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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Eileen Vargas
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joyce t.
Love this product, video quality is great and I feel safer having this in my vehicle coz you never know when you'll need it for car accidents
M L.
I recently had to get a part replaced on my camera and the customer service was very responsive and accommodating. The camera takes good quality video and is overall a good buy.
Kindle Customer
I love the option of dual function of front and back recording as well as the ability to set camera to motion sensing when not driving (with constant power source). I’m very pleased with this product and the flexibility of recording options.
Love everything about this camera. Easy to use and gives great quality picture and sound. Amazingly good in night recording too which was very important to me because I drive at night for ride sharing (Lyft)
Rachel Fuller
I bought this item back in May. I had just bought a brand new car as my last one got totaled in an accident and I wanted to make sure my new one was protected. I like that the camera has both rear and front cameras as all my previous accidents were being rear ended so it is a nice feature to be able to prove what happened behind me. However I have a hard time placing it so its not obtrusive to my frontal vision yet still able to see around my rear view mirror.Unfortunately the mount that came with my device did not function well. The camera could not be adjusted and would simply bobble around wherever it liked. The manufacturer has seemed to rectify this problem. I purchased a second camera and it was shipped with a completely different mount. When I contacted the manufacturer about the old one they responded quickly with a new one to be sent within a day of my initial contact.I would recommend this product because it is a good camera that works well and though no product is ever perfect, the manufacturer seems to fix its shortcomings where they can.
This Vantrue N2 Pro dashcam works fantastic. I love it. I live in Puerto Rico where is pretty hot and no issues at all..
Bad Wolf
This cam with all of its features is great and there is a very short list of dash cams with both front and inside views. I have been very happy with it for the most part and there are more pros than I care to list so I will just say my 2 biggest gripes.Issue #1 is the suction of the windshield connection. I find that it falls more than it sticks even in cooler weather and almost guaranteed to fall when it's warmer. I have yet to figure out how to bypass this issue outside of some sort of semi-permanent mount which is not something I want to or should have to do.Issue #2 is simply the lack of wifi. There are several other Vantrue models with wifi and this being the apparent flagship product, it seems like an egregious oversight to leave it missing from the design. The is considering the inconvenience of taking out the SD card to access the content, especially in light of the temperamental suction cup and the pivot point where it connects to the cam. While it's nice that it has a screen on board, I don't find it nearly large enough for any real reviewing or playback and not nearly as useful a handheld phone screens where you could fast forward and rewind with ease. I might be out of line but don't think you should need to leave the car for that for a dash cam this advanced or expensive.
pretty good quality. I like that the mount can stay and I can hard wire it.
Great product with excellent customer care service
Very happy with the product. Excellent customer service as well, as the first unit I bought had a sound issue and they took care of it right away. The video quality is great and it was easy to install.
Best dash cam I have bought to date. I drive ride share and have gone through 4 dash cams so far. This one is a lot better built, the video quality it way better than the other especially night mode on the interior camera. Also handles the hot summer sun very well... this camera doesn't not over heat and restart like others I have bought.
Jose Garcia
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I was just involved in a Hit&Run auto collision and when I finally when to view the footage, the camera did not pick up the collision. Actually,it starts all over and some video files are corrupt and not viewable.I bought this camera in April 2018. I set the camera as per the specific instructions. I wanted it to have a continuous feed thought it had been working all this time. I learned that the camera will turn off when I shut my car off and loose any video unless i press the button to save it immediately before I shut off the car. The battery on the camera itself only last a few seconds before it shuts off and before I can save it. I read so many good revues and thought I had a good camera. I was very wrong and now a hit & run suspect may get off. Thanks for nothing!
Nice product, easy to set up. Although minor, black cap that covers windshield attachment point came off without any abuse or misuse.
Fan Yu
Easy to install, stick to windshield fine. Have been working properly so far (had it several month now). Good video and sound quality. Satisfied so far
Michael B.
I'm an Uber driver and use this to ensure everyone in the car behaves and to record any accidents. I'm mostly happy with the dashcam. When I researched and purchased it, I thought the front and rear camera were both in color. It was not obvious in the ads that the rear was only in black and white. That was disappointing. You cannot see as much detail with black and white. My next dash cam will be in color both directions. The menus are not intuitive but if you follow the directions, you can get the job done. The suction cup falls off the windshield every few weeks. It's not very pleasant trying to view the recordings from the tiny dashcam screen. However, the recordings are of good quality when viewed from a DeskTop computer. The recordings are broken up into 5-minute clips. An option to record longer clips would be more desirable. The unit is very small and compact - that's nice because it doesn't block much of your view on your windshield. You have to reformat the SD card every 1-2 weeks to make it last longer. I think the SD lifespan is only around 2 years. Overall, it does a pretty good job.
I bought this and I returned it after 2 days. Didn't work properly, and when it worked I transferred the videos from the SD card to my laptop to see how the quality is: thumb down. Didn't like it. I bought another one, cheaper but WAYYYY BETTER
Product is all around garbage. Nothing advertised about this product is true, other than it is a "camera". Image quality is closer to 256 on the screen. The images, videos from the camera will not play on a computer running Microsoft Windows. Had numerous replacements and it is without question that the Camera lens is not the marketed lens, the Park feature which is what made me buy this does not work, period, just does not work. And, yes the tap into the fuse was installed. This does not work, the reviews are fake, please for the love of ending these terrible companies existence, do not buy this garbage!
Robert Karan
As an Uber and Lyft driver I feel procteted as well as the passenger. I drive a great amount of young co-eds to and from school. I know that I will not be a horror story and my passengers feel relieved. I point out the recording of the trip, people behave better when they know that they are being recorded.
Mark Hollon
Very wide angle lens both inside and outside camera. Amazing details and color. Fantastic design and look. A must have for all situations. Document the road and inside the vehicle. It is your dash cam against others including police. Highly recommended.-Mark from Dallas, TX.
You will be satisfied..If you register on the manufactures web you'll get extra warranty. Nice Deal
Rex P.
Best dashcam for rideshare! Compact unit records both front of the car and inside cabin area. Anyone doing rideshare cannot do without this camera!
Someone Else
The bad reviews here almost all speak of a flimsy windshield mount. They have corrected this. The mount is sturdy, adjustable, stays put. It is very easy to detach the camera which I usually do when i am parked -- it goes in the glove compartment so it is not bait for thieves. I think this is an excellent product, I am very satisfied with my purchase.
First, I really like the look of this device and it is small and very lightweight. The clarity of the image is great. It is very easy to install and the suction cup mount sticks very well in the hot sun in Texas. The quality of night time video is also beyond my expectation. I highly recommend it!
Amazon Customer
The regular mount seems to get loose pretty easily and u have to tighten the screws every now and then but other then that's it's a soild camera. No issues so far (5months)
When I need them the most it didnt work. I got into an accident and when I went to show the cop it said file error and I lost my proff.
The dash cam is a lot more compact than the previous one I was using and does not obtrude my view at all. The ability to record both the front and rear view definitely makes driving and parking feel safer. The heat during the summer caused the suction to come loose and the camera fell off the windshield a couple times. It was probably because of this that the mount became loose and the camera would swing while driving. However, after contacting customer support, they are able to send a replacement. Overall, it is a durable dash cam that does its job.
Probably the best dashcam on the market right now. I'm happy with my choice. For me is very helpfull because I drive for uber and this dashcam with two cameras is perfect.
I’m one of these with bad luck for accidents. Recent close calls make me to decide buying a dash cam and only 10 minutes after been installed, and wile I was testing it, someone run and Stop sign just in front of me.I test the camera in really hard conditions, dark and raining day. The video quality even in these conditions is upstanding. The dual 1080P dash cam simultaneously captures the road front (170°) and inside the cabin (140°) in crystal clear details at dual 1920x1080P 30fps. The capture angle to the front is 170 degrees, enough to cover more than 5 lanes of traffic.The rear camera also works great. It can be turn off if desired, but for drivers of Taxis, Uber or Lyft this will be a valuable tool. During low-light conditions, the infrared LEDs will automatically turn on to support rear image recording, and the night vision recording is good.I select this camera, because I change cars frequently and can’t use the ones that are glue to the windshield. The suction cup is small but very practical and easy to take off. I can’t comment on the durability of the suction cup, but so far is working fine.My only criticism would be the blue led on the charger which is very intense to drive at night, and the instruction manual is not translated into Spanish. On the plus side, the manufacture warranty for these cameras is one year.
Perfect for any Uber or Lyft driver. Covers you from passengers telling your rideshare bogus stories to get a free ride at your expense and covers you in the case of an accident to. You should for sure get the GPS enabled mount too. Shows you speed and location so no one can say you were speeding unless you actually were.
I use ours in the RV and the car. Excellent quality in high definition. I did buy a 64 gig SD card so we can usually view the entire trip. This unit is top shelf. I highly recommend it.
Chenggong Liu
Works find but when my car moves, the recorded video is hard to tell the license plate. Also the parking mode is completely depending on external power - I was hoping it runs until the internal battery runs out...
Christopher Cabo
I love this camera it's perfect for a hot weather like Las Vegas, NV where we get 115+ degree's on summertime. Highly recommended.
V. Perez
The quality and functionality of this camera is the best bar none for everyone, especially Uber & Lyft drivers. 1080p for both cameras in simultaneous mode, the LED infrared lights illuminate you cars cab for great night video quality, the cameras menu is loaded with options and this dash cameras ability to use a 256 gigabyte SD card far exceeds most if not all, by a long shot. Vantrue’s customer service has promptly answered all of my inquiries, 5 Stars for their team*THANK YOU* you have been a great help 
al benjamin
Kenneth Lin
I've tried many different brands of dash cam, came across vantrue N2 and then N2 pro that's something that been looking for and the price is very reasonable and add-on a GPS mount you're all set, one less thing to worry on the road. Customer service is awesome, prompt and courteous! Recommended!
Eduardo A.
The camera is ok it records and it does what it’s suppose to do. Good stuff
Horrible Customer
I use this product to mitigate fraudulent cliams made by passengers while doing Uber and Lyft so they get free rides and provide I warranted low ratings.(driver made rude comments, paid driver in cash, driver was drunk, driver drove crazy, driver made me feel uncomfortable, etc.-Uber & Lyft drivers know all about these tactics)It records both front facing and inside of my vehicle with infrared lights that make the picture clear while using the camera at night. Video is Crystal clear during daytime and nighttime, audio quality is the same.
Amazone customer
I have taken multiple road trips with this dash cam and I’m very pleased with the quality and performance of N2 Pro.The IR (inside) camera is by far the brightest I’ve seen in a fully tinted dark interior of my both cars. The build quality is absolutely amazing. The buttons, menu and tilting rear camera are positioned perfectly and artfully.The ability of removing the cam without messing with the suction cup is amazing. I’ve been using this camera for HOURS everyday for over a year now and I have zero complains.The only issue which I’m currently working with Vantrue to solve is the ability to use a 256GB Memory Card after the latest update (v20). I’ve tried 2 different SD cards (FAT32) and the camera did not work with them. I’m hoping they solve this problem.I highly recommend this dash cam.
I've been searching for a dash cam for a little while now. Checking reviews. Looking at videos. Buying cheap ones. Well you get what you pay for. Let me tell you that I'm very happy with the Vantrue N2 Pro. It's a solid dash cam. It's made very well and the picture is great. All the recordings are very clear. It records non stop while I'm driving. I bought the 256GB memory card because I want to record as much as possible. The mount is made very well. I love that you can just pull off the dash cam and it disconnects from power in one easy step. No more disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord. I bet the cord will last a long time. I have nothing but good things to say about this dash cam. It's worth every dollar. Even the packaging is nice :) I highly recommend this to every Uber/Lyft/Taxi driver out there.
Good quality, easy installation and operation, competent and very responsive tech support.
peter l woodward
Great camera, highly recommend it. I use it every day. The suction cup handle broke after 5 months and support was very easy to contact for replacement of the part. After I verified my purchase and gave them my shipping address they offered to upgrade my suction cup to a GPS version if I gave them a review on Amazon. After I gave them a review on Amazon they asked me to change it.
Joc Joc
Don’t waste ur money. The camara continues to record with the time going backwards, so the recording continue to get deleted because the time is off. I have tried fixing it but it continues to happen.
Just bought the Vantrue N2 Pro and so far it is superb. Very easy to set up and install and works very well.
Amazon Customer
I am having 2 problems. 1) After recording can not download to my laptop. Only way to view pictures is with the little 1 inch screen on the camera. 2) The infrared (IR) feature will not work.Working with Support for about 3 weeks, no satisfaction yet.
Dan Rose
Overall this is a great product. The night vision works great for inside of the van. I recommend getting this for uber or doing a lot of driving. I wish the screen was bigger.
Amazon Customer
I bought this as a gift and they loved it, though the only thing I'd add is that it's difficult that it must always be plugged in.
Great buy if you're in need for a good dash cam, this is my 2nd cam, I unfortunately lost the 1st cam and decided to back to Vantrue N2 pro. I must say it's worth every cent, video and audio is very good, the vision it's also great.
This is a great little two way dash cam. Video quality is amazing and it's saved my butt from riders making false claims just to get a free ride.
Amazon Customer
This camera has performed very well. The picture is very clear for such a small camera. It has loop recording and the nightvision is really good.
George Beaudoin
I did a lot of research before purchasing the N2 Pro and I'm glad I did. The image quality for both exterior and interior are superb. Even the interior infrared night time video is solid. I like the small footprint of the unit as it fits nicely just below my rear view mirror. The setup is super easy. I drive Uber and I can't imagine driving without this camera. With all the recent negative press stories around ride sharing I now feel protected when I drive. I highly recommend this unit for anyone looking for a dash camera.
I love this dash camSmall enough and fantastic qualityJust read the manual and do all the stepsIt will take around 30 minuets to set up everythingOnce you connect everything plug it in the car and forget about it...Fanstsic suction cup as wellI am happy I spent a bit more but got a dash cam to keep for ever.
I've had my camera now for about 10 months and quite honesty it has worked far better than I had expected. I have transferred if from vehicle to vehicle and even dropped it a few times but it keeps on working like a champ. The video and picture quality day or night is terrific. The only issue I have had is with the mount and I am fairly certain its due to the abuse it has taken over those 10 months, would recommend this for anyone who wants a reliable and quality camera that is easy to use and tough as nails.
Great camera for the front. And the inside camera also gets out the side and rear windows. So clear you can read the license plate behind you. The new mount is great. No more wiggle. Blows away the others cameras. I caught someone messing with the side of my truck all thanks to this camera. I cannot say enough good things about this. Has to be the best lense available and you have almost 360 coverage with it. Did I mention that it records sound too? With the windows up you can hear outside sounds. Make sure you get the hardwire kit and the gps mount. You will be glad you got this one. I really am. And the support is top notch. And now it supports 256 sd cards. Not many cams do. Just get it already. I can’t find a better one. If you love your car like I do you need this one. I am 100% happy. You will be too
Sarker I Ahmed
Michael Costa
Camera will randomly turn off while driving. I got into a fender bender a few weeks back and it recorded a clip post impact but not actually when it happened. Reliability, The one thing it needed to be and it couldn’t even accomplish that. Extremely disappointed.
Amazon Customer
I bought this dashcam in April of 2018, so I had it for about six months now. The dashcam could capture both frontal and cabin view to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances. The picture quality for both sides are beyond excellent and the material of the dashcam holds up nicely. The controls on the dashcam are straight forward and you could adjust the settings to your liking. The dashcam could even lock a footage, if you are in an emergency. With this dashcam you are paying for quality and it certainly exceeded beyond my expectations.
Charles Sabiaga
best investment you can make for your car if you drive a lot. i use it for driving for lyft or uber and as well as documenting my ride for any possible incident. Additionally, I’m able to use the documents for content for my vlog. Only thing it didn’t come with is an SD card.
I have to say, I was skeptical about buying a dashcam for $200, but since I drive for Uber and wanted something that could also look into the cabin, I decided it was worth it. Let me tell you, Im glad I did.This cameras has come into use so many times and caught so many crazy things. The only issue I had was with the mount, buyt the manufacturer quickly and professionally helped me resolve the issuer!You can guarantee if I need something Like this again, Im be coming back to these guys.
Brian Grant
The quality of this dash cam is too the precise as it gets.. video and sound quality are excellent, and the night rear vision is great.. highly recommend this dash cam especially to uber and lyft drivers.
(EDIT) 21 February 2019:A few months ago I was contacted and sent a new mount that attaches directly to the rear-view mirror, so the suction cup issue isn't a problem anymore. The new mount does not have a catch release, but has not slipped so far. The camera still works well after about 5 months of near daily use. Sometimes the G-sensor will save clips as "events" while driving on bumpy roads, so depending on how often you do that you will need to clear them to allow loop recording to do its thing. If you have a bad experience with this camera or its accessories, customer service is fast to respond and fix issues. They also follow up to see if what they provided has helped. I can recommend this camera, but the suction cup mount has been a weak point. I will update the rating to 4 stars since there should be an option to choose the camera with whatever style mount the customer desires. Another option would be to just provide all the different style mounts in the package. I recommend contacting the seller before purchasing and asking to get the rear-view mount in place of the suction cup mount.12 October 2018:OverallThis could be a 5 star dash-cam. Very nice camera system, but there are some flaws you just shouldn't see at a price-point like this. The low rating is due to the mount. The new upgraded mount may have been an improvement from the old one (I never had the old design), but it still needs improvement. There may be many more pros than cons, but the con is large. Mounting is crucial. Why even have a dash cam if the mount doesn't work right?Pros-The camera works really well. Footage is very high quality even at night. It is true HD, not like many others who claim to have HD yet fail to deliver.-Audio is crisp and clear-Settings are easy to review and change-Footage is easy to save to a computer-The size is minimal and does not obstruct view-Easy to register for the warranty-Can accommodate higher capacity storage cards (I recommend larger than 32GB)-The mount actually clips in and has a catch release-Loop recording-Ability to one click save a video clip if something just happened you would like to document (it will not record over the clip on loop record)Cons-The mount is the same design as other cameras I've had but the dimensions must be off somewhere. The collar doesn't tighten enough around the ball so it can move on a bumpy dirt road. I also bring the camera inside when I am not in the car because of theft in my area. The mount always has to be adjusted after un-clipping it from the camera.-The suction cup fails sometimes causing the camera to fall. Not very often, but I've only had this camera for a little over a month and it has fallen twice, once while driving and once while parked at a store.The old 15 dollar cameras I have use a very similar design of mount, but they tighten much better and stay stuck to the windshield. same ball and socket with a collar nut to tighten around the ball.
For anyone that is on the road a lot like myself, this product is a must. The dual recording (cabin and front of vehicle) is perfect. The sound recording is also great. In case of an accident or incident, there will be no more "he said"/she-he said".It's all being recorded in amazing quality. This is a protection every law abiding citizen should have in their vehicle.And if you have a CCL, it is even more important to have this. It may save you from a lot of trouble if god forbid something terrible happens and you must use your weapon to defend your life.Uber and Lyft drivers: I would not leave home without this camera.
Amazing dash cam. Very satisfied. No fault.
Austin 360
This is a great product however, the ball joint is loose and does not allow the camera to stay aimed in the position I place it in while driving. Ends up crooked. Not happy about this
Camera is great both forward and reverse-facing images are very clear, and the night vision works fantastic.
Amazon Customer
Mikey B
Nearly perfect dash cam...Excellent camera, supports 256gb card, video and audio quality are great.I added GPS mount (which is well worth the extra few dollars)My only complaint is that there is no sensitivity adjustment for the parking mode.I mainly purchased the camera because I wanted a camera in my car when unattended, but the first week I checked it, there were 30 hours of 3 minute clips of an empty parking lot with a tiny flag waving in the distance.
Amazon Customer
Great product. You won't go wrong with the Vantrue N2 Pro. Great dash cam!!! I've had mine for over a year. Still works like it did on day one.
Laron Hall
i am completely happy with your product i use it on a school bus and the rear view works great the only thing i would like to see would be a sharper image zoom but the purpose that i bought it for works great. thank you Laron
I have had this camera for a year now, and after some initial issues (that a firmware update fixed) with the camera it has performed great. Build and video quality of the camera is great.
Scott E. Ebol
Have had this for weeks and it works great. I uber so having this is a must. Also I commute to work so also good for that. Easy to use and set up.
Originally bought this product to as an added protection for work while driving. Really enjoyed the small size of the camera and the ability to record inside the cabin and on the road. Image is clear while driving at night. We’re disappointed when the camera suddenly stopped working, but the folks at vantrue acted quickly to get us a new camera. Still very pleased with the product and definitely a fan of the customer service of this company.
E. L. Green
The core problem is that the mount doesn't swivel like most mounts, so it only works if your windshield is close to the exact angle that it was designed for. Jeep Wrangler with very upright windshield -- won't work. Toyota Prius with very laid-back windshield -- won't work.So be aware of this and be ready to return it if it won't work with your windshield. Or you can just skip this and go buy something that has a mount that'll swivel 180 degrees vertically so it'll work regardless of the angle of your windshield.
Amazon Customer
Bought 2 cameras for separate cars. Within 2 months the ball joint in the mount failed in BOTH units. Cameras work well, but if im spending $200 per camera i expect the hardware that comes with it to actually be reliable. These mounts are cheap accessories to an expensive products. Once they break the camera swivels all over the place with the least bit of driving movement.UPDATEVantrue recently sent two new camera mount. They are currently working much better than the original one they came with. I appreciate vantrue reaching out to their customers to rectify the situation.
J. Fleming
It's an ok dash cam. I cleaned my windshield with rubbing alcohol mixture before applying the suction cup. When it got hot out, it still fell off the windshield. Mine can with a small scratch / blemish on the lens. 4k mode is super grainy at night making it a not very useful mode unless you manually want to switch it to 1080 when it gets dark (not practical). It will work and the dual camera is nice, but it's nothing like some of the higher end dash cameras that are out there.Pro's: I like the design of the mount where I can one handed remove and re-install the camera since I need to do this often. Having the power going into the mount is a huge plus. I also like the rear facing camera although I don't drive for uber or lift. Because I need to remove my camera often, I can't really add a dedicated rear camera, so this is better than nothing.Cons: 4k modes are not usable at night due to the crazy amount of image noise. Prefer a rear-view mirror mount to the suction cup mount. Even a double sided tape mount would be better.edit: They sent me a new mount which may fix the issue, but I still find the camera quality poor when using 4k at night. adding back one star for customer support!
A. Doan
The Vantrue N2 Pro camera is a great dash cam. Picture quality and sound quality are both top notch. The addition of the back camera is really useful for capturing videos of passengers (if you're a taxi/Uber/Lyft driver) and can also see through your back window. You can choose to turn off the back camera to make the front camera record in even higher quality. The camera also has a function to automatically save videos into a folder if it believes you've received impact - very cool.My only complaint with the dash camera is the mount that it came with. After only a few months of use, it became extremely flimsy and would not hold in place. The G-sensor would randomly activate due to all the swaying and save videos into a folder thinking that I had gotten into an accident. This quickly filled up the memory on my microSD card so I would have to frequently go in and delete them. Besides that, great camera.
You wont know what a piece of crap u bought until the day u have an accident, which I had, and afterward found out that this piece of crap was not recording continuously and that it missed my accident entirely. Unless u check your video log files and see that there are big gaps between files u will never know that you wasted your money.
Very clear picture quality. The infrared LED lighting makes for clear recording in the darkest settings inside and out.
Amazon Customer
William Maynard
I've had this unit for about 5 mos now & it's performed flawlessly. The instructions are easy to follow in setting up & using the unit. I did have one incident where I thought a driver tossed a can out of their vehicle & I was to busy dodging it to see where it actually came from. When we were able to stop & review the video it showed the can came from his truck bed. The unit did show his plate nice & clear if I had needed to report it. The internal camera also gives very clear video & sound. Keep that in mind about that feature. If you're ever in a accident remember what ever is being said in your vehicle up to & after the accident is being recorded. I also like the fact the unit is easily removable from the windshield. I usually take it down in very hot weather. The only down side I see is I wish the screen was larger. I purchased the optional GPS mount & after awhile the screws holding the swivel mount seem to loosen. It doesn't seem to let you tighten them much & after another wk they are loose again. Just to show you what a great company this is I informed Vantru of this problem they were glad to send me an upgraded replacement GPS at no charge. You can not go wrong with this product & that kind of service.
George Hampton, Jr
My husband lives this thing!
Sultan Hakeem
Not bad but there is better close to this price
Kindle Customer
The fisheye is a nice range for the dash cam. Just started testing it out and so far it's been amazing.There is a learning curve - you'll need to do more research to fully utilize all the more in-depth features.Overall, awesome!
This is my first dashcam after a lot of research. Easy to setup and operate. I bought a Samsung 256GB and follow the instructions, and it works just fine. I also bought a hard-wire kit, but I will need someone good with car to install it. In the meantime, I push the cable around the dash. I wish Vantrue comes up with a dashcam that can capture what is going on behind my car. That would be super cool.By the way, such a good customer service experience. I ended up buying 3, and all my friends bought this same dashcam.
I have been using this dashcam for several months. It is a great dashcam especially if you want to record the interior in the dark. So far no problems and the support team is responsible and nice.
Although, this camera is more expensive than the regular version, but the infrared night vision for the rear camera is super useful at night and in parking lots that are dim. If you have it on with motion sensing, it helps capture people going by your car. Overall, this camera is worth it for those that do alot of night time driving and or require night time surveillance of their cars. Note that you need to have a wiring kit to give the camera "always on" power if you want it to be in motion sensing mode.
I purchased this as an upgrade from my rear view mirror cam. The two biggest reasons I got it were the improved night vision and improved audio capture.The night vision is amazing for the price range. It is something you would expect in higher priced cameras.The size is very surprising as well. It fits in the palm of your hand making it extremely unobtrusive when mounted. Most people don’t even realize it’s there until it gets pointed out to them.The mic audio is sensitive enough to pick up the turn blinker with the radio turned up.Down side is that due to the high quality video and audio you will need a 256Gb camera for all day recording. If you don’t drive much and need it for the impact recording a 32gb gets me about 3 and a half hours of high quality video and audio.
Anthony ODonnell
I love that it starts on ignition, and the picture quality is superb. Perfect for Uber drivers!
It is everything as advertised. The only draw back so far is that the largest memory card still only lasts 6 hours before overwriting. Therefore if driving longer it requires 2 cards to make sure you can preserve.
Great HD outboard and inboard cameras. I will be getting another one for my other vehicle.