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Vantrue GPS Mount GPS Receiver Module Type C USB Port

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Husband, Dad, and Nerd
Photos attached in order, all 1:1 pixels but cropped: 1. 4k shot mid-day, seriously it is like the camera needs glasses, so noisy can't make out license plates and barely the road sign. 2. Morning (golden hour) lighting, should be perfect, but the colors are all so sepia to the point you can't see the Red lights, and that is neon yellow on the biker. 3. Rear camera at sunset, still good visibility without headlights, but video is an inky mess.Pros:- 3 views (you WANT to set it to 1440p+1080+1080, see cons)- Audio recording has good noise cancelling- Nice design, easy to use, and plenty of options to tweak- Optional GPS tagging- Not TOO bigCons:- "4k" video noisy, useless mess, so no loss setting it to 1440p- WDR isn't very wide- Bad at night, either sensor sensitivity or poor max aperture- Default exposure is way dark (recommend +1 stop on the exposure setting, helps a bit)- Worst color depth/white balance I've seen in a modern device- Should come with an adhesive attachment at this priceReview:As a quick background, I've spent most of my professional life working with digital video, so I do have reasonable expectations of a video device. No, I don't expect this to be Hollywood quality, hell I'd be happy if the video was up to the quality of an 5 year old cell phone, or equal to my Nest security cameras. If it could at least beat the cheap $30 1080p dashcam it replaced I'd be content, but no the video this captures is really REALLY bad.Camera has bandwidth issues with 3 streams, I mostly blame the available flash technology, so choice for 3 video streams is 4k+720+720 or 1440p+1080+1080. The 4k video is a joke, there is zero reason to go above 1440p, I would almost venture to say the 1440p video looks better, as I think it has more processing done to it by the camera. And 720p on the rear camera is the worst, so don't use that setting.The video is useable enough for potential insurance reasons, and having 3 simultaneous feeds plus GPS tagging of location and speed is great. The audio recording is across all 3 streams, which is coinvent, and it does a good job at capturing voices over both road noise and music. For those reasons I'll keep it (that and the work it took to get the rear camera and hardwire installation done in my SUV were significant).
Firo Jr.
Great product highly recommend....
I feel like liability is increasing with every passing day, so I decided to get a dash cam. I live in South MS, so a camera that could withstand the heat was a must. I have a Mercedes GLS 450 and had a sound shop hard wire the camera so I could use the parking feature. It is very sturdy, I can easily unplug and remove it if I’m not going to use it for a while. I am very pleased with the cam. I have dark tinted windows and visibility is excellent from every window. All areas of the vehicle are easily seen with the multiple views.
It states that it can withstand lot of heat and cold while the camera was in the garage. The front camera stopped working 2 weeks in
There is no memory card included for this price
Joe J
This is a very high quality dashcam, amazing clarity on all 3 cams. Very pleased. I do recommend a card reader as it is not wifi connected.
Andrew Kim
Just wish that it is a touch screen but other than that, it's good.
Amazon Customer
I wanted to love this product but even after reading some the reviews I took a shot on this product. After less then a month the rear camera stopped working. I contacted customer service and never got a reply! Think this is still Amazon you would think that you would be able to get ahold of someone through Amazon but that is not the case. You have to contact there customer service through there website where they will never contact you. Thank god I paid to have the insurance on this piece of junk because now it will only record 3 secs at a time and I have a 1tb Af card which I bought through the same company and yet it only allows me to record 3 sec clips at a time!!! Horrible!!! Stay away from this company and there horrible device!!!
Michael Buffa
I love the camera. The picture quality is excellent, very easy set up. Yet, as others have stated, after two weeks, the suction cup fails to keep the camera attached to the windshield.
Great camera for the price. Registration for warranty was super easy. Also setup was straight forward. Highly recommend.
Surrounded by Nuts
I own 3 n4 dash cams and they all have performed flawlessly. Best – cams that I have owned thus far with excellent customer service I would highly recommend them .Have had minor issues with the suction cup but went to the double sided tape model and that seems to hold it more secure. With the amount of heat that comes through the windshield those are issues that I would expect from any dash cam.
Kristen A
I bought this knowing it was wired. It was much more complicated than I anticipated. Since I have an SUV the back camera is a pain when the trunk opens. Additionally, you need a battery pack to use the parking sensor. Lastly, I've only had this a short while and it randomly restarts constantly. I've checked all the connections and they are all fine. It just will not work properly.
Rufus B. Saye
Used in a full-size Chrysler minivan. A tougher install than (say) a sedan.Added the GPS mount - major improvement in usefulness, adding accurate location and speed to results.Main pain points are running the power cable to cigarette outlet, and rear camera cable, the latter requiring some thinking/planning to run to rear of van, through the roof liner, using existing flexible rubber conduit [hose?] that connects body of van to rear hatch and mounting rear camera very high on rear hatch glass, inside. (The rear of a minivan gets dirty quickly - I did not want to have to clean camera lens repeatedly and/or drill hole[s] to get to an outside mount location... just sayin')TIPS:1) pay attention to where the wipers sweep - you want to pick install location[s] that stay reasonably clear with weather.2) Figure where you'll install rear camera first, figure out what you need, length-wise, at rear of your vehicle [leave a bit of slack] and then work your way forward to front. Odds are good that you'll end up with extra cable at front, which allows you to change your mind about main unit's location...Main unit itself was finally installed so that base hides behind rear view mirror, main unit visible just below mirror, keeping install neat [important for domestic tranquility] and minimizing view obstruction.Already had a multi-outlet cigarette lighter power supply, so I don't use their supplied P/S. And am using my own SanDisk 128GB microSD (Amazon SKU B07NY23WBG], with no issues.Image quality in default 4K Front/1080 interior & rear is great, with the excellent Sony CCD.Realize that the video is shot at 30 frames per second, so there WILL be some loss of image sharpness at 60 mph and above. This is a compromise of clarity vs. file sizes, as 60fps would mean much bigger files, less available useful storage on microSD, etc.Small screen on unit makes it really only useful for quick recording review... BUT using laptop with larger external monitor, tradeoff is acceptable.Final point: this is a fairly complex device - do not expect to figure out the manual content, controls and settings right away, until you've lived with unit for a while, reviewed recordings, etc....Overall rating: Excellent, with warning that there's a learning curve...
Sterling Jordon
I am so glad I got this. My wife has been begging for a dash cam for a while because the way people drive gives her bad anxiety after an accident. As soon as we got this someone literally ran into the back of us a few weeks later and she burst into tears. It made me feel better knowing I wouldn't have any issues because from now on I have video proof and so will she.
Luisa Marie PRICE
I will never go without a dashcam ever again. Vantrue N4 has the added protection of in cabin camera. You can view right on the device and it has bump activation .
the front Video {camera} is Blurred video? I cannot read the plate number in front of me. even the night video is worse
Amazing quality and very easy to transfer the media.highly recommended!!
It's my first and I might stick with vantrue for my next purchases. Clear images, awesome recording, functions all work perfect so far. You don't need to buy their labeled SD card. Any SD card works.
Antonio Miller
This is a 3 Channel Camera, and all cameras provide great video quality as well as audio quality. The camera picked up a gentleman having a conversation on his cellphone behind my car when my windows were down.The installation took me about 35-40 minutes with the mounting and wiring.
Anatasia Silva
If you need a good and affordable dash cam then you should 100% get this one. It has a very clear video from the front, inside and back. And the parking mode saved me from paying out of pocket for a hit and run when I wasn’t around.
Ed H.
I purchased 2 of these cameras. One for my regular rig and the other for my RV. I installed them both but because I wasn't able to use the RV for another 10 months, I never realized that the one in the RV doesn't work with the GPS mount. It's my bad that I just assumed they were both working, but since the defective one was not the one I used most, I lost my opportunity to return it. Caveat emptor! FLUP I was contacted by the mfgr. Instead of having me return the defective item, they require I make a video and post it on youtube, or in the cloud, or a couple of other outlet because I can't send videos via my email. Instead of letting me return it so they can fix or replace it. They said their engineers could fix it by watching a video, without specifying what was even required on the video. Yeah, they have CS, but make it a PITA. And they said they wanted to make it is cheap......don't just talk the talk.....walk the walk Vantrue!
1. Recording light toggled on. Nice feature with a mall blinking red (indicator) light. Warns others that the camera is recording while in park mode.2. G-sensor sensitivity at default settingSo far so good but still testing it out for the best case scenario say in a small collision (fender bender), what’s the recommendation? HighFYI: Dash cams are purely after-the-fact devices. this dash cam will not prevent accident. I was doing fine without it.3. 24/7 Parking modeAs far as battery concerns and deciding on powering your N4, I got the Vantrue 10ft OBD instead of hardwiring via Tap-A-Fuse
IF ANYBODY HAS COME HERE BECAUSE THEIR ** DASHCAM VANTRUE N4 WILL NOT POWER ON ** ....this happened to me. i tried to update the firmware, something went wrong and it refused to power back on no matter how well i followed the instructions to "force update"... turns out WHY this wouldn't work its way through is because it's the same reason vanTrue doesn't recommend sanDisk disks.... well, this is because sanDisk file format are "EXFAT" - NOT FAT32 - these are NOT the same thing... this was where all my struggle was. it IS important that your microSD is FAT32 otherwise it won't read it once you are in this predicament and it won't power on... how i fixed this... i actually had to use some third party software to "convert exfat to fat32" - once that was converted properly and i dragged the twelve files onto the newly partitioned disc (now in actual fat32)... with the power off, i pressed the 'M' button down for about ten seconds - THEN plugged the power source in and it finally read it and the little light on the side was flashing blue. it probably only took about two minutes after that to update and restart.... also of note - i was using a USB-C plug into a wall outlet (NOT a desktop of any kind - the desktop said the device malfunctioned and stopped sending it power)... so use a wall outlet or the actual car power plug.... this was VERY, VERY frustrating!! they really need to figure a better way to update the firmware because this was a complete mess!!! i really hope i helped at least ONE person get through this! good luck everybody
Scott Schwartz
Overall pleased with this dash cam. It was easy to install and use. Only had it a few months, but haven't had any problems so far. Just need this for a little extra eye witness protection in case of an accident or such. So far have only used the front and rear cameras, but like that it has the in cabin camera in case I need it in the future.Pros:Price for features is greatCompact sizeGood picture qualityEasy installCons:Wish the cable for the power adapter was a little longer, as I want to use a power port hidden in my armrest storage.The blue light on the power adapter is really annoying (wouldn't be a problem if it had a longer cable)
I. Kim
The camera and audio have excellent quality, and the device hasn't failed me yet. The front camera is slightly long, which may make the angle more awkward than other cameras when mounted off-centered, but it doesn't detract from the video angle much. The Vantrue SD card also works like a charm with this.
A great product, truly. The camera wakes up super fast, which is wonderful. I can start the car and be recording in just a matter of seconds so, in the unlikely event someone clips me while I'm trying to back out of my driveway, this camera is gonna be there for me.
I had an issue with the back camera. The image wasn't clear. I contacted the customer service and they sent me a replacement camera from China. I took a couple of weeks but now everything is perfect.
Zachary Niedfeldt
Love the camera. Very good quality video, no complaints whatsoever with the exception of the mount. Definitely needs a redesign. Pops off on its own in a hot car. The locking mechanism is good but the cup is on a spring thats too weak to actually press it to the window.
Paul D
I did a lot of research for the best dash cams. Vantrue kept popping up with the most positive reviews. I took a chance on them and was not disappointed. You can tell just by the packaging that this is a quality product. I chose the N4. With 3 cameras, high quality video and a long list of features too numerous to mention it can’t be beat at this price point. Highly recommended.
It doesn't have Bluetooth, GPS and WIFI. I'm sorry but it's not worth its price as it lacks many qualities, it's 2022, I need to have everything on my cell phone. But depends on each person. As for video quality, it's not bad but it's not great either. I definitely don't recommend it, right now it is being returned to Amazon.
Great customer support. After about a year, the power cord that i mount to my fuse panel stopped working. It wasn't the fuse, but just happened to not have a great connection anymore. Vantrue shipped another one over to me without any question (or charge)! Camera is working fine once again.
Minh Dang
It has 3 cameras which are super clear and smooth even working in the night. The cable is long enough for me who has a SUV. Camera working really in the strictly hot weather like TX. Must buy.!!!!!!!! Hopefully it has a touchscreen version in future
Andrew B
Just finished installing these cameras in my 2006 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. I was initially worried about two things before the product arrived: The front camera blocking my view, and having trouble mounting the rear camera since the back window on my truck rolls down all the way.I didn't realize just how small the cameras would be! This makes them less obvious and hopefully less likely to be stolen or noticed.I did have to make a quick bracket for the rear camera out of aluminum, but I also could have used sticky velcro to attach it to the headliner. The rear camera is so small and still has a great image quality, that velcro wouldn't have any trouble keeping the camera in place!I love having Front, Interior and Rear facing views, and the menu options are easy to navigate through.Highly recommend this setup!
I come from a Vantrue N2 Pro that I have been pleased with for several years. Initially, I was less than thrilled about the suction cup mount, but after getting the adhesive GPS mount, all frustrations went away! It recently proved itself a lifesaver after a drunk driver totaled my car last month. With the Vantrue N4, I notice a very similar design but now offers 3 cameras! Also comes with a suction cup mount, but I'm definitely going to use it with the adhesive GPS mount available as a separate purchase. The video quality looks great and will set it up with a hardwire kit also available from Vantrue. The power/recording blue light is a little bright and I'll likely find a piece of tint film to dim it down a bit. A final tip, go to Vantrue's website to update to the latest firmware version, it's very easy to do and will make sure your camera runs smooth. :)
It comes with three cameras in total. One for the front, one for the rear, and one for the cabin's interior. Even at night, the quality of the video is quite high. Wiring it to your car's battery would require an additional hardware kit. The only way to access the video is to read it from an SD card, which must be purchased separately. There is no app that would enable us to read on our mobile devices.If you live on the East Coast, you must deactivate the feature that detects motions and accidents if the temperature rises above a certain point.
Karen Grigoryan
We're in big trouble with the insurance company because this Dash Cam doesn't record the most important moment of the accident!!!
So to start off with, this is my second VanTrue dash cam, my first is the N2 Pro 3 1/2 year ago. First 2 years work flawlessly then about 1 year ago quit recording from time to time. After researching other brands, I went back to VanTrue because I felt I got good value for the dollar. 3 Grips of the N2 I hoped they fixed on the N4...1. Off color on the video of the n2 had a purple hue to it, an update fixed that. Updated and it was gone. 2. While the n2 supported GPS, you had to buy a second mount that supported GPS. That to me was a ripoff. Many would pay extra on the original purchase to have a GPS mount come with the camera. A deceptive practice to get an additional 20-25 dollars from customers. 3. The Battery was defective right out of the box. Since I didn't need it to be on for 5 minutes after turning off my car, it was a non issue, but it should have worked. Reviews at the time of purchase mentioned battery issues a lot.So now on the the N4. Easy to install, easy to set up, easy to run the wires from the from of the car to the back and hide them. since I had the N2 everything was quite the same, some differences but with the manual everything was familiar so setting it up was a breeze. Mounting the rear camera was effortless and the system accepted it with no issues. All cables long enough to get the job done in my Kia Soul, with lots extra. Plugged it in, set the date and time and off on a test run. video screen on system much larger then on the N2 and even with my crappy eye site I was able to see what was going on in all 3 video windows. Much nicer without being way too large to block view through the front windshield.Old issues gone: 1. No more battery now there is a capacitor in its place and I don't see an option to record for anytime after you kill the power. 2. Color is good right out of the box and 3. Still ripping off customers by sending out a non GPS mount expecting customers to buy one at 21 dollars. The old N2 mount wont fit....Really.....what was so wrong with the old n2 mount it could not be compatible with he new N4 mount. Ok, there is some more money above the 259.00 dollars I paid.Received the NEW GPS mount 2 days later hooked it up and wham I got GPS. The old N2 Saved me several times when I was accused of speeding when I proved I wasn't, its a must. Remember while you wont see the GPS info and speed on the screen, it is visible when you view the video files on your computer.So while VanTrue still needs to apparently nickel and dime us after our purchase with the need to buy a GPS mount, I would still recommend this unit if you are looking for a GPS compatible Dash Cam. Had VanTrue included a GPS mount in with the Dash Cam, I would have given it a 5 star.I didn't use it yet in the dark so I can not give a rating on how it looks.I also heard that it's not truly 4K video. its digitally upscaled. I can't prove that I'm not versed in video but it might be something to look into if that's a deal breaker. My first dash cam was listed a 1080P and yet it was obviously 480p upscaled. It went from mailbox, to car, to garbage in less than an hour.I hope this helps
Johnnie Sherman
Device will not power on, tried multiple power sources. Currently waiting on a reply from Vantrue
Harts favorite things
I have only had for 1 day, I was disappointed that I had to buy an sd card separately, also the suction was so bad it should have not even been included in the package. I had to order the sticky replacement for the suction cups. Overall I think I like it. I wish there was a way to view real time footage from my phone. You’d think in 2022 thanksgiving would be standard. But it’s serving it’s purpose.
T. Curro
This is a great camera. While I’ve not yet had to save any video from it, I like the piece of mind that it brings. Set up was easy and it is great to be able to monitor both the front and back of my car as well as inside.My only wishes are that it had an internal battery to continue monitoring in parking mode (my accessory plug turns off after five minutes) and a touch screen. The buttons are a little hard to find when driving and I really don’t know which one is which when I’m the middle of driving. Beyond those two critiques though, this is an amazing device.If you do rideshare, this is a must-have!
Great investment, will drastically reduce questions from LE, if accident happens.
Ivan M.
The rear camera stopped working after a few weeks.
Mr B.
The product seems fine, a bit hard to read some license plate numbers, but it does a good job overall. The main issue I have is that the website leaves a lot to be desired. When creating an account you have to select "sign up for newsletter" otherwise it doesn't actually let you create an account. Then you are brought to a page that has a flashing popup asking for affiliate programs. All of this doesn't inspire confidence...Also weirdly enough there are two websites. Vantrue [dot] net and Vantrue [dot] us. Not really sure why there are two websites with very different styles/presentation
Tricky to install if one owns a 4runner. Other than that pretty good. So good that I order an extra kne for the wife. So far a few friends complimented, but the price scares them. However, I know it could save me money ir a headache, during an accident.
I upgraded to this unit from the N2 Uber pro and this one has a much larger screen, and I also got the OBDII power cable ..highly recommended... Works amazingly well... I love the Vantrue product... I drive as an Uber driver and private transport and these cameras have never let me down!!! Well worth the extra cost compared to the cheap options out there ...
The camera is great, easy to set up, great video, I’ve never had a problem with that. The issue lies in its suction cup, it hung on for a month straight, just past it’s return window, and then it refuses to stick. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the suction cup, but either way, I wish I hadn’t bought this
The camera keeps falling off. Be careful about your expensive investment on this.About a year ago, I bought this dashcam, hardwire kit, and MicroSD card for about $400 in total. I spent additional money on the installation.I cannot keep it in the place on the windshield to record since it keeps falling off. I am very disappointed with this dashcam suction cup mount.
It comes without SIM card
Angel L. Figueroa
William Kendig
I feel in love with this dash cam. It eases my mind when I’m driving to work during the week. I noticed their are more people driving getting into accidents due to the uncertain times we are living in. I’m seeing more speeders, people not paying attention to the roads because the are using their cell phones while driving and the list goes on.I feel by having my Vantrue dash cam now I can help the police more now because this camera records everything. It stops recording when the car is off.I would recommend this camera to all the good drivers that are on the roads now. I hope this review will make more people purchase a unit like this after reading my review.
John Crosby, Mr.
I like the camera overall. Easy to setup and use. Great image quality.Cons: instructions for use are limited and needed experimentation to get the results I wanted.I tried the stop action photo mode and Windows10 would not recognize the files. I had to let windows "fix/recover" the files and then not all were able to be viewed. But Video Mode works perfectly! Just uses more storage space.If I were to buy again, I would upgrade to the Wi-Fi model so I could instantly upload the videos from the camera to my cell phone instead of needing to USB connect to a laptop.There is no warning when space is running low or maybe I did not see a warning before the display indicates out of memory.This model requires a separate GPS module if you want that stamped to the video.If you want to hard-wire, you need to get separate fuse piggyback adapter cable.
hee kyung park
I’ve been using this for a little over a year now. I absolutely love this thing! Only thing I would suggest doing if you buy this to make it even better is to purchase a hardwire kit with it as well. I did that with mine and it’s so much better. No dangling wires, or hogging the outlet. It’s very simple to add, just one wire from the camera to the under steering wheel fuse panel. Just tap into a fuse that only activates with the car on, and boom. It auto records and makes life so much easier. Overall this camera is great. Amazing quality, user friendly app, and great suction
Dan W
This is 2nd dash cam I've owned I like this one the best. It's worth the extra money to get the backup cam, it's easy to install- remember to format your card or it will not be recording, I made this mistake.I have no had the change to review the video, but setup was fast. the interior camera covers more tha I thought it would and I am writing this review to get the GPS mount. This was the main reason I wanted the camera, it also records your mh, so no cops can tell you that you were speeding when you were not. The camera swivel also makes it easy to record interactions with law enforcement, while still being discrete. I have wanted one of these models for a long time, if you drive for uber, it's a tax deduction and totally worth the investment.
So far loving the camera. Very easy to use wish it had cloud back up, but with all the other features it has it makes up for it. I hardwired mine and it was easy, I do recommend using a voltage tester to find the right fuse plug if u will be hardwiring as well. But other than that so far it’s been great will update when I have more time with the camera.
Lord of the Flies
This would have been a decent purchase, IF IT COULD ADHERE TO MY WINDSHIELD. I have a new car and have gone as far as cleaning it with windex before trying to stick the dashcam to it, and yet it's fallen down easily more than 100 times. During a fifteen minute drive today it fell down three times.You could have the camera quality of the hubble telescope, but if you can't get the damned thing to stick to your windshield the dashcam is utterly pointless.
Kal Far
This setup offers triple the coverage of a standard dash cam. Offering high-def on front, rear and interior cameras! Added comfort incase of an accident.
Nick Turner
Great product. I had an issue during an upgrade of FW, my mistake. Support was easy to contact, fast response and solved the problem. Product and support are excellent.
I got this one because of a review about the cadmium battery v Capacitor. Heat here is 100 most the time. I had a small window to use the camera, vs hardwired. USB an we were off and running. Will hard wire soon. Simple set up. Hardwire a little more difficult. But has the rear view camera n cable. I also got the hardwire kit to simplify matters. Spent more but got more. Very pleased, have not driven at night. So don’t know what the night vision camera looks like.
Ghettas larbi
I purchase this dash camera and it's was really good for my safety and proves if I have accident ,last time I missed the rear cable camera and I contact the company for it and they send me new one, they are good service and good quality
Vadim B
Good quality of video, easy to use
I was excited to finally get a dashcam and at 4k but this just isn't worth the price. Its nice that it come with 3 different angles but thats about the only good thing. The quality just isn't there for a 4k camera. For this to be effective it really needs to record at 60fps. I did a simple test during the day at slower speeds to see if 30fps would work but it but it wasn't able to record the license plates of cars. If I'm going to spend this much money on a dashcam I expect it to be able to pick up license plates. I don't feel confident having this camera as my dash camera. I plan to get a front facing only camera that does 60 fps.
Elias M
Love it. Hid all my wires and fuse tapped this. Works great and all the features work just fine. Night vision is clear. The camera qualities are super good (front/rear/interior). Get it
Jaber Alghezi
It’s really good I like it so far
I bought this dash cam based on the reviews. I’ve bought over three different dash cams for cheaper and had the same quality. Down side of this dash cam is that it doesnt come with an app to view the videos, it’s annoying to have to take the sd card in and out.Video quality is not 4K and what’s also misleading to me is the “super night vision” because the dash cam only has “super night vision” in well lit areas. If you’re driving where it’s dark or on the highways the video quality is not good and you can’t even make out the license plate number.If I had truly tested the dash cam out prior to the return date, I would have sent this back and found one with actual 4K quality video and an app or Bluetooth of some sort.
Brian Freeman
This Vantrue OnDash N4 camera met all of my expectations regarding quality, ease of use, accessibility and function!
I bought this about 2 years ago and I haven't had problems with it. Pictures are crisp, night videos are clearer to see. It has saved me a few times on the road. I would recommend it.CONCS. The suction falls off the windshield when the temperature rises too much during summer especially when all windows are closed. However, this may not be different from other dashcams, so I would say I am very happy with it now.
Love the camera. the cable was more than long enough to reach the back window. My only criticism is the menu's are not intuitive and some are not self explanatory. I spent a few weeks experimenting to figure out what the setting did and which settings i wanted.
Amazon Customer
Thanks a lot, really great “car video recordingRecommend for everyone who drive with kids and without kidsThanks
Like everything about this little camera so far. Not too hard to install unless you are hardwiring, which would require a professional or knowing what you are doing.The rear cam mount is my only problem. For the curved SUV glass, it would do better to have a triable shape mount to compensate for the lack of tilt otherwise all you will see is the sky. Outside this, very satisfied for price vs quality
Comes with 3 different views. It sees the front the inside of the car and the back. The more views you use the less quality the videos will be though. I only use the front and the picture quality is excellent
Fairly easy to set up and get running. Love the fact that is doesn't suck the battery life out of my phone like some other dash cams. Great video capture, but night video suffers from glare and halos (not sure if it's the camera or my windshield). Only other issue is with the Vantrue Dashcam Player: 3 channel video playback was not synchronized. Minor issues really, but that's why it doesn't get 5 stars.
Driving for a living so this helps with the three diff camera views in case of incidents/accidents
I’ve had this camera for about a year and a half now and I am not pleased with it. The picture quality is pretty good but it randomly deletes clips, and it’s not that easy to retrieve a video off of it. I just recently ran into issue that required me to go look back at the footage and yet again the footage was not there. It wiped out a whole 24 hours of clips randomly, so the footage I was looking for wasn’t there. The whole two days before that day was available and the half of day after that day was available but that one day in between was completely wiped out. This has happened multiple times now, so I’ve decided that it’s time to switch over to a different camera because I can’t keep loosing footage randomly like this.
Installation was fairly easy to follow. I was able to cover up the wires for the most part. Video and audio works great on a computer.The only problem I’m facing now is the suction cup. I live in a cold state where it gets really hot and really cold. Well the suction cup doesn’t want to cooperate and stay on the windshield when the weather isn’t the ideal 50-70 degrees.Now it just sits in my car till I find a permanent way to have that suction cup sticking again.
Michael M. Clarke
Okay, the setup and installation of these things are all the same. This one came with all the parts and tools you need and it went in easily. Configuration of the camera system was pretty straight forward, but took some additional reading, which I attribute to language translations.The camera itself is really nice. Great picture, wide angle, and gets everything I wanted to cover. Three cameras in one. Great idea and great device.
I have enjoyed the product so far. The one thing that you will have to do is download a VLC video player so that you can view the feed on a computer, but as for functionality, it performs well. The quality of video and audio is great and crystal clear. I Have hooked up the back camera yet (because I can't mount it to the back window of a 4runner.) I would say that this is worth it to protect yourself and your family.
Videos are very clear. Have not tried night vision yet or many of it's features. Easy to set up and use almost right out of the box. Have not permanently installed by hiding the cable yet. Need a "long" cable to be able to use the rear camera. Very pleased with this product.
D. Tang
I am writing this review because of the excellent customer service they provide.I had bought this unit back in 2020 but recently reached out to them to see if I could buy another original 11.4 ft cable for the dashcam since I had lost it moving cars. They were generous enough to ship me one at no extra cost! The past two years of usage, I have had no issues other than if the day gets too hot the suction might fall. Other than that it has been superb.
I bought this camera to serve as a way to prove my innocence in case I ever need it. The reason I bought it was a woman pulled up beside me at a stoplight while I was on my way to work and basically accused me of following her. So, I decided right then to get a dash cam for my own protection. I did a lot of research and decided to buy the Vantrue N4 Three Channel. Instillation was easy like they said and picture quality is fantastic! I have already caught several crazy incidents with it! I highly recommend it, it’s easy to use and install and I also bought the Vantrue 256 Gig SD card at the same time.
Abdinahmen Ahmed
Bought this camera a year ago and I still have it. Never have I ever had a single issue with it. It’s working perfectly fine so far and the customer service is absolutely amazing team. I lost the data transfer cable couple weeks ago and contracted the manufacture they said we’ll send you a free one which I am waiting to receive. 100% recommend this product, the best dash cam I have ever had.
To start, by way of an admission, I missed the VERY LAST sentence in the description that said that this unit doesn't have WiFi, so I was disappointed in my purchase, but decided to continue with the set-up and try it out. The software and interface should be the same between models, right? We'll see, as the WiFi version is due in tomorrow...Ok, lets start with the "Good":The camera was packaged very well. Not "Apple Good", but well enough that if you decided to not use all the bits, you can store them quite well.The camera has generous cabling. Only people with a double-cab, long bed pick-up, who want to put the camera at the license plate, MIGHT have an issue. I am installing the rear cam in the cab (so it doesn't walk off, or get damaged when I'm rear ended)There are a TON of variables that can be set in this cam, including exposure level (I'm not a photographer, so I left it alone).Now on to the "MEH, Uh, hum" (a.k.a. the neither good or bad):The menu system is a bit cumbersome, not hair-pulling level, but there is a TON of "button pressing beeps" to get started.Even though you can record "front, cab & rear", there is a resolution penalty (see pics, not pictured is the last option of "720+720+720" or "720+720"). You can only record the cab and rear at the same resolution. I feel that this was not revealed at all in the documentation, or manufacturers website, so is a little misleading, even though this trade-off seems to be prevalent in the "dash-cam" industry.Now the "Bad":After I set up the cameras (I am testing several), endured the (no exaggeration) 10-minute set-up, and completed my test drives (one day and one night), this cam did not record. The only video i got was triggered by a rough railroad crossing near my house. However, it only records at the TIME of the event and about a minute later. There is no video of the crossing, or the critical few seconds before an event. If this had been a crash, there would be no video proof of what happened that lead up to the incident. Given the "Menu Soup" I had to go through to get the cam started for the maiden voyage, you'd think the system would start recording automatically, but it didn't. There is the possibility that there is a setting that I didn't set, to begin recording at power on, but why would that setting be hidden?This is a good camera (picture-wise), but the set-up & lack of "power-on recording" as default is why the 2-star rating.
Can't really leave a decent review only had it for 2 weeks and somebody broke into my car and stole my camera. I don't know why I didn't think to get a alarm system my bad but it should be a way you can back up your camera to your phone or something because now I have no footage because the whole camera is gone.
I never had a Dash Cam before so I was a little apprehensive about this purchase but so far it has paid off very well. All three cameras are of very good image quality and wide enough to capture everything inside and out of the car. Not all Dash Cams offer 3 channels or 3 cameras but this one does. The suction cup holds pretty well and the camera seems of strong construction. I like the design and how easy is to operate. Time will tel about how long it will last but for the time being, I am very happy with this product and it's the only option we have to prove fault to the insurance companies in case of an accident. It's like having extra insurance for your car. You can't go wrong with it.
Easy and fast set up, FORMAT USING THE CAMERA ITSELF, using a computer will NOT work.
Craig Thompson
Everything on this thing is amazing the only thing is I wish it had support for cloud service so that if there’s a theft I still have video. Obviously this first thing they’re gonna do is steal the camera that’s just suctioned to the windshield otherwise it’s a great little camera but for the price it missed the mark
I've been using this unit for over a year now. I had it hardwired to my vehicle using the optional kit that I purchased. This is a very reliable unit and the picture quality is great. I recently sold my vehicle but could not part with the camera.I contacted customer support to replace the rear camera which I did not have time to remove before I sold my vehicle. This company offers top notch customer service. They are friendly, helpful and quick to respond. Once my rear camera arrives I will be able to install it and update my review.I highly recommend this company for their quality products and awesome customer service.
K Thornton
Over all great product. Easy to set up and operate. Only complaint is the mount is a little bulky but works fine. Very happy at this point.
Avonte M.
Camera is amazing. It records while my car is off, I have a 2020 blazer and have it piggybacking off of the Radio fuse. I get in occasionally and pull the SD card and use a mobile SD Card reader for my iPhone and check to make sure it’s recording motion and it is! On all 3 cameras. It does however only records 8 seconds of footage—which is sufficient when parking at work etc.
Amazon Customer
When I was installing this camera, I found the rear camera cable was too short to go all the way to the back window of the cap on my bed. I contacted customer service and they said there was a longer cable available and they would send it to me free of charge! This new cable should be perfect for completing my install
This is the Best car cam That I have ever had. This is the first camera that dose not affect the senser in my 2015 GMC Terrain. I which the wire for the back camera could of been 6 inches longer. wanted the camera to sit in the middle of the back window. because the I needed another 6 inches and the wire could of been hidden better , Good value for the money I which they could of added about 6 clips to hold the wire under the glove apartment
Been running this camera in the North Texas heat on a 128GB micro SD memory card (use recommended card) all day and night hard wired. This camera has amazing video quality and great resolution when reviewing footage. Plates and info is easily legible from videos. Night vision for outside is good and great for inside cabin. Sound recording even gets the blinker clicking sound. Inside cabin pic displays in the upper left, rear upper right overlayed on the front camera view. Very impressed and satisfied with the purchase.
Stop looking and buy this camer! Power it up and it immediately wants to record. No buttons to press. Super easy operation. Image quality is great day, and night. It's small, unobtrusive and fits well under the mirror. Monitor is just big enough to help with proper alignment/pointing the camera. The desktop software that plays back the video is well designed and stable.
David S.
I really like this cam. With Front, Inside AND REAR cams... most views are covered (except sides).I have already had a few instances where I needed to view and save video content. Picture quality is amazing and clear.Do not hesitate to purchase this item.
All I can say is AWESOME customer service. Had questions and they delivered the answers right away. Helped me figure out what I needed for my specific vehicle and shipped it out right away. Will definitely buy more products in the future. The camera is a higher quality from my previous camera purchases. I love the N4. I bought two and both work flawlessly. Thanks again Vantrue!!
Amazon Customer
Very easy installation, wish there were a dashboard mount as NJ can write you a ticket for having it on the windshield. Software is easy to learn, wiring kit supplied is plug-in to cigarette lighter port. Exceptional picture quality, have to purchase the SDXC card separately. Very well rated, see no reason to argue with reviews.
David Mojica
Even though you don't get the benefits of 4k when using the rear camera, it's a good buy. Picture quality is great. I have a camper shell on my Tacoma so I'm currently working with customer service (will update) to see if they have an extension cable for the rear camera. Devise is very simple and easy to use. Will update with pictures later.
Juan c pena
Is my first camIt works as advertisedImages are clear suction cup is strongFor 200 dol plus it feels like a good buy
Anthony Figueroa
I've had two versions of Ventrue cameras now, the N2 and N4, and I really liked the way they looked felt and operated. They also had very good reviews and did the job well, most of the time. I will say the camera quality is kind of bad, I've noticed it when I've gotten in close accidents when I review my dash cam footage, you can't even read others license plates when reviewing the footage on a computer. But when it finally came down to when I actually had an accident, the footage disappeared. I went home home and tried reading it from the dash cam onto my desktop and the videos were not there. There was an obvious gap of video missing as my accident happened at 1:38pm and when you go to look for the footage, and the recording before that finished at 1:27pm and it started recording again at 1:41pm, when I started my car back up after the accident. It really is a bummer as I installed this camera for whenever I got in an accident but it's no use when it finally came down to it. I know this is maybe a rare case but it isn't something that should happen on a dash cam when you rely on it to record for you so you have answers for when an accident does happen and you have proof to show to an insurance adjuster or even a judge.