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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Iliya I.
not worth the money. parking mode only works if there is power, the rear camera cannot cover the space inside if it is a larger car or truck.
James Andrews
I dont like when hou set it up your way the camera turns of other things automatically you cant fix it you can only use default if you want to use all features
Best DASH CAM not just for my UBER driving but for regular driving. This camera has an outstanding clear view day or night as reviewed on the camera, laptop, pc or tv. I recommend the hardwire installation and it is an easy DIY task also the GPS MOUNT is recommended for location and speed as valuable information for any claim. My only issue is with the GPS MOUNT, it falls off after some time when driving as the cup loses its suction. I see there is a new stick on GPS MOUNT now witch I would have bought instead for permanent installation specially for my every days on the road.Well, hatter more than a year, I like the camera so much that I just got the new VANTRUE N4 that includes the rear view camera, this is going to be replacing the N2 PRO, in my UBER vehicle, that’s going to be installed in my other car. Hope there will be a stick on GPS MOUNT for the VANTRUE N4.
Rick Johnson
Now with a dead battery, so OK with driving but no parking mode, etcAny suggestions?Thanks
I. thomas
It worked well until, from what im assuming the lithium ion battery in the thing randomly explodeded when i was driving down the street. Filling the cabin with a thick smoke in a fraction of a second. Luckily it was coming up to a red light and was able to come to a complete stop without seeing the road.
Ray R.
After I had an accident where the other driver had lied to the insurance company, I purchased this camera to help me out the next time I am in one. I worked well in the very beginning. Then, when I actually had an accident (again, the other driver lied to the insurance company-typical San Diegans) I desperately needed proof that the other driver hit me. When I went to retrieve the footage, there was none! The only footage the camera took of me driving was AFTER the accident happened! Also, it seemed as though there were lots of missing days and moments of me driving that should have been recorded, especially on that day. Way too much was missing. i ended up having to get video footage from the apartment manager of the building this accident happened in front of which helped me prove he way lying. I WOULD NOT PURCHASE THIS; WASTE OF MONEY AND OF NO HELP!
Battery does not last more then 10 minutes if unplugged from charger. Do not buy this item. I was using it for Uber.
I should have trusted the 1-2 star reviews. This camera arrived in plastic wrap. Box was undamaged. Everything looked fine.I formatted the SDcard using the dashcam as suggested by Vantrue. I connected everything as instructed by Vantrue. Everything worked in the beginning. The dashcam recorded fine for 1 day. When it came time to review the videos, NONE of them would play on any of my video playback software(Microsoft video player, Cyberlink PowerDVD 2020, OBS studio). Windows stated the file probably didn't have the correct codec or the file was corrupt. The file is saved in MP4 so it stands to reason the saved file is corrupt. The next day, only the motion activated recording worked and half the time sound was absent. Only an uninterrupted tone could be heard in place of the sound. The 3rd day, all settings interaction failed. I can not watch any video files using the dashcam interface. Soon as the USB is plugged in to give power, the dashcam starts recording. Settings menu is unavailable. Nothing can be changed. I have experienced these problems using the PC for file viewing and the cam inside the vehicle. Something is wrong with this cam.I'm presently in contact with Vantrue now. If they can not solve the issue, I'll be returning this dashcam. Very disappointed in this product touted by rideshare drivers to be the best.Update: After several troubleshoot emails I was instructed to update the firmware. This appears to have fixed the problem, but only time will tell if the problem returns.The firmware update has also changed file save type from dual PIP video of front and cabin to two seperate files of front and cabin. The menu options have returned and the cam now charges to full battery. So far so good.
angie R.
The price point on this Dash Cam honestly doesn't make any sense. Image quality is ok at best. It's extremely grainy at night, and much worse than the $70 dash cam I've been using the past couple years. The interior facing camera is over exposed during the day, and under exposed at night. The shock sensor recording seems to work intermittently, even with the sensitivity all the way up. The final deal breaker for me is the lack of wireless connectivity. My last dash cam helped get me out of a ticket by showing the police the footage, and that's just not an option with this camera as it needs to be connected to a computer via USB.
Crashes all the time. It doesnt loop, rather fills up the memory card.
mike kripal
Does not come with a micro SD card...You have to purchase one , then have it formatted ( Very hard to format ) So I can't use this camera without it it... Camera is worthless.
Timothy H.
Richard Ng
I love my Vantrue N2 Pro. I have had it a few years and a month after I purchased it on Amazon, I was in a very bad accident. The Vantrue N2 Pro saved the day. My accident was at 2:30 in the morning. Dark city street but the camera captured everything in perfect detail, inside and outside my vehicle. A person ran a red light and destroyed my car. The footage provided by the Vantru N2 Pro was invaluable. Awesome product. Recommended highly especially if you are a rideshare driver. Ever since my accident, I don't leave home without my Vantrue N2 Pro.
I bought one for myself, and then another one for my mom because we both liked it so much, but I honestly had to give it only 3 stars because of the mount thing keeps unsticking and falling down while driving. I'm a careful driver and only drive in my small hometown to get from home to work and school, and I never go past 45 MPH here, but it just pops off and falls at least once a week. The same thing happens with the one I got for my mom, so I think it's just a problem with the mount. Other than that, it's a wonderful Dash cam, I would just suggest finding another way to mount this so it won't fall off or dangle from the wire.
Aj holt
I hate the cord, hate the cord, hate the cord!
mitchel king
Quality of video is excellent. Sound quality is solid. Actually recorded actions outside my car that were solid in a court of law.Highly recommend for uber/lyft drivers. Peace of mind for a small price.
Jim C.
I bought this after being rear ended by someone, but because there was no sure way to tell who was at fault (the other driver claimed I changed lanes in front of him, I claimed I didn't change lanes), his insurance wouldn't cover the repairs. The front camera is fantastic, and gets a good coverage area. The rear camera is really designed for in the cab only. In larger vehicles it might see more out the back window, but I drive a Mini, and it doesn't see much outside.
Mst Nusaiba Tasnim Maliha
Works great and video quality is clear.
Christopher L. Mullins
The camera quality is great but the parking mode is absolute crap. It doesn't work as described. If the camera is connected to constant power it will continue to record regardless of how parking mode is set. This camera has killed the battery in both my truck and my car. I would not recommend this camera.I hardwired the camera to the fuse box to the battery. I turned parking mode Off and the camera recorders everything!! I turned the parking mode On and the camera records everything. This is what the company told me when I thought this was faulty."Did you hardwire to the fuse port which has constant power? If yes, the cam will record continuously as there is constant power for it with parking mode off.If you want the cam only record when car starts on, please connect to the fuse port which only have power when ignition starts on. Or you can use the car charger.Best regards,EchoVantrue Customer Service Team"
House Boy
This little guy has been a disappointment. It has a few Pros, but Cons outweigh the Pros:Pros:1. Excellent front camera picture quality.2. Has night vision although I haven't had an occasion to use it.Cons:1. Clumsy suction mounting device. Difficult to place and constantly falls off at the least little bump.2. Constantly loses the date/time. Apparently the battery dies if not used every day.3. The inside camera gives washed out images of cars behind and passing by. There are options to adjust the exposure numbers between -2 and +2, but the manual does not explain how to use the exposure numbers.I'm trying to make it work but I have a feeling I will be returning this dash cam and looking for a better one.
I have been using the Vantrue N2 Pro for two years now. I must say, I never thought I'd want a dashcam...BUT, after having a small car incident and issues about what happened. I opted to for one. After researching best dashcams and reading opinions on rideshare websites... Vantrue was for me! The N2 Pro is a complete dashcam. Recording audio and video from the front to the rear of the vehicle. I feel safer knowing that any incident whether driving or parked, I have proof of what happened. Immediately on the screen of the cam or I can download the video onto my computer. It really provides a level of comfort. I actually purchased the hard wire kit so now it turns on and off with my car. I highly recommend this Vantrue. Great product and great customer service from the company.
The SIM card was not included and when I purchased a SIM card I could not format the card a total useless unit.
Great product once you figure out the user interface. I don’t know why I ever drove without one. I feel so much safer and protected in these Houston streets.
denis ordonez
I like everything about the camera, it is easy to install, the only criticism is that it is not compatible with any mini memory card.
Amazon Customer
Overall this camera does the job. The picture quality for the front camera is slightly better than the rear camera. When you see the videos on your computer from the rear camera you will notice a lot of glare. I’ve tried to mess with the settings to try to fix this but I haven’t figured it out yet. I don’t use the suction mount to mount to my windshield because of all the reviews saying that it will fall off with the heat of the sun. So I purchased a mount to mount on my rear view mirror and it works and looks great like that. I also purchased the hard wired kit to hide the power cord and that was easy to install. You can only see a little bit of the wire from the camera as it goes up to my headliner. It records your sound in the cabin and it sounds pretty clear. The packaging was nice and clean. Th instructions to set the camera up were easy to follow. If you don’t want to spend to much money, I recommend this camera. I got it during Prime day so received a small discount. Two thumbs up for me.
Easy to install works great.small screen but it won't distract you while driving and you. And blank it out with the camera still working
Client d'Amazon
Very good quality. The movement sensor is maybe a bit too much sensitive in parking mode, but that's the only "bad" thing.
John Whitt
I've been using the Vantrue N2 Pro for a couple of years now. The camera has always worked and worked well. No issues at all. The thing is rock solid and holds up well in the Florida heat. Our car is never garage kept but rather sits in the sun outside everyday. It gets very hot inside the cab. The trim on the car is fading but no so with the Vantrue N2 Pro. The camera looks as good as the day I purchased it.Thanks Vantrue!!!
Great Dashcam and reliable definitely 5 star.
Anais Avasapian
Four day past from one month that’s me in return policy is done stop to work I purchase extra cable to connect straight power to camera now I start my car I’m driving sometime I pay attention camera it’s off I have to tap on power button to start work I spend extra money for the cables that’s not working Plus camera is not working properly every time I have to pay attention two tab on bottom of bottom to turn it on I called technical support they told me reset the camera I can’t believe this anywhere you call for technical support the first thing they told you reset your equipment it’s really funny technical support reset the bottom thank you for that information!!!
Marcus S.
I’ve had this camera since 2019. Initially it was fine. Good picture on the forward facing cam, and the inside was ok. The night vision would turn on for the inside a lot even during the day. I assume that was due to black interior and tinted windows, but it worked.One day I pulled the SD card to review some footage for something interesting I saw on the road and found that all of the files were corrupted. After reviewing all of the instructions, I formatted the card multiple times, and tried two additional brand new SD cards (confirming they were all compatible cards). All of the files corrupted.I spent well over a week going back and forth with Vantrue tech support providing them with multiple screenshots and example video files because they needed to figure out the cause of the issue. After sending the last set of files and waiting days for a response, they told me they needed me to send more corrupted files… AGAIN. Eventually I got frustrated and stopped replying because they were giving me the run around. I’m sure you could find a better dash cam with more features for a better price.
Alex Jones
I've had this for 2 years and it has worked flawlessly.
al Roberts
The camera is wonderful I like everything about it I dislike nothing about it it's it's a great product and I love it I used the product for accident protection and to be aware of my surroundings
I like to use the high def video settings so the memory card fills up fast. Well, it is supposed to overwrite old video but it just does not do it and stops recording. I was in an accident and nothing was recorded. RETURNED
I had to contact the seller twice in order to get a replacement since both of the cameras had issues with recoding process and memory cards. In the end I was so frustrated with the camera I had to purchase one more from different seller!Complete waste of money!!!!
Anthony Ziegler
A must have for doing Rideshare. My passengers commend me for having one and it’s a great deterrent for those that have other ideas in mind.
The only thing i hate is you cannot acces your videos online or via Bluetooth or link it to your phone
This is a nice unit, I purchased in July 2019. It was wired to my fuse box for constant recording. However, the mount continuously fails, and it's extremely dangerous when you are driving down the highway and the mount fails, flinging the camera into your face. It's time for VanTrue to improve the mounting system. I'm pretty frustrated at this point!
Reason for 2 stars-- at this price wifi file share is a must have feature. Having to open SD card or unmount dashcam to download a file is a hassle esp the price I'm paying.Camera quality is really good.
Micah Hobson
Works great!! As a lyft/uber driver, safety is my number one priority and trying to find a good dashcam was on my to do list. Video quality is amazing! And it takes pictures as well. Would definitely recommend this product to someone in need of a good dashcam
Angelo molina
My camera not recording. Do i need to insert sd card first????
Herminio C. Miguel
This is the third VANTrue Dash Cam I purchased and I was already satisfied with the first N2. This one is a step up from the previous two which are N2. This N2 Pro is is outstanding without breaking the bank. Wide and and clear including the inside cabin video even in complete darkness.
Anthony Casio
Randy W.
Suction cup will not stay attached to glass for very long. They did replace it one time, and that one failed within 1 month. Another suction cup has been shipped but has been in the us for over a month and I still have not received it yet. Great camera, if you hard mount it to the dash.
Robert McIntyre
The suction cup mount is the best I have ever used. I am 72 and not what you call tech savey but the instructions are great. I installed this in my rv to record bad drivers.
I used help from technician to install it. It is working great. Satisfied
Don't waste your money. Buy different brand.
Works great! Captured a collision the first week I had it ( I was not involved) hit an rul, Sent pictures to the police!
Over all a good product. Video and picture quality pretty good.Only issue I have run into is the suction cup that allows it to mount onto the window. When you are in high temperature environments you will experience the suction loosing suction. Our temps have gotten as high as 109⁰. On a 90⁰ day I have gotten in the car and the dash can was just hanging there. I easily put it back up. On cooler days it stays up just fine.
Amazon Customer
Time restored, have to setup the time and date each time when power on.
Refused to refund my money even though my dash cam is still within the warranty period. The customer service rep only responded once a day and did not honor their warranty as stated on their website. When I asked for documentation proving what she was saying (since it contradicted the statements of the warranty on their website) she couldn’t.The dash cam was just ok for the first month, it worked like a dash cam should. After that, it all went downhill; it wouldn’t keep a charge, the looping didn’t work, it would turn off randomly while I was driving, and the date was always off. Customer service had no idea what she was talking about and had no fix. She wanted me to buy a new SD card and wanted me to pay for return shipping even though the address for the return was in California (business is based in China, and that was her reasoning for not being able to provide a return shipping label). Such a hassle and for price there are DEFINITELY better models out there with MUCH better customer service. If you need customer service help you’re SOL.
Terry Gratia
I have another camera in my 18 wheeler that does good images. However, they look bad compared the images of the VanTrue N2. I set our system for the front camera only in my wife's Lexus. Imaging is crystal clear and license plates of other vehicles are easy to read. You tube videos show a blueish tint to the film, but I'm not experiencing any blueness at all. There is a blue film over the lenses for packaging purposes as it arrives in the box, but I took ours off. I also am using the Samsung 256 EVO sd card as recommended.
Diego Perez
I have had this camera for a little over a year now and I love it! I have been the witness of a couple of accidents while driving, I carry an SD card reader that plugs right into my phone. I downloaded the videos and emailed them to the responding officer right there on site. The ONLY complaint I would have is the suction cup does fall off every now and then. However, I can not blame the mount's suction cup for this, Texas heat is brutal, and it only falls down on the really hot days if my car (which is also black in color so that doesn't help) sits outside for awhile. Overall, I am very pleased with this camera!!
The Suction Cup that came with it wore out within one month. the camera now just sits in my car with no practical use.
Haven't installed the camera yet, but I have been going through the settings and am disappointed to find out that when both cameras are simultaneously recording, they only do so at 1080p 30fps. The ONLY way to utilize 1440p resolution is when only the front camera is recording... I feel like this defeats the purpose of buying a 1440p dual dash cam when the 1440p is only utilized with just one camera active :/
I already own a Vantrue N2 Pro and purchased another one on Amazon Prime Day. I like the size of the of camera and the quality of the video. It is nice to have the dual cameras on the N2 Pro (one camera looking through the front window and the second camera pointed inside the cabin) and I can decide if I want to use one or both cameras. Video is extremely clear and smooth. The display on the N2 is smaller than others but it is exactly what I was looking for because I didn't want a large dash cam on my windshield - easy to take the MicroSD and view the videos on my PC. I am very happy with the N2 Pro and highly recommend this dash cam - AN EXCELLENT DASH CAM.
Buyer 21
Once i had everything installed, the charger cable wouldn't work. I tried it on two cars outlets that I know work. I tried to run the camera unit unplugged but it automatically turned off. For the limited time I had it installed and running the unit seemed to get very hot from the sun. I queried customer service on the cable but they didn't respond. Not sure why they just don't have chat, I had to send an e-mail.
This camera is great. I’m sure this happens with other suction cup products as well, but when the temperatures do change (for example in the spring when it’s colder in the morning and warmer in the afternoon), it may fall off the windshield. But it is easy to put back up. It’s a great camera and I love all of its features. I’ve bought two as a gift for other people after getting mine
C. Bean
High quality image. Inside image is kinda washed out of color, but because of the sun, I probably don’t have the settings right. Outside video is GREAT.
Samanthalyn Fowler
Anthony B
I wish I never bought this product. although I bought it a while ago I finally got around to installing it. Installation was nice and easy the camera itself is great the quality is great.The biggest and greatest and most important issue I have is the windshield mount for the camera is 100% pure garbage it will not stay in one place it wobbles all around if I take a left it goes to the right if I take a right it goes to the left if I leave a light at a fast pace it tilts to the back horrible horrible horrible mount it is because of this Mount that I'm selling this camera since I can't return it now
Samanthalyn Fowler
Anthony B
I wish I never bought this product. although I bought it a while ago I finally got around to installing it. Installation was nice and easy the camera itself is great the quality is great.The biggest and greatest and most important issue I have is the windshield mount for the camera is 100% pure garbage it will not stay in one place it wobbles all around if I take a left it goes to the right if I take a right it goes to the left if I leave a light at a fast pace it tilts to the back horrible horrible horrible mount it is because of this Mount that I'm selling this camera since I can't return it now
This is my second purchase of this product. I gave my older unit to my mail carrier spouse and he feels relieved to haveit because the sad truth is that some people have disregard for safety and don't slow down nor pass with a reasonalbe distance between cars. I use it for total surveillance while I am working. This unit has excellent playback. I chose this because I don't prefer phone apps because they typically come with additional fees and maintenance. And they are hackable. I prefer this product because it is simple and I get 2 days worth of continuous video on my card. I playback and save clips all of the time. Thank you Vantrue!
After a year of having this camera the vehicle got into a car accident and the camera didnt even catch the incident it started recording once i turn the car off i checked its not a power issue.
The display window is to small to make out any Accident or activity
Ryan T.
Beautiful picture inside and out gps speed helps if ever stopped for speed hands free recording hardwire kits available for parked recording if motion is detected inside or outside car impact lock so videos can't be erased small and covert sleek enough that u sometimes can't tell it's even on
Little trouble at first with charging. Turns out my auxiliary port (cigarette lighter) didn't work but my car has 2 so problem solved.Picture is plenty good, doesn't have to be cinema quality for me. After first weekish of using I plugged into my computer & played with downloading clips etc. Works fine. Audio is sufficient to hear my audio book that was playing as I cussed at the idiot who cut me off.The dual recording is nice. I got to relive the idiot driver from 2 angles. Twice the fun!I can foresee possible issues with the mount down the road but I have faith in it so far.This is one of those items that has a newer version available but why spend the extra $$$ when it does the job that needs to be done exceptionally well.
john hustins
It won’t stay a whole day attached to the windows. Constantly falling on the floor of the car. Useless if it’s not capturing anything
Unfortunately, due to only having a suction device for the windshield, these types of devices are illegal in Florida and most other states. Would have kept it, if device could be mounted to dash.
I should have read the bad reviews, frequently falls off and suction mount is flawed. I’m past return and support period so I’ll need to figure a way to glue it on but the mount bracket is integral to the unit and can’t bypass it. Stay away from this and don’t buy it. Useless in parking mode if it won’t stay put.
Inconsistent recordings. I witnessed a pretty bad accident, told LE that I had dash cam footage, went home to upload and send it off to find nothing had recorded for that time. My drive to work, which was uneventful was recorded, me sitting in the driveway scrolling through my phone was recorded, but not this accident. The date won't set passed 1/1/2017. I set the date then when I turn the car back on the date is back to 1/1/17. Makes it hard to look to through all the videos for the time and day I am looking for.
S. Dam
I've had this camera for over 3 years and basically had no issues with it for 2.5 years.Expect to have battery issues after 2 years or so with the camera, right when the warranty expires.Around the 2.5 year mark, the camera would not remember the date/time correctly, even though I had it hard-wired to my car. Found out after research that a lot of people have this issue and it's due to the internal battery failing. Taking the original battery out, it was ballooned up, so it needed replacement.Vantrue didn't offer any help, except that I'd get $15 off a new dashcam. I'm not replacing this dashcam for a new one to save $15. After looking at a Youtube video, got a replacement battery for $10 and was able to connect a new battery in the camera. Kinda simple replacement job.
Worked fine for a while, internal battery died after few month, every time you start the car the date goes back to 2018, contacted the seller they told me to hard wire it to the battery?! which will most likely kill your battery..
Wow what a disappointment! My wife's car was just hit and run and we checked all files and none contained video of scumbag crackhead who hit the car and took off. It does have footage after an accident and half a year ago but not today's accident footage. What a crapola for $200
Camera works fine. The suction cup is terrible though. I had to tape it up to make it stick.
King D
After 1 year of use, it just stopped working. The area where power line meets camera got really hot. Theres 2 places to insert powerline so I tried the other one (its located where window suction is). Nothing happens. I put the camera away thinking maybe the powerline is pinched or theres a misconnection somewhere from usb to end. I dont touch this camera as 2020 brought other issues that was more important than a car camera. Today I decided to tackle the issues and try to find out if power line is issue. I plugged in a new line I had at home that was laying around. Nope, nothing happens. I wiggle the cord around where it meets camera and for a brief moment, it starts....and then dies again. I unplug the camera and look inside where camera connects to powerline and sure enough, one if the power pins melted and not connecting with power. What the heck??? I intentionally paid $200 for this camera as i was done buying cheap cameras that failed... thought the old saying u get what u paid for applies jere. Nope! Stay away from this wont bite you now but give it a year or less and u will remember my review.
The camera itself is alright. The problem lies on the suction attachment. The suction cup is inbuilt with the power cable port, once the suction stops working (which it will in a year) the whole camera becomes useless. I had to purchase the replacement for the suction part separately.Wish there was a better solution for it.
Dashcam couldn't capture an accident due to it not having a firmware update which Vantrue did not inform it's customers nor did it come updated with latest update. Would not recommend. Camera eventually overheated and broke.
Amazon Customer
Unfortunately this is the second one of these to break in a row. The first one simply stopped working. I ordered this one in Nov. 2020 and now the battery wolf hold any charge. As a result, the date and time won't stay correct. I like the product I just wish it would be more reliable.
Outside Adventurers
This is a great dash cam and was very easy to setup. The video quality both inside and outside is outstanding. The video is image stabilized so you get clear 1080p video with great color and resolution. I will be using it in my motorhome and in the car that we tow. This will not only provide for an additional protection feature but will also provide video for our travel log. I love the compact size of the camera and the ease in which I can switch it from one vehicle to my other one. This is a great product with a company that has shown great customer service. I will update my review after I return from my next RV trip to provide any updates.
Muhammad I.
Just waste off money I worked hard to buy this camera and my all money is gone I bought all kinds off memory cards no one work all the time showing me error
Robert C.
Had issues from the moment I installed.Doesn't perform any operations automatically, I combed the settings and couldn't find anything that would toggle such things on or off which tells me they either don't exist (auto on/off and auto record with parking mode) or this unit is defective.When it does work, the image is not that great as plates are still hard to read, even in complete daylight if a car is more than 10 feet out from you, you cannot see its plate.I bought this after return a defective Rexing camera. Who makes reliable dash cams and why is this such a hard thing to find?
Aaron Heidlebaugh
So far so good. Really liking these cameras compared to our Li-Ion YI dashcams we had previously. Better picture and , hopefully time will tell, the darned things keep the time and date with the super cap.
Shari Matthews
The only way it would stay on was by having it plugged in. I was using the cigarette lighter charger. When I turned my car off, it kept sucking the life out of my battery.. It died. I had to buy a new battery. My phone charger uses the same plug for years,, and I've never had an issue. When I complained to the company, they were apologetic, but didn't offer compensation of any sort
Using for ride share business. Easy Set-up.
John Ronan
Perfect size easy to install
Karan Ramdat
Internal battery or capacitor died. Won't save date/time or settings. Still records, but impossible to find a recorded video based on date/time now.