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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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I honestly love this product. I probably have the worlds smallest hands lol and this camera fits in one of my hands very small very slick looking super super light weight. Quality of the video ? Let me tell you is super beautiful and very clear. On both sides. In and out. Also if you show Vantrue proof of your purchase they will even throw in a free gps mount. I got in contact with them via Facebook. Once again amazing product.
I'm a ride-share driver . And I've been using this brand for years. It always does as promised. I tried another model recently but I had to go back to this one. No other offers the simplicity of installation and how easy it is to review all recordings in any laptop where an SD can fit or get an adaptor. No need to download any special applications or to install additional programs to your computer.
Jim Petras
Great overall. Designed with rideshare drivers in mind.
Julian De la Cruz
This dashcam is GARBAGE, the button doesnt respond any command.
I wish I had gotten a dashcam a long time ago. After getting into a not-too-serious car accident, I decided it was time for me to get one. Since then, I have no regrets and believe that this dash cam is worth the money. It works very well during day and night time and the quality is really great compared to other dash cams I've seen.
STOP working CAMERA continue turn on & offPay for $200+ don't buy this brand.
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Get the VanTrue 256mb SDCard! Unit WILL NOT WORK without it! And it's cheaper than others.
Ahsan Malik
This is the best camera so far if u r uber driver or need for daily to daily basis. Can't complain. Night vision is very good quality.
Mama Lou
It’s everything we expected.
Mustafa s.
I use in my Vehicle that is so good I like it good quality
As an uber driver, I could see one big issue, that I couldn't believe someone engineered this thing?I mean,The inside camera is on the wrong side!Yes, the camera is mounted ON THE RIGHT of the mirror.Which means, I either focus the front camera on the road ahead of me, but the rear can't see the driver,Or, focus the rear towards the driver, and record the front in an angle.I also don't like that the ONLY recording option is DUAL 1080p 30FPS!I would have preferred they recorded the rear in 480p and the front in 720p 30fps, which is more than sufficient to record events, without wearing out SD cards so much from too much unnecessary written short:There's no reason (at all) for any camera to be engineered like this.This camera may work in Australia, Japan, or UK, but not in the rest of the world, where people drive on the RIGHT (not wrong) side of the road, and where the cam needs to be placed on the RIGHT of the mirror.Immediate return!
Couldn’t see the cars’ license plate numbers clearly as advertised
Luis R.
Love it it is a must need hands down.
You, probably, don't need this kind. Try something else not worth of money.
Carolyn Arch
The suction cup to hold the camera up on the windshield failed constantly. I live in Florida so it stays hot. Need a new way to keep the camera in place.
Kindle Customer
Better than I imagined. For the price it can’t be beat. Great picture quality at night and during the day. Highly recommend.
Lawrence R Lang
Awesome camera. Good video and audio. Easy to use.
I just smashed the product yesterday since it gives me tons of stress every time. Don't waste your money on this.
What’s the back camera is black it’s not showing anything even if it’s not the digital also
had this in operation for a month and it continously restarts - that's all it does.
Anna Zilbert
Southern Bearded Ventures
Most user-friendly dash cam I have ever owned!!! I am not some awesome “pro” when it comes to being all technologically advanced… But I’m not a complete idiot either… LOL.. I have owned multiple dash-cams throughout the years and this is by far the most user-friendly dash-cam I have ever had… The picture quality and sound quality is great… The playback function is very simple… ALSO.. There are some amazing step-by-step YouTube video tutorials to help even the least technological people in the world operate this thing like a pro in 10 minutes or less… I strongly recommend it and I will definitely be buying another one for my next vehicle..
I've owned this camera for one year. For the most part it works well, but there is one SERIOUS FLAW: when the camera is left unused for multiple weeks (eg. car parked for a long vacation, as it happened to me), the internal battery gets completely discharged and it loses the current time & date. So next time the car is started the camera thinks it's January 1st, 2018 and this COMPLETELY MESS UP THE VIDEO FILE ROTATION. Indeed, the camera will keep the old video files dated 2019, 2020, 2021, and every time the car is started the camera will delete the latest videos dated January 2018.When I noticed this problem, a month after I came back from vacation, a month after the camera lost its date & time, I had essentially lost a month of recordings.The manufacturer could EASILY remediate this bug. When the camera starts it could see there are files dated 2021, so if the current time is set to 2018, it should change its clock to at least 2021.
J. S. Forbes
I bought this Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Dual 1920x1080P Front and Cabin Dash Camera on October 21, 2018 from Amazon. Several days ago it got extremely hot, released a burning odor, and shut off. I pulled the power from it and let it cool down. I tried again and the same thing happened. It's winter so, it's not because the car is hot. And it's not the charging cord or the power source - I checked these. The camera is now nonfunctional. It is obviously not covered under warranty now so all I can do is write a review and let Vantrue know that their product is substandard. It is only 16 months old. It should last longer than that! It worked great while it worked! Not recommended.
Ian moone
Bought after a Tacoma cop went rogue on me pulled me over out of his jurisdiction all because I passed him on the road over weight white male cop wore glasses prone to road rage kept his hand on his weapon the whole time looking for any reason to shoot
Joyce Baker
The video quality is great, 4H. Best ever at night observation too. I love the back facing camera, it really does capture 365 degree video. Playback and control is much easier than prior camera. If I had a 2nd car would order another.
Ricardo Estrada
Purchased 2 of these cameras for our cars and from the first week, I had issues with the camera swiveling around, it wouldn't stay in place. Eventually had the same problem with my wife's camera. So I just recently got in a car accident and took my camera down to see what was captured. Well, as I'm going through all the video's that have been recorded, it looks like more than half have some kind of file error and nothing was recorded. This was an absolute waste of money!
I’ve owned this product for a while and my biggest issue is no matter what.. I can NOT keep the mount adhered to my window. It used to only happen when it was really hot outside.. now it doesn’t hold for extended periods of time. I thought it was because of the weight of the camera but it falls off even when the camera isn’t attached. So, to protect the camera, I was removing it every time I was parked. NOW.. the mount is falling. When that happens, it pulls out the wire that I had tucked away so it was hidden and is just dangling in the middle of my car (also sets off my internal alarm and causes my alarm to go off). So NOW.. I’m having to remove the camera and unplug the power outlet from the mount. The only issue I have now is locating the mount wherever it happens to land when it falls off (because it’s still not staying attached even with everything removed from it.)But other than that.. the camera is great. I’ve been very pleased with it. The quality of the video is good. Be sure and keep up with your cable to connect it to your computer because it’s not a simple process to transfer it over without it.
Amazon Customer
In the Quick Start guide the first instruction is to charge the camera for 2 hours before the first use and the second instruction is to install a genuine Samsung Micro SD card, recommended EVO up to 256G. So if you don't want to stare at your pretty but non-functional camera for two days while you wait for your SD card to arrive, order them together.
Amazon Customer
James Plumer
Wanted a vehicle camera. This one fits the Bill.
i need 24 hours securit camera to my car while the car is off.what os your recommendation to me
I'm very satisfied with this product. Has indeed very good filming quality and works with sandisk card. I don't know why the producer says in description to not use sandisk. but works very good, in both ways -just with front camera or with both cameras. with loop or without loop recording.
Amazon Customer
Todd P.
The camera is great. I love the picture from it. Night vision is also great. One drawback I found is the battery will die within a year and a half. I have 3 of them and they all show the same thing. One of mine is still under warranty but the other two are already out of warranty. They will not replace the battery for you.
Screen is too small to be observed while driving, can't say more, returned it as soon as I opened the box
Mike Baars
I hooked this up and it has been there in my windshield since I bought it. Works great. Plan where you’re going to put it.
James R. Nelson
Not a front a rear dash cam, its inside cabin and front
Walter Danilo Guzman
Quality not as expected for almost $200 with buggy app crashing after a while of use
Stephen O.
Great product . You may want to " mute" the audio or stand a chance of embarrassing your self on spontaneous words when another driver does something stupid in front of you ! Lol
Charles W Beach
This camera would not stay attached on the window. It fell off right away within a few minutes of attaching it. I review the instruction and re-attached the camera, as soon as I went from reverse to forward the camera fell off again. I tried one more time to attach the camera and it fell off within minutes. Never got to test the rest of the camera. I sent it back got the VAVA 2K and love it!
This is my second VANTRUE purchase. Didn't learn my lesson from first one.Manual print is just to small, even for 20/20 folks like myself. The user manual has no troubleshooting procedures. You can not call or chat with rep. If customer service is something you expect, don't buy a VANTRUE dash cam, as you will indeed need customer support1. Their sim card would not format VIA the camera. Bought different brand, works fine.2. Camera does not turn on when car turned on. Have to manually turn on camera.3. Does not turn off when car is off. Setting is for one minute. Stays on until battery dies.4. The extraordinarly small screen is cluttered with information. The icons are soooo small, they become useless.5. The 12V adapter keeps migrating out of lighter port.6. The quick release for the camera from suction cup mount is very difficult to use, afraid of breaking mount as quite a bit of force is needed. So I have to to take the whole assy off my windshield every time the dash cam stops working.7. As with my first VANTRU dash cam, battery life is very short. Vantrue does not have replacement batteries. Consequently, cam looses date/time.And here is the biggest disappointment. On the freeway a contractor lost a ladder. Ladder trashed the left side of car. The van took off. I went to pull up dash cam video, there was none. The camera stopped overwriting old files with new ones as it has been designed to do.I could have saved myself hours of frustration had I taken the time to find a better dash cam.
I do love the camera i just wish the photos came out a little clearer. Also be careful it can drain your battery and make you have to jumpstart your car if not unplugged after use.
Edward Monahan
Abdul Samad
Quickly delivery and quality
Candy C
Long Story short, I bought this dash cam in November 2018 (Black Friday Deal) 2+ years I still see myself using it for a bit longer unlike my prior Rexing dash cam.Pros -Nice design and records both ways which I love -Easy to set up -Replaying videos on the actual dash camCons -It will turn off and on by itself when driving so I checked my footage once in a while to make sure everything does get recorded.Don't use the cheap memory cards sold here in Amazon I'd be buying them often they get corrupted easily. I bought the current memory card at Staples for like $30 and its lasted me the longest.Overall I'm happy I invested in the dash cam, it's really handy and it's a good witness in a worse case scenario.As shown in video posted. Thank God accident was avoided.
Quan Nguyen
Got this one for my Vegas road trip and totally worthy. The dual camera feature is nice and the picture quality are great. Really recommended.
E. B.
The camera is decent so far, but the suction mounts keeps falling off no matter how clean the suction cup is, or how clean the window is. After inspecting the suction cup it is made out of harder rubber/plastic mix and has little crater holes on its surface. I will pass on Vantrue when it comes time to get another dashcam.
Xavier Sanchez
Its great to have a log of your driving just in case some bad driver cuts you off or hits your car.
Rabbia U.
Excellent product. I ordered it for my husband car. And he is using it. It is working really well
Amazon Customer
Camera worked great for two months! I would have given it five stars. No complaints but then all of a sudden it stopped working. The camera won’t charge. I finally realized it’s the USB port in the camera that is the issue.
Fast shipping and good products
The camera was working great until i got into a car accident and it DID NOT record it for some glitchy reason.I’m disappointed that i paid $200 for this camera for it to fail me 2 years later. I’m gonna throw it away and buy something better
Ted K.
I will not recommend this product to anyone. Worst Dashcam ever, seller will keep on emailing you back and forth until you're fed up and still not either replace or reimburse your money. Amazon service had to be involved.
I’ve had the n2 pro for 2 years now and some of the issues I’ve encounter are the battery no longer works, which causes my time settings to be reset to default every time I turn my car on. Also the mounting falls pretty often, I come into my car with the unit hanging by the wire.The only solution to the battery I can think of would be to hardwire it and I’m skeptical about doing that, as I won’t know what effect it may have on my cars battery.
Junior Rosell
Really bad camera. I have never check the quality until I have an accident works well at the begining and after that really the video just play really fast and there is not way to stop it. Many files are not able to work. Buy something else. Really bad for recording bc when u most need the video it just not there
Had these cameras now for over a year and still works like it did when I bought it.Make sure you get the GPS mount, the information on the section of digital capture will help it you need date and great both day and nightNot cheap but you get what you pay for. Worth the money!
DJ Dale
I have dash cameras in all my vehicles. I recently got in a major wreck which totaled my truck and a cheap competitor brand (Apeman) failed to capture the wreck. Not sure how the camera failed as it just did not produce the final video on impact. Sort of defeats the purpose to have a dash cam if it's not going to work when you need it.When I got my new truck I decided to get a dual camera dash cam and bought the Vantrue N2 Pro and also the Anker Roav dual. I compared them both and the Vantrue in every way was a nicer camera. They looked the same but ypuncoild feel the difference when you held them. The Vantrue has a wider field of view for both front and rear and had a clearer picture. I did like that the Anker had GPS built in but you can get the upgraded HPS mount from Vantrue. I do wish their was a Vantrue app to work with thr camera but there is a Windows program that does what you need. I hooked the camera up with a OBD wiring and now the vehicle has 24 hour surveillance motion protection in park mode. LI am quite happy with the Vantrue N2 Pro and highly recommend it.
Barron Lux
Having recently started driving Uber I had an interest in a dual dashcam. TIt's great to have a video record of your Uber rides and a video record, in general, when not online with Uber. Things can happen so having a video can go a long way to clearing your name in the incident if there is one.Obviously, not all dash cams are created equal. Consider your needs before making a decision. In my case, I needed a “dual” dashcam with a rear facing camera that would work in complete darkness to capture what is going on inside my car.Build quality, size and setup are excellent. Video quality is amazing and getting your videos from the N2 to a computer is easy with a Mini USB port to a standard USB port hooked to your computer.An internal Micro SD (not included) holds all of your videos for a daily drive.I highly recommend this camera for anyone driving for a rideshare platform or anywhere there is heavy traffic and a high likelihood of an accident.
Keeping it short and simple. Like a few other comments it worked for close to a year before I noticed that the date had to reset every time it turned on. The unit will selectively record when it wanted to and continued to have the problem even after the recommended software update from the vendor. It was recommended that I change out the battery but when I looked into changing the battery it required opening the unit and performing brain surgery on the unit which Im sure would void any warranty. I would recommend against purchasing this unit if you are looking for something that will last years to come.
This is a good camera, used it for a while now and it has meant my needs.I like it in that the rear facing camera give you a good view through the windows to what is beside and behind the vehicle, so no need for a second cam.
pat n
I 've had this unit for over two years, does a great job, holds up in AZ heat. Will buy another if/when this wears out.
Have had and ran for about a year and 1/2. Working well no break downs at all. Did loose date a little, but car battery had gone bad. Rear cam sometimes, in wered light is a little purple. Front cam always perfect and sound is really good. I don't use a program to manage files for viewing only raw data, but am used to military time. I could, and have some other programs for that, but I only look back, if I need too. I have GPS and storage chip and the Samsung holds up really well compared to Sandisk, those go out really fast in video recording, have had too replace 3. Seems to be in good qaulity.
greg norcutt
That is so wasted of money. I've been trying to contact them or online too, but an uncorrected number to blocked me so rushing than conversation for tech support or else. What the hell?! This online is what for asking the SNN... Because of the problem with the SNN has no show anywhere on the box or on camera. I tried to report for switching a new one and my camera broke by a kid... I've so frustrated and I feel like they are ignored or not helping enough.
S. Mathis
I love the fact that it’s easy to snap on & off when I’m using it, because I only leave it attached while it’s in the garage. Viewing the footage is very easy as well & very clear.
Sheila Reynoso
I am so sad my husband spent 200 $ when he gots accident we don’t found anything
Sohrab Khairuddein
Used and damaged. I paid for new not this trash I got delivered. I am really getting sick and tired of Amazon being super unprofessional when it comes to product quality.
Amazon Customer
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Sarah Powell
I haven't tested/reviewed the night vision yet but I love this dash cam so far.
Pretty good camera bought this for my car and it still works.
Luis Chacon
It fits perfectly on the windshield of my car! The camera quality is great!!!
Bought and used this during a road trip with my kids and it really is great quality. The only thing I wish is that when you play back the recordings, that the inside and outside video were kept together and played side by side
Lasted about 6 months then started loosing time date every time i shut the car off. Then not turning on when I started driving. Then it stayed on all the time ran the car battery down after 2 days of non use. Then i smashed it up now looking for something better!
Arianna F.
This unit is so easy to hook up and the quality is great! This is exactly what I was looking for! Sound and image look great. I have yet to run into a problem with recording and it’s super easy to access footage. The only thing you will need is a micro SD card which you may even have lying around, but they are fairly cheap. Would definitely purchase for another vehicle.
I liked having this camera as a rideshare companion. Would be wonderful if it uploaded to a cloud automatically, but other than that it was pretty reliable as long as I made sure it was on. May take your attention off the road for too long, if you’re trying to manually activate it. There’s a lot of opportunity for missed footage because it’s user-involved. Small storage capacity if you want it for archiving rides, the higher the quality of course, the quicker you run out of space (which is why easy/automatic footage upload would make this item better). Not bad though, other than that. Would recommend with above caveats.
Israel Silva
Anthony N. Lyne
This dashcam has everything put together in a nice package and is super easy to install. The buttons and menus for settings and options are minimal and straight forward for simple operation. The quality of the video and field of view is fantastic for the package and its size. Installation was very easy and this dashcam has all the important features like g-sensor, auto-start recording, parking mode, and voice recording, and much more with the GPS additional mount. I bought two so we'd had one of these installed for each of our vehicles. Nice having video recording piece of mind for accidents and other automobile incidents that may pop up in the future. It's a crazy world on the roads these days.
bought for the shooting range
This camera has to be charging at all times also the access to videos has to be thru a computer so if anything happen and you need to show proof of a video you will need to wait until you get to a computer! There is no app either ....
joe miller
Very nice dash cam and is user friendly I am impressed with the picture quality would recommend this to anyone. Also where to find a hardware kit with this thing it was very easy to install and I never have to touch it it record everything while my vehicle is on
A.J. Williams
Pice of junk never records anything properly always has file errors night vision never works ..its just horrible!
Hannah G
I was so skeptical about dash cams but this was by far the Best Buy I could’ve made!I’ve already used the footage from it in an insurance claim.Super crisp recordings and super easy to use!If you’re serious about memorializing your driving experience this is the best Dash Cam hands down!
Mounted and installed with the hardwire kit. Great looking unit, small and unobtrusive on the windshield. I have not pulled the card to see what it is recording yet and hope I never need to rely on it to verify what happened but it is there incase.
I bought this one and tried it for one week now. The image quality in the daytime is perfect, and also nice at night. If you are using front cam only at 1080p 60fps, 128G SD card can record for about 12-13 hrs without loop recording, which is nice to me.
Very cool little dash cam... All sorts of features, works very well, easy to set up and install. I am 70 yrs old and I had no problems programing it to do what I needed. Play back is simple, just plug it into your 'puter select "mass storage" on the N2 and it loads just like you inserted a memory card. Works as advertised, seems like a hi quality little unit. I bought this one a few days ago so I cannot speak it's long term success, but I plan to buy another to put in my truck. I found it useful to buy the hardwire kit and install a small on/off toggle switch for my convenience.Bob SterlingSan Leandro, CA.Jan 2, 2021
Awesome, easy and efficient
Jacob Franklyn
This camera is super easy to set up and has great quality. The mount took a few tries to get it to stick, but as long as the area is clean and dry it works great. I love the features and the simplicity of it. Would definitely recommend.