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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Having 2 cameras in one helps a lot when you are trying to find the person that keyed your vehicle. I am waiting on them to do it again because I now have this camera in my truck. I have viewed some of the footage from the camera and I like the fact that it is 1080. the night vision is great for the price that I paid for the camera. I am not fond of the software that is used to view the footage but it gets the job done.
P. Gamache
Clarity is amazing. I had to shut the sound recording off because if you try to post on Facebook and there is music they just mute it anyway.
Amazon Customer
be cothe charger is bad and not working
very good high quality dash camera, you can't go wrong with this dash camera, price very reasonable
This is my second N2 Pro, as I was impressed by the ease of use, setup, installation and of course video quality that I purchased another. First N2 Pro was a gift from about two years ago that in the beginning I was concerned about the window mount not staying secure causing some road jitter. I contacted customer support about my concerns and they rushed out a replacement mount and some tips on keeping mount secure.The new N2 Pro updated firmware to accept the 128 Gb, of which I was reimbursed for as one of there promotions, has put my mind at ease knowing that there will be plenty of recording space/time, I do have 64 Mb Micro SD as backups. Also note that the mount has been redesigned to lock the camera in place, eliminating the road jitter.Note: G-Sensor, I can’t say, but I strongly suspect this came into play as I was traveling down the freeway and had Bird Strike. Thinking this would have been stored in the Normal directory I searched in that time frame, unable to locate I reviewed the Event directory and low and behold I located and reviewed the footage. I was able to verify that the bird did survive the glancing blow by reviewing the forward and rear-facing camera footage to see that it flew away.The takeaway here is that you can trust in the quality and performance as well as the responsiveness of customer support. I do plan on keeping both N2 Pro’s, updating the firmware on the older and us it in my second vehicle.Vantrue – Thank you for your support and dedication.Chief
Shane Sharrow
Amazing quality camera that was easy to set up and has already survived one wreck with me! It also does well is this southern heat!
Amazon Customer
We have this sitting in our company vehicle and it works great.
Could not ask for a better dash cam. Have used it for many months with no issues. Get the big sd card. Great for rear facing at night. Can see faces clearly. Front facing is also clear. Would never buy any other kind of dash cam. 100% worth the price.
Amazon Customer
I love this little giant, I love all the features it has, I know I'm going to enjoy it for a very long time. Excellent dash cam.
This is my third dash cam and the two I used before didn't really help me that much. So I have been search online till I have found this dash cam and I have read reviews that really make me decide to purchase this. I have received the dash camera this morning, and I was really surprise how it was packed. I have tried it on right away ( which I was surprised how easy it was to install on the car) and it have great picture quality and I haven't tried the night vision yet.( which I will do it soon!!! ). Overall this is a great dash cam and I really recommend it!!
Mostafa khdair
I have it for almost 3 months working amazing , highly recommended and Specially for Rideshare could be very helpful
Jim H.
Outstanding dual dash camera, especially suitable for Uber and Lyft drivers. Very compact and unobtrusive, excellent quality design and build. I'd say this is one of the best dash cameras available, and at a very reasonable price. I'm definitely recommending it to my local ridesharing drivers group.The only missing feature I could really wish for would be a low-profile adhesive dash-mount kit (GPS, of course), with more degrees of movement available in the ball socket. I drive a 2010 Prius, and the dash is such that it's ideal, for me anyway, to mount a dash camera directly on the center of the dash, rather than on the windshield. Easier for me to reach and operate, and makes for a less obvious installation. An option to mount the camera directly to the dash, without using a full ball-socket mount might be nice too.Pros:· Great quality build.· Excellent color display.· Easy to use and operate.· Excellent hard-wire kit available.· High video quality.· Supports SD cards up to 256 GB.· Very good night vision, both front and cabin.· Very good GPS performance.· Audio quality is excellent.· Very affordable pricing for such high quality.Cons:· 60 fps is only available in front-camera-only mode, that is, the cabin camera is not recording. (60 fps can bring out details, such as license plate numbers, that 30 fps struggles with.) Because of this, I gave picture quality 4 stars instead of 5.· GPS is external, that is, requires an optional GPS mount (possibly available at no charge). This may not really be a "con", because this design probably results in being able to use a better GPS antenna than if the antenna was internal, and may be one reason why GPS performance is so good.· Cabin camera infrared lighting is adequate, but it would be nice if the coverage was a little wider. Because of this, I gave night 4 stars instead of 5.· The GPS mount information mentions downloading the VANTRUE CAM PLAYER from the Vantrue website, but there's no player specifically listed for the N2 Pro. I'm hoping that the player listed for the other Vantrue models that use the same GPS mount will work, but I haven't tried it yet.
Great product! High quality video and audio.Peace of mind while driving. Already saved money when beat stop sign ticket ($300 and 3 points in New York city)! Worked like charm.Also, as Uber driver feel safe with inside camera.Hey, and don’t forget about numerous funny moments on the road you can record! ;)Also, great service from the manufacturer. Fast and meaningful responce.
Amazon Customer
Recently my camera was losing date/time on the device which was causing the existing file to be overplayed every time it was turned on. I reached out to support, and to my surprise after coupe clarification emails, they send me a brand new unit. A demonstration of great customer support, and customer experience. I will definitely recommend the product, with a great customer service - you simply can’t go wrong
Amazon Customer
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Rob M.
Good camera wish the night vision worked much better especially for the price I paid gig it. Not the best night vision.About Amazon:Amazon lost my first order, I had to cancel and re-order as they couldn’t do it. I used to work for Grainger Industrial supply, if we lost an order we would ship the customer their product overnight free of shipping charges. Amazon customer service would be so much better if they did that.
great quality for its price..
I've had mix emotion about this and if you need help with something on it good luck ofcourse theres YouTube but they always try to sell you it to and say it's so great just because they didn't have to pay for it but my problem is if someone bumped in to your car it doesnt go off only if someone was waving there hand or something like that not impressed
Tim VonPein
I make travel videos for a living and have used several different dash cams. The Vantrue N2 Pro is by far the best I have ever used. Easy to install and excellent picture quality. I especially like how easily it detaches from the windshield mount. I find it much easier to remove the entire camera when I need to access my files rather than deal with those small micro SD cards.
It’s compact and takes great video. Very easy to install
Ricky S.
Well I tried it out for a year. ( Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Dual 1920x1080P Front and Inside Dash Camera )I was happy with the purchase and delighted with the dash cam. I was smart and purchased the Vantrue Dash Cam 10ft Mini USB 12V 24V to 5V Dash Cam Hardwire Kit at the same time, it frees up the power outlet. Then I purchased the Vantrue N2 Pro, N2, T2, R3, X3 Dash Cam GPS Receiver Module Mini USB Port Car Suction Cup Mount. With this gps mount, you can check vehicle location/speed/route on Map through Vantrue Player Software. The player software is a free download from Vantrue's web site. I uploaded a screen shot for the player. Add one video or a group. Shows speed, date , GPS numbers, Time Stamp and a map of your location. Very happy with my purchases .The biggest ISSUE is that you have to Purchased the GPS mount and Hardwire kit if you want all of the full functions of the camera. It should at least come with a 256 GB Micro SD Card....
Gerry Mccabe
I did a lot of research on Dash cams before deciding on this one. I'm so glad I bought this one. This camera is fantastic! I bought this hard wire kit for it and it worked out great! the hard wire kit parking mode is enabled so it senses any motion and starts recording. It will also record any impact so if someone hits your car and drives off (like what happened to me before I got this camera) you will be able to get their license plate. Another thing I found awesome about this camera is it automatically goes into parking mode when you park and exits parking mode once you start driving. The bottom line is the camera is the best! Buy it, you won't regret it!
Brian Gast
I wish there was an option for dual camera other than full 1080
Bought this for my girlfriend's car, she always wanted a dashcam and finally got one. We bought this during prime day and got it $100 cheaper, this was a win win. It works great, turns on everytime the camera is on. Ever since she bought and installed this dash cam she hasn't ran into many bad drivers and even if she does she has this cam to use for evidence. Definitely recommend this product! 10/10
Got this camera on Amazon Prime day. Really happy for the price.
Michael Mack
This has been a good buy so far.
John Wilson
Works great and exactly what i wanted
The only bad thing I can say is that when it gets really hot inside the vehicle it sometimes falls off the windshield. Besides that it's a great picture both forward and back. Be sure to buy a memory card to increase recording time.
Capt. J
This camera is a great improvement over two previous dashcams I've used in the past.Image is sharp and it's never failed even after being exposed to hot Fla. sun.I especially like being able to unplug it from the windshield mount when using a solar reflective windshield screen.
Use this for Ubering. love most of it . good quality camera etc.. only bad thing is the suction cup is bad it fell down every 10 minutes when the weather get too hot or too cold.
Wonderful product. Wonderful customer support. Must buy for every car owner.
Alejandro N.
bought the camera 7 months ago, bought base on good reviews on here and youtube videos. though after 7 months it started to give me issues would not record or erase the old videos. Contacted Customer support and got my camera replace with a new one in a few days. i would definitely buy from this Vantrue again and a would also recommend this to anyone that is looking for a dash cam for their vehicle.
This was my first purchase of a dual dash cam. The quality of the recordings is very clear and crisp. The rear facing camera captures crisp detail within the car. The audio is very good. Perfect for rideshare jobs. I took a chance on this one and I'm glad I did.
Daniel Cross
I've used this camera for about a year now and I can say I am over all very happy with it. The picture is good, the video is smooth, and the drunks I Uber about seem to behave a little better. The night vision is pretty good the front camera, but the range is limited as you would expect. The IR for the interior camera is prefect for the front seat and is strong enough for a second-row back seat. If you have a third-row back seat it might be a little dim, but I think it would still be functional. This is probably the most useful and important thing I have bought while driving for Uber.The rear view of the interior camera is mostly limited to the interior of the car, so if you need to record what’s going on behind your car, you will want a second camera or get a camera with a remote rear camera. That said, this is exactly what I expected so for me this is not a problem.The only issue I have had is that the battery died, Vantrue's customer support sorted it out quickly and got me a replacement. They do use a lipo for the battery so you will want to try not to discharge it all the way (lipo's don't like being bellow 30%) and if you are in a hotter climate you may want to look into a dash cam with a high temp. resistance capacitor rather than a battery.I do recommend getting a hardwire kit if you feel comfortable doing so, and the GPS mount is another good buy.
pat C
For a $200 dash cam you should get wifi or Bluetooth conectivity. I been using it for 8 moths and looking to replace it. I got into a car accident and took me a long time to show the police what had actually happen. You should be able to pull out your phone and have the video ready for the police to see.Also is true that there is something wrong with color black it looks purple.
The Minh Dao
Frequently reset, lost of current date setting . Did not loop recording as well. Must monitor setting on daily basic to be working properly. I got into some incidents and did not able to look up recording. Totally wasted money,
I will give it an 'ok' for picture quality and audio.Beyond that there are too many issues to give it anything more than one star. A week into owning the camera a piece of the mount broke off, camera still latched on so I let it go.The bright blue LED on the power plug is both a good thing (pretty easy to see if the power is on or not) and a bad thing because at night or in the morning that HUGE BRIGHT blue light is rather annoying. I usually toss a rag over it to block most of it, a piece of heat shrink tube with a small hole will take care of that. The power cable is just typical junk quality pvc wire, flexible when warm and stiff when not.The issue that makes me ding this camera hard is the issue of it just turning itself off and/or resetting itself. Incoming power is always there (bright blue led on the power plug). when shutting down I turn off the camera first and then pull the 12v plug so the camera will not be drawing off the battery for those couple seconds. Yet about once a week it manages to kill the battery somehow and I go through and reset the date/time stamp. To make this clear whenever I have the camera powered on it is ALWAYS plugged into a power source, there is no reason it should kill the battery. This camera gets used every single day (always plugged in) so is the battery that crappy all the sudden that it self discharges overnight ? I do not always catch that until later on when reviewing the recordings and see the date/time stamp is screwed up again... When you are counting on that video to prove yourself not at fault and the time/date stamp gets all jacked up that is a HUGE issue here.And more recently it has started to turn itself off at random, power is always there yet it manages to just power off and leave you running blind. To the point of now having the screen always on so I can instantly see if everything is still recording. I have the camera mounted up and almost behind my rear view mirror so the mirror can block most of the screen light and distraction but still be visible by ducking your head down slightly.For the price this thing gets, a model from the competition can do better.Edited for 2021. The battery degraded enough to the point it would no longer self power the unit at all about 6 months ago. It would still work if plugged in, about a week ago it totally died. Completely dead and gone.
Tod Jeffers
I purchased this for my 16 year old son to make sure he is driving the correct speed and to keep him honest on where he’s going and not talking on his phone while driving.
quality of the pictures and videos is good but not as expected.The material is good.Customer service is very good.
Amazon Customer
Bought for rideshare works awesome
Kindle Customer
I purchased this camera to provide in car video and basic speed and position recording in legal high speed racing events. The video quality is excellent and operation is simple. The only problem I experienced was with the GPS. GPS speed and position worked perfectly at any speed under 124 mph. Once this speed was exceeded, speed and position data was lost until speed dropped below 124. Sadly, due to the speeds involved, it was not possible to identify the problem prior to the first race where it was used. I had planned to use it to prove top speed, which was somewhere in excess of 160 mph. Customer support has been excellent. Happily, they confirmed that other customers were able to utilize the GPS speed and position data until speeds reached 200 mph. They identified that I have a defective GPS unit and are shipping me a replacement. Hopefully, it will properly record speed and position at speeds about 124 mph in the next race. If not for the GPS issue, I would give this camera 5 stars. It has performed flawlessly at any speed that would typically be legal on public roads.
Amazon Customer
It have the worst night vision and day you don't see nothing because of the sun the worst camera
Tanvir Rahman
This thing saves my life. Just love it
Checked the video and realized it stopped loop recording 3-4 months back. Stopped working as soon as warranty ended. Also the the suction cup used to loose the grip during summers if left the car outside.
Amazing product! The video and audio quality on the N2 Pro is great and I’ve actually convinced a couple of my friends to buy this dash cam. I originally ordered mine in June along with the hardwire kit (which was really easy to install). Unfortunately after 3 months the battery stopped holding charge. Not sure if it was just a random defect, but I contacted Vantrue Support. They were incredibly helpful and quick to respond! After some trouble shooting, they replaced my dash cam at no cost. The replacement is working great and I still highly recommend the N2 Pro!
Carla Baldwin
The screen image is so tiny. I cant figure out how to see it on my lap top. I tried and tried and just gave up?
Ahmad Sharif Faizi
Pablo Nuñez
I have the “Vantrue N2 Pro” I love it so much, it helps to look back at certain activities that happen throughout the day that may help me solve questions, it also makes me feel safer knowing I have a camera in my car.
Derrick Conti
The camera quality it's functional however, the description is not up to par with cheaper units out in the market. I finally had a chance to my mount the unit, use it 9.18.19 and it is disappointing. In addition when I purchase the unit from Amazon, Amazon was running a one day sale and it included the GPS attachment. Nonetheless, the GPS attachment was not included, I'm not sure if Amazon reads this comments but I hope they do because, Amazon owes me the GPS attachment.
Sometimes get missing blocks of footage, the battery does not hold a charge at all ---- 200 dollar camera? no way - not ok
Amazing camera, super light, very easy to use. Customer support is second to none. Awesome clarity for camera and audio. So glad I picked this one
Bad quality cam become lose after a month
Taron Froh
This is a very good dashcam all around, unfortunately my mount became loose over time and the camera would sway back and forth. But I reached out to their support and they are shipping me a new mount! Just reach out to their customer support and they will help. Five star service.
I’ve found this dashcam complicated to set up and use. It has to be reformatted often and the process is not easy. When setting up it was difficult. Camera has started to restart randomly as I am driving. The picture quality and night vision are good.
Alex Bills
Fantastic camera quality in all lighting and weather conditions. I would recommend this dash cam to anyone looking for one.
Matt P
After 1 year and a half I found out it only records when it feels like it and not when needed (accident)... also the mount is horrible.. looks like a swinging mess now.. dont buy unless you drive on pillows! Not the pothole filled streets is socal.. the suction cup when cleaned and used like it should be only holds on below 85°f. It started out ok but went down hill after a year.. I now have to use glue to make it work.
I used to have a camera that would de-laminate during hot summers. This camera has outlasted my expectations. Im coming on two years with this camera and couldn't be happier. The night vision is terrible, but I would still recommend this product.
A must have accesory for your car. Loving this device. Equip it with the sd card and you are good to go. The picture quality, accessebility with other devices is one of the essential things this has. Front camera rotates at 60° which is absolutely perfect picture. Vanture user manual is provided with the comprehensive guide to install the device on car. Easy to setup and use. Great product by vantrue.
Bravo Delta
The camera works good so far. Now I need bigger camera. On cheaper thou. Tks.
Oksana Luis Matalon
I've gone through a few different dash cameras and this is THE ONE that hits all the right notes.First, the camera is packaged well and you will quickly realize its of great quality construction. Setup took a few minutes.Second, the camera is small. I love this aspect of it. I despise driving with anything too large in my foreground, and have found some of the previous dash cams I've had to be very distracting.Third, the video quality is fantastic. This, coupled with the size of the camera, is what is most important in this device. The video is very clean and clear, license numbers are clearly legible, you can see faces, etc. Even the night vision is clear!There are cheaper options out there, but this dash cam is the best value given the great quality of the product. I threw money away on the previous, cheaper ones I purchased... I wish I would've purchased this one first.You won't be disappointed!
I bought this camera for when I Uber for the protection of the riders in my vehicle and for myself. It actually has really good quality day and night. I was really surprised when I saw the night time recordings. For the price it's one of the best dash cams I've purchased. This will be the 4th one I've owned. I highly recommend buying one cause spending $200 is better then having to pay for damages on someone else's vehicle when it was their fault. And if you're a driver for Uber or Lyft you have proof of anything was to happen inside you're vehicle. That's why I love the in cabin camera so much.
Billy J Aiken
Great product certainly has helped since I am a ride-share driver!
I prefer something simple just to take videos simply, this camera is too complicated
Paul G.
Spending as much time in my car as I have lately, I came across this camera and its positive reviews. Although some insurance companies welcome a dashcam, others do not care if you have one or not. Either way, whether you're in your car often, or maybe you're an Uber or Lyft driver, this camera can help you in accidents as well as proof of bad passengers for rideshare drivers. Those who do rideshare driving, realize this.....a passenger can say ANYTHING about you and you'll most likely not be allowed to drive anymore. However, once passengers see your camera, they are more likely to behave properly and think twice before reporting false information. Make note that it's THE LAW that you clearly place stickers on your car notifying any passenger that they will be recorded. As for the quality of the camera, its build is solid and doesn't feel cheap at all. The suction cup and its connection to the camera are excellent and I haven't had any bad experiences with the suction losing its grip. Installation was easy, with its very long cord, you can hide the wire behind parts of your car going from the camera to your car charger input. Picture quality is pretty darn amazing. Colorful and clear hi-def video both inside and outside. Night vision is also excellent but can vary depending on light sources. Sound quality is very clear as well. I recommend a minimum of a 128GB card. I have a 256GB card and it records over 11 hours straight. You can have the camera record over previous recordings once the chip is full. You definitely get your moneys worth with this camera. A must have for ANY driver.
I threw it away. Wasted money. The video quality was good, but the attachments were not. Top of camera broke into a million pieces.
I had to go back and edit my feedback. NOTE! don't attempt to format your sd card with a computer. Do it with the device, it's painless. Also easy to update firmware. Can't really complain about it being FAT32, the whole market still is! I do have to say night vision SUCKS! I live in the country. This device night vision is only good for "city" night only. BRIGHT city light. A little bit of glare issue from direct sun. This is the non pro. As well, on a hot Texas summers day the thing falls of the windshield, it's almost a guarantee. And will get stuck on a reboot loop the same.
First day I get to charge it and take it for a test run. Will follow up with pictures and more details in a month.
Paul P.
easy to set up and the customer service is excellent
Alberto Sifuentes
Recommend purchase of the optional hardware kit.If you are not sure how to install, then research local car radio/dashcam installation shops.I used a well known franchise and brought my camera/installation kit. It cost me $43.00.Re-read the manual and finally got the hang on operation. So far, it has been 2 months and very happy.A couple of close calls have given me a sense of relief if anything would have occurred. Insurance companies have gotten to the point that you have to have video footage to prove your case.
I threw it away. Wasted money. The video quality was good, but the attachments were not. Top of camera broke into a million pieces.
I had to go back and edit my feedback. NOTE! don't attempt to format your sd card with a computer. Do it with the device, it's painless. Also easy to update firmware. Can't really complain about it being FAT32, the whole market still is! I do have to say night vision SUCKS! I live in the country. This device night vision is only good for "city" night only. BRIGHT city light. A little bit of glare issue from direct sun. This is the non pro. As well, on a hot Texas summers day the thing falls of the windshield, it's almost a guarantee. And will get stuck on a reboot loop the same.
First day I get to charge it and take it for a test run. Will follow up with pictures and more details in a month.
Paul P.
easy to set up and the customer service is excellent
David R
Not as nice as it looks and low experience
Lyft driver here and I am happy with this product so far. Originally I didn’t want a dash cam, but my husband insisted. I’m glad I purchased this because i do so much driving. Easy to use. Captured an accident directly in front of me. Accidents happen so quickly and unexpectedly, so I have to say, this is a great tool for rideshare drivers as it allows you to capture moments such as the video I have provided. That accident happened so quickly I wasn’t able to recall the event as accurately as the video was able to show. I highly recommend this product to my fellow ride share drivers. Ride on and keep safe!
Best car cam I came across just wish the wire connection to the GPS port and holder was on the side, makes the camera hang down too low more than I like
This is best dash cam i ve ever tried. Everybody asking me where to buy it. Im ubering sometimes and i want to record all ride. AmaZing video and voice recording quality. Night vision recording is also really good. I had some concerns before i buy it because of the price but it’s worth it!!!!
I've had this camera for about a year now. Had a bit of an issue with it downloading files to the computer but that issue was resolved by customer service. They sent out a new unit right away! About another 8 months later the new unit had an issue with holding a charge. It has always been connected to the direct connection port on my car and always charging but when I take it off it'll turn off and won't turn back on. Obviously there's an issue with the battery/capacitor inside of this unit. But once again, I contacted customer service and in the same day they responded! It's like they don't sleep or something! lol Anytime of day or night, they'll respond to any issues! I love it! They advised me of steps to take to diagnose this unit but it still wouldn't charge from the house charger for over 4 hrs. After I replied back to them about the diagnoses they sent a return label. When I dropped off the bad unit at USPS, they were sending out a new unit already. I didn't have to wait until they received the bad unit to send out a new one. They are the BEST customer service I've ever dealt with even if the electronics are at fault. Honestly, all electronics will have faults at some point in usage but as long as there's a reliable company to warranty their products, I'm a grateful customer! Thank you Helen at Vantrue!
Michael Linn Tse
ProsGood picture qualityGood sound qualityInterior/exterior recording or better exterior and no interior recordingUp to 64gb loop recordingParking monitoringConsmicro sd card (64gb max) not includedWindshield suction cup doesn't stick on my car very well(Prius C/2015) recommend getting the rearview mirror attachment.10 foot might be too long
Good picture, solid build, after some problem with camera, customer service help with warranty replacement.
Lucas hernandez
This camera is awesome I bought this camera almost 2 years ago and it’s like new everything works fineNo matter what degree is inside or outside the dash cam keeps recordingIf you get the kit that’s perfect I love this product
Great interior and exterior recording and sound
As I drove for Uber this was perfect, especially with dual camera, but it is not made to be left sitting in the sun on the glass, multiple areas of the casing and the lens has partially melted and distorted the view of the video On the front side.
So this is a great dash cam but my only problem is I can only put the 32g SD card in it. It says it can handle up to 253g. Anything over 32g I put in it gives me a sd car format error code. Anyone else have this problem?
This is and all around video camera, day or night works extremely well, no issues followed instructions on what sd card to get. Used it the rain and at all times very efficient. would highly recommend the pro wiring kit and the GPS mount great add ons if this your profession.
I purchased this camera for my husband who is a lyft driver. He had passengers one night and a guy crossed center line and hit him head on. He tried to tell a different story of what happened, but the camera told the truth. This camera withstood the accident and had awesome videos of it inside the car and out. The only thing was the bracket on the camera broke that holds it to suction cup holder. But the camera served its purpose! Thanks for making an awesome product!
Travis G.
June 2021 update*******Loop recording issue from first review cannot be fixed. I have reset the date, the memory card, everything. I had a rock hit my windshield that came off a truck and I couldn't submit the license plate or the video because the camera was only looping THIRTY MINUTES, yet it saved old videos from 6 months ago for no reason on the other 8 hours of footage. Now I'm out the cost of a painted hood and windshield because this camera is unreliable. I must have gotten a dud since not many others have this issue.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This has been working pretty well for the 3 months I've used it, with a few gripes:1- Recently found out the memory card saved over 100 gigs of footage from 2 months ago, and the only recent loop footage is for 2 hours at a time.2- Mount has only fallen a couple of times in very high heat, but the main issue is even though it's fully tightened, it easily pivots if touched.3- Rear camera is awesome, but don't expect it to record cars behind you, only in cabin footage.Small issues that can most likely be fixed (except for rear footage, it's not a big deal because it's not meant to capture what's behind you). All the positives you've probably read about already, great system overall and perfect for ride sharing drivers,
I really like this dash cam. Easy to operate and install/remove from car (no need to remove suction cup). Video quality is very good. I turn the inside camera facing up when I don't want to record myself and people in car. I never record sound because I am wary of wire tapping laws. Installed a 256 GB micro SD card so I never worry about overwriting video files (although i do format card every few days if nothing important occurred). All-in-all, IMO a very good buy.
So I purchased this dashcam about a year ago and it has been pretty amazing so far. The picture quality is really good and and has a really clean picture of license plates in case you get into a fender bender. I did start to notice gaps in between recordings though, which wasn't so bad. I have changed the loop recording setting multiple times but it never really fixed the issue so I decided to just stay with the 5min loop. Now, with that being said, I recently went into my files to find footage of the previous night and that's when I realized that about two months worth of recordings were missing, and I couldn't find it in any of the files that vantrue provides. This makes me upset because although the footage that I was trying to obtain was not so important, what if I were to have been in a car accident and thinking that my dashcam caught it all, only to find out that I have no footage? The memory card I have is the one that was recommended by amazon for this specific device, and so now I'm just confused in how my dashcam stopped recording for two months and I remember seeing the red dot for recording on the screen but still, no footage. Besides this issue, vantrue is true to their picture quality and night vision. Has anyone else experienced missing footage?
Ebony Adams
Nice picture but noy easy to use for me. I tried to go back to look at pics and it's very difficult for me. Should be simple as 123 video date delete or keep.
Great dash cam for the price the install was easy. Only issue so far is the suction cup tends to fall off every once in awhile in hot weather.
It’s a mediocre dash cam. I previously had a $40 dash cam from Aukey and wanted to upgrade to this vantrue one after contemplating for several months. To be honest, you can buy a cheaper one at better value. I don’t recommend this dash cam. It’s way too overpriced for what it’s really worth.
Amazon Customer
Night Vision is awesome but the battery is horrendous and died soon after purchase. It no longer keeps settings.