soon as possible. In any case, I'm looking around for another.
Alex Fizesan
Since I got a new car, I also needed a new dashcam. I also had a Vantrue dashcam in my old car. It took me about 20-25 minutes to install and set up, and then I could use the dashcam right away. The image that the cam provides is razor sharp, just like the image from the rear camera or inner camera. Wlan and app is also included so that if you want to see but everything live over händy. Settings are also made via the app. The price-performance ratio for this camera is absolutely justified. I am very satisfied therefore clear purchase recommendation
I have ordered this item 2 times, unfortunately in the two rear camera function was not installed. Front you saw it, in the back unfortunately not! For the price quality is very inferior....
I ordered the E3 dashcam from Vantrue for my VW Arteon, simply to be on the road with a better feeling, because as a frequent driver I was already often taken the right of way at traffic circles or similar dangerous situations have arisen, where a video evidence could clarify the question of guilt. But it also serves to be able to record events on video in general, if necessary.
I would like to tell you about my experience with the Vantrue E3 dashcam. This dashcam is in my opinion the best currently available on the market. The packaging is very high quality and all products are extra protected and packed. Included in the package are the Vantrue E3 dashcam, the RC05 rear camera and a Bluetooth remote control. The rear camera cable is about 6 meters long and the USB-C car charging cable is about 4 meters long. There is also a USB-C data cable that is used for data transfer only. The GPS adhesive mount, static stickers, warning stickers in English and German, 3M replacement adhesive and a clean cloth are also included. In addition, there is also a manual.
Engi Carol
Since it was my first dashcam,it was a difficult decision,but in the end I chose this model,which seems to be very successful,it connects to any smartphone device,it also has a built-in GPS,so you don't have to be it installed separately and installing the cameras is easy,with the instruction manual or a tutorial on youtube .Very compact!
Daniel S.
Function with the remote control and voice control mega relaxed while driving to save something. App is built very innovative. Just do not find the option to import the photos from the app into the picture gallery. Hopefully still comes via update. Otherwise, it runs very reliably and also feels very high quality. Cameras can be adjusted super in the angle. I'll use it without the rear camera for now and move the cable to the back when it gets warmer again. Remote control is nice and small and fits great in my key compartment. The attach to the windshield is child's play. I can only recommend
Cristian Hanes
After long consideration, I decided to buy the second dashcam because I bought a second car and the first from the same brand was fully usable for me. Very user-friendly installation kit, front and rear camera with remote control, can also be connected to the smartphone, a must-have device in the car! recommended!!!
I find the dashcam especially good at night. With the 3 cameras I have almost all angles of the car covered. The camera quality is nice and sharp. The great thing about the camera is that I can download the videos and photos via the app via Wi-Fi. A tip when positioning. Connect to the app beforehand and see a live image via the app. So you can then well position the dashcam on the windshield
Daniel S.
The dashcam makes through the 3 cameras, front with recording in the cabin and the side doors and the rear camera a solid coverage of the viewing angles. The resolution is sharp and the night shots need not hide behind other dashcams. The good thing is the videos can be viewed or downloaded via the Vantrue app. Can only recommend the dashcam.
Turkish Delight
Hello, unfortunately only three stars. Picture quality is great. What is bad: The brackets (front and rear) can only be tilted up and down. Lateral movement is not possible. Even more stupid if you have a 3M adhesive mount instead of a suction cup. Furthermore, the cable of the rear view camera is too thick and very short in length. Have only a Corsa F. So a small car. You can not lay the cable over the headliner, because there is the airbag. If you lay it from below, you need longer cable.
Mira AMG
This is the best dashcam, available on Amazon right now, I can control the dash cam via super easy app send videos to my phone directly without taking off the sd card via VANTRUE APP. Parking monitoring is excellent with the hardware kit If you are in the city and don't have a garage .
I am very disappointed with this camera as it is not as described. The picture quality is very poor. Either it works or it doesn't work, there is not a single picture( no videos)stored on the memory card. It does not stick, it comes off. At this price I expected a camera and very good quality. Therefore, I would not buy this camera again. I can not recommend this camera. The seller has no interest in the buyer.
I am well satisfied with the 3 cameras so far. The image quality is very good, especially with the different light situations it handles very well. At night it takes sharp and well exposed pictures, even with very strong backlight it copes very well. Very well made and feels high quality. Easy installation, app very easy to use, responsive, ready to go immediately after start up. Once turned on, the system can be paired via wifi with the easy to understand app, making it a breeze to preview, download or edit the recording. I'm going to order the hardwire kit as I also want to use the camera in park mode. All in all, the camera currently does everything it's supposed to and that's why I give it full marks.
VANTRUE E3 3 Lens Dashcam 5GHz WiFi: - Modern dashcam set - Generous accessories - Hassle-free App Capability - Easy operation (App+Touch) - Class camera for 360 degree monitoring VANTRUE customer service: - 1a Service - Fast problem solving - Consideration of customer wishes - Very friendly and courteous - Exchange, subsequent delivery and price reduction without ifs and buts - Quick feedback in case of problems
I chose the Vantrue E3, the best dashcam what is available on the market. Packaging: When unpacking I immediately noticed the packaging looks very high quality and looks very nice. All products are very well protected and packaged.
Vantrue Customer
Setting up the dashcam and managing the videos via the app is very easy and user-friendly. With my old dashcam, I always had to awkwardly remove the memory card and read out the videos with the PC. This is now very easy with the app. The voice control works very well and the additional data stored in addition to the videos, such as the speed with the help of the integrated GPS, round off the functions of the dashcam. I can recommend the VANTRUE E3 3 without reservation and feel the price for the scope of functions and the quality of the cam absolutely justified.
From unpacking to assembly Top! Cable in the current model tricky but possible with a little effort. Just the rear camera through a sky with panoramic roof. Connection with Wlan and App ruck zuck (iphone) operation without description possible. In the first test drive immediately recorded a wild animal and that in the evening razor sharp. Video export via app at the touch of a button. Motion detection set to 4 meters and tested, works great. This night with less lighting test, will report again.
Good product not complicated to install (Peugeot 5008) against small downside the camera does not connect automatically each time must go into the settings and activate the wifi and more when the wifi is activated and connected to the camera the network is significantly reduced (snapchat. Internet) impossible to use after may be that there are some settings to do on my tel or the camera otherwise very good product good video quality I did not have time to discover it well met top top Ps: for the parking mode it is necessary to buy an additional cable to connect it to the fuse box because each time we turn off the engine of the car the camera is cut because it is connected to the cigarette lighter