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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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I honestly love love love this camera. The reason it didn't get 5 stars from me are two major gripes that I have with it.1. when powered on, it starts recording. This should be a feature and not something that is mandatory, a simply firmware update can fix this to allow this to be turned on and off. I drive passengers around and only need it for that. Every time I turn the camera on, I don't need it to immediately start recording and then I have to go in and delete the 2 videos that are there just because the camera was turned on. This leads me to my next issue2. This also can be fixed with a simple firmware update. It is too hard to protect and delete files. Most cases I only need the footage thats recording the interior of the car so I pretty much always delete the recordings for the front view camera (I do leave it on just in case though). With that being said, why must I click menu>files> click the file(which for some reason automatically starts playing) click the square button next to ok(twice might I add) just to get to the menu where I can protect or delete this clip? Once I've done that I have to back out and go to another clip(which fortunately does not auto play like the first clip you click on) and do the same steps. There should be a batch way to delete files. when you are at the screen where you can see all of your videos, there should be some way to select more than one and protect or delete them. Mind you, many of my clips are over 20 minutes, so I have to go through multiple clips and do this tedious process. either make it simple where we can check multiple clips in the file menu, or make another menu where we can go to delete and protect more than one clip at a time.3. why cant we record longer than 20 minute clips? this shouldn't be an issue as long as you format to exfat4. EDITED TO ADD NUMBER 4. The power off feature. Cars now-a-days have something where when you stop, it shuts your engine off, or a multitue of reasons as to why a car will stop giving power to it's outlets. WHY is there NOT a feature to setup this camera to NOT auto shutoff when it's unplugged from power??? I can be recording something important and if the power is out for 5 seconds or so: I'm not sure of the exact time but less than 10 seconds: the camera will turn off. Not sure if it does this while recording but thats besides the point. Do not auto shut off on me, or let me decide if you auto shutoff with a menu option when I unplug you from a power source, or your power source stops providing power.other than that, good quality mic is ok camera is good and it does a great job shifting lighting (like when going through tunnels)
**Update**9 months after I purchased this, the interior camera no longer works which in my case (ride-sharing) renders it useless. Wouldn't recommend.***The screen is a little small. It's hard to make sure the interior camera is positioned correctly. My other 2 dashcams came with great software to upload the videos and see a good bit of data including a map of the current location, direction, speed, and g-force. This dashcams does not come with software.The camera records in good quality and it does allow for time/date stamp and other data on the videos. I just use VLC to watch them. The in cabin camera is very good quality, and the sound is great.
Philip J
Nice product, High quality, good for the person who's income from driving.
You can stop shopping because I tried a few different dashcams - and this is by FAR the best! Full HD both forwards and backwards and picks up sound in the cabin perfectly! Highly recommended!
the camera after 1 year is nor working
For $200, the device should have an SD card
David Schild
Starting my review. The box showed up and was obviously opened before. Someone had placed a security tag over top of a previously cut security tag as you can see in this picture. I did not plan on ordering it is used or re-boxed product .
Amazon Customer
When I plug it in to my tv and play a video it shows a yellow display on the bottom that looking ridiculous
John D’Amico
Amazon Customer
The images are not that clear
Jennifer parker
So far a great camera. No complaints.
Nothing but praise for this dash cam. I wouldn't buy any other type.
Tamer M. Rashdan
Terrible productIt couldn’t record any videos to SD 256 GB micro card and they fail to mention that you can’t use SD cards with this cameraAfter only 3 days of use, I unplugged the camera and it is still on and I can’t turn it off and the power icon is still on as if it is still pluggedMost likely I will return it
Mike L.
While between jobs, I did drive for ride-sharing and I wanted to upgrade my front-facing only dashcam. This hits in many points and does a great job. I like the overall design. I do wish it was WiFi-enabled so I didn’t have to go through a lot of work to retrieve video. But for the price-point, I think this does a great job.
Kirk Pholsina
Recently bought this and already impressed with the quality of the camera. The quality is quite clear. Excited to use this during family road trips!
aita man subba
One of the best dual cam
Great, easy set up. Straightforward. One feature that I hope he has is the cloud storage. This way incase someone breaks in your car you can still see the footage. Without it, they can just break in your car and take your SD card or grab the dash cam all together, and you have no idea who did it!
Had it installed two days ago at by Best Buy's Geek Squad. So far this is meeting all expectations. It does what I need it to do. I bought the hardwiring kit as well so that I won't have to worry about power. Keep in mind that depending on where you connect the hardwiring kit, the dashcam may or may not work while the car is off. This will make a difference for those who want to use Parking Mode, which detects motion while the camera is off and turns on and records automatically. At this point I don't have it hardwired to my battery and thus do not have parking mode set up. I might go back and have them change it, when I can be sure that it won't drain my battery or waste too much memory picking up false alarms in my neighborhood.Another point about this camera is that to access the files I have to keep taking the SD card out. It's a bit annoying but no big deal at all, that's just what has to be done. I bought a 128 GB Samsung Pro Endurance Micro SD Card. So that should be enough.I like that the menu gives you a good amount of options when it comes to the settings for recording, and set up.The only problem I have come across so far is the quality at night with light glares. As you can see in the video, the lights at night have too much glare and that lowers the quality and makes it harder to distinguish details in the video.
Jose & Yein
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Easy to set up and creates good video feed and audio.
Gave this cam 5 stars for camera quality, night vision and picture quality. Would have been perfect for me if it had wifi with an app, but I bought it anyway and glad I did!
It's not a wifi camera. Would be perfect if it were wifi.
Robert N Bennett
I purchased this product after looking at several other dash cameras. I did some searches for reviews and they all stated this was fantastic camera and had tons of features you could find useful. Well I can say that this was a great buy. I could not wait to use this for a trip that I was about to take. Got the camera, charged it as the instructions stated too do. I found that there was an update for the software on the Vantrue website. Those instructions were easy to follow as well and loaded up on the camera in a couple mins. Used the camera for the entire trip, the footage was crystal clear, even though i left the plastic protective screen on the front lens for part of the trip. The audio we great as well. I would recommend this camera to anyone that is looking for a compact dash camera and for anyone that want to have a camera to capture the interior of their vehicle.
The UI needs a redesign. Getting into settings doesn't work in certain modes and is a hassle to navigate.Parking Mode requires a long-button press to get it turned on, and then it doesn't really work. I walked up to the car after a half hour and shook the car and it never even created an "event video" to show me doing it.So basically it's not reliable for watching your parked car unless you leave it normal driving mode for 10 hours while the car is parked (which drains the battery a lot.)
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Yunus Ashtijou
Everything worked fine until this week. I've had it for almost one year (about 11 months). I live in salt lake city Utah, we have winters well below freezing, and the camera was fine. However, we have hot summers, as soon as it started to become 100-103 degrees, the camera started malfunctioning. It doesn't turn off with the car anymore, and the screen flickers constantly, it's battery is also no longer able to hold a charge. I would buy this again for 100 bucks, 200 is too much.
Edward J Hendershott
This camera is very lightweight yet you can tell it’s solid construction. The mount and suction cup mechanism worked perfectly the first time. The video both front and rear is high quality. The microphone picks up sound well. The I/R rear facing camera/video works well. I am surprised such a small device can produce such great quality. Instructions are pretty good not perfect, you need to play with it a little to use the settings but not too much (maybe 15 mins to learn). I’m very pleased, this exceeded my expectations for the price!
The N2 pro with its infrared occupant facing camera is the solution we all needed for night time ride sharing concerns. Vantrue has done an excellent job here with a camera capable of dual integrated cameras and a file system making it easy to locate the video you need in case it needs to be reviewed. I have used this and other Vantrue cameras in high heat with no issues at all. Installation is easy and getting the camera aimed correctly is a snap.Visually, the quality of the video is on par with what you will need for identifying vehicles and determining the situation on playback. Vantrue continues to refine their product and adapt to their user's needs.For future builds, I would love to see WiFi access via a mobile app and replacing the battery with a capacitor.Having said that, as a ride share regular, this camera is a no-brainer for being your best option to protect yourself and your passengers from disputed situations. Well done Vantrue
First year it works well after that You have to format and reset date and time every day otherwise it will stop recording because battery can’t last for more than couple of hours. But they replaced it with new one.
I use it primary for protection when I'm driving. Picture quality is clear and the mic doesn't sound distorded.
Anna W
This is my third dash cam from Vantrue. I had vantrue x2 and it lasted for 2 years of everyday use in a semi tractor(my husband and I are truck drivers and it was working 24 hours a day), then I got Vantrue x3 and I currently use it in a truck. I got Vantrue N2 Pro for my private car and I am very satisfied with the quality. It is advertised as camera for Uber drivers but I believe it is good for everybody who has a busy commute every day.I didn't get a chance to wire it to the battery so I cant comment for motion sensors work but it powers as soon as you start the car. Very easy to set up, when I unpacked it the date was already set. The camera creates 2 separate files from front camera and face camera with the same number but letter A for front or B for face cameras. The video I uploaded was recorded on factory settings. I was surprised it supports Russian Language.Overall I am very happy with Vantrue N2 Pro and I recommend it to all the drivers with busy driving routine.
Caitlyn Wilder
The only dislike, the camera was left on and my car battery died (needed to be recharged).
Scooby Doo
Expensive, sometimes record sometimes doesn't, the quality is terrible, get something better than this cam, don't trust this expensive dashcam, there is a better option for half price.
The Falcon
Amazon Customer
It does it job but out side camera isn’t as good at night in parking mode. However it already helped me catch one person who hit and run my car. They still denied it even though I had the video. You don’t have to hardwire for parking mode just move a fuse in your fuse box depending on what car you have. It will keep power running in the ports even when the car is off.
Andy N
This camera is really worthy the money, good quality video
I love this camera and I'm a NYC uber driver
Amazon Customer
My tech support told me that the camera is for UBER drivers not for my purpose. He recommended another one which I bought right away and I bought the memory card also.
Joe G.
This is not the first dash camera I have owned, but it easily is the best. The unit I received was loaded with the most current firmware right out of the box and therefore compatible with a 256GB micro SD card. The forward facing camera offers several high resolution recording options with a choice of fps speeds as well. For all it's abilities, the unit is compact with a solid build quality feel to it. I have no regrets having chosen this dash cam.
Matthew Wood
I purchased the Vantrue N2 Pro to replace my old dash cam that was damaged in a recent car accident I was in. I was looking for a quality upgrade and I got a good deal on Amazon Prime day. I purchased it along with the hardwire kit and 128 GB Samsung micro SD card.The overall fit and finish is great, it feels very high quality as does the windshield mount that is included with it. I feel the both will last a long time. It came packaged well with everything I needed to install. Installation and set up was very simple, it only took me about 30 minutes. The included instructions are relatively easy to follow. The cameras low profile and small footprint make it easy to forget it's there.Image quality is fantastic and the night-time images are very clear and is easy to make out details. The night vison is far superior to other dashcams I have owned. The interior cameras is a nice feature but I don't quite have a use for it at the moment, But if you are a Uber or a commercial driver it could be very beneficial.Overall I am very pleased with the Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam. My only concern, is that living in the Southern United States our summers can be pretty brutal. So only time will tell how it holds up in the heat. I would recommend purchasing one if you are in the market for a bit of security and peace of mind if the worst were to happen.
I went through a couple of well reviewed dash cams and was disappointed until I purchased the Vantrue N2 Pro. Previous units had programming issues (one could never get the day/time stamp to display accurately. The other was a nightmare to program and wouldn't hold the settings) and unreliable video.Not the case here. The Vantrue N2 Pro is easy to use and the programing is intuitive and displays well.I had an issue with the time/day not showing that turned out to be a minor programming issue I missed while in setup mode. The customer service people answered quickly and follow up was excellent.Hint, to those who are wanting a rear camera as well but don't want the hassle of threading the wire, this works pretty well if you set the cabin facing camera to underexpose the cabin.. that will correctly show the outside side/rear view exposure instead of being too bright to see details. I also made a cardboard template of the rear window shelf and covered it with inexpensive black velvet from a fabric store which eliminates the reflection in the rear windy on bright days an allows more detail in that direction.All in all a satisfying purchase.. good item, great service.
Robert Manchette
The camera was smaller than I expected which is good. Setup was pretty simple. Just wish the manual was a little more detailed on what some of the function do. The videos look pretty good. I haven't used the night vision so I can't comment on that.
Charles L Mitchell
Every aspect of the camera works as described in the description. Fantastic images.
Pete Sheffield
I was Leary of this due to cost, but now I'm glad I bought it. You get what you pay for, so you can find cheaper, similar cameras but they won't do everything this one does. I hard wired mine into the fuse box (kit sold separately) so I can use the Parking monitor since my truck doesn't fit in the garage. The video quality is excellent! I don't know how it covers such a wide angle but it does. The night vision is par for every other camera with night vision so don't expect super clear images, no camera can produce that. The camera facing backwards rotates to whatever angle you need. The suction cup has held up in 100+ degree days so far, so super impressed with it's staying power.
Bryan B
Loving my first ever dashcam ! Easy to set it up and user friendly :) Thank you very much !
Full disclosure...I have not even used this camera yet and I am rating it 2-stars. Why? For false advertising. What the description doesn't tell you is that you need to purchase a separate power bank in order to use the Parking mode while the car is off. I know this because I asked the company directly after I noticed it mentioned a power bank in the user guide. To my surprise, one was not located inside the box.
This works great for rise-sharing, or any other need. Its picture from the front camera is a great hi-def recording, and the inside camera works great for day and night recording. It switches to infrared recording for night views. It also can see clearly anyone in my vehicle, as well as through the back window in case someone rear ends me. The sound quality is also highly impressive and anyone speaking in the car is clearly understood (this feature can be disabled if you don't want audio recordings or it's illegal where your live). I have a 264 gig memory inside it which will cover around 30 hours of recording, and then I transfer them to an external hard drive to hold onto for a couple months until I'm sure they won't be needed for anything. I will say if you transfer directly from the camera to the hard drive it's much slower than taking out the memory card and transferring it that way. Overall, I'm very happy with this. One final not I did purchase the clip that goes over the rear view mirror to hold it it place since the suction cup it comes with doesn't hold well to the window in Arizona heat. Also, the heat of the care with the camera in it has not affected the camera at all.
Tae K.
Just received mine yesterday. Upon checking the videos on my PC I've noticed that it did not break the videos in small 3min segments as I've set up to and it played back at 50X the speed.Also, when I tried to update the software, my PC won't recognize the unit when connected to USB
José R.
Seems like great it will be quality. Will have to see if this is the revised mount that does not need to be tightened with screwdriver every so often.I just wish it came with the GPS integrated. I will also need the low voltage fuse kit.I hear good things about this company and the dual camera.We Will see!!
First off, I purchased this item due to the excellent review that the product has been getting. It was in my wishlist for at least 2 years. I finally decided to purchase it for my husband.Set up: Super EasyPackaging: High quality and you can tell that the company really took their time to properly showcase their product!Looks and Feel: Excellent material and quality. Mechanical components move smooth and effortlessly.Camera quality: Absolute picture quality. Quality IR for the inside camera.Registration and their website is easy to navigate and use.Overall, this product gets a A+++! Very user friendly, and best of all, you will have the added protection that you've always wanted, on and off the road!Thank you so much Vantrue! You guys ROCK!!!
Blaine Williams
Once you understand the interface layout, it's easy to use. The quality is fantastic. I only wish it came with an SD card so it could fully function right out of the box.
Got this to document driving (not mine; other peoples). Has a back and front camera; both fantastic at capturing daytime as well as night videos and images. Connected to my USB via the provided car charger. Worth the money spent. Haven't had to use the evidence yet thankfully.
Nadia Chowdhury
James Cavanaugh
Lester Wroblewski
I have used this camera since the middle of June. It has worked flawlessly. I'm in Arizona and daytime temps are in the 100's daily. The camera so far has withstand the extreme heat. When parked I do remove the camera from the windshield and put it in the glove box. I don't want to chance the EXTREME heat on the windshield. Driving with it isn't a problem in the heat. All the functions work as described. In fact I'm going to purchase another for my wife's car. The rear view recording is very good. When no one in back seat it can record out the rear window. I had a problem at the beginning with the SD card, but it was a faulty card. The N2 support people were very helpful in making sure it was the card and not the N2. I would recommend the product.
Amazon Customer
Great camera, excellent picture quality.
I like the dual cam, the night view seem to only work on the inside camera, would it be helpful if you can store the live video on the cloud or in a separate HD storage hidden on the car in case the camera get stolen.
Camera is nice and very light weight compared to my last one. Using the hard wire kit was very easy since theres just the ground wire and one other wire. Setting it up was very easy as well. Very user friendly camera, with great qualities all around.
I dont usually leave reviews on amazon/ any products but I do think some of them do deserve a review, like this one. Ive had this for a year now and ive no regrets. i tell everyone who is looking for a dash cam for their car. Nice picture/video quality and audio. Ive got into a minor accident and this camera helped me with the case.the only cons is that it doesnt over write old videos. Manually have to delete them. If they find ways to implent that in their future software upgrade then I will change it to 5 stars. other than that no complaints.
That's a great product
Alexander Rennie
It’s an excellent camera. Perfect night vision, and being in the desert, I love that it’s heat resistant. The playback for footage is amazing, and the quality of said footage is top notch. The vantrue support team is amazing, they get back to you ASAP and will do everything they can to help you.
I like this product. Everything about it. I bought one at Best Buy different brand, that was more expensive and did less. This one has incredible quality sound and all. Buy one if you are considering it and find out for yourself
Rocky Yang
The battery life is no good it die too fast
Camera records both interior cabin and front of the car at 1080p, and the audio recording sounds good too. Better than competitors I've tried. Recommended!
Christian Zaragoza
I've been using my new Vantrue N2 Pro for a few days and think that it is a really excellent product. Good Warranty. Great night vision. Good materials. Very highly recommended.
This camera is perfect for rideshare drivers. Events and conversation are a good thing to have documented these days. It records out front of your car and inside as well as audio. The picture is great. No guessing at things in the video when you watch it on your computer.You'll also receive the best customer on your purchase even long after you've received it. I emailed them looking for another power cord to buy and within hours they had one shipped to me at no charge.
Flimsy. Bought an Amazon's choice dash cam and much happier.
brian mcgee
Works great. Gave four stars because it does not offer WiFi for easy download of images or videos
Amazon Customer
This is a great little camera! It will certainly document everything day or night keeping you safe. You have the evidence you need to counter any dubious claims against you. As an Uber driver. In terms of just a dash cam it is an excellent tool in any kind of accident. My car was hit and run in a parking lot side swipe and the camera caught the whole action and the license plate. The police told me wow that a great picture and you are lucky to have it.
As a truck driver of 14 years and tech lover, my experience with this device has been awesome. I came from Go Pro first generation cam devices, so the Vantrue N2 pro with the GPS mount is a real game changer. When I showed my co-workers a video that I transferred to my Samsung Note 8 phone via computer they were amazed at the detail and dual camera clarity. Hey trucker, how much is your CDL worth? Because I'm pretty sure it's worth far more than $240 lol.
So far, so good, the only problem I had is that if my car stays outside in the sun a whole day, the camara falls down, the material that holds the camara to the windshield cant hold to it when too hot. (Typical day of 29°)
Michele Schneider
Overall a nice unit. Dual cameras is the way to go, and it has them. Nice quality video too. Nigth vision works well also.
Edward Hahnenberg
This dash camera is so awesome. I like it so much because it is the perfect size I’m looking for and doesn’t take much space in my windshield. I put it in my new TM3 and it’s a lot clearer than the one I bought first. The video is super clear which is very important for me. Also, I love that it has second camera for the inside of the car so I easily see what’s my kids doing at the backseat all the time. Setting up is pretty simple too so there is no issue on that. This is a great dash camera all in all and I highly recommend it.
Mohammed Nahshal
Neng Yang
I like the picture quality and how easy it was to record. Once it turns on it starts recording. What I dislike is that it is very sensitive to temperature. I bought this item in the spring and not even 5 months passed, but my dash cam is broken. Remembered getting into my car (not a very hot day but warm), my car was probably around 80 degrees Fahrenheit inside and when I got in, I heard the dash cam turning on and off as if it was restarting and shutting down immediately. I took off the dash cam from the mount and tried to turn it off but it was still doing the same thing and then just turned off and cannot turn on. I put it back on the mount and drove for some time (thinking I needed to recharge it) because the mount is connected to my car battery, but it did not turn on. I paid a lot of money for this so it shouldn't be this bad. I couldn't contact the seller either, so I'm putting my review here in hopes someone can reach out to me.
peter's amazon
Need: ability to read street signs and most importantly license plates both day and night. Also need infrared rear facing camera that works wells.I compared this to Anker Roav’s newest addition dual camera with infrared capability.Findings: this camera has poorer front view image quality versus the Anker dual lens version, however; Ankers dual lens version is not much better and in my testing actually performed poorer than ankers older C1 Pro version that does not have dual lens but generally can be purchased for a lot less. The Upside: this camera has great rear view infrared in comparison to the Anker. In fact I liked that aspect so much that I considered keeping just for that but having recently been in a Hit and run accident I was so glad i was able to get the guys license plate using my older Anker C1 pro. With this camera I could barely get the license of the car in front me let alone next to me. So sadly I returned. I’m no Anker fan boy in fact I returned there dual lens version because in rear view infrared was a joke and they also came up short with front facing camera in comparison to their older version. So sad. But glad I was able to get the guys plates and report S.O.B. To California highway patrol.
Third camera I bought, price makes the difference, well built unit, easy setup, superb picture quality. Using it with a Samsung 256 GB card (format the card within the camera, no hassle no issues). I do not drive much in the night so not yet tested the night mode. As of now satisfied with the quality of the product.
I love this camera. I recently had a hit and run car accident incident and if it wasn't for this car would have never been fixed by the other persons insurance. Thank you! I definitely would recommend it for anyone especially uber, lyft or taxi drivers
abdul wakeel
This dash cam miss footage. I was waiting in light and some other guy run the red light and had accident. Then I looked into it so I could give the footage to the poor guy but no recording. Same thing happened before that and I had miss video not a good dash cam
Bill Harden
Like the features, how clear and the 170 * view is. It is easy to mount and can be moved from car to truck easy. The unit is well worth the price. Will more than likely purchase another unit to mount permanently in the wife's car. I use it all the time in which ever car or truck I am driving.
This is the first dash cam I have ever purchased. With all the bad drivers and the dirty cops on the streets you have to be covered.
The old adage "you get what you payed for", is absolutely right. I first bought my N2 Pro a year ago and it went everywhere with me in my truck, all around Southern California and Nevada. Recently i noticed that the on board battery had gone bad. This meant that the camera couldn't date the video footage accurately among other things, even though the footage was being save on the card.I contacted Vantrue in hopes of being able to buy a replacement battery. With a few emails back and forth, I sent my old camera in and got a new one back. The customer support team at Vantrue is excellent!As many of the other review have said, the camera is great. The footage is high quality, and it has many features (including the optional GPS, which i bought). A good quality dashcam can be worth it's weight in gold and this one certainly is. It has a cabin facing camera, which in my opinion crucial for cab drivers or anyone who drives with a ride-sharing app (uber, lyft, etc.). Having a cabin facing camera is also beneficial to prove that you were driving attentively.So take my advice and buy this dashcam. Like all safety implements, hopefully it is never needed in an accident or emergency, but if there is ever a need, you'll be glad to have prepared. (You also might end up recording something interesting happening on the road).In conclusion I'd like to say that, I really like a quality item, but i especially like a company that is willing to stand behind their product.
Amazon Customer
They are constantly falling off the glass windshield even after cleaning the windshield and suction cup with alcohol. Very disappointed!
This is one great dashcam!!! it’s sturdy, and video recording is records both outside the and inside the also has parking mode, when the camera detects movement, it starts recording automatically, but in order for that to work, you have to hardwire it to your vehicle or use a powerbank. This is a great dashcam, I definitely recommend it!
Niklas Henricson
Perfect camera for insurance, security, Lyft, or Uber drivers. Or any other reason for that part. The night vision and quality on both cameras is great. Worth every penny.
robert k
It serves the purpose
Excellent night vision, audio and picture quality.
Captain Skipper
High quality. No issues. Works well. Easy to install and get going. Have to have a certain kind of memory card for correct operation.
Moran Ben ami
Milan Maletic
Johnny Brockman
My dash cam arrived yesterday and I was pretty excited until I tried to attach the suction to the window. I cleaned the window several times and finally got it to stick to the window until I got a small bump in the road. The camera won't stick. The other thing is the power cord. The power cord is very unattractive and bulky how it has to feed around your window edges (still visible) only to stick out of your cigarette lighter. I'm looking for something to look as sexy as my car.