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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Tom A. Sawyer
The camera works as advertised. Getting it downloaded into my computer is a little confusing but manageable.
Sometimes the dashcam stop recording and one day I parked my car to buy something when I comeback somebody hit my car from side I checked the dashcam footage and she didn't recorded the accident even the setting was on parking mode with sensitive and connected to power because I bought also the extra cable to be connected to power even may car its turn off.
Wadhah F. Mohammed Ali
Great product. High quality video and you’ve got to love the infrared feature! They also have a great customer service, I had an issue with the mount they reached out and fixed it for me. Thank you!
Amazon Customer
It's a great product for doing rideshareing
Russ Haire
works amazing and the video is awesome. This is a really good product at a reasonable price! AND it was delivered to my door! What's NOT to like? 5 stars!
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The cam dash is great. Works good, quality is great.
Andrew Zeller
Have this for a year and a half now, and started having issues with it. In the beginning this was great, and exactly what I needed, it has a great front and rear camera and is great in low light, however, now the device will start to randomly shut off. Did the change a cable out, change to a different power source, formatted the micro sd card. Now it just looks like I have a working camera most the time.
Collin G.
I wish it had a longer record time and instead of resetting every 5 minutes max. It should have an option for like 30 mins for bigger micro SDs. The mount constantly keeps falling off 1 month after use.
Great buy works as needed and easy to setup and use
Christopher R.
Camera if fine other than 2 random sticky areas that were on it upon removal from its box that was sealed in plastic. Very difficult to completely remove.
Steven Ebeling
Great device. I do recommend you get the 256 gb micro card to go with it.
good upgrade my my old one 4 years ago. need to keep these updated for visual quality
Rick Cummings
I am an Uber driver and finally decided that I should have some type of camera to record what's going on in front of my vehicle. My car has a built-in backup camera (works only in reverse but that's good enough for me) so I wanted a camera with good front cam reviews and capabilities of inside-car video as well. I was concerned about having a camera taking up extra windshield real-estate. After purchasing a rear-view mirror-mounted camera that couldn't be mounted on my rear view mirror, I returned that camera and decided on the Vantrue N2.I was quite surprised at the size of the Vantrue N2 so the windshield real-estate issue turned out to be a non-issue. Because the camera is small, so is the LCD display; reviewing saved videos is possible but you are better off viewing videos on your tablet or PC for more detail.Daytime videos played back on my computer are quite clear, both inside and front cameras. Front camera nightime videos are bright to the point that streetlights, headlamps, etc., give off quite a glare (thinking I can play around with the settings to reduce/eliminate the glare on front night-time shots). Inside camera view is great during the day and reasonably OK at night. The IR LED's light up the interior but still leave a lot of shadows in the shot (inside settings can be tweaked as well to hopefully improve what the cam sees at night).Saved files are in .mp4 format; I am saving 3 minute files for front and back, each .mp4 file is around 271 MB. Doing the math, I can get between 9 and 10 hours of videos on a 128GB micro SD card (looking to get 256GB when I can).The manual was fairly easy to undertand, there were a few hiccups in translating to English from Chinese. I know what buttons need to be pushed when I'm in the car driving (stopped) to stop/restart record, turn the built-in mic on or off and turn the IR LEDs on, off or auto.Mounting was simple, the suction cup is working just fine although I suggest taking it down in very hot or very cold weather. The camera clips onto the suction cup mounting, the USB connection is through the suction cup mount and connects automatically when the camera is connected to the mount.General and record settings are pretty straightforward as well (if you read the manual).so far, I like this dash cam :)
Very easy to install with the default suction cup mount. You just have to avoid the "dot-matrix" on your windshield because the suction cup will not work with that surface. I have been using it for a month, no issues with recording every time the car starts.Pro: Easy to install, fast startup time, portable/easy to disconnect, easy to configure.Con: Night time video is just average, I cannot read most of the license plates on the cars around me unless they are well lit.One other odd issue, I changed the resolution to 1440p front camera only but when I wanted to change it back to dual 1080p front and rear camera, the settings would not save. I had to reset the camera to default settings in order to get the front and rear camera to work again.
Amazon Customer
Both interior and exterior video quality is great.
Didn't work from the start
Sean A Fletcher
I brought it for my DAD in Trinidad and Tobago and he loves it. Works prefectly
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I dislike that the camera is not supporting mobile app. I have to connect it to PC in order to review the events.. it will be much easier if the camera sends events to mobile through app once connected to wifi or mobile hotspot
Excellent picture qualitySuperb coverage in front and inside viewExcellent night visionScreen is too small at 1.5 inch
Lilit LA
I have purchased two of the Vantrue products on Amazon. The OnDash T2 and OnDash N2 Pro. Super easy installation and great product. However T2 came with obd cable but the N2 didn't. I contacted the Vantrue fun page through Facebook and expressed my concerns that I needed the cameras for both my cars to work in the parking monitor mode. They provided excellent customer service and sent me the obd and GPS mount free of charge. Thank you Vantrue nice doing business with you.
Robert B.
Unfortunately, right after my 30 day return window closed, my unit doe not stick to my windshield. It has fallen from my windshield several times as is distracting. I will contact customer service and hope for a refund or replacement parts. Very disappointed.
Jon V
Recieved this camera today that I plan to use in two different vehicles that are going to be used for Uber/Lyft and also Uber Eats and Door Dash. Aftwr unbozing and charging and getting sd card inserted i spent some time working through the menus and.functions and all are very intiative so far. Plan to install the camera tomorrow and see how the video and audio work. I like the quick disconnecr mount so that I can hardwire the mount in each vehicle and then move the camera from vehicle to vehicle depending on which service I am doing.
Ronald H. Brenckman
only negative about this is even when in parking mode, drained my car battery dry after about 3 days on left plugged in. !!!
Ira Fogg
I was impressed at the video quality. I am very happy with the dual camera option.
David Smith
Not hearing any sound coming from the video
I like how small it is , it doesn't take up much space. I love all of the features about it, picture and sound quality was very good. It was very easy to assemble and mount. I bought the extra vantrue wiring set and it made it a whole lot easier to connect to my fuse box. I drive for Uber and I love it. It makes me feel a whole lot safer.
SD card requires reformatting every other time you drive. I’ve tried 5 different brands of cards. None work 100%. And of course the maker of the camera doesn’t let you know this until you buy and receive the cam that some SD cards will not work. Ive had the same SD card problem with 3 different brand cameras. Seems as tho their all made in the same crappy factory. Ugh.
Brandon A
Great product at reasonable priceSetup and installed are extremely easy and up and running in no timeVideo quality both interior and exterior is excellent
My audio doesnt record correct. It just buzzes when recording. And now that my window has closed I'm screwed with a $200 brick
This Camera has good daytime Quality. But it is for Outside camera only. The Internal Camera works good in Light but Night Vision is terrible. It's not actual Night vision. you can hardly see anything. It's Very Dark and Poor Quality video for Inside Night Vision. The Money is wasted if you are looking for better quality night vision.
Please do not buy this camera is not worth the money
iPet Owner
Love the idea of a dash cam and this is stellar in today’s market. But come on! The instruction require a microscope to read!
J. S
They make you buy another mount to use the GPS. Come on....... I like it but this thing may be going back.
Christopher Catherman
So far I like it... I bought it because a few weeks prior to ordering I had a guy crash into the back of me & he didn’t want to exchange insurance info so I had to call the police & he lied & said he didn’t crash into me!!! There was no visible damage except for a few minor scratches, but I told him I was always told to exchange info no matter how small because I could be driving down the road & my bumper fall off... etc... & after the adrenaline wears off any of the people in it could realize they have pain or whatever... I winded up calling the cops... They made him give me the info... If I woulda had this his insurance woulda found him guilty!!! My insurance found him guilty though... His didn’t wanna pay because my brother had knee surgery about a month & a half ago & hit his knee on the back of my seat & a while later he was complaining in pain & it was swelling & his ankle was too... If I had this I wouldn’t have went though all the bs of the he said crap!!! So I’m gonna try it out for a while & see how I like it... If the quality doesn’t turn out good I’ll be returning it & getting either the Blackvue or Thinkware dash cam that has 2k or 4k & has we’re you can mount an add on cam to rear window & WiFi access... But so far so good haven’t had any trouble with it... So far it’s pretty good quality... I would recommend that when it’s 80+ degrees don’t leave it in the sun... As I was going to change a setting it was non responsive so unplugged it & had to put it in my glove box when not in use so it doesn’t overheat or whatever... I guess that could happen to any dash cam or accessory... Had that happen to my phone on the magnetic holder on my dash it said my iPhone had to cool down... But this is the only problem I see with the dash cam is getting to hot in the windshield...
The product is small screen is small and the wire is not durable Device stoped working in less then a year
The different functions were a little hard to figure out.
Jerry B.
Easy instructions, easy install, great video quality.
Not my first dashcam but definitely the best i've bought. I live in a city where accidents are high and being able to provide people with clear, accurate footage has been great. It doesnt take up very much space, either. Being able to turn off the interior camera to further increase the framerate and quality of the exterior camera is great, as well.
It was hard for me to pick a dash cam with all the different ones out there and all the negative reviews. I finally settled on this one because I like the cab facing camera and audio recording. Funny thing, though: I like the 60fps option for the front facing camera so much that selecting it turns off the back camera which is what I bought it for. Oh, well. It works flawlessly- turns on every time I start the car without fail. The suction cup has come off a few times but that's not a design flaw, I just live in a hot climate so it gets over 118 degrees in my car. Video quality is awesome!
Idan Neeman
The camera came to me in quick delivery after a few days of ordering, everything came as expected.I connected the camera, and I set it lightly through the settings screens, and it has been with me in the car for several days.I want to say it's the best camera I've ever had, everything works properly and smoothly.The parking mode also helps in case something happens outside the car when you are not in the car.I separately ordered the GPS mount, for more information on the location of the trip and speed, I recommend it to anyone, it is especially good when the cop is not decent.Night mode with the IR is very, very high quality and clear.I recommend entering the correct plate number, time and date, as they appear in the videos.I attach you a photo from my trip, you can see that the quality is very good.In my experience with customer service, they respond quickly and help well.
Excellent, easy to set up, wish screen was bigger, pricey
As and Uber driver I love this product. It is a bit on the pricy side and some say I can get a different camera for cheaper, but this has not let me down yet and I really love knowing it is there.It is easy to use, has some great features.The only "con" I found so far is the Texas heat. If I don't drive my car for a day or two, since I have another job, the heat causes the camera to fall off my windshield. But it is easily put back in place.It was easy to follow the directions and easy to install so I don't have wires running all visible or in the way in my car.Video is clear, and you can see everything.Definitely recommended especially for Uber or Lyft drivers!
I am Disappointed, I bought his for the event that an accident were ever to happen. About 10 minutes before we hit a Big Horn Sheep in MT the camera just stopped recording while we were driving. This has made me loose faith in that the product will stop recording again at any time. Camera was set to loop and write over old footage as set by factory settings. All settings were default....Disappointing.
I purchased this product and have now been using it for just over a year camera quality is very good, gos speed is accurate. Only recently has the auction cup worn out. I reached out to customer service and asked for some tips on how to make it work. They surprised me and went above and beyond my expectations. Very pleased with the camera quality.. definitely a good investment.
I’m using it from almost six months now. The thing I am most worried about is it doesn’t show some of the recordings. Supposed something happened today and you think you have it recorded on your dash cam but when you check it tells you that the video is not available or error and your whole purpose of buying it It has very good recording quality outside always and inside at daytime. Night vision also like what’s happening is visible face may be not clear specially for rear seat. But when it says error at time of playing video its all waste. I tried to play error videos on laptop, TV, and camera but nothing works. Every ten hours of recording at least one video will be missing mostly for both inside and outside thats what my experience. Just hope that is not the one you needed most. Good luck!
Brian Jones
I know I seen a few reviews that said this is good for the money but this camera is good...period. I do Uber and decided after 4 years that maybe I should get a cam for the inside of my car and out. I was referred to get this one and people were right. Even at night, you can clearing see my entire inside and I am also able to see the video from outside as well. I didn’t really know how well it was until I seen the video on my laptop. I am highly impressed and it’s a bonus that it is reasonably priced.
Amazon Customer
Greatest dashcam I've ever known. It's durable, clear and has a clear sounds
Here's my first review for the product:I'm not an uber or anything driver. I bought this for the personal "just in case" of whatever happens in the front, in the cabin, or whatever can be viewed through my windows. My personal opinion is that the construction feels of quality. I have an Apeman in the back that I have, definitely a difference in construction quality since I only paid $50 for the apeman. I also have to reformat my apeman weekly but this has been flawless since installation. I thought the daytime and night quality was good but what stood out during night and day was the interior camera. Maybe because we don't move as much in the car but it's very HD. One thing though, despite the HD of front recording I can't really tell much difference between 1080p and 1440p and 30fps and 60fps. When everything is in motion, I still have problem with seeing plates in my camera view but in different lanes with the different settings. However, vehicles directly infront are very clear. There maybe more things I missed but I thought this was $200 well spend as of now. I just bought another one for my second car.Update #1:The recorder still works and the quality is still superb. However, it was a good thing I did a check today because the camera stopped recording since 11/15/2019 (That's a month!) even though every time it turns on all indications were normal. The loop function is still on but it stopped looping as of 11/15/2019. Also, for some reason the camera's memory was wiped so the date restarted back at 1/1/2018 at midnight. I have to adjust everything back and reformat my card but that was a month without protection even though all indications were normal. If I was involved with an accident I would not have captured the event. So far, everything appears to be back on track. Will update upon next inspection.Update #2:The problem returned so I contacted Vantrue through their support email. They didn't respond for a month. So I had to contact them through Facebook Messenger and over the course of a few days they have decided to have mine shipped back to them for a replacement. I shipped mine out (at my own cost though!) and the same day they shipped the replacement unit after I provided the tracking number. I got it yesterday and it was new in box. I have another one of the same unit because it still works like charm and it worked great!
Dam cam is small enough not to block your vision and the lens on each side covers the view completely. Great inside and outside view. Clean crisp video and very easy to operate and view files. Highly recommend for your protection, especially as an Uber/Lyft driver. You never know with some of these people we pickup. Better to be safe and have proof should an incident occur.
Luis M Rojas
Records grea. Night vision looks great
I had an old dash cam and after 2 years it died so I had to buy a new one. I decided to buy an expensive one so I will get high quality and long life cam. So this camera is not so cheap but indeed it what I was looking for.East to install - almost just plug and play and you can see very clear. The night vision is a great feature which I didn't have in my old model - I was impressed to see the results.The size is small so you won't notice it on your car. I like it and even though it is not cheap I think it is well worth the money I paid for it.
Kylen Johnson
I had mine for 4 months and it started flicking. Now doesn't turn on at all.
The Vantrue N2 Pro is great. Ive been using for serval months now. I love that it's compacted and it has front and back camera. I drive a lot and got this for add protection just in case there was an accident. One thing I wish it could do is to be able to wirelessly download the footage to phone or another device. So I don't have to take it into the house for download.
Big Eric
I like everything about this unit (I bought the GPS to go with it) except for a few things. My major complaint is that it triggers recording at the tiniest of changes in what it sees in parking mode. If a tree down the street moves in the wind and covers a streetlight, it records. On a windy night, it records continuously and needlessly. Next complaint is that it's suction cup mount lets go about once a week. I've cleaned the window and cup. Warm sun usually causes it to fall. Finally, it refuses to connect to my AC powered laptop that seems to work pretty well with everything else. It connects as Mass Storage but immediately shuts down. Works fine on a different computer. With all this, I still like it. I'd give it 4 stars if it was less sensitive in parking mode. I'd add another if it wouldn't fall off the windshield. If it would automatically set the time from its GPS, it would then be perfect.
I researched many dashcams before I decided on Vantrue N2 Pro. Why? Because it had all the features I was looking for in a dashcam. To date, I have not been disappointed. I feel more protected when I'm driving. I'm glad I made the N2 Pro choice.
Aaron M.
This camera has been working great for me. Both the forward and rear facing cameras have great quality, both day and night. I did have an issue where the camera mount became loose a short time after installation, but customer service quickly sent me a new, redesigned mount and it has been nice and solid since.
kartik krishnan
This is a very smart and very easy to use product. I would highly recommend everyone using this
Great dash cam with amazing video quality and it also has sound!
I bought this camera to record events that can happen while on the road. These dash cameras are becoming more and more affordable and so, why not? You never know what will happen while driving around these days. A friend's car was hit by a van at an intersection. The other guy claimed my friend was at fault. My friend's insurance company eventually concluded that the other guy was at fault .... but had my friend had a dash cam, it would have been faster and simpler process - and he would have skipped out on the stressful intervening weeks.The Vantrue N2 Pro is highly rated by a couple of online reviews so I decided to try it. I have had it for almost a month and so far so good! I have already used it for a long road trip to Chicago. The videos from this camera have great resolution (1080P or 1440P). I have two older Go Pros and while those are better for the track and sports cars, this one is perfectly fine for recording short 3 or 5 minute clips - at less than half the price. My Chicago trip was uneventful overall but had there been any mishaps, I would have had a clear recording. As it were, I got a clear shot of that semi who cut me off doing 85 MPH outside Knoxville and that motorcycle going at least 120 MPH.The camera uses a microSD card of up to 256Gb (Samsung recommended). The video recording can be set in 1, 3, or 5 minute increments. The recorded videos loops over (i.e., erases) the oldest videos. It is suggeted that you transfer the video files to another medium so you don't lose recordings you want to keep. I estimate that, depending on the resolution and other settings, a 256Gb card will record about 30 hours (give or take).This camera is loaded with features but these require some time and attention to implement. Took me only about 10 minutes to format and get everything ready for the road using default settings. I then fully read the manual later to better understand the features.Features include Parking mode to record (or not) while the car in not moving. Resolution of 1080P or 1440P. Dual camera (inside and outside views) or just outside. Audio recording. All of these are easy to set despite the menu being very simplistic. THe menu navgation process is my only "beef" but I got used to the buttons.The dual camera capability is great because you can record your friends in hi def while they snore in the back. Another great feature is that the camera protects the video files from being erase if the camera has sensed an impact before the recording.Overall a great deal (got it during Prime Days) for a dash cam that is worth it to have.
The quality is outstanding and having the camera gives a little peace of mind. I would highly recommend this camera.
Good camera overall
Unfortunately if your power point has constant power the cam doesn’t have a feature to shut off after inactivity! The owners manual states the cam should not be on for long periods of time. That means it will not last for long!
Joseph LO
My first ever dash dual cam. I have to say, both front & back picture looks very clear, easy to operate, looks sturdy and no complain. For thr price, Good buy.
Good camera overall
Unfortunately if your power point has constant power the cam doesn’t have a feature to shut off after inactivity! The owners manual states the cam should not be on for long periods of time. That means it will not last for long!
Joseph LO
My first ever dash dual cam. I have to say, both front & back picture looks very clear, easy to operate, looks sturdy and no complain. For thr price, Good buy.
John Z. Liang
Excellent unit. Easy to install and easy to setup. Works like a charm. picture quality is excellent.
Worked great and also protected me from harm.
It's the only good camera in the market. I would not use any other product out there.
Product was easy to install using the instructions provided. In addition, quality of the video was good. Great using it and no issues so far!
I can’t tell the quality of the video. The screen is too small. It’s so small I couldn’t aim the camera. There is NO WiFi or Bluetooth. The only way setup the camera is using the very very small screen. Competitive products are half the price, have a bigger screen and have WiFi. I understand keeping the product small, so the screen would have to be small but then you HAVE to have WiFi or bluetooth.
Ev Gous
Not a bad dash camera, had it for about 2 months. Definitely need a larger than 128Gb memory card - on average it overrides files after 48 hours. I wired it, so it is always has power supply, but I noticed that internal battery does not last long at all.Quality of daytime records is good with 1080 setting, but night time is very limited especially if there is no ambient light around.Update after 6 months:Customer support team is good in writing emails but did not fix the battery issue - so the only option to purchase this camera is with the hardwired kit. Otherwise you will not have any records in passive mode.Internal memory card - definitely need at least 128GB - with a vehicle parked on a busy street - records overlap after about 12 hours. So what does it mean - just about one overnight parking.This camera has a small blond spot. I had some car hitting driver’s side mirror while parked overnight and I could not see or say with a certainty who did it.After numerous wasted hours on updating the software, charging the camera did not improve in performance. Now it suddenly started to fail to power up. I am suspecting a cold temperature took its toll. I am giving up and trying to file for a repair or replacement through Vantrue customer support. Not sure how that will go.
Okay I have to re-edit my original review. I was told there's nothing that can be done but buy a new suction cup. I cleaned it with alcohol and did the same to my windshield and it stuck good again. So far it's still wiggles a bit and customer service was bad but the camera itself works great so 4 stars.Okay at first everything was perfect with this camera. Then it got a little flimsy when adjusting it. I got sent a replacement and all was well. Except once the return window closed the camera lost its suction. It kept falling off my mirror while I was driving. Honestly I'm pissed. Really expensive all for it to not last a year.
Abdulkareem A.
I have bought two and both of them are functioning well.
Totally the best in its category
Good camera device but suction cup keep falling down which very irritating.
Tony winston
This cam can not handle being left in hot car even tho it has a function on it that suppose to take oichure of another car hitting your car when you are not in it..
Delvis reyes
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Randolph Tutt
Fine camera and good to have on board.
Jamie Butts
Only complaint is sound quality is almost non- existent. Have to strain to make out any part of conversation. Cameras are very high quality. Very easy to use.
Just me
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MacKenzie L
because the GPS part on stick to window
I had been really happy with the purchase until today. I had noticed some timestamps jumping back and forth but it didn't hit me that this was a problem - after all, I cared about the camera quality and reliability of this thing. Fast forward to today and I was involved in some accident where I was rear ended. I check the footage at site and I had it. I was super excited since I could definitely extract the license plate of the car in front of my car using the footage. But after driving home I discovered that I could no longer find the footage, and the problem turned out to be that since the timestamp of the camera was jumping back and forth, it had footage from 2019/09 (2 months into the future at time of writing - who knows why - I only set the time once after getting the camera) but the camera system time was sitting at 2018. This didn't strike me as a huge issue, until I realized that since the recording was done in a loop, the oldest footage would get wiped away, which means that while I had my accident footage at the accident site, the footage was overridden on my way home. I was thinking okay, the camera has a feature to automatically capture footage when impacts occur, right? Nope, checked the "EVENTS" folder, and there were only irrelevant footage. Pretty annoyed right now - I've completely lost a way to contact the person who should have been responsible for the accident (person in front who randomly braked to full stop on the freeway with no car in sight in front), and now the person can just get away with it. Would like to see what Vantrue does about this. I read in the other comment that the units with jumping timestamps are defective, and this certainly appears to be the case.
John A Berton
It is a great camera. I like all aspects of it. The 360 deg view, the time delay. The quality is unbelievable .I would recommend this product to anyone that wants the best.
RANDOM - Camera, Tech, Outdoors and More
I have owned the N2 Pro now for 3 weeks. I have owned and tested several dash cameras of similar quality and this camera deserves it high marks and high sales numbers. The mounting system is simple and sturdy, GPS data is accurate, and the camera runs itself. User need not worry about basic camera settings. The camera is plug-n-play. This dash camera is perfect for UBER - LYFT drivers, Car Vloggers and as a perfect ** Car Safety Tool ** Car Security **Camera Strengths:Ease of use, User FriendlySetup - is intuitive, a few seconds and you will have this camera set upFeatures - 24 hour parking mode, event marker, G sensorHigh resolution setting 2.5K 2560x1440P Single Front facing cameraSony IMX323 sensor, quality of the sensor is where the picture quality comes from256 gig micro SD card capableLoop recording, 3 and 5 minute optionsG sensor, Parking ModeAuto darkening feature, for people who drive at nightCamera Wish List:Night vision camera is average, includes interior infrared like many other camerasA bit expensive compared to other models that include GPS $199 + $21= $222 versus $170 models that include GPSGPS should be included, should not be an optionWould be nice if it were shipped with a 64 gig SD card, even a 32 gig card is only $6Overall this camera deserves 4 Thumbs up, as high a rating I can give. Well made device, looks great on the dash.DAD RANDOM - YOUTUBE - Thanks!
**BUYER BE AWARE** Stop working, I contacted seller they want me to pay shipping to send old one, I won’t spend a dime in this camera, it only lasted 8months.Update 1/2/20 camera started to work again i don’t know what was causing the problem I will have to see if problem doesn’t came back!Update: 3/3/20 camera started to act up again, suddenly when I’m driving dash keepShutting off and on, this is bad because You always want your camera to be recording all the time, the customer service is terrible they don’t offer any help, i bought insurance for this cam but the company doesn’t take responsibility, this is the worst $200 I have ever spend, I do not recommend this cam!!Seller should be ashamedupdate 3/5/20 I email customer service they send me a new replacement, camera is working great, I want to thank Ariel for helping me!