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Vantrue N1 Pro (2023) Full HD 1920X1080P Mini Dash Cam

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D. Halbach
Was pleased with the video, however in an all too short time it stopped recording. Would not get that brand again. Have another brand now that has been problem free much longer than this.
Michael C. Shrader
Great customer service , shuts off in high heat it save electronics , small it hides behind rear view mirror
Suction cup is not coming off! Easy set up and to use. Easy upload to Facebook ect.Love to use for road trips! For the cost its fantastic.
I have 2... Has worked great in the crazy Arizona heat.
Ricardo Chapa Jr
Stopped working after a couple months of use.
Novian Cobb
Great product love it so far. The only real negative is that in the hot summer months it loses suction and hangs by it power chord. This only happens like once every couple of weeks when I get into my car and notice. But I live in texas and its often 110+ in my car when I get in.
The Reader
This nice for my car, but it is really helpful in my RV when traveling, as people pull out in front of you, with 32 ft length RV, plus a tow car. You just can't stop all that fast with the length and weight of everything. I usually am able to anticipate and slow down, but sometimes they surprise and pull out at the last minute. Pretty unnerving and if I ever hit one, the camera proof would be very helpful for the accident report. It also would help with our traffic circles for the drivers that can't stay in one lane. I added a video of someone cutting me off at a traffic circle. I'm glad I was staying back a ways or they would have cut right into my car.
I haven't had this for long but so far it's working great. Daytime images are clear, night time seem to be on par with the reviews I watched. It sticks well to the windshield and the menu system is pretty straightforward. Boots up fast when the car is started. So far so good. Glad to have the security of the cam given how some people drive.
Before writing a review I wanted to wait and see if this cam could withstand the Arizona heat. As you can see from the date and temperature. 123F summer day and the dash cam is still working.Things to consider - play around with the "Parking Mode" and "G-Sensor". Those two settings will fill your memory quick with locked videos. Locked videos will not delete unless you physically delete them. Parking mode will start recording when it sense movement (All the time) and G-sensor will start recording when you open your door and shut your door.
I've been running this dashcam in my truck for about 4 or 5 months now. No problems. I've pulled the chip out and checked the footage a few times. No problems. This makes me feel more at ease. I may get a second one to be facing the rear.
Patrick Morganson
Just got the N1 Pro today, and set it up. I really like the mount and the settings seem intuitive. I like the parking feature. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but am looking forward to seeing it in action.
All the basic features you need and none of the complicated confusing features you don't. Great video quality. Easy set up and installation Very good value. Will order another for wife's car. Cheap insurance.
The camera's night vision is surprisingly good. Night vision ranges from 15 to 30 ft. and more depending on lighting conditions. I haven't tried it in pitch-dark conditions. The photos you see in the ads reflect reality. Daytime videos are crisp. The device is easy to use: Plug it into a power source and it starts running. Get a 128 GB high speed card for $20+ and you can capture a 12 hour trip or so.This is an edited version of an earlier review. I had first reported a glitch with playback. The glitch occurred every 15 to 20 video files. Windows media player didn't recognize the file. I had to use another video player. It turned out the Samsung SD Card was the issue. I upgraded to a Scandisk Extreme. The higher speed card took care of it. You can probably find the equivalent Samsung card. I upgraded my rating from 4 to 5 stars.
Lauren You
Have you ever wanted to replay something that happened while driving but weren't taking a video at the time? Well now you can. This camera has decent range and picture quality so that you can watch every mistake that other stupid drivers make.
This dash cam is an outstanding value. We have had many dash cams and none with the picture quality that this delivers especially the night vision. We have purchased four and are very glad we did. Recently we had an encounter with a rock falling off of an oncoming truck breaking our windshield and it came in handy being able to send a video to send authorities.
Was happy with all aspects of this Cam at first -- but after about 4 months, the Battery would no longer hold a charge. Cam would work ONLY if plugged into car-power; making reviewing content totally impractical. Then, at about the 6-month mark the Cam would no longer even turn on: only the blue Power LED would flash. Using the 'Reset' button was futile -- the Cam simply failed. It had never been dropped, nor gotten wet (or any form of abuse). I even dis-mounted the Cam when parking in the sun to avoid overheating it. So, my view of this device is that it is crappy -- and I wasted $80. Well, off to try to find another (different brand) dash-cam...
It randomly keeps stopping and when I press the button to protect important footage it only does it sometimes. It freezes CONSTANTLY. The videos do not continue recording from where the last video stopped, there's about a 5-10 second window missing (I guess because its saving the last video to the SD during that time), Which is a HUGE DEAL because in that 5-10 second gap you could have gotten in an accident which you won't have footage of. So I wouldn't recommend this dash cam. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt so I kept it hoping they would eventually work so I didn't return it before the return window ended, big mistake on my part.
William Haynie
Forget about reading license plates. I used a magnifying glass on a still video of a vehicle that was 10 feet away, and could not read the plate number. Also, the suction cup is weak. On a hot summer day the camera falls of the windshield.
jesse croTts
I chose this product over the Garmin because of the price point and the warranty. Price point is a good $50 less than the Garmin 44. Warranty is 18 months instead of Garmin's 30 day warranty. I'll let you know if things change, but so far so good.
I've mulled around for which brand of camera to buy as my first one, and I am not disappointed with trusting Vantrue. The picture quality is amazing, the microphone picks up sounds inside and outside well, and I was able to tuck the cabling away without any issue. The provide suction mount is terrible, but I purchased the gps enabled hard mount as an upgrade. The suction mount just cannot handle summer heat, and it falls off easily. I will say the camera has held up from falling perfectly. I've used it for 6 months with no issues.
Blood Marth
Soo impress how so small this dash camera is yet so clear of the video was taken. I couldnt be any happy with the shots we got for this weekends get away. I have chosen a small clip to show everyone!! Glad i made the right descision to chose this dash cam.
Matthew Fiedler
If you're looking for a small dash cam you don't need to think much about, this is a good choice. Instructions are a little complicated, but once you get everything working, it's a nice little dash cam.
Mickey Smith
|—-This review is incomplete. I will come back and edit it when I get more experience from the camera—-|I purchased this for a friend because we always see something wild when we’re together. I purchased this camera for its price and many positive reviews. As always, I took them with a grain of salt. I expected it to be neither excellent nor, well, not bad.The packaging was nice, though just a tad awkward. After getting the second box opened (first was the one it shipped in), I was met by a quick start guide, some kinda sweepstakes-type thing (share video, get chance to win), and a full manual. I read the quick start guide, but I’m more of a learn-it-by-doing-type person, so I retained the absolute bare minimum I needed to know, which was it needed to be charged for 2-3 hours before use. So I decided to do the next logical thing: I started using it. I’m kidding. I plugged it into a phone charger for a couple hours like it said. I hadn’t put a memory card into it yet, so it didn’t record anything.The display seemed decent at the time (I left all of the protective film on everything), but after I got it set up later, it actually looked pretty good. It’s also at this point that I decide to set it up. It was awkward navigating the menus. Well, it was fine most of the time, but the instructions didn’t exactly make it clear how to apply changes you make. Turns out, it’s automatic. This confusion actually allowed me to almost exactly sync the time to what my phone said (you can modify the seconds too, but I didn’t feel like it, especially if I could get close).I was going to use it in my friend’s Jeep but I was too busy trying to find stuff that I forgot to insert a uSD card into the camera before leaving. Another friend tried to mount the camera anyway (I was in the back). He tried to take it back down, but the suction cup resisted. He finally got it down, dropping it. He handed the camera back and called it a GoPro. To be fair, that’s what this camera looks like, lol.Skip a couple of days and I was able to put the camera into another car. I actually remembered to insert the uSD this time. We drove for about 10 minutes and parked and waited for someone else. Once he came out, it was decided to take his vehicle instead of ours, so I was unable to capture any more footage. What footage I do have ins’t really enough to tell much about picture quality. We didn’t even get close enough to another vehicle for me to be able to read the plates with my own eyes.Speaking of footage, the files stored on the card are in MOV format. This is a Windows file, so you will need a Windows machine to watch it. I tried an Android tablet. It saw the files and even gave thumbnails, but refused to play. Windows 10 played it no problem. In the camera settings, I enabled GPS speed logging on the video, even though I don’t have the GPS mount. I just wanted to know how it reacted, and as expected, it reported 000 MPH the whole time. The image seemed fairly crisp for the price. The stamps placed in the videos aren’t as up-to-par, but can be overlooked. The audio wasn’t bad either.The camera mount will accept a USB mini B cable while the camera itself can take a micro B cable. It draws power from either. Included with the camera were two cables. One plugs into a standard 12 V port in a car and has a little tab that rotates open to reveal a single USB port. The other is meant for data transfer between the camera and a PC. I haven’t tried, but I would imagine the data cable can also be used to supply power.I’m going to go ahead and rate this as a 7/10. As I said before, I haven’t really had a good chance to test this camera yet and I will come back and edit this when I do. If you need yourself a cheap dash cam, I will go ahead and recommend this. I also plan to put up a comparison video at some point comparing this camera to a whole ‘ other make and model (Viofo A119) because I can.
Robert De
I bought this a few months ago and it gives you a sense of control if your in an accident and show what happened. It’s easy to use no problem formatting the sad card. The suction is amazing considering the camera sits in the hot Florida sun.Got my first sorta video the other. It was of a police officer running a red light...yellow to red...illegal.
Marshall Underwood
Bought this directly from the seller, but it's a good camera, easy to set up and use, and came with all the necessary cables.
Bought 2 of the N1 Pro dash cams after a family member recommended them. The video quality is very good and do like the wide angle lens. Was able to get 2 of these for the price of most other dash cams on the market. They do offer an extended warranty for free when you register them. The size of this camera is nice and small and hides well behind my rear-view mirror.
Justin Pham
I’ve had their previous generation N1. Worked great for 3 years so far. Decided to give away to my girlfriend as a gift, and bought myself a brand new one.What I love:- easy to use- great video quality- no gimmicky features- they seemed to have upgraded the suction cup mount!What could be improved:- not really much to be said here, as I’m not a nit-picking person
It has been working very well. The only issue is that the wire cover has detached from the piece that goes into the cigarette lighter port. I didn't take off any stars for this since it might be because it's carried around in a backpack. Happy with purchase overall. I recommend.
Amazon Customer
The way night vision is implemented in this camera is quite amazing. The amount of detail the image sensor captures is quite nice even on country roads when the only light available on the road is the car's headlights.
I love the feature that it deletes the old footage because that feature makes it so much more convenient for me to use. I have a 128GB Samsung Micro SD card and it works great and saves great. It also tolerates hot weather. I live in California and it can get up to about 110F inside the car but this dashcam gets hot AF but can handle it. Trust me, buy this because this is worth your money. Spend more money on something and get the quality. Don't waste your money on cheap ones because they will break and not have the kind of necessary features you need.
R. L. Scharf
This little guy is amazing. I had a Venture X1 and thought it was small, but the N1 Pro makes it look like a DSLR camera. You will not be disappointed if you purchase one of these, especially for the price.I would mention that you definitely should charge the camera for 2-3 hours prior to setting it up, just as the manual directs. The camera battery needs to be charged to reliably retain settings you input.A couple of hopefully helpful tips: 1. Format the micro SD card in the camera. 2. I find it easier to just remove the camera and mount from my vehicle if I want to view recordings on my computer. The camera fits very snugly onto the mount and it can be difficult to remove/mount it if the windshield mount is tucked up behind the rearview mirror like mine.3. I use one of those alcohol based cleaning wipes to clean both the windshield mounting area and the suction cup prior to mounting.Try one, you'll like it!
Tarheel 57
It is compact on the windshield, and "hides" behind the rear view mirror so it doesn't disturb my vision. I used it on a 10,000 mile, 3 month RV trip to the Canadian Rockies and western US. Worked perfectly.
Daniel Saavedra
Bought this works great..good reviews didn't let me down..
grumpy santa
The price and picture quality of this product has been adequate since the beginning but the dirty little subject that I didn't research was battery replacement. Can't be done. Since the beginning I have been forced to bring the camera inside to defrag the disc on my computer. Somewhere it said to do it every couple weeks and I have done so since the beginning with a reminder on my phone's calendar.It just gets old and you cannot replace the battery or batteries. If I had known this at the time and that the camera will only work when the car's key is on.......
Dylan B.
Highly recommend this product. It’s had very clear video and audio. It records in loop 24/7 and it has a long lasting memory before it records over the previous recordings. We live in a city where drivers don’t know how to drive and this has become very handy when we captured a hit and run. The only problem is that the screen is very small and when you try to watch a video it has to be connected or the SIM card needs to be extracted and inserted into the computer to fully see the video. Other than that great quality for the price.You also have to buy the memory card it comes separate.
Jordan M.
I am not tech savvy at all. This camera comes with easy easy instructions on how to set up. It records well, and my favorite part is that the camera comes unclipped so you can store it in your center divider and leave the stand on your window. Perfect for the price.
The dash cam is of good quality. The camera itself is small and easy to use. The biggest problem it has is at the suction cup. After one summer, the dash cam falls down every day due to a faulty suction cup. The issue with suction cup significantly shortens this dash cam's life span. You probably can only use it for at most one year. If you do not wish to buy a new dash cam every year, avoid this one.
Linda Casper
I have had good luck with vantrue in the past, but this time was different. The camera box was already opened, as the seals had been broken. I opened the box and it was obviously messed with before it got into my hands. I plugged it into the car and the screen starts to boot up but then shuts off and goes black. From there, nothing happenes no matter what buttons you press. It's very disappointing to go through this experience.
Quality camera. The suction it comes with is extremely ineffective. After charging the camera completely I set it up in my Jeep and the next morning the suction had already given up as I found the camera hanging there in my windshield. I've had the camera for 2 months now and I can't use it at all because the suction device is such poor quality. If you have your own mount I would recommend this camera. If you plan to use the suction mount that comes with the camera be prepared to be disappointed or plan on getting a supplimental mount. Pretty much useless with the mount not working. Great camera, cheap accessories.
Unit arrived and installed ok, seemed to work as well as I understood it, over time I learned what it was supposed to do, and well beyond the Amazon return window, I realized it wasn't working as it should. Via multiple online chat sessions we determined it was not working, but within the warranty period. As soon as I shipped the defective unit back (apparently internal rechargeable battery had failed) they cross shipped a replacement. No Fuss No muss!
After a promising start, I keep having issues with this dashcam.- the time and date keep resetting, making recording video worthless. I already set it back multiple time but nothing- some of the recordings are not actually saved. I ofter review the footage and find the recordings from the SAME DAY missing (I got a 128GB so space is not an issue)- the quality is poor. Sure it's full HD but the detail is pretty poorI will need to buy something else, too bad I can't return it.
After 3 months of use, yes with the car cable provided, it caused me several times to go hunt for a jumpstart / boost as battery was almost completely dead.Not using the burglar or any fancy feature, yet it kills the car battery. Im afraid will need to replace battery soon.
Oliver’s and Eli’s Mommy
Surprisingly good picture quality and i like that it breaks up long trips into short video segments. My two issues; 1. the slightest movement of my vehicle and it turns on. I can't open the door to grab my wallet without the camera coming on. It's become a challenge to close the door so softly that the camera won't come on. I hate that I've made a game out of this. 2. Suction sucks, and its worse in transition from cold to warm weather. I had to get on YouTube to find some solutions that work for more than a week or so. It's no fun getting off the train to find a dangling camera in my truck. I don't need passersby to know I have a camera in there.
Only got 9 or so months out of this before battery died now doesn't work.
Oscar G.
Awesome camera for it's price and the features work good also. Very easy to install too.
Have had this over a year now and is still working.Update: Still working good
Bought one of these for both me and my wife and have them running at all times. It's very easy to setup and the picture quality is very good. The audio/video/capture settings are easy to navigate and change while it is still mounted. The support was incredibly helpful when I had questions or concerns about the product. I highly recommend it!
Kindle Customer
I purchased this camera to protect myself as a professional truck driver.The features are quite adequate. It has a bit of a "fish eye" type lens to get a nice wide view, but not distorted. For my purposes, I got a 256gb micro-sd in order to record in the highest definition - to easily read a license plate if needed - and that gives me 33 hours (about 4 work days) of recording time. It loops automatically, so I don't work about running out of space. When an incident happens, I take the card out and use my home desktop to upload and save the needed clip.I suggest the GPS enabled mount to add your vehicle speed to the recordings.
Dino Baldacci
Was quite satisified with this dash cam which I purchased about ten months ago. However, the internal battery appears to have died, so the date and time must be reset each time I use the car. Also, the "up" arrow button function is now inoperative and I can't access the settings menu to set the date/time. I'd try going through the manufacturer, but suspect the quality of this dash cam is the problem. Will look for a more high-end dash cam.
Kenneth J. Kleinowski
Works well, still new to me.
Kim D.
Nice small camera with a great picture!
Too many cables for me, screen is too small. People spend more money and buy an updated camera with bigger screen and better technology
Unfortunately this camera missed a opportunity to shine! My car ends up getting scratched by someone, and the park mode on this camera did even record the event! So, I'll end up paying for damages to get the scratches repaired and not having a clue who did it to my car. Camera was pointed towards the front of the car, and the scratches happened in the front bumper, so the sensors didn't pick it up.The suction on that's provided with this camera, has a tendency to fall down every so often. I ended up using some adhesive to make it stay attached to the windshield.It's a camera. Don't think i'll purchase another Vantrue camera.
Jeffrey H. Wildrick
This is a nifty little camera - and it is little, but don't let that fool you. As with most small electronics there is a learning curve to operate the controls, but this is much more intuitive and easier to program and use than other dash cams that I've tried. The picture quality is great, and the "Parking" mode is a real bonus. When it detects motion outside of your windshield it turns on and takes a brief video. A nice security feature. The suction mount is very strong, and it comes with a data cable so you don't have to remove the data card to transfer video to your computer. I like it a lot.
Alexis Turner
It is very small, smaller then I thought it would be, but I like the fact that it’s small because if it was any bigger, it could potentially be a destruction when you’re driving. I do like that it automatically Records over the oldest footage so you don’t have to replace the memory card.
I had a bit of trouble getting my SD card to format but once I worked through that it was smooth sailing,This camera resides in my SLK I love to have a camera in all my cars this one works great thanks for a great camera.
Kindle Customer
Clear wide pictures on 23 inch monitor, need to be rather close to car ahead for license plate number clarity.
Dave in Long Beach, CA
I had an exceptionally great experience with the warranty process. After using the dashcam for nearly one year I noticed the battery was not holding a charge.Warranty contact named Echo at WXDT, Richardson, TX. Echo responded quickly to all email communications (even on weekends) and walked me through a simple process.The result was me returning the original item and quickly receiving a new item. I will not hesitate to purchase another Vantrue item.
Gail Dominicis
Well, this is the FOURTH dashcam I have tried and the 4th to be returned. DOESN'T ANYBODY AT THE CAMERA PLACE KNOW WHAT A DASHCAM IS SUPPOSED TO DO?First one captured 15sec segments with 4 seconds betweenSecond one wouldn't charge off the carThird one had 1000 options, NONE of which were useful for dashcam operationsTHIS one seems to work, charges and connects to the computer via USB, but REQUIRES A PROPRIETARY CABLE TO CHARGE IN THE CAR --- IN THE CIGARETTE LIGHTER !!!!My cigarette lighter is in the center console 4 FEET AWAY passing FOUR USB outlets on its way making its PROPRIETARY cable 2 feet short.AND there does not seem to be ANY battery life. It may be all capacitor, which, if constantly powered by the car would not be a bad thing. (See PROPRIETARY CABLE)
Natalie Trinh
I got this product for my husband as his anniversary gift. He loves it. It’s very easy to use. Picture quality is very good and especially it’s very reasonable priced. Highly recommended. I’m thinking about getting one for myself too!
Love this dash cam. Purchased 8 of them for my team of field travelers driving company vehicles. Good size, great picture and solid recording features. Works very well with optional GPS-enabled mount.Also have to comment on their customer service. My particular unit started experiencing a battery issue after a while. Emailed customer support and requested a warranty exchange. True to their word, they promptly replaced my unit with a new one while I sent back original. Replacement arrived in three days. Very satisfied!
Brendon Robertino
Have two n1 pro cameras running. Good small camera to have. Hard wired both . Screen is alittle small but easy to get footage to computer. Havnt have any issues in 1 year since using.
It seems to be working perfectly,, nice compact dash cam,, I didnt realize how small it is but if it works good for me that doesnt matter,
Meghan Duffy
Most definitely a great value for the price. Highly recommend this budget dash cam
I've had this camera in my car a couple of years just in case I was in an accident. As far as I could tell it was working nicely, that is until I was involved in a hit and run on the freeway. I thought I was protected because I had it connected. I purchased a 256GB card and cleared it all the time to keep it clear just in case something happened and I needed footage for proof. I'm glad I had a passenger and they were able to record the vehicle license plate while they were trying to get away. I thought it was recording because it always powers on when I turn on my car. Upon checking the footage, I noticed that it recorded when it wanted to. Random recordings here and there, the last recording was of me calling the cops and going out of the freeway and before that it was me getting out of work hours before. Would not recommend this product. I will be throwing it away because it is useless. I thought I had purchased a reliable camera, but I was wrong.
amazon customer
The camera is small and looks well made. It’s easy to set up and use the camera, and installation was also easy. The camera has many useful features and picture quality is clear as well. Overall it is a great quality product for the price. I do not see any issue so far and hopefully it would work as intended for a long-term.
Edward Martinez
Dash cam was easy to install and has great picture and sound quality.
Arthur Shaw
I would give the product a 5 star but, the first one I believe did not work correctly out of the box. It would only flash on or off when on battery. But, when it failed completely after 6 months, I sent an email to customer service, they did a great job with replacing the old one very quickly. Received it in a few days and this one seems to work much better. I understand things fail, and customer service was awesome to deal with
Amazon Customer
The camera is perfect in its small size and it worked just fine for 2 days until it gave a card error message in effect destroying my SD card which is a 32GB Class 10 or better card. The SD card was not recoverable, so I took it as maybe it was the card so I put in another 32GB card and a day later the same message. Now both my SD cards are no longer usable.
Easy to install and operate. Good quality videos.
Blue Feather Trading
Overall the camera works as advertised. But be aware that the internal battery will only hold a charge for a period of time if left unplugged. When the battery dies you have to plug it back in again and reset the date and time. No mention of that in the product description.
Alexandru Vlad
Good. I like it. I recommend it for the price and quality!
L Holcomb
I got this unit to use at work. I drive 18 wheeler trucks locally and I am always having close encounters with distracted car drivers. They always try to blame the truck driver, but no more. I will have video evidence and save my job. What I like best about the unit is how small it is and that I can just move it to my personal vehicle when I am on my way home. It has every important feature you would need for day to day use. It's very intuitive and easy to use and the video and picture quality is superb.
IDK what the point of this camera is? I understand the concept of the back-up cameras that have a camera on the rear bumper when you're reversing however IDK why anyone would want to record their own driving full time unless it's suppose to be something like having a Camera in your house but anyone stealing a car will usually wear something to cover their face then simply chuck the camera once in the car! Plus there's already OnStar, LoJack, ETC so unless it's just some Instagram Social media individual who posts their entire life online I think it's pointless! As far as the performance of the product, I have no clue because I'd never buy one unless it was a reverse cam the simply helped you see behind while not straining your neck!
skip burge
Along with the additional gps this is a great setup for the and video are great too...been using for several months
I had a small fender bender, and it missed it. I stopped recording seconds before the accident, then started again after the fact.I then found that it misses a lot, and has gapes between videos.Thanks for nothing.Junk.Update: Vantrue said if I return it, and remove my bad review, they will give me a refund.I refuse to take off my true review. This is the worst, most unreliable camera ever.
Christopher W.
First it loses suction after a few hours in the cold (talking only 33F here) and secondly the battery has already failed so once you unplug the power it will lose the last recording as it hard shuts down. Not really what I had in mind...
I use it in the company's vehicles, it gives me an excellent record, in the day, and at night I lost a bit of clarity, it seems that it also records the speed but it is a function I can not activate it.
Mark Twain
I was looking for a portable dash cam for when I travel. It's easy to attach, it's clear. I was looking for something that would see clear license plates.I did also opt for the optional GPS mount.Detaching from the mount was a bit tricky, I had to practice that a couple of times before I could do it in the dark. However, I wouldn't call that a bad thing, it's definitely secure.Uploading, I had an issue. Not a problem with the device, but I'm adding it here in case someone else has a blond moment as I did.When I plugged it into my computer, dropbox was only uploading .jpgs. After reading the manual again, and checking online, I even emailed Vantrue support, I decided to open the dashcam drive directly. There they all were. Easy peasy.I went in and turned off the dropbox auto upload for that drive.You may laugh now.All in all it's extremely easy to use, quite compact, and exactly what I was looking for. Vanture support was awesome even tho by then I had fixed my user error, they were fairly quick to respond.
L. Connelly
This is my third dash cam, purchased for my company car. It is awesome. I definitely recommend getting the GPS base mount. It is such an improvement over other cams that have a separate GPS unit, as it all plugs in together as part of the mount. And the suction cup mount is flawless, and lets you easily move the camera should you want to. This is a great value. I recommend!
L. Angstadt
Excellent quality video and small size. It gives you piece of mind having a video witness to use against bad drivers.
I purchased two of these but they will not keep the current date and time. Programming confusing but okay resolution. Suction cup will not hold camera. Look elsewhere for a dash cam.
Kyla King
Very Clear, I mistakenly got the wrong sims card but Samsung is compatible with this cam
Jerry Walker
Chevy Suburban
I bought this to help track driver's who seem to not notice me when pulling out/turning from a street or intersection. I never got to install this in my vehicle. The product is difficult to set up and would record everything with the slightest vibration on the desk. It was difficult to stop recording, to turn off, and to keep tuned off. The battery would go dead. I would like to return it but waited too long since I was planning on installing it in a new vehicle. Very disappointed!
We have bought other cameras that cost more but not near as good as this one. Awesome Camera well above expectations.
Mike B.
I have started using my camera and I really like it. It takes great videos day and night and the parking mode feature I really like. I hope to use this for all my driving and parking. Like how easy it was to set up as well
John A. Guglielmi
I really liked the quality and performance of this cam. easy to use, setup and view videos. Support is A+ as well.If only all companies were as good as Vantrue!
The small form factor of this cam is great and does not disrupt any vision.The picture/video quality seems to be pretty decent and this will pick up any motion and record it almost right away.The night vision quality works quite well too.Now for some of the bad features that kind of makes me want to return the product:The battery life on this cam when its not constantly charging if pretty low. Because it can detect even slight movements and cause it to turn on, it drains battery quite fast. I leave this in the car and if I don't drive the car during the weekend at all the battery completely drains to zero.Now that isn't so bad, but what makes this really bad is that, when my cam drains to zero, it resets its settings for the date and time. So then I have to manually set that up all over again and that can be a pain if I have to do that every single weekend if I do not drive or at least turn on the car.
Amazon Customer
I gave this to my husband and he does road work. He found it very useful on the job.
Manuel Salazar
I really like this camera. My first experience with dashboard camera wasn't a good one. I remember getting a cheap one on sale an let me tell you something... I regret it since day 1. Big, bad image quality, the suction power.. SUCKS. Thats why I decided to look for better options and i found Vantrue Camera N1 Pro Mini and boy...I'm pleased. Small camera with big HD Image quality up to 1080p. Sensitivity can be over the top sometimes but is easily adjusted in the settings.You can count on a superb night vision. Suction power is good i mean good. You can relax when driving knowing that your camera is not gonna fall during your road trip. You can record with or without audio, I prefer the second option but thats just a personal taste.Go and get one and you'll feel safer on the road knowing that if something happens you can count on your vantrue camera to capture it.
I hate to write a bad review all I can say if you dont install an extra battery in your car or hard wire the dash camera, it does not going to work it last about 15 minutes and it shuts off. Battery life needs to be improved.
Night vision could be a lot better. Unit is ultra small but is ok.