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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Can't handle in the high heat
It is small, sleek but powerful. I really like the camera quality. The street lights seem a little too shiny but that is not a problem for me. Overall this is a nice camera especially and I strongly recommend it if you are doing Uber or Lyft.
Te best camera I never had before
Too expensiveSmall screen viewHard to install
Perfect camera for Lyft/Uber rideshare drivers. Records interior and exterior. Interior has IR night vision which works fairly well. I drive a toyota sienna minivan which is big, so the IR lights have a little difficulty reaching the 3rd row but it's still visible. If you have a smaller sedan this will not be an issue, you'll be able to see everything in the interior including faces in pitch dark conditions. So if you do most of your Lyft/Uber driving at night this is a must. The sound quality is excellent as well. Exterior camera is excellent even at night. Great quality on the footage, you can read the license plates.I did have an issue with the cameras time/date stamp which was resetting everytime after switching off. I contacted Vantrue customer service and the issue was resolved ASAP.....Excellent Customer Service!Overall I give the camera 4.75 stars and not 5, only because I wish the IR lights for the night vision were just a little stronger. If you are a rideshare driver this camera is a must have.....highly recommend it.
Emeric Olah
The best dash cam you can get for about $150-200.Quality image.
Avoid no app so avoidother than that video quality is very good but if there is no app you will need to remove micro SD card every time so you can copy videos and pictures a very bad flaw with this camera.the screen is too small i have Yi dash cam with 3 inch screen and its half the price.
David s
Works perfect for Uber/Lyft
Yoni del cid
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Joseph Eaton
Amazon Customer
I just dont have words. The first thing which I like is the size and design. It's pretty compact. Quality is much more better than I expected even in the night. Parking assist and motion sensors are add ins. I wasn't expecting all the features it comes with at this price. The camera recording the cabin has night vision too which is pretty awesome. Worth the price.
Pic quality could be betterThe battery is completely useless... it’s like it doesn’t have one...It would be useful if the inside camera pivots left to rightBut overall is not bad... gets the job done.
Amazon Customer
Hey just need to tell u this that I am not happy with this product as it is not recording well and not saving my clippings. I hate to say this but u should do some checking before u send ur product to ur customers.
Amazon Customer
I wish their was Bluetooth support for transferring files.
N. Jared Brown
I purchased this camera for uber/lyft driving, as well as for personal use for my vehicle. The image quality of both front and rear facing cameras is excellent. The user controls are simple to use and the device setup was very easy. The size of the device is very small and it does not obstruct my view through the windshield. I also really like the parking mode, which monitors my vehicle when I am away. Overall I really like this camera.
Tom Man
After a long time considering buying a dash cam, I decided to go for this one. Not the cheapest, but you usually get what you pay for, and I needed something reliable. I also ordered the GPS mount (if I'm making the investment, I want to be covered as much as possible) and the OBD wiring (very easy to install. A lot better that hardwiring directly from the battery.) and I'm very happy with the results. The video looks just great on my Mac Book Pro (day or night). I had a couple of questions and customer service was fast and very professional. I've been using it for a few weeks now with no issues. Overall, I'm very happy I chose this camera and the additional equipment, even if I had to pay more. Well worth it!
Great cam I advice anyone to have it
Bought this a few months ago. So far, so good. It was easy to set up. I bought the Samsung memory card for it, as suggested, and have had no issues. Picture quality looks good. Night vision could be a little better, but that's about it. If you're looking for a solid dual dashcam, you'll be satisfied with the N2 Pro.
john remelgado
Amazon Customer
Small with front and rear camera
Christina Velez
My husband loves it. He’s still trying to figure out some features. But so far so good.
Duke H.
So, I've been using this camera for a little while now and I was comparing it to another camera that I have and I must say, this one is 10x better overall. The night vision is better and more clear, the day time recording is clearer, even though both cameras are supposedly 1080p. The sound is better too. Overall, I love this camera and want to purchase another for my wife's care. I do drive for Uber & Lyft and a lot of the footage I have isn't able to be uploaded, but I will update my review in the next few days with the video of daytime and nighttime usage. So, if you're looking for a quality dual camera dash camera, this is definitely the way to go! Buy it now!
Daytime camera is adequate with over-saturated color. Night time quality is sub par to poor. It won't read a micro SD card formatted in a Windows 10 computer. It has to be formatted in the camera. The camera body is well designed with reliable mounting system. Overall I was disappointed with its low-light quality video.
Richard Dalman
This is the beat dashcam in the history, good price and great quality with video recording and audio.
David L
wasif khan
Frank H
it eats up a 256 gig memory in 2 weeks.
Lamine boubekeur
Totally worth the money
I really love this product , I'm happy with how it gives me a piece of mind when I leave my car or when in driving .
Amazon Customer
Had this dashcam since July 2018 and it finally crapped out on me. It’s very reliable during the first year but then it started to go back to factory reset whenever I start my car. Such a hassle setting it to the correct time and date whenever I start my car. Probably it’s time for me to buy a better one than buying a new Vantrue cam.
Awesome dash cam. I did plenty of research before purchasing. I have wanted a dash cam for years for all those “what ifs” and for anything interesting that could happen in front of my vehicle. The quality of the video is great. Even night time. I love how the power cord plugs into the actual suction base itself since it makes it much easier to conceal the wire. I definitely have a much better sense of security while driving now. I like how the cigarette light plug has a USB port on the back so while it is plugged in you can also charge your phone in the same outlet. The inside facing camera is a major plus. My only complaints are: due to my windows being heavily tinted, the night vision comes on inside while the sun is still up in the evening but I would assume that it’s smart enough to know if it’s too dark, it will change accordingly. My main issue and complaint even though I purchased the cam knowing this - after having the cam for 6 months I really wish it would either wirelessly connect to my phone or laptop to retrieve the videos. This would make my life so much easier. You have to remove the memory card and insert it into a computer to retrieve the videos. Due to this I usually unintentionally move the camera from the position where it should be while trying to remove the SD card. In the event of an accident where I would need to show the police a video, it would be amazing to be able to immediately wirelessly transfer the videos to my phone. Unfortunately I would have had to spend a good bit more on a cam to get this feature. I can definitely deal with the issue but it would make my life much easier if this feature was included. I was fully aware that it did not include this feature and did not think it would be an issue but now months into using it, I have realized how much it would help if the cam was capable of this. This camera does not include GPS as some others do. So basically it doesn’t know where I am at or how fast I am going as this is not really much of a concern for me. The park feature is nice. It will sense that you are not moving and will go into standby until it detects motion or movement in or around my vehicle. Very helpful in the event someone hits my vehicle in a parking lot. I do recommend this dash cam. Do your research to make sure your getting everything you want prior to purchasing.
This is the second time that I’ve bought this dash cam. The first one was stolen inside my car. I tried a cheaper dash cam but nothing can replace this. The quality of this product is really good!
Really gud quality material and video quality for inside and outside is very good.
Carlos G.
Cory B
It's awesome!. For the price, it's well worth it for me. Cant afford to not have one!
P. Yant
Love my dash cam, however after just 6 months the suction cup mount keeps falling off. This is really frustrating because it is now happening 3 or 4 times a day. I bought the hardwire kit and it works great because I don’t have to worry about charging the camera, it automatically turns on and starts recording when I start my car and turns off when the car turns off.
Very impressed with this dash cam! Solid unit, quality build. Very easy to set up, and easy to connect to computer to review video files. I’m also using the GPS mount, which is a must have in my opinion. At the lowest video quality setting, the video quality is very nice!Two suggestions: 1) include a soft cloth pouch to carry the dash cam, or to store it in a console or glove box without scratching the camera lenses, and 2) make a plastic molded clamshell case to store the dash cam. Sell it as an accessory. Excellent interior night vision. I haven’t found any downsides yet.
Kodi Media
Below, you will be able to see my old review to help assist you in your purchasing decision. Needless to say, with the olive branch handed to me after my review was released, I did decide it was worth coming on to revise my viewpoint of the Vantrue N2 Pro.They were very quick to send me a replacement, once I was able to fish their emails out of my spam folder. I do understand that there are some things I could have done differently to remediate this quicker on my part. Fortunately, the Vantrue staff were fairly understanding of my shortcomings.The replacement camera, as it stands now, is working properly. The battery has yet to fail on this product, though I will certainly be keeping a close eye on it from now on. The video it produces is of good quality, and the night vision works quite well in my car. Storage is overwritten seamlessly and it is very low maintenance.-------------------------------------------------------------------OLD REVIEW:I drive for Uber and Lyft. The importance of a reliable dashcam that will record every time with RELIABLE DATE INFORMATION is absolutely essential in the event of false claims, crashes, or even lawsuits.Unfortunately, this camera does not provide this in the least. After only a few months of operation, I noticed the camera would write the most recent video with the date 1/1/2018. After reviewing the footage, the on-screen timestamp also displays this inaccurate date.After much diagnosis, I concluded that it was a problem with the battery, and it failing to save the date information every time it would power off. Kind of an important feature when, you know, you turn your car off frequently!With how bad this camera treats footage, their customer support treats customers far FAR worse. 5 separate emails to their "critical care customer support" email resulted in a grand total of 0 replies. Calling their office only resulted in quite a few long-distance call charges (their phone is based in the UK), countless robotic voice menus, and hours of holding for NOTHING.Do yourself a favor. Stay AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS CAMERA as possible, unless you want to literally light $200 on fire.
Shawn M Customer
Love this camera. Black and white night vision and great quality. The best for Uber
The resolution was very good while it worked.The picture is too small.Expected more because Amazon gave it their choice award.Would not recommend it.
JIO Alcaide
Very Impressive, highly recommended to others.
Can't use sandisk or any other memory card reliably, unit can destroy your battery, probably leaks your info to chinese hackers, unit stops working a few weeks in. These are just a few of the issues with this camera. I did like reading the other reviews with poorly written English and seeing that somehow this item has nearly 5 stars on Amazon. Can you say fail and lies by Amazon?
Please read carefully:Now it’s time to write my preview, i’v been using the camera long time ago , i had an accident on November 18th 2019 , in the next following day , i was looking for the accident in the camera to send it to my insurance company to show them that the accident wasn’t my fault but unfortunately i did not find any video about that date specifically, there is video for older and after that date but for same date could not find it and the clue is gone , i paid very high price to get a good quality camera but unfortunately it’s not about the price , I contacted the seller and asked him if there is any way to get the video or even if i can delete the old one because every time i try to delete the old videos or format the camera , it says “ videos are protected “ the seller even didn’t help for this purpose .Hope you all try the camera and test it well after purchasing it then go for it .Thank you
William G. Smith
Daniel K.
So far the best of 4 cameras i have owned i feel secure knowing i can show what happened and what vehicles including plate numbers
B. Greeno
Stopped working after nine months. Won't even turn on.
Kyle Naval
Ive used this camera for the last 6 months, I now own this camera in all of my vehicles. It has saved my wife from speeding tickets twice. Picture quality day and night is clear. Buy the fuse kit to hard wire it to your car.
Bought this product bc we were going on a long road trip and wanted to have it for security. I had someone hardwire the device to my fuse box/battery so the parking option could be used. Fortunately no incidents on our trip. The camera worked well. It’s easy to position and you can run through the menu items and customize your options with a little help from the user manual. I left most of the default options as they were. It’s small and doesn’t pose any vision hindrance. All in all, pleased with the purchase and function of the camera.
Sgt. Earl
Great overall design. Perfect for the Uber/Lyft driver. Too bad it died at one year.
In love with my dash cam! So excited that it’s dual because how cool. It was a Christmas gift so I’ve only used it a few times so far but with no issues. I do wish that you could “unprotect all” files the same way you can delete all files. Playing around trying to learn buttons I locked quite a few files and had to unlock them one by one. I haven’t uploaded to a computer yet but when rewatching files on the camera it’s very clear so I can just imagine how great the quality would be on a larger screen. I really like that you can turn off the screen during recording so it’s not a distraction.
Nick Lamere
this dash camera has saved me so much money, from people trying to vandalize my car.
Amazon Customer
the website you have to go to for the cam, my virus software keeps red flagging. i love the camera but the software for it is terrible.
If you do rideshare than you absolutely need this dashcam. It’s fantastic and has payed for itself 10 fold in numerous situations. It has both front and rear cameras and has every feature your would need like night vision and continuous loop recording.
this camera has worked flawlessly for me the last 2 months. the only thing could make it better would be blue tooth access to it but for the price, who cares. it does exactly what it is supposed to do and it does it extremely well. fwiw, i have not used the park mode yet.
Christopher soto
Caught a lot of bad road behavior. Look forward to making a compilation video in the future. Also, works great for night-time auto security.
Blake Schroerlucke
Easy to plug and play. Recorded video in the rain at night and could read signs and license plates with ease. Will upload video and pictures in the future.
P. Darling
Really good quality video. Compact unit which is nice
Angelo Russo
Product I recieved was defective highly disappointed.
Gustavo Acosta
excellent night vision camera
Ralph Ayala
Didn’t give it a 5 star on the picture quality cause it looks a little purplish as others have stated but all in all a great dual camera for my Uber driving.
Mark Garrick
The camera video recording and playback quality is excellent. There is a much improved and stable mount that supports the camera attaching it securely to the front windshield glass. The vendor and it representative Arie are the best. I would definitely continue doing business with this company and explore their other products. I am actually thinking of adding another of their camera products to my 2nd vehicle.
Very light, easy to use, so easy I didn't need to read the user manual.
Amazon Customer
This dash cam is a waste of money. The parking feature doesn't work because the battery is so awful the camera can't stay on to record, say when a coworker dings your door and footage of said act would have prevented you from footing the bill. Or say when a repair shop takes your car for a test drive and you have no proof of what they did on said drive when they damaged the car. You know, the actual functions of a dash cam.I have had this camera for months now and have just realized that the oldest footage was not getting deleted from the memory card as it fills up, like its supposed to. Instead every time I start my car and take it for a drive, the camera APPEARS to be be fully functioning and recording when it in fact hasn't saved new footage for MONTHS.Save your money and don't buy this camera. Its a complete waste and I'm utterly disappointed. I want my money back so I can buy something that works....
Todd Maddex
Mine lasted about a year and now it won’t turn on. Internal battery stopped working after like 6 months so every time I set the date it factory reset the next time I started the car. Professionally installed also. Meh
When this cam was shut down, the date goes back to 1 year ago and it keeps recording certain period over and over so that I lost all the videos in that period. Also not so great video quality with thrash file size. only 3mins video has 227MB.64GB memory contain only a few days. I do not recommend it
osiris rodriguez
The only thing bar above this item is the batterie don ,t las long
Daniel Kelly
So far the camera has been outstanding. Other than routing the power cable, setup is very simple and fast. Picture quality is top notch. Very impressed with the camera.
Daniel Wright
The camera is fairly easy to setup and use. I did find that the sound recording was turned off on the factory setting, so if you want sound, you do need to make this change.With regard to video quality, there is a large difference in the night and day recording. The daytime recording has a good picture, but I did find that the detail is not to the level that you can read license plates. The night vision still lacks considerably. The inside camera is almost worthless at night, especially if you have low light, or tinted windows. The forward camera is view-able, but other light sources washout the picture often.With regard to quality...I am impressed on how well the suction cup holds in hot and cold weather. I have used this through one summer and this winter, and the cup stays in place. Almost to well if fact....because I had some supplies that caught on the power cord and ripped the cord from the base mount. The cup stayed on the window, but the cord ripped the plug and broke the plastic from the mount. Fortunately, I was just able to order a replacement mount.Overall...I do think it is one of the better camera's in the price range. However, if you need night recording, the technology is still lacking.
Great Camera, nothing but good things to say with the exception of the memory life. If it sits too long, the date and time stamp resets. Only upgrade I'd like or wish it had Is the ability to send to your phone. But it's the only camera that's always recorded when i need it to. I trust it to work every time
Zeeshan A.
If you are driving uber or Lyft you will need this for sure.
This dash cam can capture good pictures and videos. but the cons on parking mode. the parking mode is not PRO. i parked the car the parking mode not automatic activated, even i manual press the key still not activated. parking mode must connected to power bank. other cons is no wifi and apps to review picture or videos. if you have any accident must remove the sd card and use computer to review.
I don't know everything
Bit on the pricey side but over all video quality is good when play back. I've had it on since I bought it no issues at all
Seemed easy to set up, the only thing that was confusing was not being sure if it was recording. The camera comes on then it shuts itself off. Hopefully it will work when needed.
I loved this dash cam and cannot talk high enough about it. I did have a small issue with the cord and customer support was fast and amazing. I would HIGHLY recommend this dash cam and this company.
Jonathan R. Smyth
I have been meaning to pickup a dash cam for a while now and I am very happy with this one. The picture quality is excellent and the images are very sharp and detailed from both the front and back cameras. The parking mode is great because I leave my car parked on the street in the city, it's nice to have some peace of mind if someone breaking into my car or backs into it when I'm not around. The camera is really straightforward and easy to use.
Gerald Ansagay
Over all I like the camera very much. It was very easy to set up and use right out of the box. Down loading and viewing video is easy. I am a novice when it comes to technology. he picture quality is great. My only issue is the Parking Mode feature. I have not contacted the manufacturer yet on this but will shortly. I have tried Parking Mode a few time and on both occasions the video didn't record during motion in front of it and stopped while movement was still occurring in front of it. That is why I only gave it 4 stars. I will update this when I get the issue resolved. Best.
Picture quality is amazing. Recording both ways are a plus.
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Vilma b.
Bad quality overall, bad customer service
Sgt. Barefoot USMC
Really a nice camera. Had to play with some settings for different light, but it's very easy to use. Great quality and wide angle are perfect for the price.
Jean Shaw
Purchased a couple of weeks ago and am liking the cam a lot! With so many distracted drivers out there it's important to have a video record in case they wreck me or cause me to wreck. I had several questions about operating the cam and Vanture Support has been awesome!
John Chubb
takes a long time to download to your computer, unless I am doing something wrong
Found a cheaper one somewhere else