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Vantrue N1 Pro (2023) Full HD 1920X1080P Mini Dash Cam

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Muhammad Younis
Bits and Bobs
It is just fine. Im excited to have it and hopefully never need it!
Amazon Customer
I have used this dashcam for a couple years now. My biggest problem runs into the suction cup. Anytime it is over 90 F outside, the suction looses grip and it falls of my window. I have to reapply once or twice a day. It’s more of a nuisance than anything. I wouldn’t call it a deal breaker though. I prefer wireless dash cams but for this price, it’s perfectly acceptable in my opinion. The camera quality is more than adequate. In my opinion it is well worth the $70. I do recommend this camera if you’re looking for a budget friendly dash camera.
Literally just randomly stopped working… maybe the heat in the car messed it up? Either way sucks
Casey Courter
Worked great for a few months. Fast forward a year and a few suction cup failures later, and some guy rear ends me. So I go to my dash cam a few days later to pull the video and realize that this thing reset the date and has saved a sequence of videos from over a year ago and is now erasing all the most recent clips within 2 days of recording instead of the oldest clips. So my dash cam has an hour of footage from a trip I took over a year ago and then only my commute to work for the past two days conveniently missing the accident I was in. Thankfully rear end accidents are pretty cut and dry but the one time I could actually use this thing, it fails me. Going to buy a different brand this week as I don’t want this to happen again.
The video quality is good and the camera functions well. For anyone having issues with the mount falling off see the attached picture. If you use a small flat head screwdriver, you can remove the cap covering the mounting mechanism. When you attach it to your windshield, press down on the center (red circle) to squeeze out as much air as possible. Then rotate the mechanism to lock it down.This used to fall off my windshield every day. Ever since removing the back cap (about two weeks ago), it hasn't fallen off even in 100F heat.
Lee R.
Waited a week so as to have actual results. Video is fine, even at night. Main issues are with the manual. The online manual tried to correct some errors in the written provided manual, but even the online manually contradicts itself (specifically but not limited to the red LED during charging). In addition, the drop down menu for the G factor says choose 1,2,3 or4 yet both manuals sat low, medium, high or off. I still do not know which number refers to which G level. Windshield mounting and power cable run are both good.
Corinne currie
Really a great quality camera… if it would only stay on my windshield. It falls after a couple of hours. I’ve tried cleaning my windshield and the suction cup so many times but to no avail. It’s pretty much useless when it’s hanging mid-air while I’m driving!
When I received it, the item was so small, I figured it was junk. But recently I tried it out and it does a good job photographing the activity in front of you, while you are driving. What kind surprised me, is that it also recorded my conversation that I was having inside the car.If it is plugged in, each time you start the car it starts to record. It records a video for x amount of minutes, then records another video for x amount of minutes. Thus making it easier to find a particular spot during your drive, versus having to go through one long video.The picture quality was quite good and I was pleasantly surprised.It mounted using the suction cup and never felt like it was going to come off. Note- I did clean the inside windshield first.I was pleased.
Amazon Customer
We ordered 2 of these with the largest supported memory card, one for each of our cars.After 1 month, the first camera died with "Card error". Replacing the card did NOT clear the error.Replacing the camera (with same card) fixed the problem and all was well, although 1 car did not have a camera anymore. A week later the other camera failed.Both cameras failed within 2 months. I can live with 1 camera fail, but both within that short amount of time .. no thanks. Not worth buying again.Buyer beware.
my cable was broken after 2 years using the cam, so i contacted the customer service, and they helped me a lot. sent me another one for free. Would buy again anonther products ! THANK YOU !
Camera works fine. The suction would fail now and again to be expected. But after a year it kept falling no matter how well I cleaned it or the windshield. So I have the camera ziptied to the rear mirror. Make sure camera is on. Sometimes didn’t turn on. Very few times.
Crap product!! Only takes certain sized Micro SD cards, the suction cup does not hold onto the windshield of my Jeep..... and now randomly shuts off and back on. Found a firmware upgrade, with no instructions on how to upload. Their user manuals are a joke.NEVER BUYING VANTRUE AGAIN!
Daniel F. Moore
As several other reviewers have noted, this unit’s battery is seriously flawed. It simply does not hold a charge after you have used the cam for awhile. When it worked, it was very good, but what good is a cam with a non-functioning battery? Give this one a pass.
Picture quality isn't as clear as advertised. Nighttime glare clearly obstructs ability to see license plates
Steven R.
I did like that the did not have an SD card. As a result I had to find and install to complete functionality of this camera. After finding a retail seller of an SD card, verifying specs with owners manual in hand and installing-“card error “ displays in cameras window! Suggestion; plug & play Vantrue, simply plug & play!
Lisa L Smith
This little camera takes nice clear video. The small size does not block any view through the windshield and isn't that visible from the outside. It stays put on the windshield. I ordered a second one for my husband's car.
knife man
works good but battery is not replaceable and only lasts 14 months, they you would have to hard wire it to your car battery. . they only would give me 15 refund.
Not able to use this without it being plugged in and ugly wires hanging from the windshield. The camera shuts off after 10 minutes if it’s not plugged in. Really disappointed.
My camera keep resetting the date by itself.troubleshooting to bad battery.Now it keep resetting everytime I turn off my car, it make it very much useless for below reasons,(1) it mess up what to erase during looping recording,(2) the recording time stamp is not accurate and not valid to provide anything during accident,(3) it make hard to find any recording you want,This is definitely product defect issue.Hope I can get a replacement,
I just got rear ended and the video is nowhere to be found. The video before and the video after are there, but from the accident itself, nothing. Not in "normal" and not in "events." Also, it constantly comes off my windshield
Jeffrey Michael Helton
Battery would run out after about 30 minutes. Video only showed in fast forward mode on computer. Returned!!
Matt S
I had a cord that got broke because my son kicked it and they offered to send me another one for free!!!
Vic T.
Every function worked as stated.
M. N. M
I was impressed with the high quality packaging and the well-made feel of the camera. This is our first dashcam and it was easy to install and get operational.
This replaced one I had. And it blew it away! Great picture quality, so far hasn’t fell off either. Easy operation too. Plus it’s smaller than one I had. Would buy again!
Denise Bowman
Jan Torres
The picture quality was pretty decent for this camera. But my biggest disappointment is there’s no WiFi or app that supports this camera which making playback a very difficult process. All the dashcam I previously purchased had apps that allow easy playback. And not able to do that with this camera is a big turn off. Imagine playing video on that tiny little screen is a hassle and adjusting the camera to the right position is also difficult without that feature. Another thing is that the mounting clip will not stay in place. Keeps on falling off after 3 days of attempts and I give up. Return this goes.
Nawaz Khan
Great product! After using it for almost 3 years in Florida sun, the suction cup finally gave up. Won’t stuck to the windshield anymore, i contacted customer care and they shipped me a suction cupWithout any charge even the product was out of warranty. Overall great product with excellent service.
I purchased two of these. Both units have had battery failures. One right after the return period from Amazon ended and the other I just discovered after a long road trip with a great drive back with lost foortage due to files being repeatedly overwritten due to the battery failure causing the date and time not being correctly saved.On the first unit that failed, I contacted Vantrue a number of times and was told to update the software. When that failed I contacted them again to no avail. I contacted them again to no avail.After the failure of the second unit, I have given up on Vantrue.
Amazon Customer
I just recently realized I needed to format the memory card. Don't return your memory card.
I looove the features and quality of this dash cam! I rarely write a review but this one is worth writing about and so I could let u know that you won’t be disappointed plus for the price? Cannot beat it!
I tried everything to get the suction cup to work but it doesn't! I gave up and returned it. The picture quality was good and it wasn't too difficult to figure out how to use. It’s ridiculous that I had to return it because of the suction cup but I was getting really stressed out and distracted with the camera falling down every few minutes. One time a truck pulled out in front of me and almost hit me and the camera fell at that moment! That’s when I decided to return it.
Larry B Willis
can not beat it for the money my old 1 was a Unden and this is much better
William P.
The camera is the best that I have purchased (3 other models didn’t last). The menu is easy to use, and quality is superb. The issue is with the manufacturer. They had a promotion to register and they would send the gps tracker free. That did NOT happen, the webpage would not allow me to register or to receive my gps. So, I use it without the gps. I would have given 5 stars if they had followed through with he offer. Shame on empty promises.....
Mary C. Bledsoe
It’s small with very good quality. Very easy to use.
I got into an accident. The Camara didn’t work. The memory was full of Older videos. My money was wasted for nothing.
Abel Vasquez
The camera quality was ok, it was not choppy, but clear. Could have been better in my opinion. The suction power did not stick on at all. The most important thing was the battery. I let it charge to full battery (forgot how long it took to fully charge) but I laughed when I took it with me from my house to the store and bank. The damn thing didn't make it back home, in a time span of 30 minutes it died. I think it was less than 30 minutes too as all three locations are less than 5 minutes apart. My point is, the battery sucks and I read a review saying it killed her car's battery so I did not take the risk of plugging it into my car to recharge. I took a risk on this product and paid the price. Oh well... at least I can warn other customers.
I purchase this not knowing that I didn’t want to bother with cigarette lighter plug. Vantrue sells a hardwire kit that conveniently has an add on circuit for any fuse type your car has. Super easy to tuck the wires under the weather stripping and down to the kick plate where the fuses are located. If you are brave, you can get a more professional install by removing a few more panels along the pillar so there is no risk of wires getting in front of the airbags. Overall good value for the price.
OK, first the not so good: actually, it's smaller than I expected. Granted it's partly my fault, didn't pay enough attention to the physical dimension specs (which is BTW accurate). You can hardly see what's on the screen while driving. But why would you want to see the screen while driving? You see the same real time. Anyways, apart from that, because of the size buttons are small, you need skinny fingers to confidently handle them.Now the good: (and much more good things about this little guy than not so good) the image quality is very good when you use 1920 res. View angle is good too. Set up is a breeze, very easy, fast, convenient (if you read the manual; if you don't like I did first you get confused. Actually, YOU get confused not the unit). User's manual is good, accurate, easy to read and understand.I was happy with my purchase until I found out that their Web site is not working. You can't register products, can't access updates. That's an important problem these days.Amazon's shipping is the best ever. Much faster than promised. Thanks.
Got this for Christmas and haven't used it because the suction doesn't work more than 30 seconds and it does not recognize when connected to a power source. The window and suction we’re cleaned with alcohol first. It is completely unusable.
Tom Pride
Overall great product for the price inconvenience easy to use for a novice
OK, first the not so good: actually, it's smaller than I expected. Granted it's partly my fault, didn't pay enough attention to the physical dimension specs (which is BTW accurate). You can hardly see what's on the screen while driving. But why would you want to see the screen while driving? You see the same real time. Anyways, apart from that, because of the size buttons are small, you need skinny fingers to confidently handle them.Now the good: (and much more good things about this little guy than not so good) the image quality is very good when you use 1920 res. View angle is good too. Set up is a breeze, very easy, fast, convenient (if you read the manual; if you don't like I did first you get confused. Actually, YOU get confused not the unit). User's manual is good, accurate, easy to read and understand.I was happy with my purchase until I found out that their Web site is not working. You can't register products, can't access updates. That's an important problem these days.Amazon's shipping is the best ever. Much faster than promised. Thanks.
KD Cash
Does what you need it to do I wish it turned on a little faster but I understand the quality for the price overall I think everyone should have at least this in their car
Korkis Isaac
As a cam its look like good but as electronic no it’s not worth it
Hans Halberstadt
I had this dash camera installed in my truck for about eighteen months and it seemed to be working perfectly until I was in a collision in January. The card showed everything up to the collision and everything after but the actual impact was missing. The impact apparently caused a malfunction just when it ought to have been working.
Works great. Easy to install and set up!
Christopher Black
Being connected to accessory power you wouldn’t assume the battery is very useful - until you realize that between drives, the date keeps resetting and it overwrites the oldest files when it needs space: this means your newest files get overwritten quickly and older garbage remains. Of course you won’t notice till you go back to find something...
This dashcam has been in my car for only a year. I have not used parking mode, and it's always plugged in, turning on only when the car is on. Despite this, the time/date keeps resetting to 1/1/2018 every day.
Kindle Customer
I've owned this dashcam for two years now. The picture quality is really good and the camera works very well. I also use the GPS module which works well. However, after two years of use part of the mounting bracket on top of the camera snapped off, making the camera useless (see pic). I looked closely at the bracket and noticed the other side is also cracked. I use this camera on three different vehicles so moving it from mount to mount probably stressed the camera bracket. It was also cold when it broke. A few quirks - 1) the swivel mount doesn't tighten much so the camera is easily bumped out of position, 2) the internal storage of time and other settings will go away if you don't use the camera often enough, and 3) the mount will sometimes fall off of the windshield in extremely hot or extremely cold weather. (I live in Michigan.) Wrap a loop of the wire around the rear view mirror post so the camera won't fall to the floor. Set the G-force to low, the default is too sensitive. Also, keep in mind the HD function creates very large files, a 5 minute clip consumes about 558 MB. Despite the quirks and the broken bracket I like this camera enough to buy another one.
Daryl Larson
Small form factor, high heat resistant, parking mode, G-sensor, nice night and day video picture. Supports up to 256GB SD card. I am pretty happy with this product.
Ima User
Still reviewing night vision, but this is second VanTrue dash cam and the are some of the best I’ve seen. Picture quality is awesome!
Kindle Customer
I bought three. I bought them during the winter of 2019 and 2020. I have had nothing but trouble with them. Customer service was sweet. They always returned my emails, though they would not give me a phone number so we could work out the problems together. I won't elaborate on all the problems except to say that of the three cameras I was only able to get one to work. I have spent untold hours - literally hours - on these cameras to get them to work, but I was totally unsuccessful. It starts with an instruction booklet written in transliterated Chinese and goes to small buttons that do not work as advertised. Upgrade firmware? Can't be done. And on and on.Don't waste your money or your time on these devices.
michael ensminger
first cam for car now i know that the one thing that is needed is to connect to phone by WiFi for easy use this does not have it.
For all the feature that this camera offers, the price is well worth it. Though the camera is small in size it has a wide view of the road. The picture quality is very clear day and night. I also bought the gps so I can have my MPH displayed. I purchased the hardwire but then I realized I don’t need it. Those that complained of there battery dying is because they didn’t keep in mind that if you don’t run your car then you are not charging your car battery. What I do is simply plug the gps in the plug port when I drive and when I’m done driving for the day I unplug the gps and have resulted in no issues with the battery.
Bruce Kendall
Pulling my hair out. My N2Pro died and I cant find anyone to replace battery!! I bought an N1Pro and the software has many issues. Downloaded update and still have issues.I'm about ready to find another brand. I just submitted a support email. We will see if they care. They wouldn't replace my battery on N2Pro but they offered a video to follow!! Screw that!
Juan Gonzalez
I bought this back in 2019 and loved it, I had no complaints. A year into owning it, it didn't want to stay up, I had to fight with it everyday to keep it up. Also the it won't record after being plugged in after a day, you have to clear the message so it could start recording again, so annoying and easy to forget. Now today I needed to get footage off of it, apparently it hasn't recorded in over a YEAR, even though on the unit it says it recording!! This is totally not okay and defeats the whole purpose of having it!
Debra Papenthien
I can’t seem to get it to work. The chip is in correctly but the camera keeps shutting off saying there’s a card error. I purchased the reader card at the same time I purchased the camera to make sure I purchased the correct one. I’m on vacation for six weeks, now. I’m just gonna have to wait till I get back to deal with it in the meantime I’m not using it because it won’t work correctly.
Sue Lawson
I’m not a person that just dives in and just buys the first one I see. I did a lot of research on this item before purchasing it by looking on U Tube and looking at reviews on the web all said it was a marvellous dash camera now that I have it I totally agree it is a marvellous product. It is very easy to set up and install the picture quality is great both during the day and especially at night a great little unit at a very reasonable price
Wonderful pictures and video
Emily Tanko
I’m extremely disappointed in this camera. It intermittently stops recording; failing to do its one job. The screen turns back on after driving for about two minutes and will continue to do so for about a week before going back to working order without me touching it at all. I have tried everything to figure out the problem and there is no indication that anything is wrong with it. I’ve reached out to the company twice because they claim to have a twelve month warranty and have received no response.
I couldn't find any warranty info on this, It worked the one time I looked at the videos, it won't keep the time and date so it was almost impossible to find a specific video. The last time I tried, it only had videos that were at least 2 weeks old. I bought Rove R2- 4K Dash Cam , it has twice the frame rate and it lets you know when it is recording by a voice alert, and is a bigger camera. When I put this camera away to store it, it was still on somehow, even though it had been unplugged for a day and had no memory card in it. Worthless.
This dash cam has nice picture quality and is easy to mount and use. The car charging cord is generously long. The quick start and user guides are both easy to follow and use. So far, happy with this purchase!
I don't understand with the great features this camera has.Why can't you turn it on and off with a switch?Or am I still missing something?
Very easy to install.
Overall I would say this device works well for the price. I have two main issues. 1) How it manages time. The device does not use the GPS for time rather the user has to manually enter the time. This is a pain as the time does not hold very long when power is removed. 2) The internal battery after one year lasts about 2 seconds once power is removed. Again, the picture quality is really good for the price**** With the new firmware v12 the time now updates. The internal battery still only last about 10 seconds.**** The new Firmware did not fix the time problem. Overnight the time dropped and went to 01/01/2030.
I haven't had this very long, however I am very pleased with how it works. The picture quality is very crisp and you can see the details. Very pleased so far.
Amazon Customer
Works ok not the best really considering sending it back shuts off too easy and always half to turn it on
Thao Mai
I bought three of these camera and am very satisfied with the video quality. But one thing i hate about this camera is the camera itself keeps resetting to factory setting like date, time that i have to manually readjust them every 1,2 weeks which is very annoying. I contacted the seller and they were nice enough to offer to replace all three but i had to pay for the shipping cost to return the camera to them and they shipped the new camera for free. And the problem still happens with the new camera. I guess because the internal battery is bad and it doesn't memorize the setting or something. I am looking for a different camera brand and throw all three cameras to the trash. Don't waste your money on this camera, look for something else!
Randy luis medrano
Is ok for the price but the battery no last 10 minutes, camera must be hardwire all times.
Kindle Customer
Have used this brand of dash cameras before. Very reliable IMO. This newer model N1 is smaller and easier to setup. Picture quality is very good with a wide angle view.
Product works as advertised. Screen is a bit small to see quell from the driver’s seat of my F-150. Quality of the video stored on the microSD card is excellent.
I tried to use it as a dashcam. The camera has not worked with any of the micro SD cards that I have attempted to use. It refuses to accept a card of any kind. Unfortunately, by the time I had tried every card I could think of I could no longer return it. I would not recommend buying this dashcam.
good. but i ended up returning it because i couldn’t run the thick wires in my 2014 sierra.
I just drove across the country. I loved the security of driving with the cam on the whole time. The fact that it supports 256GB of storage, I have every minute of the drive recorded!
Chris Bilar
The directions are confusing and support email bounded back undeliverable.
N1 Pro is a great budget dash cam. It certainly beats its competition in the $100 range. It records the license plates with good detail and colors are natural looking. Another good thing is the audio recording quality, it sounds amazing.This is my first ever dash cam and I’m really happy with this purchase.
The dashcam is mini, so it doesn't distract the driver. The video and photo qualities are amazing for a compact dashcam.One thing I don't like is the user manual is not very clear, it doesn't explain to you what each of the options does. The user manual give you the features and options you can choose but never explain what the features does.Also, the "G-sensor" feature show different options then in the user manual. In the dashcam my options are 1-5, but in the user manual its show low, medium and high. So I am confused on what to choose and what number associate with low etc...
Having owned it for roughly two years, it worked like a charm in the beginning. It still does in regards to video quality. However the first thing to go was the internal battery. It lasted about 9 months if that. Other features were nice but alas the longevity of this product's battery is questionable having sat in a car through sweltering summers and frosty winters.
Integrity Reviews
I bought the Vantrue N1 Pro about two years ago. I'm on the third one.These units come with an 18-month warranty and email support has been excellent. Vantrue responds promptly and replacement parts have always been shipped quickly.The first camera came with a defective micro SD card slot. The card would not lock in place, it always popped out. Vantrue sent a replacement and a prepaid return shipping label.I also purchased the GPS mount. Somewhere around the 12-month point it stopped working. Unfortunately the only way I discovered this was when I was reviewing footage on my computer and noticed the GPS info on the video was either missing or disappearing and reappearing. Vantrue sent a replacement and that one has been working fine since.At around 16 months I discovered that the clock was not maintaining time overnight when the unit was off. Again, the only way I discovered this was when I was reviewing footage on my computer and the date/time were wrong. Vantrue support diagnosed this a defective battery. Apparently the lithium battery used for parking mode, collision detection, and so on, is also used for the internal clock. The clock doesn't have a separate lithium button battery. So I made a formal warranty request and Vantrue replaced the camera again. This third unit is so far working okay.On the plus side, the video and audio quality are quite good, especially at this price point. And Vantrue support is excellent.Gripes:1. The internal clock accuracy is not great. Not bad, but not good either. A $10 wristwatch keeps better time.2. Use a lithium button battery for the clock so it's not dependent on the main backup power source.3. Use the GPS signal to automatically set the camera time. This would eliminate #1.4. It's difficult to complain about quality at this price point (although it was quite a bit more expensive when I bought it two years ago). Still, three cameras and two GPS mounts....5. It would be nice if Vantrue could incorporate some kind of warning system to tell you when the battery is bad or the GPS is malfunctioning. Maybe flash the power and recording LEDs or something.I won't buy another dashcam that doesn't set the clock with the GPS signal. For legal purposes (I haven't needed it for that yet, knock on wood), if the clock isn't right then the integrity of the video can be questioned. So far as I can tell, no Vantrue dashcams do this.
My first dashcam. Having a great time with it.
Amazon Customer
I purchased two of these cameras about a year ago. I recently got into an accident (we rear-ended another car). We were very disappointed to find out that even though the blue light was flashing and everything seemed fine all this time, the camera did not record the event, and has not been recording ANY VIDEO for months, and the date/time had reset to 1/1/2016. I immediately went and checked my other dash can in our second car and the exact same thing was happening there! Please note that we did purchase the memory card that Vantrue recommended to us (Samsung EVO 32GB).Even worse, Vantrue does not respond to emails for technical support after repeated attempts to get assistance for this. Can NOT recommend this product!!
Evan J
I've had this for about a year. I actually got footage of someone getting hit by a car; at night, in the snow. You can read the license plate of the offender.It's pretty easy to setup. It has stood up to the heat (colorado summers). My only complaint is that the suction is mediocre, it fell off a few times and twisted the charging port wire. I just zip tied them together. Still, for the price, this thing is amazing.
I really do not have any dislikes except for the GPS mount should be included in the original box and not a add on accessory. I like the picture quality and it is easy to can turn the microphone off or on as preferred. I feel more comfortable driving because this takes the guess work out of who was doing what in an accident. I recommend this camera if you are on a budget due to it only looks forward and not back which you can purchase a different model for more money. Also purchase the electrical hook up cable kit so you can wire into you car or truck. That way you do not have any obstruction of the cable hanging down and you almost forget it's there.
mount designed for failure:1. will not stick to glass for more than 60 sec. not close to adequate. going out to get some glue.2. well won't mount windshield, lets set on dash. good idea but it won't work. mount will not swivel 360 degrees and does not allow adequate adjustment up/down to see road. adding to poor design, the mount can't be replaced as power enters thru it. poor design, poor design, poor design.other than that, nice camera, easy to set up, feels like quality product. personally would not waste time on this as there are too many decent products available at similar price point.
Jim Boone
I bought this dash cam to replace an older one that died, and initially I was very happy with the image quality. However, after about 4-5 month, it seemed that the internal battery failed, and it stopped maintaining settings and the date (which is odd given that it used the GPS signal to set the date). A month or so later, it stopped recording reliably and each file started over with a 2018 date (this is late 2020). Then it started writing over new files, and I quit using it. I would not buy another.
Erik Borja Galvez
Wouldn't recommend if you want something that will last, battery is defective and won't hold a charge. I contacted customer support and they just offer a discount on a new one which I wouldn't buy if they aren't willing to stand behind there product. Also there suction cup is horrible walk out to it being on my dashboard every time I get in the car.
Jeff Ko
So far so good. Easy to set up. Super small and easy to use.
Up until now I've never felt compelled to write a review, but I just had to say something about this "tiny" yet so robust little dash cam.Pros:- Video using standard settings is absolutely brilliant and clear in both daytime and nighttime.- Requires very few setting changes out of the box.- Extremely small camera easily amounts in front of rear view mirror for virtually invisible operation.- Modest amount of settings available are easy to understand- Once settings are established this is a turn on the ignition and go camera with nothing else to do.- Playback on a computer is easy and awesome to view.- Long cigarette charger cable makes it easy to mount the camera anywhere and have sufficient cord to snake the wire wherever needed.Cons:- Dual use of both the OK and Power button makes navigation and selection in the settings menu hard to understand at first. However, over time you get used to their intended use.- While not necessarily a con, you do have to format the micro memory card once every 2 weeks to prolong its life.
Phil J
Easy to setup, mount and download. Great quality pictures. Good value.
Great dashcam with tons of features for the price point. Clear, wide-view video captures the view out the front windshield and pretty far to left/right. Provides a feeling of extra security when traveling. Don't wait until you have an accident to get one - without proof, it's just your word against theirs. One thing that I would like to see is a way to mount this camera tight up against the top of the windshield, possibly by using a side mount. With my car, the painted dots behind the mirror (apparently to act as a visor) prevent the suction cup from sticking, so it has to be mounted a bit lower than I'd like. Thankfully, this camera is so small, it doesn't block the view by much. Love the auto save/lock feature with the press of a button or on impact. You can even detach this camera and use it as a wide angle snapshot or video camera in a pinch with 1920 x 1080 resolution. As can be seen in the attached image, it works well even when the sun is in the image.
Good video quality, very important safety tool! Highly recommended!
J. P.
USPS had lost my package but Amazon quickly sent another and so far it works perfectly, its very small so it hides in your dash and picture quality is true 1080p
Bryan Thao Worra
I don't think this is something that reads license plates half as well as others say it does in my experience, but they are right that the night-time performance is outstanding for its cost range. I wouldn't get this without the GPS/Speed unit otherwise you're cutting yourself off from one of the more useful parts of the camera and why you should have it in the first place. It's relatively fun to use for a dash cam but it's not a go pro. it's light and unobtrusive, and you'll want a high-capacity samsung memory card, recording at the highest settings. You'll get used to the fish eye effect. So far, haven't had to use footage in an accident incident but under most conditions there's good clarity that if you aimed it correctly, the police and insurance companies should have no problem figuring out what happened if something happens to you from the front or near-front sides of the car.
Viper Chris
Second one I have purchased for my other truck. Clarity is amazing , Hard wired is best although we took it with the rental car recently as it just use into the lighter for power . Frame by frame easy to use and setup is easy.CONS: Difficult to see as it is small to set up (although to be expected as it is a small cam with a HUGE picture that is amazing) !
I bought this May of 2019 and until now (more than 1 year later) I am still using it. I love in Florida and almost whole year is summer, it's super hot and I only park my car outside without the awning since I dont have garage. I hardwired the dashcam (you can buy their hardwire kit too through their amazon store: Vantrue) and also its better to buy their recomended sd card (samsung evo). the suction cup is strong too. Pictures and videos are clear as well as the night vision. My dash cam is still functioning well as of today and never had any issues at all. Recomended this and will buy again.
Carolyn K
Set up was super easy! Menu is really funky might be due to the small screen. Hindsight i should have spent moreon one wiht more intuitive menu. Great pciture for such a small device. All in all a good purchase super display when driving.
Robert J Santos
Perfect replacement for my other vantrue dash cameras....I'm using same suction connector from last camera even though it was repaired by me from sun and heat damage, this is my third vantrue, the first two cameras lasted over a year.....but yes the sun and heat can shorten the lifespan.