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Vantrue X4S 4K Wifi Dash Cam

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J B.
My first dash cam purchase. Seems to work great and I'm very pleased with the quality and ease of setup. The app however doesn't work well at all even after multiple attempts, updates, setting changes, uninstall and reinstall steps.
norin lopez
Christine Houghton
I bought two of these because I have been concerned about people making false claims against our business vehicles with commercial insurance. Hasn't happened yet, but want to be prepared in case it does. I watched a set up video online and determined I could figure out how these work with relative ease. Everything arrived as promised in packaging and feel so far that it is a very solid product. I contacted customer support about a longer cable for the rear camera (the one included is long and should work for almost all applications already) but we have an extended Cargo Van so the cable was about 4 foot too short to reach. They responded quickly and offered to send us a longer cable for FREE. Awesome! I couldn't find a longer USB c to USB c on amazon - so this is great! We had also already purchased some USB c to USB c connector and second cord, but that does not work to extend the length of cable. Signal or power won't work that way.I am very pleased with purchase and appreciate the customer service I have received.
G. Otero
I chose this dash cam because I wanted to upload and view recordings on my phone and computer. I can't get it to work. The picture quality is good. If I could get the cam to sync to the app it would be 5 stars. Buying one for my daughter as a gift but will choose a different cam.
Kurt R
Terrible.App does not work at all with android.The camera says it's connected, but the app just gets stuck.Check all the 1 star reviews for android users on Google Play.
Adam Shellenbarger
I've used this product for two months now in order to give it a fair review. This is certainly a step up from other dashcams, even other Vantrue products. Between the value (cost) and the product that you'll receive, I think 5-stars is fair, but I recommend getting familiar with your product before you need to use it in the case of an emergency or accident.The pros:Once it's set up, the camera just works. I set it up and forgot about it and my videos are available whenever I need them. I don't want to go on and on about a product that performs its function, but you can trust in it, for sure. The video quality on both the front and rear cameras is clear both in the daytime and at night (and it also points out that I need to clean my windshields...), and the even on off-brand high-endurance SD card makes me feel confident that my videos will be accessible should I ever need them. The hardware is good, and self-explanatory. The software could use a little work, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be set.Two caveats:- I did not find this product simple to set up. It wasn't hard, but it took about 20-30 minutes for me to work through understanding exactly what I was seeing. One of the best features of the dashcam-- that as soon as I turn my car on, the camera starts recording-- was the biggest hurdle to me getting into the menu. There's a slight delay between stopping the camera from recording to being able to access the menu which caused me a lot more trouble than I would have expected.- The wi-fi connection for downloading videos is clunky. I'm used to pulling an SD card and putting it on my computer, so for most applications, that would work just fine. But the idea of being able to download the video of an accident right to my phone at the scene is quite attractive. It's doable, but it takes a little practice. I found that even after setting up the wi-fi connection correctly, it still took two or three tries to get to the library where I could download my videos. I highly recommend practicing with this particular feature before you need it so you know how to access the files.Conclusion: It's hard to complain about a camera like this. For the average user, I might dock a star for the software, but for my use two months in, this is certainly a five-star product.
Marty Gaio
You can tell this is a high quality product, was torn between this and the N4, but ended up getting the X4S, since I didn't really have a need for the inside camera view and the X4S does 4k up front and 1080p in the back and that is exactly what I looking for. Also happy to report some of the complaints have been addressed with the latest and greatest firmware update. Even better this system features USB C, so that is a nice plus. The wifi and app are perfect to quickly download your videos, instead of taking the SD card our camera and physically connecting it to your computer. Very happy with upgraded version!
So it's a great dash cam however I was very specific look for a dash cam that recorded my speed and show it as I drive, it has the option for it and it's on but it doesn't display it on the LCD Screen or the recorded videos and that is disappointing know I bought this dash cam for that exact purpose. Also I guess because for the heat maybe that's why the stand broke. Update now on my home fell off my windscreen gonna return it unfortunately. Update I got an replacement after I spoke with Jennifer a representative and she was able to assist and resolved my situation now it's work 200% amazing speed recording and holding on.
After putting in the VanTrue SD card, I powered on the camera to access the menu. Camera reboots about every 30 seconds. I powered off the camera and removed the SD card. Power up the camera and continuous rebooting. Disappointing. Wrote this review and waited... like Bart Simpson and a hot stove... so I tried again inserting the card and powering on and it failed yet again. At this point, I boxed it all up, left in on the end table to return to Amazon. Remember the hot stove... so I tried it again that evening and this time the camera powered up without issue.1) could be how the SD cards seats in the camera. 2) wondering if its a capacitance issue where the camera needed to be plugged in for a while before setup. 3) The camera knew how disappointed I was and decided to cooperate.
Matthew Partovi
This camera is well made and well thought out. The build quality stood out immediately as high quality workmanship. The mounting system is easy and keeps the camera out of your sight line. Install was way easier than I had anticipated. The first day I used this camera, a large box truck traveling in the right lane at 65Mph decided he needed to make a left turn and crossed two lanes while hitting his brakes. The offending truck crossed within feet of me. Thankfully I was quick to react. I was however happy to know if I had rear ended the truck, I would have had video documentation of his bad driving. In today’s high treat combat driving situations it’s a must for those who drive a lot.
Amazon Customer
Great communication and product
My S/O drives our car and he likes this dash cam.
Camera worked fine for a while then video became choppy before finally cycling on and off for the past week. Seemed like good quality camera at first but failed quickly
Bought this unit for the high reviews.Would definitely be 5 stars for the design and ease of install.1 star for broken app and parking mode*** Update ***I discovered that the camera is firmware. Was five versions out of date when it shipped to me. One of the fixes in that firmware fixed the issue with the Wi-Fi connection. It also seemed to make the parking mode work a little bit better. One of the things I discovered with the parking mode is that to turn it on is a very non-intuitive process. You have to go to the parking menu hover over one of the areas for the type of parking mode you want to turn on, press okay and do it settings and then exit the menu and it'll turn it on but there's no actual button or switch or command to just turn on parking mode. You have to follow that weird set of steps or use the app.Another complaint I have is that it seems like this camera picks up a lot more glare from my windows than my previous camera did. Having some polarizing film or something like that on the lens might be a good idea.*** Original review ***The app connects to the camera and then nothing happens. Just spins forever on both my pixel 6 pro (Android 12) and my cars android head unit (android 10)When I reached put for support they just said an update for the app would be coming and they would let me know.Parking mode doesn't turn on either. You just select it and the camera exits the menu for it. No option to turn it on.
This dash camera comes with a built in gps and WiFi. There is also a good app that comes with it. The video quality is much better than the old dashcam I have. It does take usb type C so if you had an existing hard wire kit like me, you'll need to get a new one. The rear camera also connects with a type C cable
Mike G.
So I was nervous at first and couldn’t decide which dashcam to purchase so finally decided on this one. I’m happy with the purchase and impressed with the picture quality on my phone. The actual picture on the we came screen could use improvement and was hoping the video on the SIM card was better and it was thankfully. Night vision could use improvement because if there is no light you won’t see much. Rear view camera is just as good as the front. The only thing I really don’t like is you need to be within 6ft in order to view camera footage via Wi-Fi on your phone. I have cheap cameras in my home where I’m able to view any place any time so I wish I could do the same with this dashcam but all in all I’m satisfied.
came in a box with clear instructions. My kids did all the unpacking and setup. I installed it in car and set it up in less than 5 minutes. video quality is awesome and works well in night vision too. Will upload a few videos soon. You will need to hang the wires that connect the cameras but the cable length is super long so should have no issues for car/suv or truck. highly recommended buy.
This is my first dash cam. The image quality and night vision are great. I’m very happy with this camera. Also, Vantrue has a great customer service team. They helped me with a car charger problem I had.
Adam Cargal
I installed this in my truck with the hardwire kit. Very nice picture. I really like the ability to stream the video directly to my phone. I really like having the the rear camera too!
Frank M. Nielsen
I am very pleased with this product to this point. As far as negatives, none to report. Only note, for wiring to extra vehiciles, just contact customer service and they will help you get, what you need. I will follow up review as I haven’t had a chance to use much. I am 74 years old and if I can hook it up, anybody can.
Overall the cameras pretty good. I can’t speak for installation I paid someone to install it so don’t hold me to that.Now the good,It’s fairly seamless once you have it set up it records anytime you’re driving both front and back no problem you don’t have to hardly ever mess with it which I love.The GPS and time display options are awesome, extra money, but awesome.Now the bad, well not that bad, but could be better.The user interface is so 2008. For the brand new model on a swanky new dash cam, the user interface really needs an update bad. It’s just wonky how you have to go in to do things on that on that InterfaceThe playback option and steps might be better than most but for me for that money is unacceptable. Bluetooth technology and quick connect technology has been around for a good 10 years so having to go in and very very manually have the camera in a special mode and then use their app in special mode just to get them to talk to each other and then wait forever for it to download the video is a bad feature.I would also like to be able to access it online then things would be so much simpler. It has a Wi-Fi option but you can’t use Wi-Fi to connect so I don’t understand why it has Wi-Fi.You have to use a mobile device to connect then download the photo to a special file format and then take your mobile device to your computer to upload it from that special file and of course I’m sure convert it just so that you can have it on your computer. How about just let me upload it directly to my iCloud account that would really be peaches.The camera quality is less than I expected it’s still good but it’s less than I expected I was expecting 4K not 4k - hd = 720Bottom line:Should you buy it? That’s up to you I don’t tell people what to buy and what not to buy like a lot of idiots that do reviews. You have the benefit of my perspective, use it as you will.Would I buy it again? Probably not however, I don’t know what I would buy in place of it because the others that I looked at are not as good as this one so you do the math..I suck at math
Furkie G
Ive been using the vantrue camera brand for many years now and they never disappoint. For starters out the box you get a beautiful camera with 4k capabilities and built in wifi that allows you to download and watch videos previously recorded.This x4s also comes with a rear camera that comes in handy because what would be the point of just getting footage from the front of the car. It wouldnt be any help if you get rear ended. Vantrue is a super easy to use camera that is plug and play ready to go out the box. If you run into issues with sd cards these cameras do notnlike sandisk. Ive had better luck going with samsung and ran into no problems. Over all this dashcam is great to record the front and rear of your vehicle. There are also options to hardwire it to your car so you can have 24:7 recording.I recommend buying a 128gb sd card or higher, depending on your driving habits you can get about 3-4 days of good videos
Kaori Becker
The image of the front and rear cameras is not high performance, and the adhesive tape of the suction plate and rear camera for installation does not work and the camera falls off. And the cord of the accessory is also quite cheap, the connector is very bad, and the electricity doesn't connect well. For the time being, the value and price of this product are not balanced and I think it's a very inferior product.
Amazon Customer
I was impressed with the service after I left this original review when Cathy Zhuo @VanTrue contacted me to get the issue I had resolved. I was happy to have a working dash cam and have been very happy with this VanTrue X4S
Good camera for the price, picture and video quality are pretty good. My 1 complaint is that if you have the rear camera plugged in you can't use a mirror mount you have to use the window mount thats provided. The power cord plugs into the window mount, if you don't run a rear camera then you can plug the power straight into the camera
rich Homie mando
This camera is good quality, it's not a flimsy model like the dash cams you see in the $100 price range. Its reliable, it records the second you turn on your engine and stops when it turns off. I did order the obd II port for easy installation and connection to power and it has not caused me any drainage to my cars battery 5/5
The things I like- good video quality- can connect to my phone- dual camera setup- parking mode abilityThe things I don’t like- if you’ve got the constant power hookup and don’t want the camera to record you have to remember to turn it off and on again- there have been multiple times now that I’ve pressed the button to “lock” the video so it saves it as an event but then it did not actually save it- there are very limited instructions and a lot of the buttons are not intuitive- I cannot figure out how to get the parking mode to turn off without turning the parking mode off completely, I just want it to go back to normal recording modeOverall I am not very impressed by this dash camera. I was hoping to use it more as a parking camera but it is incredibly finicky and I hate that it’s not easy to turn parking mode on and off. If you’re looking to just have it setup to go while you’re driving it might be okay. I personally don’t think it was worth it to hookup the constant power supply. Half the time I drive I don’t bother to turn it on because I’m afraid of forgetting to either turn it off or into parking mode
Jeff Lam
Fast shipment, received in 3 days. Video quality is awesome, premium packaging. night vision is clear to see other cars plates. So far so good, will test further.
Can not access the videos from your phone.
Mike Q.
It really lives upto the hype and then some.
Amazon Customer
The quality of this dash cam is fantastic.The app is easy to use. Only issue I have is with the rear camera. In the dark it isnt the best. Day time seems fine though.But the front camera is amazing both day and night.I tried so many cameras before finding this one. I bought a 2nd for my husbands car!!Last picture is a screen shot from the rear camera. Not as clear at night but will still do its job of in an accident.
I recently threw away my blackvue and decided to shop for a 4k dash cam. Came across this brand and was comparing it with another along with the blackvue. I was pretty skeptical of the price being so cheap that the camera wouldn't be good. Figured I'd give it a try due to the great reviews.I thought set up was going to be easy since I've already done it before. Wiring the car was a breeze. What I disliked wat the orientation of the cable for the rear camera. I wired my front dash to the driver side and the rear camera to the passenger side. The wire is VERY long so you don't have to worry about making it too tight. I also don't like the suction mount. I've never came across a suction mount of any kind that stays sturdy on the glass. They should create the 3m tape on for the camera mount. Anywho, set up on the firmware was confusing. It wouldn't connect to my camera and it took a very long time for it to set up for the rear camera because it wouldn't read it. The thing I dislike of the firmware is the constant disconnect when connected to my iphone. Otherwise, camera quality is great and price is way better than blackvue
This is the first dash cam I’ve owned and I’m very happy with it. I did a good bit of research before I ordered and found this one to be the best camera with the best features for the price. The camera itself has worked flawlessly since I’ve owned it.There is more good news! If anything goes wrong, you don’t have to worry. The support for this camera is outstanding. After three months, the camera began to cycle itself on and off. I tried everything I could to fix it including updating the firm ware. Since I couldn’t resolve it, I reached out to Vantrue support and am very pleased to report that they (“Roxanne”) responded in less than 24 hours and began to help me troubleshoot by email. We exchanged four or five emails with Roxanne suggesting I try different remedies and me reporting back. The last test was to disconnect the camera from the windshield and plug it directly into a wall power plug. I took it off the GPS Receiver mount and plugged it into the wall and the camera worked fine. This led me to suspect that the GPS Receiver mount had gone bad. I reported my conclusion to Roxanne and she readily agreed to replace the GPS Receiver mount under warranty with no hassle. The replacement shipped within 24 hours and I received it directly from China in two weeks. I installed the new GPS Receiver mount and the problem was solved! I thank Vantrue Roxanne for all her speedy support and sticking with it until the problem was diagnosed and a new part sent out. I’m very pleased that I chose Vantrue!
The Vantrue X4s is my third Dash Cam in the past 5 years. My first Dash cam was Vantrue N2 purchased in 2017 which is still working fine (second Dash Cam was another brand and did not last long). Needing a rear window camera and after some online search and review checking, I was convinced that the Vantrue dash cams are the best value for my money, so I purchased the Dual X2s. This Dash cam is full of useful features plus a 4K front camera with 3” display. I can select a single view of front, or rear camera or PIP (front and rear) by touch of a button. On-screen menu setup is easy. X4s has WIFI connection for phone connection to setup and video download using iPhone or Android if one chooses to do so (I don’t). The only thing that is missing is the cabin camera which I wish was available for X2s but not a deal breaker, I can use my N2 for in cabin recording if I really need one. In my opinion, Vantrue products present terrific value and quality. Support is available by e-mail and response is within 12 to 24 hours. High-quality product and value.
Chris Timpone
I bought this after doing watching YouTube reviews. It lives up to be a great dash cam. Easy to use and great image quality. Front and rear cameras are outstanding. I will bet additional mounts and wiring for the other vehicles in the house. Would certainly recommend this product.
Amazon Customer
This is my first dash camera. The installation process for the camera was a breeze. The camera itself was easy to use, however, I had a little trouble connecting the camera via Wi-Fi at first. I have not used the camera much, therefore, I can’t comment on the quality and durability of the dash camera in the Texas heat Overall I am happy with the camera.
Amazon Buyer
I purchased this dash cam after purchasing the previous model, which was also great quality. I found myself wanting to upgrade specifically to add the rear camera. Upgrading also provided better front camera optics (other reviewers have already provided comparisons). Overall highly recommend upgrading to (or starting with) this camera. The way I look at it, this could be the difference between being deemed at fault vs not at fault in a car accident.
I’m not a tech guy but i thought this was very easy to set up and use. I really like having both the front and rear view cameras. It's easy to install and comes with a pry tool to help with running the cables. The front camera has an adjustable mount that it's to rotate/move to change your camera angle. The read camera is fixed but still provides wide-ranged coverage out of the rear of the vehicle. I figured out the controls after maybe 15 minutes and found the whole thing to be quite intuitive. I’ve been impressed with the video quality and ease of use. I feel much safer having this on my vehicle.
Initially I was worried that my videos had a blue hue; USER ERROR as i forgot to take the front protective film off lol.I am an existing Vantrue customer, so I had no worries about quality and was surprised with the product and package and included items.The Suction cup is really good quality; includes a USB-C cable to go with your front Lighter charger cable.The rear camera cable is really long and great for hiding and includes a trim tool to hide the wire as well.Video quality is why I purchased this item to upgrade to a higher quality video where you can easily read the plates while driving in the videos.AMS
if there is a setting for night vision i am not seeing it. the quality of the night time rear is too dark to see anything.
Randy Chih
it is the same as the prior one, which works fine. I just wish it felt a little more solid.Overall this is an upgrade I am happy with.
Really good front and back cameras. Included wifi makes transferring files easy. 7/24 hour parking mode is a great extra feature. I also like the fact that it can withstand high temperatures. My previous cam from another manufacturer would always overheat and shut down.
Quick set up. Photo and video quality is fantastic. My boyfriend who installs cameras for a living is quite impressed. I love the app connection so I don't have to remove the sd card to download data. Easy to use straight forward app. These are a few screenshots from the app. You can see that you can take stills and videos. I used this feature as the passenger. Just take note that the video on the camera and the wifi on the phone lag slightly so it gives you a few seconds to take that perfect shot.
Fast delivery, set up in 1 hour and work good.