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Vantrue N1 Pro (2023) Full HD 1920X1080P Mini Dash Cam

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Amazon Customer
It does the job, but the display stopped working after 6 months.
Dan G.
Works perfectly. Great value. Happy w/purchase.
Instructions are somewhat hard to interpret (that's why 4 stars) and I wasn't sure if I should leave the 1-, 3-, or 5-minute overwrite function alone. Ended up turning that off to fill the card. Now about to turn it back on to compare. What I want is for the camera to store possible problems (bumps and thumps that may be an accident) but constantly overwrite the non-important stuff so I don't have to format weekly. Controls though are very easy to use and menu very easy to navigate. Videos are nice and clear. Parking sensitivity seems to be very touchy. Will try other settings. All in all a very good dashcam for the price.
The video recording quality pretty good. The manual instructions should be reviewed as the guide line on some set up are considered misleading and confusing for a new customer.
R. Carson
I can not believe the picture quality of this dash cam for the price. I would highly recommend it compared to the garbage ones I’ve bought before for the fraction of the price
Compact design. Easy installation. The extra cable to connect to computer is very handy.No need to remove the sd card and put it to computer. No sound recording though!!!Night vision and day recording is satisfying. Comes with long flexible cable to install . The car in the video is Nissan Pathfinder.
Justin Ryan Jacildo
I like the dashcam and the packaging was very clean
Patrick B.
Really happy with this dash cam. This is my second one (for my wife's car). Has a battery so continues to film a bit after turning off. Good quality video. For the price I don't think you can find a better one.
great product
Jim C.
Vantrue is a fantastic product line. I have this one in my rear window and the N2pro dual cam in front. They are both incredible cams that do exactly what they should. I almost never touch them, but whenever I see anything on the road It gets captured without fail. I suggest also ordering the install kit so that they stay on all the time with the motion sensor active. It's an awesome piece of mind when leaving your ride in a parking lot or in public places, knowing that if anyone was to ever damage your car is sure to provide valuable evidence. Also doesn't hurt to have that extra line of video monitoring parked in the driveway. I actually like to park in such a way that I capture anyone approaching on the dash cam. These days you just never know who's going to show up. I've actually seen more wildlife than anything, lol. Mostly deer and raccoons.Thanks again Amazon!
Exellent dash cam for the price point ( I got $20 amazon discount as well). Both day and night video 1080p quality is good. Some of the other things I like about it:-256gb card compatible-comes with suction mount (not sticky tapes)-small size-decent audio recordingSome nice to haves would be:- Android or iOS app- WiFi / hotspot for easy video downloadOverall, very happy with my purchase!
Amazon Customer
Jacqueline Cheung
Recently, the dashcam of my parents car broke and Ive been searching for another one. I contemplated whether to get this one or not because it had a screen. When it arrived, I was pleased. Its quite small and the screen automatically shuts off. It came with an adapter that can be connected to my computer as well. Very easy to use and set up.
Boris Bolshem
Perfect quality, small camera, very satisfiedCan see everything clearly
Moris Interiano
Compact camera, great image/video quality highly recommend.
Amazon Customer
I have purchased a dozen cameras and hard-wire kits for my fleet. The video quality is excellent. No issues with the mounting system as reviewed by others. Installation was easy and took about 20 minutes are less. Setup was easy as well. The only setup recommendation is the sensitivity level should be set to low. I had one truck set to high accident detection while on the highway driving it would "sense" an incident and store the video in the locked folder filling the memory card quickly.
Amazon Customer
Functional dashcam for the price. The picture quality is not the absolute greatest. You will be able to see license numbers when the car is very close to you and stationary, but if moving and ~5 to 10 meters away you'd have to do some guessing. Overall I did not expect this to be an HD camera and just needed it to record events rather than read plates, it fills my needs well for a good price.
It does everything, without interfering with vision on the road.
wonderful product
B Thompson
Only had this for a couple of weeks, but so far the video capture is good quality in both day and night.Easy to setup both the camera setting and in the car.
Amazing dashcam. Very discreet hidden right behind the rear view mirror. Video quality is truly one of the best. Easy to setup and use. Video looks vividly clear on a big screen tv. I haven’t use the motion detection yet though but everything else works great. Would definitely recommend buying this dashcam. Great item and great customer service.
Decent camera!! Work really well!
Have not had to look at the video quality for night time (knock on wood) but the video for daytime is good. My favorite thing about this dashcam is the size. The annoying thing about this dashcam (possibly others as I have not tested many) is the motion detection. Every time you shut the door it records / locks that clip. Although deleting the files is pretty easy.
Amazon Customer
Very good product. Reading the license plate numbers is not easy but overall is the best cam for the price. Love it.
Kulwinder Singh Virk
It's easy to install and use. Venture is very good dashcam.
I couldn't use it because the car charger didn't work. Contacted Vantrue, talked to them ones and... that was it. They did nothing so I returned it.Note: I'm not saying the dashcam is not good, or the quality is not good etc.
Fran Really
This little camera packs a great bang for your buck. I love it. Easy to use, durable and small. Highly recommended to my friends and family
Excellent camera for the money, good picture quality, easy to use
Saeed Ba
Start freezing on me after I think 1 man the and half
Vernon Mills
Great resolution, pretty good night vision. A larger screen would be nicer. Overall, a pretty decent device for the price!
I’m very pleased with the product. Came in fast and as expected. The description is bang on. I didn’t rate night vision cause I have not driven at night yet.
It's worthy to buy. Nice little dash camera
Les anderson
Over all, I am pleased with the Vantrue N1 Pro Mini 1080P Dash Cam and its advertised functions. I especially like it's tiny size. It took a bit of experimenting to get the various settings that worked best for my satisfaction and requirements. I would imagine that in the near future there will be a blue tooth camera that eliminates the long power cable. On some vehicles one can hide all the wires; however, on my car, a 2019 Hyundai Kona, I can tuck about 60% of the power cord out of site. The rest is rolled up and sits on the console. The clarity is great with one feature that is not as advertised (below). Overall, I am satisfied with the little desk cam.The cons: There are only two items that caused me to give the camera a 4-5 was the supposed being able to read a licence plate number. If the my vehicle is parked and vehicle is driving by, the numbers on the licence plate is blurred. This goes for road signs when traveling more than 30 Mph/50 Kmh as well . The camera's night vision with street lighting is far better than my past Garmin; however. When traveling at night on a highway, the camera losses my five rating. I doubt if even a $500.00 desk cam would be able to give night vision that would be acceptable.
Camil Poirier
Sadaf Barakzai
So far it's working ok
The product came well packaged!! It's nice and small and when mounted hardly noticeable!Works as advertised. This is my second one - for the other vehicle.
None distructive of sight very good the size
I'm a trucker and I have it on all the time. I bought a 128GB card with it and it seems to be sufficient. The video quality is excellent as is the night video. As per the review I read which convinced me to get this... I wish the time was embedded from the GPS and not user set. (this has legal issues).. I also wish some of the documentation was better explained.. I had to experiment with the G setting to figure out where to set it. Because of the roads I drive I seem to end up with files in the PROTECTED folder a lot and have to clear it out periodically.
Seems like great quality. the Suction cup is a great for attaching to windscreen. Wire is plenty long to reach the power outlet.
This dash cam is very easy to use. Just put memory card and plug in. Smallest dash cam I've seen. I love the size, not in the way of driving. The quality of video is very good. Definitely recommend. The kids enjoy watching the screen as i drive.
kirk coft
After I got a camera for my wife I choose this one for my truck. Easy to istall and easy operation. Good night vision too.Love this dash camera works great.I recommend this.
Patrick Thiffault
It's my first dash cam and i don't regret it.It's really small, so it's not blocking the viewThe setup is easy to doIt would be nice if you could easily add a polarize filter in front of the camera, because in my car the dash is reflecting on the windshield. I use polarize sunglasses so i don't normally see it, but the camera do see it. I did some tests with a polarize filter and it's working fine, i just need to find a way to fix that filter on the camera.
Amazon Customer
Never did work. Only good for holding a gate open
This is a great dash cam! The image quality is really great considering the size of the camera. What I like the most is that you don't need to worry for the camera to start recording and stop recording because it is done automatically when you start the engine of the car and when you turn it off. The thing I don't like is that it makes a lot of clips because the longuest clip you can make is 5 minutes long so it works in a loop and start a new clip every time, but it is really not a deal breaker.
Upd:Smooth design, high quality out build, great picture quality (see attachment.)Cons: After 5 months some kind of glue started to appear on a screen (see attached video), warranty policy require to ship it back on your expenses which make it not reasonable.Overall: Not Recommended.
Hirak Das
This is a good value for money dashcam. Picture quality is certainly better than other cameras using the same Sony sensor. I guess it's because of the built-in processor that enhances the quality. But the picture quality falls below par when sun is falling on the front of the car and during night. Yes, it's not as bad as some of the cameras out here as number plates are visible head-on during low-light but over sharpening of nighttime videos makes them grainy. The other minus point is the suction mount which certainly does work well. Mine kept falling down everyday until I used some double sided tape.That way the mount for the Chortau camera was the best. The final pic you can see the size difference between N1 and Chortau.
camron castillo
Arrived just as expected. It came packaged neatly and instructions were easy to read and follow. I bought the hardware kit also to get parking mode enabled.
Sachin Sandel
Purchased this dashcam after returning apex cam dashcam.I didnot like the video quality of apex cam so took the decision to purchase vantrue. A lot of people recommended me Ventrue so purchased one. I am very happy with the video quality of the dashcam. It comes with a very good quality mout. The camera is really small and of good quality. Anyone who is considering to guy a dashcam within 50$-100$ range should purchase this dashcam.
Pratik Trivedi
Picture quality is great compared to price range and works as expected.
Amazon Customer
I've purchased many of these dash cams and unfortunately one has already stopped working in the first 2 months since getting it. Very disappointed in this product.
This dash cam ticks all of the boxes for me. I wanted something that was reliable and took good quality clear videos in cash there was ever a situation where I needed to use the videos as proof for something.Thankfully this camera does just that, it has an excellent 160 degree viewing angle and is able to record in 1080P combined with a 30 FPS recording speed the result is a crystal clear video that is easy to watch on the largest of screen.The camera also has loop recording, collision detection and if you ever wanted to do a cool time lapse video of a scenic drive well that option is there too.Overall a great camera that is well put together and well worth the price.
david silburt
A dash cam is needed protection these days. It is the baleful eye of truth. This one is satisfyingly tiny, producing very little intrusion into the driver's field of view — although there is some; on my car it could not be mounted high enough to be fully hidden behind the rear view mirror, because the GPS mount pokes upward when it's rotated to secure the suction cup. You have to leave room for that below the windshield header, so the camera ends up slightly lower than the mirror. If you're short like me you see it, but only just.Yet seeing a bit of the camera is a small compromise of neatness in exchange for the security of having this thing on guard in case you ever have to prove who did what, what color the light was, etc. It produces amazingly clear, crisp videos with a very good full-width view. The GPS mount, which is just $30 extra, is essential, I'd say – with the GPS option, video clips display the vehicle speed, to help police evaluate any eye-witless accounts of whatever transpired, should the need arise.Note: The supplied power cable is just 10 feet long. That's plenty if you're going to run it along the header, down behind the A-pillar, under the dash and then have it emerge from under there and stay in view plugged into a front-facing 12 volt socket. But I wanted the wire to just vanish completely, so I kept it running out of sight past the shotgun seat and into the centre console compartment, where there's another 12V socket. For that, 10 feet was just exactly enough in my car. For some vehicles a pathway like that might require a longer cable, so it's a good idea to measure your planned cable path before ordering one of these gizmos. Other than that, no worries at all. Setup is intuitive and the documentation is pretty clear, despite some odd language caused by inexpert translation from the original Chinese. I cannot speak to the device's long-term durability, but it seems solid and hefty, and I found no fault with it right out of the box.
Whenever the car goes over bumps, the dash cam falls off. I adjust the camera a certain angle but it doesn’t stay either. The camera doesn’t record when parked.
Andrey Mir
Just got it - looks great so far.But is there a confusion in the manual - taking picture/recording event?4.5. Event recording - ... when the camera is recording, press the Mode Button....4.8. Capture a picture - When the camera is recording videos, press the Mode button to take a photo in 2 million pexels.So how to take a pic and/or to lock an important footage? Should be different operations, right? Described as identical.UPD: The customer service responded promptly, kudos to them: yes, same button makes photo and preserves the footage at once. So all is great. What I else noticed, the cam too often records a footage as a event - a key icon appears and it preserves a footage. I guess, indeed, the G-Sensor is too sensitive. I have switched it to LOW, will see how it works.
Product works well.
Amazon Customer
As card is a 128 and the instructions say 64 fb max how do you format a 128 fb card ,After running this camera I'm very unimpressed it automatically goes into lock mode and today it won't stay on it keeps shutting down
I was looking for a dash camera and I have to say that i'm really impressed with this camera so far. The camera works great and it is easy to use. The menus are easy to navigate and offer a lot of options. The video quality is superb. You plug it in and it starts to record automatically. The camera comes with a 12v cable that plugs into the lighter cable and it even has a USB port on it which is pretty convenient. Overall for the price I am really satisfied.
George S
Clear images and video, have not tested in extreme heat though, but i will comment on that later. Easy to operate and i like the small size.
If you want a camera that works good for recording night and day, this is it.ConsIt stops recording when memory card full. Even tho it's to start recording over old files,You have to push the reset button to get it restart itself and then format the card, each time the card is full.The battery life is just broken. It cant even hold the current date,You have to set the date everytime the battery dies.If you can get past these cons then the camera is for you
j. christensen
Excellent product. Highly recommend.
priyanka sharma
I decided to buy this camera after my friend got in car accident. I can honestly say the Vanture N1 pro mini dash cam is a superior product. It takes tiny space in car, without distracting my driving. Installation over the front rear view mirror is simple and quick. Quality of camera is great and it gives wide-angle while it captures the other license plates. This camera provides 24h parking monitor and collison detection.All the necesary parts come in the pacakage, with all wiring instructions. You can adjust the settings as per your requirments on recordings. It provides endless recording and G-sensor, which can detect the collison or any happening. The best part is that it comes with optional GPS which helps in tracking the location.Vanture N1 pro mini dash cam has been excellent product so far. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for dash cam. It is the best pirchase.
This is a little but great quality dash cam at a very affordable price. As soon as you plug it into your cigarette lighter and start your engine it stays on automatically. The suction cup on the holder stays securely on your windshield as well. I tried it both in hot temperatures and rainy cooler days. The quality of the video is excellent. I would highly recommend this dash cam as it will provide evidence in case of an accident. This dash cam easily competes with the higher priced models out there. After using one you will not want to drive without it.
Nettie T.
I bought the camera because there is a lot of accidents and insurance fraud going on in my area. The picture quality is great. It was raining cats and dogs in my neighborhood today and I still got really good quality pictures of my surroundings. A small camera that is not obstructing my view, it works well. It is also easy to operate, even for a tech dummy like me.
Easy to install product and extremely easy to configure. Night vision is incredible and picture is sharp and clear. Definatly worth the price. Came with two cables length and type. The motion detection work great and sound is clear. I'll buy a second one for the truck for sure. The 256gb memory card limit instead of the usual 64/128gb is a bonus
Ionel Maier
I bought this dashcam a couple of days ago and got the chance to use it during night and day.It's a good dashcam in it's price point. You can read the plates number during day and also decent during night. The HDR capabilities are quite OK.Being black it's not that visible to the people being discreet.Also it's quiet and I haven't had any issues with it in terms of loosing any records. The motion sensor is very prompt and helpful,
I've been wanting to get a dashcam for a while. The vantrue N1 Pro mini was a great value dascam to get since it is inexpensive and has most of the features that the brand names have. The actual dashcam is tiny and easily fits behind the rear view mirror (see photo from an under angle). It came in a nice package and was very easy to set up with a cord long enough to put along the trim of the car and route so that you are able to hide the cable almost entirely. My only gripe is that it is hard to read license plates unless it's perfect conditions but this was to be expected from a camera at the budget price.Pros:-Tiny form factor is non intrusive/distracting-Price point is low-Easy to set up-Has features such as looping and a screen timeout-Power cable is longer than 99% of people will need-Mount has excellent suctionCons:-Video Clarity is not ideal but I did not deduct from the star rating given the price point of the product i.e. it was to be expected-2 different USB connectors
This dash cam is quite small, so it won't block your fulield of view when mounted on windshield. Recorded footage is good and I can easily read license plates of cars in front of me. Also, I'm using a genuine SanDisk SD card (64GB), and I do not have any problems with it, despite mentioned in their product description not to use it.Only thing I would've liked is to have charger with built in USB port on the top.
Dad 50
Works great. Had it operating for about 9 months in both cold and warm weather. No issues
It comes two long cable and a suction holder. No memory card included. Packaging is great gives a premium feel. Picture quality is really great. It has motion sensor which work really smooth. Night vision is also another awesome feature. Overall a complete satisfactory product.
This product shipped super fast. Set up was easy breezy. This dash cam is great and very reasonably priced. Customer service at Vantrue is excellent.
Mike K.
I got this for my dad for Christmas and it's garbage. It will start recording in the truck but randomly with just stop recording after a little bit. Pretty disappointed wasting my money and time trying to figure out why it was stopping.
I got this dash camera for my wife. I didn’t want anything too cheap and this price point seemed to fit the bill.During installation the only issue I had was getting the suction cup to stick. I think my wife’s windshield was too moist, after I cleaned it, there were no issues 'sucking' unto the windshield and remaining in-tact without falling off. Just remember to clean you windshield a bit prior to installing.I grabbed a few photos from it and it performed fairly well in different weather conditions. In daytime you can read majority of license plates, during heavy rainfall you must be fairly close to a vehicle to see their plate and during night-time/fog you can see objects very well but won’t be able to read any plates.I’m using a 16GB Class 10 card, and so far it seems to do the job, as it records video without any hiccups. We are happy.
Amazon Customer
A good little dash cam, however after a couple of months a problem with the battery not holding charge,contacted vantrue support and they replaced the camera.
Amazon Customer
Arrived same day. N1 Pro is very small and discreet. Excellent packaging and instructions. Suction cup mount seems very solid. Works very well so far.
Derek Clarkin
Very pleased, easy-to-use, great videos, decent price, night vision is good, I just have to find out how to adjust the camera so the street lights aren't so blurry
Such a great dash cam for the price, cant go wrong with this one. Quick replies for support too!
great product for the price! Has many different features that are well explained in the manual. Wiring will be too short if your 12 volt plug-in is in your center console (it was for me anyways) but will be perfect if it's below/around your stereo.battery lasts about an hour without a power source.
I have a compact suv and the cable that came with the package does not reach the power socket on the car. This is at best suited for very small cars. Definitely not for small suv or trucks. Waste of money
king kong
Good Product
Excellent product, so good that my dad ordered one for himself. He never thought a dash cam at this price could be so good.
Ron Joiner
I was looking for a dashcam and this one hits all the right boxes. Small and unintrusive, great resolution, good clear colour with very good contrast. Has protected mode and G sensor. Excellent FOV. Takes a micro SD up to 256gigs but have a 32 gig card which is good enough. The suction cup works fine. The small fiddly card takes a firm push to get it into the slot though not a big deal. I think this is the best bang-for-your-buck dashcam available.
High quality camera lots of options to choose from easy to setup and install
Robert Larson
I like the compact size of the dashcam. Video quality is very good.
Very happy with this purchase. Installation was easy and camera is small and does not obstruct vision.
Ron Joiner
I was looking for a dashcam and this one hits all the right boxes. Small and unintrusive, great resolution, good clear colour with very good contrast. Has protected mode and G sensor. Excellent FOV. Takes a micro SD up to 256gigs but have a 32 gig card which is good enough. The suction cup works fine. The small fiddly card takes a firm push to get it into the slot though not a big deal. I think this is the best bang-for-your-buck dashcam available.
I've purchased this dash cam yesterday and quickly mounted it onto my windshield to test it out. Although the evening to follow was quite foggy and rainy, the dash cam was still as clear as day, I was able to clearly make out plate numbers, and the makes of vehicles. I was initially debating between a few dash cams, but I am glad I chose this one
Andrei Patriki
Very light, easy to read instructions, nice interface
I purchased this about 6 months ago on sale, and I'm very glad I did. This is the first dash cam I've owned, so I don't have anything to compare this to, but I was in a minor crash recently and this captured the whole incident without a hitch. It happened during the day in good weather, so it was optimal conditions for capturing video, and I'm able to read the license plate of the other vehicle even though it was coming in at an angle. It's not perfectly crisp, but I can clearly distinguish what the characters on the plate are, which I think is as much detail as I'll ever need.
While this camera has very good image quality and is nice and small, do NOT assume the date is always correct. Unfortunately, when I needed to retrieve important files, the camera did not automatically protect the files and also, the date was wrong. The loop recording should have atleast recorded the last 5 hours but because the date got reset, the files were lost. Be wary of this camera and if you do own this camera, check the date atleast once a week to make sure that the most recent files are properly being timestamped, because if it is not, the newest files will get overwritten. The camera kept deleting the most recent 8 files, as the date reset to Jan 1, 2018 when it should've been 2019.
This is my third camera. The other two I refund it after 2 days. It was bad. But this for the price , is really good. I like it so far.
I like "time lapse" feature. Use 256Gb samsung micro ssd memory and setup for surveillance.Recording and saving 1 frame/Sec videos for almost 40 days. AWESOME!
rich h
good unit for the price and already paid for itself with a nasty I/me driver trying to bud into a line.
vivek singh patial
This is a pretty good camera for its price. Very good picture quality. Only issue is that the suction holding the camera comes off every now & then especially in extreme temperatures!
It’s small which is great however it also makes the screen small at this size. I found it a little finicky to set up but not so bad that I wouldn’t recommend it. I bought the GPS mount so by the time you have paid for both I feel there are likely better options in that price point considering you have to purchase 2 items to get speed and GPS locations. Only got it yesterday and have used it on a trip today. I accidentally set it to time lapse however the images are put together to make a video rather than loads of pictures. It worked well. Will be testing it’s video recording tomorrow on video. Looked at the video on my laptop and I would say the video was pretty good. All in all it is just about worth the money even though it feels cheap.