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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Bought this for my dad back in November who Ubers on his free time. He absolutely loves the simple and clean look of the camera, and how it records both inside the cabin and the road outside. I didn't rate the sound quality because we didn't check for it when I was reviewing through clips (forgot to unmute the computer).Some things to note:- Some SD cards will need to be reformatted. It's super easy to reformat using the directions it comes with. It was interesting because my dad bought a set of two 128GB SD cards and only one had to be reformatted.- One thing that I like is that you can opt to have it on a continual loop. It's not a default setting, but again- directions are very clear. I like how you can choose between 1, 3, and 5 minute clips. (It deletes the oldest clip before recording a new one in chunks of 1, 3, or 5 minutes).So far no complaints and it has been a little over 3 months. Will update review in the future if anything changes.
Fernanda Pires
I have been in several accidents over the years. In each and everyone the other party blamed me, even when at fault. In 3 accidents my GoPro video (on motorcycle) proved my innocence alone. Once was in the Phillipines and i was hit by an ex government official. The police automatically took his side and were looking forward to making me pay. I copied the video, sent it to a friend and then showed it to the police and the entire tone changed. This guy had to pay me and he was pissed off about it. He even attempted to have amnesia! haha. He had to pay up.So far no accidents with this camera.Unfortunately my truck was broken into and back pack stolen. The camera was able to get the license plate of the car on video and the face (although not great quality) in the video. I was able to share this with the police and hopefully they will make use of it. Although i dont have high hopes.The moral is, this is very useful to have. You should NEVER drive any vehicle without video protection at this point. There are so many unexpected reasons that you can use this video to protect yourself.One thing i dont like is that the video format doesnt get along with my dropbox and it wont sync the videos. So i have to just download them. I can probably change this, but i havent tried. :)Get the camera. Mine is set to run 24/7 with a 256gb card in it.
Dash cam is on point and seems to be holding up quite well. I am however bitter on the fact that as of today (03/02/19) the camera is $50 cheaper than when I bought it last week. Don't wanna go thru the hassle of returning and repurchasing, I wish Amazon would offer some kind of purchase protection.
Tech Addict
This dash cam will get the job done and has some great features but at it's price without motion detection and wifi to access the video it's overpriced. I returned it and have not had a dash cam since...the market is full of ok products that just miss the mark for me. Infrared is FANTASTIC and everyone should adopt that.
Works great. No issues yet
The joint in the mount became loose after around 6-9 months. It worked fine when it worked but sadly my opinion is colored by the fact that it died a couple of weeks out of warranty. I'm not left with a good impression of the build quality.
Quality of the video is very good - a little blue - but seems to capture really high resolution. I was looking at other cameras- and it can get exhausting - really exhaustingThis kind of keeps it simple, and with the cheap sd cards on Amazon, you cannot go wrong. Just record the road in front of me, and if I need to get the video I can plug it in to my mac.If it continues to hold up- it should be a great value - even if I only got a year or two I would be cool with that
Michael Stewart Fuglie
I've had a couple other dash cameras and like this one best. Records the road ahead of you and inside the cab of my truck. Not much maintenance just set it up and forget about it. Just reformat the SD card every few weeks and it will last. Makes good quality video daytime and night. I have nothing negative to say about it.
Lori L. Williams
After two failed efforts of buying cheap dash cams that didn't cut it, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a decent one. My research led me to the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam. I wanted it as I was about to embark on a 900+ mile round trip to Canada through snow storms and I wanted the security of having a decent dash cam just in case I was involved in an accident. Well, I encountered plenty of snow and ice, but thankfully no accidents, but if I had, I know the dash cam had me covered. The playback quality was excellent, and there were no issues whatsoever with the recordings. I did find more than expected 'protected' recordings i.e. where the dash cam detected a potential incident, but not so that it was a problem, and I figure I'd rather find too many of them than it not be sensitive enough to detect a valid incident. Based on this experience, I highly recommend this product.
Had a problem with the internal battery - would lose the date/time setting. Customer service rapidly replaced the unit. It works great.
Does everything I need it to do and picture and sound during playback is pretty good. I'm sure one day this will save me from an insurance claim against me. I also hardwired it which I recommend getting the kit that they sell separately. I will be buying the gps for it to see if that works well.
William Kitchens
This is an absolute necessity in the world today! Read the easy manual and you’ll be up and running in a few minutes!HD video both driver view and cockpit perspective... Night mode auto and manual switching for interior recording!
I’m using this for quite long time. Never had any issues. After I put 65GB It’s re-recordingSounds quality, Pictures qualities perfect.But only one thing that I have to check the date and times every days to make sure it’s correct. So if you’re taxi, Uber or Lyft driver I recommend this product.
Pakeerathan Subramaniam
Have not received any negative comments from uber/lyft passengers. Everyone loved the idea of having a dual dash cam and many even feel safer when they see it. Recommended for every partner driver out there. Make sure you check local and state laws regarding the recording of other people even if it is in your own car.
Matt D
Been using this dash cam for a few days and I'm quite impressed with the video/audio quality and easy of use. It's a great little camera for the price.
Excellent compact car camara. It looks prefect on my SUV. Easy to mount and install with in 30 minutes with additional accessories power supply extension that i purchased for the device. No need to cut any wires, just plug and play!
Josh M.
I've had this camera since June of 2018. It's been less than a year and this is the third time I've noticed two issues. First the date isn't being keep and the vehicle it's been used in is driving almost everyday. It's hardwired into a fuse that turns on with the car. So it's getting power no issues.The second worse issue is the camera won't loop correctly. I've updated the firmware to the latest version to date. It seems like some logic error with the software. Here's what it does. Makes recordings every 5 minutes and fills the mirco sd card. Then on the last recording it loops only that one instead of all the recordings. So I had recordings from 2 months ago. Here's and example. Video 1-10 then loop video 10 over and over. Very annoying if you go on a trip forget to hit the lock button and the last recoding you have is five minutes before you got home!I'll be looking for alternatives soon which is unfortunate I really wanted to enjoy this unit but this issue keeps happening and I've missed 3 big trips I won't be able to redo anytime soon.Update 2021:.......Okay so software updates didn't help I finally got a replacements back in 2019 when it was still under warranty. That replacement lasted just over a year or so. And started doing the exact same thing. Turns out vantrue knows about the issue. It's the built in battery. It dies then resets the date so it keeps overriding the same files over and over when you start the car. I though oh okay I'll just wire it to always have power even when the car is off. This has proven to help but the camera still randomly decides to turn off or crash and I have to turn it back on. Rather disappointing my daughter now needs a camera thought about going with the newer vantrue that uses the super capacitors instead of a battery. At least vantrue realized it was a mistake and fixed it with the new version though I wish they had just refunded me now I'm stuck with an expensive pos that I can't trust to be reliable.
ray felix
Have been very satisfied with this purchase
I drive for uber and lyft part time and work a full time job. well, I don't have to explain to ya'll the necessity of having a camera in your car for that one @$$hole either inside the car or OUTSIDE who could potentially ruin your day/week/month, IN SOUTH WEST FLORIDA of all places. I am an hour drive from Miami city Limits and lemme tell ya the amount of crazy reckless drivers out here on the road, ya'll better get some sort of protection.either with a car accident, or vomiting in the car, or just damage overall.This camera by default is set to record DUAL front, and back (2 videos, either every 1, 3, or 5 minutes). the video of outside, and video of inside, are two separate videos.I got a 256 GB card to go with this. I am very satisfied, the quality is so HD that I can pause the video as I am driving by mailboxes in broad daylight and read the numbers on mailboxes.The IR inside the car is so fine tuned that even with little to no ambient light you can see the faces inside the vehicle.Either for ridesharing, or just buying this camera and hardwiring it to your battery for extra "protection" for those hit and run jerk offs, this camera is for you. rest assured while you sleep and never fear about being hit again.
I installed this camera in my wife’s vehicle and in my Service truck. It came in very handy when my wife became the the victim of a hit and run accident. She was able to follow the perpetrator and record their vehicle up to the time where they ran a red light and made an illegal u-turn. The video quality was great. Downloading the video to my laptop was a breeze. We took that video to the Highway Patrol. So glad yo have the camera. I strongly believe that the video evidence and our presentation of it to the Highway Patrol was a factor for the reason that had no problem with our insurance claim.
Andy White
Tj O'quinn
Unit defective. It says the sd card is full when it is not, says it is empty when it is full, I cannot see the files it stores due to a "sd card read error" and it often stops recording randomly and gives me a "format sd card". Very difficult to insert the sd card into the slot and it often gets stuck. I have tried formatting the card many times, I have followed the instructions, and the camera simply won't do what it is designed to do; record video and save it to the sd card. I'm very disappointed.See update below. Problems solved.
Amazon Customer
Clear wide angle. purchased to not get scammed.
Amazon Customer
I have had this produce for 30 days now and still love it!. Purchased this products for myself and husband, very clear picture during day and night, have multi language choice with instruction, when you install to your vehicle than this camera do the all jobs for you. It's small, easy to install,
Jack Temple
After looking at all the other options that are out there to purchase in a Dash cam, I heard about the N2Pro from another user on YouTube. Considering all the reviews, ease of use, ease of instillation, I decided on the VanTrue N2 Pro. It was as easy as they said as far as the instillation goes and the set up was a piece of cake. The Vantrue N2 Pro comes packaged very well, with plenty of explanation of the directions. The camera itself is well designed to have the slightest profile. it's easily hid behind my rear-view mirror. All in all, I give this product a 5 star rating and recommend it highly.
mario perales
Love this dash cam. Only thing I didn't like is at night the inside cam dose not capture the inside of my car in full.
10 stars if I could!!!! I am a full time Uber and lyft driver and went through 3 different dash cams before I was finally happy with one. This product is a MUST have for people that want good quality day vision and night time vision.I got the 128 gb memory card and works flawlessly and saves a lot of videos for my protection against false accusations. I went through all the videos and the quality was excellent for the product and the price!Why spend $300-700 on something else when this dash cam works awesome! Don’t have any complaints at all!Also remember to do the 18 month warranty, and the customer service was excellent! Messaged them on Facebook and they were super easy to talk to and they care about their customers!10 stars!!!
Linda Rios Thomas
Easy to set up. Great video outside.Inside night view is top quality.
malfunction after a few months
Product received as ordered. Easy to install. Hard wired to my Tacoma and it works great.
David W. Heck
Essential piece of equipment for driving Lyft. This rig is the best for it`s price point.
Amazon Customer
It's been over 6 months and this dash cam has been really good with recording in the daytime and at night. The details are easy to see catch in the daytime like license plate numbers. But not so good at night because the lights that reflect off of surfaces and make everything glare.I've used for a couple of accidents in the day and night that occurred to other people and I have given them a copy of the video. And the indoor cam has also recorded well in the daytime and nighttime. Solid 5 out of 5. Would recommend.
Daniel F. Stinson Sr.
But I haven't used it yet. I just hope the five stars makes it work well for me.
R Smith
It's a decent camera, don't think it's worth $200. You can't read a license plate unless your up close to a car, and if you are trying to read a license plate at night, don't plan on it unless their brake lights are off. Everything becomes a blur when a light appears on the camera. The mount that comes with it is horrible. It does not support the weight of the camera and constantly fell off my window. I thought maybe I got a defected suction cup, bought the GPS mount too and it had the same problem! Ended up having to buy the mirror mount. Overall, it's decent but you should look at all your options before spending a little extra on a camera like this.
Great customer service. Camera has good resolution during the day and okay at night. Parking mode is a blessing just make sure you get a big enough SD Card.
I had no issues regarding anything. Product works very well, plug and play set up.
Brilliant device,however I can't figure how to keep it on automatically while driving....shuts off after 3 minutes....Please advise
Product quality, support, and warranty are critical to customer satisfaction and the measure of performance:VanTrue np 2 pro; second to none.Support; friendly, timely, intelligent, knowledgeable, personalized.Warranty; 18 months, had an issue 15 months in, contacted support, followed simple instructions, replacement in four days.Doesn’t get any better than that!
Sandra Su
UPDATED!:Reached out to Seller and Sandy sent me a new charger, it works amazing! LOVE IT!thanks Sandy for making it right! -sorry for the late update!the Camera works great, just as it should be, so far i have been using it every time i drive out, no problem, works fine.I was very excited to try this dash cam, after so many research, even persuaded my sister to buy it and get one for our father. She did ended up purchasing two dash cams and i got one my self. now, i'm truly upset that the car charger head doesn't fit to car charger in my equinox. I was pushing it into the car charger adapter, but it never fit no matter how i tried to fit it to the charger. i found out later on that the metal part on the side is broken (can't be push in) and block the charger into the car adapter. so upset, i bought it from vantrue and they got me a defective product. Vantrue please make this right?! i can buy a new car charger, but it defeats the purpose of buying it from the initial company for original parts. and my sister hasn't even open hers, and now she wonders if she should just return both dash cams.
I’ve been in the market shopping for different dash cams I then came across this one after watching a few videos on it. This camera here is amazing, great quality both inside camera and outside camera, great size, I like how the screen doesn’t need to stay on while the camera is recording. I would recommend this product.
Shorinji Kempo
Sorry this camera didn't work at all... The buttons didn't work, too many menus to follow. Direct wiring to battery for the parking mode recording is excellent but after 1 week of not driving the car, the camera drained our car battery!!! Very frustrated with this $200 Camera and $30 on the install wiring kit. The online reviews all seemed to be good, but maybe I just got a lemon... After 2-3 weeks of using it I gave up trying to figure out what was wrong with it. Sorry for the bad review.
Good products, works wall as it should
John K.
Bought a N2 Pro back in Nov.2017 and I’m still very happy of the product. In addition, bought a regular N2 (non Pro) for my second car. One issue I had was the GPS mounts were both too loose, a design issue. I contacted support, they sent me the upgraded GPS mounts free of charge, now both dash cams are tight and not moving, problem fixed. I’m very happy of the products, the support, and reliability.
This dashcam was definitely worth the money spent on it. The video and audio qualoty on it are just what I was hoping for plus theIR mode records the i terior perfectly at night having the gps mount is also good to have the speed information in the video.
Gary Lewis
I received the item 3 days early so very pleased off the bat, then I formatted the 128gb card in the Vatrue N2 Pro and its worked just like it should. Both videos for the road and inside the true is very clear and sound is very good and yeah I love hearing how my truck sounds!! I am very pleased with this cam and I am excited to hit the road and record my adventures. Its well worth the money and you will not be disappointed!!
Pedro Calderón
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Pressley Lorbacher
I would like to start out stating when the camera is working properly it definitely rates a 5 star. However, if issues arise with the camera good luck. After 3 months of owning the camera the night vision went out. The loop recording would only record 9 second intervals. 2 weeks and 7-8 emails later I finally got the issues corrected. The support person started asking for the same information I had sent to them. It was like they were stalling to correct the issues. They stated the camera would work with a 128 -256 GB SD card, however the only way I could get it to function properly was by using 64 GB SD card. My advice to anyone buying the camera ask them to include the SD card they recommend so if issues arise they can't blame the SD card or if you are concerned about support do not buy it.
Gary Lewis
I received the item 3 days early so very pleased off the bat, then I formatted the 128gb card in the Vatrue N2 Pro and its worked just like it should. Both videos for the road and inside the true is very clear and sound is very good and yeah I love hearing how my truck sounds!! I am very pleased with this cam and I am excited to hit the road and record my adventures. Its well worth the money and you will not be disappointed!!
This dash cam is a bit pricey but it is totally worth the price. The picture quality is absolutely beautiful and if you every needed to use it in court, there would be no questioning what is happening in the clear and crisp video. We have had no problems with this dash cam
I purchased this dual camera when I began driving for Uber and Lyft to ensure that I am able to capture video of both the road and of the passengers that ride in my car. I added a 32 GB memory card to the camera and I am hoping that will be enough to record everything from at least one (part time) day of work. Having the camera installed provides me with comfort because I feel as though passengers are less likely to do anything that is considered "wrong" when they see that a camera is watching them. I also want to be able to document any accidents that may occur while working for ride share services or while driving in general. I viewed the videos by attaching the camera to my computers USB port. Viewing the videos was as easy as selecting the drive and clicking on the DCIM folder. The videos are of a great quality and would be great if needed for an "incident". When attempting to view the videos, you do not have to remove all of the wires in the car, as you can easily unsnap the camera from the mount and take the camera with you. Removal could also work well in instances where you choose not the leave your camera in your car.Overall, this is a great camera that I highly recommend. It is only February but I am already thinking about purchasing a couple of these and giving them to family members as Christmas gifts (although I am sure there will be an upgrade by then).
pam klobnak
Love this camera. Dual displays are great. It’s good to have a record of your drive time.
Joe M.
Great little camera. Easy to install and use. Compact. Sturdy support that sticks well to the windshield.
Kristie R.
I love the minimum windshield real estate that the camera takes for the picture and sound quality of two cameras. It's very easy to mount and adjust, and setup was a breeze. It actually came with a full color picture instruction book! I highly recommend this camera for anyone wanting a good quality product that has loads of features. Definitely worth the money.
Kindle Customer
I have owned a few dash cams before The Vantrue N2 Pro and none compare to this one. The Vantrue N2 Pro is made with exceptional craftsmanship and quality. The video quality as well as the audio quality are excellent. Easy setup. Thank You Vantrue!
I do not work nor am I getting paid for this review but Vantrue, they have the greatest customer service and warranty. I had a minor issue with the unit and it was still under warranty and not only did they went above and beyond on trying to help me resolved the issue. They sent me a replacement unit and I receive it in 2 business days. The quality of this camera is outstanding when it comes to the image of the video and still images. I have used it for over 7 months and works like a champ. The night vision sensors for capturing images during the night is outstanding quality for a camera this size. It does everything it claim to do as it should. With the GPS option mount lots of information can be used if needed for court like speed, location and other information. I can not say enough about how good this camera is. There are a lot in the market and I have tried out many, this is top in my opinion for the price you pay its worth every penny. I love it so much I have it in both of my cars. Thank You Vantrue ( Wendy ) for taking the time to take care of a customer and being so I do not work nor getting paid for this review but this they have the greatest customer service warranty. I had a minor issue with the unit and it was still under warranty and not only did they went above and beyond I trying to help me resolved the issue. They sent me a replacement unit and I receive it in 2 business days. The quality of this camera is outstanding when it comes to the image of the video and still images. I have used it for over 7 months and works like a champ. The night vision sensors for capturing images during the night is outstanding quality for a camera this size. It does everything it claim to do as it should. Thank you Vantrue ( Wendy ) for your outstanding customer service. Your company and your products speaks for itself. Looking forward to more great products from your company.....
Eric J.
I don't Uber or Lyft but I wanted something that would film out the rear window also, without having to install a second camera, and this does a pretty good job. Not perfect, but it's about as good as I can ask for. This is my first dash camera, so I have no other comparison, but I'm really happy with the video on this camera and it's pretty easy to use. I wish I could find some kind of lense to put on the rear facing camera to get a better view out the rear window instead of focusing on the interior of the car. It feels like a quality product, and I feel that says a lot considering some of the options out there. When I first got it, it didn't pick up sound. I don't remember changing any settings and it started working and I haven't had any issues since.
I am very pleased with my Dash Cam!One of the items I purchased with my Dash Cam was a Vantrue 10ft Mini USB 12V-24V to 5V Dash Cam Hardwire Kit with Mini/ACS/ATO/Micro2 Add a Circuit Fuse Holders, Low Voltage Protection for Vantrue N2 P [Electronics]. It was defective. I contacted customer support and the kit was replaced without issue. My Dash Cam is now installed and working great. I love it!
Jill A. Graham
Use in my personal vehicle. Works very well.
I have not installed this yet. I'm going to purchase the wiring kit to connect it to my battery. It looks good though sitting on my desk, compact and not obtrusive looking.
I bought two of these, two mirror mounts, and two SD cards during some Black Friday or After Christmas sale. Cabling inside of a Prius was very painless. Just Youtube for a video--there are apparently enough gaps in a Prius to tuck away the USB cable connecting a dash cam to the cigarette lighter port without using any additional tools.Anyways, just one note of caution to any impulsive purchasers like me. The cabin cam is great. It captures a heck of a lot of detail inside of your vehicle even at night time. But the cabin cam footage at night time doesn't look too useful to me in the event of being involved in an incident at night time. And by that, I mean vehicle to vehicle incident. My windows have a medium tint applied to them, and I mostly only see lit up objects outside of my vehicle. So just the headlights of the vehicle behind me.Someday, when I get around to installing this my second cam in my other, un-tinted vehicle I might edit this review with my experience in that ride.
Shereelynn Robles-Brown
This is an awesome camera
Angel castillo Martinez
Ray Molina
This product is perfect for my intended use. Camera quality is great, day or night. In cabin camera and audio is the best I've seem. This camera is well worth the cost and a good protection investment
Super easy to use. Works straight out of the box. Captured an accident few car lengths in front of us. Helped a fellow driver with his accident showing he wasn't at fault. Only con is the cabin picture has a blue /purple guys to it.
I've been using this camera for about 2 months and have had no problems with it so far. The instructions are easy to follow. I had my camera mounted in about 3 minutes. The setup took about 10 minutes. I was using a 32gb card and it allowed for several hours of recording at 1080p on both cameras. You can opt to record with just the front camera or both cameras. You can also choose 1080p or 720p recording. I ended up replacing the 32gb card with a 128gb card. It took about 30 seconds to reformat the card. Now I get many more hours of recording. The interior camera's "night visio" isn't perfect but it's better than nothing and works better than many of the other cameras. You can't use the GPS mode unless you buy a special adapter mount for this camera. The cost is a little high, but I bought it on sale for $50 off the normal price. Other than those two last things, I have no complaints about this camera.*Update*I'm going on 2 years with this camera and it is still working great.
Amazon Customer
Using it for last six months. so far no problem.
kamalesh p.
Great camera and great price. Perfect for recording in case of accidents and great for Uber and Lyft drivers.
Amazon Customer
I researched dash cams for a while and after reading many reviews and watching video reviews on various cameras and features, I decided to purchase this Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Camera. I'm very happy with the product so far. It was easy to set up and get it working in just a few minutes. I purchased the optional Vantrue GPS Receiver Suction Cup Mount because I wanted the additional GPS features. The GPS Mount is very easy to use and is well worth the little extra money. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the quality and performance of the camera and mount. Front and rear (interior) video and audio quality are extremely good and the GPS data appears to be very accurate. I'm still learning how to use all the features but things like 24 Hour Parking Mode with Motion Detection, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, High Resolution, Lens Recording Angles, Infrared Night Vision for the Interior Camera, Support for Up To 256GB microSD Cards, and a decent Warranty were all deciding factors for purchasing this camera and mount.
Amazon Customer
This is perfect for me. I drive for Uber and Lyft and this camera works great.
George Rosas
Sound and picture are great!Great for uber or lyftDont forget to get the GPS adapter and Hardwire kitMoney well spent
Camilo Gutierrez
Excellent video quality and feels rock solid. I recommend to buy the cable kit, more discreet.Update May 26 2019:The support of this device can't be better. For my the best experience in video quality and support after the purchase.
my n2 pro last for only 5 month and the battery is bad and reaching vantrue support is the worst
Overall it's a pretty good dash cam, besides de mount, it became all loose after a couple weeks of usage
Bill Dalby
This is my second dash cam which is step up from my first one. I haven't had a chance to experience all the features of this cam yet, but setup and install was easy. Tucking the power cord in and around the windshield frame was the only challenge for me. I'll submit more review as I use it more.
Fasil Admasu
One of the best dash cams on the market. Great night vision.
Eric Anderson
Within 3 minutes dashcam was hung wired(12v plug) and memory card installed and formatted. Was surprised at both front and rear picture quality. While talking at normal level can]mera recorded every word. I will recommend this dashcam to everyone.
I purchased this product because of a good reviews and for its dual cam. I drive uber and lyft and need this kind of camera for my protection. I received the device on February 3 2019 and was excited to try it. After charging the device for 4 hours or so i installed it and take ut for a ride. After 40 minutes of driving the Unit died out on me, This while its charging the whole time on my cigarette charger. I was disappointed and called Amazon customers service and told them about it, the send me another one and was hoping the first one was just defective. But it has the same problem as the first one couldn't hold the charge even i connected the cable in my cigarette charger the whole time. So i end up returning both of them and now im back of searching a better one that can do the job done.
Emran Hossain
I do use on my car is nice picture quality and sound
Great product I love it
George Johnson
Doesnt work. Hard to install and when very cold big problem to start, picture quality not 1296p, regular fullhd
Miguel Concepcion
My car. Make it that you don't need to convert your micro sd card to 32fat.
Vera Moroz
I spend so much money and expected to have best product....i got very doesn't work at all
So we never though about having a dash cam in over 13 years of driving daily; until I was in a car accident. I wish I would have had this that day, I would have definitely have the evidence needed to prove the other person was in the complete wrong. This camera is just wonderful . It is easy to set up and the quality of it is just amazing. Night vision is perfect and I have captured so may drivers doing idiotic things! It's amazing what you can capture on this. Just buy the correct SD card and you are ready to go. Please do not hesitate to purchase this, you think you might never need it until you really do. Thank you so much!
After a few months of use, this device no longer correctly loop records. When the SD card is full, it just stops recording regardless of the settings.I was unable to retrieve an incident since it had stopped recording once full and I have lost all confidence in this unit and I am disgusted at how much I paid for it.
Noel B. Curry
So my first review was flagged and removed for some reason...let's try this again.Amazon suggests buying a 128gb micro SD with this I did. Problem is, this camera is set up to only use SD cards that are 32gb or LESS and that are formatted in FAT32 format (which means any memory more than 32gb is wasted). If you bought an SD card that is more than 32gb then you have to reformat it to FAT32 before the camera will recognize it. And if you use Mac (which I do) - you are out of luck! Because Mac will not reformat to FAT32 - you have to use a PC to do that.Now, there is one thing though - there was a firmware update last year in November that will allow the cameras to recognize 128gb and 256gb cards. You "simply" download the firmware, insert the SD card into the camera, plug the camera into your computer and then move that firmware file onto the SD card...then unplug the camera from your computer and then plug it into the wall and let it update. Problem is - when I plug it into my mac, it doesn't recognize the new memory will if I slide the SD card directly into my mac but not when I'm doing it via the camera. I don't know if this is because it's not playing nice in the sandbox with Apple or because I've already tried reformatting the SD card with what was available to me on my mac so now it's just completely unrecognizable. So I figured I'd just put the firmware directly onto the SD card and it did recognize it - no issues. And then I put the firmware onto the SD card and took it out and put it into the camera. Same issue as I've had all afternooon - it doesn't recognize it and it didn't update the firmware.I didn't buy a dashcam - I bought a daggum science project and hours and hours of homework. Why can't I just spend $200 on a camera and another 30 on a memory card and have this garbage work right out of the box? This REALLY isn't that much to's really daggum reasonable, actually.Don't buy this unless you are very tech savvy. And have PC products in your home. Or, better yet, just don't buy this product.***Update - I had to buy a 32gb card from WalMart and I used that to download the firmware onto. Then I put that into the camera and it was able to read it and update the firmware. The problem was - there was no indication from the camera that it just beeped and turned off ( just like it naturally does when left on - it times out). But then I put the 256gb card in and got the error message that it wasn't recognized but that wasn't an issue - I hit the "menu" button and went into the system and there is an option to reformat the disk that is in there. Once it was finished, I took it out and put it back into my desktop and checked the properties and there was still 256gb so it appears that it was not partitioned off into only 32gb.
I'm not going to go into detail on the operation of this wonderful Dashcam, as this has been covered many times over in other reviews. However, I cannot overstate how I am so happy to see that a firmware update has come out now that addresses the previously horrible blue tint that was on every shot of the camera. Resolution is amazing, but now made even better with the hue improved.Another comment I want to make is regarding the 'rear' camera. A nice feature, for some people, I would imagine, but not for my personal use. The best situation I could see it being used for is if you have a child who recently acquired their driver's license, and should an unfortunate accident occur, you can see a recording of what she/he was doing at the time.But one thing you MUST keep in mind, and I cannot overstate it, that any video you take may be confiscated by the police and said interior video may be self-incriminating in some cases. So really, take heed.I opted to turn it off, which allowed me to boost the resolution of the front camera, and let me tell you, it is amazing. Night vision is pretty impressive as well showing a broader range than other cameras.Finally, customer service is amazing. They stand behind their product. The car cigarette adapter would not work with my automobile, I contacted Kelly at customer service and they fixed the problem almost instantly. I could not be happier.THE one pet peeve I had with this camera - the bluish hue, has been fixed, and I am so happy. Thank you, VanTrue!!!
This worked great for 2 weeks until one day I turned it on and I was greeted with a blank white screen. No buttons worked and it didn’t even record. Unbelievable not even 2 weeks for such an expensive dash cam.
Great picture and video quality.... makes me feel like I have an extra eye watching for just in case, especiallyat night.... Super grest nightvision... Love this thing...