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Vantrue N1 Pro (2023) Full HD 1920X1080P Mini Dash Cam

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I have been using dash cameras for a few years now, and I went through several camera brands where there were problems, from batteries, to crashing, etc. I bought this camera based on the reviews on Amazon as well as other magazine, etc. and it doe not disappoint. I purchased the GPS unit as well.The camera is tiny that it is next to impossible to see the screen settings without serious magnifying glasses, but that's more my problem than the camera :-). I put in a 64GB Sd card, and it runs happily. Picture quality is excellent, night video is not hazy. I put it in my truck in July, and it has not fallen off yet (6 months). I highly recommend.
Amazon Customer
Exchanged a dashcam from a different manufacturer for the N1. Glad I did!!! Easy to use, and small enough to be unobtrusive. Great picture quality!!
This little camera is amazing. Video quality and sound are amazing. It takes pretty good videos at night as well. It was easy to set up and easy to format the memory card. I bought a Samsung brand as recommended by the seller.Haven’t had any issues so far besides trying to figure out how to hide the power cable.
Bought this for my wife’s car and it was an easy install. For the size and price of it definitely worth it. The picture quality is good. I just bought another one for my own car.
been using it for a couple weeks now. so far its great. good picture and no issues with operation. comes on when I start and shuts off when the key gos off. downloading the files are pretty easy now that I figured it out . not vantrues fault,its my typical don't look at the book until ive screwed with it for a while.i like that you can turn the screen off and on and take a still when you want. now my problem . deleting files. followed the book on this one and it dosent work. follow the instructions and sometimes it work. sometimes it do. other than that,, good product. in my opinion a good more thing. the mount is on top. I put my camera on the dash. the only way to power it with the gps mount is on the top. this mounting bracket sticks up in my vision. not so good. oh well, will put up with it
p m
plug it in and the screen shuts off in like 1/2 second.charge it and unplug it and the screen says low battery and shuts off within 10 seconds.could never get to the settings.vantrue has no ph# and does not respond to emails.
David M. Cronin
Only one day of use so far but overall better than I expected for the price. Clear user manual, quality parts and looks, easy to setup and easy to get video to computer. The Quick Start Guide and User Manual are easy to follow with pictures and simple steps. Small/compact camera and mount fit perfectly on the windshield of my Acura Integra and do not block my vision at all. The only small thing I would have preferred is to have the long car charger cable end in USB and not a hard-wired lighter plug. This is because I have a lighter plug already for my phone with 2 USB ports. This is not a big deal since I ordered another cable for camera mount to USB for my lighter plug.
Sheila OSullivan
Love this product. It has great picture quality and important features.
Amazon Customer
The time recorded not longer.
Mike Castaneta
I've been a somewhat loyal customer for a few years. Writing after a year of use of this cam.Decent picture quality during the day, but that is offset by pretty crappy night video;The battery is dead with normal use after a year... so the date is always wrong and it's neat impossible to sort out the clipsThe cam regularly falls off the windshield that is cleaned with alcohol regardless of the temperature.The g-sensor is insane, saving a ton of useless videos making it almost impossible to sort out the current clips because of the bad battery and wrong dates...You are better off overall with some $30 options and even the previous versions of vanture cams.
I Tried a 64GB Samsung endurance and a 128GB Sandisk endurance and the cam would not recognize them. It did work with a standard sandisk 16GB card.
Through it away!
Bimarsh Neupane
Its a nice camera at a budget price
Well packaged and came with good instructions. Only thing was, I've tried 2 different SD cards (newly bought) and every single time it reads "card error." According to the instructions/manual, the SD card I purchased should of worked but unfortunately it did not. I'll give it a 3 star for now and will come back to deduct or add stars when I go out and buy another SD card for it. Let's hope it works.Update 4/6/2020 - Not working for me. I purchased a new SD card and this brand I bought works with it... but for some reason it will pop up "error." I'm sure something is wrong with the camera.
Berlie Parks
Full disclosure: I'm being reimbursed to review this model.I already have an N2 Pro dashcam, so when they gave me the opportunity to review one of their other models, right before Christmas, I was more than happy to. I chose the N1 Pro (and added the GPS adapter), and I'm finally getting around to reviewing it.It's compact, easy to use, and takes pretty good video. The setup was extremely easy, and I've been using it quite a bit. Unfortunately, the weather has been rainy for the last several days, and the rain on the windshield does affect video quality. It especially causes lense flair at night. I'm going to look through the settings to see if there's a way to adjust the picture to reduce the lense flare.Overall, it's a very good dashcam for the price point, but that reduced cost does mean compromises. If you're looking for a dashcam to take enough video to assess your responsibility in an accident, I think this one would work for you. If you want one where you can read the license plates of those around you then you need to spend more money on it.Honestly, after I use this one for a few months, I might buy another for our other car so all three have some protection in case of an accident. It works much better than I expected, and past experience has shown me that Vantrue's customer support is phenomenal.Edited to add: I experimented with the settings, and reducing the exposure settings helped reduce/eliminate the lens flares. I can even read license plates of vehicles in front of me, and the reflective road signs show up much better. The downside is that it makes everything else darker, but I'm okay with the tradeoffs.
Tovi A.
I would give 5 stars but, the battery life is not great. Like any other dash cams you have to keep it plugged in to your cigarette lighter in your car or hardwire it to the battery. Let’s say the dash cam is fully charged and you the parking mode on it will probably only last for a couple hours at least. Other than that it’s a great dash cam and the manufacturer doesn’t recommend Sandisk micro SD.
Tanvi Patel
I have used this dashcam for a few months and am finally writing this review after using it extensively.First of all, I was impressed with the compact size of the camera. It does not take too much space on the windshield and is not a distraction at all.Second I was worried about the installation, but the guidance to install the microSD card, format it, mount the cam and running the wire was a breeze. It took less than 10 minutes.Third, I was a little worried about using the features of the camera and it seemed complicated initially. But a quick read of the manual makes it very clear. Most operations are done using the main button at the top of the cam and that is all that you will most likely use after setup.I was unfortunate about being involved in an accident, where someone entered my lane unsafely and I hit the back of their car as a result. Thanks to the camera, I was able to show the officer what happened, who wrote up an incident report putting the blame on the other party. This helped me with my insurance claim. I never hoped to have to use the camera, but when you have to, it would certainly come in handy.I docked a star from the suction power as the camera fell down once, when the car was parked in hot weather facing the sun. I have a feeling that the heat caused the suction to fail. But I remounted the camera and havent had a problem since.Pros:* Compact size, hides nicely and does not distract* Easy to setup and install. Wire is sufficient to connect to 12V port* Night vision is good, able to read license plate of car in front* Good video quality, both at high speed and low light conditionCons* Suction failed once in hot weather condition* No rear view capability* Need additional attachment for GPS capability* Can't easily read license plate of car that is about 4-5 car lengths ahead
John P.
Works well. I was able to tuck the wire around the windshield, but still have an issue with the wire running under the glove box.
Harmeet Singh
This dash cam has a better pic quality than the last I had. But the screen is a bit too small.
Joe F
It took two prior dashcam purchases before I was satisfied with this one. Truly a 1080p Plus dashcam. The easiest way to connect to the suction attachment yet. I've not used the night vision. I do most of my driving during day time. I would have to recommend this dashcam to anyone asking.
Clayton Breeds
Does what it says on the tin, and seems to do it well. I am not a power user, but no complaints.
Great quality at a great price. It doesn’t take up the windshield. The suction cap holds well. The programming interface is easy to navigate. The camera remembers the date and time when shut off. My previous camera has trouble with remembering the date and time; I have to keep reprogramming it. I am serious considering buying a second N1 Pro for the rear view and use a splitter to connect both.
W. J. Soto
Charging cable can amd should be better . And it didnt include a usb cable
Ernesto Quevedo
I really like this camera because it’s easy to use and it’s what you expect, Ive had it for almost a year and I recently bought 3 more for family members. I recommend it I haven’t had any problems.
Gerald Ansagay
Great gift. Good price
Amazon Customer
The directions for instructions to use the video card are backwards. After a year, and numerous emails to Vantrue customer service who confirmed we have the correct video/camera cards, we still cannot get these cameras to work. No phone number to talk through issues with Vantrue, and no local office in the Seattle area where we can take the camera for help in getting them set up.
Amazon Customer
Directions and ease of use with the camera can be better.
Harri K
Picture is great quality. Angle is very good too. However I find myself changing the timestamp on a weekly basis after 6 months of purchasing / using this. While it's quite a trivial functionality, it is very important when searching for footage.Update: Customer service is great. They were able to replace my unit after troubleshooting it. It seems I had a bad internal battery.Update2: Looks like the second unit battery died after a couple of months, seems like this is a re-occurring theme.
So far so good! Have been using it for three months and everything seems to be great.
Mahmood SHIBLI
Too small, no Wi-Fi still lacks picture quality but good
Matthew robbert kitchell
Now i have to spend another 15 to 20 for an sd card and it only takes samsung so your gana have to order online
Amazon Customer
Not only is the sd card not included, but it needs a special one that the customer needs to "format."
M. Levey
Excellent productWell constructed and easy to useGood Quality
Tom M.
The captured videos are amazingly crystal clear. The viewing angle of the camera is very sufficient. The only thing i wish it had was bluetooth or wifi so I dont have to unmount the camera or SD card in order to see the videos on a larger screen. Other that that everything else is on par. You will not regret buying this dashcam.
James Bergen
I've had two of these for a month now and they are working fine. I am happy with the video produced. Can't really say how it compares to others, but I am happy. I added on the GPS module which is an easy upgrade and also works perfectly. Suction is excellent. Neither has fallen off even once. Love the small size too.
David S.
Small, easy to mount. The cable is long. it's cheap.. The only issue cannot read the number plate of cars as you pass them either at day or night
Collin S.
Purchased in February, and it stopped working today. I got less than 10 months out of it.Edit*Vantrue has contacted me asking me to do some testing of the camera and say if it still won’t work, they will send a replacement. I have not found time to test yet but will. I am changing my review from 1 to 3 stars in the meantime.
Had a stressful time getting it all set up to use. Had to watch many how to videos. Once set up it works as expected.
Super easy to install and to use. Picture quality is nice. Haven’t had any problems. It’s doesnt come with a memory card.
Bob Stiles
This is the same camera as the Cobra. It only lasted for about 8 months. Couldn't do instant recall. Not really a good camera for a semi truck that notices more bumps in the roads than cars.The reason you can't do instant recall is because it will never clear the SD card. Even when you reformat. I've brought it home cleared it on the computer and came back and it had the same images reloaded on that card so it never recorded anything new.
So little but pretty good quality. Don’t forget to purchase a micro SD card for it.
Purchased three (3) units, one for each car.Nice product. Impressive box - makes for a great gift. Small foot print. Easy to install.Works great. Just what we needed. See video with actual day and night time video. Down sampled for upload. Original video quality is great!Thanks VANTRUE
It’s not stick to the glass
hugo quinones
Been using the dash cam now for about 3 months and very happy with the ease of use and the clarity of the video day or night . When purchasing item make sure to also buy wiring that I used on all 3 of my vehicles ANTRUEVantrue N2 Pro, N2, T2, N1 Pro, X4, X3 Dash Cam 10ft Mini USB 12V 24V to 5V Dash Cam Hardwire Kit with Mini, ACS, ATO, Micro2 Add a Circuit Fuse Holders, Low Voltage Protection for Mini USB Dash Cams
Excellent quality picture and love the fact that it can take a 256Gb card, you can record hours and hours of video. Will have to get another one for a second vehicle.
Lisa Hochstetler
This is a small, powerful webcam that is very easy to set up. I did have to change my Samsung micro sd card to fat32 and it worked just fine. The manual and quick start guides were very helpful. Driving in Colorado is pretty treacherous so I feel safer having this webcam in my car and it was very reasonably priced.
raymond murray
tried registering with with no luck,tried five times
The Dash cam is pretty good quality. Does everything i need from it. After 11 months of use, it started giving me issues, emailed their customer support about it, and they were really helpful. Was told to reset it and try few other things, as those did not work, a Replacement Dash cam was send in exchange for the old one.
Michael H.
I purchased the Vantrue N1 Pro Dash Cam based upon two major reasons:1. I'm not a very technical person so I need access to a reliable support staff and Vantrue fit that.2. I wanted something that would work "out of the box" without a complicated set up process. And my N1 Pro fit that very well too.Additionally, I have viewed some to the captured video and they live up to my expectation.I would recommend it to my friends based upon their specific needs.
Great Video Resolution, Make sure your windshield is clean before using the suction mount, It will fall off at the slightest bump in the road.Awesome Customer Service!
The camera keeps resetting the date to 1/1/2018 for some reason, i have tried to update the firmware, but that didn't help.
This is just what I was looking for, compact, easy to set up, and good quality. I will always have a dash cam in my vehicle for my protection in court. I'm looking forward to using the N1 Pro for a long time.
This is my 1st dash camera and in short, i would buy this product again. Particularly the video quality is very good. While am very hands on with stuff, this was easy to set up.
Robert Powers
Video quality is pretty smooth. No frame drop or anything. Covers the full front view of the drive. The parking mode is on point and it’s sensitive enough to record anything that comes in its field of view. Camera is small enough that it doesn’t block the view while driving. Overall pretty good product for a pretty good price
George Francis
The wife bought this for me as she knew I was looking at cams on my account. So I gave her this one on my wish list and now I regret having done so.1. The cam will not run for more than 30 seconds and yes, I have it powered on with the cord plugged into the socket. Finally had to do a reset to get it working right.2. The instruction manual is next to useless written as it is in broken English.3. The camera settings are all in Chinese when you first open up the menu and with the poorly written instruction book, it is virtually impossible to go through the settings.4. Their help phone number is bogus. I received a message from a facebook posting whee I wrote them about no one answering the phone as I was told that there is a 12 hour difference. So this means that the time they have posted to make the call is when they are not available to answer. Explains why the disconnection each time I called looking for help.
Slavko Markovic
Great product I like that you can remove it without the remove a suction cup
Md Tareq Aziz
Bought this dashcam a few days ago and absolutely loved it. The camera itself is a package! Feels premium and video and sound quality is great! It has some advanced features like night vision and motion sensor which I found very helpful. Very easy to install with simple instructions. The manual made it clear how to operate it, great video quality, the camera turns automatically when the car starts, the screen is clear, so I can see the number plate and people's face. These are very helpful for many situations. Highly recommended!
Robert Powers
Video quality is pretty smooth. No frame drop or anything. Covers the full front view of the drive. The parking mode is on point and it’s sensitive enough to record anything that comes in its field of view. Camera is small enough that it doesn’t block the view while driving. Overall pretty good product for a pretty good price
Slavko Markovic
Great product I like that you can remove it without the remove a suction cup
Md Tareq Aziz
Bought this dashcam a few days ago and absolutely loved it. The camera itself is a package! Feels premium and video and sound quality is great! It has some advanced features like night vision and motion sensor which I found very helpful. Very easy to install with simple instructions. The manual made it clear how to operate it, great video quality, the camera turns automatically when the car starts, the screen is clear, so I can see the number plate and people's face. These are very helpful for many situations. Highly recommended!
Good camera, but the date seems to keep resetting on the camera. This causes the newest footage to be written over when the camera is full. Serious flaw that could cause accident footage to be written over. It also seems to apply the "protected" label to a lot of footage that I never hit the button to apply that label. I will edit review when Vantrue contacts me for a solution.**Edit: Manufacture is sending me a new one
Great, mini size camera! Excellent picture quality and ease of use. Had trouble with suction but customer support sent a replacement that so far is working well. I am very impressed with the care of the customer service department. They respond quickly and always try to take care of the issues with the product.
Amazon Customer
The recording is ok but you need to have this connected to power all the time otherwise the battery will not last and the Parking Mode is totally useless and will not record if your vehicle is hit . Having the unit plugged in all the time it gets hot and the control buttons do not work. You have to unplug it and wait for it to cool down and plug it in again for the buttons to work. I do not recommend this product.
Richard W.
Nice small feature size with intuitive button selectivity. Very pleased..
This Dash Cam would be perfect if it wasn't constantly falling down. The video looks great. It's easy to use. But the suction doesn't last more than 5 minutes sometimes. It's pretty much guaranteed that when I walk to my car in the morning, the camera is hanging by the cord. And same thing when I leave is hanging down. It's most frustrating when I'm driving and it falls down and scares the crap out of me. Then I have to try to put it back up while still paying attention to the road. The cord plugs right into the suction piece, so I'm not sure what options I have to find something else that will stick better. Hopefully there is something out there that isn't duct tape.
Works well and is easy to use.
Product seemed fantastic... at first. After owning and using the cam a little over a month it has stopped charging completely. Cam immediately dies once removed from a wall-outlet charger or lighter-port.UPDATE:7 Months with the camera... Changed from 2 stars to 1 star. Vantrue sent me a replacement camera after the first cam had battery issues. The replacement then had the exact same problem. It frequently corrupts the footage because it's constantly dying even while on their OEM charger. I would advise to say stay away from this camera. Will be switching to a different cam shortly.
Amazon Customer
This is a great dash cam
Citizen Scientist (Want a be)
Does a real good job. I was impressed with both the day and night pictures which is why I bought it. Good job there. 2 complaints. I have to reset the date every other day or so (loss of battery backup?) as it goes back to 2018.01.01. Real irritating. Even hooked the camera up to a charger overnight. Also the button for taking a "picture" is also the protect video button. Really???
Rick M.
Excellent camera. You would have to spend three to four times the amount to find a camera to match the quality. Video is great day or night plus wide field of view.
Adam Kennedy
When I opened the box it the sd box hat a cut on top and to my surprise it came with no 128 gigabyte microSD card which was very disappointing so now in order to actually use the dash cam I need to purchase a microSD.Thanks
lunski dov
Great dash cam especially for the price. Good quality video and the perfect size. Easy to set up and use.
Queen Bee Alibi
Richer H.
K. Thacker
This little camera is a wonderful starter camera for the price if the reason you are buying it for making videos.If it is just for security, you need nothing more.Good value!
its tiny, i have to put on reading glasses to see what's up.
gerald dunn
The ease of setting camera up was excellent. I liked the rotation of picture feature so I could mount it upside down on dash. Quality of image excellent. 8/15/2020 2nd review. Suction cup not holding
I'm really impressed with this camera! I read some blog reviews and heard that this one was not just the best "budget" dash cam but also best overall, and decided to give it a try.It was easy to set up. It uses a micro USB to charge from the wall and to upload your files to the computer, and a mini USB to plug into the car cigarette lighter port. You will need to buy an SD card as well to store the files.The camera has a very wide angle so you can easily capture your entire front dash. Not sure if it is a full 180 but it's definitely close.You'll need to buy the GPS mount separately but it's well worth it if you are to get into an accident and need to prove location. On the videos it includes a time and date stamp as well as GPS coordinates. You can turn the microphone on/off as needed, and press a button to take a photo at any point during recording. It saves your photos in a separate folder so you can easily find them later. To me the best feature is that it will turn on and begin recording when you start the car, and off when you turn the car off - a no brainer. It will also start recording (on battery) when it experiences a change in acceleration, for example if your car is bumped it'll record for the next 20 seconds, and then turn off again. If it's recording and the power is lost (like if you're in an accident), it will continue recording for a short period of time on battery.All in all I'm very excited about this product, and it has given me great peace of mind during my commute!s
Oscar T.
It works! I bought one since I work for a tow company and wanted to protect myself from other drivers. Suction cup is convenient since I’m always hopping in and out different trucks, picture quality is better than I expected and definitely records at night just fine. One issue I did find is the charger that It comes with crapped out on me a little after a month, I ended up getting a new one at Best Buy but other than that I’m happy with my dash cam.
Edgar Javier Vergara
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It's decent for its price. There's a bit of fish eye in the recording but it works well. It's easy to set up and use. I like how small it is too.
After a considerable amount to research the Vantrue N1 Pro stood out as being the car camera for me both on price and performance. The camera is compact and full of useful features and records a perfectly acceptable wide screen image. The camera arrives beautifully packed and is a quality item. I am at entry level concerning these cameras so I was a little apprehensive regarding installation but once installed I soon had it up and running. I must admit I found the manual that comes with the camera a little tricky to understand, but with the brilliant assistance from the online Vantrue Support Team I had no problem in quickly understanding all that the camera offers which is plenty, but the most important thing this little gem of a camera offers is peace of mind.
The only upside to this dash cam, is that it's small & discrete. The video quality is subpar. The advertisement about "easy to read license plates" is completely false. I even used "Adobe Premiere Pro" to enhance the license plates, but it's still not even close.
I really liked the picture quality. But for some reason, I didn't get it set to record automatically. I'm still testing it to make sure all works properly. Had to upgrade the firmware Suction cup works well, but for some reason with a rental car, going over bumps would knock it off the windshield. I tried moving it around on the windshield and it seemed to stick better.
I bought this in February and after this summer, the battery basically can't hold a charge unassisted. This means that it will lose the date and time settings if you don't use it for a bit.While driving, this doesn't affect the recording and otherwise works perfectly fine.I'm not sure why dashcam makers even bother with Li+ batteries when they're vulnerable to heat. These things sit in the sun just while driving and cars get hot fast.
Nayely Martin
Only had it a few weeks. The set up was good and good picture quality. Suction cup stopped working. The first 2-3 times the suction power was great. Then all of a sudden the camera fell off from the windshield! I tried to place it back on the window but didn't last 5 seconds and would keep falling off. The problem with this design is that you NEED to use THAT sprcific suction cup because that's were connection is to power the camera. Left 2 starts for picture quality and features. Minus 3 stars since the product is not usable without the suction cup so it's pointless to have that dash cam.
Ismael Ortiz
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Just installed and took some video and pleased with what I see for daytime video. Imagine night is reliant more on the ambient light from lights or my own LED headlamps but will find out later.Install was not hard, but a pain in the rear; not due to the camera or the GPS mount, but due to GM. I detailed that in the wiring connector kit they sell and I purchased.Easy to pull the camera off and connect to the computer and download and even erase the videos is not needed, and hopefully, none will ever be needed, but if so, I'll have them.If things change, I'll come back and repost and if needed, drop the rating.