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Vantrue S1 Front and Rear Dash Cam

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Bought it for my dad's Challenger. I had about 2 extra feet of cord connecting the front camera to rear. Had to find a way to tuck it in the headliner. The SD card slot feels really cheap. The SD card just gets shoved in, it doesn't click in like they usually do. But it works
Gifted this camera for my father . Quality is way better than the Walmart brand he bought . Recently bought 2 of Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam for my own 2 cars . Didn’t need rear cam.
Christine from Philly
The cigarette lighter in an '05 Jeep Liberty is constant-on power. So, I assumed using that would be like having it hardwired into a constant-powered line. But, not only did it not have any kind of parking mode, we couldn't get this thing to keep recording AT ALL when we were using the cigarette lighter to power it. I also wasn't too concerned with parking mode, this being a old car that no one would probably want to mess with and it's usually parked in secure off-street locations. I was getting the worst of both worlds (not working in either mode!). But, I purchased the $19 hardwire kit that most people use for constant-on and instead of adding it to a fuse that was powered when the car was off, I added it to a fuse that was only powered when the car is on. This solved the problem. Now, we have regular, reliable recording in both front a back when driving (that was the goal). Pleased with the result, I invested the time and effort to run the lines behind the A-pillars and headliner and now we have a very inconspicuous front & rear dashcam. The rear dashcam has a red light that comes on when it is recording and I found that annoying when I looked in the rearview mirror, so I covered the lights with electrical tape. Problem solved.So, if you have issues with using a constantly powered cigarette lighter (I theorize that it has something to do with how the power level might drop when starting the car or something), just wire it in using Vantrue's kit. The kit is cheaper than piecing the components together yourself (which I had to do in my other car) and it has everything you need for a variety of cars (different fuse sizes).
The Colonel
had issue with the product and the company is sending me a replacement and reached out to me very quickly.
I’ve had this a few weeks. It was pretty easy to install. The rear view camera wire was the toughest to hide since it’s so thick.Kind of a bummer that there isn’t a way to use this with a phone, but the video is super clear, and the info you get is amazing.
this dashcam saved me from felony charges i used the dash cam footage against them that shows cops were shady w audio and shows i was wrongfully pulled over and stop was bad. 10/10 recommend. discrete, the police did not know it was there until they watched me pull the memory card from it. get yourself one just incase ;)
First, I will say that the company sent a long cable for the rear view camera as promised. THis unit is installed in a full sized GMC SUV. Unfortunately, the camera fails in the heat of the desert Southwest. It now stops recording randomly, and cutting power (like unplugging from the cig lighter) no longer shuts down the camera cleanly. It loses the recordings. Pic quality was pretty good though, but for the money, time to look elsewhere. It's a shame, I took a lot of care to mount this thing.
Albert Gertskis
Easy installation and picture quality is good. Got into an accident at night in 2018 and the video helped absolve me of any fault. The night time video quality is good enough to see license plates a few car lengths away from you (both front and back). Would highly recommend anyone to purchase this specific dashcam.
Amazon Customer
This little camera just earned its badge of excellence. Just proved an accident where it would’ve been word against word. The rear facing is a life saver and is crystal clear video and audio. Guy who hit me tried to lie but this video cam kept a $25k claim off my insurance. I was denied until I sent his insurance company the video. They responded in less than 24hrs they are now accepting responsibility!!!
John Sutherland
I received the S1 as a Christmas gift in December, 2021 for use on my older 1999 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck which I have had since January, 1999. Great truck. This is/was my first dashcam installation and use. It took a while for me to have the cabling routed and the cameras (both) mounted in the front cab on the front windshield. But the rear camera cable was far too long for a front cab install, and I had to wait for a shorter (19") cable to arrive from Vantrue. Now both cameras are mounted and both are working. Great imaging and audio from both cameras, one camera looking out the front, and the other (the rear camera) recording action inside the cab. I have both cameras up front in case of rare police interactions - I want any and all of them recorded.The camera control setup for me (a novice) was a bit complicated, and it took me a while to 'grok' the procedure. One anomaly for my installation was the fact that I used the cigarette lighter connection for camera power, and according to the factory, if the cigarette power is always on, the camera will always be running, regardless of the camera settings. And, if the camera is always on, the cameras will eventually drain the car/truck battery after a few days of non-travel use of the car/truck.One solution to the power drain problem is to buy and use Vantrue hardwire kit to directly power the cameras, and this will turn off the cameras when battery voltage goes below about 11.6 volts. Absent using that kit, you will have to unplug the cigarette lighter power at the end of every trip, otherwise, the camera's constant operation will drain your battery.On the bright side, if your battery is a good one and it's all charged up, and if you have to park in a potentially hazardous or dangerous location, leaving the S1 cameras powered on will record any sort of mischief going on near your car/truck.All in all, this is a very nice dual camera system. I gave the S1 a four star rating because of the battery draining problem in my truck. That was probably my own fault. But, I understand that learning is always expensive, and my older battery was about five years old, so I ended up buying a new battery for the truck. Maybe that was a good kind of problem to have. Time will tell.
Quandus B.
I really enjoyed this device for almost a year, but it has suddenly stopped working. I have tried resetting, removing the SD card, powering on and off, etc. No luck. I don't know if it's stuck in a mode or what, but it's so frustrating, especially since I was an awesome purchase for a few months.EDIT: Vantru contacted me via email and Amazon, and were helpful and quick to offer me some fixes. I downloaded the new firmware and formatted the SD card. It's back! Thanks again
Amazon Customer
Very good dash camera.I bought the camera in 2020 ,and works great . I did not have any problem with the camera. I installed it in Cadillac Escalade .The customer service is fantastic. The cable to the rear camera was too short . I called the customer service and they sent it for free.
Rohailli Beato
Very good quality product, it records all day long! Have this for about 5 months now and the memory still continues to record! Image quality is great!
Sonia N.
I bought two orders of these cameras for 2 separate cars after a small accident on the highway.I had them installed and then was told that they only recorded in 1080p and not 4k.When I checked the settings myself, the resolution settings appear to only allow for recording 1080p as its max. Therefore the advertising for this item is false and I am a bit disappointed because I wanted to have the 4k on the front camera and 1080p on the rear. However, I only am able to get 1080p out of the front and the rear.
Kelvin Rhodes
It worked great for 2 days now it doesn't turn on . I need to contact the company for technical support
sergey palnov
I bought this dash camera for my dad since he uses it for is semi truck and from what he's told me is that the camera quality is great and it's pretty simple to use. Vantrue's customer support is amazing as well. I needed more adhesive pads for the camera and the support team helped me right away with that.
Loop recording just didn't work. Card got full and camera never started deleting old videos even though it was in 3 minutes loop mode, so I missed 5 days of data during which an event happened that I would have like to have captured.Massively frustrating that the menu doesn't work while it is recording, so if you have parking mode enabled and it keeps recording, you can't access any menus. Pressing buttons does not stop the recording and makes the camera freeze up. Overall not happy so far, but I'll give it another chance after turning parking mode off (even though that's disabling one of the reasons I bought this camera, I'd rather have it record more driving time because there's more idiots on the roads than thieves in the shadows).*UPDATE: Unit shipped with old Firmware, and during the process of moving the unit in to my PC to update it the charging port plastic broke. Mind you, this was only like the 3rd or 4th time the unit had ever had a cable plugged in or taken out, and should not have broken this quickly. Tried to submit a trouble ticket on the Vantrue website and their customer service form would not submit, so I sent them an email. Waiting to hear back for a resolution.
This camera lasted me one month after installation. It resets on its own, image freezes or stays on the gray or black screen. Support is unhelpful. Do not waste your money
Alysa Skousen
I have been using this dash camera for a couple of months now. It has worked perfect for me so far. The quality is super clear, and I like that there is a rear camera. I just got a new car and wanted to get a dash cam in ASAP to protect myself. As soon as the dash cam arrived, I installed it. I was too excited and didn't think about how I wanted to get my windows tinted until it was too late. The dash cam uses those adhesive strips, so they don't really seem reusable. I was worried if I peeled the stickers/cameras off, I wouldn't be able to get them to stick again. So I contacted Vantrue customer support and asked if they could send me a couple more of the adhesive stickers so I could remove and reattach the cameras after I got my windows tinted. They were so quick to respond and sent me two pairs of the front and rear camera sticker adhesives for free, they didn't even ask me to pay shipping. I was so grateful. Thank you!
After my son crashed the front of his car due to an imprudent driver, he suggested that we should buy this camera. He wanted to make sure that if something like this happens again, the recording would be his witness.I liked the excellent image and clarity this camera has. Furthermore, I feel a great relief knowing that my car is protected 24/7. My two previous SUVs were damaged while standing in a parking lot, by drivers who fled. Definitely, this is a plus.The customer service representatives assist you right away when one needs some accessories or a service.I did not like that in order to install the camera correctly, one needs to pay a professional to do it.However, the overall, this is a good purchase!Paula
Korrine Emory
Of course the one time i needed it to record, i decided to stop working , and now i cannot use the rear camera because it freeze's and refuses to work at all.. what a piece of crap
Laura Davis
This dashcam is great. I have a small windshield on an imported vehicle and other dash cams tend to take up a lot of my visual area. This tucks right up underneath the rearview mirror and is out of sight. Sometimes I even forget it’s there. Only had one problem, the cable for the rear camera wasn’t long enough for the way I needed to route the cable to be hidden. But after one email to the company they are sending me a longer cable to meet my needs at NO additional cost. I was extremely impressed by the customer service and prompt reply to my email. Will be buying this for birthday presents for family members.
It may not be the best dash cam but I still love it. It gets the job done and catches dumb people like this one here. I haven’t had this camera long enough to see how it does in the summer, but so far so good. The camera quality could probably be better but I think that goes for almost every dash cam. Love that the cigarette lighter has a USB port. I think it charges faster than the other USB port I have in my car. Also, I should definitely say that having the dual cameras is a must! Instillation was easy. My car is just special and was fighting the instal. Once I got smarter than my car it was an easy peezy lemon squeezy instal! At first I thought I might be bothered that this dash cam doesn’t have wifi for the video transfer, but it’s actually okay without it. I got an SD card reader adapter for my iPhone and it opens right up in the files app. Super easy! Plus it’s fast this way and can still get your videos more or less right away!
Quality is good from holding the cameras - just installed in my mk7 GTI. Quality is great on the video and it was a breeze to install
Product buyer
Great product. Liked the non cloud option. The customer service is awesome, almost like apple and Lexus level. I would say that is a very high standard. Does the job as I expected, easy for self install. Desktop software works fine. Little old school. But, I do not trust online backups. So, this is perfect.
It's not 4k for the front cam as advertised and after going through the entire menu settings, it's only 1080p for both front and rear dash cam. There is no option change resolution when running dual cams. Please fix this inaccurate info as it's not 4k...
You can get.muxh better quality for cheaper. Do not buy this one.
Jeff Pesos
This dash cam works alright when it works, but be aware I’ve went through 2 sets in 2 months. Look elsewhere.
I bought this because of the size. I wanted it for my Jaguar F Type R which is a 2 seat car. I didn’t want a camera that took up lots of space in my windshield and I am not disappointed. It has good quality videos. I would buy again.
Father of Dragons
Great camera, I had an issue with mine but rest assured Vantrue stands behind their products. Resolved it completely. Buy with confidence not only in the camera but with support if needed. I would buy again!
The camera gives an excellent front and rear view of traffic. It is very good quality.
Amazon Customer
I ordered this last fall and wanted it professionally installed since I didn't trust myself to hardwire it. It didn't turn on, but since i'd ordered it months earlier, I was outside of the return period. However, after some emailing back and forth with the company, and sending them a video of the device failing to turn on, they did have me mail it back to them and they sent me a new one promptly. I appreciated that they did not insist I send the whole apparatus back, since I'd already paid to have it hardwired into the car. The new camera they sent turned on just fine as soon as we plugged it in. Having the back and front cameras feels like good coverage, and already it's come in useful - for the first time in my life I witnessed a hit-and-run, and we were able to offer the footage. Full disclosure, we hadn't yet really familiarized ourselves with the operation or erased the cache like the manual says to do every 2 weeks, but we got it straight home and loaded the videos onto the computer, and everything we needed was there. I would definitely get this camera again, mainly because the company honored its product and sent me a new one to replace the defective one (and did not ask me to take out the hardwired mounts).
Amazon Customer
Worked well for about 12 months. Then started having start up/display issues at random. Sometimes just gave up for a few weeks but then would try it and it worked fine.Contacted customer service a few times and the initial response was prompt. They wanted me to take a video of the issue so that they could show the tech department. The first time the issue stopped before I sent them video.The second time I sent them a video and even after a follow up email from me heard nothing from them as to what the tech department recommended.Now it freezes up consistently at random.Eventually I will just spend the extra money and get one from a major brand with a better build and better customer service.This saddens me because I have never had to leave a bad review and was initially very happy with this product and its features, which makes me even more disappointed in the end.
Dennis D.
I’m very pleased with the S1 dashcam. Super high quality images and reliable operation.I power mine from a 100 AH auxiliary lithium battery in my SUV. The auxiliary battery is kept charged by a DC-DC charger unit that operates only when the alternator is generating current. This supports continuous operation of the dashcam for security monitoring over extended periods without draining the starter battery.I’m especially pleased with the customer service from VanTrue. I had a self-induced problem with my rear camera and when I reached out they responded quickly to resolve it. They have outstanding customer service and I really appreciate that.
Installed this on my DCSB Toyota Tacoma. The front camera works well on the top of the passenger side windshield, and I used a 12v to 5v USB adapter hooked into the compass circuit to power it. The kit comes with enough cable to run the rear camera from the back of my shell window up through the roof of the cab all the way to the front camera.The 3M double stick pads for mounting both front and rear cameras are heat resistant enough to not come lose even on very hot to the touch tinted windows in direct sunlight.Everything looks good with the camera, night and day and I am very happy with it. The only issue I had was during installation of my rear camera, I accidentally pulled hard on the cable and it broke the USB connection on the camera. I contacted Vantrue asking to buy a new replacement, but they just sent a brand new one with new cable at no charge. It’s nice having product support like that!
John Gallagher
The camera on the cam looks great and has a good quality picture front and back. However, the SD card won't work. Tried two at this stage and keep getting a card reading error. No matter how good the image is on the screen the Dashcam not much use if you can't record on it.
Spence R. W.
Just updated my car, I will have video evidence if anything happens, I generally drive during the day
William J. Bean
My only complaints are accessing the menu systems, and the tiny font used in the supplied manual.Once you get used to the quirkiness of the menu, the camera is easy enough to set up and operate. Where it really shines is the resolution, quality of the video recording, night-vision capabilities (quite high), and accuracy of the embedded GPS system. All of this is first rate.
Amazon Kunde
I purchased this dashcam prior to going on a cross country road trip as an extra layer of protection in case of an accident while out of state and to capture interesting moments on the road. That was almost a year ago, and I gotta say I still love the camera. Picture and video quality is good, it comes with a bunch of handy features, and once you play around with hiding the cables it's really easy to install. There's two things that aren't really issues, but just things worth noting.1. The time doesn't automatically update, you need to set it manually. So, make sure to update the time on the device when daylight savings hits. Last thing you want is to be in an accident and the time on your video evidence is wrong2. The automatic event capturing is motion activated. So if you're driving down a bumpy dirt road, or hitting speed bumps too hard, there's a chance your "events" folder can get filled up really quickly and replace actual important events once you start running out of space. So always transfer your "events" videos to another device asap if it's something you want to keep, don't trust the SD card to always have it.Last note, I did lose the mount for this lil guy once I sold my car. I emailed the company, and they said they're going to ship another one. I'll update if they do. If they do, that's some great customer service, so that's another plus
It’s a decent camera for the price, it’s saved us several thousands being able to show fault in an accident. Customer service is helpful and responds quickly. I wish it came with additional mounts but you can contact support for them to ship additional mounts to you. Solid so far.
Russ Bratton
I discovered that my rear view camera was damaged while the truck was being serviced. I requested information to purchase a replacement. They went above and beyond to resolve my issue,
albert r.
The customer service for this product has been great,I had an issue and the seller was very quick to take care of my ever need! I will be recommending this camera to all my friends .
Eugene Armenio
Eaay to use. Easy to understand the buttons.very very good quality
good product, it took about 30 minutes to install. my favorite characteristic is that I can use the old cigarette lighter port, and the camera will automatically turn off a few minutes after I shut off my vehicle.the only bad part I've dealt with is the sticky pads used to mount the front and rear cameras keep coming off, so I had to double up on the sticky pads.
This does not link to a phone in anyway. Other than that, works great
First, a big thank-you to previous purchasers and their thorough reviews. They were a large reason why I purchased this unit over others. I didn't want a cheapie unit but I didn't want to break the bank. I merely wanted something that would do a good job of recording should I ever be involved in a crash.What do I like? Image quality both day and night is great. I love that the GPS feature isn't an add-on but rather already built into the unit. The directions were pretty straight-forward and installation took me a bit less than an hour. Everything I needed was in the kit (thank you for including a trim tool!) and the cable lengths are more than adequate. The camera unit is also lightweight; rather than use the provided mount and 3M adhesive I used some 3M Dual-Lock (10# max) and that works just fine.There really isn't anything I dislike about this unit, though I will say the camera is not resolute enough to record license plates at any sort of distance. In some cases I've noticed during video playback the license plate appeared blurred like in Google Earth. It may be a result of my state's plates (Virginia) being white with blue lettering so I'm willing to give the benefit of a doubt. I also realize this isn't a thousand-dollar AXIS camera. My work-around for now is to call out any plate numbers and let the audio recording pick it up.I'm sure more expensive cameras would do a better job with finer details but for now this unit has done everything to expectation. If you're looking for a fairly-priced, middle of the road dashcam that offers great piece of mind and features for the price, I recommend this unit. I recommend it so much so that there will likely be one on my wife's car in the very near future.
Amazon Customer
The camera system works great, I know now there are some that have a little higher quality- but the video quality is still very good. No issues seeing items both at a distance or close up. wide angle view as well.The biggest bang for your buck here - Customer Service ROCKS! I had a windshield replaced and they took the adhesive mount so now I can set up my camera. Well I emailed support and within a few hours they replied and guess What I have a new base on the way. I am looking at purchasing another Vantrue camera system for my jeep. Money well spent
Alexis Mansel
I bought two of these for our Truck and our SUV. Great cameras, had them installed professionally by a Car Toys shop here in town. Ordered the hardwire kit as well to make sure it was hooked up to the battery to get the best usage. Cables and rigging were long enough to run no problem through a full-size Yukon SUV. Image and ability to continue to use a micro SD card worked great. Support was very helpful and quick in answering my questions.
I got the front and rear view camera and they are easy to set up, very clear, and work well. However after a year the rear view camera broke (I didn't attach the cable securely and when opening/closing the trunk too often it broke).I emailed Vantrue ( about my problem and they didn't hesitate to mail me a replacement for free. Unfortunately the package never arrived (most likely stolen by a package thief). When I remembered half a year later, I emailed again telling them about the lost package, thinking that they would say something like "sorry to hear that but it's outside your warranty" or something.Instead, THEY IMMEDIATELY TOLD ME THAT THEY'D MAIL ME ANOTHER ONE, and giving me a tracking number too!! I was astonished by their kindness and patience with me, not even doubting that I might have stolen it or something for a second. (I just had a terrible experience with Zmodo's customer service. So amazing to be treated like a human by Vantrue's support.)So buy this camera. Even if something goes wrong, they've got your back!
Nicole P.
This camera is so easy to install. I was amazed at the picture quality. You can hardwire or plug into your car. I liked it so much, I got one for my parents and husband.
Amazon Customer
Had for several weeks. Easy to install. Some reviews said the cords at the camera was in the way on one another. They had them swoped. No issues for me.
I've researched dashcams for a while now, and I knew I wanted one that was easy to setup and use, and came with a rear camera as well. The S1 hit all the marks. There are some great reviews and setup videos for the S1 on YouTube, so watch those first. It was very easy to install and route the wiring. All the cables are plenty long enough for my Subaru Forester. The camera orientation makes it very flush against the windshield, so I don’t notice it while I’m driving, but I know it’s watching everything.Be sure to get a Samsung Micro SD card. SanDisk won’t work.Overall, I’m very pleased with the quality and features of the S1.
The video is crystal clear! I have a ridiculously large van and needed a longer cable for the rear. They sent one right out to me from China. Free! Super accommodating.
Leigh Weems
Very pleased with this camera, I have a 4 door Jeep Wrangler and I like to take the hard top off during the summer so mounting on the back glass was out of the question. I ended up putting it on the rollbar using the adhesive but double securing it with 2 long zip ties. The tint on my rear glass makes it had to see out at night, but that isn't the fault of the camera, rather the tint darkness and distance from the window where it's mounted. The main camera is mounted to the windshield using the adhesive but because of the angle of my Jeep windsheild, the lens doesn't tilt up enough to my liking, I am seeing more of my hood versus farther out in front of the Jeep. Overall I'm happy with the camera and would recommend it to others.
After getting rear-ended and realizing that my Yi dash cam (while perfect for me at the time) did nothing for me when rear ended. I ordered the Vantrue camera while my car was in the shop... and it was in the shop for over THREE MONTHS!When I received the Vantrue camera, I tested it and set it and all was good to go. I even had the shop run the rear camera wire for me. As soon as I got my car back from the shop, I set up the camera with no problems and no glitches.... EXCEPT when I was installing the rear camera, I put a little too much pressure on the cable while in the USB input port and damaged the input port. I was not much pressure so I feel Vantrue can improve on that (I took the rear camera apart and found that the port was properly soldiered BUT very weak with very little mechanical support).I looked to see if I could just buy another rear camera, but could not find one. I contacted the seller to see if I could buy a rear camera and they immediately and with out hesitation sent me a new one but warned that it would take two weeks to receive.Two weeks later, here it is fresh from China along with a replacement cord!Now that is amazing customer service from any company at any level.Pros:Great productGreat customer serviceEasily configured and manual is clear and concise.Night vision is good (but not GREAT)If you use just the front camera the 4K resolution is good.Cons:Weak USB input portsCamera cannot record at full 4k resolution with rear camera installed (I knew this going in but it is still a sore point with me).Parking mode can drain your batteries so a second battery is recommended.Over all a great product and amazing customer service! for the price, you will not be disappointed.
D. Thao
i bought a new car and needed a reliable dash cam. decided on vanture s1. im more concern about reliability and quality then price. so far it has been great. other than parking mode activating a few 1 or 2 seconds late. it has been good. clear quality video for front and rear. easy to read license plate of close vehicle. with recording audio and GPS a 5min clip uses about 450MB per camera. im using a 256GB SAMSUNG EVO Select Micro SD-Memory-Card which holds a lot. i also self install parking harness because i like a clean car look. took about 1 hour to full install dash cam. im experience with working on vehicle so it was simpler for me. if price is not an issue for you, i would recommend buying vanture s1 as your dash cam. but if price is an issue another dash cam i would recommend if you want to save money is 70mai. its a decent dash cam with price in mind that's made in korea, not china.
Richmond Aransazo
Good quality dash cam. It’s got everything that I’m lookin for. The only thing is I couldn’t connect to it to access it on my phone to review the videos. But otherwise, it’s a good quality and durable dash cam.
The installation was pretty simple in my 2021 CX-5. The cable for the rear was a tad short so it took a few tries running it back before I was able to make it reach. Video quality for front and rear camera's are good enough, and the lens are wide enough to get most everything. The microSD card slot can be a bit tricky to get the card in and out of, but hopefully I won't need to do that very often now that it's installed. I used a 3rd party kit to connect it to my fuse box so can't rate the cable that this came with for power or the Vantrue kit (it was a few month wait so went with something else).
The whole point of having a dashcam is to record at all times when in use without missing anything and this is where this camera fails. Have it for around nine months now and it is consistently missing recordings. Observations & Dashcam settings: 1. The files names are in proper ascending sequence for both front & rear cams. 2. The timestamp is also in proper sequence with recording set to 3 minutes before it starts to write to the next file.3. Firmware is current - VTS11F.V114. Recording mode set to 1080/60 frames with a 3 minute file (1080/30 frames, same issue)4. MicroSDXC card - Samsung Evo & Evo plus 32GB & 64GB MicroSDXC (recommended by Vantrue)5. Cards formatted every 2-3 weeks when mounted in the dashcam. Dashcam settings validated at the same timeAnother concerning issue is that the timestamp on the dashcam keeps switching back randomly to year 2020 even though the dashcam settings are checked and validated when the card is formatted.Checking for an incident a couple of days ago, noticed that the date had switched back to year 2020 and the time was off by 12 hours (AM instead of PM) not to mention that a vital 3 minutes of recording was just not there. On further checking the other recordings over the past 3/4 days, noticed that the cam was consistently having such gaps even though the timestamp and the filenames (front/rear - A/B) were in proper ascending sequence.In comparison, I have an older Korean dashcam from 2013, has no GPS, uses only a 16/32GB SDXC card, records in 1080P and 8 years on, is still going strong. No issue with timestamp and no gaps in recordings ever. It is formatted whenever I can remember.It doesn't matter if this dashcam does 4K or has WiFi access or other features if it is unable to perform the very basic function which it is meant for and this is to have a continuous un-interrupted recording with the correct timestamp.I would not trust this dashcam in a vehicle.
David L. Dunn
This is an excellent dashcam. The installation was very easy, using the hard wire kit, purchased separately. Having read many reviews prior to my purchase, I was just a little disappointed with the picture quality, as most of the reviews raved about this feature. Nonetheless, the other very good features make this a good buy.
Jose G
UPDATE:Received a replacement unit after very helpful support. Just be patient as they are in a different time zone. The new unit is working good so far. Check out any of the newer Vantrue products and pick the best one for your needs, you’ll get great customer support in case it’s needed.Have had this for a few months and I’ve run into issues with it freezing and not responding to input. I’ve troubleshot it by factory resetting, formatting the card, and it continuously stops at the 1 minute 22 second card. I’m using a Samsung Evo card that was recommended. Starting to look for a replacement which is a shame because I spent money having this professionally installed.
t.w. escher
I've had this camera for awhile with zero issues. I traded in a vehicle for another and accidently left the brackets attached to the glass. I contacted Vantrue on where to get replacements and they sent me new ones, no charge. Customer for life.
Andre Ribeiro de Souza
For something that claims 4k quality the outcome is way worst that you believe it will be, I know that most of these cheap cameras that states high quality image do not deliver what you expect from them so I setup mine as full-hd @60fps wandering if the results on a small for!at could be satisfactory, but no, even of you set like this to all image quality is deep poor, I'm not even trying it at "4k" cause I already know it will be even worst, but same way I could don't anything better so farr
Amazon Customer
Cons: it is a little difficult to go through the settings. If I want to turn the microphone on/off for example, it takes many stepsto do so. The process should be easier.Pros: easy installation. Good quality. I have a hatchback and it helps with the back cormers.
Mike Turner
Took a little time to stash the cord for the rear camera connection in the headliner but that will all depend on your car. I was pleased with the setup and hardwired it into the car. The footage I've reviewed was very good and I honestly hope I never need it to clarify what really happened in an incident but it looks like it should do the job well.
Joseph Mulvaney
The camera is fine. Does the job. No complaints. This review is mostly about Vantrue customer service.I broke the rear camera module: I ripped the cord out and broke the connector when putting something awkward into my trunk. I couldn’t find a replacement rear camera to buy. I reached out to their support team and they are sending me a replacement rear camera under warranty. I was very pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the exchange.
D. Craine
After lots of fiddling and trying this and that, i returned it,
It would have been nicer if you included the SD card. You have no idea how hard it is to find Venture SD card where I live.
Nason A. Simpson
It’s a solid camera. Good mounting, more than enough cable length. Good picture quality and good low light performance.I borked the install of the rear camera and broke the input. I emailed them fully admitting that I broke the camera, and if they could please allow me to buy just the rear camera. They said no-can-do, but we’ll mail you one for free. I said hell yes and they sent it. That’s how you lock in a customer!
A. Lin
The Vantrue OnDash S1 camera is not a 4k camera. The way the instruction booklet explains is 2160p for the front camera and 2160p for the rear camera equals 4k. I bought this when it was on sale for about $125 and that was the only way I can justify the purchase. Camera quality and stats are accurate. However if you want a 4k front facing camera you will spend $200+ for one. i'm enjoying the dashcam so far and looking forward to future products from Vantrue.
Richard Schulze
No problems with the camera at all, just format the card every three or four months. I had a windshield replacement and lost track of the mounting plate. I eventually tracked it down and cleaned all the sticky stuff off to reuse it but in the mean time, vantrue was ready to send me a replacement free of charge. I told them I found it and prepped it for use but they decided to send me a replacement anyway in case it happened again.
This product worked well for the first 12 months. Started exhibiting weird issues around then. Reached out for help which spanned a total of 8 months. Tried numerous fixes. No results. Was advised to buy a new memory card - that did not fix. Was told it is a hardware issue and that my only option is to buy a new one and they would offer me a small discount. I will not be purchasing VanTrue products in the future. I will purchase a brand that stands behind their product. I have 3 other dash cams that have all been in use 5+ years. Seems like this was a poorly engineered product with a short finite life.
Antonio Cassino
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Kindle Customer
If this thing works like it is supposed to, I would give it 5 stars. But.....After about a week, the LCD would turn on around every 1 minute 21 seconds. What I found out was that it quit recording during this time. I returned it and they sent another. Does exactly the same thing.Sometimes it operates properly, others times it does not. When it goes into this glitch mode, only half is being recorded even though the light shows it is recording.I have addressed this with the company but they don't acknowledge the issue. Apparently I am not the only one having this issue.
C. Whittle
Nice small camera with heavy cables. Have not tried to hide them yet.
eric collins
I bought 2 cameras, one for the front, one for the back, the second cameras have been installed on the side left and right doors, I made my own 360°
I can't believe this! I went through all the trouble of installing this camera, including making a small cut in my headliner for the very THICK rear camera wire to poke out at the back and then sticking that camera to the headliner... only to find out that this camera, which is listed at the very top as being '4K' is only 1080p. It's supposed to be front 4K and rear 1080p.You can see that it is NOT 4K (and rather just 1080p) in the front from looking at the Menu > Resolution options, which only have 1080p as an option. I also confirmed this on my PC by checking the actual output files for the front cam and they are 1080p.Furthermore, this 1080p camera is not clear enough to read the license plate off a car directly in front of me at a stoplight in broad daylight (I checked on the file on my PC--cannot read it). That's not to say that the recording wouldn't still be legally useful in the event of an accident, but certainly much less useful in the case of a hit-and-run, parking accident, or other such event where I don't know the identity of the other driver.Is it possible that I was somehow shipped the wrong camera and not the one I paid for here? The box it came in says, "VanTrue OnDash S1" so maybe I got the 'first' version instead of the 4K? The sticker claims '2160p' (which would be 4K, but that's not what's in the box!) If the manufacturer can remedy this without my having to remove and reinstall all of the wiring for the power and the rear camera, I will gladly change my review!
Genos BBQ Catering
After looking at a few cameras this one is a winner. No hype and EZ to install and hide wires. Great value and works excellent.
Grapevine Tom
Had a slight issue getting the right cables, but when finally up and running, this cam works the best of ANY camera I've had. Also like the fact that it's not in my view when driving (on the passenger side) and is very difficult to see from outside looking in at front and rear cameras with standard factory window tinting.
I ordered this camera in July of 2021. Initially I loved this camera system. Having cameras facing the front and rear is great. However, less than one year after buying the rear camera has stopped working properly. The main camera cannot seems to power up there rear camera and continually reboots itself until you unplug the rear camera. At which point the main camera will reboot one more time and then start working.I am now stuck with only one camera unless I chose to buy another(possibly different) unit :-(
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Christopher C.
My camera had three distinct issues:1. It would reset itself to factory defaults2. It sporadically record videos in a 1 min 21 sec loop.3. It would randomly freeze and not respond till the next power cycle.This thing is crap. If you want more details, my story is below.I purchased this dashcam in July 2021, along with the recommended SD-card and Ontrue's hard wire power supply.After about 1 week after being installed, the camera reset itself to factory default settings. I could tell this because the chime turned back on and screen remained on, both settings I disabled. I replaced the desired settings and thought somebody must have just been messing with it.About 5 weeks later, same thing happened again. Wash, rinse, repeat (reenter the settings). This time I suspected something was up with it, but brushed it off again.A couple of weeks after that, the camera had a glitch where it would record exactly 1 min 21 sec then loop again - turning the screen on each time it looped. This action persisted, so I removed the camera, reset it myself to factory, formatted my memory card, and updated the firmware. Hopefully this would fix it.About 6 weeks later, same thing happened. So, again, I reset the camera to defaults myself and reinstalled it. Around this time I contacted Vantrue support about these issues. (November 2021)The support case started out nice, like they were going to try to make it right, but then it was back and forth with try this, try that, send us a video of the camera doing what you say. Well, since I reset it and it was no longer looping at 1:21, but was still resetting itself, I sent a video of the camera back to factory defaults. Not much to see here, but ok.Well, that video isn't good enough for them and I'm done with going back and forth with them on this. Considering these issues arise about once a month, it's become a lengthy process in getting to this point.I'm removing this camera from my car, tossing it in the trash, and buying something better this time.
Luke Malatak
This dashcam exceeded my expectations more than I could have ever imagined. The camera quality is crystal clear, it picks up any tiny detail with its built-in night vision, and it virtually captures 180 degrees of everything in front of my car. The rear-facing camera is just as amazing. I thought that they would've put all their work into the front dashcam and just neglect the rear-facing one, but they really made the quality equal across the board. Would highly recommend it, thank you!!!
Nirce Odden
Small, great picture special at night.
Amazon Customer
Loops for 1 or 3 or 5 minutes.Manual states: When loop recording is turned off, the camera will record video in 15 minute clips, but will not overwrite old videos when storage is full.
100% worth every dollar you pay. Night time visibility is awesome. The suction dash cams I've used before fall off easy. This one has a strong double sided tape and also has a 2nd piece for my next vehicle. Even with the 50mph head on crash it stayed in place and save my video in the event folder to avoid over writing. After a not at fault crash the other party at the scene was saying she was gonna go to court and after I sent them my video, haven't heard anything since. Also made my insurances job easier. Everyone should have a dashcam and should even be a law.
I brought the kit for 24/7 recording. Last week the device stopped working. It will not record after i shut off my car. When driving, i have on loop recording for 5 minutes, it will record for 1 minute and 20 seconds, it stops for about 10 to 15 seconds and it starts to record again. I have reset, the camera, format the SD Card, it still did not do the trick. I will try to contact the manufacturer for further instructions. Hopefully it will work again as it did for the past month. Otherwise i would not recommend this product at this time. Not my first dash. My garmin camera worked for years, still does before change it to this dash camera
S. Gossett
It works as expected, videos are good, I also bought the car install kit. Easy to setup, for me it was easy to install with the rear cam. The downside is this is supposed to have a rechargeable battery but its never worked. The directions said to leave connected to a charger for around 4 hours, did that, and on its own it does not power up. Must be connected to a USB power source to review anything on it. Im content with this for sure but I wouldnt buy another one. I may get something else from this company since they seem pretty solid.
The camera is decent quality, installed fairly easily, and was easy to set up.But the one feature I bought it for, the motion-triggered parking mode, is useless!! We have a real problem with catalytic converter theft in my area as well as a lot of porch pirates and other issues that could be helped by surveillance, but this camera only activated when a bird flies by or a shadow moves two millimeters, but anything resembling a human will almost never trigger it. From video file to video file, cars parked around me appear and disappear and rarely do I see them being approached by a person on foot or the actual vehicle moving. I am so incredibly disappointed in this camera, I’ll never buy this brand again.The picture quality, when it does work, is good though. Just don’t count on it catching someone messing with your vehicle because it almost certainly won’t! Complete waste of money.
Camera record 24/7 even after disabling the motion detection option (camera was hardwiring) . tried every possible workaround without fixing my problem.
Jason M.
Setup was easy, great picture.
Juliana Esqueda Rodriguez
Been using since August 2021 and both times I have wanted to check back the video for several occasions Did not even record the ordeal or even the traveling part getting up to the moment. Seems like it skips the whole Freeway travel periodically. Definitely can't put my trust into this expensive dash cam.
Simple setup, fast install. Picture quality seems good too at 4k
Made the decision to purchase because of the $30 coupon on Amazon.Installed in my Tacoma in roughly an hour. The video quality is good enough with front and rear camera connected (1080p 60fps). Motion sensing, “g” sensing, and gps are all nice features to have they seem to work well. I installed the rear camera where the bed of the truck could be seen which helps view cargo while driving and would catch activities the occur in the bed of the truck while unattended.I powered the camera with a hard wire kit:Dash Cam Hardwire Kit, Mini USB... purchased the recommended compatible Samsung EVO SD card at the 256GB limitation:Dash Cam Hardwire Kit, Mini USB...
Amy W.
My husband ordered this dash cam. Delivery was quick and he was very happy with the unit for overall quality and easy installation. Customer service is great. I found that my husband didn't claim the saving discount when he ordered it. When I realized that and talk to customer service, the agent very gladly and quickly gave us a partial refund for the discount amount. I highly recommend the product for the build quality and its customer service.