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Vantrue N1 Pro (2023) Full HD 1920X1080P Mini Dash Cam

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The item is smaller then it looks! Really tiny, Stealth looking cam, very goof quality picture, I dislike that it turns on, on its own, when at home, if laying on desk, but options for sensitivity can be changed, overall really nice! great price, great picture, awesome protection while driving, and looks really good! with it being in the way, Will buy a few more soon. Thanks again.
John Smith
Read good reviews and was sceptical but the camera seems to hold up great and works even with no power to it, for long time, so the battery has enough power to tiger recording for maybe an hour on/off recording. Very impressive. Tolerates extreme heat of 100F+ very well. No issues yet. Very well made.
I bought two of these and I have been noticing that if you set the camera on loop recording it doesn't change the date after month, you would need to manually update the date after the end of each month. My camera's are hot wired and I have tried other settings but date problem is still not fixed. This is really bad what if you get in to an accident and want to show the evidence and your camera is showing wrong date & time. Therefor 2 stars. overall picture quality is good for the price you are paying. If the company contacts me to solve this issue I will change my review.
Stephen H. S.
A great price for a lot of features but this very small unit ,when adding in the gps option is anything but discrete . even with the suction cup mounted as high as possible the camera hangs below the bottom of my rear view mirror. Need a unit for my other car and this will not be it. such a small camera and a mounting bracket thats 3 inches + long? take a pass on this one.
The biologist
Small and useful. It would have been perfect if not for the suction cup failing. It stayed attached for a week and after that it keeps falling once every 2 days. Would love to change my rating if they cab send me a new suction cup.
BK Brawler
Great inexpensive dash cam for starters. I use it as an insurance precaution. I live in NY and you never know what will happen. It’s very easy to use and set up. A great thing with this dash cam is the ability to use a big micro SD card. I wished there was an app so I can view my videos easier. It does the job. The dash cam is pretty small. I hardwired it to my car so it turns on/off when my car is on/off. After a few mins the screen will turn off so it won’t bother you while driving but it is still recording. Great product.
Kenneth Chiang
Curtis Murphy
Camera is very small which is nice to not block view. Seems well made. Gave it a 1 star because micro sd card would not go in all the way. Yes I put the card in the right way. Will return and get a replacement.
Cristian Ortiz
Works great!! Im really happy with the quality especially at night , after endless reviews on youtube I came to this one and knew it was the one. I especially like how clear the license plates look at night. Really great cam , would definitely recommend!
I bought this as a secondary front cam for my car and wanted one with a suction cup so I can use it on other vehicles (rental car/work truck/etc). I also use it as a parking cam since I have it plugged into the 12V USB port and also use a battery pack when the car is turned off. Daytime video is good and nighttime is about average but still decent. The suction mount is still holding strong after about 2 months. I've been using dashcams for about 6 years now and have gone through quite a few of them and this one so far has been working great.
Easy to set up in my Ford Edge.Vacuum cup snap system holds it secure to the windshield.I have only replayed the SD card on my home PC once just to check quality.Really good.Battery in camera ran down once when motion setting was on.I have it setup where the power to cam only comes on when power is to the cigarette lighter.So if it comes on with motion detected the power comes from the camera battery only.I recommend this product to anyone that drives in high traffic areas.
Todd J Fleming
I have wanted to try a dash cam for a long time. I just did not want to pay a lot of money for it. This was recommended by a technology information source, so I thought I would try it. The picture quality has been surprisingly good. I have been very happy so far and have had a lot of fun showing some of the footage to some of my friends.
Great little camera. Awesome picture quality and night vision. The motion detection is extremely sensitive, so parking mode was recording wind, leaves, etc. when parked outside. I’m going to hardwire to a switched ignition source since I don’t really need parking mode. That way it’ll only record when we’re using the car!
Robert K.
Hard to beat for the money. Not the sleekest design but great picture quality and fairly easy to use. I found the G sensor too sensitive and ended up shutting it off. Otherwise everything else works wonderfully. Used it plugged in for many months but recently hardwired it with the kit.
Richard H.
All in all this is a great little dash cam. I wish it would turn enough on the mount to record the driveds window, and that it included the GPS sensor.
Owned and used 3 months, charging/power cord now stops working after an hour or so! Keep looking, there has to be better products then this.
Eric Bridges
I was skeptical about it, but the reviews were outstanding. I liked it so much I bought 3 more
Eduardo GCC
The camera is great and small enough to not be noticeable! It’s quality is great, the product quality is also great! Simple and functional. Captures everything and has a wide angle view. Has many settings you can adjust and easy to connect. We bought the hardwire kit and works perfect. We love the 24/7 recording
I'm glad to have bought this camera. It's works great and I like how small it is. I bought the GPS add-on which also works well and is worth having. Hard wired it using their separate kit. Good buy, no complaints.
Lynton Clark
The video quality is excellent. The price was reasonable. Support is outstanding.
Amazon Customer
I was looking for a camera with front and inside view cameras built in one body to avoid the hassle of setting up two different cameras separately. I also wanted the inside camera with infrared feature so that it is able to function during night time.After searching for a long time, I found Vantrue N2 Pro which met my requirements.I have used it for about a week now with 256 GB micro SD card. I am loving the camera so far. The front and inside video quality is great during day time and night time. The sound quality is also very good.
I'm so pleased to have finally found a great dash cam for a good price. If what you are looking for is a great camera that has amazing video and picture quality that is TRUE full HD 1080p, with phenomenal night vision, for under $100, look no further. It even comes with parking mode.The mount that comes with this camera is very high quality well designed. Charges your camera through the mount as you drive.Great, simple, small camera with high tech packed into it. You won't be disappointed.
I've just upgraded from a previous model, n2. So far so good. Very happy with it. Powers up with ignition on my suv. The suction cup to window seems like an improvement over my last model. I like the look of this thing as well. Reminds me of my gopro, especially with That fisheye looking lense.
Update: This thing annoys me to no end. I guess I never noticed it before, but everytime I turn off my car, the date on the dash cam keeps resetting to 1/1/2018. I have to enter the correct date every day and it’s frustrating. I do not recommend this anymore.
Joel J.
Not as big as I thought but still it was a great cam. Picture is clear and crisp. The motion detection works but it can get a little annoying it turning on everytime time there is the slightest movement in front of the cam. Other than that it does everything its suppose to. Lastly, wish the insructions were a little more helpful or a detailed video of the how to work the features but not hard to learn.
Amazon Customer
Got this as it had a time lapse feature. The time lapse mode prevents the regular recording. Time lapse has three settings: 1, 5 & 10. Setting 1 gives 0.5 hours per minute. Setting 5 is 2.7 hours per minute. Setting 10 is 5.7. This is too fast for a car, ok for property surveillance and such.Manuals contain errors. For example, the micro SD chip orientation is wrong in the quick start guide but Okay in the user’s manual. See imageThe power cable is a 12 V DC to 5 V DC converter. Also has a cool USB port if you rotate the cover.
Great product! First dashcam, everything I expected. Continuous recording, rollover and long duration w/sdcard.
Grande Alto
Camera does what it is designed to do.
Darrell Bache
Love the quality of the video and most importantly love the ease of setup. The size of the N1 is such that it’s not impeding your view out of the windshield so your not going to miss pedestrians in crosswalks. The length of the power cord is perfect and easily ran the cord under the trim.
Vantrue N1 Pro Mini 1080P Dash Cam with Sony IMX323 Sensor, Full HD 1920x1080P 1.5" Car Dash Camera Video Recorder w/Super Night Vision, Parking Mode, G-Sensor, Collision Detection. Bought the N1 Pro Dash Cam a week ago; set-up was a breeze, functionality very well thought of. I'm planning to buy a second unit for my other car.Well done Vantrue team!
Kelly N.
Bought this for my girlfriend due to her long commute to work. I'm quite impressed with the compact size of the dash cam and the minimalistic controls and buttons. The internal battery is pretty good as the camera continues to record for a period of time when the car is off. Video resolution is not 4k, but it does the job and you can see the license plate of the car in front. Overall, definitely worth the price!
Leonardo M.
J. Harris
Easy to install. The long instructions sent to you and on the web are not well-written, but this camera was simple enough to install. Just stick the mount to the windshield, plug in 12V power, add memory card (not included), and turn on. Picture quality seems good for the price. You can see license plate numbers and street signs during daytime -- I haven't tried my camera at night yet. My wife likes having the peace of mind of a digital camera when she drives and this camera is an economical solution.
Shawn F.
Wow what an awesome Lil camera! I was a little apprehensive about buying a dash cam because it’s not something you “play” with or use daily for fun type of thing. You just put it in your car an hope you never really need it. An with buying my first new car I felt what could it hurt. The quality of this camera is way better than I expected considering the price and size. I didn’t want a bulky camera on my windshield taking up my view. This little camera fits behind my review mirror dont even notice it’s there. The HD video clarity will def have your back in an accident day or night. The audio it can pick up is excellent as well. At work I park my car in a busy parking lot. So I wanted the option of the parking mode in which this one has. With 3 options of its sensitivity. I had to turn it down because every time a train would go by it would set it off.. lol so it can definitely pick up the slightest bump of a driver not paying enough attention. It comes well packaged nice box easy to set up instructions can definitely tell they’ve put time in putting out a good product. I purchased the GPS mount for it also so I could have the speed stamp and location in car of a wreck. I’ve seen those videos of dash cam wrecks and in some cases the camera saved the driver from being at fault. An with people on their phones as much as they are these days it’s well worth the money in my opinion. Will be getting another for my wife’s car.
Jenn RIch
I started to install this camera in my truck. The power cord does not fit with the camera. The male plug on the power cord is too big for any of the sockets on the camera.
I’ve been a Vantrue dash cam user for over a year now. My first and most recent dash cam was the X1 wide angle camera. It had all the features I needed except the size of the camera was a hindrance. It wasn’t in the way of my visibility, but it would distract me. Now I’ve purchased the Vantrue N1 Pro. It’s an easy-to-use tiny dash cam with good built-in features i.e. excellent day and night captures, HD video with super night vision, amazing audio quality, parking mode, 24-hr parking monitor, collision detection, real battery, micro USB port, micro SD card slot, HDMI port, windshield mount, and an easy to navigate 4-button panel next to the display. I liked the fact that all I had to do was charge the camera for 2 – 3 hours and plug in to my existing windshield mount from my previous camera. But, what I loved the most, was the size of the camera. It's a tiny super dash cam that doesn’t cause any issues on my view when driving. Thank you Vantrue!
Dan from Hawaii
Got this for my wife SUV and Very Happy about it.Very easy to install just like another Car Cam. The only suggestion, if it come with the plastic installation tool that help to hide the power cord to the edge of the car it will be perfect (because I have big fingers lol ). After tug in the cord and connect the cam on the windshield with the suction cup, very nice and similar to the N2 pro.Power on and the 1.5" screen welcome you with a nice and colorful message , COOL!!This camera capture very good pictures and videos during day time. For night time it is not as clear but still good enough and I consider GOOD for the price.Camera Button is small to me but it is a SMALL CAMERA : ) so it's still good!!Overall this is Good Price Good Value Dash car cam. Vantrue is a Reliable Brand. (I own N2 Pro for my car) and their customer service is one of the top five I experienced.
John Huff
Does what you need a dash cam for without all the add-ons that you don't really need. Straight forward installation and set up. Good quality video both day and night. Nice size too. Good stuff. Easily worth the price.
Great picture, love that it has temperature protection cause in the hot summers, the inside temperature of a car can get extremely hot, and some cameras will stop working or breakdown when subjected to the heat. Decent price for a high quality camera. Was also in the top 3 of a couple review websites.
Ron L.
This dash cam is surprisingly efficient in it's video capabilities. The picture is bright and sharp and gives you a nice wide angle view. It turns on and off automatically when your vehicle turns on or off. I like the button layout on the back of the Vantrue N1 Pro dash cam because they're very easily accessed. It'll accept an SD card up to 256GB which is unheard of in the industry. The settings are easily accessed to personalize the dash cam to your liking or you can leave them on default. There;s a button on top of the dash cam that functions much like a camera in that one quick press allows for a snapshot or a long press enters the cam in parking mode. Accessories included are a car charger, a USB charger cable, and a suction cup for mounting to your windshield. You can power the dash cam using the USB cable and attaching it to a power bank if you so choose that method. I actually purchased this to mount in my rear windshield for just in case of a rear end collision because I already had one facing the front. Another use is something I tried just for kicks and that is I attached it to my front window in my home and recorded a few hours of foot traffic and cars going by just as a surveillance camera would do. It actually did quite well! Anyway in closing I'm very pleased with my purchase and looking forward to many years of use because the build quality is quite good.
campin man
Bought this after my wheelwitness camera mount broke the third time I used it. So I've paid extra attention to the mount on the Vantrue N1 and I'm impressed. The unit is easy to operate, the instructions make sense, the video quality is sharp, easy to read license plates, etc. I always consider the cost of a product when I rate a product, and for me buying this on a lightning deal made this 5 stars. I changed my recording file to 5 minutes each, and I'm using a 32gig mini SD I had laying around and it is working great.
Andrew Casapini
I love my new dash cam. The picture quality is nice and the sound is very good too.
Linh Nguyen
Vantrue N1 Pro Mini dash cam has high quality video, is easy to use, to view video on TV or PC, and to download video files.
Wyatt Adamson
This camera does exactly what we needed it to, and more.We tested it out in the car and it works fantastic.What I really love though is how low key it is in my car. We have a ‘15 VW Golf and it sits right behind the mirror, hardly noticeable from the outside and completely hidden form site on the inside. I was concerned that I’d be able to see it and that it would essentially be an “eye sore”, however it’s a lot better than what I was expecting.
Joseph A. Coleman
Works well and easy to set up.
Alex Cabrera
This is my 3rd Vantrue camera to go along with my cars and I couldn't be happier with this company. Their customer service is top notch and they stand by their product. I specifically like this camera because it gives you all the basic info you need at the bottom of the screen when playing back ie; date, time, mph, latitude + longitude without buying anything extra peripheral. The bonus is that its so darn small and wont take up much real estate on the dash. Picture quality is awesome day or night. The only complaint is I wish it would've had WiFi to make it easier to look over recorded events. But then again how many times do you do that anyway. Highly recommend if looking for something small and worthwhile.
Rafael Valencia
Easy to set up and use, recommend to anyone needing a dash cam
Hello Amazon Crew! Today I must say, this deal was quite nice for the price! This deal represented a vast improvement over the Russian made device which has since been obsoleted. Seek highr standards! Again and again will prove it's self evident.
King David
Awesome product! Awesome customer Service! Great experience! Satisfied and very happy!!!
Jawad M
I love how small and compact it is. It can easily be hidden behind your rear view mirror. Picture quality is not bad for the price point. You can easily make out the cars license plate in front of you. If your looking for a good dash cam for under 100 bucks. This has got to be one of the best ones out there.
Jerome Clemente
I must say that I am impressed with the Vantrue N1 Pro dash cam. It is a feature packed budget dash cam for $80! The compact size is very stealth compared to my Owl Dash Cam. The unit records in 1080P 30 FPS - Sony IMX323 - awesome video quality. I'm using a 256 GB Lexar EVO MicroSd card and it works flawlessly - very few dash cams supports 256 GB btw. The included suction cups works great with my car. The optional gps unit should have been included . The built in Parking mode works really well and very useful feature when parking outside. I think N1 Pro produces better video quality than my Owl Dash Cam (when downloading video clips though the built in wifi instead of using LTE credits [Full 1440P]) - that is saying a lot since the Owl is $350! Overall I definitely recommend the N1 Pro from Vantrue.Plus:Very good video qualityGreat price considering the performance and features256 GB MicroSd compatibleStealth sizeCons:Should have come with built in GPSBetter night time video quality (typical weakness of a dash cam)
Steven Branch
Great camera. It does everything I need it to do while in my wife’s car (records in HD, has a parking mode, and records audio)
Absolutely great product!! Its easy to use and install. Picture is perfect and it gives me piece of mind to have.
Alan Clifford Gillespie
I set this dashcam up with the hardwire kit. So far so good. Works well for the price they sell it at.
Angel Munoz
I was disappointed in this camera but at the same time I bought it not expecting too much. The MicroSD memory card slot was defective and it wouldn't allow the card to actually fit. Therefore rendering the entire camera useless as it won't record or work without the card. The picture quality was good and the set up was easy. It seems like a great camera if it worked to its full potential. Only problem was the memory card not fitting.
The camera/mount etc are all fine. Unfortunately, the cigarette lighter plug/cable (12v plug to 10ft mini USB) failed as soon as I plugged it in (the spring/center contact fell inside the plug and shorted out the small circuit board). Thus, the camera is a desktop model till I get a replacement...sigh.
Great camera update. I also have the old X1. This new N1 Pro is a bit smaller, comes with the improved mounting (big issue on old camera).
Christopher Cox
Excellent product. Paired with a 64gb SanDisk extreme micro SD works very well for what I’m using it for. Easy download to computer for video editing. Setup menu is easy to navigate and configure the camera
John T.
Pleased with the product and customer service. Thank you, Kelly!!
Update: Small, does not obstruct view when placed behind rear view mirror. So far the replacement camera has worked great; no issues. Gift recipient is happy with the camera. Amazon sent a replacement. Vantrue sent a windshield mount to compensate for my troubles after posting initial review. I would still recommend dealing directly with Amazon if you have a problem out of the box.Original review: So far the camera and customer support get a zero, if zero stars were possible. Camera was given as a gift and SD card recommended will not click in the slot as directions state. Therefore, we contacted Vantrue customer support via email (no phone support) and have had numerous emails back and forth none of which had any troubleshooting suggestions only questions about whether it clicks in if you push hard, whether it click in if you push soft, and on and on. Each question is a separate email that has delayed any resolution. I have asked now 4 times for replacement or refund without a confirmation of either. Finally, contacted Amazon to get a replacement. So bottom line here is, if you have an issue out of the box send back to Amazon immediately. Do not use Vantrue customer support as they will delay beyond your refund period. I just hope the replacement works. If not it will have been a waste of money and time but above all complete gifting fail.
Matthew Turner
I've been using the N1 Pro for about a week and have been impressed. Its small size makes it fit well on the windshield without obstructing your view. The video quality is good as you can see from the screenshot. The only issue I could see is the screen size but that's just due to the overall compact size. Its not a problem since anytime I'm looking a video I put the SD card in my computer anyway. I would recommend getting a GPS mount for the added speed and GPS coordinates as well. Overall I think it is a great value for the money and a good quality dash cam.
Very happy with this little dash cam, the picture is fantastic, great features!!
Anthony B. Chouffi
I’ve only had the dash cam for about a month now. Overall easy to set up and get going. However the manual is obviously translated from some other language and there are obvious grammatical errors. Also some of the instructions that are provided are grossly incorrect. It’s basically trial and error. The support Has been poor, very delayed in the response and no phone number to call just email. For the price, I’d recommend it, but hopefully nothing goes wrong with it. The instrument will not delete any files I tell it to they continue to stay on the memory card, and no, the files are not protected!
Alexandre S.
The camera doesnt read any micro card says card error ive tried different cards still doesn't work
Janice S.
The camera was easy to set up and install. Picture quality is better than I expected and easy to load on a desktop.All in all, it exceeded all expectations.
Alican AGTAS
No way you can read license plate!!!
WI Cheesehead
3rd dash cam for husband. Price good, hope it works better than the rest. Christmas gift, works good so far.
This small discreet dash cam was exactly what I was looking for. It's easy to use and takes quality video like its more expensive competitors. The optional GPS Mount is worth the extra cost and will complete the package nicely. I intend to purchase an extra car charger and windshield mount enabling me to easily switch the camera between two cars on occasion.HELPFUL TIPS1. The manual has very small print. I suggest that you go to their website at and download the User Manual. You can also check for firmware updates.2. The camera is not recommended to be used in extreme temperatures. Living in northern Minnesota means that I will need to bring it inside at times.3. The pic of the orientation of the memory card in the Quick Start Guide is incorrect. It should look like the pic on the User Manual page 7.
I purchased this nice little camera due to the offered features and I was very surprised by the video quality, both daytime and nighttime video. I purchased a second N1 Pro for our motorhome because I like this unit so much.
Wayne Veselaski
I purchased a Vantrue N2 Duo Uber in August and have nothing but great things to say about it. I decided to buy the N1 Pro for my girlfriends new Nissan Rogue. I received the unit, it took me all of 5 minutes to complete the set up, another 5 minutes to mount the camera and off we went. As expected, the camera worked flawlessly, not one glitch for the 3 hours we were running it off and on today. I am so impressed with the quality, durability and operation of both cameras I will recommend Vantrue to friends and family, they have a customer for life !
Hugh Merritt
Seok Bae Yun
Perfect dash cam! I bought 4dashcams including gar*** and cob*a but only this one had all features that I wanted. Operating temperature, gps(optional but still cheapest!) and no overheating. Awesome dashcam!
Robert Anderson
My first thoughts were to purchase an inexpensive device to 'test' what a dash cam might be capable of doing but not thinking the video quality would be too great. Was I wrong...this camera has excellent quality video. It is a very compact size and can be tucked on the far side of the rear view mirror and you won't even notice it. Great little investment.
After a lot of research I finally decided on the Vantrue N1 Pro Mini Dash Cam. I and my three sons read lots of reviews and watched lots of videos on Youtube. We decided on this camera because my husband drives into work in the early morning hours while it's still dark out. The quality of the "night vision" is superior to most of those we look at, including some that were twice as much money. My husband likes it because it's a very discrete camera, and it's easy to take down and put back up again. .. and he is impressed by the crispness of the picture.I can't speak for durability as he's only had it for three weeks, but if it is as good as the rest, we will be happy with it for a long time to come.
Ian F
the videos in low lights show with little spots and very bright not sure if it's my settings or just the camera. I will say this daytime video and low light are not that bad. I can't complain only paid $55 when it was on sale so for the price 5 stars but lower rating because they brag a 100% perfect video.
This camera is a dissapointment. The picture quality is horrible after many exposure adjustments. The 256 gb will only record about 20 hours at 1080p@30fps. Other cameras that i owned, gave me 20 plus hours with 128 gb at 1080p@30fps. The camera kept falling off the windshield. The suction is weak. Honestly the only good thing about the camera was the price. I paid $55.99.
Good product for the dollar amount. Only concern is turning it off once your done using
This is a very nice little camera. The first one I received had a software issue and would stop recording after about 2-3 hours of driving. They sent me a replacement and the new one works great. Picture quality is very good. The camera has a very high end feel to it. I had to turn down the g-sensor because it was protecting a lot of video's when I hit a pot hole, since I have turned down the sensitivity, everything is working better. Overall, I would buy again.
Lila B. Leonard
Great picture, functionality and size. I had to dock a star for two reasons:1. The quick start guide incorrectly shows how to install the memory card. Almost snapped the card trying to get it to go in until I read the full manual and saw the correct depiction.2. This is minor, but I purchased a cable that allows you to transfer images and videos from a memory card directly to my iPhone (in case I need to show an officer a larger video of an accident at the place where it happened). Unfortunately the way the camera saves the videos I am unable to transfer the videos as I was hoping to due to the file structure the camera saves the videos. Not a deal breaker, just a bummer.
Angelo Autry
Awesome camera. Doesn't block the view in my windshield.
I have been using the camera over two months now and give a honest view about this camera. I purchased the camera at a higher price at the end of OCT and the current price makes it an even better value.Picture quality: is great during the day and is pretty intuitive. Night quality is good but not the best. considering the price point i would say it is right on point, just do not expect to see licence plate numbers.firmware: now this is the huge plus, i have used other cheaper cams with a a lot of crazy issues setting up. the n1 pro is a breeze and has been stable all the time.just a couple of things to keep in mind, the window mount for the camera uses a mini usb connector on the mount if you want to power it that way. the camera itself has a micro usb connector though. I would have preferred it was both micro usb or esb c would have been even better.summarizing it is a great value and would recommend getting one if you are at the 50-60 price range
Amazon Customer
Some downsides, I prefer an adhesive for a mount this only has the option for a suction cup mount. So if your cars windshield fritt has texture to it then it won't provide proper suction if you like to place the mount higher. Its design isn't as inconspicuous as my other dash cam (Aukey). Other than that it is Great. The setup and interface is way better than the Aukeys. There isnt a noise when the cam turns on which i appreciate. I would recommend this camera.
Stephen E. Parker
I have used many dash cams before, including ones in my former career as a police officer that costs thousands of dollars. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem. It’s built with quality materials, sturdy, great day/night picture quality and easy to set up and use. So far I have no issues with the N1 Pro and from the time I’ve spent with it and my experience with others, I don’t foresee any issues. I would put this dashcam at the top of my list, you can’t get any better, especially for the price.
The camera will often record the first 3 minutes of my journey, and that's all. I formatted the card per the instructions listed and it doesn't seem to make a difference. If it doesn't record entire trips, how am I supposed to rely on it?
Busy Man
****Had to give the cam 3 out of 5 stars due to the poor instruction manual.**** See UPDATE below. I was astounded by the beautiful day and night time picture quality. A key factor for me was the ability to clearly capture another car's license plate in the event of issue. This camera truly achieves this. I am currently using a 32 gb microSD High endurance card--so formatting is not necessary. To format 64gb to 256gb--they claim it is very easy (it is not!!!). For the price, this is the best dash cam that I have ever come across. I have been researching this topic for a while and the VanTrue N1 is the best camera at this price point. The high end, 4k models, do not appeal to me. Perhaps, if I was vlogging, it would be worth the investment. Note: I have not tested the Parking motion activated system yet. I plan on testing it this week by connecting the dash cam to a 20100 external battery pack. I figure that should be more than enough power when my car sits for 12 hours in a busy parking lot. The camera obviously does not stay on when the car is turned off due to its dependence on d/c electricity. One last pro--the camera screen goes dark after a minute or so when it is turned on. This is a really neat feature since an active screen could be potentially distracting and also, for privacy and security, no one that pulls next to you at a red light can tell that you are recording. Enough the camera and enjoy.***UPDATE***I purchased a 128gb MicroSD card and to my dismay, the camera would not format it to FAT32. The manual says it will. Maybe they know something I do not. Note: Anything above 32gb will not work in this device without being formatted to FAT32. Unfortunately, Windows does provide us with software that will make the conversion. After a little research, I downloaded a free program called EaseUS partition Master and it was super easy. For a 128gb card, the cluster size to pick is 32kb. (64gb card--16 kb cluster. 256gb card--64kb cluster). I am using an external battery pack to record when I am not in the car. It has worked flawlessly. Overall, the dash cam is nice, but at the same time, I should not have to search the internet for a fix for their mistake.
Would not stick to the windshield and I even purchased the upgrade clip for the windshield and it would not stay kept falling off in three different vehicles. Not good.
bill toeppler
Takes great pictures both day and night.. small but still takes very nice pictures.would recommend to others..
Barky Bark & The Barky Bunch
Bought one for my vehicle and was so impressed I bought another for my wife. They're great and I elected for the $5 insurance in the event they act up for replacement, but so far after a couple of months they're flawless.
G. Albro
May 2020 Update - The battery started die, and device would lose the time, resetting to 1/1/2018. Contacted VanTrue, and they could not be more helpful and responsive! After evaluating a video I sent them showing the date problem, they immediately offered a warranty replacement, cross shipped while my unit is in transit back.5 star support from VanTrue!----My first camera, but 2 days after delivery I now have 2 more on order for my other cars!Video & sound capture is very nice, in .MOV format so no conversion needed to view on my computer.Couldn't be easier to use. Once the microsd card is formatted, it just works without fuss. The suction cup mount is solid and well fabricated, I have the camera tucked up behind the rear video mirror, so it's barely visible.Mostly I have them for CYA in case of accidents, but there are enough loose cannons driving on Long Island that I'll have plenty of fun posting to r/IdiotsInCars as well!
Rodney Rich
Great size dash cam, I like the picture quality. Setup was easy and didn’t take long at all. I made sure and downloaded a firmware update also which went off without a hitch.
Small in size, big in features and quality. Wish the micro usb connector could be in a different location, thus making the window mount smaller.Picture quality is superb. Setup is a breeze. Will be getting one for the car.
Very easy to use. Great picture lot of features
Paula Blevins