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Vantrue S1 Front and Rear Dash Cam

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Honesely Speaking
Bought dash cam because of compact design but was disappointed upon receiving. Didn’t check the image quality yet, but comparing to other products, this model seems a bit outdated and lacks some important functions:1. Can only record both in 1080p when both front and rear camera are connected. If you want 4k, you have to disconnect the rear camera.2. Cannot connect via WIFI. To download videos, you’d have to connect the camera to a computer via USB.3. Cannot set timezone so unless they use GPS to adjust timezone internally, you’d have to change time twice a year. (I highly doubt it)There are some cheaper options out there and they provide more functionalities.
Quinton Brown
This is a much larger device than the photos show. That being said, it does still fit snugly against the windshield and out of the way. The device is easy to operate and installation is not difficult. The only tough part is tucking all the cords away. And I recommend getting a plastic spoon to help push the cord under the trim and to pry up the trim to hide the cord. The rear camera comes with a cord that will almost definitely fit your car. In fact, there will likely be a decent amount you’ll need to tuck away. I have a small to medium SUV and had more than 4 feet of cable extra after tucking it all away. I can’t imagine needing the extra long cable they offer. The micro sd card I got was a PNY card and works just fine. Just make sure you get a U3 card. I recommend a 128gb card so you have plenty of storage. Bonus: I didn’t see this until I was playing around with it, but the car adapter power supply has a panel on the end that swings open to reveal a usb A power supply. Very good idea!
Lawrence Gabriel
So far, so good. This camera has a lot of options. Not sure which ones I need to use yet but I'm glad they are there. Slightly disappointed in the lower resolution when using front and rear cameras but it seems like an industry standard.I wish there was an option to buy with hardwired 12v rather than the cigarette adapter.I needed a longer rear camera cable that I could not find online. I contact Vantrue support who was quick to respond and was able to send a 9M cable directly.Very easy to install and use.
I really enjoy the functionality of the Vantrue S1 and the video quality is great. Installation is straight forward and the front view camera is non-obstructive and can easily be placed out of view on the windshield. I am really satisfied with this purchase.
Bought 4x S1 and they work well so far.Using one of them for a Van, and the rear cam cable is a bit short. Contacted Vanture regarding this, and they responded quickly and offered a longer cable for free. Recommended
Pete Pearson
I ordered this dash cam “used” here on Vantrue. In the description, it said that the package had been slightly damaged. However, upon opening I discovered the windshield mount was missing! I was planning to simply return the product. However, upon looking at the superb quality of this cam, I instead contacted Vanture Customer Service Team and explained the situation and showed them the photos. While Vanture warranty only covers products sold by their direct store, they said they would send me a new front cam mount with the adhesive sticker.What other company would do that? Thank you very much Vanture.
Overall a decent camera. Comes with enough cord length for rear camera for nearly any installation. Recommend the 12v to 5v hard wired adapter to avoid a dangling plug across your dash. The menu and settings take a minute to figure out. If you ever want to connect it to a PC for file transfer or viewing you will need to turn OFF the Auto Off Setting. Doesn't appear to be a way to turn off speed recording which can be incriminating depending on your State's laws. Run rear camera wire down to and under door sill plates or remove dome light and phish wire straight through headliner. Don't put wire behind door rubber seal because it can cause leaks and pinch wire.
Thank god for buying this camera a week after I got hit and won a case due to this camera
The cameras install easily and the image quality is solid. Installing the SD Card is easy and retrieving videos is easy. I used a Samsung Evo and it's done a great job. Vantrue was also immensely helpful when I needed some new adhesive. Very pleased with my purchase.TIP: If you're like me and have another item in the center of your dash, install the camera towards the driver's side rather than the passenger side. Being able to view the screen on the back of the camera without having to move your head is helpful
It records 24-7 and not as advertised with motion detection or impact. I bought two vantrue cameras with all the extra wiring kits and SD cards from vantrue the S1 model has a super small screen that makes it super difficult to use once it’s stuck to your windshield because you can’t hardly read what it shows on the display screen almost $300 for this one. I also purchased the vantrue X4S that was over $350. I hope the Motion activated detection works on it when I get it installed or it may be going back.
Melinda Warner
This dash cam was way too complicated to set up, so I returned it and found another one that could be easily set up in under two minutes.
Luis A.
the materials feel cheap and the video is not really good some times you cannot see the plates from other cars the rear camera is not compatible for CRv it is difficult to install the rear camera if you have a car like rogue crv or similar cars
Anthony M.
Picture quality is horrible. What's the point of dash cam that will not allow you to read a license plate. Also, the cable for the rear facing camera has a connector the is straight and the other end is at a 90 degree angle. The straight will only work with the dash cam and the 90 degree angle oy works with the rear camera. The 90 angle connection prevents the rear camera from being aimed to have the rear of the car covered. With the angle of the rear window and the angled connection all you see it the trunk of the car. Spoke with the company and was told they do not offer a cable with two straight connectors and that it SHOULD work as provided. It does not work and you SHOULD not waste your money on it.
Vantrue Customer
My chord got a short in it, and because it was a few months down the road, Vantrue would not assist in repair or replacement, but Vantrue came through without arguing or a bunch of red tape. That's the way a business should operate.
The picture captured is very crisp and detailed. The lack of wifi or bluetooth makes it an annoying process of getting video off of the device. Unless it's hardwired into your car or have a secondary power source it will not record once the vehicle is turned off unfortunately.
The above pictures are supposedly 4k ( rear camera was not hooked in , it turns to 1080 if you attach the rear camera ) . Can’t read the license plates on my own vehicles while backing off from my drive way . Too much glare at night . Tried different exposure settings no luck . It is what it is . Good price but you get what you pay for could it be just my unit ? Possible but I will be returning it . Bought it after a hit and run on my vehicle . My iPhone makes better video than this camera .
Satisfied customer
Purchased the product several months ago. It arrived in perfect condition. First installed the front camera and was impressed with the quality of the recording. A month or so later decided to install the rear camera as well but it turned out that cable provided was not long enough to reach my rear window. Contacted customer support who immediately shipped a longer replacement cable. In approximately three weeks I received the cable and completed the installation. I have had a fully functioning system for a couple of weeks and I am very happy with it. i am also very satisfied with the customer service.
ken broome
Great features, completeness of product provided allowing an easy installation. Customer service reaction and extended Curtsey service to me in replacement of rear camera mounting brackets - no cost and quick replacement even though I broke it.
just wish it had blue tooth or wifi so i did not have to remove the card each time to download videos.
Vivi N.
The Manual should be revised so that users can be able to use the motion detector. User Manual's Section 4.7 Parking Mode should be changed because there is NO 3 options on the Dashcam: (1) Motion Detection Triggered, (2) Low Bitrates Recording, (3) OFF. Dashcam shows only OFF and ON for Parking Mode.
I just received this dash cam and so far I am pleased with it... it was easy to install and use...I installed it in less than an hour and had it ready to use. Followed the user's manual and charged it 4 hours before installing it...Love love love it...
Brian C.
The GPS receiver did not work on the first unit I received. I returned it for another one and fully tested it to make sure it worked and it did. Picture quality is very good as is the speed and location. A program called Vantrue Player is available for download which will play both front and rear cameras at the same time, on the left side of the screen, and will also plot your trip on a map on the right. I'm really impressed with the quality of both hardware and software.
Vantrue Customer
We had a personal security issue so we needed a decent camera for the car to get video of potential harassment and stalking. Generally worked ok as advertised. I spent decent money on it and had paid for the recommended wire and card bought from them directly so I had it professionally installed so wires would be hidden all way to rear of vehicle.Overall quality and picture was ok and worked as advertise. It was a little tricky to operate the different functions so I had to read through the manual to figure it all out. It was not always clear if recording but at least I could look to see the red light was blinking to confirm it was recording.Within six months it failed and rear camera stopped working. It came with a warranty. I did not purchase the additional warranty. Fortunately Vantrue honored the warranty after troubleshooting.Overall the troubleshooting portion was time consuming waiting on pieces without an operational camera and the wait on parts was also discouraging. I would say this would be an area of improvement. But at the end of the day the company did honor their warranty commitment and went above and beyond sending me my SD card which I accidently included when I sent back the unit. They made things right which was most important I think as a customer.They refused to send me a replacement until o sent them my camera. As I mentioned this was frustrating because I bought it for security purposes. So now I had to be without it completely and not having any portion of the working system while I waited for a new camera from them after I sent mine in.
Ahmad Jerow
I really like everything about the dash cam but the one thing that I wish it came with is an app to allow easy review of the footage. Also, I didn’t receive the warranty information so that I can register it and I couldn’t find someone to contact about that. Otherwise, it’s a good product.
Yiheng Li
Everything is fine. But parking mode!!! Every morning I start up the car. It won't switch back to normal recording. It just stuck in parking mode with whatever was last recorded on the screen. And none of the buttons will work. And it won't record anything. I had to unplug and plug it in to reboot it.
gazmen bara
I bought 2 of this cameras for my 2 cars at the beginning they were working fine and the picture quality was perfect but it has been now about 2 months that the main screen of the camera reads only Vantrue and does not shows no more images or records any videos.I have tried to format and reset but no luck so far.I really loved them at the beginning but now they are not working.Any thoughts
I bought some other cameras before, i when i want to pick another one, i choose one that have front and rear cameras. I saw several reviews and decided for the Vantrue S1 as the best choice. I was so right about that decision. Super easy to set up, connect and be ready to use. You dont need to use special software to watch the videos, so it's really easy to operate.Quality is really good, front and rear cameras works great in different temperatures and light conditions.Also, customer support is really agile to answer questions and to help.
Viktor Arabadzhi
NOT 4K! How did you get 4K out of 2160P??? Oh and it's definitely not 60fps. Can you imagine a dash cam that would be REAL 4K @ 60fps? Would be awesome right? Well that's what I thought I was I buying but no, this is the same as every other cheap dashcam, regular 1080p is all you get, oh and only 30fps if you want to use rear camera as well. Nice, totally feel lied to and Vantrue allows all of this
David Westerdale
I didn't impulse buy this thing to not catch anyone slashing my tire. I also didn't buy this thing just to be surprised that I'd have to buy another item for it to work properly.
Vantrue Customer
It’s a great idea but it’s just so darn small I can’t hardly see the picture on it so I don’t know what good it’s gonna do me maybe I’ll do something and it should come with the same card guys
Anand Menon
While I was trying to install the camera I realized two things 1. This camera is not the easiest to install in an suv or anything with a hatchback design. 2. Who the heck designed the way the cable connects (90 deg) for the rear camera. I tried many angles to affix this for the back and could not keep it flush unless I pulled the cables from the drivers side. This is a hassle to install and have a clean lookUpdate: Vantrue support pointed out that I had the ends of the cable reversed. Adding an extra star for the excellent customer service.
Janet Sanchez
It was easy to install and had a large amount of cables to reach around the car. The only thing I saw a problem is at night in which you can't get a clear view of your surroundings. But in the day it is really clear and you can read the license plate really well. (the slight blue colored pic is the one for the back, it is slightly blue because of the tint, but there's no tint in the front)
Dave York Pa
For the right:Crappy. You can just tell holding it, light, wobbly, not secure feeling. I went to download Vantrue app - go ahead, look for yourself now. Mess. I bought in September-praying amz will let me exchange.For the left:The people building this tried really hard to make it work. Even though you could do better with another product, we need money. So buy this. It prob won’t work. But that doesn’t matter, right Joe?
This camera is used for my Ram Promaster and currently I only have the front camera connected. So far it has worked flawlessly without any issues. I highly recommend it.
gilberto silva
The video dimensions in brochure do not match that of Vantrues description. False advertising this is not 4K
Chris R.
I have purchased a few different dash cams and this one is by far the easiest one to angle correctly. I have a Honda accord and my windshield naturally has a notch that I placed my camera on. What makes this easy to angle is that you can place the camera where you want and then the camera itself pivots so you can angle it without repositioning the case. The back camera was easy to install with more than enough cable to go to the back. The back camera is not as free moving but is easy to place with the 3m tape provided. After a few months the front camera's tape did stop holding. I contacted the seller they responded quickly and are sending me a replacement tape. While I'm not sure if heat, some other factor like the black dots on the top of my windshield (that cause an uneven surface) or if I was originally sent a defective adhesive were the issue but I appreciate them sending a replacement since everything else is functioning properly.
Great product…easy set up…and great costumer service as well…needed longer rear cord and they helped and respond quickly and professional…and clear video as well.
Liz B
I have had this camera for a few years now and it has given me quite a few issues. The main one is that after an incident I check the camera and find out it wasn't working or recording at that particular time. Once it reset and it stopped recording for who knows how long because I was in an accident and when I checked it I found out it wasn't recording.The last time was last week where someone hit me while driving in a parking deck and I looked at the card to find only the last 30 minutes of driving on it (32gb card should hold about 4 to 5 hours) but the card said it was full. So I looked for any other files on the card with a special recovery software and found a bunch of .CHK files which ended up being video files. So I went through over 250 videos to check and it just so happens it didn't record during a 1 hour period that included this particular incident.So to summarize, I would not recommend this to anyone because for the two times that I needed a dashcam this device was completely useless.
Update: After further investigation and testing, I have changed my rating from 2 stars to 4. As I originally stated, the actual front and rear camera recordings are quite good, no problem there, I am pleased. My major frustration was with the parking mode. This is a good and bad story. First for the negative, the motion detection flat out would not work for me. The only time it recognized motion was when I put my had 6 inches from the windshield, otherwise it would not recognize me walking around the car.But, there is a second parking mode, low bitrate recording which essentially records video continually but at a slightly lower resolution. This worked very well, so I abandoned worrying about the motion detection. An added bonus is that one is able to capture both the front and back, where as with motion detection if it is not in the front nothing is recorded.To use this mode however, I did not want to rely on my car battery or the complexity of wiring changes, risk to run the battery down, etc. I bought an Imazing IM27 power bank and it worked super. I connected the camera to the powerbank USB connection (USB-C?) and ran a trial for 8 hours, checking the powerbank charge level each time. The camera used 6% of the battery per hour, after 8 hours I had 50% of the battery remaining, which translates to 16 hours of operation. I was very pleased with this. Plus the powerbank can be used to start your car if you battery is low, a great plus.So, I am pleased with the camera. The support staff is very good with one or two exceptions. They are prompt and seem to try hard to communicate in a timely manner. I did find that occasionally their technical advice is not correct. I wanted to record GPS location data on the recorded video but not speed. They indicated I could by turning off the GPS setting. This did not work, it just disabled all GPS function, speed recording as well as location.For that reason and the problem with the incorrect firmware update instructions and process I cannot rate them a 5. But, I can recommend the system, understanding the limitations I encountered. Your experience may be different, but all in all for the price, I can certainly recommend the system.Original review:I am just starting to install and use the dash cam. So far, I have tried out the front camera, quite pleased, good quality, etc. I have not yet tried the rear camera.At this point, a major feature of the cam is the Parking mode for me. Apparently one must update the firmware to enable this. I have followed the instructions closely and so far no update has been made. I am awaiting further instructions from Vantrue, but am quite disappointed that this task is not able to be completed. I have seen others with similar problems. If I can resolve this issue, I think I will like the camera. but without the Parking feature a major reason for the purchase is eliminated. This is a shame as the price is reasonable, the quality I have tried with the front camera is impressive, etc.I will update my review if and when I get the firmware issue resolved. This should not be so hard.
I picked up three of these, quick install with a third party kit that included a way to use a special fuze with a pigtail for power. All three fired up and worked like a champ. About six months later, the screen on one froze after power up and would not respond to anything...reset, power button, menu etc. I emailed Van True and the next day they sent me some troubleshooting ideas including a way to update/reload the firmware. None of that worked, so they asked me to send them a short clip of the symptoms so they could diagnose. Sent that from my phone, and the next day they responded..."please send that unit back, we are sending a replacement." Three days later, a new one appeared on my front porch. No hassles. It would be great if it never failed, but when it did, they stood behind their product and made it right. Can't ask for more than that. THANKS Van True!
Overall the front camera worka but the rear camera stared locking the recording after a couple months of install. I'm only using the front camera at the moment. Updated firmware but not it did not help.
Saedi Folluf
The most annoying issue with the camera is its interface. Someone thought it's a good idea to put light yellow background behind white type in camera interface and menus. This is an extremely bad choice and makes the camera interface unusable unless you're 1 inch away from it (which is IMPOSSIBLE while driving). What a BAD DESIGN CHOICE!
Several built in features and recording quality is decent and is able to withstand 100-120 degree heat.Update 6 months later- still working, windshield for replaced and lost the mount, messaged vantrue and they sent me a replacement mount, appreciate it!
Nice camera with clear video. Someone backed up into my car and tried to blame me. Thankfully I had this video and it even showed I was going 0 mph at the time of impact. Went through insurance, paid my deductible, insurance saw it was clearly not my fault and went after the other guy’s insurance, and I got my full deductible back. So this dash cam has paid for itself now. I do wish there were an app so I could view the video on my phone immediately. The adhesive to stick the cam to my windshield has failed now (less than 5 months after purchase) so I need to figure out how to reattach it, but thankfully it it was working when I had my accident.
Marianne F Fridberg
While I have to start out saying I wish the camera had more adjustability as in angling…. The overall camera is great. Really good picture quality. Easy to use. Easy to set up. Mounts dang near flush to the windshield. I recommend this dash came for sure.
Purnell G.
I have this camera install in my Suburban. The front camera is high quality and the 4K mode is great, but since I have the rear camera connected, the front switches to 1080P. Night vision mode is excellent on the front, but the rear does not have night vision. I gave this camera 4 stars, but would have been a 5 is the rear had a night mode.
Pros - GPS, capacitor, front and rear recording, easy to figure out OSD, cords are long, 3M mounting sticker padsCons - main unit is enormous, wires to the rear camera are super thick and stiff, uses MINI USB for some reason, screen is horrendous, rear camera is giant for no reason. Area around CCD is bigger than a half-dollar, and is incredibly noticeable. My wife hated how much you could see it while driving, and it was an instant return.
It's not perfect and it is not 4k,but you will not find another dash cam that had better value. Retrieving video is not the easiest, but I don't plan on viewing the video footage very often.
Gary E. Terry
Camera does not record most of the time. When it does record it's only for a few seconds. Very unreliable.Find one that works as it should...
Spudz McKinze
Pro's;Good Nite VisionCons;Exceeding difficult Manual to understand.Confusing and contradictory instructions.The manual repeatedly instructs the use of "Up" & "Down" buttons, there are none.Many functions aren't explained, some disable other functions without warnings.No spec given on memory card limits, power consumption, unexplained acronyms etcMenu button functions are Very unintuitive.Motion detection is very insensitive with poor range.Some setup procedures not given, others cannot be used simultaneously.Firmware update information & instruction @ the Vantrue website is confusing w/ inaccurate instructions & version listing.The Time Lapse enabling instructions, Formula for use & descriptions use are contradicted within the manual & Very difficult to understand. The memory card size is part of the Formula.The ONLY mention of Memory Card size limits are in NOTE, which says "When using a 64GB MicroSD Card, please format it to FAT32 on the camera first" and "(if you format it on a computer, please search online on "How to format 64GB micro SD card to FAT32".)" The Vantrue advert says up to 256GB?The manual limits use to Samsung Pro Endurance & EVO MicroSD cards.Loop Recording (memory overwrite) is limited to 1, 3 or 5minutes or off. This makes NO sense to me.Parking Mode must be activated manually each time you use it and is disabled if the camera is moved in the slightest (like closing the car door).Parking Mode (motion sensing mode) setup is Very confusing & requires the camera be "Hard Wired" to the cars battery or a Power Bank, both of which require special wiring.You cannot connect the rear camera cable if the provided Power Bank cable is used due to it's design.The instant record function cannot be turned off, making use of the Menu buttons and power up's a pain while adding unneeded files to memory.Only one spare sticky pad for each camera and no mount options other than directly to the windows.Frequent "Memory Errors" with recommend micro SD card when using highest resolution Time Lapse mode.Did I mention the Manual Blows?Only the front camera is Hi DefThe "capacitor" battery isn't. It wont power the camera, but only provides enough power to remember settings.Front Lens is Ridiculously large, can cause mounting problems
Scott Presbrey
Update:After posting I was contacted by Vantrue a provided a replacement unit. It seems to be working fine now, but I assume it will start melting again next summer, so ultimately $90 per year seems steep, but good on Vantrue for reaching out to replace it.Unit freezes constantly, requiring you to unplug and plug it back in. It won’t save you in an accident if it’s frozen.Won’t survive Florida heat for long. Multiple parts have warped, including the mount, requiring me to heat it up with a heat gun to warp it back. It’s been less than 12 months.Customer service has asked for the serial number. There is no serial number on the device. If it’s in the settings, I can’t access it because it’s dead now. Asked for a new unit months ago and still waiting on resolution for this.
Vantrue Customer
The Vantrue S1 will not work on my Jeep JK windshield. The Jeep windshield does not have the angle as do regular windshields. This was not mentioned in the description. Do not buy for your Jeep. I returned the item.
The video quality is perfect, but most importantly the camera does NOT record all the time while driving. Sometimes I have to manually click the recording button to start the recording.
Dave Leigh
The camera works and looks great but seems to be built weak. (Unless it’s a unusual fault from manufacture) I don’t believe it was my fault but the power terminal for the camera separated from camera leaving it unusable. Hopefully the second one will last much longer!?
Physically the camera and buttons feel cheap flimsy. With the hardware being so cheap and the firmware being very basic and lackluster, I would have expected to pay $25-$40 for this dashcam. Aside from that, I didn't realize (and this is completely my fault) the camera only records at 1080 when both cameras are operating. If you want a higher resolution recording, you have to disconnect the rear camera. Installation was easy enough with the hardwire kit but this dashcam is way overpriced for the quality and features. I'm returning this for something else by a different manufacturer.
I had to return it because it has wires connecting from the front to the back. It took too much work for me to install it in my car.
So I've had this dash cam for a while. I have actually caught several incidents on it including Florida Man doing a hit and run on my vehicle. However, overall I am pretty unsatisfied with it. first off the fact that the front is 4k but only records 1080 while the rear camera is recording makes the whole point of 4k or dual camera... useless.Secondly, this camera is supposed to automatically record over old data. However, I have repeatedly (but inconsistently) found that this camera loves to fill the SD card, and then simply not record new clips at all. Today my catalytic converter got stolen off of my car while it was parked at the airport, I went to check my footage only to find that it hadn't recorded ANYTHING in over a WEEK.I will be looking into different cameras.Oh and other cameras offer the ability to view media on your phone, this one does not and you HAVE TO remove the SD Card and plug it into a computer.
although front and rear video recorded looking good but when driving at normal speed during the day(don't thinking about catching the plate number at night), 4K don't really looks like a 4K. when recording by both front and rear camera, both of them, the quality locked at 1080p. you cannot really see other cars' plates clearly. I bought it because a famous website recommended it. disappointed.
Update:To be more specific, it is not the adhensive does not stick with the glass, but it does not stick with the plastic pad. For some reason, maybe uneven heat, it can get warped and bulged, pushing the pad away from it.Vantrue contacted me immediately and offered more adhensive, so for this goodwill, I will add another star.Overall a nice product, functioning well. Make sure to turn on the overwritten function otherwise the card will be full and it will auto-shutdown. One issue is that the pad does not stick well on the windshiedl and keeps falling.
Isaac Riggs
Excellent high definition dash cam! Do not plug the 90 deg end of the back cable into the rear obviously goes into the front cam. Some of ya'll giving bad reviews, because you didn't plug the straight end into the rear cam and the 90 into the front cam, shouldn't be allowed on the roads ♂️
cedric valson
I would have better chances at winning $50k in Vegas with a $10 starting pot than seeing this device actually work. I have had it for 3 months and it's only worked for about a weeks total time. As soon as I start the vehicle, it will more likely say memory card error. I can restart it, take the SD card out, completely unplug it and it will not record again. It is formatted and reformatted but Zues has a better chance of woeing me by candle light than this device working. I don't recommend buying it at all.
Vantrue Customer
The hardware is great and the camera is awesome. However, the software makes this dashcam unusable. For a few months now I have been trying to figure out how to get the menu to open up by using the buttons on the camera. I have tried every combination of pushing the buttons, I have read everything I could find online, and I have watched several videos- I have no idea how to pull up the menu. A few times I have smashed all of the buttons out of anger and frustration and the menu will come up. I have tried using the reset button and I have tried re-installing the firmware more than once. I have no idea how to fix this problem. This means if I get into an accident I cannot show the police the video on the camera itself- I have to wait until I get home and plug the camera into my computer to watch the video file. I give up and I am now buying a different dash cam to replace this one. I highly recommend you do not buy this dashcam.
K. Fitzpatrick
Nice dash cam, but the night vision on the rear camera is not very good.
randy s bilimek
Worked fine for the first couple of months. Then sometimes it will record. When you go to download the recordings on your computer it doesn't want to load your files to downloads. When you want to delete files from the camera you have to keep repeating all files delete until they are finally empty? Don't waste your money on this camera? Really read product reviews before purchasing anything from the internet?
Sometimes it works fine. Sometimes it will record for a few minutes, then reset. The footage doesn't always show up in the SD card when this happens.
So far, I like it, but I just got it, and am letting the unit charge before installation in my vehicle. It has a great display, and shoes real time vehicle speed, which most other dash cams do not, unless you want to view your cell phone while you drive, which I is a nono with law enforcement, unless you like getting tickets. The packaging is robust, and setup is easy by following the included instructions (no downloading needed.). That's it for now.
Nick Moore
This camera works very well and the quality is great. Very easy to set up and use.
Ace Thrift Store
Item is packed very nicely and securely, easy to follow instructions. Easy to install as long as you take your time to do it right. Comes with a pry tool to help with tucking away the wires, where some others do NOT include this tool. I purchased this cam to replace my previous cam. The videos are very clear easy to read license plates and signs. I really love the rear cam as now you get to see those tailgaters faces. I will be purchasing 2 more for family members and I do recommend this product.
Vantrue Customer
To be honest it is a Chinese trash. Freezes after parking mode, terrible quality, impossible to read licence plates
Thomas E. Hughes
This was a "Vantrue's Choice" labeled product. It's not the first Vantrue's Choice purchase to exhibit disappointing performance. (office chair broke 2 days after warranty expired, bicycle light charger port cover fell off before warranty expired)I was going to purchase the hardwire kit to enable the parking security mode (required for this function on my vehicle) but I doubt spending more money on a sub par product is a good choice. Front camera still works at a higher price than the front only model.Would not buy again.
I have a Front View VIOFO A119 in my other car but wanted a front and back view, so I bought this device purely because of the price - with the NYT wirecutter and Vantrue promo it is about 40% cheaper than the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam.It does the job, more or less. However, you can't really compare it to the A129:Contrary to the name "4k Hidden Dash" this will only record in 4k when no rearview camera is connected. Once you plug it in, which is kind of the point of buying this model in the first place, it will fall back to 1080pThis is kind of mentioned in the description when you know what to look for ("Dual" 1080p vs "Single" 2160P) - but still: This is a rear and front camera set, and I do not see a point in buying a device that will only function as advertised when you only use half of it and has so much small print in the product description.This still works for me and I don't need 4k - but I might replace it at some point in the future. For the time being, you can't beat price/value, although you get what you pay for and miss out on a lot of features (parking detection, wifi, 4k, pol filter) compared to higher-priced models.
Matthew Brown
The camera setup is great. There's enough wiring for the back camera to place it in a cargo van I think because in my full-size car I had a lot of length left that I had to do something with. The picture quality isn't good enough to grab license plates. You can only make out about half or less based on the 5 that I tried. The camera doesn't get hot in the Texas sun either. Overall, very happy with this purchase and I it will work great to explain my side of things in an accident.
This dash cam just looks and feels cheap. This couldn’t be more obvious by its use of mini USB to power, I haven’t seen something that uses mini USB in 15 years! Cheap garbage
David White
I purchased this camera for my truck to replace one. Camera is much easier to run than my other. Easy set up and easy instructions. So far it works great.
Manny Garcia
picture quality is good. the chip removal to down save the files is a bit cumbersome while the camera is mounted. if it's plugged in and use a cable to laptop, shuts down before finishes.More importantly, after a few months the rear camera quit working. I hadn't downloaded anything for a while so I hadn't noticed. I only found out when I went to get clips for an minor accident and was hit in the rear. No pics or video! I do have the front view which shows the cause of the incident, but, would have preferred both angle.
Mike Carman
Pros:Small and does not obstruct the view.Easy to install.Plenty of cable for the rear camera. Works really well in my full size SUVCons:Screen is small if you have to configure anything on it.
So awesome. Super discreet.I didn't install the rear camera because my car doesn't have a good place to put it. I like that the rear camera is optional. Maybe I'll figure out where to mount it later.
Vantrue Customer
Camera video quality is good, and stable.I only have problem with front adhesive mount. Reached out to support, they were able to arrange the parts , hopefully I’ll get in next 2/3 weeks.
Gregory Rand
I purchased a Vantrue dashcam system for our Honda several months ago and am very happy with it's performance...... so happy, I purchased another Vantrue dashcam for our Mini Cooper. Unfortunately, I damaged the rear camera cable when installing the 2nd dashcam and contacted the customer support department to inquire about ordering a replacement rear camera cable.Within a few hours, my email was answered by Echo at Vantrue -- Echo offered to send a replacement cable to me free of charge. IMO, customer support is as valuable as the product itself .... and actions like this say a lot about a company and their desire to please their customers. THANK YOU VANTRUE!!
I havent installed the rear camera yet but the front camera sits behind my rear view mirror. I tried a few different settings and now it just continuously records in 5 minute intervals. I dont even notice it's there anymore. Tucking the wire behind the headliner, down the A pillar and under the dash was very easy and plenty of wire to plug in to my 12v outlet. Tested the video quality a few times and it is a very high definition.
Vantrue Customer
Front camera install fine. Back camera a fail because my back window can roll down and there is not a good place to install it without it getting in the way.
Thomas B.
I received the first unit this morning. Installed everything, front to back. Got everything ready to go, then plugged it in with the provided Power cable, and nothing happened. Jumped on to Vantrue and requested a replacement unit be sent. It arrived this evening. Plugged the main unit in to power, plug the rear unit into the airport, and everything powered on OK. I made it through all of the initial settings then poof, the screen went blank and then the unit stayed completely dead (again). Could not get the unit to come back on. I have no idea what could be causing this problem, as the power cord works without issue on my old camera. My guess is that the mini-USB connector of the device is poorly designed.UPDATE: just from this note, Vantrue’s customer service reached out to me and explained what happened and solved the issue for me. Now the unit is running flawlessly and I’m very happy. I ended up buying another unit for my daughter’s vehicle. With customer service like I experienced, I will continue to buy from Vantrue.
Chris Meador
We got the OnDash S1 a couple of years ago and it has worked great since. The cable to connect to the rear camera wasn't quite long enough to reach all the way to the back of our Toyota Highlander, but I emailed customer support and they shipped us a much longer cable free of charge. Their customer support is very friendly and responsive.Since purchasing the camera system, we haven't had a car accident or any other major incident, but we did witness a robbery (purse snatch) while parking at the grocery store and provided the video to the victim / police. We've had a few occasions to check the recordings after getting home, which involves removing the memory card and plugging it into a laptop -- very easy with no special software needed. We have a great peace of mind driving with these cameras!
Zachary Reed
Like most people, I ordered this camera after seeing a handful of crashes in my local area. I thought, "I could be next."The video is good. It's not superb crystal clear "read someone's bumper stickers" quality, but it's perfectly sufficient for the task, that is...reading license plates and seeing who did what in the event of an accident.I've gone back and watched some videos of me driving about a normal, uneventful day, and I was struck by how good the audio quality was. All cab noise, music, and turn signal clicks were picked up. In addition, and more to the point, the video quality was great. I notice there's a little bit of blurring/noise when things are happening fast, though that may be just a codec thing. I've seen some great video on YouTube from this camera.I also had a situation where the provided 20 ft extension cable for the rear camera was not long enough for my pickup truck. I have a Tacoma with a short bed and a Leer 180 camper top. I contacted Vantrue and they provided a 29.5ft cable free of charge, which is perfectly long enough to fit all the way from my cab to the end of the bed.
Firstly I have to say the quality of the front camera has been amazing when first using it, but I have noticed the struggles at night time with street lights blowing out all detail at stock exposure, I ended up needing to lower this to -1.0 in order to see any license plates. During the day the camera quality of the front camera is fantastic, same cannot be said for the rear! Originally I had this mounted in the rear window of my Ram 1500 but it was so blurry it was useless for if someone actually hit me, so I moved up front hoping not being directly against the glass would allow better focus. As you can see in my video, the first clip is blurry and nothing can be made out clearly, the second part is after I moved it up front and it showed detail and was not blurry. Not sure what is causing this and honestly it has me borderline returning it as other brands don't have this issue and I can't seem to find many others having this issue, so could be faulty rear camera, but I really don't want to fuss with a system that isn't going to work. I bought this as a safety/insurance for my vehicle but it's let me down so far overall sadly!
Richard W
EDIT - The company was able to figure out that the rear camera was causing this and promptly sent a replacement. All is working as expected now. They have GREAT customer service!I received this on May 6th and everything worked great for a couple of months and then the power button stopped working. Also, now when I view footage there are gaps between the videos. I'm not talking small couple second gaps, The gaps are anywhere from 45 seconds to 4 minutes. I made sure to use the recommended Samsung card and even bought another one to rule out a bad card. I also format the cards every 2 weeks and thill have this problem. The picture quality is good- when it does record - even in night vision, I cannot recommend this because quite a lot can happen in that 4 minute period.
Not the best quality but I also got a cheap dash cam so... You get what you pay for. As a camera that can prove you did or didn't do something, it's great. As a camera that can get the license plate number from a hit and run, not so great but I don't expect it to be able to do that.The G-sensor hasn't really been played with yet - I'll have to knock it around and see what I can set it for on the regular.The parking mode only works if you leave it plugged in so unless you drive a lot and regularly, you'll kill your battery asap... Mine has yet to be set up for parking as I don't drive much at this time.It is very easy to disconnect and take with you for extreme temperatures (kills the camera!) and for unloading the saved data.The screen is veeeery small and not clear so don't expect too much from it - It is easy to view on your computer though.
James R.
My husband and I purchased this camera back in 2019 and we are so glad we did! This camera has high quality resolution, both front and rear view! Very easy to use and install. Extremely pleased with this purchased, and already come to use within the first year. While my husband was parked in a Dunkin parking lot, the rear camera caught an accident in which we helped out the driver and provided him with the footage - without it, he would have been majority at fault for the accident, when the camera proved that the other party was actually fully at fault. Overall, we both recommend this product to all of our friends and family!
Richard P.
Bought for my son. Description stated :Dual Camera Dash Cam with Sony Night Vision. No where did I see it was front cam only. He wasn't happy with it. Returned for the Vantrue 3 channel cam he is happy with