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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Would not reccomend. The camera quality is semi decent, but the mount and camera holder is very flimsy. The camera rotates when the car moves and swivels. After a month it eventually broke altogether. I was looking forward to this as a solution for rideshare, but it ended up costing more money when I have to replace it.
This is a good camera for the price
Jose H.
Very good camera quality.
Dylan Sallee
I have been absolutely ecstatic about this dashcam - not only does it record extremely detailed and quality video, it's super easy to use. I paired it with Vantrue's GPS mount and hardwire kit, and I have never had a problem. Highly recommended.
Hunter "Octal"
Not a lot to say, it's amazing all-around, but you kind of expect it to be, for the price tag.
Alonso M. Calix
so far i am loving the product. It is easy to use and upgrading the software was very easy. Picture and audio quality is excellent.
Dylan Sallee
I have been absolutely ecstatic about this dashcam - not only does it record extremely detailed and quality video, it's super easy to use. I paired it with Vantrue's GPS mount and hardwire kit, and I have never had a problem. Highly recommended.
James C. Cotner
Best dash cam I ever had easy to use
Dirty D
So far so good. I only had it for a few months. It doesn't come on with the car, nor shut off with the car being turned off. SO that advertisement was BS. It oddly records in small video chunks, not one continuous video. I have no idea if it over writes old vids when the memory runs out. I would imagine it does this.ANyways its not the best dash cam ever, but its not a turn either.
Battery life sucks itll turn off after car turned off in 10 minutes
Roland P.
Camera randomly changes it's time, and date making the use of the videos that are date stamped, null, and void in a court of law. Defeating the very reason I bought it. Don't look to Vantrue for help as they claim they will call you back. (yea, right) They have no phone number for you to call !!!!
Paul H.
Only change I would recommend is to have split screen option for front/rear cameras. The PIP feature is harder to see.
Johnathan Rascon-Carrera
Worked perfectly for the 6 weeks and now it just keeps shutting off on its own
Easy to follow instructions and installation. Picture Quality is crisp.
Instructions very difficult to read & understand. Booklet in need of improvement.
Amazing boy
I’m extremely unhappy for buying this dash cam. I checked the reviews before buying and was hoping to get one of the best cameras but not.I followed the instructions and once putting in brand new SD card , camera keeps on asking to insert SD card which makes no sense.After a minute it turns off by itself. I don’t know if that’s manufacturing defect or what but it’s useless device and I want my money back.
I had bought the Vantrue x1 and bought the extra gps mount for it about 2 yrs ago, so i thought i would upgrade to the n2 pro. When i recieved the pro the gps mount would not fit, I wrote to Vantrue and told them of my problem and they will send the gps mount that fits the pro. I thought that was very nice of them. Fantastic customer service.
Cindi knipe
Ryan Eli
I get a thousand videos of my truck sitting there and somehow none are of me driving. the second I unplug it it dies, so the batter is complete garbage... Don't buy this.also the mount is very wobbly so any time you accelerate it will swing one way or another.. I had to glue mine to keep it steady.
Amazon Customer
In my car for uber
I bought this two years ago, after buying two other dashcams, while impressively full-featured, I had hoped the latest firmware would finally give it the simplest and biggest improvement : loop recording after the card is full. It's not that hard to do. Many other cheaper dashcams, home cameras, and NVRs - why can't this? The fact they nickel and-dime you for a GPS receiver sold separately seems like a cheap move, too.
I installed my old Garmin until I could invest in a better solution. Right out of the box, and this is back when I bought it awhile ago (I just don't have time most of the time for writing reviews, dealing with returns, etc), the USB cable didn't work. Good thing the cable from the Garmin was compatible. Pressing anything on the camera, buttons, etc forced me to readjust the camera because the neck is so weak (if I'd tightened it any more it'd crack) that any interactions with the camera forced readjustment. This is frustrating and wastes time. Heck, driving around readjusted the darned thing. Also the suction pad is so small it would fall off the windshield more often than the heavier Garmin I'd bought it to replace. It's sitting in a box collecting dust until I throw it out later. I don't have enough confidence in the product to attempt to resell it or give it to anyone I care about.
William Doyle
This is a great dash camera. Plain and simple. The video quality is excellent and it is easy to use. The only issue I had was the night vision. It didn't work at all. I didn't return it, opting to keep it as is. Vantrue offered a replacement but really, I just turned off the interior camera. I was pretty annoyed that it wouldn't work properly right out of the box but I would buy anther one and probably will for the rear view so I'll be covered front and back. Overall, this is the best dash camera I have had and I have had a couple that were just garbage. I am sure the night vision works great for others but I can't say I would know.
Aric Shapiro
After 3 months it just stopped working.I can't reset it.No recording.GPS never worked.Low quality for the price..
Worked fine for a few months, then started resetting and would say that the memory card needs to be reformatted. This started happening in the early part of the summer of 2019.I finally decided to email on 1/22/2020 but haven't gotten a response. Will get a memory card w/ EVO and see if that works. Otherwise, I'll try to somehow ship it back, as I bought mine on 1/13/2019, but there's a 18 month warranty.
Tiago ChristanI
Ken R.
The camera is awesome. The mount is not. And the included cigarette lighter adapter's cord was ridiculously short, and even if it would have reached, I have multiple other devices that require that outlet... So I did not install it right away, as I was waiting for a separately ordered hardwire kit. And then I had to wait to return that kit and get a different hardwire kit.When I finally installed it, three later, it seemed to work great. Until the third day when it fell off of my windshield, dangling by the cord. I cleaned the suction cup and the windshield, and replaced it. Two days later, it fell off again. Rinse and repeat. Two days later, it fell off again. I went to look for alternate mounts, but because the power requires the stock mount... that is not an option.So I looked into returning it. Because I was at 33 days since it had been delivered, I couldn't return it. Now I have a dashcam that seems to work amazingly well, that I cannot use. My wife suggested I superglue the suction cup in place, but I am not even going to consider that - too many potential issues.
Ben Chosenberg
camera worked well for about six months and then it would just stop recording. I would reformat. Same deal. Mind you I had it set to loop record. I messaged vantrue. lets see if they stand by their gear and offer some solid customer service. i really like the the camera for what it is. I also have another vantrue lesser model but only have one car at the time.
Hyon Kang
Good quality vision and good price
Amazon Customer
I liked this camera. But there are some major issues. First and foremost, the window mount. Its garbage. No matter how tightly you fasten it, it's too loose and just flops around. Every time you turn a corner while driving the camera turns too, so its no longer facing the road. This happens even when you upgrade to the GPS mount. Also, the suction cup the mount uses does not work, so the camera randomly falls down when your driving.Secondly, the battery. A few months ago my battery stopped charging. I've tried hooking it up to the charger in my house, but it doesn't charge at all. That means that every couple of days it resets its clock and date info, which is quite annoying to remember to fix every morning. At $200 the battery should last longer than 19 months.Stay far away from this product. The night vision and image quality are great, but that means nothing if it wont stay pointed at the road and wont hold a charge.
Cody Longwell
Great camera works wonderfully
dr Marija Mitic
Siamak Rahmani
Work two days return it bought same one again work one day, return it and bought different models. I am happy with the new brand cooau now, which has WiFi connection and app for downloading thanks to COOAU
G-Sensor doesn't work. There are no recordings even when I got an accident. Twice so far I realized after it was too late that the dash cam wasn't recording while I was driving. It should be on when the car is one right? And back when the ad listed as being a parking monitor dash cam I assumed it had a battery. They have changed it to reflect that it needs to connected to car battery. Guess how I figured that out, And then after connecting to the battery, sometimes it doesn't record after the car is started.Records when it wants, terrible data management for the SD card and no G-sensor. I provided this and evidence to Customer Service, but they said it was operating as designed. Two accidents I wasn't at fault for, that the dash cam wasn't recording. My mistake. I'll buy one from another vendor.
Tab Edwards
I haven't had any problems.
S. Supnet
I tried to turn off rear camera and audio but didn't actually turned off the video. Audio was muted though. I cant read license plates from the videos. No wifi and BT connections so it needs to be detached or hard wired to a laptop to be able to view or copy pics and videos
Great camera! Excellent for ride share drivers.
Chaz Vee
Was worth every penny. Much more than I had expected it in video quality. Sound comes out crisp too. I was a little worried about the learning curve and setup. All of it was easy.... I'd say less than half an hour to get the hang of exploring the settings/ buttons.
Worked fine for a few months, then......nothing. Simply stopped working. I didn't drop it. I didn't touch it. It was mounted to the windshield, and one day I tried to look at the screen and the camera was dead.It worked long enough to get through the warranty period.Now it's dead.How is it that a product costing $200 can fail after a few months and the seller just walks away? DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. IT WOULD BE EASIER TO JUST FLUSH YOUR MONEY DOWN THE TOILET.
J. Speed
There should be an app where we can download clips immediately without having to connect to the computer. It's super slow to find what you need and download to the computer.
zoltan plesko
Great item easy use. If memory card runs out of space it shuts off, bit confusing only.
The camera quality is quite good on both cameras. I wish the gps adapter came with the usb coming out the left side at a 90 degree angle, instead of sticking straight up (takes up too much space that way with the cord) so you cant mount it higher.
Charles Quinn
Love the front and rear combination.
Amazon Customer
I received this as a gift from my husband and it's a great quality camera. It's easy to pull video off when I want it and I really like that it loops the recordings.
Great product easy to use and set upPicture looks goodDoes NOT include SD CARDMy order was send very fast and in good conditions.
It is very Nice Camera...!it does not takes space, therefore I nor the passangers notice that it is there...!I love it ..!!
Robert Malgieri
This product is probably the worst thing I’ve have ever bought on Amazon it literally stopped working after about seven or eight months and because the window closed for a return I am now stuck with this camera that just does not work. I have tried calling for support that did not work either. I spent a lot of money on this camera and wanted to use it for Ubering. So now I will try a different model I wouldn’t suggest this product to anyone if it breaks you’re pretty much out of luck
Bruce T
Like most, I did a lot of research and found the only 2 way dash cam for everyone protection is the Vantrue N2 Pro.Format of the mini SD Card was easy, following the directions and using the camera.The first time out and it worked like a charm.5* From this ride share driver.
Loretta Kieffer
I use it for Recording my drives . A little hard to set up in the beginning because the instruction book is so small. So I watched the video on Vantrue and that made it easy. I wish it hooked up to my phone that would make it easier to retrieve video
Camera works as it should right out of the box. Hooked mine up via the ODB II cable so that parking mode can function properly. Had it installed and up and running in under an hour.I guess my only complaints would be:-No app for configuration.-No custom sensitivity settings for parking mode, it's either on or off.-No indicator that parking incidents occurred, you have to weed through all the videos.Overall though, for the price point, it's a good dash cam and performs as advertised.UPDATE June 2021: Camera recording quality seems to degrade over time. I have even swapped out the memory cards with new, no improvement. Not sure what is going on inside the camera that can cause the video to degrade.I have also noticed that cloudy days cause grainy footage to be recorded. Support will tell you to adjust exposure, but that just washes it out or makes it too dark. Lowering my review from 5 stars to 3 stars. Not a good value after all.
Ian Andrews
This is the very best camera on the market. I am an uber driver and the camera works amazing at night! I have never had a problem with it. On top of the quality of the camera it self, the company actually cares about its customers. This company goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied. All other companies need to take note and model their business plan after Vantrue's.
Amazon Customer
So, my N2 is hard wired (constantly on) and I just did the latest firmware update a few weeks back. There was an incident and when I went to pull the footage, it hadn't recorded since a month earlier. I formatted the card and started over. Just today, a mechanic opened my hood and didn't latch it all the way. It flew open and damaged my car. Go to get the footage from my N2... it stopped recording 2 weeks ago. I haven't played with it. I turned it on, I set it to record and left it alone. There's been many reported issues with this camera and recording. I'm super pissed.
Copper Star Executive Transport
This is the best dashcam I've ever used. I live in Arizona where temperatures are extreme in the summer months. This dashcam will stand up to the summer heat with no distortion to picture quality. Quality 1080p video, both inside and outside of the vehicle day or night. The setup is very easy; just insert the micro SD card into the device, turn it on and the camera will prompt you to format the media. Scrolling through the Setup Menu is simple enough too; just two buttons to press. Though you probably won't need to. The default settings are perfect for most applications. My favorite features are the audio recording capability and parking mode. I also like the small footprint. It doesn't obstruct my view when mounted to the windshield. The interior facing camera is adjustable so you can place the unit behind the rear-view mirror, rotate the lens, and be able to capture a view of the back seats. This device is only surpassed by the customer support from VanTrue. I've contacted the customer support team twice by email and received a prompt response from them that corrected my issues. There wasn't any back and forth with endless emails and computer generated, boilerplate responses. Notification of firmware updates are sent to registered users. Download the update to the SD card in the camera, turn it on, and the updates are installed automatically.Thank you VanTrue for a quality product and great customer service.Jay Van Spyker, OwnerCopper Star Executive TransportPhoenix, AZ
Big daddy
Impressed with clarity and recording, ease of use.
Update: I've finally received help and my issue is resolved. Very pleasedI am very sorry to be writing this review, because it was working like a charm at first, but after 9 month, connection of the camera starting to malfunction. Now it is completely dead. Asked for replacement and the seller is just wasting my time.
Ryan Bowie
Great dash cam. Just wish it had wifi for updates.
It stopped recording and none of the buttons would work. It only lasted 4 months. When the camera was operating as advertised, it was fantastic. Make sure you buy the extended warranty if you decide to purchase one of these.
This camera surprisingly fits very well on my windscreen. At first I thought it would be oversize, fortunately the actual size is just enough. I love the picture quality both at night and day. I like the so many options available.
Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Dual 1920x1080P Infrared Night Vision Front and Inside Dash Camera -All of these models ship with a lithium-ion battery that WILL FAIL (Not if) within an 10-20 month period. Once the battery begins to fail, your camera will constantly have the date reset to 2017.You may think "well who cares about the date?" Well guess what?The loop recording capability will fail with it.The camera will STOP over writing old files, so you will be stuck with the first pass of the SD card.When I noticed this, I contacted support and let them know it was an issue.I was glad-handed and strung along with pointless fixes until the camera passed the warranty point.(they are very insistent to not attempt to diagnose or replace the battery - they know they batteries are garbage and just string you along).Once I discovered the battery was at fault, Vantrue told me to to inquire about their "testing program". They wanted me to buy ANOTHER camera, at cost, and beta test it for them for a 'potential discount'?You have to be kidding me."SORRY FOR SELLING YOU JUNK, BUT PLEASE BUY SOME MORE JUNK AND MAYBE WE MIGHT REFUND YOUR COST, of the SECOND PURCHASE."You have to be kidding me? For the money I spent on this camera I expected better. Anyone considering this product, RUN AWAY. It's trash and the company uses flawed lithium-ion batteries instead of capacitors. These cameras are DISPOSABLE.Save yourself some trouble and your money. Avoid this company and it's trash items.Look for a better camera that uses capacitors. These guys sell junk and they don't replace the failed hardware.
T. F.
Camera began losing time/date retention 15 months in to its 18 month warranty, despite removing it from the window mount and putting away in center compartment - out of direct heat/cold - when not in use. Customer Service replaced camera without issue, thankfully, but now I'm leery. Warranty of 18 months is too short for a camera this expensive that is prone to battery failure not even two years into ownership - bear in mind, as even stated by manufacturer, battery is for the sole purpose of retaining settings and not for unplugged usage. This is a MASSIVE defect, because the camera's loop recording feature overwrites oldest footage with newest one, using the recordings' timestamps to determine this. I have lost important footage the day that I've needed it, because the moment the camera is turned off, it becomes a time bomb - the next time the camera turns on and begins recording, it overwrites the 'oldest' video file, which actually is the most recent recording due to the timestamp having been reset to the oldest possible date in the settings.Newer model of this camera has a capacitor and should be vastly superior, but it is also vastly more expensive. Camera itself is pretty good, but not anywhere near the quality it should be for its price. Not worth the money BY A LONG SHOT. Do not waste your money on poor choices of dash cameras in this oligopoly market. Pass on Vantrue; look for one that is reputable and has a much better warranty length.
Amazon Customer
I bought it camera a year ago because it was good when its working the first months, 6 months after the fact dealing with a Cold Winter and a Hot Summer in NYC, it does not hold a charge anymore, I even took it out the car and manually charged thru mini USB nothing does not hold a charge. This not worth $200 for the small lithium battery it that will not a charge after a year.
This camera worked great for about a month then it would selectively record. Sometimes it would record both driver and road, sometimes sound was included, sometimes we would get every 2 or 3 minutes to record before it just stopped recording at all.
This is okay but problem is usb memory card keep off “pop out” they not stay inside. My opinion they should to add WIFI or Bluetooth into iPhone /Android easy show to police video quickly than take out usb memory card.
Mathew Allen
Great picture and video quality...I drive uber and it is an excelent addition not only for my protection but for the rider's as well...I recommend for anyone that drives uber or lyft
Anthony Hunter
I love this camera. It works great and it’s simple to use. I had a dash cam before that had 2 cameras but it had a separate wire and it had to be mounted with screws. This is so much better. I put one in all of my cars.
Stewart shea
Worth every penny! Clear and easy to install and use!
Josh G. Johnson
Best dash cam out there in my opinion. So many features, the image quality is really incredible, and the fact that it records the front and the inside is helpful if you’re a driver. I was recently in an accident and I’m glad I had the inside footage showing I was paying attention and looking at the road! It helped to make sure I wasn’t at fault for the accident. I’ve had a lot of people see the footage and comment how clear and crisp the video quality is. I’ve also recommended this dashcam to several people who have also purchased it.My favorite feature is that the screen turns off after a minute. This way it’s not a distraction and many passengers don’t feel “threatened” by it because they’re not staring at themselves being recorded. Also, instead of a giant bright red light it has a very dim pulsating blue light that honestly I hardly ever notice. It’s pretty simple to use, there’s just two or three button presses you’ll have to memorize how they work.
Bradford Noonan
Feels very cheap. Not a whole lot of weight to it. Does not come with a memory card or a wiring harness to hard wire it. Extremely disappointed for having spent $200 and still need to purchase other accessories that should come with it for that price.
Najibullah wafa
This camera has a High quality video .
Is all what i was looking for.
cats are people too
It's awesome - though the first one I bought started getting lines on the video and restarting, the second one I bought is still going strong. I recommend this camera to everyone. Get the gps unit.512gb firmware would be nice
Zhaleh L.
One of the best dash cams I’ve every had! It’s great at night vision and during day! It records inside and out, you can turn it off if you like but it’s pretty cool to have.
Michelle Hitchcock
I love having this camera on my car, it helps me feel safe and has been consistently great.
Laura Denlis
Seems to provide a good image. I hope I never need it.
Imran Shaick
Am a uber driver and it’s very helpful to me
I've had this dashcam for almost 3 months now. When I was doing research on dashcam to buy for my car becuase i was thinking of working as an uber driver. So I decided to buy this dual damcash with an inside cabin view. This dashcam was easy to set up, the only thing that was taking the most time setting up was installing the wire. I'm a really picky person, I want to see a less wire showing in my car as possible. So I had to open the glove compartment to hide all the wire. Another thing I struggle with was the SD card but it was my fault. I didnt know you need to format the sd but after reading the instruction carefully I was able the reformat with my problem. The reformat process was fairly simple as all the instructions are on the dashcam. Camera quality works great durng the day but then at night wiht he oncoming headlights and street lights it can be an issue. But then I dont think any dashcam can overcome the glare. overall the video quality is perfect and will provide clear evidence in case of an incident on the road or with the uber/lyft clients. The other day I've noticed there was a scratch on the side of my card but then when I check the recording nothing shows up. it could be because the scratch was too light so that it didn't activate the motion sensor. After that, I switched the sensor to high. Overall I'm happy with this dashcam.
Voravut Ratanakommon
I originally bought this as a gift but before I could give it to anyone my Anker ROAV DashCam died. The N2 Pro is an upgrade with it's incredibly easy setup, high quality cameras & a great number of options for upgrades. It does exactly what I expect from a dashcam & it has given me an extra peace of mind when on my daily drive. I highly recommend this unit for anyone looking for a good all around solution.
After my original camera went off, after warranty period, I contacted Vantrue support and they send me replacement! I think it's great service of the nice product! Thank you!
Amazon Customer
I’ve been using it for a year now but now i’m facing card error. Everytime i use a new card still the same
lionel gaskins
Thought it would have better picture quality, but it's good enough.
Greg H.
I purchased this camera as my "witness" in the event I am involved in an accident. I am in the midst of testing it out as I hope the camera is as good as most of these reviews imply. I will come back in a couple of weeks and update this review. Update: I'm happy with my purchase and the responsiveness of this company.
Amazon Customer
Great product. Camara is crystal clear even in the rain or at night. Unfortunately what they don’t tell you is that when the files fill up on the sd card (which I spent the extra money and bought the larger one) the camara stops overwriting. Big problem since I was involved in a hit and run only to find out that it had stopped overwriting 1 month earlier so no video!! Would have been helpful to know that ahead of time!!!! So you need to go in and format the sd card every few days to be sure!!
Amazon Customer
Tana Hughes
I am not happy with my 2 cameras! One of them I have to keep formatting it! It doesn't save video! It goes off and on!
Scott Mc Allister
I love it. It's already paid for itself about 2 times now.
William y.
I use it on my semi truck . Am thinking to get another one just like it .
wenxin diaolong
You don’t even know it’s thereUber/Lift
It works well. It would be nice to have a way to integrate with a mobile app. Other than that, this works as expected
It works well. It would be nice to have a way to integrate with a mobile app. Other than that, this works as expected
Robert D Barham