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Vantrue S1 Front and Rear Dash Cam

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This is a pretty good quality dash cam, it's really nice to have 2 separate cameras for both the front and rear of the car. If you get rear ended it's good to have a rear facing camera to prove that it was the other party at fault so it's something that's really good to have.
I have replaced dash cams only as technology improved and this just happens to be my third dash cam.Pros:It works quite wellResolution is one step better than my previous camCons:With higher resolution maybe I expected too much of an improvement in the video quality/detail, but it wasn't as significant as I hoped.Installation was FAR more difficult than previous dash cam.The thickness of the wires was 100% more than my two previous dash cams (not VanTrue cams) which led to a number of issues:1. MUCH harder to "hide" the wires behind panels, some of which cannot be fully secured due to wire thickness.2. Thick wires not very flexible so no tight corners as I had before.3. My SUV has a tilt up rear hatch with a roll-down window. To prevent the rear cam from getting in the way of loading/unloading the vehicle (we go camping a LOT), the rear cam had to be installed ON the tailgate. This means the wiring must flex easily when opening/closing the rear hatch, but with very thick wiring it was necessary to make a double-coil to allow for a full flex.Even with the double-coil there was enough tension in the wires the rear cam would not stay aimed correctly. It took a lot of trial-and-error before getting it aimed correctly and stay in place long enough for me to permanently glue the cam in place. Part of the problem was if any of the rear defogger elements were in the "peripheral vision" of the camera, it would not focus. (Not a problem on previous cams)
The mean reason I purchased this dash cam is its no lithium battery design. The in-car environment can always get hot by direct sunlight, so I do not want to have any battery inside my car as a potential danger. This dashcam use supercapacitor, a high-capacity capacitor that tolerates more charge and discharge cycles than a lithium battery, to act as a power supply when the engine turned off. Of course, you still need to hardwire it to use the 24 hours parking mode, the supercapacitor is designed for fast video playback during an emergency. The video quality is great, clear, and sharp image as I expected. Both front and back cameras do provide wide-angle as the manufacturer promised. This is my first time instating a rear camera by myself. It took me about 15 minutes, most of the time was Spend on pushing the cables into the gap between ceiling and frame. Overall, I am happy with this dashcam. I got what I expected.
The Vantrue S1 dashcam with front & rear high definition cameras is an excellent option with all the different cameras out there on the market. The units sleek design allowed us to install the front camera behind the rear view mirror in the center of the front windshield. The rear camera was easily installed in the rear window. We choose to use the hardwire kit (Vantrue also) and by following a YouTube video, the installation was not nearly as difficult as others would make it out to be! With the Parking Mode enabled, this is an outstanding choice for a dashcam if you are looking to have premium video coverage for any type of situation, either moving in your vehicle or if your car is unattended. I would recommend this to anyone!
Just received this dash cam a few days ago and am very satisfied with it. Set up took a mere 15-20minutes. The kit includes all of the necessary components including adhesive tape and power cords. Images are crisp and clear, especially on the 1080p setting, with the ability to read license plates from cars at least a couple of car lengths away.The most remarkable thing about this camera is its video review application, which contains specific information about GPS coordinates/location (with this represented on google maps!), speed of the vehicle, and direction of travel. This is one of the things that makes this dash cam absolutely stand out at this price point. Another unique thing is that the buttons actually light up, so if you ever need to urgently access the menus in the evening time you won't be fumbling for your cabin lights.Overall, this is an excellent camera with a full suite of features that will not disappoint. Installation is easy and delivery was very fast via prime.
Package comes with two cameras, front and back. I like how I have the option of installing just the front dash if I wanted. The cams are easy to install. As you can see from the pictures, footages are crystal clear. There are options to set it in even higher resolution, but I didn’t do that as I was using a low storage memory card. Even when set at a lower resolution, footages are still of high quality. When having to access footages, they are broken down to increments of 5 minutes, so it was super to find the footages that I needed. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this product.
Don't waste u money I have so many problems with this and they only speak ChineseWont understand what u ask them i wish i can give it back?
Daniel E. Flores
Product came fast, package was well protected upon shipping. If you drive this item is necessary. I love the fact that it captures front and rear most cameras don’t do that. The rear camera is flexible so you can also position it to recorded the cabin a must have for gig economy workers. Installation was super easy it doesn’t t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. The capacitor helps with avoiding overheating. The camera can easily remove if you are concern with theft. The camera will record if it feels a bump even when the vehicle is turned off. The menus are simple to navigate. The video quality is so good that anyone can see it in high definition. I will be installing one in each vehicle that I own I cannot believe that I drove without this item. Do yourself a favor and pick one up in case something happens you will have front and rear proof!!! I highly recommend this product.
I had to upgrade from a dashcam I got back in 2014. The front and rear cameras are awesome. I also bought the suggested brand of card and at 256GB.The video and audio is so clear and the install was easy. People think twice when they are behind me and see the rear camera. I let a bit of the cord show for the rear cam just as a little help for the crazy driver behind me to lear their eyes to the camera since it’s a little block of a camera.Camera tracks gps, mph, and more. Great buy!
The camera stopped working after several months. I'm unable to reset at all. The screen turns on and then it goes dark. It does not record at all. The camera is too expensive for how long it worked. I do not recommend this product.
Donald H.
The recording has interference every few seconds in both the front and the rear camera. I have it wired directly from the fuse box to the unit and to a ground. So, I wire the positive directly to battery and grounded in to the chassis. Using this suggested mini SD card. What else could it be?
Got Coffee?
Looking for a replacement for my 2011 dashcam. After some research and comparison I ended up buying this Vantrue S1 because it checked many boxes for me:- Sony lens, best in the business in high resolution recording (2880*2160P)- Can capture day and night with reasonable clarity- Front and back camera (I still drive a 2007 accord without a backup cam)- GPS (my car is old and without any kind of LoJack service)- Long warranty (18 months!)Right off the bat I am going give two negative feedbacks:- The setup is weird. The left key is actually “up” key and right key is “down”, not confusing at all. Make sure you read the manual otherwise it can be frustrating to setup.- The website is super slow to download firmware. Took me almost 20 minutes to download a small firmware, felt like using dial-up again.However I must say I am very impressed with the well-package and solid construction of this dashcam. It comes with all the accessories you need to mount and power the front and rear cams. The cables are ample length; but I do think the blue LED on the charger is a bit bright for my taste. One unexpected pleasantry I discovered was I can adjust slightly where the lens points to, so I don’t have to worry about not able to mount it at the center of windshield.I took it on a spin and overall I am pretty happy with the quality. The S1 is very responsive works as it advertised. The recording is very clear during the day, the objects, the license plates can be seen with ease. I think the night recording isn’t as great (I think my windshield can use some cleaning and less reflection); I’ll clean it and give an update. The front and rear cam recording works smoothly and now I can drive with an extra layer of security. I have yet to test the GPS function so I’ll provide an update later as well.There are other good features too but not top priority for me but really good to have:- Heat resistant (good up to 158F)- Audio recording- Abundant information shown on the display including current speed and location- G-sensor (auto detect if accidents happen, and will stay at continuous recording)
Wonderful Dash Camera able to utilize front and back views. Clear during the day/night views and is eazyy to install.
Anna Werner
I wanted to start with.... I was looking for a very easy to use camera. I wanted a simple set up, a camera for everyday use in my car, compact, heat resistant (i have a black car and in summer time it is like an oven)... and if you are looking for a camera to connect to your phone or a camera with all these complicated technologies this one is not for you... So far after using it for couple of weeks I am happy with my choice. I still need to learn how to attach the cable for back camera so it looks neat. I love the opportunity to have a back camera, because a lot of people are tailgating nowadays. It has many languages to chose from (for people who prefer different language.) I attached a little video from the dash cam, it is boring driving, but it gives you the idea.... Another thing I wanted to add I used samsung evo 64gb memory card with S1. It also records separate files from front and from rear cameras and you a can shut off voice recording function if you want. On the video I attached for this review I combined 2 files to show videos from both cameras at the same time.Hope this was helpful.
I had 2 Vantrue Dashcam Before, the N1 and the N2 they both served me well for years specially when i was still driving with Uber. Up to now my wife and my son still uses those dashcams. I had been waiting for me to biy this DashCam S1 because of its dual camera. I wanted it to have protection for both front and back specially when im parked on the street overnight. Now I hae confidence that i have protection arround my car moving and parked. I hardwire it to have 24 hours protection. I just hope the include a power supply that you can hook uo with the OBD of my car. Overall I am very happy with the S1. It worth it and i recommend it.
David O
Updated review. Customer service escalated, sent new camera after previous version failed after 6 months.Seems to be working now but the software on the camara is glitchy, in that when you try to enter the settings menu, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.Overall the video quality is excellentand mounting is great.Would be better if there was an app to connect like many of the competitors have.
W. wright
Both dash cams have excellent resolution. Both have a parking mode that I use. The S1 parking mode is only on/off, the T2 you can adjust the sensitivity to near/mid/far.Things I don't like about the T2:- it is big with the GPS mount. You can see it mounted on the right side of the mirror in the picture.- the buttons are on the bottom of the unit where you can't see them.- the screen is small.- it takes 2 hands to disconnect the camera from the mount if you want to take it inside.- the instruction manual is a poor translation. There are typos and camera features are not explained.- although its supposed to overwrite after filling the sd card, it will frequently not do that and just stop recording new video. The manual says to format the card every 1-2 weeks which is a pain, but that is what I have to do to keep it recording. A new sd card may solve that problem, but I haven't tried one yet. You also need to use sd cards rated for dash cams in order to get any longevity out of them (usually called high endurance cards).What I like about the new S1 are:- two cameras, although I haven't used the rear camera yet, just the front facing.- it mounts up higher out of the way and is easy to remove from the mount. You just slide the camera up about 1/2" and it comes off the mount.- GPS is built in, unlike the T2 where its part of the suction mount.- both the S1 and the T2 use capacitors instead of batteries and are supposedly more heat resistant. I did get a sd card fault with the S1 which I attributed to high heat, but it has only happened once so it could be something else. I'm using a Vantrue 256 gb sd card and have not filled it up yet.- the buttons are on the front of the camera where you can actually see them while driving. Very important to me.- the S1 has the option for 1080-60fps when only the front camera is used. 60 frames per second vs 30 frames per second means more detail.Things I don't like about the S1:- the manual is still poorly written with typos and incomplete descriptions. For example, it tells you how to turn HDR on and off, but doesn't tell you what HDR is. Same with EV exposure correction (what is it for?). Same with setting the Hertz (when do you use 50hz vs 60hz?).- the physical buttons are labeled "<" and ">" but are used to move the cursor up and down.- the screen is hard to see because of the angle. It would be nice if the screen tilted. What I end up doing is slipping the camera out of the mount when I want to change settings. Granted, I’m in my 50’s with bifocals, so you may not have trouble with that. Depends on your windshield angle, too.Overall, I prefer the S1 to the T2 because of the size, mounting and features. Both are high quality cameras and get good reviews in other publications. I like having capacitors instead of batteries. I like having the parking mode. I like having the ability to use high capacity sd cards (most dash cams cannot use 256 gb cards). And so far they have held up well (the T2 for over 2 years and from Washington to Arizona).EDIT: the actual video I uploaded to this review is much better than what is shown online as far as clarity and resolution. Vantrue, like other sites, probably compresses the file which drastically lowers the quality.
I've had it now for about three months and it gives me great peace-of-mind as it automatically engages when the car turns on. I've also captured some funny moments on it too. Hopefully I never have to use it to settle an insurance claim but hey! it's there and "tape don't lie" as in video. :D
C. Abe
Due to the current pandemic and I don’t have much to do at home I decided to start ride sharing to extra cash on the side. The first camera that I bought overheated and I needed another one with a rear camera feature in case someone hits me from behind.So far this camera is pretty good. Installing was fairly easy but tucking the wires in between the roof of the car was a PITA, but I was able to make it pretty seamless.The camera quality is decent, but not the best. There are certain frames that are a bit blurry when you try to zoom in, but overall I’m very satisfied with it. It’s not the cheapest, but you’re paying for two camera tuning off of a single platform.If you ride share this is an unit you should consider.
Vantrue Customer
I purchased the camera a few months ago, and it doesn't work now . shows a white display . recording and other functions work, but the screen is just white and cannot be used
Michael Shorter
the only issues I had had with the dash cam is during install I had to remove the bracket which resulted in the bracket breaking. It took almost 7 weeks to get a replacement. The camera has been excellent and I really like the syncing between the front rear and the mapping.
Dinesh Madappally
I like the camera, but I can't believe they wouldn't build a suction mount for this rather than the flimsy adhesive. I've only had it for 3 months, and I've come back to my car 3 times during that period to find my camera hanging by it's cable. I've already gone thru the adhesives supplied with the unit. I think for this price point, they could have come up with something better than a two-sided sticky. I had the N2 before, much cheaper, and that worked splendidly, and this s2 is much heavier and bulkier than that. In retrospect I wish I had gone with another model. Disappointed and looks like I'll have to search for third parties like 3M that make double-sided tape.
Bill Hall
The SD carded (purchased separately) needs to be reformatted every two weeks on a PC. My research indicates that you may not be able to format it on an Apple OS device depending on the version of the OS. The only place I could find this information was in the " printed "Owners Manual" shipped with the product, which is in such a tiny font as to be nearly impossible for a person with vision to read. Other information was printed in orange on white in the same small font. Bottom Line: many people would find the need to reformat the SD card every two weeks annoying at best and this information should be made abundantly clear to potential buyers in the product description.
I wish I could leave zero stars. I’ve had this dashcam for over a month and had it professionally installed (for over $200).I’ve had three different times in which I either saw an accident or saw something I wanted to capture, and 2/3 of those times I looked up at the camera to see that it was frozen and completely unresponsive. I’ve noticed other times while I’m just driving that the camera will just be completely frozen. That is absolutely insane for a product like this.It freezes constantly in the menus as well.This thing is so poorly made and designed.Seriously do yourself a favor and buy a brand that doesn’t just churn cheap Chinese products.I would be very wary of these positive reviews.
We liked it so much: we bought one for our sons new car. I like that it's the same system for the front and back camera. The picture quality is decent enough for accudent review. Another good feature is that, in the event if an impact, the camera placed a marker on the recording. Also, when we got my son's camera, the wires were bad and upon contact Vantrue they sent new questions asked: unfortunately, they are coming from China and with the Corona virus outbreak right now, it is taking a long time to get them via post.
Mounting was easy enough to place and remove.Learning to operate the camera itself was not bad, a little learning curve for the buttons.I think I understand what 'long press" means now.The cables seemed good quality and handling the camera was not too awkward even with my large fingers.I did not use the rear camera, I wanted to see how well the front camera worked first.When using both cameras the only resolution is 1080 30fps.The recording quality seemed pretty good except for direct bright lights, heading into the sun at sunset and bright headlights from cars at night.Could not read tag numbers unless right behind the vehicle.The cig plug has a blue light to indicate power, not too bright, and a usb plug for whatever.The manual left a couple helpful bits of info out.The camera would shut down without reason. When viewing recordings through my computer boom nothing, camera dead. This is with two different cables and power sources, so power was not the issue.Camera would not always turn on when car was started.The parking mode was hit or miss, sometimes would record when it should record and sometimes not. The times it would record was without reason, nothing in front of the car would record for five minutes, something there would record for ten seconds and stop even though the subject was still moving around in front of the car.I am happy that Vantrue has such a good return policy, this one reason for shopping here.
S. P.
First of all, it’s my opinion that everyone should have a dash cam. Even the nicest ones cost less than $200 and can save you a lot more than that in an insurance dispute.This is the 3rd model of dash cam I’ve bought. The first one was a cheap one that has a battery. I had bought 3 of them. And all of them died after one Georgia summer. After some research, I learned that the battery in those cams are not very heat tolerant. And probably not very cool tolerant either. That’s why my second dash cam had a capacitor.A capacitor and a battery serve the same function. After you turn your car off, the cam needs a little bit of power to finish saving the last bit of video, so it doesn’t get corrupted. This is important, because a crash can cut power to your car, and you would lose the last 3 seconds of video before the crash.So the second cam has been very good to me. It was very simple, and all 3 have worked for me for 6 years. I even made a few hundred bucks by selling a video of a car exploding on the Interstate. However, I wanted to record out the rear window as well. I was going to get another one of that same cam, but then discovered these dual camera systems.So I went with this one and I’m glad I did. The video quality is amazing compared to my old one. With my old one, I could read a license plate at about 5 feet away. With this one, the license plate is clear at 10 feet. And I’m sure I could figure out a license plate at a distance even farther away. Eight the rear cam, it is probably about 5 feet.The GPS feature is nice too. Although, you may want to be careful with that one if you speed a lot. If the GPS is being logged, it might put the fault on you if you were speeding.The install was easy. A small complaint might be that the cable going to the rear cam is a little thicker so it’s tougher to stuff into the trim. But it fit. And it makes sense that it’s thicker since it has to carry the video signal along with power.It remains to be seen how long it lasts, but it has the capacitor, so it should be good for that. It has a feature to keep recording when parked, but you have to hard wire so it has power when the car is off. I will probably set that up when I have time to get that kit.The only suggestion I could think of, is something I haven’t seen in any dash cam. I would like for them to have the main unit sit somewhere else, hidden away, with a cable running to the cams, so the cam that you stick to your windshield can be as small as the rear facing camera.I will update this review if I see any problems with this down the road.
Kevin C
Kindle Customer
This would be a great camera if it did not keep getting stuck in menu mode. I have 2 of them and they both do it.
Product returned for refund
This is the first time I've bought a vehicle dash cam, after reading around for hours, hoping this would be a decent first purchase, but im convinced the good ratings are made by people that do not drive or use this camera.Pros--Great sound, catches every tiny sniffle or harrumph.-No lag on video at all, they got that right also but thats it.Cons--The image quality is just awful, I have no idea how people are rating it well. This has a tiny fish eye camera not a true lens.-Single Camera mode has a resolution listing of 2160 at 1080p, this ends up looking like a pixelated gif from an early 2000's webcam AT BEST. For comparison I used an 8 year old budget cell phone and got much better video.-If you want to use front and back camera it will record only at 1080 on each and looks worse even in full sunlight.-You cant read plate numbers even if the vehicle is sitting still and 10 ft away and good luck indentifying a vandal from the pixelated mish mash that is a person in the video this junk generates.- Buttons are fiddly old school cheap "clicky" buttons and when the camera is running its impossible to tell what a button press will do because the ui does not show any clue as to what option you are selecting.-M menu button works when it pleases if the camera is running. 1 click? 2 clicks? maybe 5 who knows!-All other negative reviews are spot on now that I have had a chance to try this, READ THEM!
Main camera broke within 6 months. Bith the rear-facing camera and review screen still work. Front camera only displays as stacked lines on review screen.
Paul Wojtylak
I’ll start out saying I didn’t plan to get a dash cam system. However, I’m glad I purchased this one. I bought the dual camera (front and rear) system and was impressed when I unboxed it. The front and rear cameras are connected by a 20’ cable. That’s a lot of cable to hide but I went to an car upholstery shop that installed the cable and the power cord for me above my headliner ($40). Looks professional and I’m completely satisfied.Word of caution about camera placement, most states have statutes about blocking views through the windshield and law enforcement can give citations for that. I spent 25 yrs as a LEO so I was aware of the possible conflict. This camera is the perfect size to hide behind your rear view mirror! I placed it to the right of my mirror base. The camera has a clear view and is basically hidden from my sight, taking away any argument law enforcement could have. I’m very happy with my purchase and recommend this system.
Noe M.
Update:It’s been about little over a month with the replacement Vantrue has sent me. I say it works wonderfully, but I still hate the fact I can’t keep it on all day and night. Like my previous review I mentioned if you left it running in the Texas heat it would mess up. I been taking it off once I get home and putting it on before driving. I looked at the recording today to make sure I closed the garage before going to work, and the image quality was great. But remember this is not like 4K or something.Previous Review:At first it was a great product but then it started to have some issues. I got in contact with the company and they sent me a new one after sending them documentation of the issue. I did have to pay for shipping the camera I bought from here to them. But they did send me my new camera in less than a week. The camera now is working great. But I do recommend if you live in where temperatures get up to 80s to 100s then please remove front camera. I left my front camera in place in the Texas heat and it caused the camera bulge out from where the screws kept the camera together. Then the front camera display created vertical lines that distorted the image.TLDR; great camera but remove when temperature are 80F- 100F to avoid damaging the camera.
Tyndall Smith
doesn't work stopped working shortly after i bought it and i can't get a hold of anyone to send it back. tried calling customer service and no one answers
I use this in my vehicle. Nice features have options, such as turns on when someone walks in front of vehicle. The camera catches the motion. I like being able to set how long the videos are and easy to access the videos. Good views and good picture quality. Was easy to set up and install. The cord is long enough too. The camera rotates a bit too in the front and in all directions, and the back camera rotates up and down. Night pictures are good too. Resolution has options on camera. Working fine so far, about 3 months. Caught some good videos while driving on freeway. Does the job. Thanks.
Stephen O'Brien
I had an accident today, 3 months after buying the camera. I went to the time of the video and tried to play the mp4 file's corrupted. I tried playing another video: it worked, but the quality was terrible. I had it set to 2160@24, but it looks closer to 720p. The color is also way off, too vibrant. It's difficult to read license plates. Then I tried playing more videos. About 1/3 of them are corrupt. I tried repairing them, but Stellar wasn't able to. Doesn't get much worse than that.
Product as described, great rear + front facing camera for my car. Easy installation, took less than 10 min to set up. I appreciate that the cameras are adjustable, so it can be placed off to the side of the windshield for yet pointed at center. Comes with power cords and mounting tape. Would recommend!
This is a nice camera. I bought two for both our cars. One of them I installed on the fuse box, thus it turns off once the car is off. The other to the cigarette lighter. I manually turn that one on and off. The resolution and quality of the camera is top notch. Good insurance to have.
Love the picture quality but this thing is a PITA to work. The buttons to change the setting rarely work. If you push the button to go to the settings, it just beeps. Takes about 15 tries to get into the menu. Even though the other buttons work. Moreover, I came out one day to find that it just simply froze in park mode and stopped recording for 2 days until I caught it. Maybe I have a lemon, who knows. But like I said, the video quality is really good. Just goofy to mess with the settings. Also I should note; I used the recommended SD card that Vantrue said I should use.
Steve Stepinoff
I very much like this camera as it came with a front and rear camera for a reasonable price. At first, I had an issue with the rear camera so I contacted Vantrue support and they immediately sent me out a replacement. VERY GOOD customer service!!!! I would not hesitate to order from Vantrue again. Keep up the great customer service!!!!Steve
An excellent product for the value, I would like to learn how to engage the parking mode.
Chris R.
Great camera! My previous dash cams would always fall off the window in high heat, this will not move at all! I live that it's low profile. The software that comes with the camera is amazing and very easy to use.My favorite dash cam so far, so much that I'm going to replace my wife's old one with this camera.
Jeff Grayczyk
To start, I have been very impressed with Vantrue cameras. I had a Vantrue X3 before getting the S1 and it worked great. I wanted a rear camera, so upgrading to the S1 was a logical decision.(-1 star) Setup: A little difficult. Took me about 30-40min to set it all up in my car, and had to order wire clips to route the wires. I wish this came with a few clips just to make sure that it will fit all vehicles, especially since this has a rear camera. I was able to tuck all of the wires into the molding on the car without taking anything apart. My car has a swing rear door and there is no worry of pinching the cable, just make sure to get some clips and route it correctly. Last thing, the front camera adhesive is difficult to get uniform because it is attached to a rigid plate, the attached photos show an air bubble in the middle that I cannot press out.Camera: Great. Glare from the sun on a wet/rainy day was handled about as well as expected, could still see what I needed, but blocked off some parts of the shot. Night vision is great when LED headlights aren't lighting up the rear camera....Normal operation without any bad weather is perfect. Photos come out nice and clear for both front and rear.Software/File transfer: My first few files did not record GPS or MPH, bit it seemed to fix itself 3 files in. Formatting the microSD card was simple and its a snap to take it out when needed.Overall: Great product, I hopefully will never need to use it for an accident, but it's very nice having the peace of mind that it will be easy to get the information I need should the need arise.
This is our first ever dash cam, and I been looking for a dashcam which provided a sharp image as well as the information of GPS/LOCATION included. This dashcam is amazing! Vantrue's menu format is so easy and I quickly learned how to set it up. Once installed I forget about the dash cam because it's so sleek and well installed.After installing the dashcam I feel much better on the road. I have my settings for the front camera at 2160p and the rear camera at 1080p. I looked at other dash cams for our first dash cam but the S1 popped out to me due to its high resolution, quality, and built in gps and location tracker. Other dash cams have the gps aspect separate but here it's already a part of the package! The S1's menu format as I mentioned before was also a big reason why this is a keeper. We have different family members who drive this car and it's important that it isn't hard to go through the dash cam menu if god forbid something happened and they needed to save a clip.
Camera was easy to install and quality is perfect. Bought this as an upgrade from my previous dash cam and I’m not disappointed.
Our car was totaled a few days ago. A high driver drifted into our stopped lane at high speed and rear ended us into the car in front of us - scary. Having the dashcams was wonderful in that we were able to send clear video of the incident to our insurance company and resolve our claim in a single day. This was especially helpful as the driver who hit us fled the scene shortly after the accident.I will never drive without a dashcam again, and Vantrue makes a great one!
Dewitt Ortuno-Davari
Great item, would buy again. The only thing I have to complain about is the mounting glue... it keeps falling down. I have a Mercedes that doesn’t have a sun screen on the windshield and may be it gets too hot and falls down? Not sure but I had to buy a stronger strip to hold it.
Vantrue Customer
After having used many cameras in the past, I must say this one is impressing me. Here are my main thoughts without boring you.As always, should the device fail in any way, this review will be updated so everyone can know.Installation Tips-Make sure you place your rear camera between any of your rear window heater grid lines. Some are thicker than others.-If you must remove the front or rear camera mount, use an old plastic gift card. As you slide it under a corner, just keep lifting the camera slowly and wiggling card. Will come off without breaking anything. Do not try just twisting the camera or lifting right off as this could damage the unit.-Plug the camera in and keep the front camera with you in the rear of the vehicle when you install it. You will be able to have the display with you to compare the view – alignment verse installing the whole setup first and then running to the front and back of the vehicle to check views.Pros-This is priced excellent considering you are getting a dual-camera setup; GPS is built-in and other cameras with similar specifications (Like BlackVue) can cost almost double the price. A lot of cameras will try to see you the secondary GPS for extra verse it being built in.-Cameras are smaller, sleek looking and fit very well into a vehicle interior. The front camera can be detached with leaving mount which is really nice for when you may not want to leave the camera in the car or just take the camera with you for any reason.-The camera has all the features I desired. (Loop recording, g sensor, GPS, dual camera, high-quality chipset – sensor, parking mod and excellent 18-month warranty which outshines a lot of others. Time-lapse is also a neat feature; however, I have not used that yet.-Uses one micro SD card (up to 256gb) to record MP4 video files. When the camera records it makes two video files at the same time on the card. One for front and one for the rear. It makes it easy to find the footage you may looking for. If you have a micro-sd to USB adapter, you can easily transport files to your pc. Free software is great for viewing video and GPS activity.-Wires and accessories are excellent. Plenty of length in the cables even for even a full-size SUV and extra 3m pads for the cameras so you can move them a second time if needed.-They use 3m pads to adhere to the window. After using a ton of suction cups, you will soon learn 3m are the best and hands down better than suction cups. Suction cup mounts always left me frustrated. Falling off the windshield in the very cold or hot or becoming loose and saggy over time.-The video is excellent! No cheap sensor used and the Sony Starvis CMOS F1.47 wide aperture lens gives excellent low light results. I was not sure the back camera would do well as I have a limo darkness tint on the back. Cameras do excellent even behind a very heavy tint.-Cables were plenty long to route in a full-size vehicle.Cons-The Micro SD card is a little difficult to get in and out.
Terry L. Hoyt
This was easy to setup Got it quickly I had a few issues getting it to come out on my computer but it was a matter of the camera settings Im a truck driver its on my dash. I work nights so Im impressed with the night views its great. Only complaint is it wasnt clear if it came with the card or not and it does not need to get a card for it.
Easy installation more than enough cable for a family car could possibly be used on a minivan excellent mounting options and spare adhesive pads. Good camera adjustable view angles very good quality good options on the menu. Price is high but this device works not sure you could find anything like this for less I’m satisfied with this device.
My dash cam completely stopped working “again” I emailed the company so they can possibly give me a new one because I received a “lemon” and they said no but they can give me a “ discount” for another!!! I WILL NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT AGAIN!!! WASTE OF MONEY!!!!
Pernell Vinnett
Diana l madera
This is a amazing camera the image is clear this recording was taking at 7:30 PM I really recommend is 110% I install this camera to work 24 seven I had it for one year and I bought a memory of 256 MB with this camera I was able to catch the person who hit my car you won’t believe in who did that he is the pastor Of the church he hit my car and then took off with this camera I found out that it was him and I reported to the police and report it to the insurance I recommend this camera and I wish everybody have a camera in their car for safety and protection I would love to put the second video but he’s not allowed me to do it the second video that is in the back of my car the second camera record when he went to the church an open the church that’s why I found it was him and then I went to church and I tell him why he hit my car The pastor he lie everything he told me he was a lie I was a little bit of shame on him he told me that one day he will look for my car and tell me I told him usually put a memo in my car with your phone number and everything will be fine but his intention was not what he told me the video say everything With this video I could be able to track him in to find out that he was a liar I feel sorry for the people in church
Vantrue Customer
This dash camera has great video, audio and it is easily hidden behind the rear view mirror also it’s very easy to install. If you find yourself with any questions feel free to contact vantrue customer service and they’ll get back to you within 24hrs!!
Scott Tate
The UI is a little laggy, but overall this camera works great.Little larger than I was expecting, but the fact that the rear camera is specifically designed to attach to rear glass INSIDE the car is a huge advantage over keeps it clean and protected.Will update review if any issues arise over time.
Not a bad pricey dashboard camera, got what I paid for in a sense. Playback picture could be crispier though!
easy to setup dual camera. high quality for acceptable price excellent customer support c/o Echo!
Happy t Help
Everything works as you'd expect in this cam and there are a lot of great features. The main goal of these in my opinion is to avoid false claims in the event of an accident. With the sharp video and wide lenses, this cam will meet that need.My top positive is the form factor/build quality. It can be tucked out of view and remains accessible for saving clips and taking photos using the very solid control buttons and intuitive/simple menu system. It also allows easy access to the memory card.Next is the clear crisp video. It's fantastic. Bright and sharp and crystal clear.Be aware though that this cams sensor is only 2.1MP. The video looks great but if you plan on going frame by frame to see details, good luck. I think they must be upscaling but I'm no expert. Even on a sunny day trying to read license plates is nearly impossible unless you're stopped right behind the other car. (Note that cams with high MP, 5+ are either much more expensive or there's a big feature trade off.)Huge storage is another big plus. 256GB holds anywhere from 3 days to over a week depending on settings.The GPS is a nice feature providing coordinates and speed.Parking mode with motion sense works ok, only downside is it often records a clip after action has passed.Others have complained about the power plugs interfering. It's not so bad because you normally only plug it in once. Still. I bought a 90 degree adapter, it helps.Summers coming and that will be the true test. Previous cams from other manufacturers have deformed from heat. This one feels more solid. More on that later.
The camera wouldn’t come on after starting and driving my car. It also wouldn’t automatically go into parking mode. I had to manually turn camera on and manually place in parking mode every time. I’d usually remember after I was already driving, or not at all.I went over the settings a few times to ensure I had everything set correctly.Other than that it seemed like a solid product. Wish it had blue tooth capability/app as well.The instructions are a little difficult to interpret due to language barrier during translation from Chinese.Be sure to purchase a memory card that is designed for multiple rewrites. Cards like the Samsung Evo Plus, while high quality, aren’t up for the task of constant rewriting as the video loop recording continues.Ended up returning this camera.
Anatoliy Onufriychuk
Supper clear video. Best camera so far from all I had.
Jennifer Hagen
Before I purchased this camera, I did a little research. It had positive reviews and some really good videos of how it actually worked, as well as how to install this unit. The price was in my budget, so I went for it. I have had some really close driving encounters that I am glad I have this unit for capturing the event.I am pleased with this dash camera and how easy it is to use, it does not take up a lot of my view on my windshield which was another selling point for me.
Joseph Hartman
This is a great product. I wired to the truck's internal power and I do not even think about it but it is there recording when I need it.
W. Hoffman
Works well, records nice quality video. Easy to access settings. It’s nice that after the screen turns off there is still a blinking red light to let you know it’s recording.UPDATE: The rear camera quit working and when I investigated, the cable receptacle where it would plug into the rear camera appears to have pushed through into the camera. It no longer will receive the plug. The female part (that receives the plug) is loose and shaking inside the rear camera if you move the camera around in your hand. I tried to contact support, and am waiting for a response... Will update again after response...They sent me a rear camera, no issue with that. They have been so far very responsive and helpful. Since getting the new rear camera and rear cable, I installed it and also ran the new wire. I went to check out my new footage (which was great as expected) and rand into a problem with the main unit when I went to put the micro as card back inside. It would not go in and stay in place. After trying multiple times to get the card to stay and having it spring right back out, I tried once again. The last time, it didn’t appear to have any resistance and went all the way in. I MEAN ALL THE WAY INSIDE THE CAMERA. I can hear the card rattling around inside the camera now. It’s definitely broken. I would think a few times of installing and removing the micro SD card shouldn’t cause the slot to fail. Questionable quality. I have contacted Vantrue again. I am and waiting for a response. Will update afterUpdate: here’s the latest. Vantrue customer service has been top notch. They asked me to send them the defective unit, which I did, and the sent me a new package with new front and rear cameras, mounts, cables, and instructions. Not just some replacement parts, but an entirely new package. It is installed now and has been working fine. Thank you Vantrue for excellent customer service. :-)
Anna Hnatii
This is my second vantrue cam. I had N2 before , and now I decided to upgrade to this one. I like that now I can put this back camera at my rear window. Camera works fast and quality is very high.
Buy Vantrue products at your own peril. My n2 camera stopped functioning after normal use for 20 months. I contacted Vantrue and they told me they couldn’t help me at all. They also would NOT tell me where to get one to have better customer support.
I will Update the review once Samsung sd card is properly inserted. As shown in the photo, my sd card is already half damaged after going back and forth. It never has a sound of click and I had to use the tweezer to take out. Anyone can tell me what I am missing or something wrong with mine?
Steve T.
The video quality is amazing. It conceals pretty well. I have the N2 uber pro and this is by far better. I originally got the n2 pro because of the rear video. But it doesn't really video outside the car well, which led me to this. I've never been happier. I don't get nervous about my brand new car anymore. Weather you're driving or parked well behaved or racing, you got the footage. I always look forward to catching dumb people on the road so I can start a youtube channel.
Ohio Bud
This is the 4th dash camera I have owned. Others I have used had suction cups that kept falling off. One camera kept destroying the micro disc. This one works great but I am just using the front camera. The only problem I am experiencing is that I can't get a return from the company after registering the camera on two occasions. I wonder if I can get any service if I can't get ahold of them to register the product?
Sharyn V.
I cannot get the device to stay on the matter what I do once it’s fully charged. And it seems, that you can only charge it in your car. Who drives in their car for four hours straight? It was a waste of money and I’m having a difficult time getting a refund
Idelvani G.
After an extensive amount of time spent looking for a dash cam for our school bus, we’re extremely happy with our purchase. The Vantrue S1 has satisfied our needs and surpassed our quality expectations, it’s a great camera. While a longer rear camera cable was necessary to cover the length of the school bus, Vantrue customer service stepped up and gladly provided one with the utmost customer care. We highly recommended this product -:
John L
I own a Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam Dual 1920x1080P Front and Rear Dash Cam prior to The S1 2160P, I like Vantrue products because of their excellent communication and customer support. The Vantrue S1 gives great 2160P/24fps resolution if you only use it for the Front view, if you using the S1 camera for both front and Rear then its at 1080P/30fps. The positive about this camera vs the N2 pro is it comes with a built in GPS vs the add on for N2 pro, comes with the Adhesive sticker to mount on the Windshield vs the suction cup on N2 which falls off during frequently during very cold or hot weather. It fits perfectly behind my rear view mirror with no obstruction when trying to drive. A Well Build product. They supply everything I needed to install except an memory card. This camera is a bit bigger than most wedge shaped cameras however the S1 has integrated GPS and also an adjustable camera lens when center mounting is not possible. The great thing is when it saves the video it creates 2 full size 1080p clips so you get a great view of what you need to see. because of the build in GPS, it embeds every video with gps information so when you play it in the vantrue gps player you get real time information on vehicle heading, speed, latitude, longitude and route that the car was on for that clip. Its very easy to setup and works right out of the box.
Jun S
There are better products out there in the same price range!This product is very pricey and there are better options out there for $150 and lessThe company is trying to delete this review.
Robert M. Jones
I installed this Unit in a 2017 Honda Ridgeline. The front camera mounted below the mirror, and the rear camera attached behind the headrest of the rear seat behind the driver. I ran the cable under the weather stripping atop the doors and down the A pillar. (Excess cable was run down the B pillar). Then it came across the top of the windshield to the camera. The Power cable attached to the camera, ran across the top of the windshield and down the A pillar, under the dash to the fuse box. The ground wire was attached to a pre-existing nut and the "hot" wire connected to fuse #40 which is labeled ACC. and supplies power even when vehicle is turned off. I used the optional install kit for this. Please program the camera prior to installing it, and keep the manual with you until you get adept to all the features.Absolutely Great Product
Tarik Suleiman
I have had a great experience with Vantrue in general and I appreciate the after-sale support for this company. I have been using the Vantrue N2 Pro dashcam for 2 years now and it has been a great experience. However, there are few uses where S1 dual dashcam is the better option. For example, the S1 dual dashcam has a supercapacitor instead of a built-in battery, which is a huge improvement for hot weather areas especially in Southern California where I live. Another advantage of S1 dashcam is the bigger 2“ LCD screen size. You can easily see the details of the video with the S1 dashcam without the need to connect it to PC / Laptop and this is a huge improvement. Another improvement of the S1 dual dashcam is the navigation system. It is cleaner, faster and I like the snapshot feature of this cam – I cannot find this feature on N2 Pro-. The image quality is great for both dashcams. From the hardware perspective, The S1 dual dashcam is bigger because it has a built-in GPS and bigger buttons, which are easier to press, but the S1 design aligns with the car which makes it hidden and almost invisible to the eye. Be aware that the S1 comes with two 3M stick pads instead of a suction cup and you can detach the front dashcam easily but I need to wait for the summer to check the quality of the stick pads. The most important feature of the S1 is the rear cam. N2 Pro does not have a rear cam since it is only meant for front and interior recording. In general, I see the S1 dual dashcam as an overall improvement over the N2 Pro.
James R
This is the best dual-camera system I've ever seen for this price range. Also bought the recommended 128GB micro-SD card. Set both cameras to 1080p X 60fps for nice action footage.
Vantrue Customer
I love this product. Very easy install. I purchased the hardwire kit as well because I wanted it to be powered 24/7. The camera had a software update which caused it to malfunction but the customer service team was able to replace it with a new camera in a timely manner. I highly recommend it .
Kindle Customer
I tried using a free video editor to put edit, cut, and link the front and back camera videos, but this was the first time I have used the program, and regardless of what I tried, it would not export the project to an MP4 file. Moreover, even one file was too large to be uploaded, so all I have are my words.I deliberately did not select the highest quality in order to conserve file size, so I set my cameras to one setting below the top. At that setting both cameras produce excellent quality videos. License plates may be read from both front and rear cameras.I am still using the plug-in cables; I wanted to wait to see the results before I did the custom installation with the cables running under the top cover. But now that I am convinced the system is excellent and am keeping it, I will certainly get the hiddle cable installation completed.
I had gotten the camera over a month ago. I was able to go to my mechanic to have this hardwired into my car so that parking mode can work. Picture clarity was good in both daylight and night time. I really liked the wide field of view that this camera has however, be aware that things such as license plates to the right or left of you are not as clear as ones directly in front of you due to lens distortion. The emergency save button was easy to access with a double tap of the center "OK" button in case you need to protect any footage. The rear camera could not be mounted directly on the trunk door of my SUV since it would pull on the wire as the trunk opens. I had wished the rear camera cable was coiled at the end so that it would be able to mount directly on the trunk door glass. The real problem I am starting to get with this camera happens a few times a week. The camera begins to freeze and does not capture video out of the front camera. When this happens, all of the buttons do not function and there is no way to reset the camera without unplugging the power wires. This is a huge issue to me because I now need to check if the camera is functioning properly every time I get into the car. When using a dash cam, I need it to be reliable and I don't want to worry if footage is being recorded or not, in case of an emergency.
Vantrue Customer
Rear camera can be quite difficult to run the wire depending on the car but works great once installed... Shock sensor seems a little bit sensitive when going over bumps. Wish the rear camera would also trip the motion recording also
Jake S
12-28-19Install was a breeze. Having a live few display while mounting to the windshield was extremely helpful in getting the perfect viewing angle. The camera’s menus are easy to navigate through which is important because it is packed with features and you’ll want to go through them all to set it up for your specific needs. I am getting the micro SD card tomorrow so I have not recorded any footage yet, but if the video turns out like the rest of my experience, I will be very satisfied with my purchase
Fred Bauer
It does most things well, Especially like the hidden placements of the cameras, does not block visuals front or rear, wires easily hidden. The quick removal to use at the computer also very nice.Should come with a small SD card so you can see if you want to keep it. Also, the gray adhesive on the glass looks like seagull poop. Instruction manual shows what looks like black adhesive, but nope, both are gray.Biggest thing that degrades the images is reflections on the glass, same with any camera.
Very easy to install. Slight learning curve on how to use. I like it for the cost
I like the design of this dashcam and the video quality is good for both day and night. I like the dual recording when the rear camera is attached which records both on 1080p which is visible on one screen.
Gregory A.
This is my 3rd and different model of Vantrue dash cams. I was skeptical because I have never used one that had a rear camera as I have had either front facing only or front facing with internal view. I was pleasantly surprised at how well and clear the view is for both the front and rear facing cameras. Night vision is very good, may not be the absolutely best out there, but it isn't bad and is not grainy. Overall I give it a buy recommendation.
Tyler Jared
This camera is absolutely amazing. Such good quality on the videos. Easy to install with plenty of length with the cord. Helped me out with my accident on proving who was at fault. I recommend 128 GB card with this camera. Stores several days of knowledge. Easily labels the video so you know which is a front and rear. Good mounting material so there’s no shakiness in the video. Easy to adjust and get the correct angle.
I purchased this dash cam set to replace a front-only dash cam I currently have. So far I'm extremely satisfied with the performance of the camera and the video quality. The video quality is slightly improved from my previous cam from a few years ago. This one has a number of additional features including speed and GPS displayed on the video.The biggest benefit I've had with this particular camera is the mounting style. I've used a few previous dash cams that were mounted via suction and hung down. For many cars (mine included), though, the area that you would want to mount the front cam is behind the rear-view mirror. A suction won't stick in this location due to the sun-blocking paint there. This camera's mounting is done via sticky 3M pads, which allows it to be mounted there. Also, the streamlined design has the video screen integrated into the angled body of the camera. In short, it's a lot more compact than others I have used.PROs...-Ease of setup: Setup couldn't have been easier. I used a micro-SD card that I already had, and was able to re-format it within the dash cam's menu system. After that, the cam immediately worked as expected.-Adjustable lens angle: My previous cam had the lens fixed with the body of the cam. To adjust it, the entire camera had to be moved. This front cam has a fully pivoting lens to allow the lens to be adjusted separately from the body.-Simple menu setup: I found the menus to be very straight-forward.-Lit up buttons: My previous cam had a similar set of buttons, but they were smaller and located on the sides. This front cam has the buttons in view and lit up, which is important if needed to lock an even video quickly.CONs:-Cords coming out of left side: This may just be my preference, but the power/rear cords come out the left side of the camera body. Since I have them run toward the passenger seat, they have to curl over. Not a big deal, but I'd prefer them on the other side.-Multi-use buttons: The front cam has a set of 5 buttons for navigating through the menus. Depending on which menu or mode you're in, the meaning of the buttons can change. They are shown on the screen (a positive), but it takes a while to get use to them without looking each time.
Dakota Hamilton
Easy to install if you watch videos. Works as it should and parking mode is recommended. Rear won't see clear at all in most rain or fog if not a hatchback with rear wiper but that's any dash cam.
V. Yee
I have owned the Vantrue N2 and the N2 pro and I found this model to be an upgrade to those. I like how it remains flushed to the windshield and it can record both front and back of the car. My favorite part is the mount; you can easily remove the dash cam off without the suction cup types I experienced with the other models. This solves the problem of the suction cup failing when there's an extreme temperature (hot/cold) difference in the car. Make sure when you stick the mount on the windshield, leave some space to dismount the dash cam as it slides upwards. Too bad the rear camera doesn't have this feature as it doesn't have a mount; you have to stick the camera straight onto the rear window. The back camera rotates 360 degrees adjustments so it can adjust to any angle your rear window has. There are set positions you can hear when you rotate it, as it clicks into position. A minor issue is there's no locking mechanism so initially as I open up my trunk, the wire will rotate the camera out of position. The problem is solved when I taped down the wire into one spot so it doesn't twist the camera into another adjustment slot.For the quality of the camera, it shoots pretty clear images. The 1080p for both camera option is good enough for me to see the general. If need to, the 2160p quality is optional but can only be used if you're doing the front camera only. At night, there is an issue of glare. The bright lights are captured and may interfere with what the camera captures. Sometimes it's hard to see license plates when the car is moving fast.The GPS function is great. The Vantrue software lets you simultaneous see both camera videos along with a map of where you are at during the capture. It tells you the speed you're traveling and I found it to be a very neat function. I have an issue with the mass storage option when connecting to my computer though. As I'm viewing/accessing the files on the camera, the camera would disconnect from the computer after a few minutes. I couldn't find a way to disable this feature in the settings.The device surface scratches very easily but that doesn't affect its functionalities. As I'm fumbling to plug in the cables into the slots, I notice the metal would scratch the surface coating. It also scratches easily when I used my nails too. The cables connecting the cameras and the power source is pretty long so you can run the wires on the side of the car. Technically the rear camera can be placed anywhere too so you can stick it to any surface and record the inside of the car or anywhere you desire. Overall the camera is pretty good.