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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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M deL
I bought this for my daughters van. She is really enjoying it.
Rob M
This camera produces very good quality videos. All of the features work great. I have had problems getting the time-lapse option to work. It may be me not understanding the directions. Overall, I am very pleased.
Best price and ratings. so far, so good
A very good camera shoots well! More while there's nothing to say it's 2 months. Let's see what will happen in a year!
This dash cam is amazing. Super easy to set up. Video and sound quality is great. I would definitely recommend this.
Amazon Customer
Great product easy to use and fast shipping I like it.
DJ Instigata
I'm an Uber/Lyft driver I've been using it for a few weeks now and love it! It records high quality video and the night vision works great. If you're looking for a dashcam this is the way to go. It can take up to a 256gb sd card I suggest buying one with the camera. Shooting high quality video out of both cameras will use lots of storage.
Danny H
Very cool. I get almost 6 hrs of recording time. front and rear videos. I do reccomend this product.
Good but it turns off and one randomly. Unknown why...
A Customer
First, I was disappointed that I had to purchase a USB power cord that I had thrown away 10 years ago before I could install it into my car properly. Second the shock detector is not that sensitive. I am running it side by side with my other camera and more than half the time this one does not activate.
Manuel Sanchez Perez
Brian L. Travis
This is an excellent product! I am very glad I purchased thisd.
Simple and easy to use camera at reasonable price. Picture quality is decent after a firmware update to improve the hue.
Everything is good working good record good nice
melvin walker
I have nothing negative to say about this camera! Trust me, you'll love it.
So far so good....excellent value and quality... just purchased the GPS option....leaving on friday for 800 mile round trip to west virginia...will update when i get back next week.....
It's great dash cam. Works great without any issues
Great product and well done
Purchased for me as a gift after a truck threw a rock into my windshield with no independent witnesses. I had been telling my wife how much I wished I had a Dash Cam to have proof to show the police but also figured the chances of anything like this happening again were very remote. My wife decided to get this Dash Cam after asking me to check reviews because she said she was getting one for my daughter's safety. Well a few weeks later what did I receive for a birthday gift but a new Dash Cam.I had some problems getting it registered but that was due to a problem with my browser, and everything got worked out. Not a week after getting it all installed and setup, I was side swiped by a truck while sitting in traffic. because I had both front and rear views and was able to prove this time what had happened, the trucking company's insurance company paid out immediately to have my car repaired and paid for a rental car for me to use while mine was being repaired. If I did not have this Dash Cam, it would have been a long battle between the insurance companies and I would have been out of luck.I find the video quality to be excellent both front and rear facing as well as the Parking feature due to problems with bad drivers in the local area parking lots. I am much more comfortable knowing there is always a silent witness if something else should happen to myself or my family members while driving.The Vantrue N2 Pro is certainly a welcome addition to my vehicle and we purchased another for my daughter as well.
Great picture, front and back. Audio quality is fantastic. Wish it came with the GPS is the only reason it doesn't get 5 stars. Looking forward to showing great things with this hardware. I am hoping I figure out good software on my Chromebook to edit. Probably start a youtube's to new adventures!
Always good to have one , I'm glad I went all out to buy this one . front and back camera perfect
Dustin D. Morrison
This is by far the absolute best dashcam I have ever purchased. Once you set it up it goes into like a sleep mode for the screen and turns the screen off but is constantly recording. This helps mostly at night so the extra light isn't distracting. You can put it into what is called Park Mode when you either connect to a power supply that is constantly on or connect by hardwiring the dashcam. Park mode monitors your vehicle for movement inside and out and records anything that happens. If it detects anything like a collision or damage it saves the recording into an event file for playback. This is a very well built device. It is well worth the extra expense. I have had many cheaper dashcams and they are nowhere near as great as this one.
Great picture, front and back. Audio quality is fantastic. Wish it came with the GPS is the only reason it doesn't get 5 stars. Looking forward to showing great things with this hardware. I am hoping I figure out good software on my Chromebook to edit. Probably start a youtube's to new adventures!
Always good to have one , I'm glad I went all out to buy this one . front and back camera perfect
Dustin D. Morrison
This is by far the absolute best dashcam I have ever purchased. Once you set it up it goes into like a sleep mode for the screen and turns the screen off but is constantly recording. This helps mostly at night so the extra light isn't distracting. You can put it into what is called Park Mode when you either connect to a power supply that is constantly on or connect by hardwiring the dashcam. Park mode monitors your vehicle for movement inside and out and records anything that happens. If it detects anything like a collision or damage it saves the recording into an event file for playback. This is a very well built device. It is well worth the extra expense. I have had many cheaper dashcams and they are nowhere near as great as this one.
Mat Love
I was involved in an accident but it didn’t save the footage. It recorded the before and after but not the actual incident. What’s the point of that? I’m so disappointed with this unit.
Amazon Customer
Husband loves it and I would recommend it to everyone
Update: just under a year with this camera and I had a road rage event where someone got out of their car, attacked my car, and then pulled a gun on me. I thought this camera was recording, so I pointed it at his face, and pointed it at his license and fled the scene intending to call the cops and hand over my footage. I did not remember his license or anything actionable, I fled. The footage was supposed to be my backup. There was no footage. The file, as well as all files under 2gb in size were completely corrupted.I decided to pick this up due to many positive reviews. This dash camera does meet my expectations, but just barely. It doesn't do a lot to impress, but it does do what it should. The video quality is good, I'm trying out the 2k option now. I wish it had more recording options for inside and outside.Where this really failed in my opinion, and why I knocked it down a star is the USB. It uses the old mini USB plug instead of the new micro USB plug. Now this is not a huge problem, but I don't own a long cable for mini USB and the included cable is ~50cm, or nowhere near long enough. So the camera sat around for a week while I waited for amazon to ship a new cable. I figured since I had to buy a new cable anyway I might as well get the official car fuse cable. I did not find a suitable always on fuse, but I didn't search long before I just assumed I didn't need the always on watching while parked feature anyway.Some of you may be saying, "but what about the included cigarette lighter converter?" and my answer is simple, "I only have one!". Had they used the common standard USB I would not have had to make any additional purchase. As is it though, I would need to purchase a new USB cable, a car lighter y-splitter, or their optional car fuse to USB plug, and some kind of additional purchase was required.
I love this thing, I looked for the highest rated and this consistently popped up. It does not disappoint!
Don Berg
YOU NEED this camera in your car if you drive for Uber or Lyft. Great recording in cabin in complete darkness. Easy setup and use. Great playback on computer. Will need computer skills to get SD card formatted for camera. Good buy for the money.
dennis hardy
Best dash cam for the moneyBetter than expected!!!
This video shows night time conditions in light rain while on the freeway. Interior view quality is great too, (photo provided but not video.) Sound is good but if you have your music includes any kind of bass it tends to get quiet during parts with bass. Holds on the the windsheild very well for being a suction cup, haven't had any problems. its withstood the blazing heat and the freezing cold of the Inland northwest. Owned for about 8 months. Would and do recommend the VanTrue N2 Pro.
I purchased two Vantrue N2 Pro and hard wire kit for my wife and myself. These are our first dash cam after a lot of research. Top reason of choosing is N2 Pro have dual camera on o e body. It’s very unique in competitors, and amazing. Easy to install and set up, high quality, picture is clear.... I convinced that this dash cam would help us in future.
Amazon Customer
Camera is easy to operate and change options from single camera to duel camera, sound or no sound, video quality and even recording times. Power cord is long enough to mount camera anywhere in the vehicle.
This dash cam far exceeds my expectations. The picture quality is extremely clear, the instructions are very easy to follow and the cam itself if a snap to use. I read the other reviews, but cannot see what people are complaining about. I have seen no issues what so ever. I have already recommended this to several people.
Francisco Herrera
I am very happy with my purchase so far. 100% recommended. I visited the web page and download the recent updates.
Mikhail Vershinin
im using this product for rideshare uber/ lyft i love, how easy it is to use this camera it sets up really easily and even lets you format the sd card internally. I really like that it is almost stealth like..
Shay Livyatan
Does exactly what its supposed to do - and does it VERY good.Pros:- 2 cameras: internal, and external- Both cameras have a very good video capturing angles- Video quality is great in both cameras- Lightweight yet sturdy- Menu and settings are quite simple to useCons:- PRICE. It's definitely not cheap.- Screen is VERY small. While it's good as it's preventing distractions from the driver, it's not so easy to see where to point the cameras when installing it, especially since the small screen is also showing the output from the inside-facing camera, and it takes almost 1/3 of the screen for it. Not a big issue, but one should take this into consideration.
It was great for 5 months, but after that stopped charging with USB cable overheat and a warning message:"USB Accessories Disabled. Unplug the accessory using too much power to re-enable USB devices"After talking with a customer support about this issue, they replace the failed dash camera with a new one. That was a great experience to know that the company stays behind their product!
Great camera! Easy to use and works really well.
I like my expérience using this product, the only inconvénient is you can't store the pictures and the videos wirelessly you have to remove the product and connect it with your PC it's annoying. I'll add pictures and test video in the future.
Miguel Aguirre
I bought a different version of this that stopped working. I tried contacting costumer service through their website and never got a reply still after 4 months
Thor Hang
Blue tint is still there even after the update. My photos show that the update was successful and the unit shows the proper firmware but everything is still blue and now the rear facing camera is in night vision mode all the time even in daylight. Before the update, the rear facing camera recorded great in daylight conditions. Vantrue better do something about this!Update 12/29After the folks at Vantrue reached out to me to steer me in the right direction to install the correct firmware, everything is now as it should be. I knew going going in that this product needed a firmware update. So I went to their website to get it and that's where it all went wrong. The updates we not labeled and sorted correctly. I chose the latest version I could find and that ended up being the wrong one. They need to arrange the updates better to avoid confusion. I never even saw the one I was supposed to use.Reason for choosing this camera. My truck has a rear window that rolls down. Can't install a rear-facing camera in the back without serious modifications. So I went with this product. It wasn't ready to use out of the box but it finally works now.
I read reviews and almost did not purchase this. I am glad I did purchase it. others said they had problems with the suction cut not sticking to their window. my conclusion to that is it is user error. I have had this mounted from 60* to 5* it has not fallen off once. Picture quality is pretty amazing. Even the cabin camera has great picture quality. I do recommend getting the biggest memory card you can afford. I just purchased a 256g micro SD card for $50. so that should hold more memory. For people who have written reviews saying that this has not recorded what ever they were expecting it to record, again I believe this is user error. This is easy to use and recover the videos from. I have an adaptor to put the micro SD card into that then plugs into my android phone and it plays wonderfully. I recommend driving with different settings for the "event" setting I was on a highway and had to stop suddenly, with it set to medium it did not get saved to the event file, but I found when set to high sensitivity it was saving too many "event" videos. Here is a tip. Instead of paying for the hard wire kit I just have an external battery bank I have plugged into the side of the camera and I keep the included power cable plugged into the mount. this is for parking lot mode .
Kindle Customer
I just received this Vantrue N2Pro dashcam which is replacing a Transcend dashcam that I have used as a rideshare driver for the past two years. I like the small slim profile of this unit. The packaging is great and the instructions are easy to use and follow. Setup was a breeze and I installed the latest firmware update with no complications. I am doing a 600 mile round-trip drive tomorrow and will post additional information after using it.
Optimus Prime
Works pretty well. I wished it was cordless so the power cord doesn't hang in the way. Otherwise its a nifty little unit.
Toros Petoyan
This product needs to be WiFi. It will make r lives so easy to view the video rather than SIM card
Ernest Brown
Good picture. Night vision works well.Update: have owned for less than 2 months. Suction cup doesn’t always stay and unit randomly restarts.
Derrick Meadows
The picture quality was much better than i thought it would be. For the price this all you need.
Great for catching the unexpected in the car
It is alright, one of the better ones out there.
Amazon Customer
The camera is pretty well built, and the menu is easy to navigate. The sound quality was surprisingly good. However, the video quality changes through the video. I've noticed that the quality starts off good, but throughout a 5 second period the video quality becomes garbage, then immediately jumps back to good quality. It's like there's a 5 second buffer that the files are being stored to, and the quality drops off as more footage is written. This happens continuously on my camera. It get really annoying to watch.
Great product! Well made with awesome picture quality. Shots are stable and supports 64gb memory cards. You will need for format the card as the user manual tells you.
Jose Luis Morales
The picture quality is terrific! Nevertheless, I expected to have both, interior and exterior video in color. As it is, the interior video is filmed in black and white. Did I do something wrong or that is the way the camera works? I hate the fact that it repeats all of the voice recordings as an echo.
Amazon Customer
I'm super upset because I bought this dash cam a few months ago and for what ever reasons it just stop working!!! The screen goes blank and keep making that start up chime. Wasted money down the drain!!
As far as I can tell for being as Uber/Lyft driver it is perfect. It is out of the way and with the screen going dark after a couple minutes my riders don't know it is there. I do have stickers warning but they never ask. The infrared make the night videos very easy to view.
Liz Robbins
Excellent camera, very high quality video with easy playback from sd card. Highly recommended!
Andi Ciraku
This dashcam is great. The inner cam is useful if you're a uber/lyft driver but other than that, you won't really need it. Works pretty well, no complaints.
michael o'carroll
very pleased with the look, construction and reliability of this dash cam. i keep it on a continous loop and it basically is never turned off even when parked. i have three little dogs with me most times during my business hours to front and rear surveillance is important to me.
Mohamed Habib
I bought Vantrue N2 Pro in September and I love it. Clear videos and easy to use. Only problem is sometimes accidentally you press a button that changes the setup (i.e. microphone on/off, IR on/off,...). I changed the setting to make a sound when a button is pressed so I can notice any accidental change of settings. Other than that it is really nice Dash Cam to own.
Jonathan P. Huhn
Great picture quality and easy to use.
This works great, makes me feel safer while driving.
Chhun Tang
Bought a second one for my other car. Works Great.I've owned this product for almost a year now. The picture is great for both the front and the rear cameras. The night vision is wonderful for seeing inside the car. It might be because of my tinted windows or the way light hits it at certain angles, but sometimes the picture has a pinkish hue and sometimes it's fine on the rear camera. The suction cup used to fall at the beginning a few times when driving until it was broken in. Now it sticks to the window perfectly. It feels nice and smooth if you care about that. It's important because loop recording will overwrite the wrong files first and you won't know until you need it. Small and sleek. I don't really notice it when I'm driving.
M. Schwartz
I took the advice of several friends and went with this product. I love it! It was very easy to set up, even the software update. It installed very easily in my car and it took me less than 10 minutes total to hide all the cables. I used it all day today and checked the audio quality and video quality and they are excellent, even at night! Thank you!
Mateusz P. Rydzik
I've been using this camera for several months and it's great. Quality of video is outstanding. It already helped me with an accident!
Nataliya Yamkova
This dash cam is FANTASTIC! The video quality is wonderful. I got this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. He says that he feels so much safer having a dash cam and enjoys that this camera is very reliable.The looping is seamless and you dont need to constantly go in and delete old videos to clear up room on the memory card. You can purchase an additional GPS feature for it as well.
Good camera from what I have experienced at this point. I still need to understand a few more settings but all in all happy with product
The dashcam plays back in high quality video. The audio is really the only minor complaint I have. It’s hard to hear what someone is saying from the back seat if the car. My other complaint is that I can’t download the new firmware updates from the Vantrue website, which is a bummer because it will correct the issues I have. I’ve emailed their customer service and I’m hoping that I’ll hear something soon.
noel l pagaragan
Won’t last that long.breaks fast.
Jen K
like the size and the fact you can turn the rear camera off. We use it in our car and RV. Since the RV has no rear window and we certainly aren't for hire, no need for the rear camera.
Ice bank mice elf
Works great and easy to use, time will determine durability
Joseph Johnson
Loving this camera so far. Picture and sound quality are very good. Detachable hardware is handy. Very easy to use camera and not too pricey. When I needed a replacement mount, company was very responsive and helpful. I'll continue to recommend Vantrue to anyone.
Nice Product .good quality pictures and video.
The camera is great. Quality is amazing. The serial number took me a few minutes to find. The audio playback is great too. I laughed many times at myself with road rage
Steffi Leandra Kishna
The fact that it records inside and outside in Full HD, cant ask for anything better. Very easy to install, and the quality of everything is perfect
Happy with camera I’ve been waiting a long time to purchase great deal on Black Friday sale. Awesome customer support. They will answer emails with in 24 hoursI also purchased the hard wire kit!! Works awesome!!
Very well made dash cam, performs as described and packaged extremely well. Upgraded software as recommended without any problem. These days it is a device everyone should own eliminating any question with any incident that may occur with your vehicle.
Have yet to use it in live use, but have done a little evaluation with the camera. Both capture acceptable video and still images. The event lock is a handy feature. Essentially, it does two important things at the same time and does so well. The only thing I would change is make the access to the mSD card slot just a bit easier, but a pocket knife used carefully helps that out.
Keith Owen
This camera is a must for any Uber or lyft driver. If ever a client disputes a fare it’s nice to have this camera on your side.
Amazon Customer
It’s worth the several minutes it takes to install the equipment and learn how to use it because once that’s done it’s kind of like “set it and forget it”. Once the ignition is turned on the device begins recording and keeps a record of my entire drive. Its nice knowing that now I am protected in case anything happens while I’m behind the wheel.
Dmitry G.
Amazing dashcam. Very easy to install and operate. Great picture and sound quality. Absolutely satisfied.
So I purchased this product based on the number of reviews and ratings. My criteria was quality and longevity as well as the parking mode. I also purchased the wiring kit so the camera will be powered continuously in parking situations. You can set the camera to automatically record parking or press a button to enter this mode. In the parking mode the camera is triggered by people walking by, lights going on, flags moving, tree branches moving, rain etc. This can not be adjusted but to me is not an issue to me, would rather have it record than miss something. It will overwrite old video so not an issue. However....The issue I have is the recommendation to run camera for max of 10 hours. This means powered on. My goal was to set it and forget it. The recommendation is to unplug it every ten hours of use. I noticed the snow on windshield was melting where camera was mounted even with parking mode turned off. So I have since moved the power source to a switched circuit so it powers off as car is. Have family members remember to plug in or turn on parking mode has not worked.So long story short, nice camera but non workable “ parking mode” for me. I am not sure what other cameras offer since I don’t have experience with them. I have worked with building security cameras and not run into this issue.The forward and rear facing cameras both record separate videos. Night recordings are nice, sound is also recorded. I did not purchase the gps so location and speed are not recorded and I cannot comment on accuracy.Will be looking for a different camera for other vehicle.
I always have this plugged in with my 12v power line that it came with, eventually I plan to upgrade to the hardwire kit so I can use parking mode. I currently cant because the 12v line in the car doesn't give any power when the car isn't running.The video/audio quality is fine, although at night I can't see other cars license plates (that may be because my headlights are too bright).The biggest issue I am having with it now (its about a year old at this point) is that if I go a day or so without driving, the internal battery cannot hold long enough to simply maintain the clock.... big issue there! I've gone without noticing the time reset several times and couldn't use any of the video from that day because it reset to an earlier date and kept overwriting only the last 5 minutes. I discovered this after I caught some idiot cutting me off and encroaching into my lane in a turn.I can't seem to find any kind of replacement battery for this, and I'm hoping that once I install the hardwire kit this problem will be resolved.
L Doherty
Johnny Cook
Are used this product for a personal dashcam. World class customer support.
Luis Diego Q.
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Usb Port broke within 24 hrs.Front view came was ok.Rear view came was ok.Recorded Audio was poor but could be better w/ external mic.
Wesley Lee
The camera gives you a clear view in front of and inside of your car. The IR night vision lets you have a clear view inside the car at night. This camera has several excellent features such as parking mode and emergency lock so if you ever do have an accident you know you can rely on this camera to have your back. This is my first dash cam and although it was a little pricey I don't regret making this purchase at all.
Will Hendrix
I am an Uber driver and thought it was in my best interest to purchase a dash cam. For Uber, I was mainly concerned with the cabin cam but then driving, in general, I was concerned with the front camera. After weighing options, I did not prioritize a rear camera and am satisfied with a front and cabin cam. After comparing many cameras, I was leaning towards a dash cam with WiFi capability to connect with my phone to transfer videos, images, etc. but decided that this dash cam had more features overall (night vision, camera quality, dual cameras, design of dash cam, quality of company) that I was looking for and I was fine settling for no WiFi capability/phone app.This is my first dash cam and do not have anything to compare it with but after some playing around, the front and cabin cameras are more than adequate for my purposes. The microphone is good but again, I do not have another dash cam microphone to compare it to. The night vision is a feature I am very fond of and does make a difference for the cabin camera.I had no problems setting up the camera with a microSD card, just wish I purchased a larger memory SD card (I have a 32gb one) but it doesn't really matter. I have no need to save the videos unless something bad happens (crash, unruly passenger, etc). I do not have any problems navigating through the menus on the dash cam and have no problems connecting it to my computer. I hid the wires in my car and have the cam plugged into a cigarette lighter.The adjustment piece on the windshield mount loosens over time and I notice it when I plug-in and unplug the dash cam from the mount. This is not a huge deal and it's not like the mount is unsticking from my windshield, just something I noticed.So far this is a great camera and I would recommend this product for other rideshare drivers and all of you cool people in general.Thanks
Mennon I.
OMG These are to die for. Quality stuff. .easy to install. Easy to follow instructions, picture quality is amazing. Would definitely recommend.Changing to one star. Suddenly won't power on. Noticed the display flickered and then died. Tried powering through laptop, desktop, even tried another power cable still nothing. Usually when powering on u see the button light up. Left it over night to see if any difference today and still same thing. Seem to have died. Really disappointed paid so much to get the device into my country, shipping cost,duty and taxes. Quality of the video and audio is in point Thom I'm really disappointed this had to happen. :(Update:12/28/2018Seller sent replacement and since working fine with no issues. Will add more details after month of use.
Starts recording whenever the car is turned on, and stops when the car turns off. Works perfectly and auto records over old footage so there's no need to maintain the SD card. Night vision gives amazing quality at night. Provides an extra little security for Uber driving.
I like the size, picture quality, the night recording inside the car this is excellent for Uber Lyft and taxis.