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Vantrue S1 Front and Rear Dash Cam

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Richard W
EDIT - The company was able to figure out that the rear camera was causing this and promptly sent a replacement. All is working as expected now. They have GREAT customer service!I received this on May 6th and everything worked great for a couple of months and then the power button stopped working. Also, now when I view footage there are gaps between the videos. I'm not talking small couple second gaps, The gaps are anywhere from 45 seconds to 4 minutes. I made sure to use the recommended Samsung card and even bought another one to rule out a bad card. I also format the cards every 2 weeks and thill have this problem. The picture quality is good- when it does record - even in night vision, I cannot recommend this because quite a lot can happen in that 4 minute period.
James R.
My husband and I purchased this camera back in 2019 and we are so glad we did! This camera has high quality resolution, both front and rear view! Very easy to use and install. Extremely pleased with this purchased, and already come to use within the first year. While my husband was parked in a Dunkin parking lot, the rear camera caught an accident in which we helped out the driver and provided him with the footage - without it, he would have been majority at fault for the accident, when the camera proved that the other party was actually fully at fault. Overall, we both recommend this product to all of our friends and family!
Richard P.
Bought for my son. Description stated :Dual Camera Dash Cam with Sony Night Vision. No where did I see it was front cam only. He wasn't happy with it. Returned for the Vantrue 3 channel cam he is happy with
The camera works and records in 1080 if you have both front and rear camera connected at the same time. Use the recommended sd card. Do not use SanDisk.
R. Bowman
You have to format the sd card SEVERAL times a day! this is very stupid and unsafe! It will not be on to record as it has happened to me over 100! times. Useless!
Israel ben yakar
I bought the product (Vantrue S1 dash cam), and when it finally arrived (after two weeks, to Israel) I received a defective product, which did not turn on at all. I contacted the supplier, who teased me quite a bit. The supplier asked me to send the product to him, and after they will get and review it, they will send me a replacement product.I am very sorry for I choosing this product !!!
Vantrue Customer
After using the dash cam for 1 1/2 years, I gave it 2 stars, complaining about unreliability. Contacted manufacturer in September 2021 before warranty expired. Cathy Zhou with VanTrue responded and she stayed in contact with me for several months until the issue with my dash cam was finally resolved. Thinking the problem might have been a corrupted SD Card, VanTrue sent me a new 256 GB SD card. Until then I had gone through 2 - 256 GB SD cards and 1 - 32 GB SD card. Each of the SD cards failed to record correctly. But even the newest SD card they sent did not work properly. Then VanTrue sent me a new dash cam to replace the one that was not working correctly. So far it is working flawlessly. It has been in service for only a couple weeks, so time will tell if it continues recording properly. I nearly gave up a couple times, but Cathy kept contacting me until we finally determined how to resolve my concerns. I can't say enough about her excellent customer service. I highly recommend VanTrue and also recommend their dash cam. The one I have records both front and rear and is hard wired.
** Update - I was contacted by company and have been told a mounting bracket is on order for me.We purchased for our road trip this summer in our camper. Now that camping season is over, I wanted to install in my car for a cross country road trip. I have been trying to contact company to find out part number or where to purchase front window mount so I can move from one vehicle to another. I find NO phone numbers, No way to contact company other than an email that evidently doesn't work or they just don't answer inquires. NOTHING. Was going to purchase one for my daughter, but will look for another company.
Exceeded my expectations! Great video quality both front and rear. Easy install, just need to do some tucking.
Sergey Slyutov
I did not hear reviewers ever mentioned how much this device takes power in the parking mode.I can tell that S1 model takes a lot of energy ( it interferes with a remote key).It is very easy to see by how dramatically a distance for the remote is reduced when S1 is in parking mode.Try for yourself to lock/unlock door when S1 is off and then when it is in the parking mode.I am talking about a brand new car with absolutely new batteries.This is close to be unacceptable. I am not sure whether I am going to keep my Vantrue S1 4k.Video quality is not great. It would be really hard to read some number of a vehicle if needed.With dual cams there is a very light dragging, seems it drops some frames (that is a very minor issue).Rear camera cable is too thick (this could be a problem in some cases).I expected by far more, especially I did not expect any interference with the remote key.Update:Now, forget what I said above:)It can eat power like crazy, but there are three modes for parking mode.Option one to turn off motion mode.two, use low power mode.I have connected it through ODB connector which has a switch between ACC and surveillance modes.This gives an option to keep dash cam off if needed without turning it off or disconnecting.More room for improvement:The speed calculation is not correct most of the time.It is usually +1 or 2 mph. Driving with cruise control at 65 reported on videos as 65, 66, 67 mph.I was reviewing videos and found one when car was parked in garage, however the speed kept jumping between 0 to 5 mph.This is not a good product at all. The speed report is very crucial , I simply cannot rely of this piece of plastic.Another advice - include in the package a hardwire with ODBC connection switching between ACC and surveillance modes.This would the most universal approach for installation since you get the same quality as connecting it to fuses box plus there is an option for manual switching between ACC and surveillance modes(when connected to fuses directly there is no such option)
Product Would’ve been perfect only if there was an app where you can upload your pictures and videos to your phone. Instead you’d need to have computer to upload them via SD card, which is very inconvenient. Besides that everything is very good.
D Unthank
Very clear video, choices of resolutions, and easy to install, the S1 dashcam from Vantrue is a solid choice. I purchased it 5 months ago along with a hardwire kit. Set up was easy as the manual is clear about options. I did have an issue recently where the on/off switch stopped working. I could not get the camera to turn off (or on if I had it out of the car to offload video and clean the SD card.) I couldn't make changes or anything. After an email to Vantrue support, I returned the camera to Vantrue and they sent a new one as soon as I shipped the broken one. New camera is working fine. I'm happy with the camera and the support from Vantrue. The only reason for a 4 star camera quality rating is the broken switch. I would recommend the camera!
Brian Tou
Purchased multiple of this dashboard cam for my vehicles. The cable is, few feet, too short on either the front or rear cable. Can't find any extension cable and it would be nice to make the cable longer.Cathy from the vendor customer services responded to my comment and she provided me with the longer cable. She is very active and follow up making sure my problem is addressed. Great supports from Ventrue.
mike diekman
I have it set on time lapse, it takes good video at night
I don’t know if we got a bad batch but this isn’t 4K, the camera quality isn’t high enough to be able to read plates, for that, I think it’s too expensive for what it is.
Seems like a really good camera, my only probem is that i tried like 3 different sd cards and i keep getting the Memory Error on screen. I formatted all the cards just like it asked but still it doesnt want to work for me
Ben Dickson
Update 10/01/2022I got replacement camera last week. So far, it works very well. Will see in summer if it will not get melted or not. I'm satisfied with customer service that they provided.--------In a nutshell, if you live in extremely hot areas, this camera isn't for you. For more details, continue reading.After trying the camera for almost one year, I can tell that video quality of the main camera is superior. But video quality of the second camera isn't as good as the main camera but it is acceptable. The biggest issue with the camera is not in video recording. The problem is in the plastic components.In the area that I live on, heat can reach 122 Fahrenheit (50 Celsius ) in some days which is extremely hot. Even though it is stated that the camera can withstand high temperature, body component of the camera started to get melted because of heat. Because of this, now the main camera is not recording video strait as seen in the attached photo. You can see how the body started to open because of the heat.
Michael I.
I have mixed feelings on this one.It seems to work well and video quality is decent. Its not a bad unit, but there are some shortcomings that may lead buyers to consider other options.The biggest issue is that when you use both front and rear camera that the option for 4K on the front camera is no longer available. In my opinion, that is somewhat deceptive. Furthermore, the advertised 4K is not true 4K even when only the front camera is used. 4K cameras must have a native resolution of 3840 × 2160p. The 2.1MP Sony STARVIS IMX327 sensor has a maximum native resolution of 1920 x 1080p and the "4K" is achieved via interpolation which is not the same thing as native 4k.2nd issue is no wifi or app access. You must rely on the tiny screen or remove the card to view video. It can sometimes be difficult to precisely aim cameras using the tiny screen.3ed, as others have noted, the front to rear cable comes up a few feet too short for many SUVs, minivans, etc.It is OK, but for the same price or an extra $20 dollars, I do think there are now better options. For my other vehicle I will be making a different choice.
Greg M
I’ve purchased 2 different dash cams in the past week for two cars with differing needs. This was my first purchase and overall I’m happy, installation was easy and the charging cord has a built in USB port so you won’t lose your ability to charge other devices while you have the camera running. The cameras both mount with 3M tape so they are not going anywhere and the way the cameras are designed gets the lenses right against the windows so there is basically no glare. Setting the recording options is also easy and straight forward.but I have a two significant complaints.1) The setup will not do 4k if the rear camera is attached. As soon as you attach the rear camera the front camera is fixed at 1080p and there is no way to change it.2) The company has clearly been paid to shill for Samsung as for no reason the manual says that you should only use Samsung SD cards. It goes so far as to say no to use SanDisk, which is just absurd.
Vantrue Customer
I really like this camera. Easy to use and really good picture quality .
Robyn G. Peterson
Next time I'll look for one with all the bits communicating wirelessly. This is completely great except for all the cords looped and dangling all over the place. If you don't want to damage your car by taping and stapling everything, you're kind of in a fix.
JMM Garza Photo & Video Plus RV & Travel Adventures
Devious marketing. Name says 4k, but quality is significantly less. Misinformation. Lying?
$180 for both cameras in 1080p quality when its advertised as 4K? That's very misleading.4K is only available as a setting option if you use only the FRONT camera. If you us both cameras, quality will be defaulted to 1080p. No other quality options available.
Overall, its a nice dashcam. Fits well in my Subaru Forester tucked in behind the mirror.Install was easy, but Im getting the hardwire kit installed tomorrow.If I had to pick one thing I would change, it would be that the rear camera cable have a 90 degree fitting on both ends. The way it is now one fitting is 90 degrees and marked for the camera side. The rear camera side is a straight fitting and leaves an unsightly loop and a bend that will likely stress the small wires and break at some point.If they had a cable that is 90 degrees at both ends it would be much better.
E. Yu
This camera has been hardwire installed (with kit sold separately) and has been performing awesome. The wide angle lense coverage, the automatic features, and it’s low profile all for my requirements. The night Vision is great for low light recordingsThe included installation kit works fine although I did end up using the hardware kit since I wanted it to automatically turn on without using a lighter plug. Those installation ideas and instructions can easily be found on YouTube. Only took me about an hour.Only issue I have is that my rear window is tinted and the angle that it’s at does create a little bit of rear deck reflection in certain light conditions. But all in all this is a fantastic set
Had this dash cam for about 6 months now. Best dash cam for this price range and its always in sale. Drove through Arizona in the middle of summer and withstood the heat. We recently bought a new car and needed new adhesives, so I emailed their customer support and they sent me new adhesives for free. Will be buying one for my other car for sure!
I ordered the dual camera because my son's father has been following and threatening me. I like how discreet the cameras are so that they don't draw attention. It's very good quality, both day and night. I have the motion sensors on so it can catch anyone trying to vandalize my car in the middle of the night.It's always very nice having the cameras because I drive LA County freeways alot (enough said).I ended up getting a defective cable for the rear camera and customer service fixed the problem and were very helpful.
Zoran Stefanovski
When I was looking to replace my old dash-cam, I made a list of the features that I wanted and this Vanture system met all of them perfectly. Here is a list of what I was looking for in my system. The system was installed in my 2017 Toyota Tacoma.1.) Dual cameras. Some dash-cams have a camera that face backwards, but the view is more of the driver \ passenger are and I really want one that is directly out of the rear window. This systems rear facing camera mounts directly to the rear window and connects to main system using a 20 ft. cable. I was able to easily route the cabling through the compartment for a clean installation.2.) GPS. Vantrue S1 has the GPS module built in. Nothing else to buy.3.) Parking mode. This exceeded my expectations. I wanted something to monitor my vehicle in case it was accidently hit while parked (something that happened previously but my older dash cam didn’t capture because it didn’t record while parked and the car was off). What I didn’t consider, but what’s been a bonus, is theft from the bed of my truck. With the rear mounted camera, it’s like having a security camera watching the bed at all times. I initially just wanted something in case of a rear-end collision.4.) Video \ Image quality. I’ve reviewed the image quality and it’s pretty much what I expected. I am happy with it. The system I am replacing is roughly 10 years old, so the jump in quality of video is impressive.When I opened the package to inspect the contents, I was taken aback by how large the main unit is compared to my previous device. After installing it, about two months ago, I think the size is great. I installed it just behind the mirror so the screen is viable above it. This doesn’t interfere with my field of view when driving and provides the camera an excellent view facing forward. I also ordered the hardwire kit for this camera system and was able to run all the wires along behind the headliner, behind the driver’s side A pillar, and down behind the dash. I would highly recommend this kit which can also be found on here on Vantrue.I’ve installed this camera and have been using it without issue, I am very happy with my purchase. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t install a dash cam in their car just for peace of mind.
R. B. A.
It has a good picture both front and back and the package was very well put together. Wires were more than long enough to hide them out of view in my F-150. Front camera is much larger than I thought it would be; it's a little bit smaller than a can of soda. But with that said, the unit is solid, the front camera easily adjusts its lens, and it's still relatively hidden from my view behind my rearview mirror. Overall a very good price for some peace of mind.
My first car camera for my car, really like it! It has amazing picture (just get the right memory stick!) and records for a very long time!Customer service is amazing! I was helped by echo. I got a replacement for a rear camera that didn’t function properly, just had to wait a little for the replacement but they were extremely helpful!Haven’t tried the night vision and haven’t tried the feature where the camera turns off if car is bumped into.My complaints would be I would like a longer cable. I have an AWD and I would rather have the cab run on the bottom of the car, but the cable isn’t long enough. Also, I do wish the input for the camera in the rear felt a little tougher. It feels a little wobbly but barely, and the cables are stabilized in the back so in the end, not really an issue!
Vantrue Customer
Great value for it's capabilities and quality. The only drawback is the navigation is nonintuitive and confusing.
I received my S1 model. I had an issue with the rear dash cam and when I emailed VanTrue's tech support, i was surprised to receive a reply within an hour. The support person asked me a couple of questions on what the dash cam was doing. After exchanging a couple more emails she decided to send me a new rear camera cable. It arrived in about 7 days and the issue was resolved. I was so relieved and amazed at how responsive their tech support person was to my needs. The dash cam and rear cam work great! I highly recommend this company and product because of the product quality and superior customer service. Incidentally, I purchased three S1's. My wife asked me to replace her old one with the VanTrue S1 because it looks nice and she can't see it because I mounted it behind her rear view mirror. I got one for my daughter too.
I have had 2 now. One kept freezing after a day and so I got a replacement, now the other replacement is doing the same.
Mariah lindquist
I purchased this in 2019. Hands down the best dash cam I’ve owned. The video quality is crisp and clear. It’s not over sharpened like some other dash cams out there. The frame rate is smooth/constant and doesn’t fluctuate or drop even at night. The night vision itself is phenomenal. I haven’t had a single problem even in extreme Southern California heat. Total champ.The rear cam is a wide angle lens which is perfect for when you want to capture the interior. I was surprised how good the night vision was for the rear cam as well.Recently got in touch with their customer support to get a part replacement. They got back to me promptly and were very helpful 10/10.Highly recommend this cam. I’m sticking with it. Nothing better out there. Would love to see a version 2.0 with new features and premium build quality.
Lyle Sandoval
The cameras work fine. I bought it thinking 4k was going to be active all the time....but it's not. The only way to have 4k is to use only the front camera without the rear camera being attached. The moment you plug the rear camera into the front camera the resolution then automatically goes from 4k to 1080p front and back. I should've read the ad before purchasing.
Dave C
We bought this before taking a cross country road trip, hoping to grab video clips of key scenic parts of the drive, in addition to the normal security purposes of dash cams.Installing the main camera and threading the power cable under the edge of the trim was easier than I expected. After inspecting the rear hatch of our CR-V, I didn't think I'd be able to get the rear camera placed in any usable manner, so I'm hindsight I wish I hadn't bought the 2 camera version. That did allow me to bump up the resolution on the single camera, though, and the resulting videos do not disappoint. In hindsight I should have bought one of the 4K single camera versions from this same manufacturer. I might still do that and try to move this one to my other car that has a different rear hatch design.All in all, it was a good purchase and a valuable tool.
Kyle Nez
Wish the both front and rear cams were both 4k, but this one will do for now, cam quality is good, picture is good, night vision is good, and it's easy to use. I do recommend it but I am still looking for a dash cam front and rear both 4k.
Anthony O.
Quality is very cheap, cheap plastic and decent video. I would suggest getting the higher end version of these cameras or go with another brand entirely. The buttons and housing do not make this camera feel like you bought this for $180.
Paul B. Thomas
It's a nice looking camera. Back camera is small. Video quality is great. I haven't seen any night footage to say how well it does at night. This supports class 10 micro ad cards. DON'T USE SCANDISK CARDS. Too many fakes. It might work at first but it will stop working. Manufacturer recommends Samsung Evo card's. The down side to this camera is that it has no app to allow you to view the videos on your phone. Will would have to remove the Mico SD card and use adaptors to see on your phone. It doesn't have any cloud support either. It's all wired together. I have a 2014 Frontier Crew Cab and I have way more cable length than I need. I'm considering finding a different dash cam.
Vantrue Customer
The cable to the rear camera does not connect to camera. Contacted seller and seller continues to state that cable is correct. Seller continues to ask for videos and photos when the plug is clearly different.
Easy setup, the dual screens to show both back and front cams is great. I'm happy with how it works and the image quality. I highly recommend everyone get a front and back dashcam. Can't put a price on piece of mind
Robbie Donovan
I travel on the interstate every day. I just recently had the camera set up in my rear hatchback window and was rear ended. It was my best buy because the other car took off and it had his license plate in plain view so he was found and had to pay for it.
Nice camera. Not difficult to install. I ordered a separate hard-wire kit rather than use the cigarette lighter plug that came with it.The cable from the front camera to the rear camera is larger diameter than I expected, which made it a bit harder to route and hide than expected, but I was able to do it. Just had to work at it a bit to tuck into my car’s trim.I think they intend for you to route the cable via the overhead trim/headliner area, but my car has side curtain air bags and I was not comfortable stuffing the cable into the trim next to the airbags. Didn’t want to run risk of accidentally setting one off or possibly impeding their proper deployment.As such, I ran the cable down to the floor in the dash area, under the floor trim in the doorways, then back up at the rear. I think this extra distance caused the cable to almost be too short. I had about 3 or 4 inches of slack left at the end.It has descent video images and does what I need it to do. I would recommend it to others.
After the first year of using it in Texas, I started to notice some bending in the plastic. I didn't really pay too much attention to it since the camera still worked. Recently however I can't access any of the menu buttons and the plastic has almost completely separated. I'm surprised it still turns on!I registered for the extended warranty but that has now come and gone. I loved it and it worked great for the first Texas summer, but after that, it was having some troubles. I'll probably have to retire this camera and buy a different one.
Danny M.
Instructions say to charge for four hours, but there is no battery and device does not power on if not connected to power. Title says 4k but the camera is 1080p.
destiny amponsah
This camera isn't fully equipped to catch people vandalizing your car,the motion detection doesn't detect when needed you're better off spending more money on a better camera system
Stefan K
Update on 10/28/21: the VanTrue dashcam conked out on me yesterday. It is DEAD! Plug into active power source and it does not turn on. I am reaching out to Product Support to ask for a replacement today and will be updating this review.The manual totally sucks - you need a heavy duty magnifying glass to read the very tiny print. I ended up downloaded the PDF from the VanTrue site and read it enlarged. It took me a while to figure out how to format the SD card. VanTrue support was courteous enough to reach out to me to better understand my problem. I wish that in the future, instead of making a car charger connect to the cigarette lighter, VanTrue provides a charger that connect to USB ports which are now existing in most cars made.
the front cam angle is too wide for my charger. dashcams need to be tucked away not in the center if the windshield. with the width of this camera i cannot get a decent picture without the upper center console blocking the right half of the screen due to the wide angle. also, when paired with the vantrue obd2 power cable, creates a 24hr drain on your battery which leads to overheating dash cam and more importantly drain your car battery
Martin V.
Way too big to hide, and there’s no excuse “not to have” a download/monitor app these days, but the lens and image quality are very good
a few issues:1. the rear cable is to thick. cant hide easily2. it is too short, just 20ft. I am about 5 ft short.
The camera itself works great. The only complaint is the length of the cable to the rear camera. I have a Jeep Cherokee, tried to run the cable along the edge of the floor to the rear window, but the cable is few feet short. I have to run the cable along the top, with some exposure.Should provide extension as an option.
Dale L.
So far so good after one week installed. Easy setup and installation. Using the adaptor power source since hardwire kit is not available right now.
Alex Groff
I read other reviews before I bought this and thought it couldn’t be so bad. But the camera on this is TERRIBLE! I could not even read a car in front of me at a stop light. Buy a Garmin product instead. You will be much happier and they are much better quality. I returned this and bought the 66W, IT IS NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE.
Both front and rear cameras seem to be quality items. I thought it would be a do it yourself installation (and it could be) but I did not want to take a chance in making a mistake or damaging any of the interior trim components so I had an experienced shop do the installation. If the rear camera had a blue tooth connection to the front camera it would have been more tempted to do the installation myself.
Steve W
For the money construction should have been much better. Very cheap plastic. Controls are just horrendous with no explanation on screen. 4 flimsy buttons, no touch screen and did I say cheaply made. Returned. There must be better options.
I’ve owned 4 dash cams. All of them either failed within a year, couldn’t connect, had software glitches, or had SD card issue. The Vantrue S1 is a beast. Over a year in my truck so far. 110+ degrees. Nonstop function. Perfect every time. Zero failures, connectivity issues, or SD card problems. I am very impressed!
Installation is simple, I just wish it didn't have to be hooked up to a constant power supply to use the parking mode
Finally had some cooler weather so I could install this. It was a little more involved than previous dashcams due to installing the hardwire kit as well as running the cable for the rear camera. Placement and hiding the wire was not very difficult in my Honda Civic Type-R. Controls are intuitive. I will say that the video I've pulled from the front camera seems quite a bit grainier than the footage from the rear. Going to do some Googling before I run off to Vantrue with my concern. I'll upgrade to 5 star if I can improve the front footage without switching to 4K (which apparently does not let me record rear at the same time).
Bought cameras for both of our vehicles and they work as advertised! Great deal compared to others in the same price range; more features for the same or less money.That being said, i've had to contact their customer service twice and both times they were very prompt to respond and incredibly helpful. Thanks again!
The pros: excellent night version and very good day vision.Cons: very poor vision quality on the screen. Therefore hard to adjustWindscreen attachment does not lend itself to moving it from one to the other car. Suction cups betterComes only with a very long cord. I go directly from the unit to the lighter plug and always have the extra cord dangling
Liz McQuarrie
I ordered this late April, but was only able to start setting it up two days ago due to family emergency.The first one arrived DOA. Vantrue replaced it.I have upgraded my review to three stars.Overall, this product is way too complicated! I ordered owl cams for our other cars and had them installed and operating in less than 10 minutes. (Owlcam is double the price however.)
Silver Moon
Has a very nice picture and can pick up quality audio. However the sensor is terribly week in parking mode as the camera doesn’t pick up passing cars and/or people. Additionally, the camera cannot be used if my car is turned off so Parking Mode is essentially useless.
Steve Flickinger
ruel valle
The quality of the camera is great as well as the night vision feature. Easy to install.. Great product all around.
paul c.
Camera works great. it's fairly small and when placed besides the attachment point for my rear view mirror its out of my line of vision while driving and the biggest seller to me is that it provides plenty of cord to plug into your charger.I was able to tuck the charging cord from the front camera into the lining of my roof, then into the fabric above my passenger door then behind the passenger seat before plugging the charger into the charge port in my center console. long story short, there are no wires that hang anywhere to be seen! (I don't use the rear camera).
Updated Review:Vantrue quickly sent a replacement. This time everything worked properly, including the parking mode (I used a OBDII cable). However, the video quality is still mediocre and license plates cannot be seen. I also have a Vantrue N4 installed in another vehicle. The video quality is much better.Original Review:I really wanted to like this set of dual cameras. It mounted nicely on the car but unfortunately the video quality of terrible (first of all you can't get the advertised 4K is using both cameras), and you absolutely can't make out license plates even in daylight. The other struggle I had was the rear camera. It produced a garbled image intermittently, which is maddening. I tried an extra cable, moved the location of the rear camera, but nothing worked. I suppose I simply got a lemon and will request a replacement. In addition to video problems, whenever the rear camera was connected it ended up freezing up the whole system.
Jollyroger Hobbies
I have had this dash cam for about a month and already caught people running red lights and driving recklessly. Thankfully I have not been involved in any accidents so I haven't needed it yet. I bought the 256 Samsung Evo SD card and so far have not filled it up yet. I also have it hardwired to my truck so it starts recording when I turn the ignition. (I have it on a switched circuit). I have also turned the parking feature off. As cool as it is, in my neighborhood and at my work it would be recording constantly as there is movement in front of the cam almost 24-7. That would flatten my battery and make it unable to start my truck in the morning or at the end of my work day. So that is a negative. Another con is that on several occasions it has failed to start recording when i start the vehicle. a few times I have caught this and started it manually. Others I have completely missed it and there fore missed some important recordings. I now try to make it a point when I start the truck, to look at the cam and make sure it is recording. Picture quality is great at 1080p and was really suppressed at night time. Forward view is good with the headlights lighting up enough. rear camera not so great as in dark rural areas, there is nothing but black on the cam because it is too dark. Understandable really so it is not a con for me but an expectation. What else can I say? other than a few cons (it looses 1 star), it has been great so far!
blair events
I did not realize the rear camera was mounted in the vehicle, I was hoping for a Back up Camera but I still like the system very much
Tracy Mommy
The only thing my husband could see on the camera was the hood of his Peterbuilt. I'm sure this would be excellent for a car just not a big rig.
Cameron Ky
Front camera is good but rear camera is useless at night. Need WIFI, ability to download, App, smooth out picture curvature. 64GB lasted about 1.5 days of driving.
J G.
Product ran good for a few weeks and now it constantly resets itself every 30 seconds to two minutes. It currently shows video but neither the clock or the timer are functional and incrementing. Returning.**UPDATE** While my first cam was stuck in a boot loop and I sent it back. Vantrue's customer service reached out to me and sent a replacement. So far, so good. Raising from 1 star to 4 for them making it right.
Felicia Johnson
I purchased this front and rear dash cam with the expectation that it would perform well. I was wrong. I installed it yesterday and since the installation, it’s been freezing. I believe it has something to do with the rear cam being connected to it. And no it’s not my Samsung evo sd card that I formatted like it says to do in the instructions. Anyway, I would not recommend buying this $200 product. My old $40 dash camera never gave me a problem.
the listener
This is BY FAR the most time wasting, money wasting product I have ever bought on Vantrue. Went thru 3 of these cameras in less than 6 months, and they are all junk.1st camera:The first one worked fine for about 3 weeks, then began malfunctioning. It would reset itself every 2 minutes, during which time it would miss a large chunk of video. After much begging to the manufacturer, and having to document a video of the unit malfunctioning, they finally allowed me to return it for a new one.2nd camera:This one never even made it out to the vehicle. When you receive the unit, you are supposed to update the firmware or else parking mode will not work. But the firmware would not update, even when following the instructions to the letter. Tried dozens of times. Wasted hours of my life thinking I must be doing something wrong. Nope! Unit was defective. Had to beg for another return and make another video to convince them.3rd camera:Have had this 3rd camera for a few months now, and it has all of the same problems of the first two. The firmware will not update, so parking mode cannot be used, and now the unit is glitching out and resetting itself every 2 minutes, just like the original unit.I have never had a consumer experience this absurd. THREE UNITS, ALL FAILED, manufacturer will not acknowledge any problem, and I cannot make any more exchanges. $180 down the drain. There are several very fine dashcam makers, so there is no reason to buy from this ridiculous company.
Great quality camera for both front and rear. I like the design is fairly discrete and out of the way. Their customer service is also great. I needed new mounting stickers for the rear camera and they are sending me a pack for no extra cost.
joe s.
I ordered the vantrue s1 dual, the hardwire kit, and a 128gb mem card. It took me a LOT longer than probably most to install it. 3+ hrs. if you do not know what you are doing when installing the hardwire kit, then it will take you awhile to install *any* dual/dash cam, especially, if you want to hid all the wires, etc. i sorta knew what i was doing, but i wanted everything done perfectly. for example, if you have side airbags, you will want to make sure you dont wrap your rear cam wiring around the airbags. that could be very bad in an accident, and insurance probably wouldnt like it either. also, for the hardwire kit you want to make sure you have the fuses inserted correctly. a simple volt meter, or a 12volt car meter will be your best friend of this teask. for the few reviews where people's reported dash cams that fall off the mirror, the number one culprit is not cleaning the window properly. clean the area well. your final 'rinse' should be several wipes of rubbing alcohol, as this will also help to remove any 'oils' which is really bad for adhesives!!! i had a few questions for tech support, so i emailed them. they responded in less than a day, which is by far better than most other tech gadget tech support. a plastic trim tool is very valuable for the installation. the 11+ft cable that goes from the main front cam to the rear was plenty long for me to route through my inside paneling on my '08 toyota highlander. i have the dash cams running in 1080HD, which is plenty fine for me. my TVs are (still) 1080. i have tested and played back the videos on my computer w/no problems. you see people on youtube posting videos of the front dash cam and a small pic-in-pic of the rear dash cam. that is usually done by software. the vantrue s1's memory card stores each camera's video and labels them "A" for the front and "B" for the rear. if i ever upgrade my TVs, then maybe i'll upgrade to a higher bitrate on the dash. i like the smaller form factor of this dash cam. i verified that it has the latest ROM/firmware version before i mounted the cams. this s1 dash cam is not the $500 version with wifi and all the fancy bells and whistles, but gives enough capabilities to give you peace of mind while driving. plus, it will also help to keep your driving in check :) having the s1 for just over a week, i think the only thing i could possibly think of is that: it would be nice if vantrue could include those little plastic fasters w/adhesive backs to help secure any wires from dangling. i hope this review helps. so far, this vantrue s1 seems to be very decent quality product. i would recommend it.
Jasir Munguia
It worked fine but it isn’t great on my windshield. The angle was too aggressive and the camera pointed at the sky too much. The second camera also didn't work with a hatch back.
Much easier to use than my last one. Perfect video front and rear could not complain about image quality. Love the GPS function marks your video with your GPS location.
Low picture quality. Not working properly. After couple minutes stop recording and turned off. Waste of money. Low customer service.
I purchased this dash cam several months ago. it worked very well from first day. It happened that in the trunk the cable connecting to the back camera got entangled once with my stuff I put in trunk and the usb port from the camera got damaged. I wrote to customer support and they sent me a new back camera within weeks (shipment came directly from China). I am using the back camera again and it works very well. I decided to secure the cable in trunk in such a way so that it does not hang putting unnecessary weight on the usb. I give 5 stars for being reliable and for good customer service.
The camera video is great quality. It has good mounts and the cables are plenty long enough. Setup was simple. Most importantly though, is the outstanding customer service.
kenneth huddleston
Loved the front camera and rear one as well, the only downside is that it isn't Bluetooth so it won't connect to your phone but if anything does happen you will have to take the camera down and use it to show someone the video, it is designed to be easily removed and used in that manner so not a big deal. Really easy to install and use and great picture quality.
Steve Saunders
Installation was relatively ease for installing cameras front and back. Instructions could be a little clearer for using Memory cards other and larger that the 64 GB.
Chandler Reed
I was hesitant with this camera because of my Jeep’s windshield angle. I wasn’t sure if it would work and had already thought of a few ways to fix it to where it can work. But once I got the camera and tried it on my Jeep Wrangler jk, it showed everything in front of it well. The camera Quality is outstanding and I love the fact that it comes in a very well secured box. If it were possible to give this product 10 stars, it would have it from me.
Andrew Labrada
Quality is great! I had it hardwired. Definitely love having front and back option! Only downside is U wish it had something to be able to link through the phone !
Family music
Easy to install. The rear camera should have a 90 deg and coiled connection for lift backs. I broke my rear camera when the wire pulled out. Their customer support is great. They are sending me a new rear camera for free!
I got this unit for my husband who really likes the unit and the performance HOWEVER when he tried (3X) to contact customer support on line he received NO reply. There is a firmware update available and my husband wanted to confirm how to install the update. He does not use the phone due to poor hearing so he asked for a email reply. Nothing. Very disappointed.
Luther S.
There is nothing worse than needing a dash cam and finding out the you bought isn't usable. I THINK it captured footage, but the camera shuts off before I can transfer the files.
Stephen M
Only had mounted a couple weeks Already having issues, it just starts cutting off then comes right back on cuts off back on does this a few minutes then works fine for awhile might go a day or two then same thing again. Not happy with it at all. (Edit)09/07/21 Vantrue sent me a new cam to replace the broken one I sent back, free of charge. I have been using it about a month with no problems. Very unexpected but nice when companies stand behind there products.
Wing Tang
09/01/21 Update: Customer service contacted me to help with my issue. My contact worked with me almost daily to try to figure out what could be done. Eventually I was satisfied with the image quality but still wasn't 100% what I expected. Also during the time my rear camera became unresponsive and they sent a replacement which worked no issues. When the rear wasn't connected you could adjust the settings to a higher resolution on the front dash.. but is locked at 1080 when both cameras are in use.But overall, the camera is a solid 4*. Having two cameras on one unit is very convenient (I had 2 separate dash cams for front and rear). The customer service is a solid 5*they went above and beyond to help me with my issue.vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt__vt______The product works and functions. Image quality was an issue, used recommended setting and sent sample to them. Verified quality was "normal" and that was that (even clearly it wasn't, I've used other dashcams before) . It's usable but don't expect clarity to read plates. For proof for accidents, it'll work.Won't drive with out a dash so returning wasn't an option.I had written a critical review in full length describing my issues with the product and even uploaded the video here the correspondence with customer service. It was deleted. Here's my second try to post.