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Vantrue S1 Front and Rear Dash Cam

Super Capacitor, Built-in GPS, Low Light Vision, Support 256GB Max

( 297 Reviews )
Price: $179.99

S1 Dual front and rear dash cam with low light vision, built-in GPS and powered by a supercapacitor that resists extreme temperatures from from -4 to 158°F extending the life span.

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Why Choose Vantrue S1 Front and Rear Dash Cam?

  • Get some assistance with safety: Featuring the advanced SONY STARVIS CMOS Sensor, the 2 cameras simultaneously record  front (170°)  and rear (160°) at 1920x1080 30fps, which will comprehensive coverage of the road behind you. On single recording mode, it can capture crystal clear video at 2880x2160P 24fps or 1920x1080P 60fps, which provides clearly license plate even at high speeds.

  • Unique design: Because of the small and discreet dual lens dash camera perspective, It can attach right to your windshield for optimal field-of-view and a super-easy establishment. Thus not obstructing the view and making secure driving.

  • Built-in GPS : The GPS function allow you to track the location, speed( KMH/ MPH) and driving route on Google Maps with Vantrue GPS viewer.

  • Heat Resistant: Built-in supercapacitor rather than lithium battery, which faces severe temperatures from -4 to 158°F and allows the 2-way dashcam more strong, heat-resistant, more extended life span than batteries.

  • Low Light Level Night Vision: Base on Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor and big aperture 6-glass lens, S1 captures road signs, license plates, and other bits of your surroundings in low-light conditions clearly.

  • Larger memory capacity:  Supports external memory capacity up to 256GB which is enough for storing hours of footage recorded in your car.

  • Regular firmware updates to ensure improved features and functionality for maximum quality. You can always improve the performance of your S1 and see the benefits of the numerous new features and functions with latest firmware update.

  • Strict quality control and have a professional QC team, with CE, FCC & RoHS certificated.

Warm Tips:

The dash cam support up to 256GB (class 10, memory card is not included ). Please DON'T use Sandisk and Transcend Card. We recommend Vantrue 128GB SD Card (asin: B07WXH12TC). Please format the card before first use.

Easy to install
  • Firstly, installing the front camera to the front window.

  • Secondly, Installing the rear camera to the rear window and connecting the front and rear camera by provided 20fts rear camera cable.

  • Thirdly, provide power to the dash cam by car charger to the cigarette lighter of your car.

  •                            whats in the box?                    

  •                            1X Front dash cam;                    

  •                            1X Rear car camera;                    

  •                            1X 10ft car charger;                    

  •                            1X 3ft mini USB cable;                    

  •                            1X 20ft rear camera cable;                    

  •                            Front and rear camera bracket and the adhesive stickers                    

Front and Rear 1080P@30 FPS 330° Dash Cam

Dash camera supports FHD dual-channel recording and adjusts different perspectives as what you need , which capture high-definition video from both the front (170°) camera and rear camera(160°) simultaneously and provide powerful evidence in case you have an accident.


Powerful Functions

Discreet  Design

Because of the compact and discreet dual lens dash camera design, the hidden dash cam simultaneous recording front and rear in FHD, it can also stick directly to your windshield for optimal field-of-view and a super easy installation, thus not blocking the sight and making safety driving.

Low Light Level Night Vision

Combined with the F1.47 large aperture and superior HDR (high Density Recording) technology, the car dash cam is able to adjust for the light and dark parts of the frame so that your nighttime shots are always clear and vibrant.


Built-in supercapacitor instead of lithium battery, which withstands extreme temperatures from -4 to 158°F enables the 2 way dash cam more reliable, heat-resistant, longer life span than batteries.

Built-in GPS with Speed Recording

Built-in GPS module accessory enables the front and rear GPS dash cam to location and coordinates of the motor vehicle. The logging of such details can be played back showing car’s location, exact route, speed(KM/H or MP/H) on Google Maps via our GPS Player.

Super  High Resolution

Featuring a Sony IMX327 sensor and Novatek NT96663 chip set, allows you to achieve the best results of shooting video in different conditions and modes of operation. The Single front dash camera record videos up to a resolution of 2880*2160P/24FPS;1920*1080P/60FPS during day and night.

24 Hours Parking Mode

Auto switch the dash camera to Parking Mode when it senses no movement in 5 minutes.Triggered by the motion sensor, the discreet car dash camera will automatically record when people or things come closer to your car. Please hardwire it (ASIN: B07V3F1VFX ) or connect it with external battery pack when parking.

Loop Recording&G-sensor

Loop recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity. While once the car impacted while driving or in parking mode, the G-sensor will automatically lock the footage to "Event File" to prevent it from being overwritten.

Time lapse

Time lapse function automatically takes photos at specified intervals and edit them together to a video clip so they can play much faster than real time. It also captures frames for a time lapse video of a multi-week road trip, greatly saved space on your memory card.


  ModelVantrue S1 Dash Cam
  ProcessorNOVATEK NT96663
  SensorSony IMX327 + IMX323 Sensor
  Display2 inch 
  Lens170° Wide Angle F/1.47 six-layer glass lens Rear: 160° Wide Angle F/1.8 six-layer glass lens
  VideoDual:1920x1080 30fps, 2880*2160P/24FPS;1920*1080P/60FPS;1920*1080P/30FPS;1280*720P/30FPS
  AudioBuilt-in microphone and speaker
  MemorizerInternal memory: 4M External: 256GB max(micro SD card of speed rating of U3 higher)
  USB PortUSB2.0, mini
  Compatible OSWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10 &Mac OS



Vantrue S1 User Manual

No viruses ,,9.7M


Vantrue S1 GPS Player (for windows)

No viruses ,,78M


Vantrue S1 GPS Player (for mac)

No viruses ,,18.9M


Vantrue S1 Dash Cam Firmware Update

VTS10J.V10 ,,2.72 MB


Vantrue S1 Dash Cam Firmware Update Instruction

No viruses ,,16KB


Vantrue S1 Dash Cam Firmware Update (Specially for Japan)

VTS10J.V10_JP ,,2.72M


No Data


( 297 Reviews )


 Vantrue S1 2160P vs N2 ProReviewed in the United States
This is our first ever dash cam, and I been looking for a dashcam which provided a sharp image as well as the information of GPS/LOCATION included. This dashcam is amazing! Vantrue's menu format is so easy and I quickly learned how to set it up. Once installed I forget about the dash cam because it's so sleek and well installed.

After installing the dashcam I feel much better on the road. I have my settings for the front camera at 2160p and the rear camera at 1080p. I looked at other dash cams for our first dash cam but the S1 popped out to me due to its high resolution, quality, and built in gps and location tracker. Other dash cams have the gps aspect separate but here it's already a part of the package! The S1's menu format as I mentioned before was also a big reason why this is a keeper. We have different family members who drive this car and it's important that it isn't hard to go through the dash cam menu if god forbid something happened and they needed to save a clip.
Peace of mindReviewed in the United States
Our car was totaled a few days ago. A high driver drifted into our stopped lane at high speed and rear ended us into the car in front of us - scary. Having the dashcams was wonderful in that we were able to send clear video of the incident to our insurance company and resolve our claim in a single day. This was especially helpful as the driver who hit us fled the scene shortly after the accident.

I will never drive without a dashcam again, and Vantrue makes a great one!
Security & Protection on the road; Clear/High Video & Picture QualityReviewed in the United States
Recently, my car was hit by the car behind me. My wife, who was at the passenger's seat, and I felt the impact and we were really surprised and scared. Strangely enough, when we checked the extent of damage, we found no visible damage to the car's rear bumper. The other driver and I agreed that we don't have to report it and there was nothing to settle. We didn't exchange contact and insurance info and just parted ways. However, what happens later on if I discovered something is wrong with my car because of that minor accident? I don't have the other driver's info to file a claim to his auto insurance provider. I also don't have any evidence in case I make a claim to my own auto insurance to prove that I was not in the wrong.

This made me realize that I think it is a better idea to have a dual lens dash cam, so I have video footages for both the front and rear views of the car. If I ever got involved in an accident again, which I pray that I won't, I would have irrefutable evidence of who’s at fault or of the actual circumstances surrounding the incident. Dual dash cam footage will show me how I got hit by another car, and it would definitey help determine who hit who. Nowadays, the road is also plagued by malicious individuals who stage accidents and victimize innocent vehicle owners for their auto insurance scam.

I chose the Vantrue S1 Dual Dash Cam because I had purchased the Vantrue N1 Pro dash cam before. I know for a fact that Vantrue makes high quality and trusted dash cams. I felt I needed an upgrade to a front and rear dash cam, so I went from N1 to S1.

The S1 records high definition 1080p videos for the front and rear cameras. It provides wide angle views to ensure you get enough coverage of the surroundings - 170 degrees for the front and 160 degrees for the back of the car. I have checked the quality of the videos and pictures and, indeed, they look very clear.

The design and size of the cameras are perfect in such a way that they don't obstruct my field-of-view as a driver. I liked that they are mounted to the windshields using 3M double adhesive stickers compared to the suction mounts, which are taking up space in the windshields.

Another thing that's worth mentioning is the cigarette lighter, which has a usb port. With this feature, I can still charge my phone in the car while the dash cams are plugged without needing any additional adaptors.

Lastly, I consider this purchase as an investment that gains returns in terms of security & protection on the road.
Donna O
Don't do itReviewed in the United States
Such a tiny screen, and only works SOMETIMES
Lisa g
Quick and easy to install, works great, shows GPS and speed.Reviewed in the United States
I bought this device because we recently bought a new Ford Fusion and I wanted to add cameras to it in case of any accidents. I was able to have it fully installed in about 30 minutes, the rear cable was so long that I had to run it around the rear door frame fully to use the extra length. Make sure you follow the directions and charge it for at least a few hours first if your not going to hard wire it. I really like that it prints the GPS location as well as the current speed on the videos. I also like that it makes a sound when power is applied to it when you get in the car, its an extra piece of mind that its actually on and still kicking. There is also a light up button when its recording as well!

You can see a side by side of the cameras if you watch the attached video, they should be in sync, if you want to get an idea of the video quality.

The only real downside to this is that it does not have any way to connect to it remotely, it would be awesome if you could connect with WiFi to the device to view or change settings on the device as the placement kinda makes it a chore.