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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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James K
Ive been useing it over a year and its been through alot of hot and cold weather seeing as how I live on thr East coast. I've got to say its so good I hard wired it with the kit. Its a great camera, couldnt have asked for better for the price.
REVIEW UPDATE 5-4-21: Keep in mind that its almost impossible to get a windshield mount replacement. You can buy the more expensive GPS mount but not the standard mount when the rubber falls apart due to the sun. And the Mount will fail making your device useless. I order one on Amazon and am still waiting for it. It looks like its coming from China AND Amazon now list it as "Unavailable" for now leaving only the Amazon Prime GPS version. Keep reading because you will not believe this with all of the false 5 star ratings that this company bought and tried to buy from me with a $50 valued bribe. How often do you think you will need a video from the cam? I mean really? I live in Florida which is known as the fraud capital of the USA, most notably auto insurance fraud. For the first time since I purchased my N2 dashcam, I had to recover a video file for an accident that occurred in front of us. I could not find it based on date and time stamp on the file. Come to find out, the device defaulted back to the factory date and time and factory settings because the internal rechargeable battery died a long time ago. I did not know that because the screen is so small. I only looked to see if both cameras were working and the recording light was blinking when I started my car. Keep in mind, the battery is permanently soldiered to the computer board inside. It's not designed to be replaced even though I found a way to do so. I finally found the file with a date stamp 1.5 years earlier located within 112 videos. I had to open every video up to find it. The battery is necessary for the sentry mode when parked to take videos based on motion detection like during the night. Because the battery is dead and will not charge, this fantastic feature does not work anymore. Also keep in mind that if the battery does not work, your last video that is being recorded prior to turning off your car will be corrupted because the device needs power to slowly close the video file normally and go through proper computer shutdown. So lets say you get into an accident, your video file well be corrupted thus useless meaning you have no video proof of what happened in the accident. I mean isn't that primarily why we purchase these cams? I contacted Vantrue to have the cam replaced or repaired. They refused. We purchased 2 N2 dashcams, one each for both of our cars. Both have the same battery problem. I look online and found that this is a common problem. Here is the DYI video on how to replace the battery. I would say its somewhat complex for most but if you have a computer geek or engineering friend, he/she will have no problems with replacing the battery with 250mAh 3.7V Polymer Li-ion battery which you can purchase here on Amazon for approximately $7:
Image is great but it doesn’t hold charge. AT ALL! Since day one it had to always be plugged in the usb with the darn cable hanging. I should’ve returned it but my time expired by the time I tried it.
Purchased this a couple years ago and it's been corrupting SD cards. Have gone through three cards now and they can't be formatted or folder content view/watched, transferred or deleted. Contacted Vantrue and they keep telling me to buy more cards.I would steer clear of this product.
Sometimes I shy away from the most expensive products because you know they are going to have more features, more adjustments and settings, and are just too complicated. This product strikes the right balance with outstanding video quality and simple menu and set up. There is hardly anything you need to do to get going.This is my 2nd N2. I've had my first one over a year and just purchased the second one.When mounted under the mirror, I get a good view out the back window and even a good portion of both side windows. The only area in my Honda CRV that you can't see is the drivers and passengers window.The video quality is the best of 3 cameras I have had over the past 5+ years. In fact, there is no comparison. I have a HDMI to HDMI mini cord, but for reviewing videos I find it easier to just pop out the SD card (I got the 256gb this time) and plug into the laptop. The times are accurate in the DCIM file and they are very easy to find. The cabin sound recording is pretty good quality also.I've seen several comments about bad mounts. I have a complaint about the mount, but as far as holding to the windshield and keeping the camera fixed, I've had no problems at all.As my pictures show, like most cars with rain sense wipers or OEM windshield cameras, there are plastic covers that come down on the windshield over the rear view mirror. The mount, both the stock mount that comes with the camera and the optional GPS mount which I purchased, plugs into the top of the mount. The picture I have is with no power cord plugged in. That's my perfect position. But with the cord plugged in, the camera would have to of been mounted about halfway down the windshield and would definitely interfere with the field of view. In fact this might get you pulled over. IF you don't have this equipment in your vehicle and can mount under the mirror or at least each side, you will be fine. I purchased a 90 degree mini USB and you may want to purchase this inexpensive item. My advice to Vantrue is, please people, anywhere but the top of the mount. Bad decision.I purchased a hard wire kit because who wants to use a lighter plug in? The hardwire kit is outstanding. Comes with every size fuse you can use. No fumbling with dangerous ways to connect to your fuse panel. Just find a constant hot fuse and run the wire. Very simple.Overall, for $160.00 this is a very inexpensive peace of mind. Highly recommend.
matthew Conery
Excellent camera setup and quality product. Came in a very nice sealed packaging with plenty of protection. Instructions are easy to follow. The camera has some available accessories available aswell. Very professional company and look forward to purchasing more from them in the near future for my other vehicles.
Amazon Shoper
It gets very hot and burns (see pictures). Mine stops working after a few months. I am not able to get the memory card back because the case was burned badly. I would not recommend this product.
Unknown name
My mount broke down and they sent me a replacement right away
we never though about having a dash cam in over 13 years of driving daily; until I was in a car accident. I wish I would have had this that day, I would have definitely have the evidence needed to prove the other person was in the complete wrong. This camera is just wonderful . It is easy to set up and the quality of it is just amazing. Night vision is perfect and I have captured so may drivers doing idiotic things! It's amazing what you can capture on this. Just buy the correct SD card and you are ready to go. Please do not hesitate to purchase this, you think you might never need it until you really do. Thank you so much!
I've had this dashcam for 2 years It does a great job recording video but the only issue I've had with it is the battery it work good for a couple of months then it wouldn't stay charge it's been like that for a 1 year & a half that's the only thing.
Amazon Customer
Beat dash cam in the market!!
Lenny Le
Setting up is extremely easy.Video quality is great. Tiny LCD is very useful.The cabin camera and audio recording work great.Very highly recommended. Don't mess with cheap one.
Joey Z
The quality and ease of use is pretty good on this camera. However, it would routinely fall from the windshield no matter how well it was stuck on with that suction cup provided. And after about 1 year, it stopped automatically turning on and recording when I turned the engine on. I even have it connected straight to the fuse box on a fuse that stays on even when the engine is off. This thing just turns off after about 8 hours and then when you start the engine you have to manually turn it on. For these reasons I would NEVER buy another Van True nor recommend it to anyone.
I'm lucky to have not needed anything in the past to had to retrieve any footage from this worthless camera pos. it literally resets everything, it never loops over your recordings after the disk is full, I check on it every week after I have to reset all the prior settings correct to do so, and every effing week it records bs from when I'm inside my car from several weeks ago just driving, omfg I just want to ram my fist at the makers of this device, zero quality no reliability. spend your money on a name brand, surveillence esp. for your car is nothing to not take serious.
Does not go with hot and cold weather. Plastic damages
Kristin Lee
This is great, picture is perfect and audio is clear. Records inside/outside or both.
Raqibuddin Achakzai
Excellent camera, very useful. Bought 4 of them for all om my vehicles. It has an excellent video quality both in day and night mode. Highly recommend as it can be a savior when it comes to accidents or any other events.
I have had other cameras over the years, but this is the best one I have had.
Great but didnt come with a house charger only with a car charger (shaking my head).. only problem i have...
absolutely the best dash cam i’ve gotten so far. Pictures and videos are fantastic.
Yes, my 3rd, because I love them. Gave my first one to my sister and my second one to my brother.Dashcam was very easy to setup with or without the user manual. The user manual is very detailed with good graphics to guide you through the setup. Mounting and cabling was also really easy, and there is more than enough cable. I love the dual dashcam set up with 1080p dual recording. Audio quality is awesome and night recording is good if not great. I recommend using a GPS mount to record your location and speed. No additional cabling is needed as it replaces the original mount that came with the unit. Removing the camera is very easy by pressing the tab in front and pushing the camera back. Original mount is very good as the camera remains very stable during driving.Sometimes the interior footage can be too bright or dim depending on the outside brightness.Overall, I am very happy with my new and 3rd Vantrue N2 Pro!
Rajesh Nayyar
I bought this Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam since a lot of my friends and family are using it - and they all have nice things to say about Vantrue dash cams.The N2 Pro has a great video recording quality - 1080p HD - which takes care of reading license plates, even in the dark. The dual dash cam nature of this product is a plus, so I can have cabin area recording as well.The dash cam and the wires has a great build quality, unlike other brands who have cheap quality. The packaging is well thought of, and makes a great first impression.I am really happy with my purchase.
Very easy to install with everything you need to get it done right in the box. The setting up was simple with step by step instructions in the guide . The suction cup on the windshield is amazing holding power , considering I installed it on my Ram 1500 truck. Starts recording as soon as I start my truck .Never have to put it on when I start my truck ,it automatically comes on and goes off when I shut the engine off. The dual camera is amazing with the clarity and the amount of angle it records . I would recommend to this my family and friends .
A. Tang
I put this dashcam on my side mirrors. I have a 3 usb port adaptor and I bought separate mini usb cables to run other dashcams along with it.It captures very clear video front and back. Only downside about this camera is that you need to hardwire it to use the parking mode feature. I turned on parking mode and it does not activate the camera when motion is detected.
Keith D. Bates
This is by far the best dash cam I've owned. I've always had problems with the other brands, but not this one !!You will spend a little money but you won't be getting a piece of junk
Amazon Customer
Allison Carpenter
We've used it on several trips as well as everyday driving and We've been pleased with the picture quality from both views.
Jeff Dean
I bought this on. Black Friday Deal. Very quality product for a great price. The dash cam is a nice and sleek and doesn’t obstruct your view.
Amazon Customer
Kept blowing a fuse in my car. Got a Nexar camera and I’m in love with it
Irvens C.
Screen was way to small
Only problem I have see is summer heat on wind shield. Sometimes cam will lost suctions to windshield and falls off. Other then that works fine.
adam warfa
item is small, easy to install, and has been working lawlessly
Amazon Customer
Very nice camera, compact and useful tol against irresponsible drivers.
Teddy Shin
Decent dash cam, but a bit expensive for the build quality and the screen is so small it’s pretty much useless. Should have just made the unit smaller with ability to use phone as screen
bai her
video and audio are great. nice at night too
The parking mode for this device does not work properly even when hardwired correctly.Daytime footage is not very useful for picking up things, especially if it's during the summer. Does not pick up license plates let alone some cars around you. I would only recommend this item if you live in a foggy area with little sun.
Scott P.
BATTERY ISSUES!! Wait for Amazons new dash cam...
Diem D.
I have been using this camera for almost 2 years and very pleased with my purchase. Picture quality especially at night is very clear and sharp. Recently the charger stopped working so I called their customer service for help. Although the camera is no longer under warranty, their customer service was very nice and offered to send me a new charger for free. That makes me a very happy customer.
Orlando D.
very good quality amazing price 100% recommended
I am giving it 3 stars because ideally you would want a capacitor instead of a lithium battery as the heat in the car can ruin the lifespan of the battery when not plugged in. Because I left it plugged in, and hanging off the windshield for most of the time, my camera on it's own can only last 10 seconds when not on a power source. To make changes to it's settings you have to have it detached from it's main power which only gives me a brief moment to make any necessary changes.
Omar Ahary
Works great, recommend to anyone who drives at car or truck. Awesome quality.
Leonard Preda
This is far better than my previous dash cam. It is very easy to use - plug-n-play, and has lots of great feature; I have no regrets. It is a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. This camera is a dual facing camera with true IR night vision built in. You get a clear, quality picture of the inside of car in complete darkness. I would recommend this to anyone driving for Lyft/Uber or just to have for your day to day drives.
Kami Kolaventy
Picture quality is great. . Easy to install.
Juan Lebron
Amazing!! You can see everything!!
Nesma AL
Helped me a lot while driving
The product is every bit as good as I read. But just as impressive is the customer service. They provided me with immediate responses for me to use this properly. Luckily, I bought the product during a promotional offer. Best to mount this to the right of the rear view mirror to get better angle of driver's side window (should you be stopped) and keep the windshield less obstructed.
Manuel Talavera
Excellent image quality and easy to use. I reported and issued with the suction cup and got a new one right away. Excellent Guarantee
Stopped working working in less than 2 years. Video freezes after start up and menu buttons inop after reset.
Been watching this camera reading reviews and youtube videos. Bought a cheaper camera only to get bad videos which were not clear and the night vision was terrible. Bought this one installed it the same day it arrive and I love the clear video and night time recordings. Excellent camera with the double view recording. Using it for everyday driving and monitor my kids cell phone use when I let them use the car.
Bought July 2020 and installed as instructed using a gift quality SD card. Unfortunately got in accident a few months after. Pressed the button to save the file but guess what, this is the second tragedy, no video files. I had to email VanTrue support asking what happened and all they tell me is to update the firmware.This is an expensive piece of garbage and buy something that works out of the box.
Michael Bell
The product was easy to install, the user interface is easy to understand, and the picture quality is excellent!
Amazon Customer
Never had a dash cam before and love this one!
J. Martone
This is my first dashcam. It couldn't be simpler to set up. It is intuitive. The image clarity is fantastic. The price is very fair for the quality. Bonus on mine is that I can plug it into my 2016.5 Mazda CX-5 cigarette lighter and it remains on (no need to hardwire) for short stops between destinations. I don't know that I'd leave it this way overnight but I don't think I'd ever do that anyway. I can update this review after using for some time. I will be using it in a long trip soon. So far I am very pleased with this unit. I did purchase a 256mb Vantrue SD card to go along with the unit. A Samsung card would also work according to the owner's manual.
Cassie Rice
I’ve had mine for almost a year now and it works great. 100% recommend. They do take certain SD cards but they are affordable. Camera quality and night vision is very good.
The camera I received and the battery is not working and there are large breaks between each clip
Amazon Customer
I purchased two of these cameras about a year ago. I recently got into an accident (we rear-ended another car). We were very disappointed to find out that even though the blue light was flashing and everything seemed fine all this time, the camera did not record the event, and has not been recording ANY VIDEO for months, and the date/time had reset to 1/1/2016. I immediately went and checked my other dash can in our second car and the exact same thing was happening there! Please note that we did purchase the memory card that Vantrue recommended to us (Samsung EVO 32GB).Even worse, Vantrue does not respond to emails for technical support after repeated attempts to get assistance for this. Can NOT recommend this product!!
S.E. Mac
The camera is TRASH! It will drain your car battery OR a battery bank overnight (depending on how you install the dash cam).Recently, I connected it to a 10,000 mAh battery bank and even with the camera in parking mode it drained the dashcam COMPLETELY overnight. This is outrageous and disgraceful battery usage and performance and makes the dashcam utterly WORTHLESS! I'm amazed the reviews are as high as they are, frankly.
Ali Jab
I love it and wish they give the GPS part with it and wifi also.
Bob F.
There a few issues minor I have with the unit:The battery starting going bad after a year, before 2 years the date and time kept resetting because of the failed battery. It's not easily replaceable and soldered to the board, I did change it but for many people it will be a disposable camera with under a 2 year life. The suction cup mount did fall off unexpectly, then you have a dash cam hanging in your face when your driving. Then the mount is really large, even bigger with the gps add-on, so you can't get the camera up high on the windshield, it's always kind of in the way. The gps should be built in the camera body, that would give more mounting options like a mirror mount so you don't need the suction base. You can get an aftermarket adhisive mount with build in gps that's much smaller and better then using the suction mount.It only records in 1080 if using front and rear cameras, and you can't set it lower then 1080 to save filespace. I don't really need 1080 on the rear facing camera 720 would have been fine. The parking mode is overly sensitive, it will record rain falling all night, a bee landing on the windshield or a bird flying by 50 ft away. Video quality is just average, I have another camera that was half the price with a better image and uses a much lower bitrate (more hours of video per card).
Shanna and Jacob Perry
Absolutely love. Exactly what I was looking for in a dash camera and more. Super easy to use too! Great customer service too!!!
Billy L.
REALLY easy to set-up. Front and rear cameras. Very clear videos with high quality capture. I almost got side-swiped the day after I installed it...SO GLAD that I did! Definitely get the Samsung SD Card...the cheap ones won't work. 5-Stars!
Wish I could have liked this VanTrue Dash Cam onDash N2 Pro. It has great features. The picture is clear and the versatility of the camera is many. But when I used it for about a week, it would shut down arbitrarily. It was not the feature of the screen going blank while still recording. It just shut down. I tried everything I could. I plugged it into at least two outlets in the car with no success. Returning it today.
I've had mine for a couple of weeks now and I love it. It has very clear videos and pictures. This is the best dash cam I have ever used and I would definitely recommend it to Everyone!!
Cookie monster
benefits. WORTH the price..cheesy and the puc is the size of an Ant.So forget about seeing you pic...let alone 2 or 3.The screen is to the instalation is $125 from a pro. Mech. Total cast almost $300 bucks....not worth it at ALL.GO for a larger screen and a cheaper cam.
This is great to have full coverage when driving. Also, helpful insurance when something happens on the road. Great product!
For the first year or so the camera aspect worked alright. The resolution claims to be 1080p, it may output in 1080p but it is definitely not high quality. You can barely read a license plate unless they are within 2-3 feet of your front bumper.Starting in 2020 the dates started to be listed incorrectly, the SD card needs to be reformatted often. Sometimes videos will be stuck in nightmode during the day, then randomly switch to color mode. I've had it stuck on before(it has a small battery, I have it wired in so it will cut power when key is off) and it records video with static buzz audio. The firmware has a short max length, it can loop but it's a pain to have so many videos to open.The SD needs to be formatted often because sometimes it will corrupt videos that will not be looped or a section of videos will just not be deleted and permanently left on the card, reducing the space. I've tried other cards and get the same result, I use mainly samsung and PNY. If you go on a long drive and encounter something you need the footage from early on; by the time you get home it may have already looped over. You won't even know until you pull the footage.
While the screen is very small, the quality of the the image when you down load it is super. I am very impressed with it. I have another dash cam that I have had for several months and this one is heads and shoulders above that. Plus their support is super also. Have sent off a question before and they are back in 24 hours with an answer. I tried out a Garmin Duo dash cam and while the design was super there software SUCKED!! Very disappointed in Garmin. They need to improve on their software.
[2nd Update]Conntacted customer service and they were very helpful .. I'm changing my rating to five stars for excellent customer support and communication .. Thank you----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Purchase Update]I purchased this DashCam back in March 2019 and was happy with it until the internal battery DIED in September 2020! So it lasted about 18 months only! It is almost useless now without functioning battery! Date and time keep resetting every time the engine shuts-off!! I also found some video clips corrupted due to sudden power cut-off ..I tried to charge it with external power adapter for few hours but nothing changed!I contacted customer support and they told that there is nothing they can do!!Be aware of this issue! Probably with all Vanture DashCams line up assuming they use the same battery cell for all their products ..
Great low profile dashcam for reasonable price tag. Bought second N2 Pro for my other car after I found out it was on sale. I bought the 10ft OBD hardwire charger cable and it works great with N2 Pro. Luckily, didn’t have to use any video clips, but if something happens, I know for sure I am covered. Probably good idea to have separate dashcam for the rear, I believe N4 has separate rear cam, maybe for my next one.
Frank Paris
This camera is simple to use and has a wonderful quality to the video and images. It records forward out of the windshield and inside the car. Plus, records auto. I cannot wait to add the GPS unit to it and record trips, MPH, etc. This product comes highly recommended and it worth the price.
I bought this camera a couple years ago. Works fine but it doesn't loop record even though I have it set up right. I need to reformat the card every week or so. Also when the temp is below 35, the image recorded is distorted and I have to unplug it, wait till it shuts down then plug it back in again.
Hiep Thanh Duong
Easy to setup. 2 cameras in 1 small lightweight device. Amazing day and night vision quality on both cameras. The camera is adjustable many ways, snaps quickly into it's holder unlike some of the others which takes to screw in.
Very impressive! The best dash cam out there. Amazed at how easy the setup is and how great the camera quality is. Vantrue has great customer service and has been easy to work with. Highly recommend.
Pulled the card out today to look for footage of an accident, yet it didn't have it. It did have footage from earlier today and earlier in the year. If it doesn't capture everything and I can't see everything from the last couple of days, what is the purpose of running it? Also, the dates are all over the place - I couldn't trust them for reviewing footage and instead had to open up every single video file!
Jorge Torrez
the camera never worked, the battery never charged, no manual, no quick manual, no usb 3F cable, the box was incomplete, I don't know how they dare to sell something like this defective and incomplete
Okay, I didn't feel this product deserved only one star so I gave it 2. I admit when I unboxed this camera I was impressed. You can tell it's not a cheap camera. However as I got more into the setup process I began to dislike the Vantrue N2 Pro and the way it was designed.What really makes this camera a turd is after only 5 days of use the night vision stopped working on me completely. I made it pitch black in the car and nothing. I know I didn't push anything by accident because it's hardwired to my ignition with the Vantrue car wiring kit. It's recording bit you can't see anything inside the car.#1 I really can't stand how small they made the viewing screen mixed with the fact that your inside facing camera picture covers your front facing camera display way to much. I found this makes it very hard to properly aim the forward facing camera.#2 it was difficult to handle the camera without touching the camera lenses screen or pushing buttons. I do admit I got monster man hands but they packed way to much into a small unit.
August Wardrep
Couldn’t be happier with this cam. It’s my first one and I’m confident I made a good choice (for quality and my wallet). I’m a rideshare driver and have never felt so secure. Makes a huge difference to have an extra set of eyes!Thanks a bunch!
R. Callahan
Purchased for use as an Uber and Lyft driver. I did a lot of research before buying and consistently found the N2 Pro to be at the top of the list for a 2 channel(front and interior) dash cam. Only my budget prevented me from buying the N4 . So far I can confirm that this is an excellent piece of kit and feel safer driving knowing I have it onboard. Very discreet unit is easy to get up and running. Highly recommended.
Amazon Customer
Mike S
This is an excellent dash cam! I commute about 100 miles a day and I see a lot of stuff in the road. I wanted to get a dash cam so that if something happens, it doesn’t wind up being my word against someone else’s.I also really like it’s parking mode. It starts recording automatically if it senses motion while the car is parked. My hope is that if someone damages my car I’ll have video of the person doing it. That happened to me before I bought this camera and was part of the reason for choosing this one.
Frostbright Productions
The camera is great, and audio is pretty good. I haven't really cared for the rear camera, but it does look pretty awesome and it's videos make an interesting perspective.
YuYing HE
My husband said it's easy to use, the price is right, and the installation is also very convenient
I love this dashcam. I only had 1 issue, and they helped out in a reasonable time.I highly recommend this dashcam.
The camera is small, unobtrusive mounted on the windshield. The video quality is excellent on both forward and rear cameras. The power cable is quite long, so hiding it should be easy.
When car engine is turned off, the dash cam will be turned off as well. Unless you buy extra hardware kit to connect your car's power to supply dash cam when car engine is off. Otherwise, the parking mode is not working at all.If you really think parking mode is important for you, then DO BUY IT. Unless you would like to spend some money on buying their hardware kit and spend some time / effort on connecting it to your car and dash cam.
Sara Abraham
The camera doesn't support a 256 GB card
George H. de Luna
My main problem was not formatting the chip before I used it. After that everything worked great just the way it should inside and out. It takes a long time to download the videos and they take up a lot of space on the computer but the quality is unbeatable. Would highly recommend for rideshare drivers. Well worth the investment and peace of mind.
Great product! Make sure the SD card is a UHS-1. The manual recommends the Samsung EVO which I purchased. It was UHS-3 and would not format. In fact the card got hot to the touch. Thanks to the guys at Best Buy In Dothan, AL, they figured it out and I wound up with a Sandisk 128GB that works great. Btw make sure the speed is 10.
This camera was great when it work. One year later, not so much. My camera doesn’t even record and when I needed it to record it never did. Very frustrating, I don’t want to spend hundreds every year on a dash cam. Was great while it lasted.
Didn't last even a year. Contacted customer service about problems. Replied once, after following up with issues have not heard back. A few months later warranty expired still no word. Stay away. So expensive yet not durable, and fake warranty.
Jalen fetter
Overall this is a great product. Being able to record the road and the cabin of a car is a great idea. You would be able to record accidents for insurance reasons and record possible road rage incidents. I liked the fact that you could choose to record with both cameras on r just the front with improved resolutions. Having 256gb of storage is also a plus. I did order the hardwire kit and while the first kit I received was in fact malfunctioning, Vantrue took care of me and sent out another hardwire kit free of charge. If you want a good product that comes with great customer service, it’s hard not to go with Vantrue.
Corey D Smaltz
I own 2 of these dash cams for my driver's ed cars. They work great for what I need. Gives me peace of mind.