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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Amazon Customer
inside camera only takes black and white captures... like ghosts/white like... no good... otherwise - the front camera works perfectly well - crisp/crystal.
that guy
I bought this for the parking mode feature and you know what, this thing is NOT good for that purpose.There is literally ZERO product support from the company & Amazon doesn't know diddly squat about the product either.this thing has been a complete headache to deal with and I'm out $100 for the install of this POS. Might be great for Uber, but not for parking mode or vandalism surveillance.Also, I have a very weird buzzing noise during video recording. Cam is hardwired via kit.
Amazon Customer
When I tried to register for the warrenty the unit did not have a serial number on it
Great dashcam. It records both front and inside and it records on a loop and if anything happens you just save your recording, otherwise it records over continuously. It records a clear picture and good quality sound. It lowers your car insurance as well to have these. Its safer because if anything were to happen you have it recorded for evidence..
Gary Underwood
Love this camera. Because I had it the other driver got the ticket when he brake checked me, causing an accident.
After 2 months and no warranty?
Quality is great but when someone T-boned our car, it didn't record anything. The save button was pressed a minute later for sanity, but it only recorded 30 seconds or so prior to the button being pressed and didn't record the crash at all. We had plenty of clips for a few days ago but it saved with large gaps and was literally useless when we needed it. Manufacturer would not replace because warranty only last 18 months. Camera doesn't hold a charge either so when it gets unplugged, you're SOL. Waste of money.
Luis V.
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Sean Scott
Camera keeps saying memory card full or insert memory card after it records for 1 hour. Even with a large memory card and record over feature on. Go with a better brand. Tested this with 2 different cams.
Michael D. Burton
This is a good dash cam. I highly recommend it.
Worth every penny! I was in a car accident because some idiot ran a red light, clear as day! First thing the moron said “why did I run a red light!” I had my dash cam on and it recorded everything, Very clearly! Bam! His insurance company took 100% at fault after reviewing the video from the dash cam! Unfortunately, my car was totaled and 3 herniated discs later.
After two plus years of owning this product it has worked flawlessly. i was putting a window shade up and bumped the mount and it broke at the ball join connection, i assume it became brittle from two years in the sun. i reached out to customer service and received a reply within 24 hours that my warranty had expired, HOWEVER, if i was willing to wait two weeks they would ship me a replacement mount free of charge. I accepted their offer and am writing this review as a result of their great customer service after the sale.
Caleb Brandalise
You'd think that there would be a technology company behind a security camera product.Especially one thats praised ao highly or is priced in this way...But dang there are just ao many dumb annoyances w this camera. I cant believe there's not legit dashcams that are high def, reliable, and under $100 yet. Like wth business people..-The functions response time is prehistoric! You press a button and you can feel the earth turning as it thinks to process before addresses your button command. Also during this time, its frozen, so you cant beat it to the punch w two or three commands in a row. You cant even hold an arrow down for fast scrolling. You must literally press for each direction you want to move one step for every time.-This camera doesnt hold more than 15 seconds of battery (must always be plugged in to work (you'll find this is more annoying when you dont want to hold a pose towards center windshield instead of holding in your lap to rewatch stuff or set settings)).-When you start saving and deleting files, it jumbles up the order. Yes, its great that you can lock files so when you delete all files that you dont delete ones you want to keep. But ive experienced that once you do this and mix batches of recordings as you save some here and there as you delete them, that the files get mixed up and start recording in different orders that display impossibly incoherently in the media gallery.. seems like its a automated coding naming issue which, yet again, you'd imagine a technology company could have made something that works. I cant even find videos after a certain point bc the newest are mixed w the oldest and the thumbnails all look so similar!I could literally rant on these types of issues for a list of a dozen or so, but ill stop here bc ive got to leave. I was juat reminded of one of these nuisances one more time as i couldnt find the video to rewatch of my car getting serviced. I had index cards that are now missing and i wantwd video proof they were there when i left, and i look in my media folder of my vantrue and after clunking around, im reminded how all my files are jumbled, and many of them dont play, file issues...This thing actually sucks.Its great if you need a somewhat reliable dashcam w nightvision and a cabin cam, but DO NOT expect a technologically revolutionary product. Its frustrating af, and only gets worse.
Reliable and and easy to use. Clear video and sound. Easy download from dash cam to laptop.
Purchased two…..Great at first, after a year the screen flickered and didn’t keep power ON….. looks like can’t tolerate the heat very long. Both units flicker and can’t stay ON.
Randy Overton
Out of the box I found the interior camera picture white and washed out. Sent a email to the company and and example of the problem. They responded quickly and advised me to change the default of 0. to +1 to darken the interior photo quality. That worked and I am happy with the camera and purchase.
Kenneth Estes
Unit works well - video quality was quite good, the file naming convention was easy to distinguish between front video files and rear video files. Only thing that would be nice to have as a feature add would be timed photo snapshots (similar to GoPro) but a great purchase. The motion detection worked well
It is a great camera for the car fantastic especially the price I plan on buying another one this is must be one of the best in the market keep up the great work.
Its an alright product
Lindy Smiles
Easy to use, camera is as described. High quality picture. Shipped promptly.
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Anthony J. Proia
Camera is okay but not modern in terms of quality and services. It does the job.
I am giving 5 stars based on the new replacement that I got from Vantrue. The original dashcam that I bought was working fine then it started having problems. I contacted Vantrue Customer Service department and I explained the problems that I was having and provided them with the information that they requested. I must say that this company is a real company. No games, no fake emails nor false advertisement; they do honor the warranty and they are very professional about it.Beware when you buy dashcams or power banks, make sure that they provide a warranty and that they are a reputable company, check websites and valid emails.Vantrue is a real company, very ethical and professional. I am very happy that I purchased my dashcam from them. I highly recommend Vantrue. You won't be disappointed.
Cliente Amazon
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Tomi Deng
that item intall very difficult ,and reset function very difficult !
Soaring Eagle
When to court over following too close. I told the officer that I use the two second rule of thumb. He said it was not in the law, but I told him that it was in the learners manual. Went to court, make my case using scientific information and the stripes on the road as a standard measurement and won. Recorded other stuff, but to much for here…very satisfied!!!
Phill Knapp
I installed this dash cam in my pickup mainly for when towing trailer. Seems there are people who cut off folks towing campers and slam on brakes as insurance scams?? who thinks of this stuff?? Anywho, works great, I used the suction cup mount to windshield and that "sucker" HOLDS!!! No mvt at all. I also ordered the 256M VanTrue card and it works great. My ONLY con for this camera is getting video off of the camera ... actually have to physically touch the camera ... ohhhh the humanity. Have to either take camera off the mount or pull the SD card out and put it in laptop. Taking the camera off of the mount is easy because the suction cup remains on the windshield but camera click/twists off of the mount. A WiFi or bluetooth/app connection would be nice.
Somebody scratch my car at parkingAnd camera didn’t make any videoDriver run away and now I need to fix my carWhy I bought camera if don’t protect car?Today it was again same situation but much worst damage. Of course no video made!
I live in Hawaii and it can get pretty hot here. I installed this 2 or 3 month after buying it. I installed the power supply and routed the wire and tucked into headliner. Used this unit for a few months and it started powering off more and more often. Eventually it wouldn't stay on longer than 5 min. Pretty disappointed with the longevity of this device considering the cost. Hopefully you get more mileage out of it than I did.
Buyer beware! This is a disposable product. Product died after 2 years. Battery swelled in the heat, and having a black plastic casing made it worse. No service available, even if you want to pay for service. Vantrue says just buy another. I will buy another brand dash am.
luis v gonzalez
Normal guy
I liked it just fine until it stopped turning on. Did well for a bit over a year then it would only turn on sometimes and now it will not turn on at all. I contacted support and they did respond, however, their suggestions failed to get it working again.
Riley Anderson
Great camera but be prepared to replace it after 20 months at your own cost. Very disappointed.
kevin M. Perry
Joe Berenato 3
Jeremy Moore
My only issue is that it doesn't hold a larger memory card. I wanted more than 256GB, everything else is great.
Nice dashcamI really like the night visionBut the problem i been having with is that i bought a gps mount for it, the speedometer dnt work, the seller sent me another gps mount and the speedometer still not working, it doesn't show up on the dashcam
It was an easy install, good daytime video quality, not so much at night. The battery does did not charge. Technical support said it's ( a battery issue). Returned.
Dawut I.
I have been using the dash cam for couple months now, I had also purchase the memory card through Vantrue too and it work perfectly. I purchase the hardwire kit and let my garage hook it up with my car which was very easy to do if you know a simple electric car system but I was so busy that I could not do by myself and I had to visit the garage for routine maintenace for my car anyways.If you looking for a dashcam that can record both cabin and front car, this is the one you should get.
Amazon Customer
Don’t buy !!!!!!! Camera loop does not work . Thought I had all the proof after an accident but only to find out it stopped recording a few days prior.And yes we made sure the loops was turned on . Waste of money !!
Shane Maxwell-Mock
Within about a month of using this the power supply it came with died completely. Doesn't power anything and its light went out. I messaged the manufacturer. They wanted me to send them video proof of it not working and my order number. Like im gonna ask for a 2$ power supply to scam them. After that they asked me to format the device that clearly works with other chargers and operates fine said to try different sd cards. Its just a joke, crappy manufacturer wouldn't pay for a very cheap power supply. And just trying to jerk me around till i give up. I had to get my own power supply. And guess what, it works completely fine! Didn't even format it once
Christian Adams
The suction cup is horrible. Falls over and over again.
Too complicated to install. Didn't see how to load to my phone.
Robert E
Not sure how it happened, but approaching a year into service; the front view len is defective -- to the point of a permanent blur. Inside is still perfect. Night vision still works. GPS is still active. Interior behavior is still in check.Vantrue actually honored its' warranty.My last camera was a Janus, that I was fond of.
Camera is great had it for more than a year no issues. However the suction cup that it came with no longer works I had to buy a adapter with adhesive tape that Is much better for like 7 dollars.
Saige D
Really good camera, I had no issues with the suction mount in 100 degree weather or in 0 degree weather (farenheit) sk they must have fixed whatever that issue was. Good quality video and audio, easy for beginners. I drive an old toyota so I like that i didnt have to deal with hardlining it. The cable is nice and long and fit right into my inner body panels.
claudia presas
Was easy to install so far no issues
Richard Shakour
Purchased this camera and the battery failed just two months out of warranty. They offer no paid repair so you are basically forced to buy a whole new camera which already reeks of scam.The battery is very difficult to replace (almost impossible) and mine failed just two months past the warranty. They refuse to honor the warranty because they want you to buy a new camera instead.They do not even offer repair and you cannot set the date or power on without the internal battery.This IMHO is a planned battery failure and I will report this to Amazon sales to not sell this product as it is a scam.
Sai kyaw swar
Older model with very old cable to plug into computer. The worst part is the suction cup is horrible and stops working after a few weeks. Reaching out to support to see what they say. I kinda want to return it since I have 1 week left and having issues with the suction cup. Other models let you use different mount attachments but not this brand or model. You have to use the suction cup with WILL FALL within a month of it being warm. It's only 60 degrees here and normally gets up to 95-100 degrees
Amazon Customer
A decent camera for the price. Has issues reading plates at odd angles in lower light/glare.6 Months in, won't hold the date/time anymore.I can see why people like the ones you can access with bluetooth/WiFiDon't get less that 256GB card, you CAN you sandisk, even the manual that comes with it says so.How could this be better?: If it rememberd the date and if the manual record trigger saved it to a specific directory for manual records as it has a lot of false positives.
s k
I purchased this camera mid 2018 looking for something that recorded inside with an option for hardwiring, and has worked great so far until recently. The video quality was great, and while it didn't have as many features as other brands, it did what it advertised well. and The camera can no longer function without a warning at each power up to set the time, and will corrupt or not save some files to the SD card (which still functions normally). I attempted to reach out to them for a repair or update to the firmware, but they said they can no longer help, and if I wanted to buy a new one, it will be retail price. So if you need a camera for a temporary time, this is a good camera. If you need something that lasts, do not buy this camera, as you'll be left with a $200 paperweight within two years.
Melissa M.
Love the dash cam - clarity and focus is great! will not stick to windshield no matter what I’ve tried! I bought gorilla tape but that didn’t work either including alcohol cleaning and all instructions followed. GOOD NEWS! Buy the rear-view mirror camcorder holder! It is amazing and works!
Tanya TolandVega
This is okay but I have to take it out of the window cuz it gets to hot also it does not stay recording I have to keep pushing the button every 5 min to keep it going
Lanya McCormick
It does not stay on the window if it gets warm . It falls off
Christopher Reyes
The built in battery that is suppose to save your settings does not work. You will need to have it on all the time if you want to save your settings, but if you leave it on all the time then it will drown your battery.
Jeffrey Wolfe
2 jobs...record and stick to the windshield. Records just fine...won't stick to the windshield hardly at all. I have cleaned the windshield with every product I can think of and it still falls off while driving. Somehow they would want you to think it's your fault though. Cruddy design when it comes to the mount...they should figure this out. I will end up in a wreck trying to stick it back on while I am driving...dumb dumb dumb
Stephen Scarborough
Great camera. I have had it for 2 years with no issues from the camera itself. Has great night vision and camera quality is great from the front and back. Only small issue of the suction cup coming undone from the windshield in hot temperatures, but I think that is to be expected. After 2 years, the tightening "nut" cracked, but that is from normal wear and tear. I recommend this camera to many of my fellow Uber drivers. If you need a great camera, this is the one for you.
Mohammad Ajan Rasteen
It does not accept memory card. I bought different SD cards but it says format your memory card.
Jim V.
Lisa Tobin
N2 Pro was a gift. setup is easy and works well. I'll post more updates once I install the N2 Pro in the Charger. Charger is currently in winter storage but will be going out this week for the season. Then I will perform the actual install in my Charger and post an additional update. So far, so good...
I like the dual-camera feature...It was difficult for me to figure out placement..but I figured it out...i wish i could control the volume...i most definitely will be getting a portable power source for the parking feature. Camera stores the footage but that's the only source. Some other brands have wifi storage so they can view footage while away from the car. I have to go TO the car to see my footage. Whoever's assignment it was to write that owner's manual, you.aced it!!
Quality product small-size unobtrusive easily assembled quality picGreat service departmentprompt support responseHighly recommend
Ross Wagner
I've had this for a couple years now, it hasn't recorded anything in over two years. I guess the incident from yesterday wasn't recorded either.
Quality is great so far. Love the settings show in car view as well front view. Easy to set up also
Phillip Blanding
Too small for purpose
Lawrence Laken
Wishing it had Bluetooth to transfer the videos
Yolanda Quiles
It doesn’t even stick, I was hoping I can use it right away but now I need to see what I can do to buy something to have it stick. It came this way. Very disappointed i would think this would not occur it was an expensive dash cam.
Aztec Photography
I purchased this cam in Sept 2020, thinking I would use it when I started my venture into Uber/Lyft, that hasn't happened yet lol The cam is great, I haven't had an issue since. Love the night vision camera that shoots indoors at the same time as it shooting outside the dash. I am thinking of getting the GPS and hardwire kit as I currently have it installed since I always have people in my vehicle during photo sessions, ie clients or my assistants, I am currently using it as liability insurance. If you do not wish to use a hardwire kit, I suggest a battery back up you can recharge and plug it in the 2nd USB port on the side.
This is an awesome camera, with awesome features! Definitely one of the best for the price!
cedric wilson
Vittorio Di Mauro
public purchaser
The camera works fine. The reason that it didn’t work was my stupidity. I had someone else install it so I didn’t know how to operate it.
Raymond Pagan, Jr.
I purchased this last year. I don’t drive my car much, the gym and back, grocery store, etc. I keep it garaged. I took my car out and parked in the street while I washed my wife’s car. When I went to put car in garage, one hour later, the camera was on the floor. Florida sun too hot and it makes the suction cup useless. Yesterday we went to Lowe’s, nice cool day, and when I returned to my car 20 minutes later, camer was on the seat. Suction cup failed again. Suction is good if I keep it in garage in the shade and never park it in daylight. So now this camera is useless if I’m parked. It does stay on though with the AC on. There is no other mounting option. This sucks (not).I have watched videos that were recorded while on a trip and the video portion is of good quality. I’m happy with that.
Austin White
Amazing dash cam. Super easy to install and has awesome playback!
Asya O.
Great camera. Just wish that it recorded the speed for the price it should have been an option.
I received my Vantrue N2 dashcam a few days ago. I wanted to put it through its paces before writing a review. Found it easy to set up and connect to the windshield with the GPS module. Followed a YouTube video on getting all the settings correct – though I think I’ll eventually go for the “5 minute” segments setting rather than the 3 which the YouTuber suggested. Drove around a few days and then pulled the card (I got the maximum size of 256 GB) to review on my laptop. I was astonished at how clear the video was. Took a while to realize that the A files were of the front camera while the B’s were of the rear camera. Both crystal clear, as well as the front view night footage. Had a good view of the outside back of the car from the rear (cabin) camera (through the rear window) and could even see some of the sides, too (through the side windows). The sound was clear, too. Overall seems to be quite a good dashcam at a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend – even if – like me- you aren’t an Uber driver.
Vitalii pishko
I need HELP! My camera recording 3 minutes and then restart recording from 0, and always like that, it’s ok?
Amazon Customer
This camera seems to be solidly built. It was fairly easy to set up. The daytime picture quality is excellent but the night vision leaves a little to be desired. Even so, I am pleased with this purchase. I drive patients to their medical and rehab appointments and this dashcam gives both me and my passengers peace of mind, knowing that there is a video and audio record of each ride.
Mahmudur Chowdhury
I bought this one twice and I am not satisfied with using this dash cam. first camera I took had a problem with the front camera. then I returned it after that they replaced me with same one. Few month letter 2nd camera didn’t turn on. I highly recommend you not to get this one get different brand they have better than this one
Brayden M.
Too much field of view, makes things appear a lot further away than they are. Other than that, it's pretty alright
Easy to use and reliable.
Zia Sheikh
I drive car service and this is the best camera if I work 8 hour it's make video all the time and result is amazing
I love it really good It works perfectly I like it a good investment I hope and so continue
Amazon Customer
The Vantrue N2 Pro worked for 14 months then died. The quality of videos, both day and night were excellent. I selected the Vantrue N2 Pro specifically due to its safe operating range being higher than the competition. A reset proved futile. I don't know if heat build up inside the car was the reason for the camera to cease function. In any event, 14 months was too short a useful life for the price paid.
This little camera is really good in my Uber haven’t had any problems with only with the hardwire cable that came apart but still works with the USB so no problem
Randy E Morrow
Camera arrived WITHOUT the suction cup mount. Amazon gave me a credit. Ordered a mount and it didn't work. Additionally, the Vantrue sd card would not format. Had to go to Bestbuy to purchase another SD card. I'm in the process of contacting Amazon about a resolution. Camera seems to work ok.
This is an excellent camera. Quality pictures, functions are easy to use, and installation took less than 30 min.
I bought this back in 2019, and only discovered this issue now when I needed the footage. It's only to find out it has stopped recording months ago even though it's blinking as recording. Time stamp on all the new footages I'm testing is 1/1/2018 now. A search from all the reviews on here indicating a bad internal battery. So basically, if you don't set your time stamp everyday, it'll record over your days old footages. For a $200 product that is so unreliable, this is a waste of money. DO NOT BUY!
My husband immediately pointed out that the charger is a mini USB (before micro was popular) and therefore old technology. It works very well, holds a 512 memory card, and records both front and back. We are quite pleased with this camera.
Francis Tiongson
The dashcam itself is pretty awesome. Camera quality, night vision, picture quality, etc... All great. I've had one other dashcam before, thinking that I'd try and get a bargain, but ultimately you get what you pay for. So, after seeing the reviews I purchased the Vantrue Pro. Love it. Only problem, eventually is the suction USB port that attaches to the windshield. Eventually, it doesn't stick. It would stick for an hour, or a day, but then I'd come back to my car the next day and it would not be attached. Anyways, I decided to contact Vantrue's customer service and they got back to me within 24 hours. I told them my dilemma and they told me to send proof of purchase and they'd send me a new alternate USB port that has the adhesive rather than the suction. It works GREAT! Don't think I'll have a problem with this one, because I try and pull on it hard and it doesn't move. So, make sure you place it EXACTLY where you want it. Anyways, Thanks Vantrue for you product(s) and excellent customer service! FIVE STARS!
Great camera, amazing quality and night vision looks great, have no issues. I just don’t like that the only way to view video is thru your computer and not your phone like other cameras for the same price or lower
Baher Saleib
Don’t buy this camera Guys it’s bad quality and I return it to the seller 3 weeks ago and until now I didn’t receive my money back .