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Vantrue N1 Pro (2023) Full HD 1920X1080P Mini Dash Cam

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Fabio Demedeiros
First - the good. The video is amazing. The camera works really well. The low light video is amazing.
Stephen Waidley
I ordered the VanTrue N1 Pro for myself as an early Christmas present a few weeks ago, and it's exactly what I was hoping it would be. It's quite small, but the wide viewing angle covers everything I see through my Jeep's windshield. No problems at all with the suction cup so far, seems very strong. I don't mind the cord hanging down from my rearview mirror...yet. Since my Jeep is only a couple years old, I may get the hardwire connector setup so the wire is hidden and my 12V outlet is freed up. All in all, a great value in the few weeks I've had it so far.
H. Panda
I love how this tiny dashcam packs a decent punch feature-wise. Any dashcam has FHD recording nowadays and most have G-Sensors, loop recording etc. The thing many dashcams lack is an automatic parking mode and motion detection which this one's got (most Vantrue cams seem to have this standard set of features.It accepts cards up to 256GB which is a bonus - this means you can go days between having to worry about retrieving your footage on a computer.Heat dissipation is a major issue with such small factor so that's one thing that is hard to check during winters. This one has vents and the SD card slot is also an open-ended design which should aid in heat dissipation. The real test will be in summers but I'm hoping the product will stand true to its promise.I also like how it tells if you have been working too hard (see my screenshot about 24 hr recording). I'm not sure if it stops recording after 24 hours or just display the message but keeps recording.For the price though, you can't complain much; given the fact that it's one the most feature rich cams in this size.
The video quality is generally good for this camera. But I think it may be a little too bright for the day time. There was one day I was driving at dusk and the video looked just like regular day time. The G-Sensor is way too sensitive. I set it at the low setting for the G-sensor already and it would still get activated every time the door is shut close.
Roy W.
This is a great little dash cam. After using it today, I wonder why I kept looking at more expensive units. The video is clear even in overcast conditions. Stopping the video on the computer reveals nice detail of license plate numbers. I did heed the manufacture's suggestion on which brand and quality for the SD card. I chose the Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB Micro SDXC Card. Following the instructions took a little time for me to realize that hitting the power button quickly will get the camera into the settings mode. Before use, I did update the firmware. They offer good instructions on that. Not sure how they can sell such a good camera at such a low price.
This is my 2nd Vantrue dash cam and this one is just as easy to use as the first one. I needed parking monitor for all my cars and that is why I chose Vantrue, their parking monitor is one of the best. Night vision is nice and clear and you can still read license plate numbers at night. User interface is simple and easy to use and setup. All in all another great dash cam.
I really like the camera and installation was pretty easy. The camera itself is quite compact and discreet and the video quality is good. Not a criticism of the camera because the manufacturer is upfront about this but as a heads up: it took a little bit to get it up and running because I used a 64GB card which required extra formatting, if you have a 32 GB card it will work no problem.My biggest gripe (please see update below) with the camera was the mounting system suction cup. The camera lasted approx. 1 month on my windshield before the suction cup started to fail causing the camera to drop. After trying multiple solutions to improve the adherence of the suction cup to the glass, I decided to wait until it cooled down and see if that helped. Even in cooler weather I still had issues getting it to mount so I was unable to use it.Edit 2/19: After my review I was contacted by customer service (shout out to Karen) and they offered to ship me an adhesive based mount as a replacement for the suction cup one, free of charge. The install process was a breeze and so far over the last few weeks it has held up great. Updated the rating from 3 to 5 stars at this time.
N1Pro is amazing camera. For this price camera gets perfect job done. It runs 1080 p. Day time is great visibility. Nigh time you you can see very well surrounding. This camera definitely gives you piece of mind for the price you can't beat.
Kyle Barrett
I was looking for a dash cam with a slim profile that still takes good quality footage and this one seems to work great so far. It was easy to set up out of the box, fits behind my rear view mirror without taking up much extra space, and also lets you review footage on camera with the built-in LCD screen. So far so good...
If you want a reasonably priced dash cam that takes quality recordings day or night, this is the one for you. Small size to restrict obstruction of your windshield. Automatically turns on and off with the operation of your vehicle. Has extras installed on the camera that most people will want. It's a set and forget camera that operates in the background until you need that "special video".
Jeffrey Mischo
Great little dashcam, does everything you need it to do in a small size. It was very easy to setup and understand the directions. I like the discreet size being able to fit behind the rear view mirror... doesn't affect your vision. Has the option to be powered through connection to the suction cup or the camera itself.
Laith Marrow
The camera is very small, and fits nicely behind the rear view mirror on the passenger side. The video is wide angle, providing very high quality and great coverage to both sides. This little jewel will prove who is telling the truth if another vehicle fails to yield the right of way to you, or if a reckless driver cuts right in front of you. You would be charged with causing the rear end collision, but the video will show who is really at fault. Smile reckless drivers, "you're on camera!" I like the peace of mind it provides, and I also really appreciated the quick response to my support request on I highly recommend the Vantrue N1 Pro dash cam.
Very pleased my vantrue n1 pro mini purchase. Incredible video quality day and night, perfect size that not only looks great but does not obstruct my driving view . The included suction mount is very solid and stays on just like it's supposed too. Great value, great build quality and the camera is very easy to operate .
Un Named
Stopped working on the first day. Camera just froze and wont respond to button controls. I really hoped th ou s camera would work. Seems like Amazon is flooded with cheap dashcam that aren't bent for serious use. I'm a contractor and am alwa it s on the road dealing with idiots who can't drive with a $#!+ I guess the search continues for a decent functional dashcam.
A. White
I cannot believe how much more I got out of this little cam. To put it simple terms, its a durable and reliable son of a gun! All of the features on it are very easy to use. There is a tool where you can take pictures, extremely helpful for the occasion you need it! One thing that wasn't very clearly stated is that is has a built in battery for when you're not using it. This means you get to use the parking mode! The video and camera feed are amazing! The angle is just perfect! While I haven't had a need for the footage, I know it will be reliable if I ever do need it! If you're looking for a good dash cam, this little guy is the best way to go! If I ever have to buy another one, it will be a Vantrue.
I bought this on 27 August 2018 and used it for a while before writing this review. I am very happy with this dash cam and use it every where I go. The only thing I don't like is that the internal battery will not hold a charge. The videos are clear and easy to view. The cam is small and doesn't interfere with my view. I can pull the sd card and review the videos on my Chromebook. I put in a 128 GB micro sdhc card, hit format and had no problems with it whatsoever. Would recommend this dash cam highly!
I was initially confused which one to choose from as there are so many options out there.Here are my experiences,1) Picture quality is better than what I expected during day.2) Needs improvement for night driving, as its hard to see the number plate of car just infront.
Great video quality. Have used forabout a week now. Plates are hard to make out at night but very clear in daytime. Smooth video; stylish and small design. Hopefully withstands the cold temperatures okay but so far so good with the car parked in as low as 15*F
Travis B
Excellent cam. Perfect size as you can tell from the pictures. The suction cup is a bit finicky, but overall very happy with this product.Support from the company was great when i had any questions. Would buy from them again.
this is my firdt dash cam so i cant really compare to others but for the price cant complaint first the quality of the material is has its weight so thats a good sign for the video i give a 4 dont expect a lastest phone camera when im driving cant really see lisence plates only when im stopped it you can clearly read the picture quality its good you can see clearly i give it a 4 out 5...for the instalation it didnt came with manual but its easy to install just put it behind panels..trims etc that way you wont have cables around you and it came with a long cable thats a plus!
Good dash cam for the price. I researched on online reviews of many dash cam. This one seems to be a great value choice. I had it for one day now. Daytime video is in very good quality. Night video looks ok and is better than the samples of many other more expensive brands. I am considering to buy another one for my 2nd car.
This is a great dashcam for the price. It came equipped with a generous length power cord into regular 12V receptacle (also acts as a blue night light for the car inside). The G-sensor is very sensitive so I recommend setting the sensitivity to low or you would be reformatting your card every week or two. It does not come with a microSD card so I would recommend getting a high endurance card to be used with the dashcam. I really like the mount as it's very simple to use and very secure. The camera size is very compact which is great! There are plenty of features like automatic event recording, audio recording, loop recording, etc. (all can be turned off if desired).Installation is a breeze. I just had to snake the cord around the car interior and it held on without any tape. Picture quality is quite decent. You can see from other reviews of what the video is like under sunny days but camera tend to showcase how good/bad they are at dusk with little lighting. Real world footage is the best indicator of the quality and I uploaded a video of me driving at dusk with this review. Picture quality is still good around dusk time and you can still clearly see the license plate of the person in front which is a big plus.Main complaint I have is there's no way to turn off that blue light on the 12V power cord but it's not a big deal. Overall I would highly recommend this dashcam for its quality.
NYC shopping girl
Great DashCam, the size is perfect. It remains hidden behind my mirror, easy to preview the videos on my computer. One of the main reason why I bought this is because it’s Made in Japan.
Gregory A.
If you don't want to spend a lot and just need a simple dash cam that works well and is easy to use this one is it. It's about the size of a go pro and practically hides behind the rear view mirror. Set up is easy and it has all of the important features that the more costly ones have.
Finally, I have found the best dash cam in a promising price without compromising the quality.Note: The video seems to be compressed while uploading to Amazon.
Ashish koirala
I have been using this camera for about a week now. It is a pretty good build quality. The videos and picture quality seems to be of decent quality. I had no problem installing it on my 08 Honda Civic. The mount has not fallen off the windshield yet. IT has a pretty good suction. It comes with a pretty long cable to I was able to route the cable in a way that it is hidden.Pros:-Tiny, stays well hidden- long power cable- Has a USB charging port on the 12 V adapter as you can see it in the picture- Strong suction mountCons- No Wifi to view the videos. You have to physically get the card or get the whole camera out. In case of an accident it would be nice to show it to the police just using wifi. But if you have an android phone you can just put it in and look at the videos- It would have been nicer if the power cable were a USB cable. The you could have connected the USB to any USB port or a separate car adapter. Current 12 V adapter is long and sticks out of the accessory port.Overall I am happy with the camera and is still worth the 5 stars.
Mark S
park mode is so cool as soon as it feel a nudge on the car it will record instantly totally recommended!
I bought this camera for my dad as a present and he really likes it. It's very small and almost not noticeable when it's installed right by the mirror. It's hiding behind the mirror and doesn't distract you attention while you driving. Recordings are very good and it has almost panoramic view in an HD quality. Pictures and recordings are very good quality in the day time and in night. And what is extremely important is once you install it you don't touch it, as it's turning on and off by itself when you turning on/off your car. I think it's a great buy and my dad really likes it. Just make sure don't forget to buy a memory card as well.
Summary: This is an excellent dashcam for the price. It's solidly built, compact in size, and has excellent video quality. Easily a "set it and forget it" product that's absolutely reliable.What I liked:- Product is small, which makes it very easy to keep hidden and out of sight in your car.- GREAT video quality. Pretty much the most important feature of a device like this.- Excellent mount. Mount is solid and is where the charging cable connects.What could be improved:- Charger could be a bit smaller or at least include a second USB charging port.
the camera itself is great, the design is smart as well having the port insert into the mount, video quality is great, easy to install, but one thing is the mount itself loosen up in short 3 months. it is now about 6 months of using it, the camera just swinging around every time I begin to break. Contacted support, seems like they are willing to do something about it tho.
After getting my first dashcam, I realized how important it is to have one. So I was looking for an inexpensive dash camera to give to my family (mom, dad, and sister.) My current dashcam in my car is a Vantrue dashcam that is the rearview mirror style so i decided to try this one out for my parents.First of all it's affordable. My parents don't need anything fancy like the rear view mirror with touch screen and hand gestures. So this one was a great option. It has all the features you need.Pros:1. Small and compact.2. You can power the camera with the mount and a mini usb cable. This is great when you want to disconnect your camera to hide it. You just slide it out of the mount and back on. No need to reconnect cables.3. Picture quality at night and in the day is awesome.4. Can also be powered by the micro usb port on the camera itself.5. G-shock sensor to detect collisions.6. Parking mode will capture short clips while your car is parked. This may be useful when capturing hit and runs or vandals.Cons:Can't really think of any. It does what it is supposed to do and does it well. I guess the on thing I can think of is that the videos are in .mov format which is apple proprietary format. I mean it plays in windows just fine. But may have been better to use a more ubiquitous format such as mp4. But that's pretty minor. Plus if you are a mac user, then it doesn't even matter.
I like the quality of the camera itself and the image quality, It's my second Vantrue camera and I like them but I keep having issues with it telling me I've been driving for more than 24 hours and I should have a break. I have not been, It's just on all the time from being hard wired. The issue I find with that is that the camera locks up and you have to manually reboot it so that it will continue recording. I literally have to turn it off daily. Really annoying. Just remove the stupid warning about driving 24/7 and it should be perfect.
Arturo Cardenas
great camera the screen is small but thats great because it doesn't block any view n its easy to hide
Tech Time
This is a great dash camera. It has all the features that much more expensive dash cameras have. It comes with Sony sensor which shoots incredible video at 1080p 30 fps. Using a Sony sensor brings top quality image quality and crazy good night video.Has every feature from collision detection, time lapse, and about anything else you could ask for. I drive uber part time and this has come in handy. You never know when road rage or an accident can happen and you will need this. You cant go wrong with this camera. The price is well below the actual value and you performance.
Ned Lin
I was very skeptical when I received this dash cam since it was very compact. I was totally wrong, the images are clear with FHD 1920x1080 resolution, so whenever you need that extra detail to catch plates on the road. This FHD resolution is even more essential in nighttime view.What I like about this camera, is that once you set it up, you just leave it and forget it, how easy is that?The reaction when you press the button on the camera is near instant, such as image capturing, video start and stop recording. There is no sluggish nor laggy feeling, which is great at this price point.It also seems to have image stabilization since I capture images when the car was in motion and the image is still retained clearly.The fisheye view gives it a wider angle so you don't miss the sides and get more real estate.The suction cup/mount is really sturdy and fixed once mounted, the light and compact camera help since less gravity to pull down on it. It seems to last the California heat, but I will need more time to observe.I really can't find anything bad about this camera. Maybe the quick start guide could be written a little better, I had to dig in the manual to find out that you must be in recording mode to capture images. The could add a little moretext on the camera itself, but I can't blame them since the camera is so compact, left with no room.Overall I am very happy about this purchase and the price point is very reasonable. I had the Garmin Nuvi Cam and it wasn't quite as good or compact. This is my observation, for now, I will update once I have more time on this camera.
Macino Fender
This dash cam is small and compact. Great to hide behind your rear view mirror.  The camera quality could be a bit smoother but nothing to complain about as it will definitely  do it's job in capturing the right videos.
Solid 4 star product.The bad:Instructions are minimal. No details about what the menu settings actually do. “This is a menu. Select from options A or B.” Without knowing what A or B is or does. For example, the G-sensor sensitivity setttings. Low, Medium, High. Is high sensitivity going to trigger the camera on every little bump or does that setting mean it takes a rather large shock to trigger the camera? Nobody knows.Also the parking mode is a little wonky. Tend not to use it because of the aforementioned issue and lack of documentation as to how to properly configure the camera for my needs.The suction cup sometimes pops off the glass if the car warms up. Solution is to remove the camera and mount from the glass and stow out of sight when parked in the sun.The good:For the price point and size, the camera, build quality and general function, as well my overall results have been positive. The picture quality is quite decent when adjusted accordingly. Night time is decent also.One thing to note is that with the wide angle lens, objects will appear much smaller on video playback or screen capture than to the naked eye. Such as a low flying plane landing at an airport. Might look huge flying over your head but on video it looks tiny and far away. That was disappointing.Bottom line: Satisfied. Would buy again; Would recommend. We own two Vantrue cameras.
I didn't even get to hook it up yet. You can't use a 64gb SD card (that they recommend). Windows will not allow you to format to FAT32 with anything over 32gb.
I'm a student, and I drive Uber as a part-time job, so I a dashcam is a must. However, I need a basic dashcam that doesn't break my little bank; and this dashcam is fantastic for anyone who only wants a simple but does the job.I was surprised by its quality given the price. The dashcam comes in well packaged, and it has all the necessary accessories except a SD card (please do buy the Samsung Pro Endurance as recommended by Vantrue). I've been using the N1 Pro for three weeks now, and so far it makes me feel more confident when I'm on the road.Footages are FHD quality at 30fps. License plates are visible at a relatively close distance (about two cars length), but license plate is unimportant as long as you can prove that the accident isn't your fault. There were days when the temperature was as high as 100F (even higher in my car when parked), but the dashcam was running fine. The mount is sturdy, but this type of mount usually would become loose and lose its suction so I cannot comments on the mount's longevity yet. Hopefully, it will last. One thing I like about this dashcam is that I can instantly review captured footage directly on the dashcam; this proves to be very convenient. Everything else is very simple, just plug and play. It's one of the things that you can put it on and forget about it, but this little thing can save lives. In this time and age where people are just looking for ways to make money out of others, there's no reason to justify not having a dashcam.
The Vantrue N1Pro is a small compact camera that has a lot of features of a bigger size dash cam. First of all I like to mention that the camera size which is perfect to be placed on the top part of the windshield so people looking from the outside can hardly see it. The camera records in HD 1920x1080p/30fps so the picture and video quality output is very clear. The wide angle 160 degree lens records the entire windshield plus more while the camera is in use. In south Texas where I am from the heat in a closed vehicle during the day can reach up to the 120* Fahrenheit and that ok with this camera because it can handle the heat from -4 to 158F* With that being said every once in a while the suction cup for the camera will detach from the windshield when the moisture from the suction cup is dry.The other thing that I do appreciate from this the camera is the parking monitor mode. It does an excellent job in recording anything that moves in front of the camera ( I have mine hardwire to my vehicle ) so that the camera always has external power to operate. As far as the media for recording the events I do recommend on getting the micro SD card 256GB Class 10 U3 for the HD quality videos.So If you want to try a quality dash cam without paying to much money I recommend the Vantrue N1 Pro.
Pros:It is tiny and can be hidden well.It looks solid and the finish is nice.The video quality is very good, under day light.Cons:It does not Do what it suppose to do.1. The tiny screen is very hard to see. You need a magnifying glass for that.2. The parking mode requires hard wired to the cars battery. The camera stop working after 24 hours after hard wired and the screen said it need to rest. That totally defeat the purpose of hard wiring. It is useless as a parking monitor unless you want to reset the camera every day.3. The G sensor is not working right, it randomly put video files inside the lock folder, even without any incident. If a real accident happened, it will be difficult to look through tons of files inside the “Lock” folder to find the one you need. Even with the G sensor set at low sensitivity, it still does the same thing.4. The super night vision is nothing super at all. You get dark screen even you can see very well at night. The footage it captured are mostly black in a well lit parking lot at night.The bottom line is that if you hard wired it, it wont work continuously, without hard wire, the parking mode does not work. So the parking mode is useless.
Tim M.
I was asked to review the new Vantrue N1 Pro dash cam as an owner of the dual cam N2 Pro. I’m not an Uber driver so capturing the goings on inside the car was more of a novelty than a necessity but I like the N2. It does its job in a discreet way and the quality of the images are excellent and the workmanship is very good. Some complaints are the location of the buttons on the bottom of the camera Housing another issue is the price. I paid $200 for the N2 Dual cam Pro not including a hardwire and GPS mount.Vantrue’s Latest N1 Pro is the latest and greatest from this manufacturer. If you want an almost Plug & Play dash cam that can be setup in 5 minutes or less, has one of the best Sony image sensors, a huge optical quality glass lens with a wide aperture to gather light in pitch black conditions, and 1920 x 1080p resolution for less than $75 bucks don’t waste your time looking further for your next (or first) dash cam. In bright daytime use the images are clear with no shaking and license plates are legible even from a fair distance. Even better, nighttime video and stills are so good you may have to dial down the exposure setting below factory default of 5, or you might get a bloom on street lamps and oncoming headlights like I did. Another feature I really like is the 160 degree field of view. Most dash cams in this price range will use plastic lenses, no name image sensors and have a FOV of 120 degrees or 150 degrees at most. The extra view can capture lane changers, bikers and other blind spot infringers other cams might miss until the damage is done.The suction cup mount is solid and does it’s job well. The daytime pic was taken with the included mount. The nighttime pic was taken with the optional GPS mount. As you can see, the exact location and speed is shown on the video in real time if you activate GPS on the setup menu. This could be either good or bad but I would rather have it than not. The microphone is also high quality and doesn’t pick up engine or ambient road noise. Again, the audio could come back to bite you in the @ss so it’s nice to be able to turn it on or off as you wish.The cam does loop recording in 2, 3 or 5 minutes snipets, but with a 256GB micro SD, the max card it takes, you can just turn off the loop function and not worry about documenting an entire cross country road trip.
Kindle Customer
This dash cam is surprisingly compact. It's easy to use with only a few buttons. It comes with everything you need, except a microSD card. Quality is very good, you get a surprisingly wide angle with the fish eye lens. It starts and stops automatically when I turn on/off the vehicle. Installation was really simple. The suction mount feels very strong and the mount lets you tilt or swivel the camera easily while maintaining position. The cigarette lighter power adapter has a long cable, so you can run it behind some panels, out of the way. I would possibly like to hard wire it into my fuse box at some point to free up the cigarette lighter and give it a cleaner install.TIP: the power button also brings you to the settings menu. This felt a but unintuitive. The top button takes still photos and the OK button starts/stops video recording.
Mc Curry
As the First.. it hard to get it work after talk assistant about issued thing and did not work it out and i figure it out for two days and i got it work it work great and got format it.. when u get this slot the SD in and hold power more than 10 to 20 sec and let it go and u will see orange background screen setting my 256gb sd have a amazing graphic video record.. i would buy second for next big one
Robert Ruehs
Short and to the point wrap up : Great little dash cam. Not complicated at all to set up or use. Video quality is great, night or day. Records audio and easy to mute. Also easy to adjust the angle with a twist. Sucktion cup as a good tight hold, I will update if I ever have a problem with it but I don't feel I will. Long cable should I want to hide it along the windshield and door, floor etc to make it very "stealth". Full Review : I've been on the fence about getting a dash cam for years now. While I live in a state that does not have any crazy insurance problems or discounts for owning a dash camera I still wanted one. You see more and more videos online about accidents or someone witness something with a dash cam and I can't help but feel if I was in a situation like that I'd like one too. Call it peace of mind or just the fact I can say "It wasn't my fault!" and have actual proof! That for me, was the biggest pro for getting a dash cam, proof. Dash cams are becoming more and more common and there are more and more on the market every month it seems. Eventually I decieded I should dip my toes in and finally test one out. This device is one of those set it and forget it ones. You set it up, check the footage after a drive and don't have to fuss with it again. I'd recommond getting day and night in there before you check the video. Now for the actual product, which has been great. It comes in a nice little box with some foam padding around the camera to ensure any shipping bumps, drops and crushes don't damage the camera. The intrustions are simple and clear and come seperate from the full manuel to help get you started faster. I was actually surprised it came with two cables. One for the car with the old "cigarette lighter" plug port and a shorter one for plugging the camera into a PC should you want to grab video straight from the camera itself and not have to remove the microSD. Which for some might be very handy since microSD are TINY! As I said it had two cables where I expected only the one for the car, nice. Also surprised that the plug for the car has a little slidable piece and hides a USB port! So if you did have something plugged in there already and it happens to be USB you can use this for a pass through. The cable as you might expect is very long, not sure I even need half of it but I'm sure someone who wants to really hide their cam has plenty of cord to work with. The camera itself looks just the part, like a really mini DSLR almost. The lens is pretty big and extends out of the camera but not so much as to make it bulky. I appreciate the addition of the 1.5inch LCD on the back which makes getting into the settings easy. Some cameras that I had looked at needed to set up on the PC or via phone app, I don't like that. I prefer settings to be "on device" should I need to adjust, adress or otherwise need them quickly. I do recommend at least an 8GB microSD card as setting the video's to 1 minute loops has each one come in just about 110MB which is over 100 videos. However if you wanted to have a longer loop, say five minutes, that would be 500MB for each and will only give you about sixteen videos before it starts to loop. I would say keep it to 1 minue or three at most if you are using 8GB. Smaller cards I wouldn't go over one or even recommend to use it as you will be loppint over video quickly and if you "protect" some you might be unable to record more until you save those to another source. The video is clear and would record any accident you would have in front of your car. This should be more then enough for any insurace claims or court case to prove your side of the story. At night license plates are hard or impossible to read but I won't dock a star from the camera because I feel this is not important. Given most people don't have a dash cam, any kind of recorded footage is a big bonus. Finals notes : The timestamp on the bottom gives you date and time, as well as your license plate # (I left that blank for this review as my videos are public) and speed if you have the GPS attachment/upgrade. (I do not at this time have that). In the video I have the settings to default, 0 exposure, 1080P/30 and audio off. In the picture, I did not yet choose where I want to have the cam and I was moving and adjusting it for this review, that is why you see the USB cord hanging down from my rear mirror. I did not do anything with it as of writing this review.
Lance Lavery
People in my town run red lights! Everyday I notice people cruising through the red lights on their phones etc, and I want to be covered in an accident...I ended up choosing the Vantrue N1 Pro Mini Dash Cam because of its size. I already have a Honda Sensing in my car for accident avoidance, so I needed a camera that would fit along side the builtin camera and sensors while still not blocking my view. The size of this camera was perfect. It fits nicely behind my rear view mirror without blocking any forward vision.When inserting the SD card in the camera, the manual is wrong, the card bottom with the gold strips should face the LCD screen. In the manual it shows the card label facing the LCD, which is wrong. A few of the other functions could be better documented, but it is not anything major. Simply playing with the camera will allow you to figure out the delay settings, etc..Overall the camera quality is excellent. I am able to easily read licence plates and signs during playback.. Because of my camera placement I cannot easily access the snapshot button to capture pictures while I'm on the move, but this because of my mounting choice.A few days after getting the camera i purchased the GPS mount. This adds just enough information, like SPEED, Time/Date and GPS coordinates to the video to easily capture what and where anything caught on video happened. You can see that in my screen captures. Yes I realize now I was speeding just a bit...LOLOverall.. I find the camera quality to be exactly as advertised, the menu is easy to use and the size is just the perfect fit for my already crowded windshield.
Maria G.
We’ve been using the camera for about 2-3 weeks now, and are quite impressed with it so far. When we googled around looking to see what reviews and ratings were posted, this one popped up on our search and was well recommended, and so with that and the price that we got it for, we decided to take the plunge and put it to the test. There's a few cons that we found, but nothing that can't be overlooked, especially when comparing it to other cameras on the market!Pros:- Fairly compact- Mounts securely and is fully adjustable- With the exception of the mini sd card formatting, it' pretty much plug and play deal unless you want to customize settings with exceptional- Came with quick start guide which is bonus- Minimal controls and buttons (so less confusion while on the go)- Really wide view so you can see traffic on right and left lanes at same time- Resolution is pretty good, and you can clearly see license plate of the car in front of you. If 4 car lengths ahead however, you can’t make out the license plate, but everything else is clear- There is a button on top of the camera, that's easy to reach, allowing you to take a quick snapshot- Camera continues to record for period of time after the car is shut off,- Has a g sensor designed to activate during collisions or events. These videos/images and can’t be recorded over after, as they're saved in separate folder (apart from the regular recordings). This is good so that you can be sure that the data is safe, but bad in that you have to manually delete these.- Option of having audio on and off easily- Option of pausing recording (in case you don't want something to be recorded), and this will start recording as usual again (automatically) when the car is restartedCons:- The plug that connects into camera by mount should be on right side (passenger side) and not left as we'd prefer to not run the cord on the driver's side.. .. .. but this would be a plus for non-us drivers- Cord is of generous length, but for mid-size and some larger vehicles, it would be a stretch to run this along perimeter and of the car and to the receptacle- Formatting card is difficult at first, as you can't format the card with the camera, and we learned the hard way (after taking off on a trip that we really wanted to use the camera on), that Windows 10 doesn't format the card to FAT32 either. After searching on the internet, we had to download a (free) program, so that the card could be properly formatted. Worked like a charm after, but we were a bit annoyed at first. Additionally, the quick start guide didn't mention that we couldn't format the card in the device (or at least we didn't see this in there), so we had to wait until we got back from the trip to read the bigger manual, as we didn't take that with us on vacation either!Instruction booklet although comprehensive, print was tiny- It would be nice if we could charge battery longer, so that we can use the camera without it being plugged in- Would be nice if this had a rear view, but I think that's available in a later version- The camera ball mount allows you to adjust and screw to tighten the camera, but even if it's at its tightest, and you push the button to take a still image, but easily loosens
Bought as a gift for daughter. She is delighted with it, said videos are very sharp and clear. She loves it. This is the third dashcam i have purchased, the second from Vantrue. Only a repeat buyer because X1 works so well. First one from different supplier, absolutely no product support. Vantrue is great in this area, also. Vantrue is great to buy from as they ship very fast, have a great product and great support!
BLP3 Motors
I would like to say that this is a fantastic product. The packaging for starters is TOP Notch. The camera itself is very good quality and overall the cam is very user friendly. You simply put your memory card in and format it. Now anytime you turn on your car it does its things and records. I am very impressed with the video quality and all the features that come with it. It really is a very affordable camera with a ton of amenities. I have done a review of the camera on my Youtube Channel BLP3 Motors. I will buy Vantrue Products from now on.
John G.
As a retired police officer, I can't stress enough how important video cameras have become. This small investment, could really work in your favor while driving on a daily basis! This is my second Vantrue product and I will be putting this one in my wife's car. I have driven around with it for the last few days and I have been pretty impressed with Vantrue. The foot print is small, but powerful. I like the fact that the buttons are on the back of the camera instead of the top and sides. As long as you read the instruction manual, figuring out the buttons shouldn't be a problem (unless you're the dude who doesn't read the instructions. LOL) The video images on this camera are very 1920x1080P HD with a full 160 degree view! One of the new updates I like about this one is, it will hold a 256GB memory card! Some of the older cameras only did 32GB or 64GB. The one thing I wish was standard though is the GPS mount. The other part that I'm planning on buying soon is the hardwire kit so I can hide the power wire and have a cleaner install. You can't go wrong with this camera!
Amazon Customer
Just bought camera and Micro SD card will not seat.... Please reverse from instructions....Reversed card and seats fine now..Great camera
Emanuel Gonzalez
so let me start off by saying this N1 pro was more then i was expecting.I decided to try the N1 Pro because in Philadelphia you can never know when you're car would be vandalize or damaged by other drivers. having had an car accident in the past with out a dash cam and the pain of dealing with insurance i decided to try this dash cam out straight out the box everything looked built well. but i was most amazed at the small size of the dash cam it haves to be the smallest one out in the market but just because it is small does not mean it bad or cheep . accessing the menu to set up the time and date was a breeze. pleaded off all the protective plastic covers stuck it to my car windshield 321 had to make adjustments to make sure video was level the way i would like made easy buy the 360 ball joint on the mount . i tested the video at dusk right as a thunder storm was rolling in and the video when reviewed was so clear even with all the rain wile driving you can see so much detail . over all you can not go wrong with this dash cam . if you want sum-thing discreet easy to use and high quality then you want to get this N1 Pro for sure ! (the clip i shared is right befor the rain started )
David S. Courington
Well, the camera is not bad, but the idiotic way they set up the power cord to go through the suction cup mount is completely stupid. What happens when the cup breaks apart due to heat and cracking? Why not have the power go into the camera itself like most others. I bought a mirror mount for the camera since I did not see that it has the power like this and I cannot use the good mount that I bought for it. STUPID Idea to do the power this way!!!
Army Retired
I had a car accident on Fathers Day. Thankfully the person behind me gave me a note with his name & number for the police to call verifying my light was green. I lucked out. I started looking for a dash cam. I found VanTrue and talked with a rep about this one. When I first opened it is seems very small. I was concerned. I have a GoPro and tried to use it for a dash cam but they are not really designed for that. Hard to find a video once it takes it in the LOOP option. And if someone decides to steal it you are out a lot of money. So what can I do?The VANTRUE N1 PRO is small but the video is clear, wide, and it automatically puts the videos where you can find them. Connect to your computer and WOW. And if your car is in an accident the G FORCE option will automatically LOCK the video so you can obtain it saving you possible hundreds to thousand of $$$ proving you are in the right.The camera is small enough to not draw attention to it. (Picture from front of vehicle) The cost of $79 is worth every cent. I am seriously considering getting a second one for our other vehicle. Bottom lime - minimal cost, great wide video, videos stored in an easy way to find them folders.The truth was when I saw the size I was concerned and considered sending it back. But I figured, let's give it a good look before we jump to conclusions. Glad I did and I think you will be glad as well. I have no reservation what so ever recommending the Vantrue N1 Pro Full HD dashcam.6 Month UPDATED REVIEW: Camera after 6 months of use every time we drive is still a great buy. Works when you start the vehicle and does an awesome job on every trip. Took two trips from Kentucky to Texas - worth every dime to protect us.
Amazon Customer
Battery not keeping it's charge, cam must be wired all the time.
I was excited when I received the product. Good video quality day/night for 1080p. After less than a month of using. It stops recording after 1min and 42 seconds. I've tried factory reset and format SD card and still nothing. After it stops recording it auto shuts off after the set interval. Will be doing a return.
Good quality for day and night time
Amazing day time and night time video quality where when stationary or in near field can read number plates clearly. nothing to complain. Well done Vanture Team. Hats off for the great product at this price range
For $100 or less I’d say this is a good dash cam if you need something cheaper to get the job done. Don’t expect any top of the line features. Just a good basic dash cam. Saw others complain that the suction cup mount is not strong enough. I’ve had no issues in 4 months. Just make sure your windshield is clean and free of any oils. I liked that you could additionally buy a hardwiring kit for this dash cam. However, reviews tell me there is no voltage cut off when using the hardwire. Meaning it will run until your battery is dead. That was annoying to find out after the fact. You get what you pay for. Overall I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap/affordable dash cam.
Just good basic camera w/o unnecessary functions.
James james
Kindle Customer
The set up was easy with the instructions provided. The picture is clear in the daytime, have not been out at night yet, so not sure how picture will be at night.
I recently purchased the Vantrue N1 Pro dash cam. These are my first impressions. Unboxing the camera I was surprised by how small it felt but then in setting it up I noticed how easy the buttons are to operate and how simple and well designed they are. Th menu system is also simple to use and logically designed. It was easy to set up the settings and also easy to have quick access. As I mentioned these are my first impressions and I will try to update this initial review after Iv had a chance to live with and use the camera in a few ways. It looks very promising and most of the reviews I read before purchase seem to have turned out to be true.
Wide angle clear picture but still hard to see some licence plates
Excellent product with this price
Just bought this dashcam and very happy with the product. Very user friendly and so easy ti use. The pictures and videos are up to my expectations. This is a very good product for such a good price. Would be a great gift to offer. Overhaul, I have no problems recommending this dashcam.
Alex El
I had a few dash-cams before. Vantrue is the best so far. The delivery in Canada was fast. User manual is detailed, well written and easy to follow. There is also a quick-start guide included. Vantrue website was helpful for warranty extension and for additional resources. Initial setup and installation went smooth. I like that this camera can be charged from more than one source. The price is excellent for such a good product. Dash-cams from other manufacturers in this price range do not have the GPS functions such as speed and location tracking. I am highly recommending this product.
Like the quality here for the price cannot be beat. I had a Vantrue X1 before which was very good also but heavier so would constantly fall off the windshield and eventually broke because of that. This sticks well (It is very light). And I don’t put it so high on the windshield.Easier to operate than the last one, however, the print in the instruction book is microscopic. I could not read it even with a magnifying glass! Instructions are easily found on line.
The issues:- complained about High Endurance Sandisk card- the assembly was back to front from the box,with camera facing the driver, not the road, when installed on windshield glassyou need considerable dexterity and wrist strength to fix this, not the task for everyone- the camera is small, however with the holder, it extends down a fair bitCannot comment on the rest of the features and the picture quality yet
I Installed and tested it out today. Works as advertised and I had no issues setting it up and installing it in my car. The video quality looks good. I haven't tried it at night yet so I can't comment on that.I got it on a lightning deal so it was only $85. Great Dashcam for the price.
Camera corrupted micro SD following issues with battery failure, camera loops restarts under power which may have contributed to micro SD failure.
Manjit S.
Very professionally packaged product. I had to buy a Samsung sd card, as my old one did not work. Hence, it's an additional expense on top of this dashcam. As for the dashcam, it's VERY VERY small as compared to other cameras. So was not sure how the quality wud be. Having used it, I am impressed with the video quality and would recommend it at this $90 price
Amazon Customer
Good quality dash cam . Awesome night vision you can see clear as day . It even works with other miscellaneous SD cards from other companies. Highly recommended if you are working with a budget .Also very compact others can't really see your dash cam if you position it the right way in your vehicle .
Elle John Cabias
The night vision is good, for the suction you have to stick it really well overall everything is fine for me.
Juan S.
Tried three memory card even the Samsung brand they’re recommending but in vain!Disappointing!
malcolm roberts
A very neat little camera: charged it up, set it up, and stuck it up on windshield. Drove and then checked results, great. Great picture, great recording, though have not yet tested the night vision capability. It has an excellent microphone so be very careful about what you are saying otherwise turn the mike off !!This was purchased to replace a dash-cam that has been in use for approx 6 years, and which is starting to have some faults show up, and I am more than happy with this Vantrue replacement - just hope it will last as long and provide the same good service.
It is very clear, especially at night time.
Andrea Doehmen
DO NOT BUYWhen finally trying to set things up, NO USB charger although it requires you to use one, no SD Card although it requires to use one. And the recommended SD almost cost the same amount like the camera itself? Seriously? I will return and you can deal with an open box. Luckily the costs for that stupid move are on your side not mine.
Got this for my boyfriend and he really likes it! Works well.
Shamim Chowdhury
This is a nice small Dash Camera. It took 10 minutes to setup and steps are very easy. Image quality is quite good. At night also clear. I got 10$ coupon and paid $89.99 on Amazon . Screen is small but you can play recording on it. Otherway, I can see recording on my pc too.Now I am looking for a second cam for other car will get dual cam model. I highly recommend this camera as it is a great value for money.
Richard Green
Good product, picture quality is great. HD is more than adequate for anything related to an insurance claim.Limited storage capability means clearing the card every couple of days.
William Chang
Picture quality pretty good for the specs. Easy to set up. Easy instructions. Nice design. Small and compact. Sd card placement easily accessible without needing to remove camera from the mount. Really no complaints!
Not good.. really. can't see the plate number. It is the serious problem. Someone told me racial slur and the middle finger today. why can't i see the plate number?
It has an critical issue which messes up with the date by itself. so it will delete newer files. Also, it saves to smaller segments like 0:48 per video. I've updated the firmware to the latest v12, but the issues still exist.A dashcam is a critical piece of equipment to protect yourself from a fraud and false statement when there is an accident. Invest your money wisely.
Eshan G
The video quality is really good, the cam turns on automatically when the car starts and turns off when the car is turned off depending on individual setting.The customer service is good as well
Joseph Tsang
I am happy with the product and features are great. I found the Vantrue official site offers a better price for the same product. The price difference is $20.00. Is there any possibilities that I could get a refund for the difference? I want to keep it instead of returning the product.
Use it for two weeks, picture quality acceptable in this price range. The suction is not stick on windows well, easy to off compare to other brands.
I was looking for a dashcam that was small enough that hard to see and not get distracted by looking at it in the driver's seat. the installation of the cars was easy and fast, it wasn't that hard to install it. when the package arrives there are 2 cables to use 1. a micro USB and a mini USB that is plugged into the cigarette plug, the cable was long.the video quality was nice and clear, configuring the settings were easy to change with easy to press big buttons.great quality product
Naveed Khan
The product is good. Suction power is not bad but when its too hot or too cold, sometimes it fells.
Had this camera for 2 years. Worked great until the day it stopped working. I suspect it didn't enjoy sitting in the car on hot summer days. Wanted to try changing the battery, but it's soldered to the board and apparently not meant to be changed. Couldn't find a matching battery online so gave up and bought a different camera.
After purchasing the dashcam I used it once but after it turned back on it displays a card error on the main menu. I went ahead and got a new SD card but discovers the same problem. Disappointing quality.
Been over a year since i got this and it is still doing well.No issues so far..the formatting of the SD card was frustrating issue but once it was done, it has been a breeze to use since then.Great value for money for sure !
Emily Hill
Got this for my brother's car as a Christmas present, very useful.
john Humnycki
For the money not bad at all. Occasionally the recording quality is horrible but a quick format of the card fixes it. Falls off the windshield about once a month but super easy to reattach.
Good built quality, easy to use, very tiny footprint.Cant comment on image/video quality just downside is the DC connector bit skinny and long.
Amazon Customer
have used for a week or so and it works great. takes a nice clear video. very easy to install and is so small i don't notice it on my windshield. would gladly buy again.
Agripino Mendoza Jr.
I like the camera except it cant import photo and video to my computer it said empty every time i tried to import but you can play it on the cam, can you give me ideas or instruction about my issues i tried on manual it wont works