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Vantrue S1 Front and Rear Dash Cam

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Kindle Customer
The camera took about 10-15 min to install with running wires along the interior of my car with plenty of extra cord to reach the back of my car for the rear camera. Photo and video quality are great and all information is easily readable when viewed on a PC but daytime is better than nighttime. I plan on getting another one for my other car.
We have purchased 2 of these cameras for both our cars along with Vantrue 256GB memory cards. Both cameras have worked excellent and without any issues. Clear, high definition video which can be configured to show information about speed and GPS location. High summer temperatures and cold winters does not effect this camera's performance. And Vantrue's customer support and response is superb.
Sharon Zhitnik
Easy to use and highly recommend. Great buy!
Amazon Customer
in the review of "top ten" they said it was difficult to install or setup. I couldn't imagine how much easier it could be. Put in the wires and plug it! Menus easy to navigate and simple, even I understood!
Robert Rodriguez
Great quality easy setup. I have it hard wired to the car. Only down side if car sits for few days and camera is on it will kill battery. So make sure you turn it off
Taylan Evrenler
This camera is really good, each to extract video files and the records are reliable.
christopher collins
The best money i have spent in a long time. You will not regret getting this system..
Dale H
I was doing extensive research trying to decide which dash cam to go with for my Jeep, and then just happened to come across someone talking about the S1. I had no prior knowledge about this dash cam even existing, but what I did know is that it had a lot of positive reviews explaining how incredible and feature-rich it is. That made my decision a lot easier, because the other dash cams that were being considered were iffy, super cheap, and had far fewer reviews and ratings. So within minutes of seeing the description and reviews, I ordered it.After ordering I decided to do a little more research on this specific dash cam, watching video reviews and reading more of the customer reviews. At that point I decided, “well, since my budget for a dash cam was $200, this one is perfect because it suits all of my needs!”It arrived a couple of days later, and I was so eager to try it out. The video quality on this thing is astonishing. The sound quality is just as good. I had never before used a dash cam, but I’ve seen recordings from others. Let me tell you, this thing is far superior to anything I’ve seen before.For those wondering: yes, it records audio too. That was one of the requirements for me. I want to be able to read a license plate aloud in the event that it may not be captured within the dash cam’s view. And on that topic, this thing has an incredible range of vision. The front camera alone can see everything around the front of my Jeep. This dash cam is going to be so handy while I’m off-roading too! I am planning to use it to capture my adventures on the trails, but at the same time I can be confident that it’s capturing my daily drives in the event that something goes awry.
Great camera that met my expectations. Night mode is a lot better than other cameras in the same price range. If you’re not so good with technology, in my opinion this camera is good for you as well because the user camera is not so complicated like other cameras I’ve seen in the past. I really liked the camera so I ordered another camera For my other car.
Shantel Moore
Watch how satisfying it is to catch someone nearly rear ending me when we were at a dead stop waiting for a pedestrian to cross before we turned. I can read the license plate perfectly from the rear camera, but it’s difficult to read license plates from the front camera which is frustrating! You can read it when you’re stopped just behind them. Kind of annoying that it’s not as high definition as it states. Whatever, safety first people! Buy the camera. It’ll help in a lawsuit one day!
JC Garcia
The s1 dual dash cam is overall a good recording Device. The parking mode works as stated with the hardwire kit. The quality of the video is decent for the front, not so much for the rear. The night recording aspect is rather lacking and it's hard to see in low light conditions. The firmware support and updates is a definite plus.There is no wifi or app support for the camera but for $150 bucks you can't go wrong. I also recommend to invest in a 256 gb samsung evo card if you plan on using the parking mode. Also don't forget to update the firmware, it comes with an older version. The lack of WiFi, false 4K advertising, no audio error notifications and larger size with a big ring around the lens are not the best. Not a bad camera and many owners will be satisfied in this price range.
This camera has awesome quality! We had this camera less than a week and my husband caught his first accident. It really convenient to download the videos to our laptop. I’ll be buying one for my car in the near future!
Flawless video. It claims it does have a battery bank system for 24/7 monitoring and that is not working. I have not dug into it as I am very busy if anyone has any advice please let me know. It did not want to charge the 4 hours that it recommended this unit will not operate when engine is off
John M. Brown
Installation was straightforward and not very difficult. Highly recommend optional power to fuse box versus cigarette lighters. Take the time to properly route & hide the wiring and it is barely noticeable. Video quality is worth the price and nighttime recordings are very good. Plenty of options that enhance performance and value, including audio recording and GPS features.One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you get the correct/recommended Samsung memory card. I purchased mine at Best Buy but it is available on Amazon.I will be purchasing another for my other vehicle.
The front camera is 4k capable, but is only an option when just using the front camera. If you plug in the rear camera it will default to recording at 1080p on both the front and rear. They stuff a lot of information into the headlines on these products and they do write "...4k Dash Cam, Dual 1080P Front and Rear Car Camera..." but I did not understand what that meant until I began using it. That being said, I think the image quality at 1080 is better than the 4K Garmin samples I have seen, as I can read license plate numbers (on cars within about 15ft of the camera). There is one option for true 4k up front while using a rear 1080p unit, but is nearly 3X the price (Nextbase 622).
Kit has everything you need for installation without needing to purchase anything else. Kit comes with a car lighter port to power, I had to purchase the car hard wiring kit because it was my preference. Trying to register on the Vantrue website was difficult, it was very slow, entered information 3 times and it never registered. Was using Chrome, switched to Vivaldi and was able to have a registration stick. Contacted support via email and they were very responsive, 5 stars alone for customer service so far. Setup was easy, both cameras are adjustable once mounted via the lens. Front can move all directions, rear moves vertically. Great pictures for day time for sure, have yet to test for night time. Will follow up. Unit reports date, time, GPS cords and MPH on video. Edit: Oh, kit does NOT come with an SD card, purchased the suggested OEM item Vantrue 256MB.
Erik Alvarez
This camera says 4K but only records dual 1080p
Northern Gnome
Never got to use it. Sent it back. Charged it up per instructions. Camera came on briefly, then it went into setup mode. OK, set up the language, then date/time. OK. Press menu button, wants to start setup all over again. No matter how many times you press OK, or the menu button, the only thing it would let you do is setup language or date/time. Unplugged and plugged back in, tried reset button, still stuck in language and date/time mode.
M. Hamann
This camera is great when it works properly, but I found some bugs that make the camera insufficiently reliable to count on. Need the recording for something? It might not be there.Bug #1Repro steps:1) put camera into time lapse mode2) drive aroundExpected Result:Many short videos of driving where each video immediately follows the previousActual Result:1) 30 second videos showing 2x speed meaning 60 seconds of recording, followed by 30 missed seconds. I.e. every 90 seconds, it makes a 30 second video of 60 seconds of driving. 30 seconds of every 90 seconds are lost.Bug #2Repro steps:1) set to 5 minute loop mode2) turn key to accessory mode3) observe the flashing red dot indicating the camera is recording4) start engineExpected Result:camera is still recording or, if it stops, quickly resumes recordingActual Result:recording stopsBug #3Repro steps:1) set to 5 minute loop mode2) drive aroundExpected result:A 5 minute video every 5 secondsActual Result:Intermittently stops recording for no apparent reason. Remained stopped until the unit is reactivated.
The product page would lead you to believe the "super capacitor" is used as a battery so that when you turn the car off, the parking mode will turn on for 24 hours.This is not the caseI have the kit hardwired to an accessory fuse and it won't stay on after the car is shut off. I don't want to wire it to a constant 12V port to prevent my battery from draining. This is fine for most, but I was hoping the "super capacitor" would work as an internal battery for a day with the car off.Otherwise, the dash cam is great. Pretty simple UI. Rear cam is nice (albeit only 1080p). No WiFi, but I see this as a plus. The micro SD slot is easy to access and it's a lot quicker than any dash cam WiFi connection could be. The rear cam and power port on the front cam have the cables staggered in an L shape upwards so they don't collide. Both the cigarette wire and the hardwire do this. Nice touch.
Overall installation and quality is straightforward. Picture quality is what you'd expect from a dashcam, night vision is pretty good, not the best out there.Biggest bug is that using the front and rear cameras simultaneously, and a 128GB Samsung Evo card, when the card fills up and it starts overwriting the old files the camera will beep and the screen will come on every 3 minutes. And if you go back and check the footage, the files are cut off so you only have 1.5 minutes instead of 3 minutes each file, with a 1.5 minute gap until the next footage gets recorded. I think what is happening is that the camera is only deleting one file then writing 2 (front and rear), so the card fills up, the files stop being written and the camera generates an error and that's why it beeps. This is obviously a big problem! Only solution is to format the card periodically instead of allowing it to fill up, or use the front camera only
jimmy smith
I had a problem with the first dash cam.I sent it back because the sim card would not insert properly. within one day I was contacted by the company and sent a new dashcam.It has worked great.not only that whole heartedly but vantrue has gone out of their way to keep checking to see that I am satisfied. I would recommend buying from them whole heartedly.
Brandon Howey
I ran out of the rear camera adhesive mounts for my S1 dash cam. Due to getting now tint on my car over the past few years, I ran out of the sticky pads and couldn’t find ones online to reorder. I messaged Vantrue through their website and they got back to me instantly!They instantly got me set up with a tracking number for the adhesive pads they’re mailing me for free!Some of the best customer service I’ve had and am very happy with my decision of making Vanture my first dash cam.
Excellent camera but don't buy the Vantrue SD Card like they suggest, it stopped working after a month. Works better with other SD Cards.
Its not clear as mentioned in the description. The camera function is not working as mentioned, parking mode is functioning as well. I tested the camera many times and never catches in parking mode, don’t waste your money to pay from here.
Amazon Customer
Crystal clear picture and serves all my needs
I previously had two independent Vantrue X1 dashcams mounted in front and in rear of my vehicle. When I got a new car I couldn't stand the though of hardwiring and setting up two separate dashcams again, so I started to look for a dashcam with a rear module. Vantrue S1 is such a dashcam, with a much simplified setup and maintenance process. It only needs to be hardwired once, uses a single SD card, and has a single control display. The quality seems to be good, the body is compact and nice looking, the video quality is quite sufficient for my needs. A GPS module is a nice upgrade over the X1.
Scotty J
Have used this now since Sept 2019 without issue. It's hardwired in with the hardwire kit and has worked flawlessly. The photo is from the rear camera that is mounted at the top of the back window, thus you can see the overhanging factory brake light visor that's on the vehicle. The front video quality is even better than the back camera as it's capable of 4K. Love this system and would instantly recommend it to anyone, very happy I bought it and have it on my vehicle. Btw depending on where you mount both the front and rear cameras they are not bulky imo at all, and no one even notices that my vehicle has cameras, you can't see the rear one at all and you really have to look to see the front one. Love this system.
Great product. Took about1.5 hours to install in my pickup.
Baocheng Wei
The camera itself is very good. But as in this price level, I would expect "after shut down record", and also a small tool to help you embed cord into car boards, like other camera sets contains.
I have 3 of these for the cars in my family. Easy to install, clear image, no issues.Great dual dash cam for your protection. Great purchase
Would love been fine accept this cheap camera doesn’t work when needed, got hit today in a parking lot and when to look at the footage and got nothing, it didn’t record even a little.
It turns off and on every couple seconds.
Amazon Customer
Works perfectly so far. The only complaint I have is it doesn't come with a kit if you wanna wire it into the fuse box. You have to buy that separately. Will update if it breaks or doesn't record
I bought two sets of these cameras (a set for each car). I hardwired them in. They work great. Easy to use with very good video quality. Be sure to follow the instructions and get Samsung EVO microSD card for extra storage. I went with a 256 GB card, and it’s good for hours and hours worth of full HD footage from both front and rear cameras.There are plenty of hardwire kits if you desire a more tidy cockpit. Otherwise, the cams come with a nice cigarette-lighter cord with an extra USB port too.
Amazon Customer
The set up in my car was incredibly easy! I leave it plugged into the cigarette lighter and haven't had any car battery issues. The video has excellent resolution... sharp and detailed, even in the evening. Great piece of mind for a really small price.
Nice product, however better to get a model with wifi/cloud access.If the camera is damaged in a wreck or the SD card fails, you're without the videos.I did know it didn't have wifi when I purchased it but should have considered these potential scenarios.
I had to replace my windshield and I contacted their support to get a replacement for the mount. They sent it to me right away. I definitely recommend it.
Denny Ruvalcaba
This product has been issues from the time I bought it, it has failed to capture key moments of when I needed it. It has constantly crashed and missed 2 very important incidents of a hit and run, and a police encounter. I am absolutely disappointed in this product, and I will never pick up a Vantrue dashcam again.
This camera came as a blessing, it helps record both in the front and back for collision claims purposes.It has a great camera, is very sleek to not interfere in the driving vision and is light enough to stick easily without the risk of falling. It was easy to install, however, to make it discrete enough you would ideally need a plastic tool to push the cable behind the panels (that is not provided).The camera says not to use Sandisk MicroSD card but that seems to be working well for me..but take that with a pinch of salt as it might not work for you. Overall, I feel this is much better than the mirror based dash cams as it doesn't hinder driving in any way nor does it distract you.A must buy!
V. R. Bird
Camera constantly malfunctions. Wants to overwrite SD card or be over SD card becomes unreadable. Menu options become unselectable while in use.
It saved my time and money on my accident when other driver was telling lies to the officer and I showed them my dash cam at the scene.
John Wiltfang
Great quality Dashcam, records nice clear 170° video. I had it installed in a BMW X1, in a high humidity and heat environment, living next to the ocean. It has performed flawlessly for over a year and still going strong. Highly recommend. Vantrue customer service is A++++. Very responsive. They even sent me a new replacement at no charge.
Ian MacDonald
I was in the market for a dual dash cam setup and ended up choosing this one for the great price. The front mount camera unit can appear to be large in these pictures, but in-vehicle I think the size is fine. I mounted mine on the opposite side of my rear view mirror, so as the driver I don't even notice it is there. The screen is large enough to easily navigate the menu items on and the buttons are easily distinguished. My old dash cam had small buttons located on the sides and because I did not need to use them often, I always forgot which button did what and it was difficult to quickly do anything. I really like the button location and identification on this camera, it makes everything easy and clear. Setting up the cameras was also very easy, and they give you extra 3M tape in the event you need to pull the cameras off and re-install.For those who reviewed and complained that the rear camera connector interferes with the window, they simply did not follow directions and notice that the cable has 2 different ends, which specifically are designated for the front or rear camera. If you pay attention and use the correct end, there is no interference issues.After about 2 months of having the system setup, my rear camera stopped working. I contacted Vantrue and they quickly responded and sent me a new rear camera and cable in the mail. The customer support was timely and easy to work with, so I definitely recommend them. My only suggestion to them for future models is to make the rear camera detachable from the mount just like the front camera is.
Maksim Viazov
I want to change my review about the camera. After the update, the problem was resolved. Now, I'm happy with the camera. The only disappointment is the lack of an application for fast video viewing right in the car.
Overall it was a great camera until it did stop working after a year from the purchase
This dash cam comes with the front camera built into the unit itself and the camera lens angle is slightly adjustable after it is installed. Hook up is fairly simple, pretty much mount it, insert your micro SD card, plug it in to the cigarette lighter and your good to go after setting your preferences in the settings. I am picky and didn't want a bunch of wires hanging down so I routed them under the headliner and door trim to get to the power outlet, has plenty of wire to do that, didn't take that long and the clean install look was so worth it. I have only had it a few days to test it out but I am impressed with it. The video quality is fantastic, very clear both day and night. With the GPS feature turned on you can see your speed when playing back the videos. The unit itself is quite small and unnoticeable from my front windshield unless your looking pretty hard to find it., it is up pretty high on the windshield. Just be sure to have it plugged in so u can see the display before mounting it, you don't want to have it blocked by the sunstrip, mount it so the lens itself is just below that and out of view for a clearer view from the front. Things I do not like about this is the mounts are all 3M double sided tape, no suction mounts, really wasn't an issue for me but if you want to put this in your second car for the day then you will need to get another mount. The rear camera is pretty small and good but the cord that connects to it is not angled, sticks straight out from the side which makes a clean look install impossible, wire will always show. If your using the cigarette lighter plug and it has power all the time even with key off then you may want to consider the hardwire kit for it so it will shut off when your car battery gets low, otherwise you will end up with a dead battery after a few days. Yes I recommend this dash cam.
When I ordered the cameras I didn’t realize that the rear camera requires a cable to be run through the car for it to work. I returned it for that reason and never installed.
After about six months of ownership, I can safely not recommend this brand. The screen now freezes any time I plug the rear-view camera in, leaving me unable to change settings or anything else. For that reason alone, it's not remotely worth the money. I do live in a hot Southern climate.
Joel Smith
I'd bought the dashcams and I didn't have time to install them for a while. When I finally started installing them, I found I'd misplaced the mounting hardware. I sent Ventrue customer support asking if I could get the mounting brackets separately, and they responded quickly and sent me replacement brackets for free. They had to be shipped from China so it took a couple weeks, but I was just happy that they were able to send them so hassle-free.I should also mention that I've had the front camera installed for about a month and it's worked great. I wish the UI was a little more user-friendly, but I got used to it. I also got the hard-wire kit, and of course I still have the rear camera, but I had difficulty installing the wires for them myself so I'm gonna pay a car audio service to install them for me.TLDR: great customer service response when I lost some brackets, cameras work fine but UI isn't the most user friendly, installing rear camera wires might require professional help.
Awesome Camera! Highly Recommended! I do a ton of Amazon shopping and rarely ever leave reviews, but I like this camera so much I decided to make one. After looking at a few different cameras, my wife and I decided to go with the Vantrue S1. It has great features such as the rear camera and 24/7 recording, and is priced well relative to cameras of similiar quality. I'm not a huge tech buff, so initially I wasn't sure if I would have trouble with it. Turns out, not only is it a breeze to use, but also to install. Great camera quality and features for tech buffs, and for amatuers like me. A++
The camera works well, and it is easy to use. However it is VERRY difficult to get actual license plate numbers. During the day you basically have to be right behind the car in front of you at a stop sign or light to see the night tail lights and brake lights completely wash out the plate... at best while in motion, you get the vehicle make /model and color. But it will be very useful if you are ever in an accident and the other car doesn't drive off... good video quality and field of view.
A. Sun
The S1 was an upgrade to a dashcam that I’ve used for several years. First thing I noticed about the S1 was that the images are impressive. With this cam, I could see the license plate of a Cadillac zooming past me much more clearly. Also surprising, both front and rear cameras have high quality images. Not just the front. I felt the only issue I had was the glare at night from other traffic lights from the rear. That's it. Impressed, so I tried to find out more about this camera. It has the respectable Novatek NT96663 processor and the highly sensitive Sony IMX 327 and 323 built in. I discovered that the Sony sensor is commonly used for surveillance and security purposes. Especially for low light environment. The lens are F/1.47 and F/1.8 six layer lens. That means the lens let in a lot of light (large aperture) and they are typically used in professional cameras. I guess that explains the fine details and the rich colors. The battery is supercapacitor instead of lithium. My previous cam had lithium and it would overheat very quickly especially in the summertime. So far I have not had this problem.The shape of the camera allows it to be attached to the windshield with much surface as possible. My previous camera will hang from the attachment of the windshield. I was concern about adjusting the lens after the attachment, but I can easily adjust the front camera after attachment by rotating the lens. I think this is a far better design than my previous cam. The S1 looks more natural and pleasing. It uses 3M adhesive for attachment instead of a suction cup. My problem with the cup has always been the cam falling off. I had experience where one fell and landed on a hard surface and broke. With the adhesive, I haven’t had this problem. My concern now is taking it off my windshield. I’m assuming adhesive remover or WD40 would work. You can also adjust the lens angle for the rear cam. One of the application for the rear cam is that you can probably install it on the front windshield and record the interior of your vehicle. This would be really helpful if you are an Uber/Lyft/Taxi driver. Just make sure you check the image before attaching. You don’t want to record the image upside down. A minor grip...the cable outlets are all on the driver side. So you would either install the cable on the driver side or curve the cable around to the passenger side. It’s quirky, but not a big deal. The GPS and the MPH recording are really nice to have. If you have a teen driver you might appreciate that a lot more. On the side note, the G-sensor will kick in if you go over a pot hole. It is sensitive. I did not try the 24 hour parking mode since it requires additional parts. Overall, I think I hit a homerun with this camera! Great job Vantrue!
G-sensor doesn't work properly. I got accident, somebody hit my vehicle. It wasn't recorded. I can't prove someone hitting my car.
Matt S.
Great peace of mind. Love that it has the capability to record when car is parked as well
Zen Wild Expeditions
During daylight: it's a 5/5 product.During night time: the camera works ok. If someone gets close to you (I'd say about 3-4 m) the rear cam works perfectly, but suffers a bit if its furrher away. The front camera works amazingly well.If anything, the cable connecting the rear camera to the front camera is on the thicker side, so its hard to hide, but can be done with a little patience AND (and this is my major complain) the settings menu sucks. It's ultra hard to acces to the actual settings and it feels like it actually kind of decides whether to go into settings or do absolutely nothing randomly. It's a fortune you probably won't be needing to access thst menu often, ones you have set it properly.UPDATE:About 2 weeks after installation, the rear camera died. Why? my guess is heat but can't tell for sure. Although my car isn't usually parked under direct sunlight, it's been really hot recently. The front camera works ok. However, now that i'm returning it, i reallly wish i didn't install the cameras to begin with. Taking them off totally ruined my windshield's polarized film.
Michael Gardner
digmi dudi
The camera feels cheap, the picture is not high quality, and the most annoying thing is that the parking mode is not working! The camera doesnt work on constant power! And if you connect it to the car battery it will drain it!Just a waste of time and money! Sooooo annoying!
Easy to use and set up dash cam for front and back. I was able to hide the wires for a clean install. Clear picture quality. Easy insurance if I ever get into an accident.
Liangjian Chen
Been in the market to purchase a 1080p dashcam for my car for a while. After doing some research and reading reviews, I have settled with this dashcam. First thing that I appreciate very much is the accessories that come with the dashcam in the package. The installation of the front and rear cameras was rather quick and easy on my Nissan Rogue with the accompanied accessories.The front dashcam has a built in screen which makes the initial set up for the settings relatively easy. One thing I would recommend is to get a high endurance microSD if you live in an area with harsh weather. One thing I really like about the dashcams are the field of views – it captures pretty much all the angles I want to record. Though I have the option to access the video clips on the built in screen but I tried to view them on my laptop screen. It is quite convenient to just eject the microSD card from the front camera. The quality of the videos captured by both front and rear dashcams are pretty clear as I would expect from 1080p cameras.Another feature I appreciate a lot is the parking mode feature. Living in NYC, this feature is extremely helpful.In general, I am satisfied with this purchase. If anything, I think the material used to build the camera are a bit too bulky to my taste but this is just my personal preference.
Brad Roehning
I like how well the cameras are made. And the instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Set up was a breeze.
David L.
This camera is awesome!!! I bought 2 for my company vehicles and about to buy 2 more for my personal vehicles. Easy to install and hardwire!!! It turns right on and starts recording automatically when i turn the vehicle on. I travel/ drive alot for business and pleasure and having piece of mind knowing that if an accident occurs, you’ll have it documented on video. Thanks to the people at VanTrue for a great product!!!
Ralph W Coe
This is my 3rd dashcam and by far the best. Very compact and easy to use Just set it up and forget it. Image quality is great, but may need to adjust the exposure setting for best night vision. Customer service was outstanding. I managed to damage the rear camera cable and contacted customer service. Within a few days I received a replacement. Will definitely be buying another. Quality product and engineering.
We ended up needing to replace a windshield and bought a new car, which required new adhesive mounts for the front/rear cameras. I emailed customer service and received a prompt response stating they would send me a few sets with no charge.Couldn’t be happier with the product/customer service.
Have yet to install the cam, as I'm in the process of acquiring a new vehicle. Will update this review when installed. Finally did the install. Hardest part was interpreting the operating instructions. Must pay very close attention to instructions and operation of those instructions. Everything else is pretty straight-forward. Once through setup, its basically plug and play. Vantrue said they'd send me a hardwire kit and accept the return of the one I purchased on Amazon before the free kit offer, after I posted a review. We'll see.UPDATE>>Install was easy. Setup was fairly straight forward though not all that intuitive. The scroll buttons on the camera point left and right. The menus scroll up and down. Once one realizes which button does what, setup becomes easier. The one thing that I would change if possible would be making the screen Bluetooth capable and able to stream to a cell phone. The screen on the device is both a distraction and small. Once the camera is aimed properly, the screen is really not needed.Yes I would I purchase this item again.
Scott Leahing
This dash cam was darn pain in the you know what. More problems than success. Even ordered a replacement unit and ultimately returned that too.PROBLEM:1. Limited instructions and not intuitive at all.2.Screen way too small and is difficult to see - wish it had a corresponding user app on the phone.3. Could not get the camera charged and would shut down when unplugged or car off4. Rear camera has to be wired so you better be comfortable with the unit before you pull the car apart to install.5. Also not an attractive unit - a bit clunky.Overall - I wanted to just throw it out of the window but could not for the price that it is. WATCH YT videos BEFORE EVEN ATTEMPTING TO INSTALL THE DASHCAM.
Wish I bought this dashcam at $150... had this Dashcam for almost a year, and probably had about 5 hiccups where the screen would spaz out and not work. A quick remove and insert power cord does the trick usually. Order the fuse kit to connect with my fuse box and it detects every little motion.Customer service responds within a day or 2 (they're located in China, so give some time). Requested some new mounts so I could transfer the dash cam to a different car, and they were able to ship me a new set (front and back).Would continue to buy vantrue products.
This is a great dual camera setup at a reasonable price point. Everything you need is included except a hardwire kit if you want the camera to be used as a security cam while the vehicle is turned off. I haven't hardwired it yet but I love this camera. If you run both front and rear, you can record only in 1080P. If you run just the front alone, you can record in 4k.I installed this camera and a month later my windshield cracked. I took the camera out but I forgot to remove the mount when they replaced the windshield. I contacted Vantrue and they were kind enough to send me the mount free of charge! Great customer service!!!!
Chin Hong Li
I like it is mounting tape . It is much more secure than suction cup. It was easy to install in my Toyota. The cable for the rear camera is very long , I still have few feet left over in the suv. I tuck them inside the headliner. Video quality is OK. Just don't expect to read all the license plates that you drive pass. You will able to read it if they are tailgate you or you stop behind them.The rear cam is little tricky to get into focus. I drove in rainy night, and it can't focus. There was glare in the rear window. Recording in day time was fine. I will upload videos to YouTube.
patrick hughes
Pros:- setup bundle had everything I needed. Cables were long enough to comfortably hide them and route to middle console around the passenger door opening so I won't see any hanging cables- rear camera cable was extremely long - it will be enough even for a van- package came with all the needed double-sided tape pieces- camera manual explicitly noted not to use Sandisk memory cards however that was the only card I had and it worked fine for couple of days before recommended Samsung Pro Endurance card has arrived- Videos are very sharp - I was able to read car tabs for the cars in front of me even when in twilight (usually the most challenging light conditions)Cons:- Camera interface is not super-intuitive - I needed to read the manual to learn how to use it (Yeah, I'm that type of a guy)- I wish the package would include a tool to push the wires to hide them between the panels. I've improvised with screwdriver and plastic putty knife but it wasn't always easy.Neutral:- 5 minute recording takes 391Mb on the card - keep that in mind when deciding how big card you need. 16Gb will handle about 3.5 hours of recording.Overall I'm happy with my purchase - feeling safer now knowing that in case of incident I will have some proofs.
Easy to install with the purchase of the apeman obd2 power adapter, pretty much a plug and play. The Samsung evo memory card works great, don't forget to format it. I'm not one for reading directions unless I absolutely have to, the setup was pretty straight forward and easy to figure out once you learned how to navigate the buttons. I do like the removable mount, makes viewing easier than trying to view and setup while on the windshield. Hooping the parking mode works well, haven't tried it out yet. Overall seems like a decent camera for the price.
Daniel T Dougherty Jr
Excellent picture quality both day and night. Very easy to installed and operate. Outfitting all our Public Safety vehicles with this camera.
Nelson Walker
I've been pleasantly satisfied with the experience using this dashcam so far. I only have minor gripes, such as the position of the ports (causes cables to be positioned tightly to each other making it difficult to plug in) and lack of cable fasteners for the camera to camera cable (in order to make it easier to mount the cable in your car). Otherwise, with the number of features and the camera's image quality, the S1 is definitely worth the price.
lydia reyes
I had a little problem with the camera, it just happened to mess up. But the company made it right and sent me a new one. I didn't have to pay shipping or anything. I know I will do business with them again in the future. 2 thumbs up and of course 5 stars.
Vic Kitchai
I owned the front view dash camera. This is an upgraded one to include the rear camera. Both are 1080P with 24 fps. Additional option included Built-in GPS, Parking monitor ad emergency protect. Highly recommend.
Mike Lin
I am looking for a dual dash cam that is able to record both at high resolution. Most rear cams are lacking in the recording quality. After reading the reviews and I was able to narrow it down to this.One of the most important criteria for me personally especially down here in Texas is to have a capacitor based due to the extreme heat in Summer. The cam has most of the bells and whistles for a high end dash cam, it records up to 4k 24fps, loop recording, built-in gps, g-sensor, speed stamp, night vision...etc. The slanted design lets your front lens be closer to the windshield thus minimizing the chances of glaring. The only drawback is that the holding clip is permanently mounted to the windshield through a 3M tape, while it's nice and sticky, it is somewhat lack of flexibility than a suction cup style.There are two mini-usb on the side, one is to connect to the power and the other is to connect to the rear cam. Both cables are plenty long enough for you to make the connection, I have a Honda Odyssey and no problem whatsoever to route the cable to the rear window, it does take a bit of effort to route the wires nice and neat but no biggie.The cam offered simple while effective menus interface. I do appreciate that it's able to overlay all the pertinent information on the footage: gps coordinate, speed information, date and time stamps. It offers a good evidence of the driving condition at any given moment. The picture quality is decent, I do think it's a tad over sharpened but it helps to capture the license plate in front. The cam is able to pick up ample amount of light at night, even though the quality is not as good as during the day (especially the rear cam) but good enough to tell what's going on.Some other features worth mentioning is the parking mode capture and the time lapse. It's able to record a short footage while parked when it detects motion in front and the latter is useful for creating travel footage on the road.Overall I'm quite happy with the purchase, other than not liking the way the clip sticks on the windshield, the cam itself has been rock solid and does the job quite well.
I bought this dual dash camera just before a 7 hour car trip for vacation in the mountains. The picture quality is excellent! I like how it records both front and rear views. I also like how you have the option to record audio or not. The fact that a GPS is built in is also a plus.The only disappointment I have is that the camera is recording the whole time it is plugged in. Ideally it would only record when the car was running. However, I found out that my vehicle (GMC Acadia) is one of the minority of vehicles that supplies power to the DC outlet when the vehicle is not running. Therefore, the one thing that was disappointing is due to my vehicle, not the camera. I am going to install a relay to have this function the way I prefer.I am very happy with my purchase!
Purchased in January, was dead by October from the heat, time to find another brand!
Just what I wanted , perfect size and advanced cam and you won’t noticing is even there so you don’t get distracted.I would recommend this product and I will buy it again for my wife.
M. Song
I have been using Vantrue dash cams for the past few years, and this was my gift to my father because I trust the quality of the products.This was a bit pricey compared to my previous Vantrue products (X1 and N1 Pro) and other brands I used, but I love this cam because:1. Video quality is amazing.2. The GPS feature works great.3. This model uses 3M tape instead of the typical suction cups.4. The S1 Player software shows all the additional information with the GPS map and speed and all.5. front and back are all covered.One suggestion to the manufacturer is, software download speed was very slow and often times fails to download after a few hours. (nothing related to the product quality, though.)I feel a lot more confident with this product in my father's car.
Amazon Customer
Te picture quality is great, it is a great dash cam
I am very pleased with this camera. It wasn’t until it was delivered that I discovered that the Vantrue S1 does not have wifi capabilities. I’m used to transferring videos from my dashcam to my phone over the dashcam wifi. That is not possible with this camera. I bought an inexpensive card reader that plugs into my phone, so I’m covered. If I ever need to copy a video and I won’t be near my computer before it’s overwritten, then I can copy it to my phone using the reader.Picture and sound quality is very good. You can’t go wrong with a Starvis lens.I think this camera is very good for the money.
Straight Dave
I work with these camera systems very often. This one is excellent because it's front and rear. It was a little tricky to get the front and rear cameras wired together in my application (mercedes) but it came out great. Both cameras have a very small footprint and can't be seen from outside unless you look very carefully. I put mine on a discrete circuit but I'm sure you can wire this in-line with many accessories. Overall a great product. Hopefully we don't need to use the crash sensor!
caroline h.
This is my 5th or 6th dash cam and I love this one! So far, out of all the ones I have had, this one works the best at night and has a great wide angle. I live an area with no street lights in the mountains and most of the roads I travel on have no buildings or any lights of any kind for miles, so it is pitch black when the Moon is not up or bright. The only light source is my headlights (which are not LEDs.) I come across many wild animals like elk and deer in and along the road. Last year, I hit an elk which did a lot of damage to my car. The dash cam I had at the time didnt catch any of it as it had such bad night vision you couldnt see squat. This one works SO much better! The video is this dash cam in HD mode without me changing the brightness or anything else at all (its as I got it except for setting it up.) I also want to add, in the beginning when I first got this, I was frustrated by the way it mounts to the windshield (with no suction cup.) But after someone commented that you can move the lens around to get the best view/angle, it immediately solved my issue! I didnt realize that you can move the lens around until that bit of advice. So maybe you might have the same issue and not know it either. I take down my cam from the windshield and take inside the house whenever I get home to keep it safe and so it doesnt bake in my hot car. It very easily clips back into the holder on my windshield whenever I get back into my car. I think that is why the tape is still working great also. Get this dash cam, its worth every penny!!
Michael K. Maeda
See attached video to judge the quality for yourself. The dash cam has built in GPS with the ability to have your location and speed overlaid on the video. You can see this displayed on the bottom of the attached video. The feature can be turned on or off.Installation is straightforward. You will need to route wires from the dash cam to power and to the rear camera. A cigarette lighter adapter is included with a mini-USB plug to power the dash cam. The cable is fairly long so you shouldn't have a problem with it reaching the dash cam. Another long cable connects the front dash cam to the rear camera.Video is recorded on to a micro SD card inserted in to the front dash cam. One video file if created for the front camera and a second file for the rear camera. A new file is created every few minutes. You are also able to take still photos that are stored to the SD card.Overall I've been happy with the camera and it serves its purpose well.
Amazon Customer
Worked for about one week. Then I got rear ended at a red light. When I checked the sd card, apparently it only captured video the day I installed it and took it for a test drive. Now this thing just powers on says 'insert sd card". As soon as I do, it says Goodbye! And powers off. That's all. Really disappointing.
Scott A.
This was a really great purchase. My co-worker was recently involved in an accident with an un-insured motorist and hearing her story of going through the hassle of the insurance company and dealing with the "he said she said" situations really made me consider purchasing a dash cam. This is probably one of the best things I've spent money on. If you buy a 200+ GB SD card you'll have over 48 hours of recording time. When the memory on the SD card gets full you just delete recordings on it through the dash cam. The picture quality is great and it's a great feeling knowing that if I were to be involved in an accident / hit and run that I would have video proof of what happened so there will be no hassle or headache with insurance companies.
Anything requiring set up in a car usually intimidates me. This on the other hand did not. It's a super easy set up. It took me around 20 mins of setup max, which consists mostly of wrapping and tucking the cord in the car.Camera turns on with the car for instant on recording. Takes timelapse video which is an awesome option for scenic road trips. Easy to access files for playback or deletion. You can also take high quality photos at a push of a button. Never miss a beautiful sunset again.
I got the Vantrue S1 to replace an older unit I had because the recordings, especially at night were not as good as I wanted . At night, the rear camera picked up almost nothing in my old unit unless you were in a well lit parking lot. The Vantrue S1 rear camera does a much better job and I am able to see far more than before. The front camera is also excellent at night. The other reason for buying the Vantrue S1 was its built-in GPS logging which works very well, once you install the app on your computer. I haven't reviewed the GPS tracking but once and if I have any issues I'll update my review to reflect them. I bought the SD card they recommended and my travels are well recorded with no issues.I had an issue when installing the camera, getting past the first 2 menu settings. I contacted their customer service and within just a couple of hours they got back to me with a solution and then followed up later to make sure everything was working well and that I was happy with my purchase. It's nice to see that level of customer care any more.
WHAT I LIKE:RELIABLE: My biggest issue with a previous camera from some other brand had been that I could never be confident if it will record the event that matter, such as an accident, someone keying my car and what not. I have been testing the VANTRUE camera over the past week and it seems pretty darn reliable.EVENTS: To create G-SENSOR (shock sensor) based events, I smacked the camera. This mimics a crash let's say, but my goal was to ensure that it recorded BEFORE and AFTER the event and as expected it does. No skips, frame drops or any blackouts (I recorded a stop watch to measure frame drops),NIGHT VISION: I am not sure what to compare its night vision capability against, however I can report that I have had no trouble making out number plates, pedestrians and other features out in the world even when the only source of light is my car's headlight. The camera does a great job with the HDR/dynamic range. Sufficient to capture the details of any event, even when it pretty dark.WHAT I DON'T LIKE:- I am not a big fan of the big cables coming out the side of the camera. It makes the thing look a bit ugly IMHO. I really wish instead of the big fat USB connectors the camera used a more elegant cable and connector mechanism.- This isn't against this camera, but I wish VANTRUE would come out with a version with a wireless rear camera module. I decided not to install the rear module (and instead purchased another camera that is just rear facing) because I do not wish to run a cable through my car's cabin. Too much work and again looks ugly.TIPS:- Use a HIGH QUALITY SD card. I cannot stress this enough. Stream from two cameras require enough bandwidth that if you skimp on your SDCard, the camera cannot perform at its best and you will get corrupted stream and dropped frames. I recommend a Samsung EVO Plus.- Screen protector on windscreen. Yes, you read that right. Instead if sticking the VHB (the 3M adhesive) which is really strong (that's why its called VHB = Very High Bond), take a cheap screen protector they make for phones, cut it in half and stick that to where the VHB adhesive from the dashcam goes. In other words, the screen protector goes on your windscreen, is about 4x5 inches or so, onto which you stick the dashcam adhesive. It will hold without any issues and when its time to remove, you can just remove the screen protector leaving your windscreen like new.
Installing the front dash-cam is very easy. Place the holder in your windshield and slide the dash-cam on it. This comes with a small USB cable where you can connect the front dash-cam and to our car charger (cigarette lighter). This device is so small that it will NOT block our view on the road. Also, the camera has a great wide angle and it captures lots of information. GPS, driving speed indicator in the video recording, several video resolution options, auto turn off, etc are the key featuresFor connecting the back camera, this comes with a very long cable that could connect the back camera and the front dash cam. Also, back camera can be installed in rear windshield.I ended up using a Samsung 128GB EVO micro SD card and it worked just fine. Formatted the SD card through the settings from dashcam.I would suggest getting familiarize with the menu settings before hitting the road. The following aspects helped for a safe recording while driving1) practice how to switch on and off2) practice how to turn on and off the Mic3) practice how to change the recording resolution4) practice how to record and stop recordingRecording a 1-minute video during nighttime in HD 1080P 60fps took around 120MB of spaceImprovements that can be made1) Bluetooth connectivity between front and back camera. By this way, we do not need to run wires.2) Audio feedback. Once you press the record button, it was hard to know if the recording is going on or not. would be great if an audio feedback were available.
Phuong Do
No Wifi, SD card got messed up bc of the dashcam
so far all I can say my vantrue s1 dash are super cool and I like the size of it just perfect
Bill Henry
I really like this camera system- (I am not using the rear camera just now)- and I recommend it! But, I like this company even more! I bought a new Subaru and went to take the camera out of my old car- but could not get the mounting plate off the window... I contacted the company and they sent a new one out free of charge! I was ready to pay at least something for it, but they would not accept it. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I will be buying from them again!I usually don't take the time to review things, but wanted to let others know that this is a great product sold by a very good company.
Kim You Jung is the best
After watching some of the reviews from YouTubers, I decide to give this a try for my car. This dashcam gets the job done perfectly.I love its front and rear setup, and its 1080p@60hz or 4k ability when you need only the front camera. The font unit has a built-in screen, but not make the whole body looks stupidly big as a point N shot camera. The picture quality is very good which I could read the plate number at a low speed.And it is a very smart design to put a USB port into the lighter outlet.In the end, I would really love to have an upgrade version, if the system could let me choose auto-shutdown voltage level for the Parking Mode as the other high end brands.
Elle D
These dash cams have the widest views on the market (I researched this for months)! All that's missing is WiFI and a mobile app to stream photos and videos on your phone. I asked Vantrue to add this feature to the S1 dash cams.
Dobrin Dobrinov
Easy to install, discreet fit both as front and back camera. Excellent features, parking mode is useful to monitor while stationary. Videos can be played on my Mac together with GPS location. Excellent value for money
I ordered this in January but didn't have a chance to install it until early August. I followed the (very poorly translated) instructions for charging the front camera before installation, and purchased a 128-gig Vantrue card to use. The front camera worked fine, but when I connected the rear camera, the front camera would freeze up. After doing a system reset and a firmware upgrade, I still couldn't get the rear camera to power up at all. Interestingly, when I connected the rear camera directly to the power source, it powered on. So it's most likely a faulty cable. I contacted customer support, and after explaining the problem and sending pictures, they sent out a replacement rear cam and cable. After two weeks' wait, I received it today, installed it, and... nothing. No power, the front camera doesn't even detect the rear camera.Today, when I popped out the SD card, I realized that over the past two weeks, the front camera has recorded only one drive. I haven't made any changes to the setup, confirmed the power is connected and all settings are correct, but the front camera has not recorded.I'm very disappointed in the poor quality of these materials. I'd expect a $200 camera system to function properly.