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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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I have been using this for a few weeks now. It is easy to install and use. I like the ease of unplugging the entire unit from the dash. The micro SD card is easily removed as well. You can use HD in both front and passenger camera's , but if you want to use the UHD for the front camera it will disable the passenger camera.I bought this camera for the purpose of recording any possible hit and runs or accidents. I figure it would be a great thing to have for insurance purposes. Unfortunately the camera is not able to pickup plate numbers. I need to be extremely close in order for the camera to get a decent look. I guess my expectations were too high for this. Almost any device capable of recording in HD would be able to do this. It just seems like a modern day dashcam would be able to do this. I still like it and it will still work for the most part. I just wish the images were clearer.
I got N2 Pro with a GPS adhesive windshield mount and a OBD charger, expected to upgrade my dash cam. However, it didn't work as expectation. The machine keeps turning on and off randomly, so there is no way to know weather it is recording or not. For example, it was working at the beginning, and then was turning off itself with no reason when I was driving. I didn't even know what happened. Also, G-sensor was so terrible, was always triggered during a smooth ride or sometimes the vehicle stopped fully. I tried to contact the customer service for troubleshooting , the person just told me keep pushing power button to reset the dash cam, but not didn't work. Honestly although the footage quality was not bad, I regretted to buy it.
. Chaudhry
did not read the sd card tried with two different adpoters
Eric Calzadilla
Easy setup if you read manual. Has worked great so far. Would highly recommend. Hard wired it so it records while I’m parked.
Carmen Robertson
Great camera! I've had it for two months and it works great. I purchased this for driving rideshare and have been very pleased with it. Good quality video inside cabin and out, day or night. A must have for rideshare drivers.
Likes: Quality is great. Night vision works well. Memory capacity up to 256gb which can save recordings for a long time before rewriting itselfDislikes: Battery life is horrible that is causes the time and date to reset not even within 24 hours. Camera worked well a little or 2 years. Now I have to set the time and date each day, sometimes every half day. It is so inconvenient especially when in a rush. Every so often the camera shuts down on its own despite being connected to a power source. Customer service told me that there is an issue with the battery itself and the only way to fix it is to replace the whole camera. That does not make sense. The device isn’t cheap to have to replace every 2 years. I would recommend getting a camera that has no battery and can only turn on when connected to a battery source going forward.
Scott Bieser
I use this product when driving at night. It seems to work well enough although I've never viewed the images on another screen. My real beef is the instruction manual is printed so small as to be unreadable. I had to bring the manual up on my computer on-line to understand it.
Shakeb Azizyar
If you’re looking for a dashcam that has great quality video and picture day and night, then buy Vantrue dashcam. Vantrue does not have just best dashcams as matter of fact Vantrue has the best customer service. I bought a dashcam about a year ago, I ran into a little issue with it, I got in touch with their customer service, I was amazed at how quickly they took care of the problem. I definitely recommend Vantrue to all.
Johnny C
This unit decided not to record for a few days unnoticed when I was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler. The whole purpose for paying this money and it wasnt caught on camera. UNRELIABLE!!!!!!!!
Radio Guy
If you want something quick and easy to install its good. Otherwise there's a lot of issues.This camera uses cheap batteries to hold a charge to allow the camera to power down gracefully. After exposure to the heat they can expand like a balloon. If you know how to solder its not terrible replacing it, but this battery issue can be a huge problem for anyone paranoid about cheap lithium batteries.Additionally, my camera doesn't hold the date and time properly. I don't leave my camera connected 100% of the time, so it's probably because of lack of power and a small battery that isn't used for the purposes of holding time.My camera also had an issue where it will constantly power itself off unless I press into the front lens. Probably bad solder joints or something.
Hello, I just purchased this today. I am excited to receive and start using it. I will do a review once I use it for one week.I will adjust the rating after the review.
Jacob Vitale
This is the best dash cam I have ever bought. I owned two other dash cams previous to this one. Both of them have died on me or had a black screen so to speak where it wouldn’t turn on. I believe it’s due to the Arizona’s harsh summers. This one I haven’t had a single problem with it. And I just recently got into a car accident and was able to capture the whole thing on my dash cam. And win the claim
Good picture quality
Ashish pandeya
Amazon Customer
Over the years, I have had many dash cams. This one, by far, is the best camera I have owned. I have to add this is also the most expensive dash camera I have ever purchased. You are going to get what you pay for I guess. PROS: Great picture, easy playback, two separate videos ( one forward, one for backward), easy to set up and use, easy options for setting various settings. CONS: Conversation of the driver and passenger does not record loud enough.Overall, very pleased with it and will be upgrading my other cameras to this.
customer 101
Seriously guys? Come on. I drive a small Mazda 3 and mounted it on the windshield. I still don't have enough cable to hide it sufficiently. Another few feet would've been nice.
Brooklee Elfen
I’m finally writing a review for this product because it has officially come in handy. Had an accident on my way to work this morning and my dashcam caught it all! Thankfully nobody was injured. I’m happy I can submit this evidence. The video quality is great and it has great features such as night visibility, parked recording, and even audio. Their customer service was amazing as well! I misplaced the suction cup mount for mine and they sent me a new one! I want to also mention what could improve as far as features. The date and timestamps never stay to what I set them at. They always reset with every ignition start. So I can’t rely on the date & timestamps to be right. My accident this morning on 11/3/21 shows up as 2/2/18 I’m the footage. I also have issues with it writing in order of events on my SD card. It took SO long to find the footage I needed because it was in the middle of the saved videos on the SD card, not the top row, not the bottom row, the middle. I can’t even sort by date created on my computer because as I said, the date stamps are not correct. And this bring my final feature request to: an app. Please provide an app where we can view footage. It would have been very helpful today in the police report if I was able to pull up the footage on my phone. I had to wait until I got home to put the SD card into a computer just to get the footage.That’s all I have to say! It does it’s job, and customer service is great. Please give us an app!
Amazon Customer
With over a year of use, I found that its quality is good. I highly recommend this device to try it out.
Da Won Lee
I only got accessories without camAre you fooling me?
JJ Fan
I bought a Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam on January, 2019 and installed on my daughter's Toyota Prius, the dash cam was easy to setup, we had no issue of using the camera until last two months, the camera turned off during driving, the off frequency increased, the camera became literally useless. I wrote an email to Vantrue customer support asking for help, I got reply from Vantrue support promptly and in their email, listed troubleshooting steps, I executed each step and tested, in two weeks, the problem was resolved. The level of customer support was really beyond my expectation, I am really happy with Vantrue dash cam and their customer support.
Not for small windshields. Volume not loud enough. (Not married, no kids.) The dog can hear it.!
I was thinking of becoming an Uber driver in April of 2019. I also had a lot of unexplainable things happen in traffic (strange occurances, not accidents). I ordered the Vantrue N2 Pro camera at that time.What a great camera! Has excellent night vision on the front camera and pretty decent infrared camera on the back. Recording quality was decent as well.It has a lot of features such as event recording, motion sensing, shock recording, etc. It can take up to a 256GB memory card. It also has a battery that in the event of complete shut off will continue to save your footage before shutting down. I chose to purchase the optional GPS. It shows Speed and Location, very useful for accidents.Some problems I noticed with the camera:I use the n2 permanently attached to my fuse box. I noticed my battery was dying a lot. I unplugged the adapter from the auxiliary fuse and plugged it into the cigarette lighter fuse. So my battery on my car doesn't die anymore, however the battery on my camera is constantly dead. This means every new file saved has a base date and I have to sort through all the files.Another thing you might have to look out for is warping of the suction cup. In high heat, the suction cup will melt and the draw of the device will create a literal cup. This makes the suction cup fall down quickly if it stays up at all. A way to fix this is to "melt" the cup back to its original shape. Try sticking the suction cup in boiling water for a few seconds or heating the cup with a hair dryer or a heat gun.Overall, this is an excellent device and a must have for any car pool situation. Piece of mind knowing everything was recorded!
This is the second one I ordered. I have one and now so does my wife. Great product, easy to use and at a good price.
Camera worked for about a month and now it doesn’t even turn on
Samuel Irvin
Stayed plugged in, inside my car, in Texas. After 1 year it failed it keep date/time correctly and would reset to 1/1/2018 00:01 every time it powers on. Kept using in that condition, but now After a little over 2 years it will no longer record.
Seemed ok. I bought it in April of 2021 now in mid October the display quit working, making it completely useless.
Princess Red
This is garbage a waste of money returning it wont stay mounted the mounting is so cheap i wish i wouldn't have wasted my time with this
Online buyer
After few months of using ,it started system error and stop recording. The support from vantrue is skeptical.
Rickshaw chauffeur
It doesn't hold camera securely. In cold whether it not stays attached to windshield.
Eduardo Rojas
I have not idea what came in the mail. the box was different from what I received inside. I am not sure if it even works because this is not what I purchased from the photos. and on the device it says Coo^U, what the heck is this? I am so disappointed in this product.
David Martínez
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I've owned the product for about two years. Dash cam worked great until recently where the front camera went out of focus. And based on my research, this dash cam doesn't have the ability to adjust its lens and now I'm stuck with a dash cam that only has good inside camera which I don't use. It's very disappointing to see a dash cam go out of focus in two years of use. Unreliable product, not recommended.
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I recommend helps a lot in case of accident!!Very good quality and bright view at night!!
The battery soon died. And I also found that it will randomly stop recording, you won't know.
first dash cam i ever got and it is above and beyond what i expected. super easy to install and set up
Had this camera for a few years and the suction mount stopped working. Contacted seller and they promptly shipped a replacement mount. Camera still works flawlessly. Would buy from this vendor again.
Tarek Jadeba
When I paid more than $200, I thought that I would get a product that lasts for years, but after using a few months, the camera did not work, and after several email with the company's technical support, they evaded the warranty and I will file a complaint against them and I would never recommend dealing with them or buying their product.
Set up was not bad, picture quality is acceptable could be better.
ángel gonzalez
Miss Gadget lover
I really recommended specially for those who’s driving Lyft and Uber.
Lori Smith
Everything works as advertised. Video files are really easy to navigate.
I figured it was time to get a camera. After all the stories I’ve seen and read lately, I wanted to make sure I had video evidence should I need it.This model is easy to install and use.
bladeless fan - fan
This is my first dash cam so I'm not familiar as to what to expect with regard to photo/video finish but from what I can tell, the 1080 video is already pretty good (a little miscolored) but otherwise good. Interior camera is also clear but I haven't tried driving my car at night so I'm not certain about the quality at night even though it has an IR at night. Will update in a few weeks, also you need a continuous power source otherwise the parking mode/motion detection will not work, the camera's internal battery only last a couple of hours if you opt for the camera to be on continuously.
Joe Barty
Tom Y
Solid design and durable. Been in the heat but still working great. Paired with the gps base and hard wired obd power cord is a great inexpensive camera.
the incident happened, there was a blow, the camera did not record it as "g data", the truck ran into me while it was driving backwards. How surprised I was when I realized that the camera had not recorded anything, and the truck driver now tells the insurance company that I am to blame! I do not recommend this camera, because at one point it will let you down just like me
Jason lester
The camera is mediocre at best, but the worst thing about it is the battery. I must have received a defective device because my camera's battery will not charge at all. I may have ordered this last year during Covid, but I didn't even open the package until this month... buy a different brand!
Lorenzo M.
ryan hobbs
suction cup doesnt hold up over time and cant get a replacement. I used it for about a year then it started falling off. There is no option to replace the suction cup.
haibo tan
Received the product today then realized I have to buy a stupid memory card again before I can use it. How much does it cost? In the factory only a few dollars! Why not just give me a 32GB? Have you ever bought a printer without ink? This is ridiculous!
This dash cam is wonderful. I just have one issue, that viewing screen too small.
If you use both cameras, then the front camera maxes out at 1080p.
I used this for about a little more than 1.5 years and it started making an error.1) No WiFi - you need to take the SD card out to check a clip.2) It broke after a little more than 1.5 years. It started resetting date & time and It started not recoding even if it shows it is. Imagine what happened if I had any accident needed this dash cam's recording.3) the hard wired kit - It said it will cut off power if the battery gets lower than certain level, but it did not. It end up less than what it needs to start engine. I needed to jump start my car. - Removed it after this incedent.4) if it get really hot in the car, it turns on/off repeatedly.
Robert A.
Don't buy unless you want to get a headache.The camera aren't stamp with serial numbers by design because they wont last. I sent 2 weeks back and forth with emails on this dash camera that battery lasted less than 3 months. Have many emails i can share
I wish it had a phone app and cloud storage. The configuration is way too complex. for the average user. It could be simpler. Overall, it is easy to install and it is pretty portable.
I wanted to love this dash cam so much. It's a good dash cam for a reasonable price. Easy to install and easy to use. Way better with the GPS ad on but that's another story. The dash cam is damn near useless though when you realize that there's always missing files. What good is it if you record just doesn't record. I bought new sim one recommended for this device and formatted before use. 1 of 2 things almost always happens either it doesn't record the first 3 minutes (what ever interval of time you picked) or it will straight up just not record parts of your trip. I'm currently missing 25 minutes of trip from my last 2 hour trip. Just missing. And to make it worst the camera shows it recording and gives no sign that it stopped recording. I might have a faulty camera and will update my rating if that's the case.
It had been a about a month i would say :- picture quality is very good- easy to install and the mount is firm- i use Sandisk 256 with no problems- loop feature working so far and i have to mention that if you set if off it record for 20 minutes each video until the storage is full and then it will stop- did not measure the storage and time but i can tell 256 gb takes more than 16 hours !- i wish the there a physical bottom to turn audio on/off ( only inside settings)- no problem connecting to pc and watch recorded videosI will keep updating since it only has been a month but so far i can tell you u feel that it is woth the price for dual camera
Will Himself
This camera is definitely good, but not great. Two main issues: it falls off the windshield and it turns itself off when it is hot out. Can't have that, so I will be returning it.
Eric Lawhorn
Ok--A little bit to cover but it's worth it. I rated it 4 stars but here's why.I've used it 3 weeks now and works great. Good color inside and out--decent resolution. Good enough for law enforcement if needed.I drive a personal cab locally and I needed inside and outside coverage. This was the fit!!Outside cam does a great job--a little sloppy at 30FPS but not bad at all and pause the video and you have a full 1080 pic--good color, no sun distortions!!Inside cam was a little different because of my location mount.I drive a 2015 Jeep Compass and in order to capture the optimum view inside and outside I had to mount this system about halfway down my windshield which would catch the afternoon sun on the "inside lens" causing a red distortion at the top of the lens and videos. Outside lens was no problem in AM or PM.I'm not sure if the rear lens is refracted different than the front but this problem was easily fixed by placing a small "rear cam visor" made out of a small piece of cardboard tape that I placed only on the rear camera mount. This shaded the lens enough but not obscuring it's rear view in any way.Works great and no more red distortion.If you can mount your system high on your windshield-you most likely won't have this problem.I'm hoping for years of reliability but we'll see.Hope this helps.
Amazon Customer
This thing freezes up and keeps turning on and off.
Austin T. Heald
Have been using this guy for almost 2 years. Picture during day is superb. night is pretty good but only as far as your headlights will cover. camera seems to be good at holding up to the heat. I live in south TX and it gets real hot during the day. Only reason I didn't give it five stars is the suction cup mount. It will not stay stuck. every time I go to drive, it's popped loose and dangling. I was able to replace it with a better one and haven't had anymore trouble. Bottom line, The unit itself is durable, easy to use and has excellent picture. if you can fix the suction cup, it's a solid value overall. Even got a hit and run on it. some dirtbag hit the front of my truck while I was at work. the camera tripped when he hit me and got a perfectly clear shot of his plate. If i hadn't had it, he'd have gotten clean away with it. Already paid for itself and them some.
We bought this camera in June 2021, a month later had a battery defect. I submitted the problem online thru my registration login. Customer Service responded in a timely manner letting me know they would replace the camera. All I had to do was send a video of what was happening, and ship it back with tracking number. I received the new camera a couple days later. The new one had issue of screen not coming on. Emailed same Customer Service rep, Roxanne, and she quickly responded back with instructions on how to reset and upload updates. No problems since and I have all confidence in this product and Customer Service! Excellent quality in both day and night mode. Make sure to register the camera, I now have18 month warranty from original purchase.
Sanford S.
Great value and loaded with features, especially for Uber DriversI had the power cable professionally installed (hidden cable), cost me $120 in Connecticut USA. So although it comes with a cigarette lighter adapter power source, I didn't want to have a wire handing here so I had it "hot wired". I wish it had an easily removable and long lasting rechargeable battery. That would have $120 on the hot-wire installation.The suction cup that attaches to the unit to the windshield is of good quality (so far).The dual front and back camera that simultaneously record, auto as well, night vision, small size and reasonable price (I paid $165 on Amazon) convinced me to buy this. If it didn't perform, I could return it.So feature-wise and the points I mentioned earlier sold me on this device.Overall it (so far) deserves 5 stars. BUT there are a few things that I don't like. But I am resigned to dealing with it: WIth my old eyes, I cannot read any test on tiny screen. I have to use a magnifying glass for that but you don't have to read the text once u set it up.The buttons for functions are on the BOTTOM. there are just a few of them but you can see what they are by looking at them. Not a big problem as you only need them for setup and very occasional other uses.Image quality is sufficient for the purpose intended.Summary: I recommend this for peace of mind, especially for Uber-type drivers.
The image inside the car is clear the image outside is horrible I can’t read any license plate numbers when I need it very disappointing.
6 months after purchase, I noticed that the dashcam held only a few minutes of charge even though the indicator showed it was full. Effectively, the date/time stamps were all wrong as well because the battery would run out if it had not been plugged in for a day or two. I asked for the warranty fix, but then I had to prove that the battery didn't hold charge, update the firmware, format the storage, and was asked for a video of it running out of the battery.Well, I won't sit next to it taking a video for a day or two until the batter runs out.I decided to fix it myself, bought a battery from ebay, and opened the unit. It turned out that the battery was bubbled. I live in NYC, and it wouldn't survive one summer season? I replaced the battery and it's been working fine for over a year.I might be unlucky and received a bad unit, but the whole warranty process was too much hassle. I'm glad that I fixed it myself just to save $200 I paid.
Amazon Customer
So pretty happy easy-to-use easy to program looks durable
The suction doesn’t do what it supposed to do, it kept falling, i need to have a 3M adhesive as a replacement to the suction to keep it on the same spot! Help me with this!!
my husband is an Uber driver. This camera is easy to install & very reliable.
Don't be a jerk driver, this unit takes great video, and your on camera. Love this cam. No issues with set up. Works everyday, and it even says "Goodbye" when I leave the car.
scott wilson
I have owned the N2 Pro for about a year and relied on it to record my long commutes to work. It was permanently installed and functioned perfectly until the rear facing camera became out of focus and unusable. I requested info from the support team at Vantrue and was pleasantly surprised to get a response back the next day. Roxanne took me through some lengthy trouble shooting through many emails but ultimately determined that the camera was defective. las Vegas enjoys some brutal heat, and I suppose that may be a factor, none the less Vantrue has honored their warranty and sent me a replacement camera. Upon viewing the video I was asked to provide, my new camera was shipped within a day. Sadly I am surprised by the prompt handling of my claim but grateful I chose Vantrue as they have restored my faith somewhat with regard to legitimist coverage of their product. Thanks Guys
Was an easy setup and it turns on when my car turns on turns off a little while after I turn the car off working perfect.. Only thing I forgot was to buy a mini SD card when I got it so head to order that after I received it now all is working well!
David Schreiber
I bought two of these the day after an old lady tried to run me off the road. I installed one in my '15 BRZ and my '99 BMW E46 sedan. The suction cup mount with built-in usb connector is a miracle: it lets you "permanently" mount the camera to your windshield. The power cable (USB on one end and 12V plug on the other) is just thin enough to easily hide under the front edge of your headliner and run under the A-pillar trim. I ran the plug to the glove box outlet on the BRZ, making the install in less than half an hour. The BMW had a 12V circuit in the headliner near the rearview mirror for an uninstalled option, so I wired in a 12V socket right there fo a very short power cord install! The camera programs easily and play back from the SD card is simple enough.
Jessica D
The thing falls off of my windshield every day and I have to stick it back on. In parking mode, it is supposed to record for 24 hours, but it turns off when I park the car. I mainly bought this for recordings while parked, and that doesn't work, making this product a fail.
Ron Nichols
Worked. But screen to small
Alex de
I use it for uber and i doesnt work i got 2 and the 2 got freezing i have proof i you guys want to see !!
Date keeps reseting to factory start date no mater how many times I reset it to the correct date. Does anyone know what is going on and how to correct this issue?
This is technically our first real dash cam. It's picture quality is amazing. Crisp and clear. Night vision is good. We have three vehicles and I wish we knew how good that it would be, and we would have bought three. Now the sale is off and I really don't want to spend a lot more right now on two more. I might have to choose another dash cam that is cheaper, or wait for another sale on this one.
All in the video YOU CAN SEE WHAT HAPPENEDFirst time installed and it lag there , can’t shut down , can’t click anything , I return it immediately on the same day I received this product
Scott Clark
This product was great for a couple months then it just kept falling from my window over and over again which was extremely frustrating. Then I noticed the date and time kept resetting to the factory default time even after changing it like 15 times and it made it very difficult to find my recorded video clips. Very unhappy with the product which is to bad because the actual video quality is great but poor programming and equipment to mount
Amazon Customer
This has a setting that is supposed to automatically override data but it ended up turning off when memory was full instead. I will need to double check the settings to ensure I have everything set up correctly.
Keith King
The quality of this camera is great. However if you don't have it plugged into a constant power source it does not keep time correctly. The time stamp will not be correct after a few days.
Oren G.
Amazing camera, The replacement suction cup works great.
Onur Mumcu
Kimberly R.
Uber and Lyft drivers you should have one of these before you even start driving! Every driver I know that has been at it a while winds up having an incident that makes them regret not having a dashcam. I have had this one for 6 months now and have been very impressed with it! It is lightweight, does not block my view when I'm driving and immediately puts riders on their best behavior. So easy to operate it literally can turn itself on and off and it automatically starts recording and when it runs out of space on the card it records over itself. Can't stress enough to Uber and Lyft drivers to get this!
SF fog
This camera is awesome! Compact with least interference on windshield overall area, lots of customization, etc. Sound and image with high quality forward plus interior of the vehicle. Highly recommend. Worth every dollar!
I bought another Vantrue unit and it works great. Not sure why Amazon asked me to review this unit.
I wish I new I had to order a gps for speed also
Dr Strangepork
Bottom line, this is an amazing product. Absolutely great.The quick start guide skips so much stuff I had to take medication to get through it. For example, it shows you where to insert the SD card... but not how to open the cover over it - tip, you lift the middle section, and ROTATE. it is very easy to think it pops off but if you do that well youve broken it.The menu and arrow keys are easy to use, but you need to hit OK to confirm all of your choices, and its a mile away in a different part of the camera.The website is trash.. but who cares you dont need it.There is a lot of material here that sounds bad, but it really is the kind of stuff you go through once and then youre golden for life.The quality of the camera itself, its myriad of excellent options, the ease in transferring files to computer, make this a major bargain. Just have an adult beverage before starting setup!
Battery life sucked, button layout very confusing. I was not impressed by this trash camera, even the wires are like from an ancient time. To be honest, this is very outdated device that should be discontinued.
Andrew Rapp
Do yourself a favor and steer clear. Battery dies within a year , there is no replacing battery but only … you guessed buying a new unit . Classic . 18month warranty due to battery. Careful
This dash camera is very easy to setup. Has nice picture quality during the day and night. Would recommend this product!
Erin Hayes
Quality means nothing if the device can't record. The SD card doesn't stay in place, so it constantly forces the door open and stops recording. I tried multiple times to just electrical tape it shut, but it never lasts long. Very frustrating. Bought this specifically for a 16hr round trip drive and it wouldn't work for most of it. Awaiting replacement, will update if the new device actually works.