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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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I absolutely love having this camera. All the features are easy to setup in the menus. After the initial charging of the device, I installed with the hardwire kit and haven’t had any issues. I love that it has IR for the interior camera and that it has a parking mode (sentry). The only thing I wish it could do that it doesn’t is to record in 1440p on the front camera while keeping the ability to record the interior, but I imagine that has more to do with the write speeds to the memory card. I’m using a Samsung 256GB Evo micro SD and no problems installing or formatting via the camera.Picture quality is excellent, even with the sun on the horizon. Sentry mode is awesome when you need it. Great exterior and interior video at night!
So my initial review was bad, I thought the camera died when it was just the power cord burned out. Ok so the camera works great. It has lasted a year, I’m please with it. Suction cup pretty good but if you park in the sun all hot weather it may fall off the window. Customer support helped send me the new part
Well made & sturdy, protect yourself against false, malicious, or frivolous claims of bad, inappropriate, or illegal behavior. Get a 256GB chip, and a large external hard drive, and transfer the video into a different file on the hard drive EVERY TIME YOU DRIVE FOR Lyft or Uber!
A reader
This camera is awesome! I do Uber and decided to have something to cover myself if things get ugly, and for the most part I couldn’t ask for a better product.Pros:The video quality is excellent, including at night, both for front and back. The overwrite technology is useful because you can essentially set it and forget it. It’s easy to take videos off the camera and to save important ones with just a push of the button. Parking mode means it turns on if there’s activity near the car.Cons: It doesn’t come with an SD card, which has to be bought separately. A 64GB card (which only stores about 3 hours of continuous video) will run you $23 at Target, adding to the already hefty price.The audio quality could be better. It’s not terrible by any means, but it’s hard to hear conversations recorded in the car unless you turn video volume way up. For this much money they should’ve engineered the mic better.Still, I would recommend this to anyone who needs a dash cam.
Inside picture quality is not good.Black and white.
Heather J
I bought this as a gift. I am not good at buying tech gifts but I read a bunch of reviews in this one & bought it on cyber Monday. The person I gave the gift to loved it. The quality of it is really good. The video picture, even night time is great.
Raymond K. Yam
To replace my old Garmin Dash Cam 20, after reviewed several brands and models, and saw the local airport SuperShuttle bus using it, I decide to give it a try. It's a well build camera, feeling high quality when I touch it. The camera lens are very sharp, especially when it capture the video at night. Very easy to setup and use!
Spanky Red Dog
The camera works well, but the gimbal mount is poor. I could not tighten it enough to hold the camera firmly in place. I had to constantly re aim the thing as it kept drifting.
Robert Henry
*UPDATE*After contacting the manufacture and troubleshooting the issue with charging. Vantrue sent me a whole new camera and all the accessories with it. This was important to me due to already having everything installed and not really being able to pull all the wiring out. They were helpful after I had to contact them and explain the situation. I will make another updated review after I have it up and running for a couple months.This device was defective and does work. Battery won’t hold a charge at all. Contact amazon they told me they can not help and I need to reach out to the manufacture. I contacted the manufacture and they told me to reset it. I reset the device and it still defective. Be aware you may waste your money like I did
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
I really like my camera and I was so surprised to see how well the inside camera also saw outside my vehicle extremely well. I couldn't be happier with the forward facing camera as it too sees far more than I expected.My only problem or disappointment is the battery. I don't want to hardwire it into my car so it losses battery life and in turn losses the correct time and date stamp. It's also had issues with some footage being corrupted and I have not figured out why that happens.Even with the battery life and file corruption from time to time I'm still very pleased with this product. The cameras alone as long as the data is there when it's important is by far great quality.I can't wait to see what comes from them as time goes by. I'm asked always about the product and give it many ratings for its best qualities.
R M.
Yehuda Ofer Nachmias
Very good camera best quality
Regina Burks
I’m disappointed with this camera especially after spending so much money on it. It takes up a lot of space and has to stay charging or else after a few mins it can’t revord due to low battery. I feel like this camera should have external memory first before having to spend extra money just to buy an sd card for memory. A 64gb isn’t enough and I only get about 5-6 hours of footage.
Beto n Yolanda
The camera is great. The only issue I have is that the car charger it comes with is made cheaply and didn't even last 6 months.
I bought two (wife & I) and we used them every day in our personal vehicle and also in my company car. I drop back & forth from South Florida to Canada and also Tennessee and never had any issue with it. They have two separate files between the front view and rear view. They also are a combination of short video (adjustable). Great product and we're very please with them.
Donald A. Nolin
Like ease of use, quality of picture and build quality.
Charles Wilkins
Great quality video except the interior infrared darkness view. The infrared lighting is too low and the recording is too dark. Turning on the vehicle interior light helps, but shouldn’t be necessary.
Michael g.
I do recommend bigger then 32gb memory card. I need to do firmware upgrade so can use 256gb memory card. I'm an uber driver so want to be able to record more then a full day worth of driving. Great for looking back at rides and when I'm ready can use this for training videos. The quality is really good. At some points it feels like it is recording better then my own vision and I have 20/20. I recommend this to all uber drivers. Inside and outside recording. I have on auto for inside to switch from day to night based on brightest. Great for tunnels in CA. Make sure to get signs for your car warning riders they will be recorded for legal matters.
Ben 1998
Buyer beware that item does not record you need to buy a seprate PC.Which you have to read through the hole listing to figure out, after getting stooped by police this camra was pointless
b. doyle
I am very impressed with what Vantrue has created. I am not in any way saavy when it comes to electronics or setup, but needed a dash cam for my vehicle. I watched a few Youtube videos and ordered away. The products came and were so easy to setup, I recommend doing a search on your specific automobile and vantrue, most likely someone has done this before you. The wires are all hidden, the unit can operate in Parking mode and the ease of finding videos from and back is easy with the time stamps. I recommend getting a 128gb or larger Microsd card for 12 hours of constant recording. Register your product and get 18 months coverage, camera view day and night is great. I really love the photo option while driving by pressing the buttom. I have used it when I see something that I want to capture, without going through all the videos. Don't hesitate, buy this camera. It is very small and I have mine just below the rear view mirror.
Patrick Kim
We bought a dash cam for our long trip, 12 hours! It worked well and when we got home, we saw how clear and crisp the vids were. On top of that, you could take photos too.
The purpose was to record both front and back, but it serves best as a front dash camera. The rear camera does not capture a good quality video since it's recording from the front of the car.I would not recommend this camera. Either buy a car cam with to separate cameras so you can place one in the front and one in the back, or simply buy a front cam (this would be much cheaper).
Excellent item. Picture quality is excellent.
Dale Specter
Very worthwhile and definitely a great product - just make sure you buy a large memory card and you'll be happy
Cliente de Amazon
excellent quality of photography, sound, easy to use and with great capacity I buy 64 G memory, I recommend it
I put this camera in my truck, it gives good interior and exterior video quality and the IR internal camera for night time driving allows you to see inside the vehicle no problem. It picks up sound well enough that even in my loud truck it picks up whats being said when im on the phone.
S. Maclam
Flexibility of both angles is great!
Hilario Rios
I drive for Juno and I like the fact that the picture quality of this dual cam is clear.
1. The Quick Start Guide says to format large capacity SD cards in a computer before putting them in a camera. (Requires installing a third party program.) 2. The User Manual says you can format the card on the dash cam (it has an internal software feature for that) OR format it on your computer. 3. The Amazon info for the N2 Pro instructs you to format cards on the dash cam itself.And customers attempting both have posted about difficulties.Vantrue’s worse than unclear instruction has wasted 40 minutes of my time. And I still haven’t been able to figure out which. I need this cam operational tonight.The Quick Start Guide says “Need help? Please contact us!” but it doesn’t provide contact info but instead says to read the user manual.The User Manual doesn’t provide a phone number, only an email address. That’s of little help to me on a Friday near close of business.I’m going to wing it, try formatting my 256 GB card on the camera itself. The problem is, if that approach is problematic, I may not know until I attempt to view video footage later. If I remember, I’ll come back and update this review post with how it turned out.
Amazon Customer
Jonathan M
The N2 Pro is a affordable dashcam with many features. I currently drive for Uber/Lyft and would recommend this to any driver. The setup was simple and it has been working as advertised. After receiving my N2 Pro I had a couple questions and communicated with their customer support team (Kelly) via email. They answered all of my questions and did so in a timely manner.
Raminderpal sandeep
My husbamd is driving professional amd its reaaly beat quality for him in work .
Randall Preston
The Vantrue N2 is one of the best Dashcams I have ever used. Simple to set up, easy to use and nearly fool proof. The video is extremely high quality for both the front view and the passenger view. I highly recommend this for any RideShare driver.
Joe Hunt
This is my first time buying a dash camera. It was a smooth and nice experience. Very easy to setup and use. I recommend this camera for a first time buyer.
Tu Vy
This is the first time I buy dash cam. Very strongly recommend this. High resolution dual camera and good sound record.
Kevin Nguyen
Motion activated parking mode makes the dual car camera Good !!!
This camera is packed with everything you need from quality to reliability & tons of features you'd hope for. You can count on this saving you from people lying and hit & runs while parked or on-the-go. I wish I bought this before some guy backed into my car 3 times while trying to park and I was watching that happen while eating right across the street which he denied his doing. I'll definitely be using the park mode with a power bank next time.
Overall yhe camera is decent for the money.. Two main issues. 1. After a while the suction is not usable. Probably due cold and hot temps. Me moving unit from car to car. 2. After being in park mode and restart driving. The camera will shut down. Just get mirror mount or huybone thwt saves to device othervthan camera.
This is an excellent full featured Dash Cam that works as advertised. I have 3 vehicles so I purchased two N2 Pro Uber Dash Cams and an extra windshield mount for the third vehicle. The Dash Cams and windshield mounts are small and easily hidden behind rear view mirror so I leave wired to the power outlet all the time and therefore a 1080p video record of all my driving events. The original windshield mounts held OK to the windshield but had tension issues where the Dash Cam attached to the mount. The original mounts had 2 screws to adjust tension on the ball mount but would rapidly loose tension allowing the Dash Cam to flop around and not stay level. I contacted Vantrue who told me about a newly designed windshield mount where they had corrected the problem. Two new mounts solved my problem(see attached picture). Vantrue makes an awesome Dash Cam and their Customer Service is second to none. I use the videos for legal protection while driving in todays congested traffic environments and ALSO to take vacation videos while driving in scenic areas like the mountains etc. Would highly recommend.
I put in a 256G SIM Card and it formatted from the device right away. Nice little device. I rarely drive the car it is in, but I am sure it will work fine.
Wayne D. Brewer
After a lot of research I purchased four of these cameras to give as Christmas gifts, kept one for myself, and tried it out on an 800 mile trip to Kansas City for Christmas. Very impressed with the pictures and would highly recommend it.
David Pacheco
I love this product because it allows me to capture any action that takes place in my car while serving people via DavidDrives203 (private driver in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey). There are times when people act out of character and it is easy to play the footage back and address them. Follow me on Social media to view footage: Youtube, snapchat, instagram, twitter and facebook under @DavidDrives203 to see the quality.
Amazon Customer
Great dash cam I have ever bought, i tried many more brands but believe me VANTRUE is the best, I am very happy to bought this product.
I wish every product I buy ever was this quality.
Leslie D. Hansen
Bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift. Even though he is a picky gift receiver, he loves it. It is small, so it does not obstruct his view, but has a lot of great features. He bought the hardwire kit to make a permanent installation and the final install is very professional looking. Installation was easy for him. This is a great product!
Great picture and audio. Only thing it is missing in my opinion is wifi compatibility.
Carlos Andara
Excellent dash cam and good service
John G.
If you need a front and rear dash cam, you can’t go wrong with Vantrue! I love these cameras! I Uber part time and this is the camera to have!
I bought this because all the positive comments. Also- because it has a wide angle and a 256GB max SD capacity. Unfortunately, i could not start to operate the cam until about a month after receiving it, and by then I missed my time to return it.This little device has a lot of features and probably most of them are good. However, the biggest drawback is the small viewing screen. 1.5" !!!!. It is SMALL. REAL SMAALLLL... And though I thought it'll be OK, as I saw other Cams with similar in size, I found out that with the way the windshield is built and the distance between me and the Cam screen, this small screen makes seeing - or glancing- at the what is being recorded, or reading a license plate of a close vehicle, almost impossible. In some of the YouTube movies describing this Cam, and on the Amazon site as well, it all seemed so clear ...BIG and fascinating. Not so in reality.The other issue I found disturbing is inability to switch quickly between seeing both - inside Cabin and the outside recording- at the same time and being able to switch to ONLY front or rear. The only way I found was though the menu / Recording Setup. And here I could only switch it to the front only, but to the Cabin view only.Among other issues - though might sound minor - is the long Car charge that has the cord built into it without being able to disconnect it -by a USB end - to enable using the cord in multi USB charger. I use a FAST USB charger with 3 USB slots to charge my phone; my FM speaker (I have an older car without the Bluetooth fetuses) and my wife's phone. I could have switched one of the slots to use it charging this device.The customer service was very slow to respond to my questions, and once they did - it was not accurate and addressed only of a few. The instruction booklet which is relatively well written , is missing some common instructions (like how to open the lid to place the SD card..or to show that the charger has a swivel lid to open a free USB slot...etc) and some features are not clear or not accurate.I wish I had tested this device earlier and be able to return it. I'm not a happy user of this device. I also wonder on ALL those who gave it 5, 4 and even 3 stars.If you decide to buy similar Dual Dash Cam - find one that has at least 2.7-3.5" screen; That has a quick release of either seeing on the screen both inside/outside or just one of them.
Good product. Easy to use. I noticed that on one of the videos the sound was bad, as in corrupted data maybe. Does its job though.
I'm writing this review after just a few days with the camera and I can't say it's a perfect product but it does fit my needs the best.Pros:1. I like the dual camera feature. It records a nice wide view in front of the car. I have a sedan so the rear camera view covers the back and rear side windows.2. The camera is compact and removable so it is portable enough to be carried around or fits in the glove compartment hidden from the view of potential thieves.3. Installation was painless. Place the suction cup mount on the front of the window, snake the charging cord around the window and under the dashboard to the center console, and plug the lighter adapter in the socket. After setting up the camera, connect it to the mount, and you're ready to go. Note: It uses an lighter plug adapter to power the camera. My car has a lighter plug but I'm not sure if some newer cars continue to have it as an accessory. If not, it may not work for your car.4. Files are saved on the micro-SD card and you don't have to take it out of the camera to view the videos. Just use the included USB cable to connect to your computer and play the mp4 movie files directly from it. Separate movie files are saved for front and rear facing cameras. You also don't need to worry about space as long as you're concerned with the most recent video files. The camera can automatically delete old files to record new ones.Cons:1. I couldn't hear the videos very well. I'm not sure if my camera settings were correct, but I don't see any volume configuration in the settings.2. The camera doesn't handle the sunlight glare very well. I don't think it's a fault with the camera because all cameras probably can't handle glare. My car isn't tinted, but if it did, the glare might be reduced on the video footage.
Monica Miller
First off, when I ordered this product, I expected it to be delivered in two days. Instead I was greatly surprised to receive it in one day. Upon receiving this camera, I set it up and installed it. The set up and installation processes are very easy to complete and the compact design does not get in the way of my vision. I was extremely happy at how well the inward facing camera captured the interior of my car at night and gave a very clear picture with its night vision. The only thing I wish I could do would be to be able to toggle the screen between the two lenses.
Richard N.
Main issues is the screen is very small you can't really view anything clearly on it and the suction cup mount has gotten really loose where the can is shaky on bumpy roads also no GPS unless you upgrade mount.Update: I got a new mount from vantrue which is really good, the mount has a double sided tape which holds it in place firmly,as for the dash cam itself, unfortunately now I have to keep updating the time and date on it anytime the car has been off for more than a few hours, still a pretty good dash cam.
Alex Shen
Does everything I hoped it would!
Linda Leca
Loved this product. My son-in-law installed it and my husband approved of it as well! Pricy-but worth every cent!
After a fender-bender, I bought 2 of these, one for each vehicle. We use the recommended Samsung SD card and format every 2 weeks as recommended. Fortunately, we haven't had to use them for an incident, but they've both worked great for the three months we've had them. I do wish they made a model with an external rear viewing camera, but the interior view does a good job of capturing vehicles to the rear and the sides.
Horacio Velazquez
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Trash, dont work with every memory, you need to formate every while
Michael F. Falletich
I’ve owned several dash cams but none as compact and well engineered as my new N2 Pro. It was easy to set up and the video quality is exceptional. Having the option to turn off the in cabin facing camera is a nice feature that lets you increase the resolution of the forward facing camera. The unit is also easily removable from the window mount so you can protect it from theft or extreme heat or cold.
Hi just leaving a review because don't want people making the mistake i did. The product is fantastic and i don't have anything bad to say about it except that why is GPS not included. Anyway, I drive for uber and i use my car everyday but when i took a vacation recently for the holidays i left my camera in parking mode (records only when movement is present) since it is connected to a live wire, aka its always on. The problem i live in the city so theirs always movement and i didn't take this into consideration so when i got back the camera had drain my battery with about 3 hours of footage (10 sec intervals, so imagine that). It was my mistake i should of disconnected it when i left but i recommend you just don't leave it connected to a live wire make sure it turns off when the car is off. The reason i wanted to record parking mode is there is lots of parking accident in the city but it not worth buying a new battery just install a camera facing your parking spot and boom done. That's all
Instructions weren't very clear for setting up, uploading images, or downloading firmware. But once you figure it out, it's a good product. Wish there was a way to view immediately on your phone without having to upload the video to your computer first.
This is a good quality dashcam for the price. I have been using it for over a year now and am very satisfied with it. I have not had any issues so far. The video quality is great. It is easy to review and back up videos. Overall, I am very pleased with this unit and would purchase it again. Update:- April 2019- I am very pleased with this unit. I have never had any issues with it, even after several years of use. Would highly recommend. Well worth the price.Update February 2020- still going strong. No issues. Outstanding video quality.
Candy Crowley
This camera has been great! Use it primarily as an Uber driver....been awesome.
I got this dash cam for Christmas and have no complaints! I haven’t tried the parking mode yet but plan to next week, I can update this review when I do. But the video quality is great and it was very easy to set up.
I’m really satisfied with the camera so far, I needed it for parking mode the most and it functions perfectly. I bought hard wire recently too, just to make sure it’s on all the time. I was using power banks so far, they can last for 2-3 days maybe but you have to remember to charge and change. I bought the camera on sale so had a little luck there, but it’s worth the money, I feel more secure.
I like this product easy to use and clarity
Amazon Customer
Chris Linkenhoker
Really pleased with this dash cam. Great picture and sound. Gives GPS location and speed your going. Have tried three different dash cams and this has been the best by far.
Pamela Verrinder
This is a great unit. I love tech gadgets, but I hate directions. My goal to set this up without reading the directions. I got it out of the box safely, charged the battery. Anyone with an IQ of 82 like me could set this up. Well, I did cheat a little, but mostly it is common sense. Why isn't there a common sense score? My only issue with the camera, I have to be careful not to pick my nose as I have been caught on the rear facing camera. I would buy it again, and I would gift it.
I am a Uber/Lyft driver and recently I had a passenger (2 females) report to Uber that I was waving a gun around in the cab and then i followed them into the club but when I showed Uber my dash cam footage they not only banned them from their services but also credited me a amount that I could have made during the downtime cuased by them.
Dennis Harris
It’s a very light dashcam, but I recommend that you buy the GPS attachment. I bought one for my 15 year old daughter to show her what she did right and wrong. I might buy one more for my wife.
Amazon Customer
Very nice camera, but I hope if it comes with WIFI !!
Richard Ball
I bought this for the non drivers in New Orleans. Works so well, I’m getting another one for my sons car
This camera has the best video quality. You can have dual 1080p setup or 1440p for the front camera. Its night vision is a must if you drive at night. Microphone records sounds crystal clear and can be turned off by a button. 10/10
Nfn U.
This is the best camera for Uber/taxi work as it monitors and records inside as well as works great as a dash cam. Best thing about this cam, is if you get a 256gb card, you can leave it in your car to keep an extra eye on your car while parked. Anything happens while you’re away, you will have fotage of it. Also great if any criminal activity happens to someone else, it can serve as a survailance instrument as evidence to help others.
Great picture / playback quality! The images are crisp, and in high-definition. The camera itself is light-weight and durable (not that you would be doing anything too crazy with it), and the sound quality is great as well.
I purchased this for my husband as a Christmas gift and he absolutely loved it! The camera is compact and was easy to install. The display screen is small, but once you download the images to your computer the quality and sound are perfect. You do need to purchase a micro SD card. Enjoy!!
This was purchased for a gift and he seems to be very happy with it. He was involved in an accident a couple of months ago and wished he had one at that time. He uses it daily.
Amazon Customer
My son used his to prove the guilty party when an accident happened in front of him. We love it.
C Kurylo
I bought this for my husband who drives tour buses. First of all we have only been using it for couple of days so I can't tell you how long it will last. But when I screen tons of different type of dash cam, when I saw this, I immediately thought about this can be great for people driving taxi and uber. Same for tour bus or shuttle bus. You can monitor outside and inside the same time. Received it, unbox it, plugged up and start working already before I really even learn about it. Quality of image and sounds are great and files are not huge during recording. Rotate much better than the $44 one I bought as comparison. I might keep them both but this one is our favorite. I hope it last super long time for it'sprice . So far very happy about it.
Does not keep charge for I will contact the manufacturer
I replaced my Falcon 360 camera, that I thought it was a very good camera..........this one is 10 times better. not as intrusive, separate video files for the front and interior cameras, easy to use...
Kindle Customer
If you are looking for a great dash cam, this is it. Compact but great optics and sound. Night vision allows you to see everything in the car, front and behind. But a 256g micro card and the optional GPS receiver, this unit has it all.
Warrick Price
My biggest concern (outside of overall quality) was how easy or hard it was going to be to set up and install...In a nutshell, it was super easy! Hiding the wires, connecting it to the power, seating it on the windshield... all quick and easy! I literally went from opening the box, to driving it arround mu neighborhood fully installed in under 20 minutes.
Love this! The dual camera is awesome! Picture/Video Quality is great!
I love this camera, it's all rubber and super light picture quality is just amazing. Because of how light it is, even when your windshield is freezing cold it still mounts to the glass. 10/10
Ahmad Shah
I love this product and worked perfect...
This has a great infrared cabin camera, so I recommend it for all Lyft drivers.