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Vantrue S1 Front and Rear Dash Cam

Super Capacitor, Built-in GPS, Low Light Vision, Support 256GB Max

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Price: $179.99

S1 Dual front and rear dash cam with low light vision, built-in GPS and powered by a supercapacitor that resists extreme temperatures from from -4 to 158°F extending the life span.

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Why Choose Vantrue S1 Front and Rear Dash Cam?

  • Get some assistance with safety: Featuring the advanced SONY STARVIS CMOS Sensor, the 2 cameras simultaneously record  front (170°)  and rear (160°) at 1920x1080 30fps, which will comprehensive coverage of the road behind you. On single recording mode, it can capture crystal clear video at 2880x2160P 24fps or 1920x1080P 60fps, which provides clearly license plate even at high speeds.

  • Unique design: Because of the small and discreet dual lens dash camera perspective, It can attach right to your windshield for optimal field-of-view and a super-easy establishment. Thus not obstructing the view and making secure driving.

  • Built-in GPS : The GPS function allow you to track the location, speed( KMH/ MPH) and driving route on Google Maps with Vantrue GPS viewer.

  • Heat Resistant: Built-in supercapacitor rather than lithium battery, which faces severe temperatures from -4 to 158°F and allows the 2-way dashcam more strong, heat-resistant, more extended life span than batteries.

  • Low Light Level Night Vision: Base on Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor and big aperture 6-glass lens, S1 captures road signs, license plates, and other bits of your surroundings in low-light conditions clearly.

  • Larger memory capacity:  Supports external memory capacity up to 256GB which is enough for storing hours of footage recorded in your car.

  • Regular firmware updates to ensure improved features and functionality for maximum quality. You can always improve the performance of your S1 and see the benefits of the numerous new features and functions with latest firmware update.

  • Strict quality control and have a professional QC team, with CE, FCC & RoHS certificated.

Warm Tips:

The dash cam support up to 256GB (class 10, memory card is not included ). Please DON'T use Sandisk and Transcend Card. We recommend Vantrue 128GB SD Card (asin: B07WXH12TC). Please format the card before first use.

Easy to install
  • Firstly, installing the front camera to the front window.

  • Secondly, Installing the rear camera to the rear window and connecting the front and rear camera by provided 20fts rear camera cable.

  • Thirdly, provide power to the dash cam by car charger to the cigarette lighter of your car.

  •                            whats in the box?                    

  •                            1X Front dash cam;                    

  •                            1X Rear car camera;                    

  •                            1X 10ft car charger;                    

  •                            1X 3ft mini USB cable;                    

  •                            1X 20ft rear camera cable;                    

  •                            Front and rear camera bracket and the adhesive stickers                    

Front and Rear 1080P@30 FPS 330° Dash Cam

Dash camera supports FHD dual-channel recording and adjusts different perspectives as what you need , which capture high-definition video from both the front (170°) camera and rear camera(160°) simultaneously and provide powerful evidence in case you have an accident.


Powerful Functions

Discreet  Design

Because of the compact and discreet dual lens dash camera design, the hidden dash cam simultaneous recording front and rear in FHD, it can also stick directly to your windshield for optimal field-of-view and a super easy installation, thus not blocking the sight and making safety driving.

Low Light Level Night Vision

Combined with the F1.47 large aperture and superior HDR (high Density Recording) technology, the car dash cam is able to adjust for the light and dark parts of the frame so that your nighttime shots are always clear and vibrant.


Built-in supercapacitor instead of lithium battery, which withstands extreme temperatures from -4 to 158°F enables the 2 way dash cam more reliable, heat-resistant, longer life span than batteries.

Built-in GPS with Speed Recording

Built-in GPS module accessory enables the front and rear GPS dash cam to location and coordinates of the motor vehicle. The logging of such details can be played back showing car’s location, exact route, speed(KM/H or MP/H) on Google Maps via our GPS Player.

Super  High Resolution

Featuring a Sony IMX327 sensor and Novatek NT96663 chip set, allows you to achieve the best results of shooting video in different conditions and modes of operation. The Single front dash camera record videos up to a resolution of 2880*2160P/24FPS;1920*1080P/60FPS during day and night.

24 Hours Parking Mode

Auto switch the dash camera to Parking Mode when it senses no movement in 5 minutes.Triggered by the motion sensor, the discreet car dash camera will automatically record when people or things come closer to your car. Please hardwire it (ASIN: B07V3F1VFX ) or connect it with external battery pack when parking.

Loop Recording&G-sensor

Loop recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity. While once the car impacted while driving or in parking mode, the G-sensor will automatically lock the footage to "Event File" to prevent it from being overwritten.

Time lapse

Time lapse function automatically takes photos at specified intervals and edit them together to a video clip so they can play much faster than real time. It also captures frames for a time lapse video of a multi-week road trip, greatly saved space on your memory card.


  ModelVantrue S1 Dash Cam
  ProcessorNOVATEK NT96663
  SensorSony IMX327 + IMX323 Sensor
  Display2 inch 
  Lens170° Wide Angle F/1.47 six-layer glass lens Rear: 160° Wide Angle F/1.8 six-layer glass lens
  VideoDual:1920x1080 30fps, 2880*2160P/24FPS;1920*1080P/60FPS;1920*1080P/30FPS;1280*720P/30FPS
  AudioBuilt-in microphone and speaker
  MemorizerInternal memory: 4M External: 256GB max(micro SD card of speed rating of U3 higher)
  USB PortUSB2.0, mini
  Compatible OSWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10 &Mac OS



Vantrue S1 User Manual

No viruses ,,9.7M


Vantrue S1 GPS Player (for windows)

No viruses ,,78M


Vantrue S1 GPS Player (for mac)

No viruses ,,18.9M


Vantrue S1 Dash Cam Firmware Update

VTS10J.V10 ,,2.72 MB


Vantrue S1 Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

No viruses ,,16KB


Vantrue S1 Dash Cam Firmware Update (Specially for Japan)

VTS10J.V10_JP ,,2.72M


No Data


( 297 Reviews )


 I doesn't know what I did wrong, but it's kinda not working properly.Reviewed in the United States
They recommend that it should using (Samsung Micro Sd Cards), so now everytime it's doesn't seem like recorded when I driving, because I take out the camera every time I done with. N I check out that, it's sometime it's having pictures, n sometimes it's doesn't (not things, blank), I deleted every days I drove my car. I don't know what I have done wrong or what I missed doing the setting.
Be sure to get a Samsung EVO card.Reviewed in the United States
The camera came packaged with following items.

1. Front S1 Dash Camera 2. Rear Camera 3. 12 V adapter for camera (mini-USB) 4. Cable to connect rear camera (mini-USB to mini-USB) 5. USB to mini-USB cable (for charging & connecting to computer) outside of the car 6. Front Camera Mount 7. Rear Camera Mount 8. Additional 3M stickers 9. Manual & Qucik Start Guide

The only thing you will need to add is microSDXC card - the manual recommends Samsung EVO cards so that's what I purchased.

The setup was easy - included sticky mounting part has held the camera well for over 3 weeks now even in near 100F weather.

The plugs are properly orientated so that with power and rear cable plugged in they stagger nearly and there is 90 degree bend upward making it very easy to do a professional looking install yourself.

There is a hardwired kit available if you wish to have it hardwired instead of using the included 12V lighter socket plug to enable recording even when vehicle is off by tapping into an always hot wire.

I configured my settings to do a 5 minutes loop. One thing to clarify - it will only start overwriting old footage once the memory card is full, so even if you have it set to 5 minutes loop, the bigger the memory card, the longer history you will have. Each video file is split in 5 minutes, so it's easy to find and save the clips you need.

There are three even sensitivity settings and I ended up increasing it to most sensitive mode. While this sometimes get triggered even by a pot hole, since I have 256GB memory cared it still gives me lot of storage and time until I'd have to clean up the automatically saved clips.

There is also a button to press if you want to manually lock a file so it does not get deleted.

The neat thing about the software is that all these event based triggers get saved in a separate folder on the microSDXC card so you do not have to hunt to find them through hundreds of 5 minute files. Very nice detail.

The front camera is easy to slide upwards and remove if you need to connect to perform updates. I mention this because I had a small issue at first, and emailed support. Within few days, they had released an update to resolve my specific issue and I was able to install the update painlessly. I did have to format the microSDXC card after update, so if you have an old smaller microSDXC card that may not even be Samsung Evo laying around, it will be handy to use that during firmware update so you can format and load the update on that card, rather than the card you use every day that may contain important footage.

The camera has ran for nearly 20 days now, and yet to experience any issue with power up & power down. No footage has been missed, and all the event based recording are correctly saved.

Overall I would highly recommend this camera for its ease or use and reliability. Just be sure to get a Samsung EVO card.
Good cam for the money. Solid build, clear videoReviewed in the United States
Everything works as you'd expect in this cam and there are a lot of great features. The main goal of these in my opinion is to avoid false claims in the event of an accident. With the sharp video and wide lenses, this cam will meet that need.

My top positive is the form factor/build quality. It can be tucked out of view and remains accessible for saving clips and taking photos using the very solid control buttons and intuitive/simple menu system. It also allows easy access to the memory card. Next is the clear crisp video. It's fantastic. Bright and sharp and crystal clear. Be aware though that this cams sensor is only 2.1MP. The video looks great but if you plan on going frame by frame to see details, good luck. I think they must be upscaling but I'm no expert. Even on a sunny day trying to read license plates is nearly impossible unless you're stopped right behind the other car. (Note that cams with high MP, 5+ are either much more expensive or there's a big feature trade off.) Huge storage is another big plus. 256GB holds anywhere from 3 days to over a week depending on settings. The GPS is a nice feature providing coordinates and speed. Parking mode with motion sense works ok, only downside is it often records a clip after action has passed. Others have complained about the power plugs interfering. It's not so bad because you normally only plug it in once. Still. I bought a 90 degree adapter, it helps.

Summers coming and that will be the true test. Previous cams from other manufacturers have deformed from heat. This one feels more solid. More on that later.
Fred Bauer
Quality ProductReviewed in the United States
It does most things well, Especially like the hidden placements of the cameras, does not block visuals front or rear, wires easily hidden. The quick removal to use at the computer also very nice. Should come with a small SD card so you can see if you want to keep it. Also, the gray adhesive on the glass looks like seagull poop. Instruction manual shows what looks like black adhesive, but nope, both are gray.

Biggest thing that degrades the images is reflections on the glass, same with any camera.
Small and mightyReviewed in the United States
I was looking for a small and portable dash cam (others I've tried were too big) that I could stuff in my travel bag and take with me. This is one of the smallest (if not the smallest) I could find that had all the features that I needed. It has very few buttons, which at first aren't very easy to understand (up is the button with the arrow pointed to the left, and down is the button which points to the right?) -- a little confusing. Once you figure it out, though, it's a breeze to operate. I did not hook up the rear facing camera because I've already got a backup camera, plus this was meant to be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Great little dash cam!