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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Neil Dbenedetto
First off let me say that this was my first dash cam I have ever purchased. A friend of mine has one and I was amazed that dash cams were a thing so I decided to get one of these last prime day about a year ago. I have been very happy with my purchase. I drive around a lot for work and I am always the designated driver when I go out with the friends so this was something I wanted to buy to capture crazy drivers/people and so on.Pros: The video looks excellent in 1080p 60fps, but also in 1440p 30fps. I really don't need to use the inside camera however so I have never really used it for any reason so I can't comment on the quality. The power cable is easy to hide and route along the edges of the windshield and in car (use a flathead screwdriver to route). I am thinking of permanently attaching it to the car battery, but haven't gotten around to that journey yet. The suction mount is good and holds well. You CAN use Sandisk SD cards regardless of what the manual tells you. I have had a 128gb card in there for a year and I have had no problems with it. The screen is small on the unit, but it looks nice and gets the job done. I see people complaining that their units died within months? I have no idea what they are doing because I have had mine over a year now with no issues and my friend has had his for 2 years and it's going strong. Cheers Vantrue!Cons/Quirks:So there aren't as many cons about this camera as there are quirks.1.If you live in a warm climate area you may come outside to your vehicle and notice that the suction mount has come loose, this is normal. Just put it back up and it should be fine. Kind of a pain in the butt, but it has only happened to me on days where there were no clouds and it was 95 degrees out for the whole day.2. GPS is not built in to the unit itself. You have to purchase a separate unit that replaces the mount to get GPS. Good news, it's very cheap. Like 20 bucks cheap. Trust me it is worth it, EXAMPLE: I got a ticket for going 75 in a 65 and I used the speedometer on my dashcam to show the judge that I was going 65 and not what the officer said I was doing and got out of a ticket. I also used the dashcam footage to show police who was at fault for a wreck that happened in front of me as well. (I love this little dashcam)3. The display screen is small. I wish it were bigger and touchscreen.4. The menus aren't fun to move around and the buttons are in weird spots in my opinion.5. There is no internal battery that stays charged. what I do is I have a 20,000mah battery pack that I keep charged up in the glove compartment with a micro usb cable. It is a beast of a battery pack. When I leave the vehicle for the night I plug it up and put the camera in guard mode. It will ONLY come on during motion events. Good for thieves or people messing with your vehicle. The only other way for the camera to stay on overnight without the car running is wiring it to your car battery.
Very easy to set up and use, plus an excellent User Manual and great online Live Chat help The User Manual also states that Samsung Pro Endurance or Samsung Evo Plus SD cards will work in it. I hope things will contnue to go as well!
I was real happy when this arrived. I like the form factor as it is relatively small, nice construction, and the layout well thought out. I got this set up with the default settings - front and back camera activated with 1080p video and 3 minute clips. I put in a 64gb micro sd card. I went out some errands and low and behold 30 minutes later, I saw a car veer across the highway and up an embankment, flipped over and came to a stop - at about 70mph. Quite a scene and the first time I saw such a crazy accident. I remembered a few minutes later that I had this all captured on video and was excited to go review it when I got home and hopefully track down the guy and show him the video (I saw that he was OK but didn't stop). By the time I went home it was 8 hours later. I went home and took out the card and put it into my computer. Opening up the card I was mortified and extremely upset that the video clip was missing because it got overwritten. Turns out that the 64gb card only holds about 7 hours of video. Each 3 minute clip is 279mb (and there are 2 per time period because it's front and back recording). The compression codec that is used is allowing files to be huge for what it is. In addition, at 1080p with this camera (especially with the low compression), you can't read any license plates even if the front of my car is only 10 ft away from the next car. So if you get in an accident or you are trying to find out who hit you when parked, it will be a no go - the police won't be able to read the plates and it won't hold up in any court. So now I'm left looking for another camera - probably a 4k resolution (and of course with that the files will probably be huge).... So disappointed that this didn't work out!
Loved it except for the way you disconnect from mount
Amazon Customer
It worked well, and I had it for at least a year. The only big downside, I guess, is that it is a target for thefts. Mine's was stolen. If you bought this product, you take it with you; there is an easy latch to remove the camera that I wish I did.Pro: It works and easy to use. I love that it catches what's in front of you and behind.Con: Does not come with an SD micro card, and it uses an old USB mini B type instead of a micro B.Overall if you got money, this works well.
Saeid Kdaimati
Installation was simple and it is easy to use. both cameras' quality is good.
Donna M.
This product is quick and easy! i love having the front and inside facing camera! the hardwire kit makes it super sleek and not noticeable! great product!
Gary Stein
This is absolute junk, nearly impossible to use, doesn't save any video, and has about a 5 minute battery life when fully charged.
Kevin T.
I have ZERO Complaints! Great camera! I have had several cheaper ones and this one was well worth the added expense!
Larry Kolbinskie
Seems to work great, picture Quail is good. I do have one complaint, the suction cop falls off the windshield everyday some times more then once. It does startle you when your on a long drive and it just falls. I have contacted the manufacturer hope they rectify this problem
To begin, I love the camera. Good picture quality, even with the night vision. I bought the external SD card, & have never worried about saving data, as it has loop recording. The construction of the camera itself is also very good. The rotating mechanism of the camera is very tight, which prevents it from moving around due to vibrations. Overall very happy with the camera itself.That being said, the window mount that its sent with is terrible! Keep a small screwdriver handy, as the part that hold the camera onto the mount becomes loose very frequently, rendering the camera useless. Can't record the road if the camera won't stay in a fixed position. Also, the suction cup isn't very good. Even when both the suction cup & window were cleaned with 90% isopropyl alcohol, the mount didn't stay up much longer than a few miles.That's it. Camera is great, but the mount it comes with is not. Were the mount better, I'd probably be more inclined to give it a 4 - 4.5 stars
I loved this camera for about a year until it just randomly started turning off and I couldn’t get it back on without unplugging it and plugging it back in. Kind of upsetting because I want it to run 24/7 and randomly turning off could miss and important event.
Michel Cardenas
Jimmy Gutierrez
I purchased 2 of these cameras, both look amazing when they are working, picture quality is good both front and back, but the bad part is that both stopped working in less than a year, I tried to troubleshoot the camera everyway I could but I couldn't get it to work, I'm positive it has something to do with the internal battery.I will say that vantrue did replace 1 camera and send me a new one, but they will not replace the second camera, they told me that since they already replaced one camera that they cannot replace the other one, even thought its a separate camera that was purchased on a different now I only have 1 working camera until this one decides to stop working just like the other 2.Vantrue did offer to sell me a camera at a special discount, but I told them that the any discount is useless if their products keep going bad after less than a year, specially if the warranty wont replace them.Im going to go on ebay now and look for an internal battery to purchase so I can solder that on to see if that works.its a nice camera but given my experience, you be the judge.
Mick Quinn
Died after a year, what more can i say for an expensive camera!
I have set the time for the third time now as it manages to reset itself regularly. In addition, the push feature to save important recordings does not always function and instead takes a picture. Why is it so difficult to implement easy to use features?
Amazon Customer
Jamieka White
Camera is so clear! Couldn’t have gotten a better deal.
John F. Williams
I bouight this product with gre4at expectations. First day it crashed the memory card I bought. Then I read in the manual not to use this specific brand. Why didn't they tell you BEFORE you bought it? After a couple of days it would get super hot and stop working. Then it would no longer start up. Despite numerous emails to tech support they never would issue me a return authorization. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.
Mostafa almahasneh
elvis r.
It is an incredible camera sharpness and image quality, it helped me to solve an accident.
Easy setup & no issues so far. Picture quality is much better than my old Cobra dash cam.
This camera has all of the features I wanted plus more! It's not recommended in direct sunlight and in very hot areas but i've been using mine 24/7 in the heat and it's always on night and day. Works great!
Dash cam stopped working after a few months. Company said format card, we did that. Didn’t work. Company said try new card. Didn’t work. Then company said you are out of warranty, can’t help you. Will never use their Products’s again.
This is my first dash cam purchase and I loved it! Installation was super easy and straight forward. The picture quality is wonderful as well as multiple features! I do ride share so this was perfect to protect myself and my clients! Highly recommend this product!
Worked well for almost 2 years....of course. Then it went mental and committed suicide. For $250, I expected at least 4-5 years.
I've had the camera for 2 years now and it worked fine until a couple days ago when audio stopped recording. I made sure settings had audio enabled, reset settings etc. I even upgraded the firmware to V41 and it didn't help. Camera quality is nice, but giving it 3 stars because audio stopped working.
Kevin C. in Lakewood, CO
I threw out my Vantrue N2 Pro after the capacitor burned out in just over a year which caused the date to reset to 1/1/2017 every time I turned my car off and then back on, and now with my Vantrue N2 non-pro which I bought off a friend after he quit driving, almost every time I go to retrieve a video file that should have captured a particular incident, there are no files. My cam should have captured video of a crash I witnessed yesterday morning - 9/25/2020 at around 10:30 am - and not surprisingly, no video files were captured during that time frame. I have a supply of high quality Samsung EVO SD cards I meticulously change out and reformat every few days, yet this still happens.
C. J. M.
I’ve had my Vantrue N2 Pro for almost a month now and after ordering the recommended Samsung 128g chip, I am very pleased with the extremely high quality video and audio. I also like the mount which allows me to securely fix it to my windshield and it gives me the security of knowing that I can rely on it to capture any issues that I may encounter during my drive. Additionally, I like the ability for it to capture any “accidental” damage to my car while I’m shopping like errant cart collision or someone backing into my vehicle while not present. I’m looking forward to adding the ability to document my vehicle’s speed and location during my drive.I also plan to add another windshield mount for my other car so I can just slide the camera off and into the other vehicle quickly allowing me to route the power connection so it is in a semi-permanent, tucked away location.
I purchased this camera in 2018. I did not write a review at that time, and if I would have done it, it would have been 5 stars, it does everything it says with one flaw, this camera does not have WiFi, neither an app to see the videos. My car was recently stolen along with the camera, from my home's parking. Because this camera did not have WiFi or an app, I couldn't see the image of the robber's face. I am searching for a new cam, and I noticed there's a new version. I can't believe they did not add these features to the new version.
could use a little more space but good value in pictures and sounds
Corey Crochet
not a full review, but i am very pleased with this cam so far.
The Vantru 2 Pro Uber Dual camera works! It is a good device that allows a feeling of security to document events that happen on the road. Day vision is very good. Night vision is not so good but adequate. The inside the cabin camera is not very clear during the night and turns ontona black and white camera. Having the rear (inside) camera is useful for catching images of the rear and sides through the windows. While not perfect rear or side vision, the rear facing camera is a good and easy solution for seeing ba kwards and sideways without adding a second camera and wiring. So even if you're not using this device for Uber purposes, this camera with its backwards vision is useful.
I have the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Camera. It provides great picture quality for both front/back and it just works the way you want it to. Now, It gets hot here in Southern California, as a result, the suction cup on my mount warped to the point where it stopped sticking on my windshield. I emailed their customer support about it and they got back to me right away. They said that, although my warranty has ended, they’ll ship me another mount and it will arrive in the next 2 weeks. I couldn’t be more happier! This company went above and beyond! I should’ve paid for it but they did me a favor.Thank you so much to whomever made that decision!
Donald Charlton
Died after one year. Customer service reset recommendation lasted only a few days.
Richard M. Schoonmaker
Purchased because of previous reviews and found the dashcam to be well designed. Auto start function is wonderful, very good picture quality, and easy to review or download video files. Good security item for anyone who drives often.
Now the computer can't see the camera for me to view and transfer video and support can't seem to find a solution
Unique Individual
Pros: (A) 1080p resolution for front and rear facing camera. (B) Relatively easy swapping of MicroSD (for saving events). (C) Great field of view. Front is wider than interior. I reduced the interior exposure -1 stop so i could see what's outside; the default blows out the windows. (D) Nice "EVENTS" folder for locked (saved) videos. (E) Good interior gain in dark lighting. (F) In 2 months of driving, I had already captured TONS of craziness on the road and two red lights ran (by others). It will be priceless when I inevitably get in an another accident (it's just statistics!). I'm having fun collecting my week's worth of road craziness every weekend. (G) Relatively small. (H) Worth the price.Cons: (A) The power connection at the mount is extremely finicky. It may work fine for a week, but suddenly, it won't draw power. When this happens, it turns on and off every two seconds chiming on and off obnoxiously until I unplug the thing and drive all the way home without it. The GPS replacement mount did not fix this, so I deduct it's the charging cable. Losing power half the time means I'm not capturing footage half the time, and when I do, the time code on all my videos is always wrong because I don't reset it every time it this happens. The GPS mount fixed the timecode issue though. (B) Bright spots causes circular bokeh (a.k.a. glare), sometimes ring bokeh, giving the illusion that the camera is out of focus, even though the image is almost pixel sharp. Worst on shiny cars and at night. (C) Videos are recorded in 1-minute, 3-minute, or 5-minute clips. When you save an event in a 3-minute clip (default) you often have to search 6 minutes for it (3 minute for the video it's in and 3 minutes for the video most nearly before or after it). Reducing to 1-minute clips helps, but for some reason it records 1 minute 1 sec, with a 1 sec overlap in videos, so simply merging sequential files will cause a 1 second echo every minute. (D) I'm going to have to buy a new sun shade. The one I have puts too much tension on the mount and pulls it off. (E) The power plug has a bright blue light on it that is distracting at night.Note: I prefer to have the rear-facing camera capturing the cars behind me at all times. The higher resolution front facing camera is great, but twice the file size (equal to the front + rear file size together), and it increases sharpness when sampled back down to 1080p.I'm getting a braided USB cable instead of a charging cable to see if the thicker cable delivers better power.
Phillip DiSilvestri
Works great, no dislikes
I ordered Vantrue N2 Pro.The camera is not recording constantly. Just some random times.I contacted few times and only got the respond with question about when it stops recording.For example, I used today for 8 hours and camera stopped recording after 5 hours.
E. R. S.
Like everything about it. About the only improvement would be to make it a 360 camera LOL.
VanTrue does not honor its warranty. If you have a problem, don't contact the company, contact Amazon. VanTrue delays and stalls. They want "proof" that their product is defective. I had a problem with the charger cable, they wanted me to send them a photo where the wires had become frayed. Look at other dash cams before considering making a purchase from VanTrue. I thinkt their cameras are great, but if you have a problem with the device, you have a problem!
Timothy Laird
Worked ok while it did but after a yer the SD errored out with a format error. I replaced it with another SD same error.
ian maina
stop charging after 6 off its a piece of junk , beep back and forth and sucks!!!!..dont buy it...
I have had this camera for about 10 months now and can honestly say I don’t think it’s worth the price.Cons:1) Mount it came with will work for a couple months, then keep coming off. Had to buy the adhesive one through Amazon about 6-7 months in2) PARKING MODE DOES NOT WORK!My car was recently hit after I came back from the store. I noticed it right away since my car is black. I instantly panicked and thought “oh wait, no problem I can just check the footage”. My cam is hardwired to my car so it should always have power and I had the sensitivity for parking mode on medium. I get home and check the footage on my computer AND IT DIDNT RECORD! I was furious! How is sensor not going to tell that my car was hit!! (will include pictures) now I have to pay my deductible for my car insurance $500 to get my car fixed! & yes I made sure I didn’t use a Sandisk SD card.3) One of my buttons at the bottom of the camera stopped working4) Not sure if it’s my LED lights in my car but sometimes it’s hard to read license plates (almost impossible) at night when checking footage. All you see is a bright rectangle on the back of cars.Pros:1) very good quality during the day2) Inside camera seems to be good quality as well
It turns on when I start the car and turn off when I turn the car off. The video quality is excellent day or night. I have been using this cam for my ride share business and it has been by far the best investment I have made.
I looked for dashcams after a person that i know was involved in an auto accident some time ago. Having a dashcam would have assisted in accident reconstruction. This is my 5th Vantrue dashcam (qty 3, N2 Pro and qty 2, S1) that i have installed in my vehicles (these go in separate vehicles, they are not replacements -- all have operated well so far. When looking for dashcams, i had the following criteria: 1) two cameras, both front and back; 2) HD 1080p minimum camera resolution; 3) good low light performance; 4) adhesive mount; 5) GPS to give location and speed information embedded in the video for assistance with accident reconstruction, if needed. These Vantrue dashcams meet my criteria and have performed well so far (after a couple months of usage). I have 64 GB SD cards in them (Samsung EVO). Each 3 minute recording occupies about 250MB (per each camera feed, so 500MB/3 minute video) on the SD card - .mp4 file format). This 64GB card has sufficient room to record about 6 hours before overwriting old video.
Aaron Murphy
For the price of this camera I expected it to last longer. The camera stopped working after two years. Contacted customer support and due to being out of warranty they said they couldn’t do anything.
Ngoc Nguyen
Got this dashcam as a present in May 2019. After one year of useage it works really well with recording auido and picture. Lots of options in the settings. After a couple of months I guess the internal battery went cause the settings keep on resetting. For a $200 camera I wouldn't expect the battery to die so fast.
The camera had all the correct default settings. I just inserted the micro sd card, charged the battery, attached the windshield mount, and plugged in the power. It was up and running in less than 10 minutes. When using the provided cigarette lighter plug, it turns on when you start your vehicle and starts to record. It turns off when you turn off the car, you won't run out of memory card space since it will loop and overwrite the older videos. But if the G-Sensor detects an accident that video file is automatically Protected from deletion. Good 1080p video quality. The night vision for the interior at night was a little dark and grainy but it is more than clear enough to see what is happening. It is a nice small package with good build quality. I would buy another one if I needed a 2nd one for another vehicle.
I've been using the VanTrue N2 Pro for over a year. It has worked well with no issues recording day and night right up until the moment I needed it. I was recently in a serious car accident where the video footage would have been helpful. I took the camera home, plugged it into my computer and found that last file which would have contained the accident wasn't complete, therefore it couldn't be viewed. Both the interior camera file and the forward facing camera file were corrupt. I assume the accident corrupted the file because the two files being written weren't able to be written in full, that left a partial file which cannot be opened by the viewing software. In my opinion this is a serious design flaw, if a camera isn't going to properly record an accident what purpose does the camera serve?
I was looking for a dash for the longest time and i wanted a dash cam that can look good and was easy to detach. And with this I was able to remove it without disconnecting any wires at all , furthermore the quality of the dashcam was pretty good and so far i haven't had any problems
Absolutely love it. This could be the most easiest to installed. It took me 15 mins to install in my car plus reading instruction. So far, the graphics is 1080 like it described, it works well not a problem I seen. The quality is fair, because the cam is light but it did the job as recording.
Amazon Customer
I've been Ubering for a while now and finally had a car accident. I wish I would have had a dash cam. Now I do and I could not be more happy! The dual camera is perfect for ridesharing! Clean picture. Especially the front facing. The inside facing could be better for at night. During the day, the inside camera is perfect. Thank you so much! HIGHLY RECOMMEND for anyone doing rideshare like Uber or Lyft.
Diego E.
I bought this camera in Aug 2018, and had no issues with it. It has a good image quality, but I just got into a car accident and the file became corrupted. I can see the clip before the accident and right after accident, but CANNOT see the actual accident footage. Whats the point?!!!!! The videos become corrupted due to the impact or something. I tried using different softwares even file corruption repair software and it wont work. Not worth the money if it wont work when I actually need it.
Word C.
The quality of the recordings were good, and the cab view was fantastic, very few other products have the dual camera of this quality. BUT. Unfortunately the recordings were sporadic, even after getting the specific EVO sim card they recommended. I had finally gotten it working, or so I thought, and stopped checking it regularly. Then when looking a year later, it hadn't been recording for months. Customer service helped me figure out the battery was dead and wouldn't hold a charge (I assume that's why it would never get the date/time correct) - but I had bought it a few days over 2 years ago and the warranty was expired. I wanted to like this camera, and put forth effort to it working - but I will have to move on to a different brand. I need to know it's working and not be worried, if something happens, it wasn't recording.If anyone is having trouble with the suction cup sticking - I bought a sticky pad to go between it on the glass and it never fell after that. Of course removing it wasn't as easy then.
Sri H.
I recently purchased it and I was able to install it easily in my Ford Escape.Night vision camera and easy to mount stand are incredible.
Duy Phan
One of the best product I have bought. It records days and nights. I was able to go back and see what hit my car yesterday!
Had an issue with my cam, and Vantrue was very helpful and fast in replacing it. Ariel provided me with great customer service as she always responded quickly and professionally. I wish every company was like this.
Bhola Bhala
They won't honor warranty unless it's bought from them or their authorized dealer. 2 weeks into opener and camera won't stay on. Contacted multiple times and got nowhere
Suction cub used to have the camera mounted on the windshield is not getting power anymore. And it smells like burnt electrical components. I disconnected everything and connected the usb wire straight to the camera and that works. This could cause a FIRE! I need a new Suction cub with the usb connection for my N2 pro camera. Please. Thanks
Emanuel Salinas
Warning!!! it may put your life at risk do not buy I was driving and the suck mount fell as I was exciting the Freeway and I almost crashed got it on video!! Literally I want my money!
Good dash camera one of the best
Dennis Xayadeth
This little thing is perfect for anyone in need of peice of mind when it comes to your car. It's compact and video quality is great. Interior camera goes for night vision to normal automatically. Perfect for RideShare drivers too!
Seiji Arimitsu
Won’t record for weeks/months.Video quality is fine when it actually records.I had two incidents now.1. During a mobile car wash the guy washing the car let the wiper slam into the window instead of letting it down easy. There was a huge crack on my window when I left work late. I went home and checked for the recording and of course it didn’t record. Didn’t record for a good two weeks. Thank fully the work camera captured enough that they accepted fault.2. I recently had an issue where I was backed into. Again I went to check for my recording and nothing there. This time for over a month.After the first incident I thought the memory card was the problem so I bought the suggested one. Obviously that didn’t solve the issue.If the camera can’t continuously function there is no point in having a dash cam.Images on captured videos a pretty good but again when it only records when it wants to it simply isn’t what you need this for.
This camera does great for what its purpose is. In the video I superimposed the night vision inside view. It records them as separate files. The controls are a little confusing to use but they have great tactile response. I uploaded the night video because I figured people would want to know more about it. As you can see the front lens distorts the light a little. The back does well. If you listen closely you can hear my blinker so it does pick up that incase you need it for court. The day video(no posted) shows fisheye type distortions at the edge of the picture. Both night and day seem to stabilize well without too much issue. Ovverall I would say if you are a driver this would work well for you
Files get corrupted. Cannot view them. Does not hold a charge so it is dead all the time. replaced by MFG. Second one died after 10 mos.... THESE THINGS ARE JUNK
08/25/2020: i just got the windshield adhesive mount that arrived from China and not the cup suction that was mentioned by email. It came with a second adhesive for the windshield mount. I hope it doesn't fall again.Review - 2nd camera Pro: 08/08/2020After I complained they offered 50% off on a new camera.They said for me to buy a new camera on Amazon and that they'll return 50% off back on my card, they just returned 25% of the value, saying that on the night that I bought it was with a deal discount, and wouldn't be able to give me the 50% that was promised. So I don't think that was honest by their part, but I accepted very unhappy.I'm still waiting to arrive the cup suction that is coming from China.*Also the SD Card from other brands doesn't work on this Vantrue Dash Camera, I had to return the Samsung one and get the SD from Vantrue that is much more expensive!Review -1st cameraThe camera works well and the image is good.However it keeps falling off from my windshield all the time. Plus the material isn't strong in hot days. The part the holds the camera started to melt this past weekend of 07/17/2020.Disappointed and I feel that I waisted my money :(
Stephen P. Rice
High quality camera that does its job well. I wouldn’t drive anywhere without a dash camera simply because of all the frivolous lawsuits people get into with car accidents.
Bought this for my husband and it’s made us much more relaxed when driving knowing that any incident will have video evidence. However, my husband also loves it because it records the INSIDE of the car as well and he now has taped evidence of any crazy thing I say like, “You were right, honey, and I was wrong.” Also, knowing you are recorded makes you aware of how much you cuss or how often you are gossiping. If you need to break these bad habits I highly recommend this camera.
Files get corrupted. Cannot view them. Does not hold a charge so it is dead all the time. replaced by MFG. Second one died after 10 mos.... THESE THINGS ARE JUNK
08/25/2020: i just got the windshield adhesive mount that arrived from China and not the cup suction that was mentioned by email. It came with a second adhesive for the windshield mount. I hope it doesn't fall again.Review - 2nd camera Pro: 08/08/2020After I complained they offered 50% off on a new camera.They said for me to buy a new camera on Amazon and that they'll return 50% off back on my card, they just returned 25% of the value, saying that on the night that I bought it was with a deal discount, and wouldn't be able to give me the 50% that was promised. So I don't think that was honest by their part, but I accepted very unhappy.I'm still waiting to arrive the cup suction that is coming from China.*Also the SD Card from other brands doesn't work on this Vantrue Dash Camera, I had to return the Samsung one and get the SD from Vantrue that is much more expensive!Review -1st cameraThe camera works well and the image is good.However it keeps falling off from my windshield all the time. Plus the material isn't strong in hot days. The part the holds the camera started to melt this past weekend of 07/17/2020.Disappointed and I feel that I waisted my money :(
Stephen P. Rice
High quality camera that does its job well. I wouldn’t drive anywhere without a dash camera simply because of all the frivolous lawsuits people get into with car accidents.
Bought this for my husband and it’s made us much more relaxed when driving knowing that any incident will have video evidence. However, my husband also loves it because it records the INSIDE of the car as well and he now has taped evidence of any crazy thing I say like, “You were right, honey, and I was wrong.” Also, knowing you are recorded makes you aware of how much you cuss or how often you are gossiping. If you need to break these bad habits I highly recommend this camera.
Rebecca Lopez
Hubby bought at my insistence since he was going to drive for Uber. Nothing ever happened, but I didn't want any chances taken. He has since quit doing that, but has installed in his truck for daily driving use.
Hssan Lachgar
To all folks out there who're intending to buy this product. Me and my 2 other friends bought 4 of these n2 venture dash cameras and only one of them worked. The 3 other items weren't working. My friends decided to turn the items and get the refund. However, I decided not to turn it and called them to replace the item and send someone to pickup the defective one because I don't want to go through the process of returning the item since they don't pay me for that extra job to label and take the item to UPS. Also what I have learned from this vendors of venture is that they would first try those defective items on new clients. So please don't ever buy this items if you don't want to go through what me and my friends have been through.
Jaime Garcia
Is one of the best
Robert W. Weis III
This is the second camera that I owned from vantrue. The picture on this camera is unbelievable. Both the cabin view an outside view looks amazing.
David Vera
The system takes a little practice, but it’s very efficient and easy to navigate. Installation is simple. The infrared mode is very impressive and shows up very clear upon playback. I used the Samsung SD card that’s recommended by the company and it works very well. Removing the camera from the windshield mount takes a few tries before you get it right, but it’s secure.
M. D. Khan
Very easy to install and user friendly.. i m using loop recording on 128gb ssd i m relaxed and tension free abt storage..I recomend this product to every one specially who use there car more for work
Madison Summer
I got t-boned by a drunk driver that caused my car to roll over. Fire and rescue sawed out my front windshield to pull me out. It damaged my last dash cam that costed 50$ but I was able to recover the footage and use it in my settlement.After that accident, I needed a dual recording dash cam because I drive rideshare for LYFT and UBER.I picked this $200 dash cam In Hopes that money can buy quality.I plugged it in and checked it after a couple weeks. Everything seemed to be working fine. Good camera quality was good.Two months later, I noticed that the sound was not working. So disappointing but the camera still worked and it was past the refund date.It’s been a year and I just recently tried to pulled footage from the dash cam because I witnessed a car accident.My heart sunk that I didn’t have the footage. I just had random videos in no chronological order, months apart.I would never recommend this dash cam. What a waste of money. Your life depends on a reliable dash cam.I can’t refund it but I’ll be purchasing a new dash cam to replace it.I hope my honest review will help you find a reliable dash cam for your need.
Most Shumiun Nahar
The main purpose for using a dash cam is to record video footage during the driving and keep the driver safe from any potential danger like insurance claims, harassment,road rage, ride share claims etc. For capturing footage for these type of situation you need clean and readable footage. Venture N2 Pro is a camera that meets all these requirements. Do not get impressed by those marketing advertisement, if you want a classic camera, you can buy this camera without any hesitation. i have uploaded pictures that i capture with Ventrue N2 Pro cam and also with a similar configured another dash cam,you can find the difference easily. More over the packing is fantastic with a factory seal when you buy a new one which I didn't see this with other brands and large micro sd card capacity of 256 gigabyte are added advantage and makes sure you are using a premium product.
Slava N
I am using the Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam for about 20 months.Before that, I spent a year finding the dashboard camera which I can use without the problem and be confident that it will always work without any attention and maintenance.I checked 5 different dashboard cameras on the price between $60 and $150.Some of these cameras were acceptable to me in some parameters, but not acceptable for some others. I also found that the price not always correlated with the quality and the number of features.So, after the number of tries, I made a list of the features, which is important to me.Video quality. Most of the cameras have an acceptable quality of the video, even in the night, the problem is when I paused the play, all the frames are blurry, the license plates are unreadable, the human faces look vague as in the Google street view. This dash camera recorded video in good quality on any possible resolution. Every frame in the video has good quality. (Passed).360-degree view. Some dash cameras can provide this, but you have to have and install 2 cameras with 2 separate power. This dashboard camera has about 360 views with two cameras in one device. It is good enough for me. (Passed).The video recording with a motion-detecting in the parking time. It exists. I bought an optional Hardwire Kit and spent 30 min to connect it to the power seat fuse. Works as expected. (Passed).The dashcam should have a screen to make a configuration and setup and the accurate attaching to the windshields. It exists and good enough for the configuration. (Passed).Ability to save a video to the Cloud through WiFi. The function is not available. (Fail).Ability to record GPS position in the video. Available with the optional GPS Receiver Module (Passed).Good support. The Vantrue provided the best support for their product. I downloaded the latest firmware issued in May 2020. I also downloaded “Vantrue GPS Player” for Mac(!) issued July 2020. (Passed).Conclusion.Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam is small, reliable, and full of features dashboard camera.I am going to use it 2-3 more years without any problem.
So I have been using it for three weeks, and It has been recording well. My car 12v outlet stays on even while the vehicle is off, so parking mode works very well for me. I have not had issues other than the mount falling from the windshield during scorching days, but I restick it on, and it's okay.
Matt Wright
Pros:-came nicely packaged-easy to install-long wire allows to be hidden in car-suction keeps camera on windshield and can handle the California sun-good camera quality-doesn't protrude out like an eyesore-software easy to navigatecons:-the date/time resets ALL THE TIME! It always goes back to 1/1/18 and I gave up on updating the date/time to now, every other day. I can't seem to fix this and it's a nightmare. I wonder if i ever needeed the footage, the date/time could be used against me. I could turn off the date/time but i'd prefer to leave it on
Amazon Customer
Awesome videos excellent night vision only problem is the format of the videos have to be converted in order to view them on your cell phone
peter x pan
After couple years of using this camera. I still have it on my car’s windshield. The suck cup was great!! Only when the brutal summer comes. It will fall couple times. Otherwise there were no problem at all. The quality of the videos and picture were excellent. I was an uber driver back to 2017, and this one had save me a lot of times. If you are dring in nyc and this’s the camera you need to install in your car. You rather spend couple hundred dollars to save you couple thousand dollars if something happen and not your fault. Highly recommend for uber lyft drivers.
Richard P.
The picture and sound quality are great. My only issue is that the "Parking Mode" is not intended for overnight use, and even when I power off the camera it still drains the battery if I don't drive daily.
Failed to record when mattered the most. Very dissatisfied and disappointed . I have two of these and now not sure if I can trust it.
Matthew Coates
I have owned this dashcam for close to a year and I have decided to write the review now so I can give a full review.Upon first installing I noticed the mount was loose. After trying to tighten it the arm never maintained position. I have tightened it to the point I feel like any more would cause damage to it. The cam still moves if pushed and if you have to make a sudden stop the cam will no longer be pointed where it was before.Final Review:Pros-Overall the cam itself is excellent.-The picture quality is phenomenal-The ability to support a 256GB micro SD card is a big plus.Cons-The mount is pretty poor quality and does not stay adjusted (If fixed this could easily be a 5 star and best in price range cam).I will update if things change.
Michael Reilly
I purchased the N2 Pro 11/21/18. It has been permanently mounted to my windshield ever since. I noticed that there are tiny fine cracks forming in a circular pattern around the center of the lens. The only way I can describe it is that it looks like a crystal formation. This is most likely from heat/stress to the plastic lens. This is causing the images to be blurry. I like the unit very much, however, Vantrue won’t respond to my support emails/inquiries.
Mark S.
Works well. Placed it in my wife's SUV for safety.
Amazon Customer
I have been very pleased with this dash cam
I thought this is a good dash camera but its not.Today I saw an accident in front of me. But after arriving home, when I checked the video footage from memory card, this camera didnt record any thing for that half an hour. The last screen it record is attached. This camera got into some issue and got stuck it seems.The camera was ON but it didnt record/stored for that 30 minutes. The video was not there in the protected video folder also. The memory card has videos until just before the accident and nothing till the car engine Stopped and started.Its not possible for the driver to check whether it is recording all the same(the blue blinking LED or the red dot in the screen). Moreover its a costliest camera in the market this is not expected for the price.Very poor. Cannot rely on this camera.
Customer support makes you repeat troubleshooting steps and none of their solutions resolved the issue of a dead battery. For a 200 dollar cam I didn't expect a dead battery
Marc Fowler
This is a great dash cam, very clear video quality and it records basically 24/7.However after the memory card is full it only loops a few last clips and doesn't delete the oldest clips.After 2 years in the Florida heat I have to unplug when I leave my car because the dash cam reboots over and over again constantly until it dies. As far as long term this is not a good dash cam and the setup process when I initially bought was annoying having to format the sd card and such.New updated mounting bracket is so much better than the old one as well.Overall good dash cam. But I will be trying other ones out.