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Vantrue Element 1 Mini WiFi Dash Cam

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John Locke
I have liked the camera so far. I think they made several improvements on their previous model that I used, although some may not be preferred.TLDR; I like it a lot, I would change some things, but they are mostly personal preferences over general user needs.Pros:Camera and microphone quality are great.The initial startup of the camera is a lot more helpful.When you disconnect the camera from the mount, it saves before powering off, so you do not lose the last recorded video.Video clips made are now 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes, and saved to a different folder with a button press or voice command, which makes finding saved moments the intended way easier. With my last camera I would end recordings early to make them easier to distinguish.The buttons are easier to use when driving.It is easier to remove from the mount, since it is just a slide on with no latch mechanism. I wonder if this will hold in an accident, but I am not worried about losing the previous video from it losing power, so it is not a big deal.The phone app is convenient, and I like that the computer app is not needed for convenient video access with computer.Support on Facebook is still very helpful and will do their best to assist you with whatever the issue is.The manual is clearer on some things I asked support about previously, such as if 1 or 5 is the high for the G-Sensor.Cons:In order to get direct file access connecting to the computer, you need to use the USB-C cable that comes with the camera. I just happened to have 3 other cables for other devices, all of which were just black cables, so that was confusing for a bit. I would recommend adding some color to it somewhere to make it more identifiable.Event folder videos will overwrite each other if there is no open recording space. I can see why this is a thing, but also it is risky if you do not move videos off frequently. This is somewhat mitigated by the format reminder, which is new.The camera does not swivel at all. As a plus, you don't have to worry about the angle changing when hitting a button or a bump or another car, but also you cannot change it if something is happening just off camera.It is easy to accidentally set the time wrong when you first set it up without realizing that it uses military time, ie 6PM = 18. It is an embarrassing mistake, but it took me a while to figure out why my dates and times were off.Both:They recommend using one of their SD cards. I used the one I already had with no issues, although I would like if there were an option to add it to the Amazon order, since I didn't realize about theirs until reading the manual.The manual is a bit long, but well written for the most part. The only big change I would make is adding the voice command list in the manual. It references the voice commands, but the list of commands may only be found in the camera menu itself. I figure this may be because the camera may update in the future, and the manual if saved would not update.It includes and adhesive piece for attaching the camera mount, which is good and I did not have it come loose at all. However, wherever you put it is where it will stay indefinitely, so decide well. There are two though, so you get a redo. I would have preferred if the mount were two pieces, so that you may have more than one mount location, but that would also be more expensive.The voice commands are a great addition, since it lets you control the camera with less risk of affecting your driving. Most worked for me and both the camera and remote microphones pick up well, however I could not get a couple voice commands to work ever. Not sure if it is an accent or enunciation thing, but I never got them to work.
Cici & John
I really like the thought and care that went into the packaging. Have a well written manual was also a big plus.I installed the remote control on the armrest of the drivers door so I can lock the video clip quickly and easily.The image quality is sharp and I really like that I can retrieve the clips via WiFi.Being able change the settings via the app is also handy though you can also change the via the LCD screen on the back of the E1.Good job Vantrue!
The camera is an affordable option for a car dash camera that has wonderful hands free features and crystal clear video recording. One area that needs improvement is the app, which is not very user friendly. After connecting using WIFI successfully, it did not display the live preview as indicating in the manual. Set up function, snapshot album work very easily on the camera. From the Album I was able to successfully see all the recording files: normal, event, and photos. You can not display the files without downloading it in the app. The GPS is a very useful feature which i really like that it is included in the camera. Video is clear and the camera is an amazing wide angle. The ability to take a photo is useful.In summary, it is an efficient easy to use dash camera with very useful features but the app needs more work. The remote has two functions only. Turn on and off the audio and lock the video, It is very limited. But one of the very good features is the remote pairs with the camera automatically. The voice command feature is very helpful. It would be nice if another command was added : "video stop". It has the command "video start" needs the stop too.
The things I love about the dashcam:1. GPS tells how fast you're going, what direction, and your coordinates at all times.2. You not only have video but you can take photos at any time, the voice control can assist as well3. I can connect to it with my Android phone via wifi and see what it sees.4. The 3M Adhesive tape mount to the windshield is the best I've seen with w electrostatic sticker easy to remove and put back on.5. It’s a very good compact dash cam with a lot of features.
keeps going offline. Worked for a day and never reconnects unless you reboot it so defeats the purpose of hidden cam
The camera build is great, buttons are responsive and the magnetic mount is effortless. Video quality looks good and can read license plates in the daylight.The app can be clunky upon initial setup. In fact, I almost returned the unit after 30 minutes of failed connects. Somehow, it connects and works.No real complaints yet
Gillespie Photography
I'm a dash cam nut and feel its an absolute necessity to have to protect you as a driver. Whether its wildlife, other drivers or just bad weather, these are helpful if any accident occurs. With that being said, I've used a fair amount of models. We currently run a Vantrue m2 in our van and I love how sleek it fits. I've had a dash cam in the wife's car for several years now, but she hates having a camera in her viewing area. Shes just not a fan of 'techy' stuff in her life. The M2 was a great option, but she wanted the actual mirror and not the screen.In comes the E1.... it now hides behind her rear view mirror and doesn't obstruct at all. The cables are routed so they aren't noticeable... and its now an afterthought for her. I will say, the small size does compromise the buttons/navigation. Going through the menus isn't fast due to only having "down, select, back" We are still getting used to the voice navigation, which is there, but not a complete substitute for the buttons.What's GreatSize. Size. Size. You forget about it being there, but it works as you would want it to.The manual. VanTrue by far has the best manuals/documentation out there. Pictures and easy to read.The quality to size ratio. The video isn't top of the line, but its very good still.The night vision is exceptional.What MehThe screen and buttons are a bit small, but you have to live with that compromise.No memory card. Wish it would come with it.The remote isn't all that useful.Overall, if you are looking for a small, unobtrusive dash cam, this is it.
it works great so far I like it
Peter C
2022-07-26 Update:VanTrue provided a firmware update via DropBox. I installed it and it resolved the GPS coordinate problem. Longitude is now showing up with a W for Western Hemisphere. Great customer service and very quick turnaround with a firmware fix. I am changing my review from 3 to 5 stars. I assume the patch/fix will make its way into an official firmware release and the rest of you who want correct coordinates will be able to get it soon.-------------------------2022-07-25 Update:VanTrue responded very quickly. We have established that it is not me doing something wrong like plugging power directly into the camera instead of going through the GPS mount. They were not aware of this issue but now they are and they tell me their engineers are troubleshooting the GPS coordinate problem. Also, I did a firmware update that has solved the MPH vs KM/H issue so now I can stamp videos with MPH.If they correct the problem with the coordinates I plan to revise my review to 5 stars. Video quality is great, WiFi connection works fine, the app is good, customer service and responsiveness are excellent. My E1 definitely gets warm when in use but if it doesn't cause problems I don't care, maybe that's just normal.-------------------------INITIAL REVIEWSetup was easy and the video quality is great but there appears to be a problem with the way the GPS data is being processed.It's not just mine, you can see it in every video/screenshot other reviewers have posted so far (at least the ones that include coordinates). All of them I have seen with coordinates show the longitude with an E. Maybe all the reviewers so far are in Mongolia, I don't think so because they're in the "Top Reviewers from the United States" section. The scenery in their videos and screenshots tends to confirm they are in the US.Coordinates that should be like this:N 39.5501°, W 105.7821°Are coming through like this:N 39.5501°, E 105.7821°See how the W and E are switched? Coordinates in the Western Hemisphere need a W or a negative sign to indicate they are in the Western Hemisphere. Either W 105.7821° or -105.7821°So if I enter the coordinates my new VanTrue E1 is giving me into Google Maps it shows I am somewhere in Inner Mongolia. I have been to China but I am not there now. The longitude is wrong. If I change the E to a W the location ends up being exactly correct so this is not some weird issue of the device remembering where it was when it was first made or something. The E and W are just flipped.This has the added effect of making GPS based time wrong. This is one of the clues that helps figure out what's going on. The GPS based time on my E1 is wrong by 12 hours. That implied to me the device thought it was roughly on the other side of the world so I checked longitude. You could override it by syncing the time with your phone or manually setting it but that doesn't solve the location information being wrong.I contacted VanTrue. Hopefully this is addressed in a firmware update because the video quality is great and the app is reasonably good. Overall I like the camera and I suspect this is a relatively easy issue to resolve.Also, I can't get it to stamp the video with MPH. It sticks with KM/H despite setting it to MPH. That's a minor issue for me, I'm mainly concerned about correct GPS information.The only other concern I have so far is that the unit gets fairly warm just running for a short time even when it's not in the sun. Hopefully this has been accounted for, is normal, and doesn't cause issues down the road.
Liked the look of the product, it came with a massive instruction manual, but sadly it did not cover all the installation instructions, had to use Youtube videos to set it up. Wifi connection is a pain its hard to get the phone connected, and then once disconnected its hard to set it up again, takes too much time and gave up on that function. Had to order the UV filter as the camera also picks up a lot of reflection. It also comes with two plastic sheets to fix the camera to the windshield, gave up on them too and stuck the camera directy to the windscreen.Found the instructions and camera menu not user friendly.
Screenshots from video that was taken by this dashcam. As can be seen Video quality is great with good contrast ratio during the day. Cam is small and easy enough to install on the front windshield using the included adhesive, although I’m uncertain if adhesive can withstand the high summer temperatures but it’s all good for now. WiFi connectivity is nice to have to access the Cam on the go when needed. I don’t see myself using the included remote that much, but it’s good to have.
I purchased the Vantrue E1 almost a month ago and was unsure of what I was getting into because when it arrived, it is very small. I was surprised at how solid the box felt and as such, the dash cam was also a solid feeling device, not plasticky or of poor quality like the previous dash cam I was using.Installation of the E1 is a snap with the included cables but I highly recommend the Vantrue Hardwire kit which allows you to easily and quickly hide your wires and run power to the fusebox. It's cheap and a much better way to install your dash cam.Video on the E1 seems to go on forever with the 64GB card I purchased. I don't know how many hours fit on one card but it has lasted me weeks with my relatively short drives to work. They must use excellent compression on the video to make it last so long. The video also looks excellent as you can see in the many other videos people have provided. The included GPS sensor is a big plus for me and although I'm not sure how necessary it is now, that is the reason I upgraded to the E1 from my old system.Living in the city, I am often worried about someone breaking into the car and taking the dash cam but I feel like the E1's small size makes it hard to notice and less likely to get stolen. When I am really worried about it, I simply pull it down because it attaches with a really slick magnetic slide system that allows you to simply pop it off and put it in the your center console in seconds.In the end, I highly recommend the Vantrue E1 because it is so small so I feel like it is unlikely to get noticed and stolen if I leave it attached, the picture quality is outstanding and it was so easy to install. I am very happy with my upgrade. Great job Vantrue!
Excellent camera unfortunately I had to return it. It will not sinc with the app. App was just useless.
T. matthews
Wasted 2 hours of my life tring to connect it to my phones wi fi abd to fet the app to work, finally realized it should not be this hard, sending back, high hopes quashed
Excellent compact dash cam one of the best out there.Good quality product.Perfect video resolution.Phone app.Watch live or exting recordings on phone by wifi.Voice control feature.Remote control feature.Everything you need is in one mini dash camera I posted photo and video so u can see for yourself.
I have a Vantrue N2Pro, pictures for size comparison. As you can see overall the E1 has a smaller footprint, but larger lense and screen.Where I mounted it to the windshield I can just see the bottom green light, to know that it has power. With that in mind I will use the remote a lot. Both voice commands and the remote work as advertised but I'll probably use the remote more.Setup was easy and so far has remained attached to my windshield through 100+ temperature days. I also like the magnetic mount, feels sturdy and won't detach accidently.The pictures and videos look good and I like the GPS map that plays along with a video.It is great that it has wifi built in and all the options on the camera are right there. I only question if it will be able to update via the WiFi.One issue I had was connecting via WiFi while in my truck. My truck is newer with all the bells and whistles and so it also connects to my phone. When I try to connect to the camera my truck connection would override that. Even when I went into my phone's wifi to disconnect my truck. But I did get it to work by not turning off my trucks wifi connection but instead just turning off my phone's Bluetooth. After that I got a few pop-ups from my truck begging to be reconnected but I was able to finally connect to the camera. This was my only frustration and it took me some trial and error to figure out.As for downloading pictures and videos via WiFi connection, pictures were near instant and 1 minute videos took 90 seconds.So far, I'm liking the upgrade!
I’ve been looking to upgrade from the T2 version I bought a few years back for a few reasons. 1) No WiFi connection - It was a great camera but in order to pull any videos off of it I had to remove the camera and plug it into a computer, or pull out the SD card. The connector on the T2 is a little different and more of a hassle to remove than this E1, especially with where I place the camera in my car. Behind my rear view mirror on the right side so as not to distract me while driving. 2) The camera was held on the windshield by a suction cup, which is great if you’re concerned about leaving marks on your window but whenever it was hot and I parked in the sun, I would return to my car with the camera either hanging by the cord, or more often than not, disconnected from the cord in my cup holder. The suction cup did not hold up at all.Now with this E1, I can connect via WiFi which is much less of a hassle than physically having to remove the camera. The E1 is connected via a magnet as well, so even if I needed to remove the camera to adjust settings or connect to a PC, it’s much less work than the older T2. The camera is also installed via 3M double sided tape as well, so no more camera falling off of the windshield anymore either. The camera is also about 60% more compact, so while I’m driving I don’t even see it there. It’s nice to know it is there but not having it obstructing my view while driving.This is a huge upgrade for me and my T2 will now be going into our second car. Over time, if I see that the E1 lives up to my current expectations I might just end up upgrading for our 2nd car as well.
The camera is amazing, the view it has is wide without sacrificing quality. The mount is a magnet between the camera and the portion that sticks do your windshield so it is extremely easy to remove and put back on. The gps works flawlessly and catches accurate mph. Overall very impressed by this camera. You can have high expectations on this and won’t be let down.
Amazon Customer
It worked well for a week and the it started to stop recording intermittently. Can not trust it.
Lizandra Perez
Vatrue E1 Dash Camera supports wifi connection to the Vantrue mobile app and the camera also allows voice control.Vantrue is taking seriourly the dashcam market. The camera package feels nice. I added an unbox video for the content:- The Vantrue E1 dashcam- A magnetic mount. Very convinient if you want to take the camera with you and connect it to your PC.- A 12V car charger- A USB C cable. It's mainly use for data transfer to your PC.- 2 Electrostatic stickers. Apply the sticker in your widshield and the use fix the camera mount. Don't try to fix the camera mount directly to the widshield.- A wireless remote control. It's has the option to mute/unmute audio, lock the video, and take a picture if you hold the lock video button.Also we may found in the box:- Some warning stickers: Protected by Vantrue- A soft cloth. Convienient at the time before fix the electrostatic sticker in the windshield.- A crowbar to hide the cable.- The user manual. Please, read it first!My experience with the E1 camera.What I liked:- Small size. It doesn't block your field vision and you get less distracted. You can use a voice command 'Turn off screen' to turn the screen off and reduce any kind of distraction.- Wifi connection with the Vantrue App. It's the best option to look at the videos and play them using your mobile. It's easy to use and the app do not ask to create an account to use this feature.- Night videos are amazing. This is one of the strong features.- The remote control. You can stick it in your steerwheel and have the most common function you may need when you are driving: mute the camera, lock the video or take a picture.- Voice control feature. Do not requiere a voice activation command, only say "take photo" and it will perform the operation. The commands I have tested with are:"Lock video", "take photo", " turn off screen", " mute camera"The voice command are available also if you have muted the camera.What I think Vantru should do better:- Give a list of the possible voice command. It has been a discovering process found the commands.Who you should get this camera?If you are in a marked looking a camera with a high resolution: (2592 x 1944P 30 FPS), a wide angle of 160 degrees, a nice quality night videos f1.8 plus the extra of having a voice control, a remote control and wifi app, Vantrue E1 offers a good product.
I like that this Camera is small and compact. The video quality and audio is very good. I like that you can give voice commands to what you want the camera to do!
Great value for the price in my opinion. I currently have a Vantrue N2S 4K dash cam and was looking for a decent but cheaper option for my nephew who is a new driver so I tried out the E1 with the intention of giving it to him if I thought it was good. This turned out way better than I expected being almost 1/3 the cost of what I paid for the N2S 4K. Pictures are sharp and clear even at 1080p and the video is smooth. There are multiple recording options but I was more interested in testing the 1080p 60fps quality and the 1440p at 30fps. Both seem to perform well but I opted for the 1440p 30fps. There's a little controller included with it that you can affix to your dash which lets you remotely take photos/videos. I'm planning to still give this to my nephew but will also buy a separate one for myself as I've been looking for a dash cam solution for the rear of my car. I'm planning to place this at my rear window - the remote control will make it easy to take and save manual photos and videos when needed.
Ron L.
VANTRUE has done it again! The E1 Dashcam is loaded with features that are easy to use and there's an app to put on your phone so you can do everything and view everything without removing the SD card which to me is a big plus. The build quality is very good and picture quality also is excellent. I still have much to learn on this dashcam because it has so many more features than those I've had in the past. So if you’re looking for a great dash cam with many great features this one checks all the boxes. Highly recommended!
I’ve have another older model vantrue in one of my cars and absolutely love it but this model is the next generation of features that can’t be missed. The E1 now comes with a 3M mount which is definitely appreciated during the hot summer months. Now the dashcam will never come off due to excessive heat or in the sun. The live view and wifi feature is priceless as now you can directly download videos to your phone while in the car without a need for a pc. The video quality is amazing during the day and night as well. Highly recommended!
Amazon Customer
I was looking for dash cam and I had just 3 requirements:- good video quality- small size- easy put on/offInitially set my eye on Garmin but there is no way to mount/dismount it easily. Eventually I found Vantrue E1 but it was in preorder state and I had to wait more than month before I could purchase it. Cam was very easy to install. Magnetic mount works perfectly and ensure solid connection between cam and mount itself. I also purchased Vantrue hardware kit to connect cam to fuse box instead of having cable connected to 12v outlet. Video quality really good and to me Full HD 60FPS looks better than 2.5k 30 FPS. Great mini dash cam.
Very good quality camera .Specially voice command .Highly recommended !
Bulent Geckin
- Everything you need is included in the package offered.- The image quality is excellent, and the resolution alternatives offered- It's a fantastic feature to be controlled by voice.- As a long-time N2 Pro user of the same brand, I already trusted the brand and I liked this product very much.- Having 512GB storage support is great, I'm using it with the 256GB card I have right now and it's very nice to have over 30 hours of video storage at the highest quality. 2 hours of driving per day means more than 2 weeks of recording time. Of course, it is also a nice feature that it overrides old records by itself.-It is a very good development to watch live or existing recordings on a smartphone at any time by activating WI-FI and configuring the camera via smartphone.
This thing’s Garbo. Motion detection don’t work on it. I bought this thing to mount in me car and use it for protection to find out who been door dinging my car. The motion detection do not work at all. Tried all the settings, called customer service (which sucks) and now I’m returning the garbo.Don’t be tricked , this thing’s garbo with a capital G.
Sam T.
This small cube dash cam is an excellent addition to the Vanture lineup of great dash cams. It boasts new features such as adhesive mount, so no more hot summers where the suction cup fails, WiFi, Voice Control, App Control, Wireless Remote, GPS, Motion & Collision Detection and more! It can handle extreme temperatures, which is great for me in the New Mexico hot summers! Super excited to have this dash cam!! Nice Job Vanture
M. K.
Great looking little camera, in a very compact size. Perhaps the size of the camera might prevent it from heating up too much in the blazing summers due to the reduced surface area.The super-capacitor is a must have feature for the summers, any batteries in the car are absolutely destroyed by the summer heat and the super-capacitor works around that.I also like that you can download footage directly to your phone!The controller is a bit unique and I'm not sure if I'll have a use for it, it most likely will get lost somewhere!
I have used several dashcams over the years and this is definitely one the best. Nice and compact, so it won't affect your driving at all. The screen resolution is perfect. Mph display on the screen is a great and very useful.This camera is clear and it is easy to set up and use. The manual comes with the cam is well written and easy to understand. I basically set everything up within a few minutes. The voice control works great. The night vision is outstanding. I have used more expensive dash camera before, but this one is absolutely the winner. I like the GPS and speed tracking, it's very useful in case you have an accident as an evident for insurance claims. The parking mode and impact motion sensor inside the system adds security and peace of mind.Overall, this is a wonderful dash cam, it has basically everything you need, user friendly and high quality. I seldom write reviews unless I think it's the best of the best.
Sam S.
I'm really happy with this dashcam. I had another one in the past and this one is way better. The image quality is fantastic, its small and it has wifi so it links to your phone. Super easy to setup. Would recommend!
R. Kavuri
The dashcam is a nice upgrade over previous Vantrue dashcam models given how compact it is.- [ ] The new iOS app shows GPS information along with the video- [ ] All dashcam settings are available through the app- [ ] The dashcam can overlay GPS and speed information on the video too- [ ] Another upgrade is the provided electrostatic stickers that makes it easy to move the dashcam between carsIf there is anything I could ask further it would be to add some battery capacity to the dashcam to record videos on impact in parking mode, right now the parking sensor will work only if there is an active power source available
I have used several dashcams before and this is definitely one the top ones. It is nice and compact. The screen has excellent resolution. The dashcam also records cabin audio which is a feature in which I do not need but can easily be turned off. Mph display on the screen is something new to me, and is a nice bonus. For me the most important thing is that it records at a high resolution in a very small form factor so it is hardly noticeable while driving. I recommend this dashcam.
I have another dash camera by Vantrue and they make quality products. This new model I purchased is perfect because of the size, the video resolution and product quality.Have peace of mind when driving and looking for a great dash cam this is a perfect one.