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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Saeed Almalki
Amanda F.
Extremely easy to set up and use. Watch some YouTube videos on how to hide your wire cord so it is always out of the way. It takes a bunch of small videos which is convenient. Love it for the few months we have owned it so far!
Tony M
Good camera. My only gripe is the mount. It fell and broke the first day. I contacted the seller and they agreed to send me a new one. Said two weeks. It's been that long and I'm still waiting. I said screw it and bought the GPS mount, and that's working fine. I also bought the wire harness that plugs into the car data hook up or whatever, so thats not an issue. Much easier than the hard wire fuse thing they sell. I bought one of those too, but I'm sending it back.
Vantrue is a horrible company with horrible products AND customer support.My dashCam is completely broken after 20 months of normal use. Yet they told me they wouldn’t help me.
William O.Evans II
Little querky to formatt the SD card but once you find the setting it takes 5 seconds to do and works great! Not really a dislike but just for the future have an app to control the settings via phone/PC/bluetooth.
Randy Lee
So nice seeeing what’s going on in and outside of yur car .Keeps cops a little more honest
Mark P. Fiordaliso
Use it almost everyday. Picture is clean in front of the car, night or day. Inside the car I needs more light to I keep the sunroof shade open
Luong Nguyen
More products better than this
I had mine hard wired and all seems to be working good. I have not plugged it into the computer yet so when I do I'll update more.
Amazon Customer
Great dash cam, great resolution. I found it a little confusing to setup, but problably because I only have linux computers. I have to circunvent to get it configure but I asume that a Windows system would be easier.
Belinda Bayoune
This is my second vantrue dash cam and each time it get better than before. i must admit that I have never actually went back and watched replay until it was needed. The quality is excellent, sound clear. Yes there are cheaper dash cam but if you want quality this is your cam. Thank you for a job well done.
If you're thinking about buying it do it honestly it's the best camera that I've had so far and I've had about three
James Head
It is a very convenient device. Only one wire is nice compared to having 3 strung though the car with other brands. The mic only pics up my voice though. Can't hear passengers, even with computer volume at 100%. Also would have been nice to choose one view to display, instead of the split screen, which is small to begin with. ON a positive note, Seems to be well made, and I like that the cameras can be individually adjusted.
Grant P.
This camera is good if you are an Uber Driver though the rear facing camera is not adjustable. It runs on a capacitor so if you want to use parking mode you will need to install it to be powered with the vehicle off. The screen is small but so is the camera. If if you are looking for a decent quality/ priced camera for Uber this one will work. If you want a rear facing camera facing out of the rear window this is not the one for you. It would be better if the rear facing camera was adjustable.
Stan A Dimitrov
Camera is good. Suction cup is complete garbage however. Dosn't stick to the windshield at all since day 1 no matter what I try.
Charles Meyer
Andy G
I have been using this product for 2 months or so. Works as advertised. It’s sturdy and does not move when you hit bumps.
Taylor Capers
I wish the power cord was just a bit longer.
Elizabeth Wickman
It’s a great camera. I just wish I didn’t lose the wire to it and the thing that stuck to the window.
I sent an email to customer support over a year ago I believe in December 2018 asking for a replacement on the dashcam mount as it came defective or did not work, I never received the replacement or an email back from them at least. Waste of money and time...
Brian Hillard
Had one 'event' that was recorded, in addition to every other ono-event and normal driving experience. After the event happened, I brought the cam in to save the event vid on my computer. Re-installed the cam in the car afterwards, cam recorded (or so I thought) as normal (red light blinking, etc.) Had another event in which I needed the footage. Cam never recorded ANYTHING after the first one.Whoever programmed the cam's recording did a horrible job, because now I'm out footage. Worst is that you have no way of knowing whether the cam is properly saving the footage. you just have to flip a coin and hope you have footage you can retrieve.Kinda makes it pointless to own a camera that you don't know whether you can access the evidence, doesn't it?
The Menu button got stuck and became unusable after about 3 months of use. The unit stopped recording shortly after. It's been a piece of junk since. I've recently order 2 dashcams of different brands, both of which (pair) cost the same (after coupon) as one VanTrue N2, $200. My new ones (having Sony lens) have been great, dual front+rear cams, much better video quality and reliability comparing to the Van"False" cam.
Elvin Pimentel
I don’t like the lcd screen is too small.
Superman Dark Side
The audio and video are crystal clear. I really love this product. Especially with being an Uber/Lyft driver
I have this dash cam in each of my two cars. The video quality is perfect.
Bought my 1st dashcam for my military daughter to have for daily commute to work. The setup and ease of use far exceeded my expectations. All the features work flawlessly and since I matched it with a solar usb charger, it can work in parking mode the entire day. The video and audio quality are superb and we enjoy watching the videos of the commute when she gets home. This is my 1st dashcam and I definitely want another for my car. The Vantrue customer support is another amazing feature. Had a firmware update question and their response was swift and helpful. Rare thing these days to get such fast responses via email. Highly satisfying product and company support.
Ronaldo MacDonaldo
I'm not a picky consumer when it comes to fancy materials and features I'll likely never use. This camera is great and I won't call it a dash camera as it really should be up by the rear view mirror to make sure you get the best inside/rear view from the internal camera which is rear facing. The higher up mount allows me to see out my rear hatch easily, I'm debating on an actual rear camera as this seems okay for now.The packaging is quality! Which really surprised me as this product, like about 75% of all products, is made in China. The instructions say origin of manufacturer although I could not find this on the outer marketing packaging box anywhere. However, the manufacturer understands that just because it is made in China it does not have to come in a cheap box to save pennies. I, for one, do not mind paying more for better products even if they are from China, I want QUALITY. The packaging and instructions and included parts are made well, even though with cheap materials. You can tell quality control is strong with this company. The product through the instructions and packaging are QUALITY and Made In China! Something I speak highly of when I come across a strong product made in China. I must promote the understanding of quality!As far as the actual camera goes. It is higher quality than your standard $50-$80 dash cams on Amazon. I have two ~ $50 dash cameras from Amazon and the quality difference is like those fake Nintendo game cartridges compared to the real ones. Will both items do what they say? Yes, sort of. The materials are better, the plastics, the metals, etc... The quality is just higher with this camera V2 Pro Uber dual than those cheaper cameras, trust me. The build feels solid like it has the correct screw mounting locations and so on. The dust covers and rubberized plastics instead of hard form plastics, should hold up much longer and keep seals tighter. You can tell when development goes into products and the manufacturer did a good job. ( An after thought as I purchase the wiring kit, and the GPS add on mount. I wish there was an alternative clamp style mount that allowed for great clamping with no vibration and also for the GPS add on to remain. With that said let's hope the suction cup holds! Fingers crossed!)With that said the video and sound quality is excellent in my opinion for a dash style camera system. Will this present motion picture audio and video for playing later? Absolutely not. But, it does capture interior and exterior video in crisp clear images with no stuttering or shaking from what I could tell. Sound is beautifully captured inside and out for what seems to be up to about 25 feet outside a cracked open window of two neighbors talking normally outside their house on a quite morning as I drove by. With this in mind careful what you say on camera if you crash or anything as it will record your words so don't admit fault on camera if you didn't do anything wrong.The video sizes I am recording are 1920x1080 60fps (although it may really be 30fps) dual with interior 1920x1080 at 60fps (this is why I think it may be 30fps each front and interior total 60fps)The video file sizes of roughly 10 minutes of driving are 1.3 MB each in total. So about 20 minutes worth of HD video (front and back video at 10 minutes each) is total of 2.6 Mega Bytes, As far as I can tell that is a very reasonable file size for the quality of the video AND audio that is stored on the card. I have a 32GB card in the camera now from my older dash cams and this would take a while to cycle through the storage memory before wiping data.I have ordered a 256GB Samsung Evo Plus memory card from BEST BUY!!! I read the reviews on AMAZON for the recommended memory card and it says that there are tons of FAKES ON AMAZON for the storage sd cards. I bought from Best Buy and if you read the questions on this product review page the manufacturer of this actual dash cam says to NOT buy from Amazon as there are obvious fake memory cards being sold directly through Amazon. It's a shame as the Best buy card is about 8 bucks more expensive, but for it to be real is PRICELESS!Get this camera and a nice recommended sd micro card from Best Buy or likewise actual store and you are set to Uber Lyft or freakin drive across your country!!!
J. Kami
Great value, quality, look and functionality.
Cynrie's Zoo
I would have like to have given this product a 5 star, unfortunately because of the window mount it is not possible. I received my Dash Cam on the 20th and we installed it on the 21st, now here it is the 25th and the ball that allows you to move the cam around separated. 4 days are you kidding me! The Cam itself is fantastic just be prepared to by a extra mount.
Amazon Customer
Works well but the camera screen is too small, liked my previous order better.
I only gave this a 5 star because it did everything as advertised then after 13 months it just started to die led kept flickering on and off power in and off I used it for Uber and Lyft now I have to buy a new I would have expected for a 200$ dash cam it would last longer I guess I’ll find a different brand
Gustavo Siqueira Candido
That’s so amazing! I loved it!
the camera never keeps date and time correctly. now TWICE it has stopped recording data and not captured much need stuff from a crash. it like to start hanging onto all recorded footage and doesn't delete to make room for new. the windshield mount gets very loose and you cant keep the camera pointed in the correct direction. i should have learned my lesson after first time it messed up on me then i was involved in a hit and run while on the highway and what do you know. NO FOOTAGE SAVED. JUNK!!
Amazon Customer
Great product and customer support. Highly recommend the camera.
$250 (with the GPS mount and a 256 GB card) is a lot cheaper than a rideshare customer saying you did something to get your account banned or losing the "he said she said" in a traffic accident!I hardwired mine to the map light (only on when the vehicle is running) through the headliner as it's stated to be a 0.3 amp draw. The camera is tucked just under my rearview mirror for best inside view of the truck cab and outside visibility of the surroundings.Be sure to check your local laws on 1 party vs everyone having to know about being recorded. I am not a lawyer, but in my state, it's 1 party consent and my vehicle is my private space so there's no expectation of privacy for someone riding.
Like their prior version, this one uses a lithium battery that can't handle the heat of being in a windshield. Why would they design a dash camera they can't handle the heat of being in a windshield? In the picture with the three batteries, far left battery is from the original n2 camera. Middle battery is from this pro camera. The right battery is a new battery. You can see the two batteries from these cameras are bloated, no longer work, no longer hold time. When the camera doesn't hold time, it records over random video clips instead of the oldest one.
Absolute need for any rideshare driver!! Keep yourself clear!! Excellent night vision, superior road view!! Just overall a great camera, still holds up even with my mtx 9500!! I got the GPS mount, and the hardwire kit, an absolute must!!
D. A. Perkins
I was in an accident and it did notsave the file like it was suppose to. I have been trying to get a hold of customer service but have had no luck. Do not waste your money on this horrible product. I was refunded for the product, customer service was good.
The Man
This camera is great to have for ride share and just to have in the car in general!! This is competitively priced and I have had my camera since 2018. I did have an issue that was due to a firmware update and Vantrue worked with me to resolve my problem quickly. I would not only buy their products again but would definitely do business with them again!!
E. Staveley
I have bought 2 of these so far. The 1st one had a battery issue where it would not retain the date and time. Customer support took care of me and sent me a replacement unit once they received my defective one.They were very helpful in the process. The only thing a little confusing was how to contact them. Email or Facebook are the best ways.I am satisfied with the product and it already has flawlessly captured an incident where I was rear ended.I would recommend their product for others without hesitation.
Habibullah Rafi
Can't save the charge even for a minute. Low quality.
Amazon Customer
Very good overall device. Has all the features you want in a front dash and driver facing cam. Would buy another tomorrow.
Steve T.
The video quality is way above average. Between day and night time driving, this thing is awesome. You can read license plates and also the interior video is pretty good.
I bought two of these. I believed I was getting a quality dash cam and got one for me and one for my wife. I only opened one and am stuck with it and will send it back to the factory for repairs and then sell it. It won't record anything even though the record button is flashing. It has so many settings on it that I would consider it to be very user unfriendly. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CAMERA. IN FACT, I RECOMMEND NOT BUYING THIS CAMERA UNLESS YOU WANT A PIECE OF JUNK. I'm going to go back to a more user friendly camera like Garmin but I will never trust this brand again.
For the price i paid, the camera and audio are complete garbage. The night vision is putrid, the recording length is just as disgusting. The camera does not mount well AT ALL, and the instructions are lacking.Why I took so long to write this review? Because i wanted to forget about this RIDICULOUS purchase.However, I want to warn everyone to avoid this device.
Mark J. Larson
Added level of security. Easy installation (for me). The great product everyone is saying it is.
Nguyen, Hai Ta Hoang
I have been playing with this dashcam for a couple of hours and so far it looks very promising. The infrared night vision works well. The inside camera automatically adjusts itself by switching from night -to- day vision, depending on the change of brightness from the background. Overall, the quality of the clips and sound is EXCELLENT after the most recent firmware upgrade. Big THUMP UP for the bright colorful images, and easy setting.There are a few other things that I would like to recommend VANTRUE to change if possible. ( Sorry, I am very picky on choosing my product)1. I just wish that VANTRUE can upgrade the resolution of the front camera so that it can still go at least as high as 2560x1440P even when the inside cam is ON; this helps a lot when you encounter a hit&run incident where the front cam can capture the license plate from far field. Within a near-field distance, the cam works well though; I can see all the characters/numbers of the plates.2. If VANTRUE can provide different windshield-mounting materials other than the suction cups; this product would be even better because I know that all of those suction cups won't last long. Eventually, the dash-cam will fall off the windshield and hit my dashboard and/or other fragile stuff in my car. Please be mindful of providing good mounting materials that can withstand hot summer.3. Last but not least, I am looking forward to an upgrade from using Lithium Polymer built-in battery to a supercapacitor for this cam as it helps extending the lifespan of the product. YAY! more satisfaction for the customers :).Thank you very much for providing us a very useful , high quality dash-cam! :).P/S: I will update my reviews as time goes by to see how the product works in a long run.
Overall I love this dash cam. It’s got great picture clarity and is dependable, easy to use, and I got a killer Black Friday deal. My only slight issue is that the parking feature means the camera needs to be hard wired (which I did) but didn’t realize I’d have to manually put in in parking mode each time I stop the car. Not a deal breaker but can be inconvenient if I forget because then it continuously records and that means the camera is ‘always on’ as I have to turn the camera off manually also if I’m not going to use the car for a day or two. Guess it’s possible my installers didn’t configure something correctly or I’ve missed something in my settings that would address this. Either way I’m happy I have it and feel much more secure driving.
John R. Dingler
The Vantrue N2 Pro is only my second Dash Cam, the first being the Garmin Speak plus. The Vantrue is far and above from the Garmin in my opinion. The build and feel is solid! The video quality is really good as well. Yes, the Vantrue N2 Pro cost a bit more, but really worth the money for what you are getting in features.Favorite Features:- Auto Start/Stop- Night Vision Video (looks great)- Dual Cameras with separate video recording files ( Forward Facing and Cabin)I found the mounting hardware to work well after using this setup for about a month. No issues with it coming down off of the windshield. The camera does not come with the required SD Card, however that’s easy enough to add to your cart when purchasing the camera. I chose the Samsung 256GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card with Full-Size Adapter (MB-ME256GA/AM), which has working as expected no issues.If you are looking for a camera that will last you for a good while with no problems, I think this is one to seriously consider.
michael mosgrove
Got this last night and used it immediately as i drive for lyft. The interior camera works fine. Mostly everything in my subsru impreza was visible. The front facing camera was utterly useless for getting license plates. I drove for six hours last night in the dark. Upon reviewing the front video, i found that instead of being able to read license plates, they were just a glowing white box. For a $200 camera there should be some ability. Im disappointed because i picked this over waiting longer to replace my last dash cam. Again the jnterior cam was fine, the front facing could not handle night time driving.
Only features missing is wifi.
Matthew Martinez
So, I got this dash cam for my P2P job and I mounted on the front windshield under the review mirror. About 2 weeks latter while enroute to pick up a consumer I was rear ended. The camera captured everything and when reviewing the footage, I could see the car that rear ended me (which really helped with the insurance claim). It has great exterior and interior cameras with very good picture quality in both day and night vision.
Spencer P
I really like this dash cam and it’s really neat that you can have proof that you were wearing your seatbelt or that you were paying attention in case something were to happen. This one even has where you can put your license plate number for video purposes. It’s a lot better than all the other dash cams I’ve tried out. One thing that is leaving me not to give 5 stars is that either I got a used product whenever I paid for a new one or something happened in QC. Not sure why but there’s a chip in one of the buttons that I noticed immediately from opening the box.
I thought it would record inside and out the whole car but it's too bad it doesnt. 1 star camera :(
The camera itself looks good and appears to work as advertised. however, I wasn't able to actually see the quality of the footage, because my Mac OS couldn't open the file. I tried using multiple media converters and still no luck. As far as the GPS system is concerned, the software is very outdated! and I couldn't locate the GPS signal on the map, which for some reason it shows my car's location somewhere in London. After all the frustration, I tried going the the manufacture's website and there's no type of instructions or step-by-step guides to extract footage or locate the GPS signal.
trading for love
The M bottom doesn’t work. I can’t access the menu. Also it seems that the internal battery is dead. So it lost the actual date.I’m very disappointed.
Preston H.
the video is amazing and the night vision works really good! the only thing I wish was better is the ability to see license plates at night. It's lacking in that. I've only used it once so far so I'll have to see if it becomes better with settings adjustment. Other than that, I really like it and I'd recommend it!Here's a video I made with it:
David Swinson
Very durable, records while vehicle is in motion, stops recording and saves storage on mini sd card while parked. Night vision works only when you have the dual camera mode on with only the inside vehicle one with night vision
This camera is definite a must have if drive Uber or Lyft! Great recording video quality as well as picture! The camera is extremely easy to set up specially with the clip on power adapter. Easy to detached if you need to put the camera away. Even if you're not an Uber or Lyft driver, it's amazing camera for every day recording! The dash cam has the option to record at 1440p if you only use the front camera! Overall I am very satisfy with this dash camera!
Julian camilo builes
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I've been using a dashcam for over 10 years in my car, and change to a new one every few years as the technology for the dashcam gets better and better every year. The main factors I look for in a dashcam are picture quality, nighttime quality, and form factor. Besides Blackvue, this Vantrue N2 Pro is perfect for everyday needs (especially when it's on sale for ~170). Because N2 Pro is very similar to the Blackvue 750S but at at much lower price, I'll offer my review on both.As for N2 Pro, I'm actually impressed by its functions and quality compared to most the dashcam out there. Because it uses a "tube" style form factor (which Blackvue is known for), it's easier to mount without blocking driver's vision. I installed it near the rear view mirror, so that it doesn't obstruct my front view when driving. Nowadays, most dashcam are capable of recording clear images during daytime. The N2 Pro is no exception. But when it comes to night time recording, which is what people need the most, this cam performs greatly. Even in low outside light, the video still came out clear. 1080p@60fps really makes a difference as well. Usually most cheap dashcam doesn't support full HD @60fps, and this is importantly when driving and recording simultaneously. Because of the dual camera/recording function, I recommend to get at least 64GB of SD card, as well as it supports at least v10 or U1 video recording rating. I personally recommend the Samsung Evo Select.Compared to the Blackvue, this is breakdown:-750S costs $260+, N2 Pro is around $170 (and lower during holiday sale)-750S is more sleek and discreet. N2 Pro is slightly bigger but not by much.-both support 1080p @60 fps. (N2 Pro says it supports 1440p@30 fps, but I would NOT recommend it)-both has parking monitoring feature, but I haven't used it since it can drain the battery-750S has built in Wifi and GPS which can be very helpful, especially it has car speed recorded (In case you're framed for speeding but you're not)-750s doesn't have built-in screen. To view video, you need to connect it to your phone thru wifi (no internet needed though)-N2 Pro has built-in screen, which can be helpful in case you need to view the video right away without phone. Better for less technical users.-N2 Pro has built-in inside camera that's meant more for taxi/uber. Not really needed for average user-N2 Pro has voice recording which can be useful as evidence if needed.I still love my Blackvue, but the N2 Pro is perfect for the second car.
Had a little trouble getting Parking Mode to work. Customer support resolved the problem by indicating Time Lapse had to be turned off. Would like to see the swivel mount be rotatable 360 degrees. Thanks!
Craig Gorton
I can't believe it took me 5 years to select a dash cam! Saw this one many times, but just didn't know..... So GLAD I just "pulled the trigger" and bought this Amazon Pick!
Amazon Customer
Screen too small, need to connect to computer to view videos clearly.I would send it back back I don't feel like dismounting it.
Chris L. Spring
Abdiaziz mohamud
Volkan A
Picture quality wasn’t good its not real 4k You can buy a hero8
Amazon Customer
The appearance of the camera looks really great. But the night vision feature isn't the best quality. I would recommend a camera with the Sony Stavis chip.
Fernando G.
Two Stars only because the quality is great, today my brother has a car accident and the stupid camera didn’t record the moment it happened, the most critical feature it’s supposed to be for it completely FAILED Big time.. now to arbitrate with the insurances because I have no video proof!!! Thanks a lot N2Pro!!!!
Bama Girl
Great dash cam for the price. A little trouble getting date stamp correct. Little help from YouTube and it was good to go.
for 200 you’d think the dash cam would come with decent suction cups that sticks to the window. After a week it started to fall off constantly. Windows are clean and installation was done correct. Probably best to get the cams that glue on instead.
Magno Lopes Rocha
Excellent camera, I am approved
I have tried 2 other dash cams, and I was not satisfied with either. Both were below $100 and highly rated on Amazon. The best part about the previous 2 cams was the hassle-free return policy with Amazon. That being said, I bit the bullet and spent substantially more on this dash cam, and this is what I found.This dash cam is around $200.00, and I am running the Vantrue 128gb memory card in it.(+):The hook up is good, and it's a suction-cup mount.The cam offers a 170 degree field of view, and this works great. It captures vehicles on my vehicle's side, so there is plenty of film if they were to attempt to enter into my lane w/o enough room.I haven't had an issue with the mount not holding place, but it does move easily if trying to remove the memory card.This cam actually does the automatic looping, so my previous recordings are automatically overwritten.It's small and can be hidden behind the inside mirror. I don't utilize the reverse cam on it.The power cord plugs into the mount and not the camera.(-):This dash cam costed around $200.00, and you can seldomly read license plate numbers. While the picture is vivid, the sun has to be just right in the sky for you to read anything.Whether at night or during the day, even speed limit signs are a big blur.I have found this to be similar with the lesser expensive cameras. Therefore, I'm guessing a dash cam's purpose is to just catch another vehicle in the act, and if it is a hit and run, you may need to chase the other vehicle down; b/c this camera is not going to legibly record the license plate number.The door to remove the memory card, or plug in the usb cord, is much to be desired.If you're driving down a pitch black road, the recorded picture will be pitch black.In short, this camera is expensive. While the picture is vivid, reading signs and license plates of other vehicles, especially those behind which one may be stopped, is near impossible unless the sun is at a rare angle. I'm burned out on trying to find a dash cam that works as expected, so since this one meets most of my requirements, I'm going to keep it. I do know others who have the lesser expensive Vantrues, and they are very happy with theirs. Still not able to read a license plate, but happy. I have also heard their customer service, while all over email, is on point. I have yet to experience their customer service, but that is what I have heard.**Update: I have had this camera for 1 year and it is looping and recording as expected. I have not been able to read any license plates and the screen is too small to see what’s going on during playback. In order to watch the recordings, you have to pull the card out-you can’t just hook the camera up to a computer or TV and watch the recordings via the charging cable.While the camera is competitively prices around $100.00 right now, I would not pay $200.00 for this camera again. It is good in many areas, but the negatives and not being able to read license plates during a hit and run do not justify a $200 bill for this device.
This is an awesome dash camera. Easy to set up and SD card is easy to format. I’m still collecting all the videos that I want to share but at this time so far it is an excellent dash camera.
Ameen Hammad
I used for daylight and the night, it’s have a great pic quality also very good night vision.
Mr. Potter
It has a parking mode but you are not supposed to leave it exposed to the sun because of heat. The battery got busted and the Cameron does not work properly any more.
The Z-Man
This camera has great video quality during daytime and at night. The video is smooth and crystal clear. I love the rotation mount and the location of the buttons. This is one of the best dual dash cam on the market. It's that good.
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Amazon Customer
I have 2 dashcams by vantrue. Totally worth it. Do not wait until you're in a accident to buy a dash cam. I have 3 dash cams by other companies and the're unreliable. I have the R2 and N2 PRO. Definitely worth it plus the customer service is awesome. Make sure you register the serial number for a extended warranty!
Ahmad Jawid Gul wazir
Falaniko Ioane
Fantastic camera while it lasted! Unfortunately, when you live in Miami, Florida, the incredible high temperatures will cause your camera to overheat and become defective. I now have a $200.00 paper weight...I will admit, before the heat fried it, I loved everything about dashcam. If you do not live in high temperature zones, I highly recommend this dashcam! I would definitely purchase another one if not for the heat. Very clear playbacks, both front and rear cameras.
Fitness Guy
This unit factory resets the time every time i record. This really bothers me! It's hard to go in and see video base on the time since it keeps resetting after the car shut off. This has been happening for over a year, I just finally decided to cry about it.Time stamp: 0/10Video Quality 9/10Overall the unit is great but it drives me crazy about the time stamp issue.
R. Hayes
An essential item for any uber or lyft driver.
Amy Culler
Less then 3 months old and won’t turn just beeps when you press the power button. Huge waste of $$ on this one
Rithy San
Love this dash cam, super clear screen and easy institution’s to use. I would totally recommended this dash cam. Super worth it!
Patricia J. Everly
The camera is excellent throughout but the cigarette lighter stopped working within two months. Very surprising in such a minor component but troublesome because I cannot find the OEM replacement and the ones available in Amazon may not fit the slot in the camera. Would love for Vantrue to offer the availability of the charger right Next to the camera on Amazon.
Paul A.
Great little camera, works well, with easy instructions. The night vision is great, my wife loves it
Tony C. Moon
This is probably the best Uber or Lyft driver's tool in order to run his or her shareride business. This dashcam records front & back. Great quality dashcam & I highly recommend this product to anyone.