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Vantrue Element 1 Lite WiFi Dash Cam

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Johnathan Yager
In search of a new DashCam I came across the E1 lite and have now been using it for a few days.The big advantage of the E1 is its size and compact design, which is already noticeable during installation: The FullHD image is sharp, cars, license plates, and road obstacles are easy to spot on daytime videos. The video quality at night is the biggest plus. Everything is sharp and easily recognizable - thanks to the HDR feature. The potential of any cam stands and falls with the night shots, but the E1 lite does a great job here.
Victor L.
The excellent image quality in the dark is particularly impressive. Unlike many other dashcams on the market, this dashcam delivers crisp footage even in low-light conditions. This means you'll always have clear footage, even when you're driving at night.
The quality of the recordings is at 1080p. The camera makes for me qualitatively a super impression and the images are even transferable via WiFi to my smartphone, even as a live view. The feature I find totally cool, so you have the deficit with the small display leveraged. Some functions can be controlled by voice, such as recording / stop / sound off, but I have never really used.
Jorge Padilla
The device arrives with the accessories in a very nice sturdy box. Everything fits and it looks very high quality.
The device arrives with the accessories in a very nice sturdy box. Everything fits and it looks very high quality. This was designed similar to the Mac products. You unpack it and then you wonder why the manufacturers came up with such high quality and useless packaging. This surely costs a fortune to produce.
The installation is very simple and well described. However, you should make sure that the camera is glued horizontally, as the mount only allows vertical swiveling. The VanTrue Cam app is required for operation, which is downloaded to the cell phone from the corresponding store. A micro SD card up to max. 512 GB is not included, but is required. After establishing power via the USB-C socket on the base, the camera turns on and things like language, date and time can be set. The screen guides you through the settings. The phone is then connected to the camera's WLAN, and then all settings (resolution, shock sensitivity, GPS, etc.) can be made via the app.
chuck Blatchford
A small cube with not even 5 cm edge length. In addition to the camera, the packaging contains an adhesive base with GPS reception, the power supply cable with a length of 3.5 m for the cigarette lighter, a USB-C data cable, a tool for removing the camera, 2 protective films for mounting on the window, a replacement adhesive pad and the operating instructions. The camera records immediately and creates MP4 files in a selectable duration of 1 to 3 minutes. These can be uploaded to the cell phone if required and can be edited there. The collision sensitivity can be set in five stages. If the vehicle is shaken accordingly, a recording is reliably started and/or a photo is taken. If you want to make recordings while parking, then the connection via a hardwire kit, which is available from VanTrue, is recommended. I chose this connection anyway, since my vehicle does not have a cigarette lighter and the cables thus disappear invisibly in the roof. An unobtrusive dashcam with all the necessary functions at an attractive price. One point of criticism is the German instructions, which are not clearly translated in some places.
I've been looking for a small dashcam for a while, but so far I haven't found a model that you can hide behind the rearview mirror without constantly having the feeling that you have a foreign object in your field of vision.I am satisfied and would definitely buy the dashcam again.
Mike Terry
The enclosed mini remote control with which I can depending on the situation:)....the Micro On or Off, and with one press of a button times just a snapshot can snap, which is then immediately stored, is a real highlight and very very useful !
Fast delivery and useful accessories (adhesive pads, rakel, etc.); hardly noticeable due to the small size and does not obstruct the view in any way. All functions can be easily set on the camera - you do not need the bumpy app. Unfortunately, voice control does not work for me - but this shortcoming is more than made up for by the remote control. Due to its small size, it can be placed in a convenient location and operated blindly via the two buttons. Image quality is sufficient in my opinion, but I ordered another polarizing filter. I didn't notice a big difference in picture quality, it appears slightly sharper and doesn't reflect as much. Whether that is worth the extra price, everyone must decide for themselves. Conclusion: good camera at a fair price with super remote control, you do not need the app, voice control not possible for me. Overall, however, still a purchase recommendation
Ruben Diaz Rubio
Functions: *WLAN/App The Vantrue E1 can also be connected with the Vantrue app on the smartphone. For this, WLAN must be activated on the dashcam and the smartphone must be connected to the corresponding WLAN. After that, you can view the live image, the settings as well as the recordings. *GPS The GPS is not built into the dashcam but into the mount. The Vantrue dashcam is simply pushed into the holder and is held magnetically. You can set which data from the GPS should be displayed in the video. Speed and position, for example. Also, you can track in the smartphone app which way you drove in a video. The data from the GPS can also be displayed in the video. The coordinates and the speed driven are displayed at the bottom of the video. Of course, this can also be deactivated individually. *Remote control The small remote control can either be put somewhere in the car or attached with an adhesive pad. There are only two buttons on the remote. Once to mute the microphone and then another button to save the current video clip. This is signaled by the dashcam with a beep and/or with a green LED on the remote control itself. *Picture quality The picture quality is very good. I have not set the dashcam to the full resolution but to HDR. In this resolution, you can see everything clearly in daylight. I also hardly noticed any drops in the bit rate. If the reflections from the dashboard are too strong, you can also screw a CPL filter in front of the lens. This absorbs additional reflections and the image becomes clearer. The license plates of vehicles can usually be seen well as long as they are close enough to the camera. However, in case of an incident, I recommend reading the license plate out loud so that it is also recorded on the audio track. The maximum resolution is 2592x1944 pixels. Conclusion: For the price, a pretty solid overall package. The dashcam has a decent build quality and many other things seem well thought out. The image quality is okay and the small remote control is a nice detail that not many dashcams have.
dirk w.
Price / performance fits . Is small and inconspicuous, the cable is sufficient for connection to the cigar lighter. With an extension, the connection can also be made for a cigar lighter in the rear vehicle compartment or trunk. The installation is easy even for a layman. A 256 SD card you should still treat yourself, so that corresponding storage space for the recordings is there. I am satisfied with the dashcam and can recommend it.
Herbert C.
For the price, I have not had a dashcam. However, the resolution and handling is really hard in order on the price considered! It meets as many requirements as a dashcam for $99. It is easy to connect to the phone and there is an SD card with it! All in all, a really good and strong product!
Ronnie L Gregory
The packaging was damaged to the device itself I can only say easy installation and attach. The first impression ok. The connection with the app could really run better. Takes too long, especially since it never works on the first time. Have more often disconnected and reconnected well. Could be done better. Now first look how it behaves in everyday life
Dino Vitale
Small, but perfectly adequate, because you can evaluate the video afterwards via the (well, halfway successful) app or via the laptop. My Gps module was unfortunately broken, but I was sent a new one free of charge from the seller. Really first class! I would buy this dashcam again and again.
rinze yetsinga
With the Vantrue E1 lite you get a very nice, compact HD dashcam for a good price. Packaging and instructions make a high-quality impression, instructions are written very understandable. The setup with the adhesive pads works very well, but you should be careful that you align the dashcam directly correctly, because a correction is somewhat cumbersome! The image quality is good for HD, 30fps are perhaps the only weakness of the camera. However, you can not expect a 2k/4k dashcam for the price. The GPS works really well, and also a big plus is the nice compact design. All in all, I would give it a clear buy recommendation for anyone who wants a compact dashcam with a very good price/performance ratio. However, if you are looking for super sharp image quality, you might be better off with a "higher-end" model (not meant to devalue the E1 Lite).
I bought the dashcam for the rear window of a large SUV primarily to be able to identify possible causers of parking damage. The images are razor sharp and even in the dark you can still see everything. Of course, you have to make sure that the rear window is clean, so turn on the wipers now and then. If you forget to do that, the camera won't take good pictures. The software is also great, the camera is installed quickly and easily with the quick guide. You can also download the pictures directly to your phone from the dashcam. I would have liked that an SD card is included and a set for direct connection to the car battery with deep discharge protection must also be purchased separately. For parking monitoring, however, you need that, because the USB ports (at least with Mercedes) are switched off when the key is not inserted. I helped myself with a large powerbank, which supplies the dashcam with power in parking mode and is charged by the car while driving. For the routing of the cable Vantrue has even included a small plastic part with which the panel can be levered up on the car, so that you can fumble the cable pure.
I have the dashcam now for about 2 weeks in use and can so far only positive report. The image quality is very good even without CPL filter and the reflections are kept within limits. I particularly liked the supplied self-adhesive film on which you stick the holder of the dashcam and which you can remove from the windshield without leaving any residue. The rest of the installation and setup of the camera were also without problems. Additional accessories such as the above-mentioned film and the remote control for triggering and saving a video are great. I would buy the camera again after the current state and can recommend it.
Bob Jacoby ( 1923bob )
The camera does what it's supposed to, has decent image performance and is super easy to install. Cables are all more than long enough to hide everything well. Only criticism: No internal memory! SD card MUST be purchased. That MUST be directly in the product description and clearly evident and not hidden somewhere in small print!
Robert Smith
My order was delivered quickly. The installation was simple. The dashcam is not attached with a suction cup but glued to an enclosed film. The connection to my Iphone works perfectly, so all settings could be done with the phone. The attached connection cable had a sufficient length for my vehicle. The plug has a usb port on which my cell phone is charged.
I have had the small E1 Lite Wifi Dashcam from Vantrue for 4 days. So far I am very satisfied. As always, very good Vantrue quality. I also own two N4 dashcams which are quite great, but unfortunately have no Wifi function.
Suzann Robinson
The dashcam arrived well packaged with me and the first impression was top. The dashcam is perfect due to its fairly small design and is therefore hardly noticeable in the field of view. Thanks to a tool. which was supplied, you can easily stow the cable, which leads to the dashcam, under the trim in the car. Likewise, there is a Wlan function with the dashcam, where I can access the dashcam from my phone. There I can quickly pull me the recordings on my phone. Accordingly, I am very satisfied with the dashcam and thus the purchase.
L. Lindemann
So far I could test the camera only one day but I am satisfied. On the cam fits a CPL filter with 37mm thread.
Brad R
I replaced an older unit and found that compared to it, the new camera takes much, much better pictures. As compact as the dimensions themselves may seem - it depends on where and how the part can be discreetly accommodated in the car. It's not that easy - at least not if you don't want everyone to see what's in use right away. Otherwise, the installation is simple. The price also fits, although this is not a bargain. But in my opinion well worth the purchase.
Carol Perez
As expected, good
Very small, so it disappears behind my interior mirror and it does not bother me. Image quality is sufficient.
Daschcam for the car. Unfortunately, teschische data on the cam is missing. WiFi connection is not stable. Recordings always only a maximum of 3 minutes. Otherwise ok. Fast delivery. Assembly simple.
Wendy M.
Super quality thank you
This is my first Vantrue dash camera. I am very happy with it. Very good quality. New Dash camera Vantrue E1 Lite now is very small and have a lot of functions. It have Wi-Fi and it's possible to connect to smartphone. There you can change all settings and see live video. Also camera have build-in GPS. Dashcam have super capacitor battery, it is safe to use in high heat or cold
C. H. Replogle
So far I am very satisfied with the camera and the image quality.
One of the best dashcams I’ve used so far.
Sean McGill
Unfortunately, with the supplied cable only cigarette lighter. A separate USB would have been better. Simple menu navigation, great app. Remote control and voice control also work very well.
Super dashcam makes a super picture. The only thing I find really a pity that there is no suction cup mount and only adhesive mount. It would be great if there would be this as an accessory. A suction cup is much more practical also in particular for different vehicles.
The E1 dashcam is loaded with features that are easy to use, and there is an app that you can install on your phone so you can do and view everything without removing the SD card, which is a big plus for me. The build quality is very good and the picture quality is excellent as well. I still have a lot to learn about this dashcam because it has so many more features than the ones I've had in the past. So if you are looking for a great dashcam with lots of features, this one meets all the requirements. Highly recommended!
Vantrue Customer
I love this dashcam. You can view the video in smartphone as well via Vantrue app. The picture and video quality is amazing . This dashcam can capture a footage in almost all type of weather condition. It is pretty easy to install on the car . Cables are long enough to fit in the car . I really recommend this dashcam if someone is looking for similar products.
The camera is small and fine but image quality unfortunately not as it was described.
Jameel A
View a good camera, however, I had very often connection problems with the cell phone. This 24h stand monitoring is garbage! Have simulated a burglary and wachelt to the vehicle. The arlarmanlage of the car went on but the camera has not responded.
However, the constantly blinking ready LED is annoying. Especially when it is dark.
The camera itself takes good pictures, the functions are sufficient. The included cables are long enough, the mounting was easy. However, I had to return the camera because the power supply to the bracket did not work and thus the GPS module had no function. I had this connected to the camera directly and the recording went, but thereby just no GPS data and speeds had been recorded with. Thus, the camera was not usable for me.
I ordered the dash cam because of the size, functionality and USB-C port. Unfortunately, the dash cam remains without function unless the proprietary USB cable is not used. With USB-C to USB-C, the dash cam does not work and stays off.
Vantrue Customer
The camera itself takes good pictures, the functions are sufficient. The included cables are long enough, the mounting was easy. However, I had to return the camera because the power supply to the bracket did not work and thus the GPS module had no function. I had this connected to the camera directly and the recording went, but thereby just no GPS data and speeds had been recorded with. Thus, the camera was not usable for me.