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Vantrue N1 Pro (2023) Full HD 1920X1080P Mini Dash Cam

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Surprised to find how small this dash cam, but with good quality. Easy hook up and connected in seconds. Picture quality is excellent. Being is so small, it hardly takes up any space to block your focus. Tried for a couple of days and have worked really well. Good product, worked as described.
Amazon Customer
I am disappointed not because of camera itself but the wire that came with camera has wrong pin, camera it self has mini port to connect and wire accessory they shipped is old thick pin, which doesn't support the camera. What a shame !!! Such a careless mistake and customer disappointment. This is the reason I will return the camera
N1 Pro - What a great camera. I recently witnessed an accident and my camera was facing the intersection. The police were so impressed with the quality, the noted the name and model.
Katherine Matias
Billy D
Very good quality picture
Good dashboard camera. I think they take their products serious.
look at this picture in a small well lit parking lot... no cars are moving and STILL I CANT READ THE LICENCE PLATE!DO NOT BUY IF YOU WANT TO READ LICENCE PLATE!no mater how much i zoom or clear it up its not going to show the plates.So i just reviewed all my videos from the camera and its graney meaning it looks like 720p NOT 1080p, you can clearly see the cars but fine detail like licence plates you can NOT SEE.this camera is cheap in price for someone who wants to get one for there safety but DO NOT EXPECT great quality, its cheap for a reason and that's all.Also you need a gps mount to get the speed and location shown below on the pictures, it is not includedim very harsh with this review because I'm a consumer like you and i don't want to waste money, i hope this review helps you.
This is a very good small and compact HD dash camera, the small screen helps saving battery, I tested it without USB powered, it recorded for 30 of the good option is that you can disable the microphone for your personal privacy.the small screen is also good that it does not distract you.I like the wide angle lense that captures almost what you see from your car's records very good even at night but I could not find the night vision option. I wished it could come with additional micro sd cart, so I didn't have to spend more money for micro sd card, it maybe internal memory would add value.with so many things happening on the road and neighborhood, it a good idea to have a device like this, summer is on the way so it also helps capturing the beautiful views of the trips.
Martin Sarzynski
For the price Awsome dash cam
I like everything about this dash cam. It was delivered within 2 days, and I used it for the first time yesterday.Two things, I need to figure out is why it plays on fast forward when I view from my laptop. I tried to view in slow mode (turtle), but it still played in fast forward. Probably just one setting away from figuring this out. Maybe it is the Transcend High Endurance 32GB Class 10 SD card I am using in it.Also, maybe there is a trick to removing the camera from the mount but I couldn't after it is on. I was hoping to remove the camera easily when I parked it for a long time, instead it leaves me with removing the whole mount with camera. Not a show stopper. I will contact Vantrue if I can't figure this out. They seem really receptive to assisting.Packaging is great! Manual is an easy read, it stays suctioned to the windshield. I ensured to clean the windshield prior to mounting the dash cam to it.Overall, excellent dash cam and though only one day using it, I have no doubt it will be good to have on the dash.
Beto Z
This is definitely smallest dashcam I've seen. The build quality is really nice and it has it's own propietary connector that attachs to the holder/suction cup. Extremely easy to install, video quality is good and still testing it with a 32GB SDCard. I've hard wired the camera to my fuse box and it starts to rerecord automatically when the car turns on. The camera turn off automatically once the car is turned off.So far I have not experienced any issues with this camera. It would be nice if the GPS unit was included in the package.
Ron H.
The Vantrue N1 dash cam seems to be excellent quality. It takes very clear video during the day and good quality video at night. It comes with everything you need. You can get an optional gps mount as well as a direct wiring kit. I had mine installed direct. I had a problem with the connection on the windshield mount but Vantrue were quick to ship me a new one. The service was excellent. I recommend this company.
I was noticing that vantrue makes a lot of dash cams so i decided to trust this company since i assumed they have experience with this product. i was right to trust them. the dash cam i got is of great build and functionallity is easy. manual is great and easy to intrepret, but the use of the dash cam is pretty self explanatory. it does everything that they advertise and delivers with excellence on all features.
Best budget dash cam you can get from Amazon, vdo and the pic quality is amazing what you pay for , really happy with the product so far will update again after using it for six months
Justin Koo
Haven't installed it on the car yet but it works fairly well
This product has excellent picture quality both daytime and nighttime. All the features are great like loop recording, g sensor etcBut the worst part is its adhesive holder. The suction cup is poor and fell down a 100 times; many times during driving and at other times hurting the co passenger.If your dash cam falls down suddenly during, it really jeopardizes safety. They have to do better on the suction cup.
fatih taskinsoy
Best one I have had good quality
Linda R.
Vantrue N1 pro stopped charging and recording after car being parked outside for 1 hour.Temperature was -15.Camera is useless now.Good product until it was parked outside for 1 hour.Also hard to attach to dash mount
i almost got into an accident and when i got home i was looking at footage the camera never recorded it, an hour drive and it only recorded 15 mins in total of it, i checked previous days and it never records the full drive, im not sure why but i thought that was its job also alot of 10 sec recorded videos while driving im not sure why, overall quality is good but reliability not so much im very disappointed
Beverly Lawson
Excellent dash cam with such a clear picture! The size is perfect, it causes no distractions. A great product, I'd recommend it!
Very user friendly. Mounts easily behind the rear view mirror. Nice wide angle view. I like the sound recording so I can read plate numbers in case they aren't in focus.Now when you tell your friends about that ten point buck you nearly hit, you can prove it. LOL
Amazon Customer
I was kind of skeptical at first on how a small dash cam can offer good HD quality videos but after having used the dash cam for about 1 month, I find this N1 pro mini dash cam to outperform its competition. I even bought the hardwire kit because I wanted to rest assured that my car will be safe at all times. I highly recommend this dash cam because of its quality and performance both day and night.EDIT: they asked me to write a 5 star review right after receiving this product to get a free GPS mount. I’ve purchased this back in 2018 and I can tell you this was an okay camera for the first year. After 1st year, the date keeps resetting to Jan. 1 2000, because the internal battery is junk and dies after expanding in the summer heat. Also the parking mode with this camera starting acting up and would stay on for longer periods of time even when there’s no motion. I had to turn that mode off a while back to save my cars battery. Now it’s completely dead and doesn’t even turn on. Will not be buying vantrue again. Bought a new dashcam with capacitors so this doesn’t happen again. If u want a camera that will last for 1 year and have to replace it after this is the one lol. Vantrue is garbage
Very user friendly. Great quality. Excellent images. Most important is that it’s backed up with an amazing customer support.I also purchased the N2 pro dual lens
USB cable was more than long enough to wrap around side of windshield and under carpet to USB port. Setup was quick. Just format the SD CARD using the camera instead of your PC.
Amazon recommends the 64GB card with the purchase of the dashcam. Do not purchase a 64GB card for this dashcam. You must format it to FAT 32 and therefore loose half the available space.
Dan Kennedy
Really like this product. The price was right .Easy installation and setupTakes good video
Hey! Mind Ya Bizness
This little dashcam exceeded my expectation. Sharp clear images in day and night and it comes with everything you need (other than the memory card) to get you going. (Vantrue, please post a photo of "what's in the box" so people really know what they are getting. My only wish list would be to have the suction cup mount and swivel have more rotation range. It would be nice to fully turn the camera and aim it wherever the action is. Vantrue customer service is also top notch! They took care of everything and did it with a virtual smile :-). I ordered 2 more for family members. Thanks Vantrue!
Amazon Customer
It’s really good item. I like it.
Excellent , does what it says
Amazon Customer
The quality and sharp video in day light is much appreciated, But the night vision needs improvement.The license plate right in front of you is over exposed, can't make out the license plate. The license plate on your left and right lane is clear and with the right exposure that you can read the license plate. But overall, the street and shop is clear and you can make out what it is.Don't know if anything in the setting that I can adjust to make the license plate in front of your car in night vision more readable.
Vincent Patenaude
Very nice camera at a reasonable price. Highly recommended. Vantrue customer service is great too.
vlad Bussel
The video quality is not bad at all, but it didn't read a brand new Sandisk 64 GB micro sd card and there are better cameras for less money.
Frodo Baggins
Despite it's size, video quality is amazing. I really enjoy having it in my car.
Bruce G.
The first thing I noted and liked was the small size of the camera, which, will not obstruct your field of vision when mounted up by the rear view mirror on the passenger side of the car. The second thing is the easy access to the large buttons to change settings on the back of the camera. The mount (not a GPS mount) with the camera is very adjustable to swivel the camera in the direction you want. You can get the dash cam level easily if it is mounted slightly to one side or the other. The 1080p recording is bright in low light conditions, or the rain. You can record in 720 resolution as well which will give you more recording time on the microSD card - don't know how much time in total as I have only recorded in 1080p. These are my initial impressions after it's first use.
Dean A.
I've had this dash cam for a few weeks now and have had absolutley no problems. Its done everything as advertised. Years ago I used to have suction cup holders that would fall off but this one works great and the camera hasn't fallen off yet. Enjoy I highly recommend it!
I use this all the time.Lots of reviews on youtube.
I just received the dash cam a few days ago and was loving it. The resolution is very good, and easy to setup. However, the instruction booklet is a bit confusing. The SD card was shown on the booklet is upset down, as the flat part suppose to face upwards and the chipped side face down, but maybe it can install both ways.Another minor issue is that the charger port for the adapter is on the left side when it is locked on to the windshield. I think making the port on the right side would be easiler for the wire setup, since it the wire goes throught the passenger side and down to the charger.Overall, the product is easy to use with really high definition. Would definity recommand it.
Roy Holman
I am not too technologically adept ,but I found this camera very easy to set up and install. It gives a very sharp image
It is as advertised - the mount is sturdy, the power cables are long enough to route around the edges of the windscreen (without it dangling near the center console) and the cam is small enough to not obstruct driver's view when mounted near the rearview mirror.My only gripe has been that for cars that don't have an automatic power cut from the Cigarette lighter 12v socket, it would be nice to have an auto-off timeout feature should nothing happen say for about 10 minutes.
Amazon Customer
I wanted a great dash cam to use while driving on a holiday. I did my research and thought the VANTrue N1pro was what I was looking for which I ordered from Canada Amazon along with a SanDisk 64 GB micro card. It turns out the N1 pro dash cam will not accept the micro SDcard no matter what I do. I enjoyed my holiday without the N1 pro. My attempts to contact Amazon regarding the N1 pro has been frustrating to say the least. I suggest buy that brand locally. It will be MUCH easier to return it.
Daniel Gosselin
the item came a month before the date it was supposed's so well packaged that you can feel the quality by the packaging and the camera fell so much better than the other cam I got feel solid and well made. the button are not shaky and react well.and even tough she is tinny it doesn't feel like it will broke in your hands like all the other cheap cam I got before.the cam setting and the instruction are well made and are easy to understand the Micro-SD card fit well.and the images quality is good.. I doubt you can get a better one for the price
It is really good with good price. I tested some other products, this one has the best quality of video and it is working under -10 degree to 70 degree temperatures. You don’t need to wait for warm up time.
Jesse Silva
Very good product. Because of this camera I already saved a lot of money when a guy drove back into my car while I was parked. I just checked the video an called the insurance company and because if the footage they could find the driver and he had to pay it.Worth every dólar.
I bought this product a few weeks back after reading the reviews and i dont regret it at all. I am very happy with the dashcam. The video quality is amazing, almost like watching a Full HD movie. The product quality is also good and the night vision is also very sharp, thanks to the Sony sensor. The product has 18 months warranty which made me feel more confident to make the purchase. I strongly recommend this product.
Gallen Wolf
I use car shares in Vancouver, BC, and I wanted a dash cam for this purpose. The N1 Pro fits the bill perfectly at a great price.It comes with a suction mount - perfect for car shares - and includes a 12v plug to power the camera, and the plug also has a usb port to charge my phone. Great! The mount does rattle a bit and it's recorded in the footage but it's a minor matter.The camera itself works great. Plug it in and it automatically records, and there's a loop mode to overwrite old footage.The recorded footage is alright. Don't expect to catch fine details like number plates on far/fast moving cars. Exposure is generally quite good, and the colours in the evening are deliciously saturated.Critiques:- The user interface of the camera is not well thought out. However, a quick read of the manual sorts it out quickly! For example, you press the OK button to start/stop recording, not the button on the top of the camera that looks like a shutter release on a regular camera. The power button also serves dual duty - one, to turn the camera on/off, as well as to enter the camera's settings when not in recording mode.- Exposure Compensation is only in discrete stops. It would be nice to have EV compensation in 1/3 stops, even half a stop would be great!
Executive Summary: A very good dashcam for this price point. Other than some potential annoyances with the mount, once you get past that you’ll enjoy a very capable unit. I’m rating it 5 stars not because it’s a 5-star camera, but because it’s a 5-star camera AT THIS PRICE. I have similarly priced units that don’t perform nearly as well, and the ones I have that do cost way more.Intro: I happened to be in the market for an “inexpensive but reasonably well-featured” dashcam for my son’s new job as a long-haul trucker, so timing was good. But mounting in a truck comes with certain challenges that may not apply to the average car-driver, making this a pretty decent test. My own vehicle has a high-end camera that cost about 7x the price of this, and in many ways, this meets nearly the same standards, just missing some expensive functionality.In the box: The camera, the suction-based mounting bracket, a USB cable, a cigarette plug power cable, and a small instruction manual. Note that there’s only the one mounting bracket (more on that below).Installing: So, I’ve always had bad luck when it comes to suction-based mounts. Despite all the various “tricks”, they never work well, or for long. Inevitably I always end up using the hard mount, if provided, or fabricating something. Here we find the one weakness of this camera, the mount. It’s a custom mount that can’t be dismantled. The suction cup is small and (pretty much as expected) didn’t work well. The other problem is that in many US states (I’m in Canada, but the truck would be going south of the border often) it’s illegal to stick things to the windshield. The exact laws vary, but the basic policy of many trucking companies is “nothing stuck to the windshield”. In the end I had to do some fabrication to get it mounted where we wanted it (top console, hard-mounted). Luckily, I have a lot of experience with this, but an average person might have challenges and end up resorting to various adhesives.The camera itself slides into the mount, and it’s a tight fit, but easy to remove if theft is a concern.That’s the bad part (and not all that bad in the grand scheme of things). But one big plus is that the power cable is extra-long. Like way long enough to run across the top, down the side and leisurely though the dash to the cigarette plug, with wire to spare. It’s a standard USB on the camera end, so you can use other cabling options if desired. I’ve seen many dashcams, including much more expensive ones that come with a measly 3ft cable, which is just dumb.Also in the box was a separate micro-USB cable to plug into the camera for file transfer, and it was also very generous in length. You could plug that cable into the camera to download videos without having to remove it from the mount.Note that this comes with no microSD card, so you’ll need to get one. It’s always recommended to get a good one, preferably an MLC-rated card specifically for dashcam use. I used a spare MLC-rated 64Gig card for testing, but the camera will take up to a 256Gig card (which is very rare in this space). Personally, for day-to-day use I wouldn’t go smaller than a 128Gig, and probably a Samsung Evo+ or one of the newer cards specifically for this use, like the Pro Endurance line. The smaller the card, the quicker it’ll fill up and start erasing old recordings. My 64Gig lasted a bit less than 24 hours of combined normal/parking (remember, this was in a truck driving 10 hours a day).If you go cheap on the microSD, expect to run into problems eventually (file corruption, lost recordings, etc.). This advice applies to all dashcams, not just this one. In my experience, many dashcam complaints stem from dying microSD cards.Operation: The LCD screen is pretty small. It’s really only useful for aiming and running through the menus. You don’t want to try to review videos on that. But that’s pretty typical for this type of camera, and isn’t a negative. The menus are pretty straightforward, and the options clear. A couple of the options are not well documented, and you’ll likely play with a few settings to figure them out.If you enable the parking mode (which is a significant feature of this camera at this price point), then it uses an algorithm that I surmised was based on how much of the overall screen area was “moving” to determine whether the entire vehicle was moving (this putting it back in normal recording). Sounds complicated, but for the non-nerds in the audience, it just works. Seemed to record normal when moving, parking when not. After the first week, I turned off parking mode but left the G-sensor on to record “impact” events. In a big truck, slamming the door triggered an “impact”, and recorded accordingly. This was as-expected, and it worked fine. You can adjust sensitivity.The manual is a bit confusing as far as “protecting” recordings or taking still pictures. It’s all based on the “mode button” on the top, but the manual wording is confusing. In fact, while we managed to capture a couple of still photos, we’re still not entirely sure how. For protecting a video (the more common requirement), the manual says to push the button while it’s recording. That’s not entirely all of it though. If the display is off (which it normally should be), the first tap of the button restores the display, but doesn’t protect the video. A second tap while the display is on protects that recording (only that one, not before/after, which would be my preference). A tiny icon (not really visible when you’re driving) shows the lock, but I’d have preferred some sort of sound notification. You shouldn’t be looking at the camera while driving to see what it’s doing.Video quality: The camera has a good-quality 1080p sensor that records at the typical 30fps. The videos generated were of very good quality. On playback, with a bit of squinting, it was quite possible to make out license plate numbers of close vehicles. Especially for this price point, the quality of the video produced was high, and I can’t imagine anybody complaining about that.The other plus is the wide field of view (160° according to the specs). In the truck, this covered well off to both sides, and with the hood mirrors the videos captured overtaking vehicles on both sides.There was some reflection from the windshield, mostly in the corners, but only the higher-end dashcams costing hundreds more support polarizing filters, so no points off for this.The “night vision” is pretty good, especially at this price point. But people do need to set their expectations appropriately. These things aren’t going to “see in the dark”, and there’s no IR lighting or anything (which wouldn’t work behind a windshield anyway). One downside to “night vision” is that if, for example, you’re behind a vehicle with brighter license plate lights, it’ll wash out the plate and make it unreadable.Viewing: I usually just pop out the microSD and stick it in my PC to copy the folders. Or use the supplied USB cable to connect to a separate machine, where it shows up as a standard USB drive, but only USB2 so copying will be slow. The camera also has a built-in mini-HDMI port. I don’t happen to have a proper cable, so I haven’t tried that out yet. But that’d be handy to plug the camera into an HDMI monitor or TV for quick viewing on the “big screen”.Epilogue: I may yet order the separate GPS unit (I’m watching for a sale). While some may complain that it sucks the GPS isn’t included, the reality is if they’d done that, the price would be higher, causing complaints from those who don’t need the GPS. And while there’s a Viewer app that would support the GPS, the Windows one seems to be broken (scripting errors from Google Maps, and it doesn’t actually seem to play recordings).
This product met my expectation for less the price.
StreetXtreme Auto Parts
The dash cam has good quality video and audio. Works great and looks compact. Dash cam looks like a mini dslr camera so that's very cool!
Craig M
This is my first Dashcam and I am very impressed. As you can see form the pictures, it has a very small form factor, but well built, it does not feel cheap. The size is perfect as it does not obstruct your view when attached to windshield, nor is it distracting. It comes with a suction cup mount with a locking system which is great, and locks in tight, I do not think it will fall. It also comes with a USB cable which can be used for charging, and a car charger. I believe it is capable of GPS but you need a separate mount for that. The picture looks great, and is clear enough to read license plates etc when a fair distance from vehicle in front of you. Overall I would recommend this dash-cam to others.
Kevin Chiu
The Vantrue N1 Pro is very user friendly, easy to setup, camera is compact and for the price point you can't go wrong.Camera: Smaller than I expected compared to other dash cams on the market. For the size of the camera the quality is very good as you can see from other reviews. Also being such small camera it doesn't obstruct your view while driving, it has a future where you can have the screen black so it doesn't disturb you while driving at night and it has parking mod!!For the price point is a very decent dashcam. Comparing to my last dash cam, I am very happy with my purchase. I would suggest purchasing. I may buy the VANTRUE T2 for my parents vehicle.The only issue it does NOT come with a SD card.
Ed P
Great delivery service. Installed the camera. Easy to set up and the video clips are great. Beats the old one I had completely. Hardly noticeable on the window in the vehicle, which is good and does not distract from driving. A good one!
I considered purchasing a dash-cam after a friend who got involved in an accident used his dash-cam video to prove his innocence and got his car replaced without further investigation. I chose Vantrue N1 Pro because of the multitude of features (especially the wide angle coverage, supported temperature range and support of up to 256 GB) provided at a reasonable price.I've had this camera for over a week now. It easily fits on the windshield and neatly hides behind the rear-view mirror. The videos when reviewed on my laptop are sharp and clear. The night time videos are surprisingly great. The customisation options are plus. You can control the audio, camera resolution, license plate display, auto shutoff, G-sensor sensitivity and parking mode features. The time lapse mode is a bonus if you are travelling in a scenic route. As mentioned by others, I would also recommend setting the G-sensor sensitivity to low (even at medium sensitivity the dash-cam is too responsive). Make sure you turn off parking mode when you move the camera out of your car at any time, else the camera would switch on for every shake and keep capturing protected videos.An in-built GPS unit would have been great (we need to purchase a separate unit in order to use the GPS feature). The charging ports provided are different - a micro USB on the camera (to charge the camera directly) but a mini USB in the holder (which connects to the car charger). Even though charging cables for both USB types are provided, an uniformity would have been good. These are definitely not deal breakers though. Overall, this is a great and compact dash-cam which can satisfy most of your needs.
I really like this dashcam!! The fact that it has parking mode is a great benefit for me and by far my favourite feature. The camera is also super easy to navigate and has straight forward settings. It comes equipped with enough accessories and especially a long enough cable to do the wiring right! I would definitely recommend this camera for anyone looking to add extra security for their car!
This product is fantastic, such a tiny little dash camera. The quality of video is excellent, crystal clear. Highly recommend! You cannot get better product for the price.
Alice Budney
The dash camera is easy to set up. But the suction cup does not hold the cup to the windshield even when lubricated. Can not use it with a faulty suction cup.
Like this product use it for motorhome
I was looking for something small and compact as to not be too obtrusive. this dash cam fits perfectly behind my mirror and is completely out of the way. The usb cable (very long usb cable) can also be attached to the mount rather than the camera itself which makes removing the dash cam less of a pain.The 1080 video was nice and clear and night recording was surprisingly good with easy to press big buttons.great little camera.
This is my second Vantrue dash cam and once again they didn't disappoint. I have the N2 Pro (great camera) in my car and got this one for my wife's car as it was smaller and hopefully less visible to her. I haven't installed it yet in her car but tried it in mine today, it was super easy to set up as I used the mount that was already in my car for the N2 Pro. *It is nice when a company uses the same equipment for newer models. Vantrue says that a 256gb sd card will work but using a 64gb is plenty of space for me. In the first road test, which was over an hour, the camera recorded all but 3 clips in protected mode. I have now adjusted the G Sensor sensitivity to Low and hopefully this reduces the amount of protected recordings. Now that I have tried and liked the N1 Pro and N2 Pro, I will be buying the GPS mount and hardwire kit for both. *Edit: I have changed my review to 5 stars as after adjusting the G Sensor sensitivity to Low, there is next to no false protected recordings.
Like the fact I got it promptly very exited for it can't wait to have so much fun with it. It looks amazing gorgeous.