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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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It's been said that it is better to have it and not need them need it and not have it. For what it is this camera is a little pricey. Add to that the suction cup stopped working a while ago probably because where I live there are rarely any clouds and the temp is steady year round at 74f/25c.
I've owned this for over 2 years now, and it is a technological nightmare. You either have to clear it every few days of driving or gamble on it actually properly overwriting old footage which it rarely does. Turned parking camera off, yet it still records all day even sitting still. I regrettably suggested this to family members, of which 2 purchased this camera, both of which have the same issues. This camera does also not seem to remember the date saved after changing it, nor does the GPS attachment show the speed without using their software.
The camera is of very good quality.Parking mode works really nicely, the night vision of back-indoor camera is nice.The camera is working under extreme hot temperatures and shows good resiliency in that manner.It has a nice set of configurations that can be adjusted according to user needs.Beyond features of the camera and performance, I would like to mention the customer service.The customer service of Vantrue is one of a kind - the best I ever encountered with!It begins with answering any question regarding the configuration of the camera, from the first day I purchased it.You get very professional answers within a very short period of time, generally, within the same day you submitted your question.In addition, Vantrue brand is having a special care to the customers in terms of the warranty.The warranty period is 18 months- which gives the customer a lot of confidence in the product, and believe me these aren't just words!I had to replace my unit after 18 months because lithium battery got malfunctioned.The customer service was allowing me to ship my item after 19 months or so - because of Corona times.I got in return a brand new product, very impressed by their service.To sum up I'm sure my next camera will be Vantrue as well :)I wish that we will see soon cameras like N2 pro but with Wifi access and being able to monitor the car remotely- in parking mode.Thank you Vantrue
Amazon Customer
I use this thing every time I ride. I will now always have a camera in a car, it’s just part of the cost of ownership to me. I will say it’s worth having it hard wired, you can do it yourself. Good unit though.
Garbage. Does not actually record and if you click on the save button while driving it records from the moment you press it forward. That would be a great feature if i could predict accidents. I hard wired it to my truck and it turns off randomly. Got in accident and it was off. Put the SD card in my computer and it had a bunch of random clips from long ago and nothing consistent.
I’ve had my unit for around a year after an accident and needed something that was as close to 360 in view possible since the accident was from behind. Price was hard to beat and so is peace of mind. I have had some issues due to my memory cards not being quality but aside from that it’s a solid unit. Being a photographer imagine quality is important and this unit is surprisingly impressive. Audio is not bad at all. Menus are simple but kind of clunky but that’s okay. There has been very solid support for this unit as it’s been updated via firmware a few times and that is very important to know they stand to improve their product. Besides some of the purple tint issues from earlier software, original suction cup failing and coming back to my car with a hanging camera, lack of WiFi/BT connectivity which is okay for the most part and sadly a couple of dead car battery a few times because I didn’t hardwire until later on, I have no problem recommending this unit to everyone that has asked me about dash cams.
So this recordings comes in blocks, but for some reason not everything is recorded and you do not control that or now which part of the day is hopefully nothing important.
After a few months the battery lasts about 15 seconds. I understand most of the time you are driving and it's plugged in, but if you own a foreign car or a Jeep, if you turn your car off, you no longer record, even if you want to. Otherwise, the picture and video quality is great and easily accessible on a laptop. No accidents, so I haven't had to move any files though.
I've been in two situations where the camera WOULD have been great to have, if you are driving it can work great for recording. If you are parked it doesn't work for what it is designed for much at all.Event 1. Someone broke into my car, they didn't take the camera. Turns out the overwrite function wasn't working despite it being enabled. Had to remove everything from the SD card to get it to work again. Didn't end up have the video of the guy who broke into my car.Event 2: Someone hit my parked car and left. Guess what, the camera didn't pick it up, despite the damage being done to my front bumper! Not to mention even when it does pick up a car, it seems to be VERY late, meaning by the time it detects motion it is too late.TLDR: If you have your car kept in a garage at home and work, then you should be fine with this camera. If you want parking protection, you will be out of luck with this camera. They will hit your car, break into your car, and something functionally will go wrong with this camera.
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Love this product. Have a single cab truck with limo tint all around. Great quality great night vision great product! Highly recommend. You won't be disappointed!
Michael Zhang
I bought this cam 1 year ago, it looks a promising dashcam and features dual cam which I love. The picture is good. and I mounted on the back window to record the accident from the back. I was testing it for a couple of days and it performs just as I expected.However, there are 2 major design issues got me frustrated.1. Battery died after 1 year usage, so the system does not store the correct date, then the new record with the same file name will be overwritten immediately.Recently I take it off and check how many days record it can store, I found there are only a few and they all recorded on 01/01/2018. Supposedly there should be records at least for days. I tested it then found the battery has died.So here is how it works. If the battery died, the system won't store the correct date and time, every time when it got powered, the date will be reset to 01/01/2018 00:00:00. The cam using date and time as the file name, that being said, every time you power the car and the clip is named with this date and time, and it keeps overwrite the file with same name. By the end of the day, there is only a couple of file on the card all named with 01012018 + time. The 01/01/2018 00:00:00 one got overwrite most. So now this cam is no use to me.2. Suction mount getting loose and your camera will drop.The reason I found the 1st issue is because recently the suction mount getting loose in the hot days. There is some air between the pad and the window glass. Don't get me wrong, it was tight when I mount it, but the way they design the mount will give a constant pulling force in the center and over days the pad getting uneven in the center. So no matter how hard you push the pad onto the glass, there is some air that will be heated up then the airtight is gone.I can't imagine if and accident happened and it drops off then when I want to check the file, it only has a record named as 01/01/2018.
This dash cam works very well: good picture quality and it's easy to retrieve video files. However, mine only lasted about a year before dying in the heat of my windshield, which imo isn't long enough for the price tag so I can only rate it 3 1/2 stars.
Amazon Customer
I believe that i just have a defective camera. Hopefully it isn't too late to return it.I have this paired with the Vantrue Hardwire Kit and it is installed correctly to a constant power. The camera will frequently turn off while driving, or right after starting the car. It absolutely won't turn back on unless you turn the car off and on again. Parking mode doesn't work correctly and it doesn't alert you if there was an impact while parked. Whether parking mode is on or off, the camera will turn off at a completely random time after turning the car off. After anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 minutes. The g-force detection works but it doesn't highlight and save the recordings, it only starts recording if it wasn't already.EDIT: It was defective. Customer support was amazing and helpful with my return. Thank you!
No complaints with this dash cam so far except once in a great while the suction cup on the GPS comes loose from the windshield, usually after a very hot day. I clean the windshield and stick the dash cam back on, then I add a strip of blue painters masking tape across it and tack it onto the windshield so that even if it comes loose it does not fall on the floor.
I like how it is sleek and compact I love it so far.
David Johnson
I'm a part-time Uber and Lyft driver. These cameras are working very well for me. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a little extra security in and outside their vehicle.
I love this product! The camera quality is great and it's easy to use. It's also relatively easy to set up.My only complaint is the mount. It barely lasts 6 months if we are lucky. The suction cup doesn't stay put, and the hinge also becomes loose that the dashcam keeps swinging all around when we are driving. My husband got tired of it swinging and falling off, and the many replacements, that we ended up putting it on lower and almost to the dashboard, just to keep it steady, although it doesn't have very good view.The Vanture CS is good though, and sent me my first replacement mount. They also said they have new and better mounts now, so I might try those.
Love it works great. No more hit and runs now I got them on camera
This is a great dash cam for rideshare drivers. Both exterior and interior views have great quality. With firmware update (may not be necessary for new orders) it will take 256GB micro SD card and record about 24h of full resolution front and back, which will cover you for three 8 hour shifts. But please purchase a card that is made for day can use our chances are it will not last long. So if some complaint comes after a day or two you're still covered.The only two flaws I found are that the suction cup occasionally let's go and drops the camera as well as that the GPS option forces the camera quite far down on the window. The GPS receiver into which the USB plugs is going straight up and is fixed in that position when mounted.
Amazon Customer
excellent I really like
I'm having a very hard time getting any footage from off of this camera. It worked fine until a month ago. I purchased this just a little over a year ago. I have a good quality, fast SD card with 64 GB of storage.
Great camera with good front and rear capture. Just make sure if you work/live on a base that its off and not recording, if you unplug it turns off automatically after 5 seconds (will make a noise). I keep my wires connected to the camera and the power plug sitting on the passenger seat when unplugged. Better to be safe than fined.
The battery fianlly has burned up only after a year. It looks good in black but obviously a bad color of choice as a device hanging on a winshield directly under the sunlight all day. I now am going to get another used unit and paint it in WHITE.
Blaise G LaMay 1st
Excellent dashcam. Nice and compact. Beautiful picture quality and the night vision is great. I'd recommend this dashcam to anyone.
Mamun Abdullah
Very nice camera for dashboard.
Easy to install and seems to be working just fine. I like the feeling that everything is being recorded.
David C. Laffler
I bought one of these in Feb 2018, and liked it so much I bought a 2nd in July 2018. I have hardwired both to my vehicles and use approved SD cards. The cameras always chimed on and off when I got in/got out of the cars. I particularly loved the inward facing camera and the picture quality.These are solid-feeling, well-made cameras. No loose casings and appear to be good materials. I felt very good about finding them. So why the 1 star?Yesterday I was sitting in a parking lot and a guy didn't negotiate a turn well while towing a camper trailer. He struck my vehicle with the side of the trailer and tore the front bumper and headlight off, and pushed the fender in. I was lucky in that he was a nice guy and we exchanged info with no problem.I went to file a claim with his insurance (after taking pictures) and stated I probably had dash cam footage too. When I went to retrieve the footage it was not there. The minutes prior to the incident were there (on the road to the location) and some time after the incident was there, but no incident recording. What if it had been a worse situation?I went to review the other footage from it and noticed there are gaps in the recordings. The camera is set to record in continuous loop mode. I took the other one out of my Jeep to review it. There are gaps in it's recordings too. I did some Googling and found a couple forums that mention this issue as well.I reached out to Vantrue saying that I do not want compensation, but that my confidence in their product is severely damaged. I offered to return the units to them should they like to analyze them - since it's a possible/widespead issue. Their response:Hello D,We feel very sorry for the incident and for any inconvenience caused to you.Most of the time, the camera can record an accident.But if the incident is severe or for some reason the power is disconnected during the hit, the camera will lose power and thus probably won't be able to record the event. This happens occasionally.We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.If you want to file a case, we have some tips.You can report this to local traffic policy to file a case and have them check the owner of the vehicle from the road video for you.If you bought insurance for your car, you can file a case and have your insurance company compensate you.Hope this information helps you.Best Regards,HelenVantrue Customer Service Team--I responded with clarification that I don't need advice filing a police report - just that I wanted to make them aware of the issue. I am pending a response and will update this review.UPDATE 05-07-20They responded after some confusion/language barrier issues. They offered some incentives - a discount and an SD card. Fair enough, but not interested. The product didn't function as intended. As stated, this is a product that only has to work once, but HAS to work that one time. The end result of the two emails below is:1. They know there is an issue with the intermittent recording, most importantly.2. They will take the cameras back for analysis with another offered incentive. I will be sending the cameras back to them.Hello D,Thank you for waiting. My manager reviewed your case and asked me to express our apology to you.A. Among all the reviews on N2P, some reviewers mentioned that the camera can't record an accident; other reviewers mentioned that the camera captured the accident (some of them sent us the videos via email). You may also check Vantrue FACEBOOK page. Some users often upload videos to FACEBOOK and YouTube. Yes, we are aware of the camera performance during an accident. There are some technical restraints about this and some of them is difficult to control. We have been trying to improve this. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.To make the camera capture the video, there are some conditions:Sometimes customers use an over-used card or card that is designed for phones, the camera can't write videos into the card during extreme circumstances. Or the camera had been used for a long time and all the camera components are not as sharp as before. I noticed that 2 of your camera seem to have passed the Vantrue 18 months warranty period.When a car gets hit, the camera will sense the vibration and record, saving the video at the Event folder.There are some factors that may cause the videos to disappear:1. The accident was beyond the monitoring range of the camera.2. The vibration was not big enough and the video was saved at the "normal folder".3. If the accident happened at the end of a video clip for just a few seconds, the whole clip will be saved at the "event" folder, but the rest of the accident will be recorded into the next clip, and saved at the "normal folder", so please check both folders as per the time of the accident.4. When the card was stuck at that moment, then nothing can be recorded.5. If the accident was severe and break off the power supply off, the camera won't record at that moment.6. When the event folder takes up 30% of the whole memory card, the event videos will recycle themselves, meaning the old event videos will be erased. Would you please check this? If it is possible, please send us the screenshot of the videos close to the time of the accident.C. You mentioned that your camera doesn't record videos anymore.Would you please help check what firmware version does your camera have and update firmware to V37? (Go to System Setup->System Info)To express our apology, we would like to send you a Vantrue 128GB card as a gift if it records again.The sales team is also willing to offer 30% discount for N1Pro, N2 Pro, N2, T2, S1, or X4 model.--Hi D,Thanks for your time to read this email. I hope I'm not interrupting you. This is Ariel from Vantrue store.1.So sorry that we didn't bring the pleasurable using experience for you. We appreciate your sharing and advice, and we would try our best to solve it.You can return the defective item to the following address, so that our product department can examine them and analyze it to improve product quality better and avoid the same issue.WXDT + Troy Li1101 Executive Dr ,Richardson, TX 75081 US334-372-6136/972-333-4401(Remember to take out your SD card and don't ship it back.After ship it, please send us the screen shot of the shipping receipt. Thank you!)2. I just noticed that this camera warranty has expired. According to our warranty poliy, we cover 18 months free replacement warranty for the cameras.To express our apology, if you need a new camera, we can offer a 30% discount for you to buy our N2 Pro dashcam.If you don't need it, please don't worry, we have applied to the manager to refund you $30 as compensation. What do you think of it?Many thanks for your kindness and understanding.Have a lovely week. Waiting for your reply.Best regards,ArielVantrue Customer Service Team--As a customer I certainly appreciate their apologies and effort to make it right. I am not interested in a replacement from them but on this situation there's only so much they can do. For their effort I will adjust my review up a star - but the fact remains the cameras MAY be unreliable to however many people have bought them until the intermittentMy advice is caveat emptor.
Great have nothing bad to say. A little bit of a PITA to set up good watch a you tune video and you will be golden!
David T. Kreal
I've had this dash cam for nearly a year now, so I figure it's a good time to give an overview of my experience with it.To this point, it has worked without issue and only ONCE has the mount failed me and come crashing down, and I'm still not sure what happened, but it hasn't happened again since so I'm chalking it up as a fluke thing.Video quality is solid. It isn't mind-blowing, but it's enough to see what's going on and not make you squint too much. I've thankfully not had to use it for legal purposes, but mostly as a precautionary thing. I did use it to help document my trip down to North Carolina last summer and the footage came out pretty good. Night time footage is again adequate. Given the size of the camera, I can't complain.It's relatively easy to use and is generally a set-it-and-forget-it type of thing, at least in my use case. They do recommend reformatting the memory card once a month or so, which I have not been doing because I'm not always good with that sort of thing, but so far it continues to work. It doesn't seem to be affected by temperature extremes as it functioned fine in both summer and winter in Northeast Ohio.Overall, I'm happy with it and the interior option is a nice thing to have, particularly since you can see through to the rear window in case someone gives you a tap on the backside.
Nice product. Delivered as described
the camera is good however the Suction Cup Mount is so bad it keep falling cant not stand with the sun heat.
I purchased this immediately after finding my car vandalized. I felt at ease for awhile knowing I had a dashcam but then I received a ticket. I searched the footage to see when I ticketed but somehow the camera stopped recording & froze. The camera did capture a vehicle hitting my parked car but I was only able to get the exact moment of impact & not a couple seconds prior to it. Good picture/video quality when it works but unreliable. I plan on ugrading to a better dashcam ASAP, preferably 1 with WiFi capabilities...
Bryan B
Really nice camera I will recommend it to any body
Nazar Mohammad Agha
Well it’s good camera and good results
Amazon Customer
Initially the camera was great.I got the GPS mount & it worked for about 8 months.After I program the settings I want, the camera will randomly turn itself off and revert to default settings.Nearly got in an accident today, and guess what- no video because it was "saving data" at the time.Records in 30 second intervals in default mode & takes about 10 seconds to store data.It's almost like you have to run 2 cameras to capture it for sure.Trying to update software & see if I can salvage the $200 I spent on this thing.
John R. Sherwood
So I have the Vantrue N2 Pro that is the version before this one. They don't sell the one that I have anymore. I thought I would go ahead and share my experience with others because I've had this camera for over 2 years.I drive for Uber/Lyft so having a camera that filmed out front of the vehicle and inside the cab was crucial. You just never know who you're going to pick up these days. The video quality is superior out in front of the vehicle and inside the cab as well. You can set this thing up to shoot just outside of the vehicle but why do that when you can film yourself singing to your favorite song.So I've had a couple of issues. I did remedy those issues, so I will share them in case someone else is having the same problem. Mine came with a non GPS mount. That means the mount that came with it did not push the GPS. I had to buy a separate mount for that. Personally I would offer this camera both ways, with that GPS mount or without. Once I got the GPS mount everything with the camera worked and it displays all the information at the bottom of the video for you.As far as options go, there are a lot of options that you can fiddle with inside the camera. You can set this for loop recording but I don't use that I've got a 256 MB card and I record my entire night of driving along with everywhere else that I drive. I keep all video on file for about 6 months and then I delete out about a month at a time.As far as the camera itself I can't say that I've really had any issues. It's worked fantastic for the past 2 years. As far as the GPS mount goes, that's another story. After getting my first GPS mount it quit working after about a month. I did some troubleshooting and I couldn't find a fix so I figured that the GPS mount just went bad. So I bought another one. About 3 months after that that one went bad as well. Well the odds of getting too bad GPS mounts to me, are kind of low. after digging a little deeper and doing more research I came across a forum of a guy that has a completely different dash cam with a GPS mount but the GPS was never working for him. Someone else suggested him moving it down the dash a little further away from any rear view mirror or electronics as it maybe getting interference. I did that and voila, GPS is working again. So near as I could tell I was getting some interference from my rearview mirror.The other issue I had was with the mount as well and that was with the knuckle. This thing tightens down but it does loosen up if it's too cold or too hot. That was my issue. At first I put a tiny piece of paper in there and that held pretty good for a while. then I put a little piece of a toothpick in there and that did the trick for about a year. The only reason I changed the mount out was because I found an upgraded mount online. So for anybody having an issue with that knuckle that might be a fix, either a small piece of paper, cardboard or a toothpick.I've been thinking about upgrading to this version of the camera but I'm not sure what the upgrade will bring me I haven't done any research into that yet. but for anybody thinking about buying this camera I'm very happy with this camera and I've used it for two plus years without fail.I've dropped it several times in the rocks and in the snow and it still works just fine.
poor quality mounting materials for top dollar item... other than that, its great!
Amazon Customer
Purchased this camera in preparations for an extended RV trip. Was amazed at the quality of the videos. With the expanded size of SD card this camera accepts, allows for many hours of video capture. Would highly recommend this product.
Charlene S.
I think I already reviewed this camera, but here is an update.My daughter was in an accident, it wasn't her fault and we have the video to prove it. The car that hit her was a husband and wife in their 80's, my daughter was alone. When the accident happened he wouldn't talk to her and she said that he seemed mad at her. They were driving side by side and he turned into her passenger side. I told her to go home and download the video. She originally was not happy that I got a camera with dual cameras.He told his insurance company that my daughter turned into him and he had a witness. His insurance company said they were done, end of story. (yes I sent to video to the other agent and he said he believes his client and was done, I don't know if he even looked at the video.)I the interior video shows him turning into my daughter and then turning back out into his lane. The forward facing video shows that she never left her lane. We were told that we would have to have the car fixed and go into arbitration, so that is what we did.Today I received an email (3 months later and $3000) that we won the arbitration and will be getting our deductible and car rental reimbursed to us.I purchased 2 of these cameras at $125 each. And in the long run it saved me about $1100.I did pull my SD card out last week just to double check and it has been recording since August 2019 so I will need to look into it and my daughter's camera isn't recording at this time either, but she contacted the company and they sold her a new SD card, but still not working. She can't reach them but will continue to work with them. We think maybe they are closed to COVID 19.If you don't get this camera I still suggest the dual cameras, this camera really does have a clear picture from inside shooting through a side car window. It saved us.
JonAnne S. Sattler
Great picture quality and easy to set up
It won't keep the memory card inserted, worthless.
I bought 3 units total. One for my mother, one for me and one for my aunt. My mother got into a near fatal accident and when I reviewed the footage it only showed the aftermath of the wreck. The car was destroyed and apparently you're supposed to press a button on the camera to save the footage or it keeps recording and deletes the old footage. It will only keep 5 minutes at a time on loop recording mode. I reviewed the footage to see 5 minutes of nothing but a wrecked car and my mother already passed out. She can't possibly hit the save video button after she's been in a wreck and nearly died. The car was left running and the continued looping saving 5 minutes of useless footage while deleting anything of importance to the cause of the crash. Okay now I turned off the looping feature but you now have to constantly manually erase the old footage which is time consuming. I didn't mind putting in that extra work but then it failed me again on another occasion. I was robbed outside of my house in my car while the camera was rolling. I tried to transfer the footage to my computer and only one video was transferred successfully. I put the memory card back into the dash camera to review the footage there and it completely wiped all the files automatically. Not even one video was saved. I put the memory card back into the computer and all the files were corrupted and the card required reformatting. My aunt saw how useless it was after it failed me and my mother during critical times and she just put it away in a box. I paid for three of these. $200 x3, $600 down the drain!
Bobby Rost
The picture quality is amazing! It was really easy to set up!!! I did also get the GPS mount and feel it's worth the extra money (but wish it came together as a package). I have a few friends that have dash cams and they all like this one better than theirs. I would 100% buy again!!!!
Angel. H
My Vantrue N2 Pro Stopped working after a Year, Probably Battery Issues. Useless Not worth the Price I don't Recommend It.
JingMei Zheng
its very easy to look
Jesus luciano
One of the Best Buy’s I’ve made on Amazon, expensive but worth it. Would definitely buy again.
Very easy to install and suction cup actually holds. The menu buttons for set up are very small and you actually have to read the book to set it up properly as buttons on unit are not intuitive. Get the right SIM card as they suggest so as not to risk recording issues.
H. H.
This is a fantastic dashcam. Does everythiing I need it to do - loop recording, front and rear cameras, 1080p resolution, and also it took 30 seconds to install. This is my 4th vantrue camera and I chose the N2 because I have an access cab and the rear window is so close to the driver seat it didn't warrant a separate camera facing the rear.Thumbs up to Vantrue for putting out a high quality product! I have 3 other cars and I have VanTrue S1 cameras in them.
Victor C.
Glad I purchased this dash cam. The rear camera and night vision comes in handy as opposed to my previous dash cam that lacks all the features the N2 offers
I have two cars, one for personal and one for business, after carefully searching I came upon this dashcam. The main reason I bought this dashcam because you can easily transfer the dashcam between 2 or more cars as you wish all the have to do is buy extra holder and stick to other car. Video quality is good great for rideshare. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
Allan W. Van Prooyen
Jana B.
The clearest recording I’ve ever seen on any device! Bought these for my semi trucks! Excellent quality, worth every penny!
Kurt Jensen
If you drive for Uber or Lyft, this is a must have. The inside night vision is amazing and will not disappoint. 1080 P on both cameras are excellent. The outside camera does exactly what it supposed to do. The two of them together will protect you inside and out.
I’ve this dash cam for my other car for ride share, so far it’s helpful and reliable, the video and the pictures are very clear even in night vision, for me the best feature is the camera recording inside and outside the car which what i was looking for before i buy any dash cam 8 recommend
I just started using it and it’s really amazing. Good quality of picture and it does record while in parking mode. Thankfully I haven’t been in any accidents but it’s dependable. I bought the hardwire kit as well in order to keep it running. Fast and easy setup.
Picture quality is ok, better distance clarity would be nice and the night vision is ok, but could be better as well. On occasion the suction cup breaks loose. Updated review, loop issue was a bad SD card, and I forgot to mention the suction cup.
Graham D
Great product. Easy to use. Was able to hide the cable around the window and down the panels.
Amazon Customer
Small size camera, easy to set it up and install high quality pic and night vision built in microphone is a great idea
Kenneth Berry
Excellent picture quality for day and night use. Easy to install. Happy with camera. Thank you.
It does everything as described! Excellent buy!
Jennifer Billips
Husband absolutely loves it!
This is a great dash camera for the price you really can’t beat it, It has all of your basic features the rear facing camera in addition to the front camera makes it a great option for some driving for Uber of Lyft
Abdullah A. Zul Qarnayn
I have decided to buy this camera for significant amount of information available to see from those already using it nownow it has been over week this camera has good quality of pic and easy to use night vision, parking mode and microphone which is built in and still you can control it, the small size of the camera keep it hidden and at the same time easy to take it of the mount and put it back to avoid car intruders.
mohmed mostafa
The N2 Pro dash camera has great features including a reverse camera to video activities behind vehicle. The camera has great video picture quality.Real happy with the product!!
My wife gave this to me as a gift. It is really good, not so good, and really bad.First, it has a nice wide front camera and the main camera for regular video works as it should.The rear facing camera is not wide enough (F150) to capture both front passengers. In a smaller vehicle I expect it would be worse than in our truck because the camera would be closer to the driver and passenger.The really bad, and please understand, I can run my Canon DSLR on manual, have a gopro and van make it do everything it is capeable of, and have DJI drones that I can fly well. The time lapse function on this N2 is impossible. If someone figures it out, please reply to this review and help me out.And Lastly, and this was a huge turn off for me, the manufacturers poo-pooed sandisk throughout the manual and said their micro-SD cards are bad and won't work and not to use them. To use Samsung ONLY. Well, I don't respect companies that down play their competition and even slander them and say they will not work in the device. My 128Gb Sandisk Extreme works just fine in this N2. They should be held accountable for misrepresenting the ability of their competitors product. Chinese/English translation is pretty bad.I did keep my N2 and use it.The 'parking' feature requires that it uses your vehicles battery or a seperate power source. I have not left that feature running, I can't afford to have a dead battery. So it gets unplugged when I stop driving.
shannon hand
I have order a few different brands of dual cameras for my girlfriend's car. She does Uber and lift. All of them where terrible but not this one. The camera is built nice it's super easy to install and just works very well. It's the best one at this price point.
Michael S.
Video quality is good, night vision works very well for cabin.
Alexander Stein
I have had the camera for less than a year. Good quality of the image and sound. I used mostly the front camera with standard mount and Vantrue N2 Pro, N2, T2, R3, X3 Dash Cam Mini USB Port Adhesive Dash Cam Windshield Mount with GPS Receiver Module. I like second better as it has a lower profile. As I used it, I noticed that the time stamp resets after a few days, sometime even 5 days, to the default date 01/01/2018. Eventually connected to tech support and submitted several images indicating the issue and time line of occurrence of time stamp changes. Tech supported asked to send the the camera and sent me a new camera from Amazon. I am really impressed with the promptness of their responses and their strive to satisfy the customer. It is quite rare behavior in our days which I greatly appreciate.U P D A T EIt is corona virus "stay in home" situation.I did not drive my car in 9 days (extreme).Checked my dash cam. It still keeps current day. Very happy.Waiting for good deal for a newer model to buy for my wife.Thank you Vantrue.
Patrice Villedrouin
Overall good picture and sound but there is a clear problem with the loop recording. I installed in both my wifes and my car and after a while it stops recording. Many times Insee the date change...and it happens to both. Needed it twice for reveiwinf, and each time it didnt record. I just dont understand how it has great reviews
Order detailsOrdered on March 11, 2019 (1 item)Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Infrared Night Vision Dual 1920x1080P Front and Inside Dash Camera (2.5K 2560x1440P Single Front) 1.5" 310° Car CamVANTRUESold by: VANTRUE*********************************************************************************************************************CONSTANT REBOOTING with a subtle click coming from inside the camera.I see video after video of exact same thing happening to me now. Constant reboot cycles. Started while driving in the car, thought maybe the cable had come loose, negative. Brought inside to connect to remote power source i use for travel, same problem, connected to computer, same problem.After researching i found numerous videos of the EXACT SAME FLAW. each time being addressed as not a camera issue but a problem with cable or power supply/Let me reiterate, this happened while i was driving with eaxact same setup as i have previously. Nothing had changed.Thought this was a great camera until this happened.... was not eactly cheap .....
Price is certainly no joke; you get a high quality product that works just as it is intended to. The piece is light, but feels sturdy. Controls are easy to learn. It does exactly as advertised. And you get more for your money by going to their online support. An extension of warranty, easy to do firmware updates, and a free hardware addition for a bit of your time. Overall, few sellers show their customers they genuinely care. This product, by contrast, shows they care.
For my first dash cam I’m very satisfied with it. Easy to use and works flawlessly. I purchased this with the hardwire kit. This is the only way to go. Took me about 20 minutes to get it installed. The only thing lacking in this model is the Bluetooth or WiFi to be able to remotely view images. All round good dash cam. The quality is great.
Memory keeps on resetting, which means I gotta keep on fixing the date and time. Videos are not in order in playback and dates will get messed up. Overall with the price I paid for... 75$ is appropriate!
I bought it for parking mode. It works well by far.
Matt Johnsen
This works great and is nice and slim as to not effect your sight lines very much.
The Resilient
Excellent camera. Takes great videos.
Nothing to say other than this camera is PERFECT for my needs. Must buy if you Rideshare!
Hamed Hosseini
this product is very well designed. very easy to setup. high quality recording and crystal clear picture. definitely recommended
The suction cup with this product will fail every 2 to 3 months.
J. Floyd
Amazing camera I would recommend!!Great quality and night quality could use little work but honestly it’s amazing and I love it.Check out my video on YouTube Legend17“Best dash cam in 2020”
I love this dash cam the best quality & so easy to use it.
Brandon Kantz
This thing is awesome! Super easy to set up, the picture quality is very good and clear, also the audio is quite decent, I am a truck driver so my truck is a little loud however, you can still hear me clear. Highly recommend!
Geovani Castillo
Dana D Teeter
Great camera. The only thing we had a problem with was finding the recommended SD card that you have to purchase separately.
Amazon Customer
It works great so far. Night vision very poor during rainy days.
Hani Alruwaili
It was setting in the box for months cause I was out of the country. I'm back and I I’ve noticed that the box seal is opened, the wires are randomly folded inside the box and the mount is missing. I wish I had open it when it arrived.
As described.. great price.. fast shipping
Amazon Customer
The camera looks great when we first purchased it 2 years ago, everything seemed fine. Recently someone had an accident in front of my wife while she was driving on the freeway. We pulled off the camera and connected it to the computer to realize that the camera has not been recording. We had set it up correctly to auto-erase and loop, and every time she drives the car she will check the camera to verify that the red record symbol appears on the screen. I thought I'd try it in my car, and even though it shows a timer like it's recording it does not actually record. If you purchase this camera, or probably for best practice any dashcam, verify that it's actually recording. This shocked us because we had the false assurance that it was recording our drives.