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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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This looks great visually, and worked as described. The screen was very small. I had a hard time discerning details on the screen. Not what I would like to show a police officer trying to prove my case. Also there was no wifi linking the phone to the videos. At this price point this should be a no brainer. It was my fault that I did nor realize this before purchasing, so it is not a "fault" or "problem" with the device. I did not see why this was so expensive compared to others in the price/option range, so I returned it. Rove makes one that does all this one does with a larger screen and links videos to your phone for 1/2 the cost, minus the rear facing camera.PR
Mine N2 “Pro” reset my settings repeatedly. Date reset to 1/1/2018 itself. Somehow it overwrites my records. My car got scratched today I check on this cam, unfortunately the record already get over-whited.
David Cachia
Lesley Shell
Wow I was very impressed with the first drive around video I got, I paid extra for the GPS $20 it's worth it just to get more data, fixes to your windscreen easy, it's a little fiddly taking the camera of the bracket, but I can get use to it, I would defo recommend this camera
Get this camera if you have a teen driver. My son first time out along someone pull right out in front of him. This camera is worth getting for your teen car are wife car.
Eddy A.
The camera is more compact than expected, very lightweight. Installation was very easy and menus are straight forward and easy to understand. The star of the camera is the amazing image quality, along with the dual cameras. Both record crystal clear images. I am extremely satisfied with this camera. Plan on buying 2 additional for my daughters vehicles.
Famous Filmmaker
For two years I ran this dash cam with minimal problems. It just can't take the heat long term. I lie in a temperate region here in the Delaware Valley so the heat is only in the summer but this month the unit got fried somehow. One camera shows static and the other shows black. I'm a filmmaker and the picture quality was never good enough for anything creative. If you speed it up you can get something almost usable but no pro grade. That's OK. My main complaint is that it only lasted two years.
Randy S. Thomas
Bought this is Feb. of 2020 stopped working in July. Had it professionally installed. A week ago it stopped recording sound. I checked the settings, everything was fine. I checked the card it was working perfectly. I tried resetting it...nothing. Comes on, says hello then nothing. I am very disappointed in the life of this product. Update.. after emailing the company back and forth their solution was to give me a discount on another camera. Sucky product and company sucks.
I bought it for its size. It looks good and isn’t too large. Video quality is awesome. Don’t forget to buy a memory card with it. Wish it had one bottom to quickly toggle between camera modes like outside view only to inside outside combo view But that’s a really small deal. Love this camera
The camera workes find during day and night conditions. It records front and cabin video. This camera has all the standard dash came options, for instance, automatically saving looping video of an impact is shocks the unit.My only complaint about this camera is the mounting unit. The gyro started to weaken after about six months of use; it was not awful, but it was annoying.
Had to use this when there was an accident in front of me. Very handy. Excellent viewing resolution so details can be seen and wide enough viewing angle to see enough detail for reporting. May get another for my wife's car.
This is my second Vantrue dash camera. I purchased the X1 Dash cam in 2018. The quality and features of that camera led me to purchase this one N2 Pro Uber Dual Camera. I drive for Uber a few times and the second screen for inside is perfect, the fact that it can capture audio is reassuring. I highly recommend N2 Pro Dual or any Vantrue Dash Camera if your in the market.
Jim Massing works well but after 14 months the battery went dead I email the company for a couple days and the end result was they were not going to help me. I am lucky that Amazon is giving me a refund because there is a 18 month Warrenty. I am not going to get into all the details but I gave the company everything they needed and I am 100% correct in deserving either a repair or replacement. My recommendation is not to buy from these guys because they will not stand by the product. Thank you amazon for doing your part.There are many other better option out there if you look.
Barbara B.
I got the optional GPS mount and have never had a problem with the mount coming apart. Sometimes, with the change of the seasons, the camera falls off the windshield. I wrap cable around the rear view mirror to stop it from falling so far.It captures excellent quality video and images. I recently had a blow out on the interstate and it captured it all, including the flying debris through the back window and I am driving a Grand Caravan. Will be buying another for other vehicles so I don’t have to keep moving.
Benjamin Barbour
I love pretty much everything about this camera -- picture quality is fantastic, dual cameras is extremely useful if you have to prove you were not distracted. The only complaint is the mount. Actually the mount itself is quite good but after the first 6 months of use, the suction only lasts a couple hours in the heat before the material deforms and it pops off. In my case it is always dangling when I get in the car every day and sometimes drops while driving. I've purchased the GPS mount so my hope is that it works better than the one out of the box... if not, might have to look into a more sturdy and permanent custom mount.
This is a reliable great Dashcam, records both inside the car and out. I purchased the previous version and that one did not have night vision for inside the car. This one has and its great.
Evan Satterlee
Love the 1080p quality when running both cameras simultaneously. I like that I can change the exposure on each camera separately as well. IR cabin camera night mood works great, and i like that i can set it to Auto mode so i never have to worry about getting the best picture quality every night. Audio quality also exceeded expectations.I bought the hardwiring kit as well to utilize "parking mode". The motion detector is almost TOO sensitive though, as I park in front of trees at my house and it picks the trees blowing in the wind a lot. Still, I'd rather have too much than too little here.Although this does not have WiFi capabilities, which I thought would be its biggest downfall, it can easily be plugged into my Galaxy S10e and I can view the videos / pictures right from my car that way. NOTE: To do this, you must first detach the camera from the mount. Otherwise the phone will just be used as an external battery.Highly recommend this product. I looking forward to capturing the roads ahead with this amazing piece of mind.
Tri Le
I have used Vantrue Dash Cam for about 3 years now, and they are really reliable. I just got this new model N2 Pro for about a week. This is the best so far, the night view is amazing if not the best out there. Worth every dollar.
I have been using the N2 Pro camera for 3 years now, and it has helped me a number of times, from accident investigations establishing I wasn't at fault, to determining which of my ride-sharing passengers left a mess in my car and needed to be charged for cleaning. I also believe that just its presence has discouraged riders from leaving false reports. Fairly easy to set up. Thank you Vantrue!
Amazon Customer
Brian K Holbrook
I bought this for my wife and she absolutely loves it. She feels a bit safer knowing that it is recording what is going on and that she will have proof for the insurance company in case she gets hit again.
Amazon Customer
I had an issue with the camera. I contacted customer service and they were very helpful and accommodating in having me send back the old camera and sending a new one to me. They were very responsive and helpful throughout the process.
man it's very impressive I can't wait to share my video of my trip....
Tyler Ensey
Went out to my car this morning to find that it had been broken into. Figured alright I'll just go look at the dashcam footage to see if there was anything to see. Turns out the camera hadn't been recording for the last year, even though it said it was and there were no error messages or anything. Thoroughly annoyed with this product.
Liang hu
It kept shutting off for some reasonWhat’s the point of having when i have to turn it on consistently
This DASH CAM may not be suitable for me. I don't know what happened. I don't know why. None of my memory cards match this DASH CAM. I asked the customer service. They suggested that I buy a Vantrue memory card. But I really don't want to buy it. So I chose to return. I borrowed my friend's Vantrue memory card. But the recorded video is only 2 second. Very strange. May really not suit me. I decided that it might be my wrong operation. The items are good, I believe
I am a verified purchaser on Amazon of the Van True T2 dash am. I am VERY DISSATISFIED with my purchase. No issues with video quality....BUT, the sound recording cuts out every 1/2 second (in/out/in/out...). So that’s a failure. Another item not listed is how files are stored. My device failed to record critical incidents that I could not find when checking the files. There are 2 folders. One for NORMAL and another for EVENT. It will randomly put clips in the EVENT folder and completely lose file clips completely! I am pissed off and will never buy another one of these again. I’m looking at Amazon’s choice which is Apeman. Sounds weird, but I’ll give it a try after this fiasco with Van True. It sucks!!
its really good quality camera but not good for 2nd season i bought 3 camera since 2018 and all three are damage because of poor quality battery inside which easily blast under the sunlight and now i am looking for something can stay for long under the sunlight temperature... camera quality is great
Amazon Customer
I bought this unit, checked it and installed it. aver a year later when I had an accident, I wanted to pull the video and realized that it had only worked for a couple of weeks. I tried to get it replaced and they said it was past the time period for returns and they couldn't help fix it. Waste of money. I bought this for protection, totally undependable. Waste of money, bad customer service.
N. P.
First, I will say the picture quality is great. If you are looking for something to only record while you drive, then this will work great. When parked, the sensor is absolute junk. I get about 400 recordings a night living in an apartment with a parking garage. Sounds great right? I actually bought this because I am damn tired of people hitting my car and driving away in parking lots. The only recordings that never happened were obviously when someone actually broke into my car, sat inside, and looked through all my stuff as well as the time when someone rammed into the front of my car. How on earth does a sensor turn on when every random person walks by, but completely misses the actual events that involve damage to the car.
Tony Perrotto
Plastic piece that lock onto camera broke off and now the camera is usless! I have changed my review because the company sent me the broken piece at no charge. I place a lot of weight on customer service so thank you Van True
Sandra Durrell
I bought this product and I have had it for a little while now and one day I went into my car and my cam was not working. I plunged in the different parts of the cam to see what was working and what was not. I thought it was the cord that led from the power to the unit. Now hold on to your hats kids. I emailed the company and they answered right back and send me a new cord for free. I had to send an order number but that was nothing. NO fighting with the company. Just good service. Thank you.
LaPorcha Williams
Bought product 5 months ago. Dash cam does not hold battery charge.
This camera is great because it offers full HD with the front-facing and back facing camera. The night vision is spot on and the camera looks slick. Glad I spent the money
Mr. What
First, I bought this because of the glowing reviews. And the machine worked great the first few months. So I wanted to write a very positive review. But Amazon halted the ability to leave reviews because it detected that there were too many positive reviews in a very short period of time. I don't know what this means, but it is potentially infers that people connected to the manufacturer were posting fakes.Today, the camera does not do the following:1) the recording never loops. it stops recording after it reaches the end of the card. i did reset the machine many times, and i tried multiple memory cards. therefore, you can miss events. the solution to this is to reformat the card every time you get in the car, but you need to keep doing this if you are on a long road trip and the card memory will not suffice for the length of the ride.2) as reported by some other users, there are random gaps in recording.3) the interface and menu system is extremely buggy.4) the device never holds a charge. so parking mode never works (the question of who hit my car while i was shopping will not be answered). in addition, the time and date stamps are never accurate. you have to keep resetting and like i said above, the confusing menu does not do you any favors here.5) the customer service is in China. they really tried hard, but they gave me the same solution many times that i should reset the device, or try another card. there was not enough understanding on their part to figure out how to escalate my case, or give me any other feedback.The video was great when it worked. I caught a road rage event on camera and was able to bring it to the police. Unfortunately, I learned that the police must see something with their own eyes (unless it is criminal) in order to use video evidence. so while this would work in an accident where your property is damaged, it does not work for road careful.
H. Tovmasian
This dashcam is responsible for ruining over half dozen micro sd cards. The manufacturer recommends using "Vantrue" micro sd cards, which is overpriced. They pretty much create a problem and sell you the solution.
Love this dash cam. Honestly worth the money! What I love the most about it is that it’s not a huge dash cam and I can manage to hide it behind my rear view. I had a slight issue with the hardwire Kit I bought a couple months ago and contacted VANTRUE and they sent me a new replacement one, very helpful and friendly customer service.
Roy C.
This is a great product and a great price for the quality.
Garbage. Incomplete instructions, not simple operation and zero customer service. Very disappointed
Very good image quality easy to use
Amazon Customer
First I want to say that every driver needs a dashcam of some sorts. I purchased this camera over a year ago and these are my thoughts.Good- The video quality is great. The night vision for the front camera is good and the night vision for the inside is even better. The camera handles changes in brightness very well. Audio is also really great. It is easy to save clips too.Bad- the suction cup looses its grip and falls about once every two months on mine. The viewing screen is small and not that bright. The officer on scene that veiwed my dashcam had some trouble veiwing it. The battery on mine has lost most of its charge.Final thoughts- buy this camera if you want a dual camera as the inside camera is very nice.
does all that it claims and has a really great picture even at night, come on when i start my truck shuts off when I'm done but it will start again if it senses something( can turn that off if you want) this is my 2nd dashcam and very happy with this one. well made withstands Texas heat
Amazon Customer
Very good camera and performs as advertised. However, the GPS windshield mount that comes with this particular dash camera does not fit.
After one year. Date and time options not working. Dont buy this product because it s pretty much expensiveEDIT: They contacted me about this issue and they gave me new dash cam after one year. brilliant customer service
Marcel kelly
Love this camera....if you don’t have it plug up it dies extremely fast but it’s overall An amazing product !
Mitchell and Ali
easy to use and gets good interior view in night vision. detail is not quite excellent, but very good. you can't read plates at any kind of distance. you need to be pretty close. everything is automatic once you set it up. the hardest part is remembering to download the files to your computer for storage!
Amazon Customer
This Vantrue N2 Pro has amazing video quality compared to my previous car dash cams. It arrived in high-end packaging and the instructions were easy to follow. I did choose to purchase the hardwire kit, and it was easier than expected to install this as well after a few YouTube videos.So far, I'd recommend this product but I am interested to see how long it lasts in the summer heat.
J Stagaman
I blame YouTube for this purchase (too many dash cam videos). It was pretty simple to setup, the front camera image is clear and adjusts well to changing lighting, the back-facing camera actually captures traffic behind the car pretty well, and it’s unobtrusive next to the rear-view mirror.
Jared Washa
Bought this for my pickup just for safety. I’ve seen to many videos now where people have these mounted and it captures incredible moments or saves them from someone else trying to screw them over and they have proof to help them.
Amazon Customer
Support has been great at answering any questions I had. Product works great. Well enough to get the plate number and video of driver the truck that bit my truck in the parking lot, then drove off.Was able to track them down and police issued a citation (and his insurance paid)
Very nice camera. Very easy to install. Picture very clear and never have an issue with the camera
The Ox
I've been a Vantrue customer for over 3 years. This is my 2nd camera I bought to protect our new car. They are: easy to use, have excellent picture quality, front & rear, and on top of that , have excellent customer service. I highly recommend these cameras to family & friends on a regular basis.
Mark Choate
I like this product. I work in law enforcement and I rely on my cameras.My only grip about this camera is when I got it, I had already had a few microSD cards (so dang small I was surprised I hadn't lost them). Once the card was full, It wouldn't record anymore. Loop recording was on, but it still, would not record. Long story short, after intense trouble shooting and other methods, I broke out the user manual and found a nice little line in there; "some cards may not (be) compatible with our dash cam, such as sandisk." I'll give you a guess at which kind of card I was using. I think its ridiculous you have to use a specific manufacturer of memory card, but at the same time i'm not surprised. Tech giants have required you to use certain accessories for years. Apple and Samsung are no different. Oh well.I'm currently waiting on my suggested Samsung microSD card to arrive.Other than that, Its a great camera; good video quality. I would definitely recommend.
I recently bought this little N2 Pro Dash Cam after reading a lots of reviews.This product is awesome. It has everything I need. The instructions were easy to follow for setup and operation. Quality of the video and the sound clarity are unbelievable. And also It's excellent for night time. Making my driving very relaxed knowing that I am protected. You get what you pay for and the best Dash Cam I had so far.I will likely buy another N2 Pro. So we will have one in each vehicle. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Been using this for a while now. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a peace of mind.
Mr. Frodo
The camera itself is excellent, but it comes with a suction cup that is second rate and crap. They should have a second option in the box that comes with it for what this thing cost.
Adam C
First this camera is built like a tank, I live in Arizona where is can be 120+ degrees in a car in the summer and this camera sits in my window and on, recording 24/7 and has flawlessly for over a year. The features it has including detecting movement works flawlessly!!! A year after removing it from my window to adjust the settings the mount broke. I contacted the company via email and first let me say they went straight to the point (Only took a day for the reply). They asked me for my address and a few days later a new mount showed up. They were amazingly kind in the emails and wasted no time fixing the problem!!! I would 1000x buy another camera from them!!!
Nathan bremer
Great night time videos, easy instalation. I would recommend a Samsung 256gb micro SD, and the hardware to permanently install this camera to make the most of its features.
Jeff Tobin
I haven't even had my dash cam for 1 week. I haven't even had my brand new 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback for 1 week and I've already been hit by someone not paying attention while changing lanes. Driver denied initial fault till I pointed to my dash camera. Already has this thing paid for itself because not only do I have the entire thing clear as day on 4k video I have video of the gentleman denying fault till I point to my dash cam. Video quality CRYSTAL CLEAR. Make sure you get the GPS Unit as well (didn't make a difference in the accident but doesnt change the fact it gave my precise location) Paid about $230 for everything already is saving me the hassle of arguing with someones insurance and a potential $1,000 deductible. Amazing Product. Amazingly Clear Picture. WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT!
even the very expensive vantrue SD card that the company recommends doesnt work. stopped working entirely just after the return window ended. $250 down the drain.
Amy Lou
Best decision I made in a long time, love this camera.
After a considerable amount of research, I finally decided to purchase this VanTrue N2 Pro Dash cam. After a week of using it I am very very happy with this purchase.It has worked flawlessly and is amazingly clear with a truly HD picture. The functions are perfect. The menus are simple and easy. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for and hoping to find.I use this dash cam every single day for a little over two hour commute and it has been working perfectly even in the intense southern heat.
Amazon Customer
Great quality great photos and video love the quick save option great interior no version and exterior
I enjoyed owning this camera since it recorded both inside and outside of my car, the picture quality is amazing! the only times where it didn't perform good was in very dark environments for the front camera, the night vision isn't as good as you think, but it will record just fine if you have bright headlights, my issue was that I hardwired the camera to have it on all day even while I wasn't driving so when there was no sources of light, it was hard to make up what was going on in the image, the night vision in the inside camera works great!I don't think it does well in super hot environments (Las Vegas) but if you have good tint in your car it should be okay, direct sunlight might have been the cause my camera's battery went out. I've owned this camera for 2 years's got useful features like switching between different recording formats up to 1440p @ 30fps (only front camera)! Dual camera mode 1920x1080p @ 60fps but regardless of what format you pick the camera makes smooth video! you also have the choice of switching off the audio. there's a button to take a quick snapshot while you record, the user interface is simple and easy to use, and comes with optional GPS capabilities but you do have to purchase the adapter separably, they also sell an official "VANTRU" hardwiring kit that doesn't really require professional installation but it is recommended if you have no clue of what you're doing.It does lack over the air file transfer which I think would make this camera even better, as I mention before my internal cam battery is dead but still works as long as it's plugged in.Overall it is a great investment to protect yourself from the unprecedented events that might unfold while you drive!I bought this at full price but if you catch it on sale it is a great buy! I highly recommend this camera for daily use!
Do NOT recommend. Worked great for a while, but the battery stopped taking a charge pretty quickly. Support was no help.
Kindle Customer
Such a great camera. Great investment. It's a shame I couldn't keep it because of how bad that job was. I drove for a couple nights without this camera, and people were awful. Mounted the camera and they were immediately on their best behavior. You can mute the conversation or capture clips with the press of a button. If you're driving passengers in a rental, you definitely need this kind of protection. But the passengers in my city are absolutely horrible, awful people. They're everything that's wrong with America and I have no doubt they'll very soon get exactly what they deserve. But that's actually a testament to the power of accountability and the value of this camera. I would NEVER drive without it again. Especially at night. That night mode is an absolute life saver.In the meantime, I'm out of the game. It's not worth the risk and the pay is garbage.
Jose Centeno
Jim Bellows
Thought the picture might be better for the price. Just a little better than Rexing brand, even when using highest resolution on front camera. Also, there is no provision to add a polarizing filter, had to cobble one on. You will want one with any dash cam.
Kyle Geinzer
I loved this dash came so much that I decided to buy two more as gifts to each of my parents. While I hope that I never record anything crazy with this camera, the piece of mind knowing you have video evidence of any situation you may find yourself in is great.
First problem, the USB charging port on the suction cup wouldn’t transfer power to the camera. Second problem, the suction cup constantly fails and falls down from the windshield so I finally glued it in place. Third problem, now the camera does not shutdown properly and goes into a reboot loop when exiting the car rather than simply turning off. Why do I care? Because the noise is terrible and when you turn off your car and don’t immediately exit it’s extremely annoying.
It looks good and is easy to use
Marlen fuentes
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What a great investment! The quality is great and sharp recording.Very helpful in case something happens in the car.
Gilbert lopez
Vantrue no pro is by far one of the greatest dash cams I own its very reliable and great quality for the price I truly enjoy the day to day security i get with it as I drive on a daily basis.
Brandon T.
Camera takes good video. Just wish it was less of hassle to transfer the video off. At this price range it should have wifi capability. I dropped two stars because it its been a year and the battery in the camera doesn't hold the settings when the car is off. This causes the date to reset and it only records one video file. We found this out the hard way after my wofe was hit and they drove off. She came home to have me pull the footage for the sheriffs office and it was then I realized what was happening.
First of all, the video quality is not the greatest. Especially night vision.The camera keeps going back to the year 2018 after each use.the internal battery will give you then seconds of recording. YES, 10 seconds.
motorhead clay
My first dash cam, so I don't have any form of reference. I can say it works like it's supposed to, I like the motion detection feature. The resolution is good in my opinion. The only thing I don't like is that the rounded camera lens protrudes from the housing and can be easily scratched when lose from the carrier.
so the battery does not hold a charge anymore and it only records random 10 minute videos. I can't rely on this camera to prove fault in an accident.the mount falls down after about a month.the cigarette plug is designed in such a way that pushes itself out of my spliter.
I need to update firmware and your site on is not a secure site. How am I supposed to update the firmware on my n2pro? I paid over $200 on amazon when I had another account and it stopped working a year ago. I tried chatting with customer service on your site and they had no solutions. You need to update your site to a secure portal so customers that have purchased your product can feel secure communicating and getting support past point of service. This needs to be addressed immediately.
Joao Bezerra
Amazing camera!!!! Totally worth the money!!!!!
Has not worked properly since we ordered it. Does not seem to record anything. Wish we would have sent it back right away.
Spend your money on quality.
Bought this after a cheap dash cam burnt out and you get what you pay for with this n2pro picture quality is good and you can actually see license plates.
Drew M
Worked great until the summer. I'm in the Midwest and it looks like once the summer heat hit, the battery fried. The battery is completely integrated, so it's a bit of an undertaking to replace it. It still works while hardwired, but you need the battery for the last 5-15 minutes of footage to reach the memory card without corrupting when the car shuts down. The lense already seems to have melted slightly, giving the footage a wavy feel as the car moves.I wouldn't purchase this if you lived anywhere that gets over 100F.
Kannan Krishna
Brad Cook
4.5 stars... I really think this dash cam works great. The picture and sound quality are outstanding. The reason for the 4.5 star rating is the suction cup isn't holding the camera to the windshield on really hot days. As it warms up here in south Texas, I keep finding it hanging from the power cord instead of stuck on the windshield. I've tried to get it to stick better but when the windshield gets really hot, it falls off. It didn't do that when it was cooler out and it doesn't fall while I'm driving.
Unique model shape , quality good
I bought this camera 2 years ago still working as new. Video quality is very good and the build quality is perfect.
Aaron Bitker
Antonio Buenaventura
This is my second Vantrue Dash Cam. I found the Vantrue N2 Pro an excellent camera for my car. Because I used Samsung micro endurance 64GB memory card, I was able to format the in less than 15 minutes via my Macro Pro laptop. The menu setup and the system setup are both very easy to use and very well explained in the user manual.