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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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The Rational Male
I've bought this cam about 2 months ago and have some feedback to share. Why I choose this cam? For me, as a relatively new driver, it was important to have front car camera so in case of accident or something happened to my car I have an evidence of what actually happened. Second, my husband works as an Uber driver from time to time, so I also wanted the cam which records interior of the car at the same time for the sake of safety and security. The quality of both way recordings is very clear, resolution is at high level, even at night time. Besides that, for me as a women without tech background it was easy to install the cam, took me less than 5 min. I've been also worried that camera with that many features will be a bit bulky, however, was pleasantly surprised when open the package: the dash cam is not big at all, fits my palm as shown in the pics attached. I would definitely recommend it as a perfect Xmas gift, especially for fresh drivers or those who work for ride sharing businesses.
Pat C.
Inside car at night records pretty dark. Easy to download files to computer.
Deonte o.
I love this camera, I feel so much better having it.
Tim Jones
Very solid interior and exterior camera. Great deal
I used several different dash cams before but all of them were front camera only. I need a dual dash cam for safety issues when I need to drive my friend’s kids to school. Another reason I bought this product because it has a 24-hour parking mode and night vision. I had a bad experience when I parked my car on the street, my car got hit and run without any evidence. Surprisingly, this dash cam includes front and inside cameras. The dual dash cam is easy to set up and with excellent quality of hi-resolution video. The quality of the videos is clear to read license plates both day and night. You can see everything when you upload the videos on a computer. It is perfectly compatible with my SanDisk 128gb high endurance video microSDXC card. A video is worth a thousand words! Not just for accidents but also for protecting my family.
sommy erroa
Langford M.
The dash cam is exactly as described. Put in micro-sd card, mount on winshield, rout cable and plug in. Took less than 15min.Dilivery notice said package was handed directly to resident. It was not, it was on my porch when I got home.
Ambachew Fantaye
Excellent infrared picture quality. Much superior than the more expensive Blackvue infrared camera
ezeldein apdul karim mahjoup
I uber and Lyft and have been looking for a good video camera. This N2 pro was easy set up. As usual, navigation thru the menu screen is a bit of a challenge for a few minutes then you see and do. Small buttons for chubby fingers might cause a expletives, slow down, it's easy one you understand their system. I also purchased the power supply using the computer connection slot. It took a few minutes to get the wire hidden in the panels etc. I used a butter knife and was 10 minutes all done. The picture quality is impressive day or night. The unit it self is very small. Clean the windshield area you want attach the suction cup, slide the camera in place, after you have formatted the memory cardTurn on, move it around a bit to get the best spot to see front and passenger area. I got the 256Gb sd card. I drive a lot and dont feel like deleting etc every day or so. The large should give me at least a weeks worth of video. You have various options or just defaults settings. Open the box and you should be done in 30min or less. If it falls in some area I'll update but with approx 8 hrs already impressed. If you view you day travels on your computer, the front facing and rear passenger view are split into 2 files. So you you the trip via front then the next file will be the interior. Good if you only want one or the other to save.
Mohammed Salam
I used this camera for my Honda Odyssey car to record my driving activity every day. Its easy to use so far ..
Excellent for any insurance proof or just piece of mind
Bashir nasser
If you Uber or Lyft daytime or nighttime this is the camera you need for your safety.
Susan M.
There is so much to like, great video quality for sure. However, I am just within the 18-month warranty and the internal battery has died. The camera operates when connected to an outside power source. However, with no internal battery function, the moment the car is turned off the camera stops. No parking lot monitor function. I won't take a charge at all. Not from the car charger or at my USB charger that is 110V powered. I've notified VanTrue Customer Support who has suggested I update the Firmware so that has now been done. It appears to have had no effect on the battery condition whatsoever. I've again reached out to Customer Support for a resolution. They've already advised the battery can not be changed by the customer so they probably will exchange the camera? I will update once this is resolved.
I bought a dash cam so I could capture some of the crazy things I see and also to cover my butt in case of an accident. I chose the N2 Pro because it was one of the top rated cams and I liked its design. There are many other cams out there making it hard to choose but i am very satisfied with this one. Many others have phone apps but the apps had awful reviews in the Play Store and I am happy I can rely on the SD card or plugging the cam into a computer instead.The camera can pick up license plates from a distance! This was a huge must for me. Even if you don't need a rear(interior) camera, you can take advantage of a higher resolution front(outside) camera if you turn it off. It is not common to get greater than 1080p resolution for this price!
Adam J.
Makes the ride just a bit safer! I am a ride-share driver and this cam is exactly what was looking for. 1080p and audio recording. Even the IR looks awesome.
I use a vantrue camera for already a week. What I like is excellent quality video at night mode. Picture quality is exactly what i expected - so far I am completely satisfied!
Michael Huang
Alfonso Rodriguez
Very satisfied with the overall performance of the Dash cam, awesome video quality... I consider my self as loyal customer.I had recently issues with the cam, contacted customer service and i received a very professional response from them. they guide me to review the issue on the cam, and they replace it immediately. They are focused on customer satisfaction. I'm more than happy with them. Thank you Echo and Vantrue Customer Service Team
Javier G.P.
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Charles H.
It has paid for it self already
Stephanie Hernandez
This dash cam is way better than the Waylens 360. For a couple of reasons the vanture n2 dash camera does not require a monthly subscription. Does not require wifi to connect and it's not bulky like the waylens 360. The dash cam records non stop while the waylens only record motion and/or sound. Also the price is way better.
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Great picture at the highest setting. Video looks smooth. Fairly easy set up. Havent tried the night vision but the video it takes at night still look good.
Me, Myself & I
This camera is amazing. I bought it based off the reviews and product testing videos I found on YouTube. It works just as well as they say it does. Night vision and audio are very clear. I love it.
John S
Easy to use and install. Added a permanent wiring harness for better concealment.
Sam Is Cool
It’s small and easy to setup. The car charger has a piggyback USB that I would like to know the voltage of, so I know if it’s too much for my iPhone. Also it might stay on while the car charger is plugged in so better unplug the piggyback. The warranty is really nice and the company has a great social media presence. There’s a g-sensor for automatic accident detection and it saves it in the event folder which you can access and delete right from the device. The IR night vision is automatic, there’s DATE/TIME, VEHICLE ID, as well as a proprietary GPS mount that tracks SPEED, and LOCATION. (Sold Separately) it can even plug into your TV if you buy the right HDMI cord, you can watch playback right from your TV. There’s a MICROPHONE too! Great for funny moments, since you can on the fly request to save footage. Oh and there’s a safety feature called Parking Mode which basically is a motion detector that keeps your camera always active in case of maybe a break in. BUT WHAT IF THEY JUST TAKE THW CAMERA?? So yeah... It recommends doing the battery install vs cigarettes charger if parking mode is something you want. The camera is also setup for accessibilities like AUTO LOOPING footage so it records over old footage/locks important footage. You can take screenshots, and turn the LCD screen to automatically shut off with timers ranging from 1,3,5 mins on most auto settings. GET THE CAMERA IF YOU REALLY WANT A FUN TECHY TOY!
Amazon Customer
When we use it, it works very well! I love that it records inside too! I used to purchase from Rexing dashcam but all of them would have issues sooner or later. It is much more pricey than rexing but no issues so far.
I've had my camera for about 1 week now and it's met every expectation I've had.I'm mostly using it with the front and rear camera. Picture and Sound quality is really good and the IR Night Vision looks good too. Would definitely recommend it.
Leonel Rodriguez
This is a great camera when it works, but sadly its not quality built. Died after less than 1 year of use, and cannot get Vantrue to respond when I inquire about getting a warranty replacement. I researched these pretty heavily before buying, and all signs pointed toward this being a good choice. NOPE! If you want something that will last, spend the extra and get a Blackvue. Don't buy this chincy POS. Did not last one Texas summer.
Terry Story
Speedy A.
rear camera is not wide angle, and front camera stop working after little over a year.
Alec Z.
Good quality, but display is a little small
This is a great product. I am very happy with design and quality of video. The biggest issue I have with this item is its attachment to the windshield. While driving, the suction cup keeps failing and drops. It has happened multiple times. I had to tie the camera with string so it wont break when the suction cup fails again. I really hope the company looks at this review and makes adjustments going forward.
Mayra hernandez
Daniel Pasten
Great camera, it does what actually need to do!!! and also great costumer service very friendly and kind any time when i need them!
1st dash cam purchase starts with Vantrue N2 Pro. Took it out for a test drive & ❤ it. I already feel like I'll drive safer, somebody is watching, and I'll know the video of whatever happens will tell the story. Go get one for every car.
Rouhullah Aminzadah
I bought a Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Dual from amazon and it took me around 15 minutes to install it including the hardwire kit connecting to the OBD connecter of my Honda Civic, very easy just plug and play. now I have 24 surveillance of my car. I love this product and highly recommended it to anyone looking for dash cam. 5 *****
Anthony Ruiz
Amazing device! Worth the money if you have it. My car got hit in a parking garage in college and decided to buy this bc they don’t have cameras in the parking garages... can be hard wired but don’t leave for long periods of time bc it can drain your battery. Not meant for more than a few hours. Overall, great product & high quality.
Great value. Perfect for Rideshare. Installed easy (with kit). Works as expected.
Tony Choi
I just love my auto camera. These cameras are of good quality. I purchased separately a battery pack to enable the parking mode feature. I did not want to hard wire this camera. If you have doubts, No Worries, Purchase this camera and you will not be dissatisfied. I'll update if I have any problems.UPDATE:I have had the dash cam for almost 18 months and I still love it. I recently had an issue and contacted the tech side. They responded the same day. Very helpful. This issue I had was not due to the product but software I was using to view footage. Yes, This is a great product. I will buy again when needed.
Amazon Customer
I’ve had this camera for a week now and absolutely love it. The picture and video quality is spot on. I definitely would recommend this to anyone looking for a great camera!
Amazon Customer
if you want a great dash cam for a low cost this thing is great. Although the full FPS for License plate capturing means you can't have both lenses on. so that is of little concern because most of the time you want video outside the car not in the car.
Helped me out when my unit stopped charging.
Excellent and easy to use
Sterling Bean
I'm so glad I got this thing. I haven't caught anything "crazy" yet, but when it happens, I'll be ready!
Amazon Customer
Definitely the best dash camera. easy to install and handle, and the best video quality, can give you clear images and record the perfect voice for someone who is doing uber and lyft
I had been planning on getting a dash cam for about a year and just couldn't settle on one. But after watching so much DDS, MegaDrivingSchool, Sergey22, etc. on YouTube, I decided on a VanTrue. The day after I made my decision and started seriously looking for one, an older gentleman pulled out of a gas station while not looking my direction and SOMEHOW, at less than 15 mph, totaled my car. I am still in disbelief! I went home and purchased this right away.I love it! High definition, high quality clips that you can set up in 1, 2, or 3 minute loops. Night vision is great. Some people have complained about the mount included (slipping) but mine has been on for several months in a Sacramento summer and now cold, wet weather with no change in position. I did get the GPS mount (tracks speed and coordinates) but haven't set it up yet.The inside facing camera is great, definitely keeps you more aware and tuned into the road knowing you have a permanent witness with you. Lol. But it doesn't just see inside, it's clear enough to see behind me as well, though mainly larger and more obvious details like car type and color rather than license plate numbers. The front camera gets plates, bumper stickers, signs, everything else though. It lets you take pictures in addition to recording manually. Parking mode is easy to set up and you can set the G shock sensor to a very sensitive setting but thankfully, I haven't needed it yet.All the settings are easy to set up, uploading clips can be done by taking the card out of the camera and uploading to the comp or the easier way, detach the whole camera (very easy to do by pushing a little lever and sliding it off) and connect using the USB cable. The playback is smooth and seamless, audio is not the best sometimes but I bought a camera not a microphone so I can't list that as a genuine con. However when it's really quiet (no radio, late night driving) you can even hear the blinker and windshield wipers going. Hit or miss.A card is not included, and when you buy one you need to format it before inserting it and recording. Very easy to do though, and my 256 GB Samsung (from the "recommended with this purchase" section) works great. Holds hours and hours of video so I can record as I please without running out of space or overwriting videos which is what happened with my last camera (gifted.... it broke). That being said, there is a note about the manually recorded/"event" videos potentially being overwritten once you hit something like 70% capacity. So if you care about that, stay on top of extracting your videos.My ONLY con after owning this for probably 3 months now, is the actual initial set up. It comes with all the cables and cords necessary to hook it up via the cigarette lighter port thing (idk) *but* the plug they gave me was too big for my port. Like, way, way too big; there was no realistic way it could fit in my 97 Honda Civic, so just keep that in mind if buying for an older car. I have a stereo/deck with a USB port so I can connect the camera to the power source that way using the USB cable meant for the computer, but it hangs down from the windshield and sometimes gets in the way, either of my hands or the inside facing camera. But again, only con here. Doesn't affect the operation and it was an easy fix. I've never bought a piece of technology that hasn't given me problems within the first 1-2 months but here I am reviewing the exception.Let me tell you, the piece of mind this gives you is overwhelming sometimes. I can't tell you how many times I've de-escalated someone else's road rage by simply pointing to the camera (or prevented my own by remembering it's inside watching me too! Ha!). Plus, I've caught some funny, unique, and just plain weird things on it, like a semi on fire on the freeway, a murmur of birds by the river, a troop of turkeys 45 strong fighting in the middle of the road, a crow dropping a rock on someone's windshield and cracking it, a homeless man pulling his sweats all the way off to tie his shoe in the middle of the road then pulling them back on to keep jay walking... Excellent gift for paranoid, angry, or new drivers, Lyft/Uber drivers, or just anyone with long commute who sees more than the average driver. You can't beat the price for the quality and customer service. 10/10 would buy again
Michael Jimenez
This is by far the best product I recently purchased because of its features. I have no regrets of buying it and for just almost two weeks of using it, I am content and in awe. Looking forward to using it. I do not only enjoy the ride but it made me feel safe and secure as it can fully record. As a family man, my top priority is my family’s safety. I highly recommend this product and features but it is easy to use and mount.
Chase Johnson
I had this camera for more than a year. I had tested it to be good when I purchased and installed It on my car. Since there was no event, I hadn’t checked it since installation, believing that it would be working as it claims. And I thought it was working for sure because whenever I started my car, it would make a sound with the camera blinking. And since I had 200 gb memory card in it, I though It wound be recording days of driving, and overwrite the old ones.Just a month ago, there was a person in the parking lot and she recklessly pulled out and damaged my car. She admitted her fault at the scene, but later reported the accident as if that was my fault. I thought I had a hard evidence, believing that the camera was recording everything only to find that this camera was recording random events, even still had my initial test recording, but there was not recoding of the accident. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. It after all didn’t serve the purpose at all. After that I have been testing that meticulously only to find that the connection to the camera is very inconsistent.This precise is just another overpriced Chinese made junk.Invest your money on something better.I had to fix my car out of my pocket because of this camera malfunction, which is REALLY UPSETTING.
Camera is great! Used it on a road trip and it was able to capture all front angles of the vehicle. I especially like the night vision mode. It doesn't simply show the lights on the road, but clears up the sky to a dark blue so that you can see everything around you when reviewing the footage.
Amazon Customer
Hello, all that may be thinking about their first dashcam purchase. I recently purchased the Vantrue n2 Pro and after a day of install and testing it out. Here is what I found.Install was rather simple. Simply unlock the suction cup and press and lock. I was able to tug rather hard with no movement. I also purchased a hardwire kit to be able to take full advantage of the Parking mode feature.The main reason I made this purchase is for when I'm driving for Uber or lfty. It gives peace of mind. Knowing that if anything happens. That there is now a documented proof.Would I recommend this dashcam.. yes while it has a high price tag. It is worth the buy. Though I highly recommend picking it up on a price drop. Please see Pro's and Con'sPro--Easy to install.-Easy to use (Such as easy stop-start recording even reviewing from the little LCD screen built-in.)-Easy clip and go function (Allows for you to clip into the mount and remove when you want to hook it up and review footage)-Lightweight design but doesn't feel cheap or like it will break.-Great picture quality during the day time. (see con for auto dark remarks)-Packaging (It came and I was surprised how well it was packaged. The cam was snug in the foam insert)-A great addition to any uber or lfty driver's car or SUV.Cons--No cell phone or Bluetooth support for a seamless video review.-Recording during the night. (The outward-facing camera in lower light settings gets a bit grainy along with when driving bright lights don't translate well. Such as flashing lights from a police cruiser.)-The auto dark function (the auto dark doesn't seem to change correctly. It is currently 2 pm and when I got my camera out to bring in to review.. It still shows the cabin in the night vision aka black and white)-Gps option (The GPS function on the camera doesn't work unless you shell out an additional $21. Please see below for more details.)-Price. (see below for break down and thoughts)So for the price I paid for the Vantrue n2 pro and an sd card and hardwire kit. I feel like I got a great deal on this camera with only spending around $175. But I feel like I would be a bit more disappointed if I had purchased this camera at the list $199.99 and an sd card at $49.99 and the hardwire kit at $15.99 for a total of $265.97 before tax.The Vantrue n2 pro looks great during the day when it is nice and bright and well lit. Even does a great job of not being blinded by bright lighting. Such as the sun during peak hours. But the same can't be said during the night. While the picture quality is still good and will handle any situation. I feel that it could be better with the available tech we have today. I love how easy it is to use and set up. with no issues to report so far.In closing Vantrue upon registering my product. Offered me a free GPS mount for my N2 pro. To claim my free GPS mount for the Vantrue n2 pro. They asked that I liked and followed their Facebook page and follow that up with leaving a review on amazon. I'm happy to do so to save the $21 for something that should have already come with the $200 n2 pro.So while some will come and give a quick easy review. I like to give an honest review of my thoughts and feelings about this product. Everything listed above both Pro's and Con's are my thoughts about this product. I hope that this review helps you when it comes to purchasing your first or next dashcam.
Great product. Only wish this came with built in wifi.
Great picture quality day and night. Very crisp and clear. Would have liked to have had an install kit for the wire but I’m not going to remove a whole star for that.
jerry paredes
Easy install great video and audio quality
Man, this is nice. The price point had me anticipating a specific quality that it far exceeded. By far. The instructions are extraordinarily clear, well-written and make it a breeze to set up. It adheres really well and the power cable is simple to hide. Installation was super, super easy and I had it up and running in no time. A great idea for safety and this is the perfect cam.
Amazon Customer
I liked that it is an easy plug and play really, and picture quality is very good. Nothing out of this world, but meets the expectations easily.
Kandy Alvarez
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For this price No Memory not to happy
I love this dashcam. The night vision works excellent. If you are looking to get a dashcam stop looking and buy this!!!
Michael argenta
The camera and recording quality is good. It's a shame that he comes what a very old fashioned big USB port. And a very thick cheaply made cord. Should've came with a modern port. Battery lasts literally 2 sec.
Bryan Ad
Great dash cam:First edit:First thing it’s super easy to mount and setup.On the road:I say camera is powerful as it captures a high quality clear video.Because of night vision feature it captures a great quality video even at night.This is my second dash cam. First one I bought after my wife got a hit and run.That cam support just 32GB sd . So I have to buy another one which support greater capacity sd. I hope it works well on coming days too.In mind:Because of powerful camera and motion sensor feature now I can have peace of mind even when my vehicle is parked in public/ street parking. As I do a ridesharing this dash cam is perfect for me as it records inside the vehicle . My previous one is for front and rears which was not suitable.I bought 256GB sd card which don’t come with a camera .Ohh the sound quality is great and crystal clear. I will upload that later when I have time.
The camera works good. My problem is with the car mount. The mount Don't work properly.
schyler wessels
I used this camera for 24 months. It's picture quality and interior night vision are decent. It's menu isn't the easiest, but for the price that's acceptable.What isn't acceptable is that after 24 months, the small battery in the camera failed violently. The camera made a very loud "pop" while I was driving in the freeway one night (it felt like a large firework went off a few feet from my head, ears ringing the whole number), and ejected it self from the mount. I had paying customers in the car (Uber/Lyft). Now all files are corrupted, won't record new files. Of course, it's out of warranty. You can get the Thinkware fa200 IR for less money, and it has a capacitor instead of a battery so this will never happen.Edit:Vantrue customer support initially confirmed that the product was out of warranty, and that it was only covered for 18 months. They also stated that the battery exploding was "not life threatening".Edit 2:After some back and forth, vantrue has sent me a replacement. I still feel that the Thinkware FA200 IR is a superior product as it uses a super capacitor rather than a battery. I will likely use this replacement until it inevitably fails, and then but the Thinkware.Edit 3:Vantrue support has requested that I further update my review. I am thoroughly satisfied with the customer support experience that I received from vantrue. Even though I felt that they were initially flippant with my concerns over their product exploding while I was driving, they ended up replacing the product. a manager with fancher has reached out and requested that I specifically rate this product four to five stars. Considering that I would separately rate my customer service experience with vantrue about 4.5, and the product a 1, I cannot rate this product higher than 2 stars. Even a stellar customer service experience is hindered by an inferior and possibly dangerous product. if vantrue did a recall and reissued this camera with a supercapacitor that does not explode instead of a battery which can (and in my case did), I would be happy to reassess this product review. For reasons including a very good customer service experience, and a very poor product experience (including ongoing issues with mounts, memory card issues, corrupted files, etc), my rating for this product remains a 2.
Mike G
After a few months of having this camera it shuts on and off constantly while driving it never stays on anymore contacted vantrue and they want me to send it to them first to examine it I don't have the time for all of that I have to work and drive. I feel liek this camera was a waste of money.
The cam looks small and sleek. Very easy to set up. Make sure you read the pamphlet that comes with it that says “please read”. The camera itself has really good quality as far as I can tell by watching the small screen. Haven’t watch any footage on a computer yet but I’m sure it’s great quality. The suction cup mount is a quality mount. I usually hate any suction cup mount but this thing holds really well. Make sure you buy the hardwire kit. Completely worth it and very simple to install. I’m not tech savvy and i had this camera hardwired in about 15 minutes. Don’t forget to buy a micro SD card. And make sure it’s NOT a Sandisk sd card. highly recommend. Great bang for your buck
Robert Ventura
Great camera honestly I got it for a great price on cyber Monday but if I paid full price for this camera I would say money well spent. All other cameras don’t compare to this one.
Amazon Customer
Great product, just wish it stuck on the glass a little better. It tends to fall off about once a week or so even when the glass is cleaned well with alcohol, probably just due to the temperature change though.
Great product with awesome dual camera. The picture and night vision quality is superb. Easy installation. Love it
Danny N
I need a dash camera for my car just in case when driving on road and also make a footage for my youtube channel. But most dash cam has no sound recording. I found out this one on AMZ page which had lot of functions that I needed like back and front camera, sound recording.. First, It is small and light weight so you can easy to hang in dash mount and adjust wherever you want for your footage back and front. Second, it has G-sensor block the video when you got an accident,the high quality full HD (1920x1080) or more depend on your and the sound recording is so clear. It super easy to set up for plug and play. The price is a little bit high compare with the other one, but I thought that you get what you pay for.
Azizjon Makhmudov
Charlie Shufly
Great dash cam, really like this product, easy to use.
Amazon Customer
Great picture and sound quality.
I bought this dash cam the other day im using it now its a very good camera for ur protection , i used 3 other brands in the past , but this venture is the one im looking for .. thank you
I just got the camera with the hardwire kit from Vantrue. As long as you know how the hardwiring things work, you should be able to wire it to your fuse box easily. I will say the most difficult part is to take the fuse out and clean up the wires, but it seems to work well. I still need to test if the parking mode is working well. Overall I think this is a pretty good product.
So far after almost two months everything is going fine. Video is clear and the 256GB Samsung card I got to go along with this hasn't filled up yet. We'll probably get another one for our other car as well. I was hoping the rear facing camera would be able to see out the back, and it does a little during the day, but at night the IR lights up the interior too much to be able to see anything at that exposure outside.
Charlie S.
Purchase with hardwire kit(Vantrue) and 256gb SD card to take advantage of 24hr parking mode.Works great for this feature!Only downfall so far is that the movements of leaves on trees set the parking mode camera to record which happens any day that there is a breeze. This is our issue due to parking on second floor with view of branches/trees in front and back.Great picture quality and form factor!Have already recommended to colleagues who are interested in the provided features of security!
Darr Darr
If you leave it parked for a few days, this will run down your vehicle's battery. If you turn off its power source to park for a couple days, it loses all its settings and corrupts the micro SD card so you have to reformat it before the dash cam will use it again. Other than that, if you put this in your only vehicle which you drive EVERY day, it should work great. Has good picture, infrared works great while parked at night, and the GPS mount ( - sold separately) works great with it. If it didn't corrupt the SD card every time it loses power, I would've given it 4 stars; if it didn't run down the vehicle battery in just a few days that would have added another star. If your vehicle has an isolated full size battery for accessories (optional on many trucks), you shouldn't have to worry about either of those situations, by the way.
My dash came stopped working after 4 months .. i used to love this product but lil by lil i might start switch to a different brand
I upgraded from a previous Vantrue X3 dash camera which I really liked. The nightvision on the X3 was already really good but the improvement of the nightvision on this N2 pro is significant.The mount on the N2 pro is similar to other Vantrue mounts but seems a little sturdier in quality. It holds the camera nicely and can be adjusted and doesn't seem overly loose in adjustment like my previous X3 mount.The build quality on the N2 pro feels really sturdy and is top notch.The dual (internal facing) camera really needs to be positioned in the center of the dash window to get a good field of view internally. This could be a restriction for some car mounts as people may not want it right in the middle of their windshield. Recording can be set to record both external (street view) and internal (passenger view) at the same time, it can also be set for external view only and multiple resolutions at that for those that want privacy. GPS is an option but requires a separate product addon.The SD card slot is hidden behind a plastic cover on the side of the camera. This wasn't super intuitive for me to figure out (I admittedly didn't read the manual...) but it is a nice improvement as it adds an extra layer of protection from incidents in which the SD card falls out accidentally.I live in a hot and humid climate and the X3 mount would occasionally fall off my dash window every few months. Time will tell how this N2 mount will hold up. That being said, the suction cup mount, in general, is a huge improvement over other vendors' camera's sticky tape type mounts which never hold up for more than a week in my climate.I really like this dash camera and would buy it again if I were in the market for a quality one.
Esteban Botwin
I ordered this camera on January 20th, 2019 due to the fact I was considering driving uber in my spare time. The dual camera was a must for doing rideshares, and the parking feature gave me added piece of mind for vehicle damages in random parking lots since I drive a fairly nice vehicle. These days even private citizens have to always be concerned with liability, we live in a litigious society.*Note that I also purchased the Vantrue Hard-wire kit(to take full advantage of the parking feature, and I didn't want visible wires) as well as the GPS suction base (gives the function of adding vehicle speed readouts on the footage).Pros: After installing the camera and having about a couple of days worth of footage I was very impressed with the picture quality when playing back on my PC. Even video at high speeds was crystal clear and *fairly* easy to read license plates on screen grabs. Night time exterior camera is decent, about as well as you could expect from a dashcam without forward facing infrared. The interior camera is fairly solid, and independently adjustable on a vertical axis. It captures nearly the entire cab of my crew cab truck, especially the passengers, and as an added bonus it sees out the back glass (10% Tint) for decent bed coverage as well.CONS: This is where the dealbreaker is. Since I purchased this dashcam 11 months ago there have been 4 instances as to where I needed to review the footage (1 road rage incident, 2 near-miss-accidents, and most recently 1 motor vehicle accident). The first 3 just didn't have a video file for that 5 minute segment of footage saved --- everything else was there, and nothing was placed in the "EVENT" folder either (which honestly never gets any footage saved to it other than when the wind lightly blows shrubs or it rains). The most recent one, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident where another vehicle entered my lane --- and I was ecstatic that I had dashcam footage of it to provide the insurance company and to my family/friends only to find out the specific 5 minute segment of video that contained the lead up to the wreck and the accident itself was "corrupted" and has been unplayable by every video player we've tried for corrupt files. I was not at fault in the accident, the other party was even issued a citation --- however when you have a dashcam on your windshield and you are in a wreck, at least in my case, the police were quick to mention the dash cam and request footage. Looks pretttttty shady when you call back the following day and tell them it didn't record. Talk about an embarassment.TL;DR - Great picture quality, cool looking compact camera. Just don't expect it to ever record anything important that you may or may not need. You'll get hours and hours of the breeze blowing though, so if nature watching is your thing this might just work.
I highly recommend this dash camera. As you can tell by the photos, my setup is just plug and play. I let the wire hang down all the way to the car charger port, but the wire is super long so you can route it around your car to get a clean look. I might do that when I get the time. It was very easy to set up and it doesn't feel obtrusive at all, even with a wire hanging down the middle of my windshield.This dash cam came in handy for me when I scraped on a curb in my two month old (at the time) Civic Type R. I can now relive the moment of my heart breaking. I am able to see my perspective and my ugly reaction because this dash cam has two cameras. This is a big factor for me because you never know what will happen while you're driving.The footage is very usable when driving at night. The front camera can pick things up very well with the headlights on, but you don't need much light on the camera that faces you. You can legitimately record in darkness and you will be able to pick up detail fairly easily. You don't really need 4k with these dash cameras, so the 1080p is going to suffice.Overall, I highly recommend this camera. There's nothing that I can think of that's a downside, besides that this camera has a small battery so it won't be able to record much after the car has turned off. There is a kit that you can get to wire it to your car battery to keep it on which I think I will buy in the future. You'll regret not buying this camera when you get into an accident. :) So get it now!
djemel chergui
Thank you so much Vantrue for being so professional and replacing my camera even after the warranty expired for few days.You are the best.I will go ahead and buy another one for my truck soon.I love the quality of the footage of the dual cameraThe best ever.Thank you and happy holidays
kalee Li
I got this for my uncle for his early Christmas gift! He is a Uber driver so this is great for him to use! It has a lot of features, clear views, night vision, and easy to install. what I love the most is that this camera have inside car cabin camera view, I feel that this will keep my uncle safe with whoever he is driving with! This is a must have for all car services driver!On the other hand, I think i am going get another one for myself. I think my kids will have tons of fun seeing themselves in the camera!! Will catch every memory I missed while driving! This will record all the moments inside the car cabins for me!!
I wanted to love this cam so badly that I am actually sad to be giving such a low rating. I am having so many problems with this cam after only 2 months of use that I wish I could return and get my money back.I had my cam hardwired by a professional, because I don't know how, however my cam does not hold a charge, and has never recorded a single video in parking mode. I have the setting set to high for this feature, and i park all day in a huge and busy parking area. There should be lots of recordings in parking mode. Not a single one has appeared. I even tested it by walking, jumping, waving my arms around in front of my car, and nothing. It doesn't work.Just today I found out that the GPS mount I bought, also stopped working. I don't know when, but none of the videos in the last week that I've recorded have the MPH on it. It just says 0MPH on all of the videos.I purposely bought both of these excess/add on parts because those features are important to me and I wanted to use them. I am upset and disappointed that this cam failed after 2 months. It's way too expensive for this. Now I just have a regular "only on when I'm in the car" cam, which is exactly what my old $35 cam did. I've definitely wasted my money on this cam.UPDATE 1/9/20: I have been in contact with customer service and they seemed to want to help me, but so far my problems still are not fixed. They did send a new GPS mount, which seems to be working at the moment. They really tried hard to help me which is why I added a star. I still do not like the camera , as the parking mode feature does not work still, but they did try.
Jeff W
First, a bit of disclosure. I work for a surveillance camera manufacturer, so I am very familiar with the image quality possible today, even though we don't make any mobile or dash cams. Second, I had purchased multiple dash cams before stumbling upon Vantrue on Amazon. I was admittedly buying inexpensive models, and found that many had extremely poor instructions for setup and use. Others were poor resolution or narrow field of view. Worst of all, most didn't last me more than a couple of months before they failed due to the hot California sun. I actually had an accident where another car side swept me, and the driver only admitted fault because he saw my camera. When I looked at the camera later, it turned out it had failed to record, so I was very lucky that the other person assumed it caught what had happened.I decided to buy a quality camera to hopefully avoid those issues, and purchased an earlier Vantrue model (OnDash X3 1440P HD). I have used it daily since 2017; I've put 50,000 miles on my car in the past three years here in Los Angeles, so it does get a lot of use. The Vantrue I bought back then has had none of these problems. When I purchased a new car, I decided to transfer that older model to my wife's car, and purchase a new one for my own new vehicle.The Vantrue OnDash N2 Pro is what I purchased a couple of weeks ago on Amazon. It arrived in a couple of days. The packaging was clean and bright, as the pictures I took in my office show; it felt like a quality product from the start. This again is not always the case; I ordered one online from a deals site that came in very flimsy, black on white low quality packaging. That one turned out to be not so great a camera.Setup instructions for the N2 Pro are easy to follow (although in part that may be because I had used the earlier model) and with few English-language typos. Neither of these things should be considered a given!As you can see from the comparison shot I took in my garage, both cameras are similar, compact size. The N2 Pro (on the right in the photo) is slightly smaller in overall dimensions. The screen area is smaller as well, but it is extremely vivid & clear. Thus I don't have a problem with viewing content, either live video or playing back a recorded file. Since it is quite small, it blends in when you look at the car from the outside. Unless you are specifically looking for it, you likely won't notice the camera, as it almost disappears with the black of the mirror and sensors near where I typically mount it, center windshield, up high.I purchased the optional wiring harness, so that I could hook it up permanently. I do usually take a dash camera with me on trips, using the included 12 volt adapter and cable. Hooking it up via the wiring harness, though, lets me record any incidents that happen around the car when I'm not present. Vantrue indicates that it won't drain the vehicle battery in the documentation. Obviously, I haven't had a chance to validate that with the new model, but I believe it. I will be experimenting with the capabilities in this area. For example, I enjoyed the footage my previous Vantrue camera took going through a car wash.The night vision capability is outstanding, recording imagery much better than I can see with my own eyes. This is not a given; I've purchased and disposed of dash cams that had virtually no night vision and were thus useless much of the time.While I plan to primarily use it for recording the action ahead of me, this Vantrue model allows you to also record what is going on behind you in the rear seat of the car. The wide dynamic range all-lighting-conditions technology in the sensor also allows it to see out the rear window. This would be useful in the event you are rear-ended and need the evidence of what happened. I plan to experiment with that capability more as well, to see which mode I want to use it in.My only issue is that I had to look up in the printed instructions how to switch between front-facing recording only and the default mode of both front & rear facing recording activated. That done, no problems. Everything else was quite intuitive to set up if you've ever used other dash cams, and certainly if you've every had another Vantrue.The audio and video quality are excellent, and I've shown people on my team some of the recordings the camera produces. They were impressed with the quality, especially since we work for a surveillance camera manufacturer here in the US, and I think a couple of them probably have bought the same Vantrue model since then.I am very happy that I chose this model, and again purchased a Vantrue from Amazon again.
Love almost everything about this camera, but the only issue is the night vision facing inside the vehicle. Its hard to see the passengers sitting in the back.
Susan A.
Extremely happy with this purchase. Quality is good. Easy to set-up and get driving.
Excellent product. Great quality. Easy install. Great customer service. Hopefully sturdy in the long run.
I was involved in an accident today which I was not at fault for. The other party lied and, I realized I had the dash cam installed so I could easily prove my case. The dash cam has a feature that records over old videos. I go to show the officer the video of the incident and found out it hasn’t recorded anything since 11/5/19‍♀️ What an enormous let down. Luckily after 20 minutes of reasoning with the officer he took my side. I will be returning this item! I can’t say enough how disappointed I am.
its not recording the way it is supposed to. i needed a footage from today and it did not have it. it had recording from day before but not from today when i needed it. the camera was plugged in and was blinking red for record. alot of the files are not view-able. Its disappointing because i have purchased 3 of those cameras and spend so much money and they dont work the way it should.