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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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tianxin zhao
Just installed today.The setup was very easy, and it came with multiple languages if anyone not really good with English-I am not.The reason I give 4 stars because of the mount has issue like most other buyer mentioned: it losses after 3 hours installation. I did clean up the windshield, but still. I will keep looking into it for more days and will come back for further update if still has same issue.Here is some update:The mount did not give me any problems anymore, it's sit there pretty good!The video size was very large, if anyone needs keep some for further use then you need move it to you computer right the way.At the night, the headlight's bright was kind of effect the video quality: license plate number will be blur a lot. But during day time, every thing was totally fine.The inside image comes with black and white only-or, I didn't find how to set it up? For uber and lyft drivers, you guys need to understand those, but it still give clear image.If you live in southern parts, for example Texas, you need careful with heat, especially you park outside a lot. The sunshine can cause this camera over heat. And the heat will be the one of top enemy of any electronic devices.
This is an excellent camera. Video fro the front and back excellent. Great purchase.
Best freaking camera ever
I have had this for six months and it is by far the best dash cam I've had so far. The images are clear even at night and unlike some of the other cameras I've used it hasn't broken down after roughly six months of use. I just need to find a large enough battery that will last for roughly 10 to 12 hours in parking mode.
Chris Martin
The camera has great night time recording both in the car and outside I feel more safe now driving for uber and lyft with this dash cam in my vehicle
Alejandro Avalos
Camera and picture quality is very good. Night vision can use improvement for interior camera.
This is a great little dual dash cam. Awesome picture. But at $200 price point I there are 3 glaring deficiencies.1) Powered by Mini-USB ?? it's almost 2020, why are you still using this? I haven't seen a mini-USB in almost 10 yrs.2) GPS should be built into this unitTo put things into comparison, the Anker Roav is almost identical to this for 70 dollars less, and has the all of the above!! The only negative about the Roav is that they sent 2 mounts which was the weak part - they were stuck on permanently w/ 3M tape, and it we not a ball and socket, but 2 axis adjustment which was poor.
Farm Hand
Tested this today in my convertible, shows all around the vehicle which I like. Quality is good and the interior camera does a great job. Have not used it at night yet. Another good dash cam. I have 2 from this company.
Will repurchase if I have to.
Andrew M. Goodwin
If you drive for a Ride-share company like Uber, or Lyft, this camera is the only one for you! Easy set-up, easy use, and easy downloading. Upgrades like a GPS-enabled mount, and hard-wiring harness, are also available.
This is hands down the best dashcam I have tried so far. Includes so many neat features for a reasonable price. Very reliable not like a cheaper dash cam. Haven't had a problem with it, it works perfectly.The price of this dashcam is $200, but I promise you are getting your money's worth.This dash cam is perfect for anybody. It has a dual dash cam so its perfect for Lyft andUber drivers! The inner camera has infrared night vision so it is convenient at night.It is a Dual 1080P Camera with audio recording. (can be turned off, if wanted)Comes with many cool features like:- High heat & cold resistance: resist cold or heat from -4 to 194 degrees (Fahrenheit)- Supports up to 256GB micro sd card. (Micro SD card not included)- Date and Time stamp- Infrared Night Vision- Emergency lock: has G-sensor with collision detection. Which basically means if you're in a car accident the video will save onto the event folder. The files on this folder can only be deleted manually. So there is no worrying about if the file is saved.- GPS mount: (Sold separately for $21.99)- Parking Monitor: This mode is triggered when it senses any motion that comes near your car.I uploaded some pictures and a video. It only lets me load one video per review. The video i uploaded does not have audio. (My Preference) but the audio for the Vantrue n2 Pro is surprisingly good. Videos are clear and you can see the license plates. You can fix the contrast from the inner camera, just really depends on where you live. (if it's sunny or not) Overall it is a very good reliable dash cam. I recommend this product 100%.
Great product. Rear camera works great at night although the screen size is ridiculously small and I have to pull the card out and use my computer to review footage. Menu button started acting up and just quit on me. Currently contacting seller about their included 18 month 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty. If they fix it I'll change rating to 4 stars. I also purchased matching GPS module. Works great with this.
Pablo A.
If you are a driver, this is a great camera to use. I got the 256GB memory card in it and it works great.
Cody Ferguson
Very good picture quality, compact size, easy to navigate through menus. Picture is clear enough to read license plates and with the rear facing camera you can see what’s going on in the cabin and out the rear windows.
Amazon Customer
This is the product that I wish I knew it before. It is very helpful for me in driving safely every day and every night.
Mohammad Nasir Ahmadzai
I am using this product for Uber and Lyft . and this product is very very god product I like it
I have two of these and I have upgraded to the GPS mount. This thing works great BUT. Both do not stay on my windshield. Something as simple as a suction cup is giving this product a one star. It is unusable. I leave it parked in the sun and come back to the car and it is hanging by the cord or detached from the cord and on the floor. I have looked at YouTube videos to see if there is a solution. Have tried some but none have worked. Can’t return them. Unusable!!!
Daniel Zhang
I have been using this dash cam for more than 1 month. I'm very satisfied of its overall quality.First of all, the picture and video recording quality is amazing. The night vision is much better than my other dash cam from a different brand.Second, the mount is very steady. It's been very hot recent days but it never fell off from the windshield. The dash cam in my other car falls off frequently when the temp gets high. But this one never did fell off. Thumbs up for that.It's also fun to have back facing camera on it. I'm not a uber or lyft driver. But I have 2 little ones usually onboard. It always makes me laugh when I watch the recordings of what they're doing during road trips.Currently, I don't have any cons about it. I'll update the review if I notices anything.
Mason S
What a huge disappointment, read some decent reviews so I described to give this camera a try, right off the bat the battery after charging for 5 hrs. Did not hold a charge past 6 minutes! It has to be constantly hard wired. The plastic adjust knob was cracked so it’s super flimsy and shakes a lot while driving. The camera also has an SD card error message that keeps popping up,(despite using new Sandisk and Samsung pro SD cards), eve though the error message pops up it still records. Just annoying the pop up every couple of minutes. This unit is either defective or just about one of the worst cameras at this price range !Definitely NOT RECOMMENDED
Personally, I am satisfied with my new dash cam. This is my second one with Vantrue. Although it looks not any fancier than others as compared to its high price, the great video quality either in the daytime or the nighttime worths the money. The recorded video size is same for both cameras so it needs to check on the actual file to see which video is inner/outer camera. There was a heavy raining and this dash cam handled it pretty well.Here are some few good things about it.-Easy to install, it was only 5 minutes for me to start off.-Both front and rear(inner) cameras are of high quality, crystal clear and wide of view.-Inner IR camera are definitely something special, still have a vision at low night environment.Poor things:-Memory doesn’t come along with camera, I recommend to buy 64GB or above if you are a lazy guy like me, otherwise you may lose recording after few days. But if you went out and record something on weekend and want to review it afterwards, 32GB is enough.-Poor mount came off the windshield when the temperature gets high, especially summer in Texas.
Keoki Ebanks
Great camera the book that came with this camera was not most helpful so I YOUTUBED IT
Jorge Lozano
Expected for the price paid. Excellent packaging The camera is super defined in terms of its hd format recording, quite useful to get you out of a hurry. Highly recommended
Patrizia Sanchez
It was a gift and they honestly love it
great product, highly recommended for everybody not only cab drivers.
I like the quality of the recorded picture and ease of setup. Look forward to using more of the cameras feature for making road trip videos. Our camera is setup with a 256GB memory card. Plan on getting another one of these camera's in the future. I may have it wired directly into my vehicles fuse box for a cleaner install.
Vince B.
The sad part I have been through several.. This is worth the money.. It works perfectly and I am very happy with it...
lev gendin
This dash cam records in front of my car and inside my car, perfect when I rideshare. The picture quality is great, very clear image. The dash cam is easy to use since it automatically turns on and starts recording when I start my car. All of its features makes it effortless to use.
I just started driving for Lyft and Uber and decided to try this product based on positive reviews I watched on YouTube of this dashcam. Ordered it from Amazon and received it very quickly! It is ready to go right out of the box and the material used feels very premium with a smooth matte svelte silicone material finish. I can't believe that it takes up to a 256gb SD card!! Formating is recommended and a breeze to do because the on screen menu is very easy to navigate and set preferences. I love that the screen shows both cameras Picture in Picture and shows when night vision is in use. But that it also saves each video independently as it's own file instead of overlapped together. I feel like Vantrue did an amazing job designing something so sophisticated in such a tiny package which is definitely preferred so that it doesn't intimidate my passengers or get in the way while looking through my front window! All in all, this product has been well designed, fit and finish are amazing and maybe it's the extra attention to detail because it feels and performs better than expected! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that wants added safety/protection while driving!
Update: 7-14-2019: Returned. The infrared feature switches on in the middle of the day way too often. Very difficult to make out anything at night. The motion sensor in parking mode misses a lot; when it does record, the person/car is already 75% out of the shot. Not easy to make out license plates during the day or night. This dashcam has some potential, but at this price point, it needs some major improvements before I can recommend it. Switching over to the BlackVue DR900s 2 ch instead.ORIGINAL REVIEW: I would have never thought I would need a dashcam before a few weeks ago. I was hit by someone driving in the shoulder. The other driver admitted that to the police officer, yet his insurance and lawyer is contesting fault. If I had this camera back when the accident happened, there would be little argument of who was at fault, and I would have already have that car repaired. The N2 pro seems to have most of the features I want, and a few extras as well. Would recommend to those who want to protect themselves with a nice dashcam.
So far I am loving the dashcam the quality is superb and the unit is well made. How it will stand to hold the test of time? Not sure, but for now it’s working amazing! The holder for the windshield is very well made and it looks like the dashcam will be made for great use. 5/5 picture
Linux/Windows User
After a full year of use this camera is still running strong. Firmware updates are still being released, keeping this camera current, improving use and refining features. Camera has been mounted in the car 24/7/365... literally. Exposed to freezing temperatures as well as Florida heat/humidity, this camera has proven to be very durable and reliable
Having been in an accident and wishing that I had a dash cam to prove that I was not at fault; I became a proponent for having dash cams in all of my vehicles.My mother recently purchased a new car so I decided to give her my trusty Vantrue X2 and purchased the Vantrue N2 Pro for myself.What attracted me to the N2 Pro was the dual camera system. The second camera (with night vision) pointing into the cabin will prove that I was not on my smartphone and that I was wearing a seat belt if I do get into an accident. In addition, if someone hits you from the side or back, you have the view of two cameras to prove that you are not at fault.Design wise, I like the sleekness of the dash cam body. I had purchased the Vantrue rearview mirror mount so that I do not have to deal with the suction cup wearing out over time. Another mounting option I recommend is the GPS adhesive windshield mount if you need GPS.One feature that I really like about the N2 Pro is that it has a built-in G-sensor that will save the recording if it senses a collision without you needing to press any buttons to save an event. You can adjust the sensitivity of the G-sensor to prevent false positives.Pro tip, you can tuck the wire between the small opening of the roof and windshield. Then route the wire down the A-pillar and under the dashboard for a clean look. For a video tutorial, just google “The Easy Guide to Hide Your Dash Camera’s Wires”.If I had to nitpick this camera, I wish there is a function to adjust the exposure separately for each of the two cameras. I hope that this can be easily addressed with a future firmware update.I highly recommend getting this dash cam or any dash cam for that matter. From experience, car accidents are unavoidable but you can save time and headache from fighting with the insurance company on who is at fault. Furthermore, you can review footage of when your car is at the car dealership for service to make sure that they are not joyriding your car or stealing your sunglasses (happened to me once).Oh, one more thing, my Vantrue N2 Pro has held up well in the LA summer heat so far. Just make sure you get a quality Samsung Endurance SD card and you can leave it in the car all day without worrying if the dash cam will overheat.Overall, considering the features and durability, I am going to give this dash cam five stars!
Shawn Bates
I am a full blown researcher when purchasing items and I read many reviews of this cam. Some were not so pleasant pertaining to clarity of the cameras. I took a chance and I am GLAD I DID! This dash cam is perfect for Uber driving. Both the front and rear cam are crystal clear for a small recording device. The audio is clear and the night vision works great. It is compact enough to not impede my vision. Keep in mind this is not a spy cam, but a dash cam. The quick disconnect from the mount is AMAZING. Just love this investment
I’m giving 2 stars because the four infrared lights are not turning on this is ridiculous it should work im assuming I got a defective one will be returning and giving this one more shot UPDATE THEY SENT ME A REPLACEMENT AND THE INFRARED LIGHTS AROUND THE CAMERA DO NOT TURN ON WHEN ON NIGHT VISION MODE THIS IS RIDICULOUS
R. Kavuri
I am not aware of any other dashcams that can record the driver's perspective in case of an accident. It will definitely help prove that the driver was not distracted. Each camera creates its own file with the same time stamp but with different suffixes A and B.The dashcam can record videos at a very high resolution of 2560x1440, users can disable the Mic and passenger vision camera. The build quality of the dashcam is solid.For comparison - I own the Yi dashcam and using it in my other car, I wish this dashcam also has an app like the Yi to change settings and download videos to the iPhone without removing the SD card. At the same time in the last few months I have used the Yi app to download a video just once, so not really a big deal as I initially thought but matters in case you do not own a PC. The Yi also needed a separate mount purchase whereas this Dashcam has a nice secure mount with a click.For the price I wish the camera had built in internal memory and App availibity, so knocking off 0.5 stars for that.
There is only one thing I would suggest about this dash cam and that would be to have the rear facing cam on the left of the unit vs the right. This way, a user would be able to hide or place 3/4 of the until say behind the rear view mirror. The reason for this is it would limit the amount of space the camera takes on in the windshield. Over all, great dash cam and works like a charm.
manoj kumar
Overall its a nice camera,little bit expensive,memory card not included,battery will shut down as soon as you remove the power supply from your car unless you hard wired it, I mean battery backup is nill.Its been a month,so far its working well,need to wait and see how it would hold up during summer. will update .
Youki Sato
Installation was painless, and configuring the dash cam to your preferred settings is easy once you get the hang of navigating the menus. The swivel mount seems pretty sturdy and I haven't had issues with it as of the writing of this review.The front-facing camera is very high quality - I keep the resolution at 1080p 60 fps since I prefer the higher frame rate, but there are a wide range of resolutions that you can choose from depending on your needs. However, the rear-facing camera is disabled if the front is recording at 1440p 30fps or 1080p 60fps - it would be nice if it could do both.I am not currently using the rear-facing camera functionality of this camera, but the quality of the video and IR capability is great, and it is nice to have that option.Based on my experiences with Vantrue's dash cams (purchased one a couple of years ago for a different car), they are definitely worth consideration if you are looking for a quality dash cam.
Sara M. Eyler
The M.P.H. and G.P.S dont shoe up on screen. Night vision shuts off from disk to disk.
Just wish it had a rear camera as well. The cabin one is good if I am pulled over by Police. Great for insurance purposes!
I've had the dash-cam now for two months and wish I'd gotten it way sooner. It's crazy how light in weight this thing is, yet it does a great job at what it was designed to do.I only knocked off a star because about the only feature, for me anyway, that is missing from this thing is blue-tooth or WiFi connection so you can download the clips to your mobile device wireless which would really come in handy if you're ever involved in a incident to be able to pull it up on the spot. But as it is, you can at least play it back on the tiny little screen to show a LEO if needed.Aside from that, really pleased with the quality of the video in both day and night. Definitely recommend.
1. Easy installation.2.Great picture quality.3.Easy to configure.4.Solid build.
I purchased this camera for both our F650 and F550. It mounts perfectly just below the rear view mirror. Power cable tucks neatly at the headliner. The resolution is very good and playback is easy! Piece of mind.......
Katherine Furtado
First and foremost was the instruction booklet.. Very easy read. Loved this product..
I did a lot of research and settled on this one, i was not disappointed, I already needed to retrieve some footage of an unruly UBER passenger and the picture although black and white is great, and the sound is amazing.
I drive for Uber and I always have this on while I drive! Great picture quality and very easy to use!
samiullah samim
Broke after 6 months of use, it fell when the suction cup let go (you had one job!) and the plastic grooves on the top that join the camera to the suction cup assembly snapped off, rendering the whole camera useless.
After my very positive experience with their older introductory model, the X1 Pro, I purchased this upgrade for my daughter's car. It has even better coverage with a rear facing camera and superior night vision. This should be standard equipment, in the future, on everyone's vehicle. You can plug-and-go using the included adapter, it even has a pass through to allow phone charging at the same time. Just remember to also purchase a Samsung Evo card to allow loop recording. And if you want to keep the camera active when the engine is off, you need a hard wiring kit or external battery. Overall, outstanding value for your dashboard camera needs.
Have been using the camera for a while now and it has worked out great. It was very easy to setup. The initial mount wasn't that great as it started to dangle and swivel freely, however, customer service was very responsive and sent out a new, updated mount. The new mount has a tension ring that allows me to adjust the angles and it holds it in place. Love the camera and highly recommend it! FYI, I primarily have it for ride sharing purposes.
The specs on this dash cam may be a bit lackluster considering the price you're paying but no matter the cost, it is a huge life saver if unfortunate events occur and you don't have evidence to back up your claims. Just like other reviewers over here, there seems to be a slight magenta filter on the rear-interior camera but you can still see everything around you. It may go to 1440p resolution as its max resolution if you disable the rear camera but in all honesty, FPS matters more than resolution so 1080p, 60fps is my preferred choice if you are not gonna use the rear view camera.For Uber / Lyft drivers, having a rear view camera is essential as things doesn't go as planned at times and you may need that footage to defend yourself against unruly customers.
diana kontselidze
Seems to be a very reliable dash cam! Been using for 2 months now!Got the N2 Pro on the front windowN1 Pro on the back windowBoth hooked up to a Cellink Neo Battery Pack under the front passenger side (using a cig splitter)PARKED 12 HRS OVERNIGHT RECORDS EVENTS WHILE IN PARKING MODE AND.....ONLY USED 50% BATTERYVANTRUE MAKES THE B E S T CAMERAS ON THE MARKET!!Note:On the N2 Pro I’m only recording front not the rear camera at a higher resolution and have the N1 Pro recording and events that take place in the rear of my 2017 Subaru CrosstrekTHE REAR OF THE CROSSTREK HAS PRIVACY GLASS IN THE BACK AND PLUS THE N1 Pro IS SMALLER IN SIZE... ITS VERY WELL HIDDEN!!
I enjoyed the camera overall mostly the parking santry mode although i had to buy the obd battery cable separately but still 5/5 for camera quality and picture quality perfect for my lyft driver job makes me feel safer
Francisco Salazar
It paid by itself when someone hit my car and was trying to deny what happened.
Amazon Customer
This camera is a wasting of money. Stop working after 3 months I contend the seller they cant even solve the problem. The camera switch off after 5 5 minutes
Ro Sal
Dashcam will appear to be recording but, whether or not it’s actually saving the footage is another question. I’ve struggled since I’ve gotten the cam about a year ago to get it to consistently record and loop over old footage while storing recent footage but it just doesn’t seem to want to do it. All it does is pretend to be recording new footage meanwhile all that’ll be saved is random old footage. I would not recommend this cam if you are looking for something reliable. I’d love to receive a refund for this product but I doubt they’d offer me one this far down the line.
Best dash cam on market! Just buy it!
Broke instantly in AZ. The internal battery does not hold a charge so the internal time is constantly resetting which overwrites old recordings at the time it reset to. What a mess.
G. McDuffie
We just purchased our third Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam. We wanted something to help in the event of an accident and we wanted to make sure OUR actions were captured as well. The rear-view feature also helps in situations where something happens behind you and you have that image on camera. In addition, it captures others who may drive your vehicle and do things you don't want them to. We captured a service technician rummaging through our car when he moved it. Thanks to our camera, he has been dealt with. Our cameras have been extremely helpful and have captured one accident and many near-misses. We have enjoyed the camera so much that we purchased a second for my wife's vehicle and then one for our motorhome.I highly recommend wiring this camera to be powered ALL the time. The "Parking mode" works great and captures images while you are parked. We haven't had any hit-n-run issues, but I have seen it capture vehicles as they drive by in the parking lot while the car is parked.It costs more than the bargain cameras, but it has the resolution and combined front/rear recording that you NEED to capture things when they go wrong.
Juan Varela
This camera works as expected. Easy to use and setup. All features works. Great for the price.
ron wallace
Quit working after just couple months of use
I'm a huge advocate of dashcams. Driving a vehicle is one of the biggest liabilities we do on a daily basis and in these days and times it can really protect you. That said this is the second Vantrue dashcam I've owned. I purchased my first a few years back and its still going strong producing great videos. As an Uber driver my personal safety is my biggest concern. Over the past few weeks using this camera I've felt like I have an additional safety mechanism in place. It also prevents "he said, she said" situations where many drivers have found themselves removed from the Uber platform. I will continue to use and recommend this dashcam. I was contacted by Vantrue to give my honest opinion of this particular camera. I will continue to use this model and look forward to all the new dashcams this company makes in the future.
This camera had been the lifeline to my rideshare. It works perfectly and is very discreet, yet slightly noticable to the owner. It is simple to operate, even without reading the manual. A MUST HAVE and perfect to protect yourself from theft and accidents.
Mao fuentes
Sure, yes it does record. BUT i cannot watch the files ANYWHERE except in the camera. I tried connecting it to the tv, no luck. put it in the computer no luck. It does read... 8 gbs used 9 gbs used etc... but it shows NO FILES available.
Amazon Customer
The camera is very good quality, the plastics feel good and not cheap, compared to other dash cams (even more pricey dash cams I've had).Image quality is very good, license plates and street signs are readable with no problem at day and night, traffic lights are also very visible at daytime.IR light of the rear (inner) camera is doing a great job showing the interior of the car at night and sound quality is not bad - conversations are easily understandable if you choose to record audio as well.Last firmware update has separated exposure compensation for each camera so when I set the rear cam to -1 I can easily see what's inside the vehicle and also what is happening in the rear end of the car perfectly.All and all - great product with great value for the price, easy to operate and can definitely save you if you are involved in an accident, if you're an Uber / taxi driver or when pulled over by the police.
Sergey Rozov
There is one simple reason to get a good camera for your car, that sooner or later you will need it and at that point you will be very happy you have this great camera. For me this occurred when I let a valet driver park my car. When I got back to the car, there was a scratch on it that didn't exist before. Of course the valet driver denied having caused it, but thanks for this camera I was able to prove that he caused it. Getting the scratch repaired ended up costing $1287 and the valet driver agreed to pay for the repair only after seeing the video from this camera clearly showing them causing the damage!Before buying this camera I was slightly concerned about paying so much for this camera, but I got to say that the video it records is much better than the $50 camera that it is replacing. The biggest difference between this camera and other cheaper alternatives is obvious when watching night driving videos. The cheaper camera will claim to have a night mode, but will have trouble reading the licence plate of a vehicle in front of you. With this camera I can clearly see the licence plate of the cars in front of me. For me it is the visibility at night that really sets this camera apart from other cameras. This camera has amazing night vision!Some tips:1. Update the firmware on the camera to the latest version, this fixes the reliability of the camera and improves the video quality! You can find the latest on the vantrue website.2. Remember to take off the sticker in front of the camera.3. Keep the audio recording turned on. This helped me prove an accident.4. The power cable is fairly long, this allows the cable to be hidden in the window molding. This makes for a much cleaner install.5. Remember to change the date format from DD/MM/YY to MM/DD/YY in the settings.In Summary: I am very glad to have purchased this camera and it has paid for itself with the first $1287 car scratch.
the good neighbor
This dash cam would be great for people driving rideshare services like uber or lyft because it can record from both front and rear camera which means it will record what's going on in front of your car, but also what's going on inside your car.Of course you have to disclose this to your passenger first to make sure they agree. This features can be turned off otherwise, but can be a good evidence if your passenger is messing your car, throwing up, and just being rude to you, etc2.In my use case, I only use the front facing camera however since I don't do the rideshare, but I can imagine how useful it will be if I decide to start doing rideshare in the future.On to the camera itself, the camera has a solid build, with a drable looking casing. I've accidentally dropped this camera when trying to install it, but as you can see in the picture, there is no crack on the screen or the camera lens. Setting up is very easy, if you want, you can do plug and play no problem, but I recommend checking the date settings to make sure the date is correct, and make sure you are using the pixel recording setting that you want.There are multiple recording settings, but the most usefu for me is 1920x1080@60fps.This dash cam actually can record at 2560x1440p but only at 30fps. And for recording, higher fps is actually important to make sure you can read license plates in case you got into accidents and other issues.In the posted video, you'll see that you can still see the license plate of the car passing by from my left. I've tried using the 1440p@30fps, and although the picture is clearer, the license plate get blurred because of the speed. so I would recommend people also using the 60fps at least.The downside of this camera is that if you're using dual front and rear facing camera, you will be stuck with 30fps which can be a problem, but at the same time, recording 1080p@60fps from both camera will require very high write speed which is possible, but be prepared to spend even more than what you would spend on this camera.The suction cup is a standard suction cup that will get weak when exposed to high temperature when your car is baked under the sun. I've seen the suction cup gave up when the outside temperature hits 90+F so know that this might happen. So if it's hot outside, I usually take off the dashcam off the suction cup so at least the camera wouldn't drop, then when I get back into the car, re-attach the suction cup to make sure it has good grip, and then re-attach the dashcam.The dashcam doesn't have internal battery unfortunately, so even though the camera has a built-in parking mode feature, I don't believe it will activate unless you connect an external power supply to ensure that even when your car is turned off, it can record in parking mode. But the plus is since it has small battery, it can withstand higher temperature in your car.TLDR,+ has dual camera (front and rear facing)+ can record 1080p @60fps+ has parking mode+ high temperature tolerance+ solid build- when in dual camera can only record at 30fps- small battery only for storing settings, so parking mode requires external power supply
Jeff Friend
This Vantrue dashcam exceeded my expectations. Easy to install, excellent quality images for both internal and external views, and audio is perfect and picks up even soft voices. Must-have for rideshare drivers or anybody who drives a lot. Definitely worth the reasonable price. Nice design and perfect size. Highly recommend.
John Layer
Nice size does not block view
Dong Shin
Really good camera, I was impressed with the video quality, I thought I will need a special SD card to make it work but I only ordered a cheap one from Ali express and worked like a charm, Having a dash cam need to be in every car it’s really a must and this brand make it easy for me. I will buy it in future as a gift for sure.
Jeff lashmett
Instructions hard to understand said the button would blink red when charging it does not. It just stays on. They replaced the first one and the new one is working well. They need to go over the instructions. A good idea for this company would be have someone actually do a start to finish on the product using the instruction and they would see the problem with the instructions. I Ugraded my rating to 4 stars because the product works well.
Paid a lot more from amazon, camera is so so , not very clear not very detail , for sure this is not HD quality , maybe 480 max even tho I select 4K single front camera recording , the quality of video is ok but 100% NOT clear clear clear , still burry
Rod Glodoviza
I like almost everything that it offers! I love the video quality the most. Easy to use. Customizable with other accessories. The only thing I don’t like is you have to press a button in the camera when you have to lock a footage which is a lot when you’re driving at the same time. But overall could have been perfect but still it’s the best dash cam so far.
I owned its predecessor, the N2. Had been happy with it. Got a new car and gave my old car to my son so need a new dashcam. Got this one for my new car. The new model has improved the resolution. Very happy with it.
Product has high quality video, front and rear, with high framerates available. Product integration with GPS base is nice.Product broke after 1 year - menu button no longer functions (except to beep). Internal battery no longer charges. Camera no longer records.*edit*After diagnostics with Vantrue Support, I shipped the product back to them and they shipped me a new camera, GPS base, and cabling. After a week, everything seems to work so far! Review updated from 1-->4 stars.
Hoang V Le
This is an awesome dash cam. I've been using Vantrue dash cams for a few years now and they are incredible. The great thing about the N2 and N2 Pro is that they are able to record simultaneously the front facing camera and also the rear facing cabin camera. The picture quality is very good both day and nighttime (has nightvision). The wide angle lenses enable excellent vision. It has a built in microphone that does a great job picking up audio in the cabin. The N2 supports up to 64GB and the N2 Pro can accommodate 128GB.I really like the design as it looks really sleek and unobtrusive in the vehicle. The unit has a small color display for going through menu options or replaying video. It has a built-in battery that allows it to operate for a limited time after power is cut off. The included power adapter is plenty long, allowing easy hidden wire runs along the trim up to the windshield (I have a truck and have cable length to spare). For the times I've had to contact support and customer service (via email) they've always been very responsive and resolved my concerns. I've purchased several units as gifts for family. If you're on the fence, I would definitely recommend the N2 Pro!
First dashcam bought in the states
Jerry Sumral
Excellent works very well the sharpest picture that I have ever seen from an dash Cam
Gabriel Highley
This dash cam has been amazing. I bough it because Im a bounty hunter and its nice to have video recording behind me incase something happens ect. The picture quality is by far better than any dash cam I have used yet. As you can see in the pictures the night vision is great and you can even see vehicles in the back windshield. I recommend this for anyone and everyone!!
I had a hard time figuring where to put the power adapter because it is covered by a flap that I didn't know was there. I am not one for instructions though. Any ways once up it stays secure. clear video display of road in color and rear in B+W. MAybe that can be changed in setup somewhere. The main thing here is it stays up very secure and video quality is great. There is more than enough wire on the power cord to tuck it and reach a power source on even a big car. I have not tried night vision yet. When I do I will update. I will also update with a picture and video
poor build qualitydead after 2 month
Great product overall. Camera need an upgrade, video shows items another color .
So I've been using this camera for a few days and can't really say anything negative about it from a camera and features standpoint. I use it to record the outside front view, and inside cabin view. I also have a separate camera (Vantrue Pro Mini (Link below) in the rear which you can see in the video which records the outside rear view.What I love about this camera is that it allows you to use the front facing camera only (for 1440P resolution), or if you want you can use the front and cabin cameras (1080P for both cameras). Though the resolution does go down just slightly, having the inside and outside views are awesome. Both cameras also record audio but that feature is able to be turned off if you want. If you want to have GPS and speed you can also buy an additional GPS mount (link below)The only downfall I really have is that when want to view your files on the computer it has two separate videos per video file (one for front facing, one for cabin). It's not really much of an issue as there are tons of free programs to merge them together if needed for anything.IN THE BOX:- User Manual- Camera- USB car chargerPROS:- Features- Dual Camera- Optional single camera use- Optional audio- Optional GPSCONS- Video recorded from each camera as separate files- GPS unit not includedVantrue N1 Pro Mini- N2 PRO GPS suction mount: (
I bought this dashcam and i was so happy with it but this what happened the mount dose not stay on windshield whether hot or cold keeps falling I called the company they send me another one but same problem dose not stay on windshield plus too much blue color in video no wifi, and no battery, camera turns on with ignition if you turn the ignition off dashcam will turn off no bluetooth night vision sucks finally the camera falls on my coffee cup and the coffee everywhere in my car now the dashcam turns on and off by it self it's really painful when you buy dashcam that cost you all this problems and I thought well I should put my experience with this dashcam that paid $200 to use it as tool in my car that maybe will be useful but turns out painful experience and if someone like to have it please let me know so I can ship it to your address on my expense.
Don U in Big Sky Country
I am a prior owner of a Vantrue N2 -- and only recently upgraded to the N2 Pro. Why?The new enhanced night-vision for the second (in-cabin) view camera was my primary motivator.Pros:1. Small form factor, easily removeable from the mount (pinch release lever and slide off), and super light weight. Can literally be carried in a jacket pocket or purse if you don't wish to leave it in the vehicle.2. Ability to swivel. Unlike dashcams that are attached with adhesive, this camera can be swiveled to capture an event in more detail. Can even swivel enough to capture -- for example -- your interaction with a police officer or highway patrol. Allowing you to have full audio and visual documentation of the situation.3. I like that a GPS module can be added without bulking up the device and that the add-on is reasonably priced. (I added GPS.)4. I like that the dashcam can be hard-wired into your electrical system (separate reasonably priced kit). This keeps your 'cigarette' lighter port available for other uses. (I hard-wired mine.)5. I like that I can select what details are "stamped" onto the recordings. Audio can be toggled. If you have the GPS option, you can add those coordinates. Date and time of course, and even 9-characters for vehicle ID such as plate number or fleet ID.6. I like the disturbance recording also and you can set the sensitivity level. This feature wakes up the camera and records disturbances without constantly draining your vehicle battery.7. I like that the micro-SD card slot is easy to get to. I can swap the micro-SD card without unmounting the dashcam.8. I like that the VanTrue product has never once failed to operate. Through minus-40 in Montana to over 120 interior temps when the vehicle is in the work parking lot in the summer. NO FAILURES.Cons:In all honesty, I have yet to discover anything about the VanTrue N2 or the N2 Pro that has caused me to react with negativity.When I first added a dashcam to my vehicle two years ago, my friends thought I was nuts. But when it comes to protecting your asset and protecting yourself from liability or false claims, a dashcam can easily pay for itself the first time you use the images in your own defense.For all the features that you are getting with the VanTrue N2 Pro -- the price point is very fair and I recommend the N2 Pro or any of the quality VanTrue products to all my friends and family.
Gillespie Photography
I've always been on the fence with dash cams. I don't have a long daily commute or consider myself much of a driver. There have been several occasions, probably two or three times in the last year that I've wished I had some video from. Two near accidents and one mountain lion crossing the road.After researching units, I finally decided on the N2 Pro. I wanted something with at least 1080 and that would be easily added to my Highlander. The standard USB port on the cam allowed me to use an extended USB cable and run it through some paneling. It now auto powers on it the vehicle and doesnt have an ugly cord hanging.Grabbing the videos from the unit couldn't be easier. They immediately open on my PC. Nothing worth having recorded has happened yet, but when it does, it will be easy to transfer and utilize (authorities or insurance).Now to the biggest feature that I thought I didn't need... the inside cam. I didn't think it would be useful, but it reminds me to keep my eyes on the road. The last thing I want is to be in a wreck only to show that I wasn't paying attention. Knowing that I'm on record helps keep me accountable more than I thought it would.I've now been using it for two weeks, I'm hooked. I'll be adding one to the wifes car too. Having video proof to be not at fault is worth the cost over and over.As for the small features it does well...Pros:Night vision (does really well in darkness. Dont even know how)Wide angle (even with it mounted on my left, it grabs the passenger.)Video format is standard.Quality is awesome. I use 1080 for inside/outside. I did test the 60fps which is insane for really getting detail.Responsive & fast to use.Mount has a charge port and is easy to position.Battery (although I dont use it much after running a cord. Guess it helps with park mode)LCD is cool. Didn't think it would be a must, but its a reminder that I'm on camera as the driver.Cons:Buttons are tiny, but still respond well.Mount feels a little cheap, but has not failed in the first 2 weeks. I don't imagine it lasting years on years though.The LCD could be a little larger.With those being said, they aren't enough to knock a star off. If I could give Vantrue some feedback, it would be to use some high quality plastic on the mount, similar to the unit.
Pedro valdez
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Amazon Customer
Have had this for less than a year in his quit working.
Talal Malki
It's works great I love it very high quality videos from both the front and the back easy to use fully automatic it starts as soon as I turn on my car and it stops as soon as I turn off my car the memory card is easy to pull in and out and so far I'm very happy with it.
T. Stephen
I've been using this camera for a little over a year and it's really a perfect solution. The forward camera quality is unmatched, and the night vision performance of the rearward camera is truly amazing. I was able to capture an image of an unruly passenger and submitted it to Lyft for investigation. Definitely buy the GPS mount--the ability to display speed and location can come in handy.
It's exactly what I wanted. Not using the cabin cam, but forward cam is excellent.
Antonio Rivera
I like this camera, but when you need it does not work. It constantly turn off.I bought a second one for another try, but it has the same problem.Do not buy it.
Ursu Denys
The camera is way overpriced. And a mount for it is a total garbage; how could you make a $200 camera with such a garbage mount? When it’s 80 outside, and a glass heats up the mount(and the camera) just falls off. I imagine if the car gets hit, the camera will just fall off and not gona capture anything.